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Hey Perverts by ponbiki - 01/29/20 @ 01:23 AM CET

Comatoast is coming to delete your threads. How does that make you feel? I bet that it makes you feel bad. Comatoast doesn't care about your feelings. Your threads are as good as gone.

Important Update! by ponbiki - 12/13/19 @ 07:56 AM CET

There are too few updates.

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ by ponbiki - 11/06/19 @ 06:38 AM CET


October by ponbiki - 10/11/19 @ 08:32 PM CEST

Halloween is fast approaching, and /777/ is now
black cat with thpooky text

Recent Events by N3X15 - 03/15/19 @ 07:40 PM CET

We are only going to say this once, so pay attention.
We realize that you guys are going to be edgy edgelords, and post things that fit into that mindset. That's fine, you're entitled to say stupid shit on the Internet.
However, if you post any threats of violence, be they to an individual, a group, a race, a religion, or anything that could be construed as such, you will lose site privileges permanently.
If you post something (or do something) stupid enough that it generates law enforcement activity, we will cooperate fully with the investigation.
It's OK to vent. It's OK to yell stupid conspiracy theories or strut around in your brand new Chinese-manufactured Nazi uniform. Nobody has to pay attention to you. However, advocating, threatening, or committing violence crosses a line, and we aren't going to tolerate it. This "irony" shit has been going on for far too long, long enough that stupid people are taking it seriously, and it puts us in a spot where we have to put our foot down.


We are working on a completely recoded thread reader (read.php). The new version will have support for modern RESTful routing AND JSON/YAML API for all endpoints. We may end up switching to it entirely, since it is far more performant than the old .html page generator.
While we're putting it through its paces, you may notice bugs here and there while we make changes to old code. Please yell at N3X15 in IRC or Discord if you notice a bug.

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