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why President 17/01/09(Mon)15:25 No. 1025 [Reply]

File 148397194273.jpg - (11.43KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )

why the fuck is it called /777/

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President 17/02/03(Fri)06:05 No. 1144


TLDR: because 777 was a GET The nicest person on /777/ who wont call you a newfag for not knowing stuf 17/02/17(Fri)18:57 No. 1203

Because on 4chan the post >>>>>>>7777777 said "Trump will win"

It was the most epic GET in the history of any 2chan based website (which this website is based on)

President 17/02/18(Sat)19:30 No. 1209

File 148744262243.jpg - (38.59KB , 402x318 , Sad.jpg )

Yeah, I'm sure that happened in 2011.



Donald John Trump respects United States of Mars? President 17/02/12(Sun)02:58 No. 1177 [Reply]

File 148686473555.jpg - (5.60KB , 343x147 , Earth and Mars 16 seconds of 22 minutes of 13 hour.jpg )

hey /777/! do one good fa ol' USA.
Sign this petition!

President 17/02/12(Sun)08:19 No. 1179

File 148688395678.jpg - (61.85KB , 235x235 , 1456355761553s____ 59 seconds of 51 minutes of 16 .jpg )

Heed the warning. Dying is terrible...mostly since when it's happening then you can't do anything ta change it.

President 17/02/14(Tue)20:15 No. 1192


TRUMP! President 17/01/20(Fri)06:20 No. 1067 [Reply]

File 148488964910.png - (2.87MB , 2560x1481 , 666.png )

it has begun!

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President 17/02/08(Wed)10:01 No. 1155

File 148654450066.jpg - (132.87KB , 631x960 , con-man.jpg )

Trump always said he would pay Mexico to build the wall.

He certainly knew there weren't any cement companies for hundreds of miles north of the border.

It's not like he's an idiot. We know he has the best brain. He said so.

President 17/02/08(Wed)12:59 No. 1157


President 17/02/09(Thu)04:42 No. 1160

File 148661172367.jpg - (170.55KB , 1280x800 , Scarecrow Monkees.jpg )

Praise kek for electing trump / 17/01/30(Mon)08:14 No. 1133 [Reply]

File 148576049471.jpg - (109.91KB , 695x800 , DMT pepe.jpg )

praise be the wonderful kek for electing trump


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President 17/01/31(Tue)10:09 No. 1140

it almost makes you believe in the supernatural effecting politics


President 17/02/01(Wed)00:00 No. 1141

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

President 17/02/07(Tue)06:34 No. 1152

File 148644567433.jpg - (103.34KB , 820x553 , Spirit Cooking.jpg )

Praise Ganesh.

President 17/01/22(Sun)18:29 No. 1084 [Reply]

File 148510616063.png - (286.82KB , 576x366 , chrome_2017-01-22_07-37-23.png )

I am really getting tired of this fake news meme. It literally shows a lack of faith in the press. For every reporter who biasedly reports something falsified. There are bound to be those who report with checking their sources.

Does this really warrant a press secretary address? This only makes it look like our president wants a safe space for himself.

Aren't there more important issues he should be worrying about?


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President 17/01/24(Tue)08:26 No. 1099

It's the kind of emotion that powers empire building, for one.

One obvious place to see this trend is in a lot of the orchestral music of the 19th century, which reflected the various composers' takes on each of their own national myths and stereotypes.

President 17/01/24(Tue)20:38 No. 1103

>and bitch about how treasonous it was to contradict the current administration's line of bullshit.

Like the MSM has been doing its job for the last 8 years.

President 17/01/26(Thu)03:20 No. 1112

>they're going to pontificate and bitch about how reality doesn't line up with the elaborate fantasy they've been building up for weeks and months.

Like any political or media hack ever.

President 17/01/23(Mon)17:32 No. 1089 [Reply] Locked

File 148518917125.jpg - (29.94KB , 584x469 , tpp[1].jpg )

So it looks like the first issue Trump will be tackling today is the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

What exactly is this and why is it so bad?

President 17/01/23(Mon)20:11 No. 1091

>What exactly is this
Topless, Pantsless Party
>why is it so bad
He's a prude.

But seriously, its too big to make sense. It really is too big; you can try to read it https://ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/trans-pacific-partnership/tpp-full-text but you're going to get a college education in political science doing so. I would take it as a legitimate argument, even from the likes of Trump, that this is simply to huge and confusing to risk binding areements on. For an example of those binding agreements, member nations cannot take action--even internal action--that increases the cost of trade for other members corporations, who will have the right to sue states to get their losses back. It includes provisions for protecting specific countries' economies and specific companies' products, regulating who can move what to where and how much and barring practices that segregate local economies from the group.

For example: if your country uses a specific type of terrestrial digital TV signal with proprietary encryption and trancievers for it are only made in your country because the company that owns the encryption only operates nationally, so only licenses national manufacturers, your country will have to change to an international standard, and/or lower the cost of your national companies' goods and license imports so that other countries' corporations can compete for your market--or they will sue your country for the "losses" they incurr being unable to sell their incompatible products in your market.

Unfortunately, the US leaving TPP is going to be a huge boon for China, who has a competing free trade agreement on the table already. As soon as the US abandons TPP, so will Japan and then it's going to implode. Any remaining members who are interested in keeping their economies afloat with a free trade agreement, and keeping on track with the years of planning and legal wrangling they've invested in TPP, are likely to join China's agreement (which stipulates their ownership of the entire planet, because every drop of water in every ocean and every grain of soil on the land used to be China).

asian girls President 16/12/04(Sun)01:00 No. 847 [Reply]

File 148080963823.jpg - (151.73KB , 1280x720 , shot0105Ktrumplogo.jpg )


>I'm a young progressive Asian feminist. I am sexy, smart, urbane, and very much anti-racist, anti-sexist. I am also a Hillary Clinton-supporter. I despise Nazism, Conservatives, KKKs and Donald Trump. My purpose in uploading this video is to expose and shame all the Nazis, KKKs, and White Supremacists who degrade and demean Asian women. Sieg Heil!

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President 17/01/05(Thu)02:01 No. 1012

>Communists, Progressives, and the BLM will be euthanized courtesy of the Forced Euthanasia Lobby though.

They've certainly earned their places at the front of the line.

President 17/01/05(Thu)11:28 No. 1017

Any more of OPs whore?

President 17/01/18(Wed)20:24 No. 1062

pardon me good sir but im gonna need a sauce for that asian grill

President 16/12/26(Mon)07:45 No. 986 [Reply]

File 14827347484.jpg - (762.53KB , 1024x768 , Koala.jpg )


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President 17/01/15(Sun)09:12 No. 1044

How about as cyber-enhananced servitors?

President 17/01/15(Sun)19:37 No. 1046

I can just imagine the news as Russia becomes the prime suspect for hacking the nation's cyberkoalas.

President 17/01/18(Wed)01:27 No. 1055

Would probably have to get the cyberpangolin because the chinese cyberpandas have suspicious backdoor codes.

President 17/01/03(Tue)16:01 No. 1005 [Reply]

File 14834556873.jpg - (68.60KB , 768x512 , 03ethics-master768[1].jpg )

Is this worrying?


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President 17/01/13(Fri)18:59 No. 1038

Well jolly good for you, barmy ol' chap, I do say the whole bloody world's about to fall arse over tits on account of this Brexit business.

President 17/01/13(Fri)23:14 No. 1039

Well put my chumdinger of a man, good sport I do say and put eloquently might I be so bold as to add.

President 17/01/18(Wed)01:24 No. 1054

File 148469908428.jpg - (59.61KB , 596x448 , Soros.jpg )

Well jolly good those globalist wogs will have to go away and sulk.

Trump Anonymous2 16/12/17(Sat)19:00 No. 937 [Reply]

File 148199762660.jpg - (78.83KB , 700x495 , IMG_4785.jpg )

Buuu trumppp!!!

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President 17/01/15(Sun)09:14 No. 1045

File 148446805723.jpg - (487.57KB , 700x1244 , thumbs_56.jpg )


President 17/01/16(Mon)21:23 No. 1047

lol no; no one running for president in 2016 did.

President 17/01/17(Tue)08:31 No. 1050

File 148463830442.jpg - (188.97KB , 700x427 , thumbs_153.jpg )

No Child Left Behind.

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