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Redundant? Palindrome 17/03/27(Mon)04:23 No. 1505

File 149058142198.jpg - (51.46KB , 620x412 , trum.jpg )

There's not point for this channel, there's already https://7chan.org/fail/

President 17/03/27(Mon)06:56 No. 1506

File 149059058332.jpg - (218.89KB , 1280x800 , they obey and consume.jpg )

Fail would be the real point of the clinton channel.

President 17/03/27(Mon)07:33 No. 1509

I wouldn't say Hilldawg has a monopoly on /fail/; Duck has plenty more /fail/ to roll out where his travel bans and healthcare plans came from.

President 17/03/27(Mon)10:08 No. 1512

Possibly. Though a thoughtless fail mode is probably easier to survive than a malignant one.

President 17/03/27(Mon)12:19 No. 1513

File 14906099468.jpg - (250.12KB , 630x842 , Pretentious.jpg )

Because if there's one word to describe Trump it's certainly not malignant.

President 17/03/27(Mon)22:24 No. 1521

File 149064628575.jpg - (301.63KB , 630x771 , 14906099468.jpg )


President 17/03/27(Mon)22:46 No. 1522

You really got it wrong.

Hillary was the malignant choice.

President 17/03/28(Tue)02:19 No. 1525

File 149066036186.png - (1.58MB , 2000x2887 , Trumpercycle.png )

Trump is the one person on this planet whose actual demonstrable malignance is greater than the elaborate fantasy you created for Hillary.

Well you and the Russians. Assuming you're not a Russian whose pay is based on the number of responses to posts they make online.

Though given the events of this past week I imagine the regime has them pouring through Russian language forums creating false support for Pootykins.

President 17/03/28(Tue)04:50 No. 1527

Just ask the poor exploited Haitian people how wise and noble the Clintons are.

And how much again did Hilary make selling uranium to the Russians?

And how did the Clintons bank 1.7 Billion in Qatar?

True, only the first was actually malignant, the rest is merely deplorable and without any trace of honor.

President 17/03/28(Tue)10:24 No. 1532

Everyone still comparing Hillary and Trump:
No matter which side you are on, every time you do this you--personally--lose the game.

Trump supporters: He's playing you. She's completely irrelevant now; she'll never hold a high office again and she'll never be held accountable for any of the things for which you hold her in contempt--no matter how long you stay mad about it. Trump is stoking your anger to keep you from thinking clearly about what's going on in the present. The more mad you are about Hillary, who he himself decided not to investigate, the less attention you can focus on him and his administration. You might find things are not how you believe they are if you put the same amout of energy into scrutinizing them. A citizen in a republic should be skeptical of every administration.

Hillary... dreamers?: Even if Trump were removed from office, there's an order of sucession and it does not include candidates who won the popular vote but lost the electoral--anywhere down the line. It can never happen. You don't get any points for having voted for a candidate who lost and you can't make things better by disavowing responsibility for the way things are. Change is made by action, not whining; if you're so mad then do something about it, but give up on her. You can't hate Trump out of office; you're going to need to grow up and learn to fight for what you believe in instead of hiding under the skirts of patrons who only pretend to have your interests in mind long enough to get your votes.

Got that?
Can we stop doing this now?
Thank you.

President 17/03/29(Wed)05:22 No. 1536

>patrons who only pretend to have your interests in mind long enough to get your votes
I have never seen a more succinct and accurate representation of Gary Johnson.

President 17/03/29(Wed)07:40 No. 1538

Maybe they're all the same; doesn't mean you're forgiven for playing their game.

President 17/03/30(Thu)00:05 No. 1551

We need a new game.

President 17/03/30(Thu)07:45 No. 1552

Yes, yes we do.

President 17/03/30(Thu)11:00 No. 1556

File 149086442230.gif - (729.58KB , 267x200 , Sad.gif )

>It can never happen.
If you think getting pissed off at someone being maligned for over 20 years by venomous bullshit completely ungrounded in either fact or reality, that someone would repeatedly point this out every time the pathetic fucking liars expose their ignorance and stupidity is because somehow they think Hillary can become President, and not simply because you want the lying liars and the cockroaches who prop them up to be exposed to the bright light of day... well, then you've got a special brain. A very special brain. A brain that belongs on a short school bus.

Do you get it now? Do you understand that lies need to be countered by truth? That slimeballs need to be exposed as slimeballs?

President 17/03/30(Thu)17:39 No. 1559

Although I am unable to process that run-on sentence, I suspect we are not in opposition and there's no reason for us to argue. If you would rewrite your post using a logical grammar I think we can discuss this in reasonable terms and come to an agreement.

>maligned for over 20 years by venomous bullshit
That's her line, and make no mistake it's just a line. There are other women in US politics and they all have to face chauvinism, sexism, and misogyny, but Hillary is the only one with a record of being called out for her dishonesty going back thirty years. It's not a theory; many of her lies are proven. No one in a position to do so has ever attempted to prosecute her for them, and of course many of her lies were categorically not prosecutable--although it was proven she lied--because lying itself is not illegal, unless it is done under oath, in an official capacity, or with intent to profit through perversion of the law.

>Do you get it now? Do you understand that lies need to be countered by truth? That slimeballs need to be exposed as slimeballs?
Absolutely. Are you sure you read my post correctly? I desperately wish the slimeballs would be exposed as slimeballs, Hillary included, but I am also aware that this will not come to pass by any means less than armed occupation of Washington DC by a civilian militia. I'm not about to advocate armed intervention in the American government. We all know that both the Army and National Guard can be mobilized against civilians and that they will follow orders and slaughter all of the gun nuts who think being armed protects them from government-backed injustice.

We cannot rely on politicians to prosecute each other, especially any that are affiliated with the two major parties. There is no feud between them; they are aware they need each other to maintain dominance over our society. The pendulum swings one way and then the other, but so long as there are only two ways for it to swing they can still consolidate power and profit between them.

I'm not saying there's a third party or third party candidate that can fix our whole society, but we need to start voting outside of these two parties if "democracy" is ever to be restored. This is the only way we can motivate politicians to be honest, to work hard, and to appreciate the positions of power we give them: by taking those positions away.

President 17/03/31(Fri)23:51 No. 1569

Sadly, you're probably right.

I'm hoping the next four years will be enough of a wrecking ball experience to the political establishment, and will wake even more people up to the inbred shitfest partisan system we have - and finally demand better of our public servants.

President 17/04/01(Sat)06:26 No. 1570

>make no mistake it's just a line
I get it. You weren't even born when they started up their bullshit. To you, she's always been mired in their bullshit. I don't fault you for not realizing that there was a time before she was mired in bullshit, you're just not old enough to have the necessary perspective.

President 17/04/01(Sat)10:04 No. 1577

She is mired in her own bullshit.

She has only herself to blame for her own many lies.

And that was the best the DNC could offer America?

President 17/04/02(Sun)14:06 No. 1583

File 149113481275.gif - (952.90KB , 245x245 , You.gif )

The fact that you're a misogynist has nothing to do with you hating a woman who ran for president.


Don't look now, someone in Olgino just wrote something new for you to parrot like it's truth.

President 17/04/02(Sun)17:54 No. 1585

File 149114845594.png - (553.18KB , 1024x1380 , popular-vote-2016.png )

>misogyny - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women

Hillary Rodham Clinton, believe it or not, is only one woman. She does not constitute all women or women in general. Calling one, particular woman a liar is not equivalent calling all women liars, nor can it be interpreted as belief that women in general are liars. It is quite possible to conclude from available evidence that Hillary is a liar without feeling any animosity whatsoever toward other women.

It should bother you that she counters every attack with the same defense. That's the tactic of someone who has no defense. I'm not saying there aren't misogynists out there who don't want women running their country, but this is 2017; we have women in the armed forces, a million tumblr genders, and nationwide gay marriage now--and you think misogyny prevented Hillary Rodham Clinton from becoming president?

She won the popular vote; the people of the United States are demonstrably not that misogynist, pic related.

The ultimate way to force a meme: publish it in news articles, pretend it's already been a thing for a while. This isn't the first forced meme I have seen born from the news; it's a pretty effective tactic--Reddit sucks that shit right up. You can always tell when it's a meme the internet didn't come up with because the mainstream is equally aware of it and fully understands its meaning. That's not how internet-born memes work.

President 17/04/03(Mon)13:43 No. 1592


lower pic seems a phoenix rising tbh.

President 17/04/03(Mon)18:04 No. 1593


It's funny, making a map that labeling people "misogyny zone" is pretty fucking bigoted. For one, a lot of those blue states were only blue by a few % and a TON of redstates were only red by a fraction of a %

So essentially a state is labeled "misogyny zone" because a fraction of a % of people there voted differently. Those few hundred thousand people may have not even been voting on basis of gender. Some people just vote republican because their parents do.

President 17/04/04(Tue)00:17 No. 1594

Well. Misogyny.

You can't ever play the Misogyny card too often.

President 17/04/04(Tue)04:15 No. 1596

So, obviously you didn't notice demonstrating that was the whole point of the exercise.

Maybe you should try reading the post before you go off on some tangent of your interpretation of the image out of context.

No, never-fucking-mind you waste of sentience, let me sort this out for you: I actually bothered to caption that image with very clear explications of the data being displayed. If you had bothered to read the text embedded in the image you would have noticed that the entirety of purpose of the post was to prove a specific thing.

u're going to have to look at that image again, and perhaps read that post again, to realize what a retarded pile of shit you are.

I know, you won't bother because I called you a retarded pile of shit and otherwise insulted your inteligence. That's unfortunate, because if you would look back over the post for a few seconds you'd realize how I already made the point you ineptly failed to express with your shitty post.

President 17/04/07(Fri)11:15 No. 1640

File 14915565164.png - (11.64KB , 196x255 , Gazoo.png )

>I already made the point
Sure you did, dum dum.

President 17/04/08(Sat)05:30 No. 1646

Now I miss The Great Gazoo.

President 17/04/12(Wed)05:08 No. 1681

They knew how to make toons in the old days.

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