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/777/ - Trump
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This is just wrong. skikmcdervish 17/04/09(Sun)07:34 No. 1664

File 149171608772.png - (580.85KB , 683x383 , Wrong.png )

What do you guys think about this?


President 17/04/10(Mon)02:05 No. 1665

It's like watching William F Buckley come alive and lecture onstage.

President 17/04/13(Thu)10:18 No. 1688

If Buckley was a fat neckbeard?

Ring+Ring 17/04/13(Thu)15:18 No. 1689

>inb4 banned

Ring+Ring 17/04/13(Thu)15:18 No. 1690

>inb4 banned

Ring+Ring 17/04/13(Thu)15:22 No. 1691

File 149208976458.jpg - (109.59KB , 786x826 , 1490243150150.jpg )

damn, why did I post it twice?

President 17/04/14(Fri)01:45 No. 1692

you bastards now i'm seeing buckley as a neckbeard

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