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Sauce Anonymous-San 2017年12月22日(金) 03時47分09秒 35514 ID: ad5892 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151391082889.jpg - (1.28MB , 2550x3507 , mangaunknown20003.jpg )

sauce please ??

Why the EVA Unit Is a Terrible Mecha Anonymous-San 2017年11月23日(木) 14時43分01秒 35491 ID: 55f86b [返信]

画像ファイル名 151144458152.jpg - (42.39KB , 520x351 , 13684038_f520.jpg )

Do you think that the evangelion mechs are bad?

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Anonymous-San 2017年12月04日(月) 02時05分13秒 35499 ID: ee7437

Evangelions are actually Guyver bio booster armors grafted on to the corpses of the pilots dead mothers, the Guyver units respond to the inserted pilots and animate the corpses using their genetic signature which matches the parent. The pilots have to be hermetically sealed and isolated from the evangelions, if they weren't the guyver units would graft on to them to.

As for how you grow a corpse to be 80m high... steroids, lots of steroids, so many steroids that a regular person would die ten times over; fortunately they're dead already.

Anonymous-San 2017年12月12日(火) 05時09分53秒 35505 ID: 07d4bb

No but the main character sucked balls

Anonymous-San 2017年12月20日(水) 03時41分42秒 35511 ID: 2027e7

They were the best thing about that show.

Find author Anonymous-San 2017年11月24日(金) 13時20分52秒 35493 ID: b09c88 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151152605249.jpg - (53.32KB , 326x500 , sibo.jpg )

Hello my friends. I am some random guy from Ukraine.
I find this picture in the internet, but failed to find its author. ( i find only this page, but have no use of it http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/3492/CG/sibo.htm )
I think it is a girl.
And a want to say, that it is magical work, and the author is a person with somting special in her soul. And I am very appreciate this magic.

It is sad that we a living in such great distance. Thank you.

So please, pass this message to her.

faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時50分05秒 35504 ID: cc4c6a


Anonymous-San 2018年01月07日(日) 15時09分57秒 35538 ID: e65e01

画像ファイル名 151533419799.jpg - (135.30KB , 633x886 , ff152e4c43b2cdb9d3f4fa80e22f7747b74bea22_40_2_9_2.jpg )

the colorization is nice, and i like the body she's drawn, but the face is oddly noseless

Anonymous-San 2018年01月07日(日) 15時23分09秒 35539 ID: e65e01

>have no use of it
did you try: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/3492/

Anonymous-San 2014年10月24日(金) 09時48分24秒 34698 ID: f92971 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141413690442.jpg - (70.01KB , 664x572 , 1414029403153.jpg )

Do you have a waifu? /a/?

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Anonymous-San 2017年11月24日(金) 08時47分50秒 35492 ID: 42df0e

画像ファイル名 151150966940.png - (767.82KB , 1449x2000 , 1510755274548.png )

Of course desu~

Anonymous-San 2017年11月27日(月) 16時11分53秒 35496 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 151179551358.png - (503.26KB , 588x576 , vs449.png )


faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時49分16秒 35503 ID: cc4c6a


Ryoko or Ayeka? Anonymous-San 2017年11月08日(水) 10時52分07秒 35478 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151013472754.png - (370.30KB , 1800x1035 , p032 - c.png )


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Anonymous-San 2017年11月17日(金) 00時50分35秒 35487 ID: 24ac78

The first 2 ovas are great IMO, But the rest sucks.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月19日(日) 02時40分54秒 35490 ID: 24ac78


Anonymous-San 2017年11月27日(月) 16時18分28秒 35497 ID: 24ac78


Anonymous-San 2014年11月15日(土) 05時31分08秒 34732 ID: eed856 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141602586723.jpg - (1.01MB , 4000x2899 , samuraichamploo.jpg )

Why the fuck can't the Japanese end a series properly? I have yet to see a single anime in which the ending has satisfied me. They always end horribly.

FMA: Nothing explained
Trigun: Most anticlimactic boss fight in history
DBZ: Ending was just... What
Ultimate muscle: Anticlimactic
Gurren Lagann: Eh.
Yu-gi-oh, Bayblade and all the other "buy more shit" animes: Massive build up to final fight that always fails to live up to the hype.

But this shit... This shit right here... Samurai Champloo is the worst of all. Long journey, plot, character development and then just... Nothing. Nothing at all. It's as if nothing happened at all.

So, /a/, what animes do you believe have good endings and which do you think suck?

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Anonymous-San 2017年10月11日(水) 05時31分51秒 35467 ID: cd21ae

Rurouni Kenshin ended well. At least, the manga did.

Anonymous-San 2017年10月14日(土) 20時43分51秒 35468 ID: a3ca91

>watches shounenshit
Have you considered that you're just a fucking normalfag?

Anonymous-San 2017年11月17日(金) 03時48分51秒 35489 ID: 15ffd7

We got Trust and Betrayal fit the ending to Kinshin, didn't we? I consider that a proper end.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月08日(水) 01時02分42秒 35476 ID: da2266 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151009936251.jpg - (193.95KB , 1024x768 , 1540590-neon_genesis_evangelion_2.jpg )

>generic whiny emo protagonist
>generic bitchy tsundere love interest
>bishie faggot who only exists for the sake of fujobait
>shit tier 90's hand drawned animation
>unmemorable robot designs
>pseudo-intellectual compelling heavy handed symbolism and morals
>cancerous and elitist fanbase

So why do people like this show again? Go watch Gundam it's better.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月08日(水) 05時25分41秒 35477 ID: 880f02

It's sexier than Gundam. Don't let anyone tell you differently, the only reason this show ever sold one VHS tape was because of the sexy girls. The story is worthless, and I say that knowing very well what the story is and what it really means (as much as anyone can comprehend a Gainax anime).

It's the absolute worst coming-of-age nonsense any culture ever concieved, but it does have sexy girls. Gundam has an actual story, but not nearly as much sexiness.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月09日(木) 18時21分28秒 35481 ID: ab8669

while it's true that eva garnered a lot of normalfag fandom, contrarian garbage like this thread and them share same thing in common - not fucking understand the show at all, albeit from two separate ends of the autism spectrum.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月09日(木) 21時06分48秒 35482 ID: c9ecb8

No really, I (>>35477) do understand the show, as much as it is possible to be understood.

I've talked to a lot of people about it over the years. I've discussed it at length with fans and haters, some of them weaboos, but most of them Japanese people. Japanese people do not understand this show either. They all know it's more or less about coming of age and discovering your sexuality, but that's as far as it goes. That is as far as it can go. This show is utter crap and has never been anything more except for the sexy girls.

I mean it, I really mean it.

Anonymous-San 2017年09月12日(火) 13時45分07秒 35456 ID: f1df87 [返信]

画像ファイル名 150521670693.jpg - (375.22KB , 1920x1036 , proportions.jpg )

How do you explain such proportions?

Anonymous-San 2017年10月24日(火) 11時06分55秒 35472 ID: 3cf1f7

American furniture.

  2017年02月17日(金) 12時12分35秒 35381 ID: bab16f [返信]

画像ファイル名 14873299555.png - (209.41KB , 625x738 , double anime.png )

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nko noko 2017年07月29日(土) 11時52分23秒 35442 ID: 177d58


Anonymous-San 2017年09月04日(月) 22時30分49秒 35453 ID: 70126c


Anonymous-San 2017年09月13日(水) 12時21分41秒 35457 ID: 177d58

画像ファイル名 150529810186.png - (206.50KB , 768x432 , 1504855147566.png )

Anonymous-San 2017年05月30日(火) 09時36分41秒 35421 ID: 5084db [返信]

画像ファイル名 149612980115.jpg - (236.04KB , 1027x1200 , aquasamakundesudesu.jpg )

Feast your eyes.
But does anyone have the real version?

5 投稿 と 2 画像 省略. 全て読むには返信ボタンを押してください。
Ring+Ring 2017年06月04日(日) 13時48分43秒 35427 ID: 177d58

you mean this board anon-san?

Anonymous-San 2017年07月12日(水) 14時09分55秒 35433 ID: ba8282

画像ファイル名 149986139594.jpg - (188.78KB , 850x1176 , image.jpg )

Here's the original.

Anonymous-San 2017年08月19日(土) 01時19分30秒 35448 ID: 6385f1

This board is not very active, right?

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