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Game Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 04時51分42秒 29003 ID: 06d28a Stickied

画像ファイル名 131881990230.jpg - (27.87KB , 380x318 , SS.jpg )

I have a game for you /a/, take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty. I'll start:

Samurai Champloo is about an orphaned girl, and two hooligans who do nothing but bicker with each other. They are all jobless, and thus never have any money.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 06時58分19秒 29005 ID: 0036cc

画像ファイル名 131882749913.jpg - (184.71KB , 1000x611 , 0c3b152b4978d7e6a9f48d310e3d5ba0bc46ee1f.jpg )

Gaogaigar is about a young boy dealing with changes to his body.
Wacky robot sidekicks are involved.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 15時00分06秒 29013 ID: 6d5f45

honey and clover is about a bunch of angsty lovestricken art students who change nothing and sad on about it, and the show moves slower then a youth allowance claim in a south sydney centrelink office.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 19時08分50秒 29020 ID: b9ffd2

画像ファイル名 131887133086.jpg - (245.63KB , 586x452 , 1170359604392_anonib.jpg )

OP, all you needed to say was, "Samurais and hip-hop."

Akagi is about a young boy that plays a board game. He goes up against incredibly strong opponents, but he uses his almost-supernatural abilities to always win and foil the plots of the greedy crooks he faces.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月18日(火) 02時04分24秒 29026 ID: 9c8c46

The Big O is about a Japanese version of Batman who uses a big robot to fight other big robots.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月18日(火) 05時20分56秒 29029 ID: 36ed44

画像ファイル名 131890805616.jpg - (66.11KB , 512x288 , MikiGetsItOn.jpg )

Ramen Figher Miki. Another anime series based in a restaurant, with a cast of characters who basically beat the snot out of each other, and hardly anyone ever gets to actually eat. There's a dog who fights too.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月18日(火) 06時39分29秒 29031 ID: 36ed44

画像ファイル名 131891276945.jpg - (228.83KB , 1024x768 , punipuni_2_1024.jpg )

Spastic as hell. Another "Magical Girl" show, yet. That Nabeshin guy shows up. Aliens. Lesbians of all sizes/ages. Trying to make sense of it is fruitless. Puni Puni Poemy. Why?

Anonymous-San 2011年10月18日(火) 14時20分22秒 29034 ID: 9be20d


Y'know, I thought the idea was to make them sound BAD. :D

Anonymous-San 2011年10月18日(火) 18時51分00秒 29038 ID: b9ffd2

I tried to make Akagi sound like an insipid Saturday-morning show for kids, but I guess its awesomeness shines through no matter what.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月19日(水) 00時36分55秒 29040 ID: 0036cc

All you did was make it sound like an awesome Yugioh.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月19日(水) 06時39分39秒 29042 ID: 36ed44

I thought I could get away with some generic phrases to do Miki. But it's a hard series to ignore. Didn't think i'd be so lucky with Poemy.
But this concept is to damn with the faintest of praise to series we like, and it's not easy to really slam something you really do like, it just feels wrong to a lot of people. We went through this about a year and a half ago which mutated into this kind of aspect. It led to some srs trolling for awhile...but it's soooo easy to do! Example:

Another high school comedy, lots of characters with their own little quirks. Of course there's going to be the young (or at least young looking) genius in the bunch. Really original, yeah right. Everyday stuff kind of action. Tee hee Laughter. Some serious moments, not too many as tries to stay upbeat.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月19日(水) 06時41分37秒 29043 ID: 36ed44

Whoops. forgot my pic.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月19日(水) 08時29分59秒 29045 ID: df1081

画像ファイル名 131900579841.jpg - (36.23KB , 225x290 , tatami.jpg )

Unnamed protagonist joins different clubs in college in an attempt to find a perfect raven-haired maiden. There's also this guy named Ozu. He's kind of a dick and his hair looks like an onion.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月19日(水) 20時44分15秒 29048 ID: b9ffd2

画像ファイル名 131904985586.jpg - (246.11KB , 790x800 , yakitatealbum.jpg )

All the characters make bread, that's the entire fucking series - JUST MAKING BREAD - and everything is a pun.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月21日(金) 18時46分32秒 29074 ID: 097dc3

画像ファイル名 131921559272.jpg - (60.71KB , 640x360 , gosick-1_jpg_650x10000_q85.jpg )

Gosick: Two socially awkward rich people go around solving complex mysteries in a matter of seconds.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月21日(金) 19時36分15秒 29076 ID: 9c8c46

画像ファイル名 131921857122.gif - (1.18MB , 640x360 , 5430787a752e1b3505a327152219c006.gif )


Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 04時48分06秒 29080 ID: cefc96

画像ファイル名 131925168610.jpg - (477.38KB , 1920x1200 , ano_hi_mita_hana_no_namae_001.jpg )

Ano Hana

A group of young adults who blame their problems on the death of a childhood friend. They are angsty and baww like little babies.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 10時50分12秒 29086 ID: 502582


that still sounds amazing

Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 13時33分47秒 29092 ID: 832cab

画像ファイル名 131928322791.jpg - (43.09KB , 400x349 , 111.jpg )

Kino no Tabi is about a boring tomboyish girl with the least believable sidekick ever who travels through a world with no continuity at all.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 15時30分15秒 29093 ID: 77e24a

Code Geass

Ansty-Emo uses plot-fu magic-eye to order others around and pretends he did it by being smart.

Also; he hates his parents.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 19時37分57秒 29095 ID: 9c8c46

Death Note

Ansty-Ego uses plot-fu notebook to kill people and pretends he did it by being smart.

Also; he hates crime.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月22日(土) 20時09分01秒 29097 ID: 502582


oh wow. i thought it was a guy this whole time. but then again i only watched the first episode

Anonymous-San 2011年10月24日(月) 19時48分43秒 29126 ID: 9b9fa9

画像ファイル名 13194785229.gif - (17.56KB , 250x271 , yutaka lucky star.gif )

Lucky Star's story mainly portrays the lives of four Japanese girls attending a Japanese high school.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月24日(月) 20時01分00秒 29127 ID: 724b4b

Black Lagoon

The A-Team + Thunder in Paradise - the good guys.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月24日(月) 22時24分32秒 29129 ID: b9ffd2

画像ファイル名 131948787185.jpg - (1.07MB , 1440x900 , 1196877480529.jpg )

Rozen Maiden is about a boy that plays with dolls

Anonymous-San 2011年10月25日(火) 02時11分47秒 29136 ID: ada783

Yakitate Japan.
Lets bake bread

Obsidian Gauntlet!C/uEbP208c 2011年10月25日(火) 17時29分00秒 29140 ID: 95eece

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha; A magical girl anime.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月26日(水) 02時59分24秒 29145 ID: fcbde0

画像ファイル名 131959076468.jpg - (41.83KB , 319x450 , Horizon_cover.jpg )

A random assortment of freaks and hot girls have wacky adventures on a giant airship/city. They attend an academy on the city-ship that teaches them basic knowledge, and how to fight or something.

The plot is confusing is fuck, because it's based on light novels that were written by a guy with a severe case of autism.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月26日(水) 05時31分06秒 29148 ID: 6d5f45

画像ファイル名 131959986666.jpg - (42.68KB , 297x400 , 0072.jpg )

some lonely as fuck academic failure moves to tokyo to try to go to a cram school, finds an old computer, and lonelies himself into falling inlove with it, dressing it and teaching it as if it were a person

Anonymous-San 2011年10月26日(水) 05時58分52秒 29149 ID: 36ed44

画像ファイル名 131960153118.jpg - (229.66KB , 800x600 , shin-chan.jpg )

Ignorant little brain damaged dickweed kindergarden kid likes to show his butt to people. Pretty much everyone in the show is some kind of retard.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 00時21分48秒 29155 ID: e6ed5b

画像ファイル名 131966770863.jpg - (34.87KB , 230x332 , highschoolofthedead.jpg )

High School of the Dead is basically another rehashed zombie survival story with all the gratuitous fan service (i.e. tits, asses, slutty school girls, etc.) of an anime to give it something new.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 02時43分07秒 29156 ID: b9ffd2

You described the show exactly, and it still sounds shitty.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 02時53分59秒 29157 ID: 91d33b

画像ファイル名 131967683983.jpg - (58.65KB , 225x350 , 15123.jpg )

A swordless swordsman sets out on a quest to gather 12 legendary swords.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 05時28分47秒 29160 ID: 36ed44

画像ファイル名 131968612761.jpg - (116.90KB , 1280x720 , leopard-raws-seitokai-no-ichizon-07.jpg )

Another freaking high school series regarding the student council, 4 chicks and a dude, and they hardly ever leave the room.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 05時56分00秒 29161 ID: ee41c2

(to someone who likes 'srs animu')

"It's called Princess Mononoke"

Loki-sama 2011年10月27日(木) 18時37分53秒 29162 ID: b713bc

K-ON is about some stupid little kids who are lonely, and end up making a band together to fight the failing of modern Japanese society to enable friendship between age groups.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月27日(木) 23時06分14秒 29165 ID: 0562f9

Another version:
K On is an unrealistically lighthearted story about a bunch of girls who pick up some instruments and form a band without bickering or any of the other trials that come with being in a band as if to mock people who are actually in a band.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月28日(金) 02時23分38秒 29170 ID: b9ffd2

Yet another version:
K-ON is about a group of girls that form a band for no good reason. They are all talented for no reason whatsoever, and they succeed despite lacking any real commitment or devotion.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月28日(金) 06時41分57秒 29177 ID: 36ed44

画像ファイル名 131977691787.jpg - (99.08KB , 640x457 , girlshighcast.jpg )

High school girls do high school girl stuff. And have periods.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月29日(土) 01時40分40秒 29192 ID: fc01e5

Kodomo no Jikan is a story about a heavily traumatized young girl who lost her mother and is now being molested by her uncle and her spiteful, neglected, and lesbian friend psychologically torturing, exploiting, and blackmailing their teacher who has shown a sexual interest in a 9 year old girl. Later he learns to not only accept this treatment but caves in and pursues a romantic relationship with the girl instead of seeking professional help for her and her equally troubled friends.

Actually, that makes it more interesting.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月29日(土) 08時45分04秒 29199 ID: b9ffd2

This is how you make the series sound bad.

Kodomo no Jikan: The man and the little girl never have sex.

Prove me wrong, Watashiya! Prove me wrong!

Anonymous-San 2011年10月30日(日) 09時14分15秒 29209 ID: fd14e5

画像ファイル名 13199624555.jpg - (36.69KB , 230x322 , 230px-FLCL_image.jpg )

FLCL: It's fucking gay.

Anonymous-San 2011年10月31日(月) 19時51分41秒 29223 ID: 71f2f0

Sounds interesting

Anonymous-San 2011年11月01日(火) 06時17分56秒 29228 ID: 1e0440

画像ファイル名 132012467557.jpg - (72.40KB , 1280x720 , steins-gate-06-13.jpg )

The entire anime only serves to illustrate the Japanese obsession with spouting random pieces of the English language along with an obscene amount of references to all things Germanic and/or Scandinavian. There's also a 180 degree tonal shift mid-season and a gratuitous trap.

Stardust Dragon 2011年11月02日(水) 16時46分22秒 29234 ID: 258806

Animation Runner Kuromi Chan

Its about stress, deadlines, compromise and failure

Anonymous-San 2011年11月02日(水) 18時08分01秒 29236 ID: a46f26

That actually got me interested in the series.

Stardust Dragon 2011年11月03日(木) 03時15分28秒 29240 ID: 0c9419

Its very hard to be mean to the show, there two episodes at 40mins each - Every minute is golden, anyone in the media industry can understand just how many people work hard to bring you a programme and this puts it into perspective.

But I'll try again at this game, its fun

Stardust Dragon 2011年11月03日(木) 03時31分10秒 29241 ID: 0c9419

画像ファイル名 132028747040.jpg - (701.04KB , 1360x739 , 017fd16c7768afa5498d09154ff7456656017b62.jpg )


Its a love story pretending to be about cars and warfare

Anonymous-San 2011年11月13日(日) 00時27分25秒 29349 ID: 008541

Mushishi: A guy with one eye and no friends walks around and plays with invisible animals

Erit 2011年11月13日(日) 12時50分47秒 29353 ID: d77910

R.O.D the TV is about three sisters who like to play with paper.

Azumanga Daioh! is about cute girls doing cute things.

Neon Genesis: Evangelion is about both adults and children trying to get over their personal problems.

Perfect Blue is about a pop singer trying to become an actress.

Kare Kano is a high school romantic comedy.

Not a whole lot happens throughout Haibane Renmei.

kuwabatake_sanjuro!WUWus/I4F2 2011年11月13日(日) 16時53分28秒 29356 ID: 03dd7d

Planetes: garbage collectors worry about losing their jobs and bitch endlessly about how they get no respect while world changing events pass them by.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: overpowered Mary Sue with a fondness for cute frogs allows herself to be dragged around by sexually abusive roommate and fights a series of preposterous enemies with the odd break for posing near-nude.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月15日(火) 20時07分02秒 29408 ID: ae2a22

A gangster falls in love with a girl made of semen by an alchemist.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月16日(水) 15時16分07秒 29434 ID: 30f3ae

Haibane Renmei: people with wings talk to each other;

Wolf's Rain: angsty teens (who are also wolves) spend the entire serie desperately trying to look cool;

Moribito: a girl baby-sits a kid, but no sex is involved;

Golden Boy: a hentai without the interesting bits and with moral lessons;

Excel Saga: the Japanese copy of "Monty Pythons' Flying Circus";

Last Exile: the director is a big fat loser who wishes he was a young blond boy that pilots airships and shit;

Blue Submarine No. 6: it's a story written by a hippy about how we should love all the creatures on Earth;

Princess Mononoke: don't burn trees;

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2011年11月16日(水) 15時37分15秒 29435 ID: 03dd7d

Ghost in the Shell: military-grade cyborgs talk about their feelings.

Innocence: military-grade cyborgs deal with the fact their crush ditched them.

Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig: a specialist police unit and their talking robots (more like moe-bots amirite?) solve a series of internet crimes.

SAC 2nd Gig: Japanese politics.

Solid State Society: Major Mary Suekanagi returns to solve more crimes about the internet and old people.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月16日(水) 19時52分42秒 29439 ID: 0562f9

Excel Saga: ADHD plus sugar plus caffeine plus crack plus pure hyperactive annoying nonsensical jokes and it all amounts to absolutely no punchline.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月17日(木) 00時37分24秒 29444 ID: 55f4af

Cowboy bebop is about a green haired bounty hunter with eyes that are two different colors, a cop with a robot arm, a slut, and an obnoxious loli designed by a pedophile. and thers a mangy mut. the mafia has some internal politics and shit goes down.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月17日(木) 00時42分01秒 29445 ID: 55f4af

Jin roh:

Anonymous-San 2011年11月17日(木) 02時02分03秒 29448 ID: 0562f9

画像ファイル名 13214917235.jpg - (114.69KB , 600x325 , spikespiegel.jpg )

Spike has brown eyes.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月17日(木) 02時59分56秒 29449 ID: 55f4af

ones a lighter brown
mary sues often have different eye colors or other features such as oddly colored hair
hence the use of that in this thread to make it sound shitty

Anonymous-San 2011年11月17日(木) 13時35分42秒 29452 ID: b9ffd2

Pokemon: Gotta catch them all!

Dragonball: Gotta collect them all!

One Piece: Gotta find the treasure!

Anonymous-San 2011年11月18日(金) 04時06分51秒 29473 ID: 9be20d

Great Teacher Onizuka: Animu about a guy who shouldn't be teaching kids. He is also a 20 something year old virgin.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月19日(土) 03時09分41秒 29488 ID: b9ffd2

画像ファイル名 132166858050.png - (783.39KB , 1600x1200 , hell girl 01.png )

Depression, depression, depression, COOL HELL SHIT, final depressive note with just a hint of optimism (optimism not guaranteed)

Anonymous-San 2011年11月19日(土) 03時29分01秒 29489 ID: d51eac

画像ファイル名 132166974060.jpg - (349.44KB , 1024x768 , berserk_head.jpg )

Berserk : Two best friends love the same girl, but both are too fond of their badassery to admit their love. Their friendship breaks over the girl and they both end up miserable, psychotic, and unable to talk to their beloved without raping her.
Also there's a gay elf.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2011年11月19日(土) 15時58分32秒 29494 ID: 03dd7d

You could have just said elf.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月19日(土) 16時35分32秒 29495 ID: 5fa15d

Yugioh-I wanna be the best card user type of guy!
Avatar-I wanna be the best element using type of guy!
BeyBlade-I wanna be the best spinning top type of guy!
Duel Masters-I wanna be the best card user type of guy!
Initial D-Watch me drift in my honda!
Fist of the north star-You're already dead.
Claymore-I wanna be the best sword using type of girl!
Ponyo and the cliff-Infants in love, fish girl and tidal waves
Basalisk-Let's all kill each other!
Slam dunk-I wanna be the best basketball type of guy!

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2011年11月20日(日) 15時29分42秒 29510 ID: 03dd7d

画像ファイル名 13217993829.jpg - (249.40KB , 850x847 , sample-a1e0e06c72b9306dae5a2aa2a0e05570.jpg )

Mononoke - 'House' with magic.
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun/Majutsu noIndex - Every female character represents a different fetish

Anonymous-San 2011年11月20日(日) 21時40分36秒 29516 ID: a66a84

画像ファイル名 132182163686.png - (466.18KB , 797x597 , 3d8b0459802af981963b11c92d71e7c4.png )

A bunch of angsty teens fight each other because they got mad with the internet. Majority of male characters are probably gay.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2011年11月20日(日) 22時45分08秒 29517 ID: 03dd7d

Summer Wars - rather than boning the rich girl who has the hots for him, the main character plays on the internet with her shota cousin.

Anonymous-San 2011年11月21日(月) 08時11分22秒 29526 ID: 5fa15d

GoDannar-Big ol' robots, big ol' tits and big ol' asses

Black Butler-NOT about a black guy whose a butler

Gunslinger Girl-Young girls shoot the hell out of stuff

Boogiepop Phantom-NOT about a dancing, pop singing ghost

Tokyo Godfathers-3 hobos find a baby on christmas

Black Blood Brothers-NOT about black guys being bros

Skunch 2011年11月21日(月) 09時00分33秒 29527 ID: 413935

画像ファイル名 132186243256.jpg - (70.12KB , 1024x768 , jin-roh-the-wolf-brigade.jpg )

People talk and then get shot.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2011年11月21日(月) 17時34分03秒 29531 ID: 03dd7d

>Boogiepop Phantom-NOT about a dancing, pop singing ghost

Oh my God I would watch that. I liked Boogiepop anyway tho.

>Tokyo Godfathers-3 hobos find a baby on christmas (add: they do not eat it)

Anonymous-San 2011年11月22日(火) 01時19分26秒 29539 ID: b9ffd2

画像ファイル名 132192116516.jpg - (68.86KB , 750x600 , 1226632545692.jpg )

Gundam 0079: War is hard!

Gundam 0080: BAWWW

Gundam Wing: War sucks.

Gundam 00: Wars are bad. You shouldn't have wars, m'kay?



Anonymous-San 2011年11月22日(火) 06時41分58秒 29548 ID: 9d8c7b

Ouran High school Host Club - A story about a Girl who is force to become a Host to pay for a flower vase.

Anonymous-San 2011年12月02日(金) 07時37分32秒 29654 ID: f4abff

Serial Experiments Lain - Girl can't differentiate between her online personality and her real one

Anonymous-San 2012年01月11日(水) 08時29分10秒 30191 ID: cb033f

Welcome to the NHK: A lonely twisted hikkikomori gets drunk/high/both every day with his lonely twisted otaku friend. A lonely twisted girl tries to get him "cured," in order to make herself seem less lonely and twisted. Along the way, the lonely twisted hikkikomori meets a bunch of other people, who are, of course, lonely and twisted.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月11日(水) 08時47分05秒 30192 ID: cb033f

Note: the term "hikkikomori" is used very loosely here, as the protagonist goes outside almost every episode.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月13日(金) 10時28分50秒 30242 ID: 3447cc

画像ファイル名 132644692926.jpg - (346.96KB , 1280x960 , 091217013.jpg )

FMA - Two young boys try to bring their mother back to life using magic even though it is forbidden, has terrible consequences and has never been done successfully. Surprise, Surprise it fucks up, one of the boys gets trapped in a suit of armour and the other loses an arm and a leg, but luckily for him his neighbours happen to be robot limb makers. So they try to find a magic stone to restore their bodies even though one of the boys is pretty much imortal and the the other can turn his arm into a sword whenever he wants

FMA Brohood - Pretty much the same but with more blood and less nazis

still loved both though

Anonymous-San 2012年01月17日(火) 01時57分52秒 30288 ID: 3433fe

画像ファイル名 132676187183.jpg - (119.86KB , 640x480 , blue_gender_002.jpg )

Blue Gender is about so guy who's cryfrozen and when he wakes up there's alien bugs everywhere. He realizes he's good with mechs, so he fucks shit up and gets laid.

Oh god I loved it so much, oh god oh god oh god

Anonymous-San 2012年01月17日(火) 03時15分40秒 30289 ID: 1353df

画像ファイル名 132676654048.jpg - (174.09KB , 1280x800 , 1143054385503.jpg )

it's about a robot who dies

Dr_Faggot 2012年01月17日(火) 22時54分52秒 30293 ID: 52e7f4

An anime about unkillable super heroes who capture villains who have very little or no powers. They capture villains only because their corporate sponsors pay for them to advertise all over their hero costume.

Dr_Faggot 2012年01月17日(火) 22時56分32秒 30294 ID: 52e7f4

Forgot to mention. It makes you buy a lot of pepsi, since watching the show I have been drinking 1L+ per day.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2012年01月17日(火) 23時16分10秒 30296 ID: 03dd7d

Blue Gender was a high concept, low enjoyment series riding on the 'serious anime' boom in the late '90s, structurally and thematically dependent on the trend's instigator, NGE. It sucked~

Anonymous-San 2012年01月17日(火) 23時53分29秒 30297 ID: cb033f

Amagami SS: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! The, at times, painfully awkward main character dates various girls on Christmas. And that is about it, really.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月19日(木) 16時49分47秒 30306 ID: 3433fe

Hmm, the characters seemed real and relatable, their personality was dinamic, changing as the series goes on. The plot seems silly, but just the factor that the characters aren't something you can brand like "The calm guy, that angry chick that's totally hot, that dude that's always happy regardless of any situation he's thrown at"makes me like it. I'm not one to enjoy most mecha animes, but I liked this one.

Opinions, I guess.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月22日(日) 03時55分06秒 30354 ID: b875ab

Also, Blue Gender wasn't afraid to kill people. Anime may have progressed, but it's still rare to see series that freely kill people right before your eyes without making it a huge, series-impacting moment.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月22日(日) 06時23分50秒 30355 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 132720982958.png - (847.28KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-11-28-00h25m36s101.png )

Since it seems people almost forgot what this thread was about originally, kindasorta......

ahem, time to do some more damning with the faintest of praise, or something like that.

A series that couldn't have been good, considering how many people decided to quit talking about it. All in all another high school harem comedy with fanservice everywhere, most of it inappropriate as hell ...

Okay, with those last few words, enough would give up on it already as it would offend those with dramatically superior tastes. Anyway.

A bunch of stereotype misfits get together in high school and form a club.

That's about all, right?

Oh yeah, a few more things-the VAs are stereotyped as well, and the OP and ED songs suck because they don't fit the manga. Hey, it's not like anyone at all would ever want to hear the whole versions of either, amirite?

Anonymous-San 2012年01月22日(日) 06時40分01秒 30356 ID: 5e4a15

画像ファイル名 132721080094.jpg - (148.58KB , 732x744 , 090215.jpg )

Four girls talk about nothing and do nothing while living extremely ordinary high school lives. The cast grows, but still nothing happens. Then they do a cheer show.

Anonymous-San 2012年01月22日(日) 10時25分19秒 30360 ID: deedb9

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann - A nonsense giant robot anime tries to be emotionally engaging. Actually about cocks.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2012年01月22日(日) 20時47分30秒 30363 ID: 03dd7d

Spoilers, jeez! Tell people it's all about cocks ruins the fun~

Anonymous-San 2012年04月09日(月) 02時25分12秒 31163 ID: 0b4d5a

画像ファイル名 133393111246.jpg - (115.13KB , 420x630 , ea885b509c7a1c8af14c8781e03613eb.jpg )

Plenty of opportunity remaining here.

Bounen no Xamdou -- The girl from Eureka Seven is blended with Nausicaä in a world of pointless violence against soulless aggression. No one ever communicates, but there is still a lot of mail to deliver.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月12日(木) 12時20分51秒 31175 ID: 4cb9e0

画像ファイル名 133422605170.jpg - (6.75KB , 250x188 , sayonara3.jpg )

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: So much Japanese text flying
through the screen that you have to pause every five seconds.

Mail mail.

All the while Itoshki is showing you and his class of cliche
students how terrible the world actually is.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月15日(日) 01時09分17秒 31184 ID: 0b4d5a

画像ファイル名 133444495744.jpg - (179.04KB , 720x1466 , apollo+silvia+upended.jpg )

Sousei no Aquarion: mean euro-angels want to kill us. Humans oppose them with mecha and soft porn. Can we combine enough cliches to make everyone feel good and save the world?

Anonymous-San 2012年04月16日(月) 12時20分04秒 31209 ID: b93a0e

画像ファイル名 133457160436.jpg - (81.68KB , 1024x768 , 7852154598654178521478969852.jpg )

Gothic lolita and apples.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月16日(月) 12時28分14秒 31210 ID: b93a0e

This made me want to watch the series.

ice!.RAPE.curg 2012年04月20日(金) 10時44分49秒 31231 ID: 2370e3

she's not a loli though

Anonymous-San 2012年04月23日(月) 05時23分52秒 31243 ID: b93a0e

I was always under the impression that that was the name of the style, as well. A quick google/wikipedia search should confirm that.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月23日(月) 05時31分46秒 31244 ID: 5daa8b

画像ファイル名 133515190675.jpg - (99.20KB , 348x419 , cerealExperiments.jpg )

Serial Experiments Lain is about a kid who sits in front of the computer all day.

xxxholic is about a guy who has a shitty part-time job at a local shop owned by an old woman.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月23日(月) 06時20分24秒 31245 ID: a9f53f

DBZ: a bunch of japanese superheroes without capes and secret identities

sailor moon: power rangers but with sailor uniforms and no giant robots

pokemon: cockfighting

digimon: a disaster strikes at a summer camp and 7 kids have a collective dream while in a coma about playing pokemon.

trigun: a carnivorous plant that uses guns fights a bunch of mexicans in the wild west.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月23日(月) 06時52分15秒 31248 ID: baa5d7

All of those are surprisingly accurate.

Ranma 1/2: A boy learns to love being a transsexual

Anonymous-San 2012年04月24日(火) 02時09分09秒 31253 ID: fa6a96

Serial Experiments Lain: playful middle-school lolis meet the internet.
Spice and Wolf: your generic middle class couple teaches economics, renaissance fair edition.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月24日(火) 10時27分36秒 31256 ID: 745fda

It's about some guy that in fears terror upon others, who steals a device to go into other peoples dreams, and this girl, who doesn't exist, but is actually a girl who does exist, eventually stops him.

>Explained in the worst way possible.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月24日(火) 11時15分24秒 31257 ID: 71f090

画像ファイル名 133525892383.jpg - (11.65KB , 267x189 , clannad.jpg )

Clannad (after story)
Story about two teenagers (one likes being sick so she doesn't have to go to school) try to make it in the world with minimum wage. SPOILER wife dies living guy with kid, shortly after he becomes douchebag dad. and tries to blame it on his own douchbag dad. this is possibly the most saddest, most depressing anime out there. you may want to kill yourself afterward.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月25日(水) 13時17分48秒 31266 ID: a9f53f

bleach: yu-yu hakisho with swords
gundam wing: star wars with giant mechs
tenshi: a group of people attempt to rape a teenager

Anonymous-San 2012年04月25日(水) 17時50分52秒 31269 ID: af3d3e

I'd like to fix that for you
bleach: wasting time but there are girls and weapons
gundam wing: wasting time but there are gay boys
tenshi: a couple of harem shows

but the fully summarize

shonen: a complete waste of time.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月29日(日) 04時39分42秒 31309 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 133566718213.jpg - (77.79KB , 640x360 , relaxing-with-nothing-to-do.jpg )

Seems like forever since I played this game.

Okay, howzabout this? It's too damn short. It is pretty much nothing but inside (the series) jokes.

If anyone ever got into Haruhi because of this, they are retarded.

And....Atchakura-chan gives me diabetes.

Anonymous-San 2012年04月30日(月) 17時51分49秒 31320 ID: 5aaf75

画像ファイル名 133580110849.jpg - (38.19KB , 302x380 , kashimashi-girl-meets-girl.jpg )

Kashimashi is about a boy who's hit by a spaceship and rebuilt by the aliens as a girl. The two girls who liked her as a boy now have to deal with their feelings.

Seriously, that's the whole show.

Anonymous-San 2012年05月01日(火) 00時14分13秒 31322 ID: 466cd6

Evangelion: Emo kids pilot giant robots. It also includes LOLDEEP symbolism.

Gundam Wing: A group of Gay boys terrorize the Earth with giant robots.

Gundam 00: A group of Gay men terrorize the Earth with giant robots.

Digimon Tamers: An Eva-Serial Experiments Lain ripoff tries to be LOLDEEP.

Anonymous-San 2012年05月01日(火) 00時19分02秒 31323 ID: a9f53f

the only way the japanese try to be deep is copying either the bible, the kaballah, or the gnostics.

for example, name someone yeshua who turns out to be a savior,

Anonymous-San 2012年05月01日(火) 00時22分00秒 31324 ID: a9f53f

also forgot about freud and jung. give each character a different personality disorder.

Kenji+Boston!InuGETxr7k!!D4BJR5ZJAx 2012年05月03日(木) 06時11分56秒 31360 ID: 2c1886

画像ファイル名 13360183163.jpg - (139.12KB , 542x601 , 1330662655645.jpg )

Madoka is just about these 4 little girls dying over and over in terribly animated fight sequences. Basically, it's Groundhog's Day, but with tons of melodrama and nonsensical plot lines. Really though... It's just Groundhog's Day with 17 year old girls. Except it's not funny, and it could have used more Bill Murray.

Anonymous-San 2012年05月03日(木) 15時24分07秒 31363 ID: 8e32b9

At what point in Groundhog Day did Bill Murray willingly travel back in time to save his lesbian lover?

Anonymous-San 2012年05月03日(木) 19時01分48秒 31364 ID: 9682e2

Well, there was that homeless guy...

Anonymous-San 2012年05月05日(土) 00時06分15秒 31371 ID: b26580


Anonymous-San 2012年05月07日(月) 06時01分29秒 31397 ID: b05610

画像ファイル名 133636328933.jpg - (226.95KB , 416x600 , f4e3a48adb37e3dee690e0d413564018[1].jpg )

Fucktons of recycled animation and music, a bad case of Everyone Is Bisexual from everyone and incest from siblings, and sometimes swords and/or cars get involved.

Anonymous-San 2012年05月07日(月) 06時31分44秒 31398 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 133636510486.png - (589.78KB , 648x486 , -princess_tutu.png )

I knew there was a series I'd forgotten to add to this thread.

This series has the most un-hip music ever. The characterization is as saccharine as possible. Storyline challenges you to stay upbeat and finally beats you down with an ending many consider unacceptable.

Where ya at Lion of Judah-you're the /a/ that talked me into enjoying Princess Tutu?

Anonymous-San 2012年05月18日(金) 00時14分39秒 31504 ID: b2bf93

画像ファイル名 133729287969.jpg - (442.12KB , 1600x1200 , 1270996742458.jpg )

guy walks the earth, chasing butterflies and other monstrosities that only he can see.

"it's mushi, i aint gotta explain shit"

characters are simply cliche plot props, and they all look the same. plenty of walking, smoking, occasionally a mix of the two. narrator most probably died of old age (138-ish, in chink years) shortly after the series concluded. that's probably the reason there won't be a second season.

Anonymous-San 2012年06月04日(月) 21時04分01秒 31814 ID: 1cfff8

画像ファイル名 133883664090.jpg - (82.83KB , 225x305 , photo.jpg )

Welcome to the N.H.K.

The life of a social recluse and how he deals with his "issues". Good for loling at.

Anonymous-San 2012年06月04日(月) 21時22分58秒 31817 ID: 1cfff8

Ending was fucking gay, could have been better.

Anonymous-San 2012年06月04日(月) 21時25分09秒 31818 ID: 1cfff8

Include title please, would you?

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2012年06月04日(月) 21時55分13秒 31820 ID: e301e3

Yea the midseason for NHK felt a lot closer to a proper ending. I know that they were going for something more ambiguous, but everything kinda ramped down emotionally after that, and I found my interest waning towards the end.

Anonymous-San 2012年06月04日(月) 22時03分14秒 31821 ID: ea80a0


Whoops, sorry about that. At the time, /a/ had a lot of people into this series, so I kind of neglected to give the title under the assumption that most people already knew about Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai.


Anonymous-San 2012年06月09日(土) 20時48分42秒 31861 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 133926772251.jpg - (358.41KB , 1600x1200 , ChronoCrusadeWP.jpg )

Hmm, since a few other series that have the same issues regarding their endings have already been listed in this thread, namely Mahoromatic, and Princess Tutu, I might as well add another to the list.

This is another bang-bang shoot'em up series, with impossibly cute fightin' Nuns alongside a demon-as if that combination would work.

More fighting against other demons, across the country in a time when apparently they did have mobile phones (explanations for which, not given), and the plot devices are pretty silly.

Oh yes, the ending. People don't like it.

I give you a series that I don't believe many people would like (though I do), Chrono Crusade.

Anonymous-San 2012年07月31日(火) 09時51分11秒 32162 ID: ada2fb

画像ファイル名 134372107079.jpg - (113.30KB , 800x1143 , gantz-1553709.jpg )

Gorefest and tragedies also serves as fap material.

Anonymous-San 2012年07月31日(火) 11時44分53秒 32163 ID: cd2396

Gundam 0079: A boy stumbles into a weapon and later gets slapped.

The 8th MS Team: Mobile Suit Gundam: Vietnam. Also has an overpowered boob with a Zaku head for a nipple.


Gundam 0083: Top Gun with a stolen Mobilesuit. Plot gaps and an overpowered brick with a Gundam in it.

Char's Counterattack: Superman Returns but with Amuro.


Kampfer: Dudes be Bitches be Crazy.

Evangelion: Some girls with daddy issues end the world twice. (maybe three or four times, who the fuck knows or cares?)

MINDGAME: Horny hipsters and an old fart stuck in fish. They then accomplish everything possible in life in a short montage. Rectangle dicks.

Spirited Away: A girl tries to un-pigify her parents by befriending a WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT.

Akira: Some baby gains superpowers and turns into a big baby and then dies.

Princess Mononoke: Cancer everywhere.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月02日(木) 04時54分04秒 32176 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 134387603322.gif - (883.30KB , 200x172 , tsugumi.gif )

Another moe-ridden High School Comedy with deities who appear as....teenagers. Woah, original!

Series that is annoyingly lame in shortness, and the series attracted retards who didn't like a plot line. Result? Author becomes ill/runs away from threats.

Yeah, that's a stable fanbase.

But that's Kannagi.

CandleJack 2012年08月05日(日) 01時09分08秒 32188 ID: 2f260d

Naruto - A story where anyone, no matter how weak, can become great with hard work and perseverance suddenly changes into a story where only people with superior genetics are worth shit.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月10日(金) 02時14分11秒 32201 ID: e24299

A lone mercenary makes a bunch of friends but they all die.
A boy is chosen to save the world, then he kills everyone instead.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月12日(日) 13時57分35秒 32211 ID: 8aaf7c

Doubt promises to be a parallel to a game of suspicion, paranoia and accusing your friends to be killers.

Instead, it's an extremely bland slasher with hypnosis as a convenient plot device.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月14日(火) 07時56分33秒 32216 ID: d1808e

>liking Naruto
Nigga what's wrong witchu?

CandleJack 2012年08月15日(水) 05時24分32秒 32221 ID: 2f260d


It was freaking amazing in the first arc (tough for anyone to deny that)... and then pretty steadily has been declining in quality since then. Most people just don't remember that far back.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月16日(木) 23時27分53秒 32225 ID: e05f70

There is a reason why it's very popular. It has actually gotten a-lot better than it used to be. I think people who dislike the show jump on the hate bandwagon or just remember regular Naruto and haven't seen Naruto Shippuden.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月17日(金) 03時10分19秒 32229 ID: 6c5ba1

Do they ever integrate their technology or sciences with their ninja stuff? They have televisions and shit, so their technological capabilities can't be that primitive. They obviously have some form of academia, there's evidence of it all over.

I only saw the first few dozen episodes, but there wasn't any evidence to show that the creator(s) experimented with the rational possibilities of their world, it just seemed like they used our known technology whenever they found it convenient. The rest of it was just action and more action, topped of with a frosting of anime cliches and typical shounen plot progression, served with a side of magic to make the action interesting.

The people in Naruto's world have things like satellites and telecommunications and computers, but their use of these things didn't take into account that this is a whole new world. They didn't even make use of one of the oldest sciences known: chemistry. It's obvious that they have plastics and bombs and such, so why doesn't anyone apply that chemical knowledge to their ninja stuff? It's not that hard to make up science, even when it's absurd.

I haven't seen any hint of intellectualism or innovation in the show, so I'm asking whether or not they presented a mix of culture and the effect that their sciences had on it in a way that would be interesting rather than a hollow reflection for the sake of familiarity.

For instance, I haven't seen anyone use a gun in Naruto. Ever. Why aren't there non-ninjas with guns? Why aren't there ninjas with special ninjutsu guns? Where are all the ninja scientists and inventors? Why isn't anyone researching the biological functions of ninjutsu? Their ninja shit has been part of their world for a long time, why isn't there science surrounding it? They can launch over two thousand tons of metal into space through sheer ballistics but they can't figure out how to integrate that stuff with their combat?

What I'm trying to convey here is an inquiry, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm only trying to rip on Naruto. Please understand that from what I've seen, it's nothing too spectacular. If it does display some sort of experimentation like this, that's what I'm looking for. Just some hint that all the elements of the world they live in were considered in the writing.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月17日(金) 04時01分21秒 32230 ID: e05f70

They do have a sort of telecommunication system but it's only used in times of crisis where a shinobi is hooked to a machine using chakra to speak to the minds of other ninja on the battlefield. As for guns there is one but it is not cannon. (No pun intended.) Where man named Bando who is a black market salesmen has a amputated right hand where he attaches a custom made chakra channon. As for tv's, they do have them but again it mostly used by important people to talk between nations and probably to expensive for mass production for the public. I do however thank you for not ripping on the show for no reason like other mindless channers.

CandleJack 2012年08月17日(金) 05時26分22秒 32232 ID: 2f260d


It's the exact same reason none of the wizards in Harry Potter use guns. It would completely destroy the balance of power between the other wizards (or ninja, as the case my be) and ruin the point.

And, NO, the "ninja shit" as you put it hasn't been around there very long. Judging by how well I know the Naruto history, the very first ninja (who invented all the ninjutsu or whatever) lived a very long time ago (centuries?), but the ninja world in it's current incarnation (with the hidden villages and whatnot) has only existed for about five generations — perhaps 100 years. Before this, there was probably some apocalyptic war that knocked everyone down to the stone age.

In any case, if you're looking for something "deep" in a shounen anime... I don't really understand. Especially with shounen works of this LENGTH; which, after a while the author is just pulling shit out of his ass every week and retconning connections back to what he did before. It's not like a novel or a movie which is made in its entirety and all the kinks worked out and the history and world fleshed out before release.

(The use of ninjutsu in Naruto really reminds me of the technological wonders in Stephen King's: The Tommyknockers. They don't know HOW this magic shit works, they just know that it DOES work, and so they do it. In the case with Naruto, a lot of the stuff is passed down through families and seems to be taken for granted more and more by successive generations. It's more alchemy than science — based on legend and witches-brews of ingredients instead of any kind of empirical progression — except the part where it actually works.)

Anonymous-San 2012年08月17日(金) 07時45分12秒 32235 ID: 6c5ba1

I see, all right. So it's not really emphasized whether or not they merged their academics with their ninjutsu? That's mildly disappointing.

That's beside the point. I was wondering whether or not they fully explored the world they made, which it doesn't look like they did. I'm not looking for something deep, just a setting which they managed to actually think about rather than just going with what seems cool. Something with a little brain power behind it, you know? The Legend of Korra is an example I can point to which shows what I mean. They asked themselves how bending would influence their industrial revolution, so they went and explored that.

The science is there in Naruto but they don't explain why their culture just goes on ignoring it, as if there's not one single person in the world curious enough to try and figure out how this shit works or develop any infrastructure or anything. No engineers, no doctors, no inventors. Just... clay huts built next to convenience stores (which now that I think about it would imply some sort of corporate infrastructure exists). I've also just realized that they have computers. Computers break. Who fixes them if nobody knows how anything works? Who fixes anything if they don't know how it works? The whole thing is a mess in my perspective.

To me it's like the Naruto guys are saying:
"We have radio technology! How do we improve society with this wondrous invention?"
"We don't. Instead of developing it to better our people with ease of communication, we'll keep it for the ninjas."
"What? Uh, okay. Well, do we want to research how to make it better suited for them or..."
"No. We're not going to try and improve any of our technology or medical research or anything like that. Radio headsets are all we need. It's all about ninjas."
"So do we want to figure out how ninjutsu works in order to better our people?"
"No, we're only going to better our ninjas."
"With technology and science and a yearning for discovery?"
"No, with ninja antics."
"Why don't we use ninja antics and technology?"
"Ugh. Fine. We'll look into it."
Then they came out with
>a shinobi is hooked to a machine using chakra to speak to the minds of other ninja on the battlefield
And stopped all further research.

CandleJack 2012年08月17日(金) 21時10分12秒 32247 ID: 2f260d


The convenience stores are family-owned and -operated, as is basically everything else. So there is no corporate structure, or any real regulations or government beyond the nebulous rule of the "kage", who seems about as relevant to daily life as England's Queen. (In fact, I strongly suspect the main role of the kage [hokage in particular] is to act as a suicide bomb of sorts to protect the village — at the cost of their own life — whenever some bad shit goes down. Self-sacrifice is EXPECTED, which is probably why Jiraiya went "Yeah, fuck that." when offered the position.)

And the villages seem, to me, to be very specialized. This is actually closer to modern life than you might have realized. 99% of people DON'T know how to fix a computer, and so when it breaks they send it out to a shop to fix it. How it gets fixed is irrelevant. In the case with Naruto, they probably send their broken computers out to the Hidden Electronics Village to get repaired.

As for your assertion that everything seems devoted to ninja... well, YEAH! This is a world that is in constant instability, where World Wars have occurred roughly once a generation for the last five generations, where leaders are routinely assassinated and whole villages occasionally destroyed, where there are enough orphans to make up half the main cast (and nearly every filler character). This is a world where children are made to fight (sometimes to the death) to demonstrate the military might of the country they live in, for the stated purpose of avoiding being invaded by appearing weak. This is a world where one country thought the best way to weed out the weak ninja students was to have the strong ones murder them as part of an emotion-dulling exercise. This is a world where kaijuu-sized monsters are implanted in babies so they won't fall into the hands of the enemy; and they know full well that (if they survive, which most don't) they will face a life of isolation and mistreatment.

This is a world where war is constant and ninja are the only things that matter because the alternative is annihilation. Hell, in the real world, most of the technology we take for granted (computers, satellites, airplanes, the internet) was created for the military, and only later used by civilians.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月17日(金) 23時12分16秒 32251 ID: 6c5ba1

All the more reason why it doesn't make sense. They don't display their military might through things like missiles (made possible by rocketry and radio guidance systems, which they are capable of) and widespread use of guns (made possible by ballistics, chemistry, and metallurgy, which they are more than capable of). Instead, nobody bothers to think "How can use this to make us fight better?" and they just stick to toying with ninja magic because the writer couldn't be arsed to think about the rules he inadvertently made for himself. He couldn't bother to use the potential story possibilities which spawn from a changing world, even when that world is focused on fighting itself. Instead he decided to focus solely on ninja combat, and you can only go with that for so long before it stagnates.

The simple fact is that there's no coherence between what they're obviously capable of- what they undeniably must know is possible- and what they implement. There aren't any reasons for why this shit is there, the technology they use is only a convenient plot device. The setting does not display a single modicum of ingenuity. Computers rocked our world, but not theirs. Satellites and rocket science provided new goals for our world, but not theirs. They have things which would change any culture on any planet, but there's no evidence to either show that change or a reason why there is no change.

Guns would allow even non-ninjas to kill people. Wouldn't you rather arm your country to the teeth with weaponry like that so that you could boast about how your entire population can kill any threat? Deter any invader by arming the populace? Destroy attacking villages without so much as stepping foot in them? Defend your people from armies before anyone can even see each other?

Please, if you're not going to provide evidence from the show that my argument is invalid then just stop nitpicking. It seems as though there is no internal consistency between what they have and what they do. The things they have are just there for convenience. If there's evidence in the show to provide a reason that they ignore technology and academic endeavors, that's what I'm looking for. I want the show to explain why they don't want to be better killers. Nobody in the show asks "why?", they're not interested in finding alternative ways to become superior. If you could point out where the show explains its people's self imposed ignorance, I'd appreciate it. Until then, it seems to me like their logic is as follows:

End multiple lives from miles away with the push of a button? Craziness. That'll never show the other villages how powerful we are.

Perform some awkward hand gesture so that you can potentially give someone within your line of sight a few scrapes and bruises and burns? Seems reasonable! Let's use that to scare the shit out of those other villages, it's a much more sound plan than that missile crap.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月18日(土) 00時02分12秒 32252 ID: e05f70

To be honest, some jutsu that characters use seem way more powerful than in comparison to a simple gun. Plus why would they haul a gun around when they can call upon jutsu if need be?

Anonymous-San 2012年08月18日(土) 00時39分40秒 32253 ID: 6c5ba1

It doesn't have to be limited to guns, I think. That was just an example of what people who aren't ninjas could use.

I'd prefer if the discussion would stick to the point I'm making rather than having people attack selected pieces of it out of context.

CandleJack 2012年08月18日(土) 06時01分47秒 32255 ID: 2f260d


There isn't an answer that will satisfy you. One cannot start asking WHY an author chose to have the plot go one way or another without simply being an idiot. You want to know the reason Naruto is about magic ninjas instead of armies of realistic soldiers equipped with guns and missiles? Because the author wanted to write a goddamn manga about magic ninjas, because preteen boys in Japan (and, it so happens, elsewhere) happen to LIKE magic ninjas. That's all there is to it. Is the technology illogical, apocryphal, downright schizo? Yes, definitely yes. But does anyone care? No; because using the technology to do things which are not related to magic ninja would cut into the time to tell about magic ninja. Kishimoto (the author) isn't a terribly smart guy. He ripped half of Naruto off of Dragonball and the other half off of stuff Togashi wrote (YuYu Hakusho, HunterxHunter). All he wanted to do was write a manga about magic ninja, which he did a fairly good job of for a while (less more recently, but that's just my opinion) and screw everything else. If he wanted a gritty realistic story about proper use of military muscle, he would have done that, but he did not want that!

(Also, staying in-universe, I think you missed what I mentioned about each country being on the edge of annihilation, and barely able to stay in balance with the forces of the other countries, while trying their hardest. If they devoted just ONE PERSON to science instead of inventing ninjutsu, that might be enough to cause them to be invaded and destroyed. Besides, we've seen several jutsu [in particular everything the bijuu and/or Uchiha do] that are literally on the scale of atomic weaponry. I've no idea how far you are in the manga/anime, but there was a dude named Pain a few arcs back that used a single massively-scaled-up jutsu to FLATTEN the entirety of Naruto's home village. It was basically a gravity-based nuclear bomb. Yeah, most ninja don't have the power to do that, and it was kinda a game-breaker to introduce it in the first place, but it DOES exist. The countries in Naruto have ninjutsu, and they're committed to ninjutsu, and while they're in a state of constant war or Cold War, they have to devote all their time and power to developing ninjutsu. To reference an oft-quoted condition of the old Soviet Union, they cannot support a Guns-and-Ninjutsu Economy. Perhaps when Naruto unites the world with his... Naruto-ness, when everyone is in peace and happiness and eternal brotherhood [and other such things John Lennon would extol] some people will have the time to start a Renaissance of sorts. But it won't happen right now because they're too busy using what power they have to keep themselves alive.)

Anonymous-San 2012年08月19日(日) 11時11分01秒 32260 ID: ee6db4

Suspense of disbelief, nig

Anyway, Naruto is going to shit again with the whole sennin mode, fox mode and whatever. Why the hell didnt Jiraiya use sennin mode whenever he got into trouble in the earlier volumes? Author's making this shit up during his toilet visits or something. Currently, there's characters that fight as their tailed-beast forms. Essentially mecha. So of course Naruto also transforms into his mech form. Who knows where it goes from here? Definately not the author.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月19日(日) 16時29分34秒 32262 ID: 6c5ba1

Well that's a much more understandable view, thanks for actually addressing what I was getting at. Like I said, I only saw a few dozen episodes, so the things I saw didn't really include the inevitable "god mode" attacks that every long running shounen resorts to. Hopefully you can understand that all I observed was ninjas in day-glow clothing who have multiple methods of killing each other but only used one.

CandleJack 2012年08月20日(月) 08時18分41秒 32266 ID: 2f260d


As I said before, Kishimoto isn't very smart, and the Naruto universe is very small. Physically even: in fact the entire "world" seems to be maybe a thousand miles across (while in pursuit of Sasuke, Naruto and company ran across roughly an entire country in a day), and not nearly as deep in history. Usually, a fictional world is shown to the reader/viewer via a series of tiny windows which hint at a much richer and deeper mythology and reality underneath it. Naruto really doesn't have any of that. Oh sure, new shit pops up (or is retconned in) all the time, but it's not the same.

Case in point. Kakashi is supposed to be the "copy-ninja" who supposedly copied several THOUSAND jutsu, or so. Over the course of the series, he's used maybe 25 different ones... about on par with the other major characters. You'd think he'd use radically different ones in every fight, because every opponent is different. But when push comes to shove, he always uses the SAME ONE EVERY TIME, the Kamehameha... oh excuse me, the Raikiri. Every single time. Because that's his "best" jutsu, and every single opponent seems to be just enough to bring out his "best", but not enough to actually beat him. A detestable shounen convention that everyone here should be familiar with.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月20日(月) 16時43分59秒 32272 ID: 6c5ba1

Holy hell, that's more uncreative than I imagined.
Strange day when Naruto falls below your expectations.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月21日(火) 00時42分47秒 32274 ID: 5daec5


Started reading Gantz because of this post


Anonymous-San 2012年08月21日(火) 00時50分07秒 32275 ID: 5daec5

画像ファイル名 134550300781.jpg - (14.59KB , 200x300 , Parasyte.jpg )

A shapeshifting alien parasite fails to take control of a teenage boys brain but takes his hand instead, together they explore what it means to be human.

There are other parasites with varying levels of success.

Everybody dies.

CandleJack 2012年08月21日(火) 06時43分25秒 32278 ID: 2f260d


I maintain that the first arc was the best, and the second arc a distant second; I mean the first arc was freaking AMAZING, one of the best I've seen in all of manga/anime. Hell, even the OP/ED were the best of the fricken series.

(But anyway, this has gotten way off topic...)

DBZ: The World's Worst Father beats up aliens through the power of constipation, and always wins even if it doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月24日(金) 02時21分41秒 32288 ID: 4501df

This thread is now my primary source of anime to watch.

Busou Shinki
Military robots designed under the guise of toys fight military robots based on said toys.

Anonymous-San 2012年08月28日(火) 21時18分10秒 32324 ID: 7fcdd5


can't... stop... reading

Anonymous-San 2012年08月31日(金) 08時28分33秒 32350 ID: ca04ae

画像ファイル名 134639451332.jpg - (27.59KB , 200x286 , Baccano.jpg )


There is no main character and the time line is a messed up ( the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning). Some immortals find their way to a train and there is a fight between two groups wearing black and white suits. And there is no resolution.

Anonymous-San 2012年09月03日(月) 21時02分44秒 32355 ID: 2b5a89

Since the name hasn't been brought up in about a year or so, time to remind people why Sky Girls sucks.
It's Strike Witches without the marketing.

Hmm, let's see.....not distributed outside Japan.
It's cutesy, but not quite "moe".
And hey, who would ever buy figures of mecha and/or lolis in plugsuits?

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2012年09月03日(月) 21時12分09秒 32356 ID: 86e05d

I love that show so much, contrary to everything in my mind that screams 'no, it's awful!'

Also it's Strikes Witches + Blue Gender

Anonymous-San 2012年09月04日(火) 05時43分44秒 32357 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 134673022425.jpg - (63.87KB , 495x500 , Lucia.jpg )


Yeah, I just decided to re-watch this again. I still lover the OP, Mell is such an overlooked "I've" member.

But I also started to watch something I'd dl'ed over a year or so ago but never watched until this weekend. And I really can't add it to this list yet, because I;'m still undecided on if I like it or not. Venus Versus Virus. I like the manga, but the anime through 4 eps? Animation is weak, and outside of Lucia the character design leaves much to be desired.
Since I do enjoy shows like Rozen Maiden and Princess Resurrection, I figured it would be worth a shot.

The bad part is-I somehow dl'ed the english dub, which had the ADV B-Squad, and that doesn't help much either.
I figure I gotta get the subbed version, it just doesn't seem right to watch a series with Minori Chiara dubbed.

Anonymous-San 2012年09月08日(土) 13時53分16秒 32381 ID: eb7363

I would ask what show you're referring to here, but I think it's far too obvious to everyone ^_^

Let's see now...

The Guyver: Useless emo kid discovers a damaged symbiotic alien exosuit which destroys most of what's left of his mind. Spends the rest of the series being generally useless and only managing to protect his own life, that of his wet-lettuce sort-of-girlfriend and cowardly fat friend through a series of unlikely deus ex machina.

Grave of the Fireflies: Whiny orphaned teenager and his infant sister get shunned and disowned by everyone they know and end up unsuccessfully begging on the streets of WW2 Japan. Hiroshima happens but we don't see it. They die. World + wife on other side of 4th wall has a sobbing fit.

Nausicaa (either version): Whiny emo teenage female christ/aslan stand-in tries to save undeserving and ungrateful post-apocalyptic humanity from itself and preserve what remains of the original ecosystem through stupidly over-the-top self sacrifice. There is a nuclear powered robot with a leaky reactor, an old dude who is almost as good with a sword as he is at tending his facial hair, and chocobos in disguise. Some flying and action happens, but nowhere near as much as the trailer would have you believe. Japanese geeks have spent 20 years trying to recreate her jet glider and keep failing it.

Porco Rosso: chauvinistic failing-mercenary pilot gets involved in a love battle for his childhood crush with a slimy american caricature. The outcome is a draw. There are also useless pirates, a spunky ginger girl, and nazis, but their presence is all rather peripheral and is never explained, and neither is the fact of the main character being an anthropomorphic pig.

Pom Poko: anthropomorphic japanese raccoons use their shape-shifting testicles to fight against urban sprawl spreading into the forest. They fail.

Eden of the East: typical author-wish-fulfillment fantasy where the male protagonist wakes up naked and amnesiac with a may-as-well-be-magic-powered phone that can grant any wish for a fee taken out of a ludicrously big bank balance. Eventually it turns out he has to "save japan" and there are other guys with the same mission who instead seem hell bent on killing him instead. The female protagonist follows him for pretty much no reason other than some romantic dream she had about a prince, and doesn't contribute a great deal despite being ostensibly quite smart. Then the internet based global surveillance database company she's on the board of gets involved and the JPN navy/air force becomes convinced that it makes a lot of sense to start firing missiles at their own cities. The ending makes no sense, the series has a great love of acronyms that you have to google for in order to know what's going on, the theme song changes to something much worse after the first episode, and a fat shut-in survives being shot for pretty much no reason at all.

Cowboy bebop: Slacker versions of Dog The Bounty Hunter battle starvation and fuel poverty. IN SPAAAACE. The amnesiac slutty girl character then tries to rediscover her past via the medium of betamax. It's a lot like an animated Firefly but without the sympathetic characterisation and with less continuity.

Love Hina: A guy takes a job working at a family bathhouse without asking any questions at all. Turns out his aunt has set him up at an all-female resort for the lulz (somehow he never knew any details about the place or ever went there in all his 18 years). Predicatable love battles occur, and drag on & on & on & on. He gets punched a lot. The loli one never gets naked, despite coming close. Also there is a turtle? Has a good title sequence though.

Ponyo: This is what Studio Ghibli end up making when there's a recession. It's like the Little Mermaid but with production values exchanged for less annoying characterisation and soundtrack. Would have been better if the main focus was on the Hot Mom character rather than the tots. God only knows what's happening in the last 5 minutes.

CandleJack 2012年09月10日(月) 08時21分09秒 32405 ID: 2f260d

I just realized that many of the animes I like are ones where the ending is not really of the typical "Happy" variety and the protagonists, if they even survive, don't accomplish what they were trying to accomplish throughout the plot.

Cowboy Bebop: Constantly poor space cowboys try to not be poor. They fail, and/or die.

Outlaw Star: Constantly poor space outlaws try not to be poor and then try to gain the key to the universe. They fail.

Death Note: Sociopath and wannabe-messiah tries to out-Keikaku an insomniac detective and some children with the help of Serious Business Writing and way too many rules and sub rules. He fails and dies, and so does just about everyone else.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Teenagers in Freudian Robots try to beat up kaleidoscope monsters while everyone gets psychoanalyzed. They fail and then everyone dies. Or did they...?

FullMetal Alchemist: Pair of kids who were dismembered by dabbling in forbidden sciences try to un-dismember themselves by doing the same thing, and while fighting magic zombies. They fail, then somehow end up in real-world Germany.

FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Pair of kids who were dismembered by dabbling in forbidden sciences try to un-dismember themselves by doing the same thing, and while fighting a wannabe-God and magic zombies. They succeed. (I like the old version better...)

YuYu Hakusho: Punk kid beats up increasingly-ridiculously-powered demons after dying in the first episode, and later tries to become king of the demon lands. He fails.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu: Constantly abused little kid tries to be seen as normal in a world that is on technicolor crack. He fails, rather hilariously.

Anonymous-San 2012年09月23日(日) 22時16分34秒 32471 ID: 7adbde

Some of these descriptions cracked me up.


A boy gets teleported to a dystopian future whre he tries to save a a girl he's never met who only speaks once per 3 episodes. In the mean time the other cast members whine about how hard it is to be a soldier, and we follow them around all their duties except actual combat. In the end everyone still alive has a big group hug, the end. (Now and Then, Here and There)

A girl with cat-like horns on her head makes cat noises and performs gratuitous acts of fan-service for 11 episodes. Then we learn about her past during the last 2 episodes, and then she dies. Or lives. You don't know. (elfen Lied anime)

A supposed badass with a huge gun spends the majority of each episode exasperating an insurance woman through his non-violent antics. (Trigun)

A scantily clad cyborg philosiphizes with her robot friends and pointy haired boss, with maybe 3 minutes of action per episode if you're lucky. (Ghost in the Shell)

Anonymous-San 2012年10月16日(火) 05時10分28秒 32536 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 135035702711.png - (1.25MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-10-15-20h55m20s68.png )

How in the hell did this escape the front page? Hasn't anyone seen something they've liked lately that you can make sound like crap?

``sigh`` OKay, that leaves me, and I've been back in since my baseball season ended Friday night. Been catching up on a few things, and after getting to S2 of it....

....Why would anyone waste their time on YuruYuri and/or Season 2?

It's /cake/-that really isn't /cake/ at all (so it is a lie!)......The openings admit that the main character has no presence, and the series go on to prove that........there's Yuri, but not a whole lot more than implied, and blushing.....for being cutesy, there's nowhere near enough fanservice.....middle school girls acting like--middle school girls?........

........and it's not K-On!

Anonymous-San 2012年10月17日(水) 06時11分16秒 32537 ID: c6e7f3

画像ファイル名 135044707676.jpg - (15.21KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )

Snow. Fucking Snow.

Anonymous-San 2012年10月27日(土) 03時40分10秒 32570 ID: d12323


I disliked s1 but am enjoying the second. What it comes down to is whether you personally enjoy it or not, cancer is born only when you get fanboys trying to validate their personal enjoyment.

Anonymous-San 2012年10月27日(土) 03時42分20秒 32571 ID: d12323


is that the same demented mini series where the MC speaks stupidly fast? Also testicle swinging aliens

Anonymous-San 2012年10月28日(日) 03時24分06秒 32574 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 135139104696.jpg - (15.54KB , 640x480 , ballsy2.jpg )

Gee....I kinda feel like I'm getting called out by the last few posts. But since the ones referred to were mine-oh well.

I REALLY want to defend YuruYuri 1 and 2, but considering this thread is to damn with faintest of praise, defending anything defeats the purpose (I sure won't bring up that f'n Narutard de-rail earlier in the thread!).

Yes, that was Puni Puny Poemy. Ballsy Wallsy!

unfortunately, pic related.

Anonymous-San 2012年10月28日(日) 20時30分46秒 32580 ID: ead1df

City Hunter
Shitty old show with an ugly art style with tits and no plot for virgin manchildren
Also has some bountyhunter thing going on which is like so original

Anonymous-San 2012年10月30日(火) 14時44分01秒 32583 ID: fe7854

画像ファイル名 135160464118.jpg - (238.72KB , 1280x1024 , last_exile-14345.jpg )

2 warring nations are attacked by a 3rd technologically superior nation in steampunkland, and we follow the story of 2 women competing for 1 guy who does absolutely nothing special. Mysterious things happen and nobody cares because they are solved almost immediately, sometimes twice in one episode.

Anonymous-San 2012年11月05日(月) 06時02分27秒 32593 ID: 36a3e7

画像ファイル名 135209174758.jpg - (32.55KB , 225x350 , 14934.jpg )

Aoi Hana - Two childhood friends go out for tea and ride trains places. One of them is gay. The act of crying could almost be considered a minor character and/or most of the plot. Two entire episodes of this eleven episode series deal with a high school theater production of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Anonymous-San 2012年11月17日(土) 10時11分09秒 32622 ID: ffaf27

I was so confused by this review that I watched... five episodes of that. The act of crying really is a minor character and/or most of the plot.

Anonymous-San 2012年11月22日(木) 20時42分59秒 32667 ID: 3c72c6

画像ファイル名 135361337947.jpg - (22.57KB , 507x380 , 1625.jpg )

Key: The Metal Idol

Emotionless robot girl moves to Tokyo to make friends. Wants to sing to get people to like her, but it's very likely that she doesn't know how.

Anonymous-San 2012年11月30日(金) 03時35分46秒 32704 ID: 954b97

画像ファイル名 135424293492.gif - (718.41KB , 433x289 , 1351719264415.gif )

MS: Gundam
There really isn't enough room to describe how much shit it is.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月04日(火) 17時14分11秒 32714 ID: 08a0df

Full Metal Panic.

A guy shoots up a school.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月04日(火) 21時22分10秒 32716 ID: ffaf27

画像ファイル名 13546525303.png - (326.38KB , 640x480 , Bonta-kun2.png )

Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu

Things are varied a little from the original. The guy dresses up as a cute mascot character to shoot up parks.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月04日(火) 23時27分15秒 32717 ID: c6c79e

画像ファイル名 135466003482.jpg - (95.44KB , 225x350 , gates_fmp.jpg )

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
A guy mopes about for 12 episodes after having lost his ability to shoot up parks.
Also introduces the utterly unique characters "Sexy twins who kill things" and "Kefka from FF6".

Anonymous-San 2012年12月05日(水) 06時25分12秒 32718 ID: 6539bc

Cowboy bebop:
A crew of one-dimensional personalities (the grump, the bad-boy, the skank, and the special child prodigy hacker) and a dog make a living as astronaut-bounty hunters yet fail to ever catch any bounty.
Also, weird cowboy references and james bond style jazz scores pop-up in the least appropriate moments aesthetically speaking and have no bearing on the plot whatsoever.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月16日(日) 01時15分09秒 32748 ID: c5ecef

画像ファイル名 135561690738.jpg - (546.20KB , 1920x1200 , 1351848088444.jpg )


A boy likes some girl at his school. That girls friend likes the boys best friend. They try to make their crushes love them, but the girl is a huge jerk, so he must put up with her douchebaggery.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月23日(日) 04時41分03秒 32783 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 135623406124.png - (709.81KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-05-22-23h29m21s227.png )

Wow, has anyone else noticed this thread is over a year old now, and has only spent about maybe a couple of weeks NOT of the first page? And still no sticky.

Doesn't need it I suppose.

Well, to keep in the spirit of warning you all to why certain series rul....er, blow, I noticed one series has not made it to this list.

If you want a series that is new, but was looking to ca$h in on "retro"-i.e., if you're some kind of "older is better", hipsterish snob- you probably got into Mysterious Girlfriend X.

That, /a/, is how you do it. Now, it's your turn to bring it.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月23日(日) 09時18分32秒 32785 ID: feee4c

I don't think this thread being a year old is a good thing. It just shows who painfully slow this site is.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月23日(日) 17時01分18秒 32789 ID: e23334


Quality over quantity. dont like it? go back to niggertits.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 00時24分47秒 32794 ID: feee4c

画像ファイル名 135630508613.jpg - (99.40KB , 770x599 , Comparechans.jpg )

lol, what quality? Half the chans on this list kept saying the same thing: 'Quality over quantity. dont like it? go back to niggertits.' And guess what? They're gone.


Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 00時37分53秒 32795 ID: 9d4a28

Isn't that just a testament that the majority of people like vast amounts of shit over quality, and look where the majority are... not here. That's a win/win if I've ever seen it.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 01時41分40秒 32796 ID: feee4c

It's not good to have a mindset that more people equals more shit. This site can grow big without the cancer spreading, it's just a matter of how you handle it.

Quality or not, those sites died due to lack of viewership. Not by what was there. It doesn't matter how much 'quality' a site has if there's nobody there to view it.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 02時49分27秒 32799 ID: ffaf27

Making off-topic comments and derailing threads does not contribute to quality. Please post on-topic or do not post.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 03時38分29秒 32800 ID: feee4c

So I guess you are out of things to say then. Oh, and stop sageing when things don't go your way. That only proves the list right. /end rant. Carry on with the thread then.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 03時44分19秒 32801 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 135631704171.gif - (391.33KB , 250x281 , joshiakudancing.gif )

Seems like someone wants this thread to either go away, or just is attempting to stupid. Well, there's one way to beat that, and that's to bump with content.
Hey, I can do that!

Okay, for a series that was pretty much set up to fail anyway-why would anyone outside of Japan give a damn about Joshiraku? 5 not-really-cute girls doing nothing but puns in Japanese about Japanese culture. Considering their acts aren't even bothered with anymore, it's a wonder why this was even aired, all it did was piss off the mainstream.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月24日(月) 06時59分20秒 32802 ID: ffaf27

For future reference, you can tell who is talking to you by their ID. That was my first response to you. Also, people sage on this site whenever they feel they MUST post something off-topic. Please lurk more.

XII 2012年12月25日(火) 14時21分30秒 32804 ID: 5528d5


More like Joshimoeru amirite

Anonymous-San 2012年12月25日(火) 14時23分02秒 32805 ID: e23334


Get the hell out of here, XII.

Anonymous-San 2012年12月26日(水) 04時22分18秒 32806 ID: 2b5a89

Okay, while all the griping, off-topic feculence is going on, someone has to go ahead and add to the list, in the way it was intended.......to slice n dice something I like in the most hideous and annoying way.

Hideous and annoying. The first part, okay, the second--That's my way of life anyways.

I can destroy this series for most of you out there who just get sickened by one, three letter word. It's like kryptonite to you, especially the srs anime fans-who have already shown disdain for/having complete lack of a sense of humor.
What's that word? heh heh.....


So why would anyone outside of lolicons who learn bad engrish and makes fun outside of it's fanbase watch Moetan?

Hey, I could get even more annoying ya know. Who do you think used to flood with "Maho"?????

Anonymous-San 2013年04月20日(土) 03時07分20秒 33289 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 136642003731.gif - (137.19KB , 256x256 , osaka_256.gif )


・サソNjP d kwCE http://lvbagsplaza-hisa-hide.webnode.jp/ - http://lvbagsplaza-hisa-hide.webnode.jp/ MqA a saHT http://lvbagsplaza-hisa-hide.webnode.jp/ - ルイヴィトン財布 WfX g ppLY http://mallscoachjapans.webnode.jp/ - http://mallscoachjapans.webnode.jp/ SxE y fkWR http://mallscoachjapans.webnode.jp/ - コーチバッグ XcV n izVT http://mcmbagrakuten2013jp.webnode.jp/ - http://mcmbagrakuten2013jp.webnode.jp/ LqA d frKL http://mcmbagrakuten2013jp.webnode.jp/ - エムシーエム リュック QpT c dpEX OpC j djGK http://miumiuoutlet-japan.webnode.jp/ - http://miumiuoutlet-japan.webnode.jp/ EeG v zxZI http://miumiuoutlet-japan.webnode.jp/ - ミュウミュウ 公式 PkA h kiMW SxL v xgLQ

Uhh, Azumanga Daioh?

Anonymous-San 2013年09月08日(日) 21時09分40秒 33867 ID: b57b19

Since it's been bumped.

Black Lagoon:
A worthless Japanese salaryman, left for dead, is asked to join the bad guys after he convinces them to ram their boat into an attack helicopter. Their leader, whose black, is then hired by a nazi to kill some wannabe nazis. To celebrate they reunite a child with his psychotic killer maid, then let the salaryman man get kidnapped so he can have a heart-to-heart with an Islamic extremist.

Then there's a loli and a trap (but it's never clear which is which) and a girl on the run being chased by bounty hunters who they kill for the hell of it. After which they fly off to Japan where they meet a sword-man who likes to fight gun-men.

Then the maid comes back and goes on a killing spree before getting shot to shit. To celebrate his survival the Salaryman gets it on with a (n.) Korean spy...


CandleJack 2013年09月11日(水) 00時34分00秒 33875 ID: 2f260d

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (parts 1 and 2): Flamboyant, probably homosexual, men are way too emotional all the goddamn time while punching some weird vampires and frequently abusing the English language.

HunterxHunter: The best, most awesome and interesting characters mysteriously vanish from the storyline the second you start to like them, in favor of the shota-couple-in-everything-but-name protagonists who lose more often than they win.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月12日(木) 06時12分56秒 33878 ID: 2b5a89

Since this thread has resurrected yet again....Hime?....might as well add to it. Again.

Hataraku Maou Sama
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Blood Lad


Demons not always bad, with humans they must have a soft spot. Wussies.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月15日(日) 02時28分17秒 33882 ID: ba9fe1

That sounds kind of good though.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月18日(水) 04時26分00秒 33885 ID: 740bde

画像ファイル名 137947116077.jpg - (114.99KB , 500x663 , 076.jpg )

Girl gets a job and is bad at a lot of stuff. She is happy.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月19日(木) 12時51分36秒 33886 ID: a33c5d

画像ファイル名 137958789656.jpg - (21.91KB , 500x283 , dmc2.jpg )

Detroit Metal City:

MC rapes an old man while he sings cheesy metal songs also has a love interest that goes nowhere, rape rape rape rape
MC sings even worse j-pop songs at the end. & nothing gets solved NOTHING & the MC just goes to his bedroom & cries.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月19日(木) 19時32分27秒 33887 ID: ef1b2d

画像ファイル名 137961194738.png - (678.65KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-09-19-17h25m39s138.png )

Bakemonogatari :

Dialogue-oriented series that completely forgets to make its dialogue interesting. Some supernatural thrown in but it just causes exposition dialogue that's even blander. Uses In Media Res for some reason.

Glitches 2013年09月28日(土) 05時57分51秒 34030 ID: e04332

画像ファイル名 138034066640.gif - (498.28KB , 336x189 , tumblr_lijtcp6RiK1qdc388o1_400.gif )

A popular transvestite tries to weasel his way into a bunch of obnoxious nerds'' social group.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月29日(日) 03時04分55秒 34033 ID: b0f7fb

画像ファイル名 138041669535.jpg - (34.02KB , 500x281 , kaiji.jpg )


An impoverished bum plays rock-paper-scissors on a boat to clear his debt and cries a lot

Anonymous-San 2013年09月29日(日) 06時33分23秒 34035 ID: 3dcb0a


A king has amnesia and gets all emo about it, travels to worlds the size of an apartment building, then when he gets his memory back he finds out he had amnesia and manages to save everyone from a plant that gives people amnesia.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月29日(日) 07時28分34秒 34036 ID: 2b5a89

Mostly un-cute, generic teenage girls doing manzai.

Anonymous-San 2013年09月29日(日) 12時27分55秒 34043 ID: e7226a

画像ファイル名 138045047560.jpg - (78.36KB , 1280x720 , overshoulder.jpg )

People look over their shoulders while talking a lot. Every few episodes something actually happens.

Anonymous-San 2013年10月20日(日) 00時07分05秒 34139 ID: 133ad5

no one is playing this game right, you don't insult/use terms in your descripton, you just describe it in a way that makes it sounds shitty and plain/boring

Anonymous-San 2013年10月20日(日) 00時57分26秒 34143 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 138222344643.jpg - (126.61KB , 1280x720 , tamayura_hitotose-02-maon-kaoru-norie-friendship-s.jpg )


Hmm, after contribootin to this thread on many occasions-and seeing it bumped again-I suppose I'll give it another go. But without insulting, yet make sound shitty and plain boring?

Tamayura Hitotose

If you enjoy ....putting on a pair of socks, you'll like Tamayura Hitotose.

If you like walking around....you'll like Tamayura Hitotose.

If you have a deep understanding of the /eh/ board is like....you'll understand Tamayura Hitotose.

How's that? Better?

Anonymous-San 2013年10月20日(日) 01時33分59秒 34144 ID: b51646

>no one is playing this game right, you don't insult/use terms in your descripton, you just describe it in a way that makes it sounds shitty and plain/boring

>take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty.

Where did you get the "plain/boring" thing from? I think the only rule is to make the anime sound shitty, and so far the thread is doing good on that.

Anonymous-San 2013年10月20日(日) 21時57分20秒 34146 ID: 036796

画像ファイル名 138229903826.jpg - (372.88KB , 940x697 , infinite-stratos.jpg )

I feel so stupid, I never realised we'd been getting it wrong for the last two years... you would of thought one of us realised during the previous 734 days before you enlightened us.

Anyway, back on topic, Infinite Stratos:
A collection of highly skilled girls who are training to pilot gladiatorial mecha-suits fall for the only guy in the world who is known to be able to pilot one even though he has absolutely no talent for doing so (and he has no other talents to fall back on).

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 2013年10月21日(月) 17時23分00秒 34149 ID: bcb1b8

画像ファイル名 138236897943.jpg - (1.37MB , 1280x1024 , Cast_of_Medaka_Box.jpg )

Medaka Box: The main character is literally the epitome of mary sue, being a master of all martial arts, breaking multiple world records in athletics and excelling in all sports, is an exquisite beauty with fucking cow tits, ranked top in national exams and has flawless grades. Did I mention that she can break the sound barrier, destroy the moon, and play any instrument perfectly?

Possibly the only person more powerful is one of the antagonists (who later becomes an ally), Najimi Ajimu, who is 3,402,193,822,311 years old (yes, that's her exact age), possesses 12,858,051,967,633,865 distinct abnormalities and minuses (superhuman powers).

Oh wait, I totally forgot about Iihiko who is even stronger than Ajimu, having fought and defeated her literally more than 100 million times despite her using all 12,858,051,967,633,865 of her skills and aided by her created "not-equals" subordinates.

Let me just sum up Medaka Box in 4 words:
Mary Sues: The Anime

Anonymous-San 2013年10月21日(月) 22時02分17秒 34150 ID: d398ab

Social failure builds a harem of girls and never fucks with them. And his roommate is gay.

Anonymous 2013年10月25日(金) 16時51分30秒 34158 ID: ed625f

a girl cries for first 11 episodes while her friends die around her.
she rewrites the laws of the universe in the final episode

Anony-mouse 2013年10月25日(金) 17時43分43秒 34159 ID: ed625f

a guy wakes up with a mask and fights a bunch of wars with a fan. he gets a harem and makes out with a girl who it's not clear whether she's his daughter, granddaughter or great granddaughter. he's also a god

gundam seed
a whiny boy gets a giant robot. he has sex with a minor and then falls in love with an even younger girl. people seem to cheer for the unoriginal pacifist character rather than the interesting broken girl who is out for revenge. the boy has a better relationship with his childhood friend on the other side of the war than the two females vying for his attention. his sister dates his friend and he dates his friends ex-fiance.

final destination the anime.

mawaru penguindrum
people look for something, but have no idea wtf it is, to save their sister whose life is being sustained by a hat with a strange sense of humor. there is also an insane stalker girl and 3 penguins who kill cockroaches.

a love story where the main couple seem to hate eachother, and only fall in love because destiny says so. he's in college and she's in junior high.

panty and stocking with garterbelt
powerpuff girls with an excess of sex and depravity

shugo chara
an emotionally unstable, 17 year old boy tries to insert his key into the lock of an 11 year old girl with a serious multiple personality disorder, but the key is too big, so they wait until it fits properly. the 17 year old has a sister with incestuous tendencies.

Anonymous-San 2013年10月27日(日) 17時28分54秒 34168 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 138289133345.jpg - (86.31KB , 1280x720 , endlesssplash.jpg )

Second Season of Haruhi/Endless Eight.

An unappreciative asshole blows off doing homework-gets stuck with manipulative bastards for eternity as punishment.

Anonymous-San 2013年10月27日(日) 19時31分03秒 34169 ID: 947541

Death Note

A student finds an book and loves to write in it. But then others want to write in the book as well.

CandleJack 2013年10月28日(月) 06時43分59秒 34170 ID: 2f260d


Deceptive as hell, but not technically incorrect. I like it!

Anonymous-San 2014年06月20日(金) 07時32分56秒 34561 ID: 2b5a89

Hat damn! Than..Arigato to you, Princess of Gemwor, er, Amethyst! Folks, this has now been stickied, let's make the most of it. Over the past few years now (it's that old), this might seem odd, but even those who have been in & out of 7/a/ have participated.

Take a series you enjoy-and give no good reasons-just the opposite-for watching.

A 2 season pile of ecchiness that has MC kiss goddesses and make their clothes disappear.
Main heroine would lose an IQ test to an empy box of raisins.
White haired pettanko ice queen who speaks and acts in monotone is NOT VA-ed by Minori Chihara.

And the most interesting character's power is invoked by shooting herself in the head. I guess it's a good thing Japan has gun laws, huh? Emos of the west, take note.
.....and the movie is probably going to based on HER story.

Date A Live is a pathogen.

Anonymous-San 2014年06月20日(金) 17時17分05秒 34562 ID: 74069d

画像ファイル名 140327742463.jpg - (311.62KB , 620x400 , Space Dandy.jpg )


"Space Dandy, he's a dandy guy, in space. He combs the galaxy like his pompadour: on the hunt for aliens. Planet after planet he searches, discovering bizarre new creatures both friendly, and not. These are the spectacular adventures of space dandy and his brave space crew, in space."

Anonymous-San 2014年06月21日(土) 08時19分44秒 34564 ID: 2b5a89

Welcome to /a/.
Whether you wanted to be remnded or not-you're here, rite?

Anonymous-San 2014年06月26日(木) 07時48分26秒 34570 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 140376170573.gif - (438.43KB , 500x334 , retarded.gif )

This show insults my own stoopidity.

MY stoopidity. .....and I enjoyed Strange+.

Matchbox Prince 2014年07月04日(金) 00時07分25秒 34574 ID: 2f260d

Inazuma Eleven - Exactly like Shaolin Soccer, except every player is a prepubescent boy, even the ones that you're damn sure are girls; it's an entire anime of shotacon traps.

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Part 3: The badass from the last part has become the comic-relief grandpa, while the new main character is a jerk mute whose only coping tactic is to punch the fuck out of things, which stupidly always works anyway.

Anonymous-San 2014年07月06日(日) 08時42分17秒 34575 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 14046289365.jpg - (193.32KB , 1280x720 , mostvanillestevar.jpg )

A series that didn't know that it was already over.

A series based on Super Deformed characters, lots of large-scale "toner", who's manga-ka would rather do artwork for magical teenage girls who die.

A series with potential for lesbian action-but never delivers.

A series with the blandest character ever. Pic definitely related.

Hidamari Sketch in a nutshell.

Anonymous-San 2014年07月06日(日) 08時48分03秒 34576 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 14046292837.jpg - (128.42KB , 1024x768 , NoIMTheVanillaestEVAR.jpg )

There is no good reason, sanity-wise to ever view Galaxy Angel. If you're looking for sense, plot, or reasonable humor. Here's a hint-it's not here.

Worse yet, Mint Blacmange has turned more people furry than Liru.

Anonymous-San 2014年07月27日(日) 10時53分19秒 34598 ID: 2b5a89

Little Busters/Clannad/Angel Beats/etc.

Because the bastards at Key Visual Arts like making money off dead characters.

Anonymous-San 2014年07月28日(月) 04時43分36秒 34599 ID: 3e2241

Jigoku Shoujo: Short sighted idiots send each other to and themselves to hell for a variety of increasingly petty reasons.

Jigoku Shoujo Fukatomori: It keeps happening

Texhnolyze:A prize fighter gets his eye molested and punches the broad who did it, then his leg and arm are cut off for hitting her.

M@lice Doll: Robotic whores in a world with no clientele.

Anonymous-San 2014年08月01日(金) 09時03分38秒 34601 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 140687661749.gif - (399.26KB , 640x230 , becausefuckyouthatswhy.gif )

Kodomo no Jikan.

Because it brings out the worst srs white knight anime fans-most of whom have never even watched it.

Anonymous-San 2014年08月04日(月) 06時40分30秒 34602 ID: d7250d

It's like somebody stuck a mecha fanboy in a room full of nothing but pinups and maybe fashion magazines and told him to create a magical girl series. The result involves that cliche about absurdly powerful student council presidents that's in every anime ever.

O.o 2014年08月04日(月) 08時14分34秒 34603 ID: c0b58d

画像ファイル名 140713287475.jpg - (56.86KB , 400x367 , yuno.jpg )

Future Diary - Its about some whiny pathetic boy who needs his girlfriend to take care of him in just about every combat scene, and yet some how manages to become ruler of all space and time.

Anonymous-San 2014年08月18日(月) 04時54分10秒 34608 ID: 446414

画像ファイル名 140833045038.jpg - (4.45KB , 259x195 , images.jpg )

Cat soup:
Sister of protagonist gets baked from huffing half her soul, then they both get lost on the way to buy some tofu.

Anonymous-San 2014年08月26日(火) 01時14分57秒 34619 ID: fb7787

画像ファイル名 140900849738.jpg - (41.30KB , 640x480 , bobobowallpaper2.jpg )

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo is about a stupid nigger who thinks blonde hair will get him the white wimmin. He is accompanied by some 12 year old slut he rapes with his tentacle nose hair, a stupid Sonic rip off that makes deviantART OCs look like they were written by Mark Twain, an emo faggot that is required to classify it as an anime, and a knock off Kool Aid man with a cum rag. They travel around the countryside accomplishing nothing and jerking off.

Anonymous-San 2014年09月03日(水) 10時22分35秒 34627 ID: 5f4daa

Gintama - Three penniless deadbeats do absolutely nothing but read Jump and talk about carbohydrates and butts. Also there's ninjas and aliens but the aliens haven't made a major appearance since the first season.

Anonymous-San 2014年09月10日(水) 20時47分14秒 34637 ID: be1a43

Promotes schitzophrenia, bad cosplay and about the lamest fanservice ever. The plot is about....no, wait. There is no plot. No one is likeable, and it's a bad substitue (not good enough to be called a sequel) for SoulTaker.

Nurse Witch Komugi makes Moetan seem like Shakespeare.

Byousoku 5 Centimeter gbb 2014年09月11日(木) 03時15分34秒 34638 ID: 3467c0

画像ファイル名 141039813497.jpg - (68.37KB , 356x500 , 5cm.jpg )

Can't believe no one brought this one up yet.

Byousoku 5 Centimeter / 5 centimeters per second

Elementary school boy can't get over not sleeping with his crush. Becomes a looser and in life because of it.

Anonymous-San 2014年09月11日(木) 07時19分46秒 34639 ID: 2b5a89


Sounds like most of the threads in /b/ or /rnb/

Anonymous-San 2014年09月11日(木) 07時26分00秒 34640 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 141041316052.jpg - (155.78KB , 900x506 , mitsudomoe_-on.jpg )

crap, I forgot that any replies in this sticky gets the previous post knocked off. Ameys, anything can be done with this?

So, to continue...the bashing.

Fat kids and bodily functions/fluids-not the enjoyable kind-Mitsudomoe.

Anonymous-San 2014年09月13日(土) 19時11分58秒 34642 ID: 3467c0


omg... never thought of that. I guess Toono Takaki matches that profile.

Anonymous-San 2014年09月13日(土) 19時13分32秒 34643 ID: 3467c0


the profile of a /b/tard, that is

Anonymous-San 2014年09月21日(日) 07時31分54秒 34655 ID: 2b5a89

Youtube  Aired a full season after it was supposed to. Supposed to be full size (23+ min. per ep) show. In reality, each ep lasts as long as a prolonged fart. Incestualvore + gore for no good reason+ ecchi (not any enjoyable kind)=what little plot there was.

Op song was good, but only goes 33 seconds, which is about a third of the show.

You looking for sense? Will not find here. If they did an OVA it would last -oh, you missed it- fast.
No one with sense would watch this. Well, maybe me. I'll watch anything, and Pupa proves it.

Anonymous-San 2014年11月15日(土) 07時39分26秒 34734 ID: eed856

画像ファイル名 141603356665.jpg - (109.03KB , 618x401 , KoS.jpg )

Knights of Sidonia is yet another mecha anime about yet another chosen one who is civilizations only hope of defeating yet another unstoppable enemy.

Anonymous-San 2014年11月16日(日) 05時21分15秒 34739 ID: e1faa8

highschool of the dead. fanservice, zombies, fanservice, and more fanservice. one episode entirely about the women in the show bathing.

Anonymous-San 2014年12月24日(水) 17時03分27秒 34769 ID: b06241

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Some kid dies and her kid friend gets all fucked up for the rest of his life believing shes still there. Ends up with lots of nonsensical crying and bullshit for 'feels'.

Anonymous-San 2014年12月30日(火) 05時55分59秒 34776 ID: 709c43

Dragon Ball Z is about aliens shouting at one another.

Anonymous-San 2015年01月02日(金) 06時46分39秒 34799 ID: 0b26c3

Bubblegum Crisis, is about a bunch of girls trying to stop a giant bubblegum from popping.

Anonymous-San 2015年01月04日(日) 07時44分05秒 34803 ID: 31bf76

画像ファイル名 142035384574.jpg - (37.46KB , 230x332 , Serial_Experiments_Lain_DVD_vol_1.jpg )

the internet says she has to kill herself because shes god and they all love her

Anonymous-San 2015年01月14日(水) 04時46分47秒 34822 ID: 2b5a89

画像ファイル名 142120720625.gif - (404.70KB , 640x480 , popotanplotline.gif )

Sisters-who may or may not be related-plus their android maid-All of which are aimed at one fetish or another-happily settle down in one place and time-over and over. Anyone who has happy moments has them crushed. Time travel always leads to bad endings.
Originally an ero-game, but there's barely more than slight innuendo during the series.
All this unhappiness, and it takes away from the main selling point of the series in the first place-pic related.
Still-Popotan was released as an anime outside of Japan while Moetan got held back. Justice? What justice?

Anonymous-San 2015年01月22日(木) 18時53分57秒 34836 ID: d18e41

画像ファイル名 142194923726.jpg - (190.21KB , 600x450 , 13594207307.jpg )


Anonymous-San 2015年01月22日(木) 22時06分29秒 34837 ID: 38b6f3

A girl is a bitch and a god (Haruhi)

Anonymous-San 2015年01月28日(水) 07時53分19秒 34843 ID: 613596

Spoiled uni kid goes through ground hog day (tatami galaxy)

Anonymous-San 2015年02月06日(金) 02時46分19秒 34852 ID: d3baa0

Autist wants to go fast but his 86 won't let him. Also eurobeat.

Anonymous-San 2015年03月29日(日) 08時11分33秒 34872 ID: d5575b

画像ファイル名 142760949367.jpg - (90.07KB , 681x1024 , Ungettable Hime Figure.jpg )

ya know, I have a few non-concrete clues as to the previous post, but I'm also pretty sure I haven't watched it-whatever it was. Anyway, I haven't contribooted to this thread in awhile, and since it did get stickied, i'd be remiss to keep things going.
Like that's a problem here.
Hmm, what to..oh yeah, pick a series I actually like, (um, spoiler alert?) and make it sound shitty. Yeah, I remember this.

A show that it took a couple of series to figure out that no matter how long between attempts to make it watchable, it still has the uncleanable stench of being called a Baccano also-ran.
Well, what else would the popular consensus be, since the character design is nothing more than copying Durarara-at least for the first failed attempt-that had absolutely nothing at all to do with the anime studio changing original characters.. no-nonono noooooo.....
Then, they have to throw a revised, more cartoony character design on an ova, and decide a few years down the road to reboot the series with Scooby Doo figures, and then-have the nerve to try to go back to the original look in another ova.
Yozakura Quartet just keeps getting botched. Like watching mid-card wrestling.
Plus, the fuckers won't put out any figures. Okay, almost any.

Anonymous-San 2015年04月03日(金) 21時01分29秒 34877 ID: 77f05a

画像ファイル名 142808768979.jpg - (136.82KB , 351x434 , Shonen-Jump-shonen-jump-6581756-351-434.jpg )

Half-witted magic boy gets powerups and converts enemies

Anonymous-San 2015年04月08日(水) 04時59分09秒 34879 ID: 2f260d


Bravo for summing up basically every shounen ever.

Eve No Jikan Anonymous-San 2015年07月20日(月) 02時22分33秒 34988 ID: e3fc98

画像ファイル名 143735175322.jpg - (267.99KB , 610x343 , ENJ.jpg )

People discuss their feelings about androids having feelings.

Some of the people are androids.

Anonymous-San 2015年07月24日(金) 20時14分52秒 34996 ID: 281880

Zankyou no Terror: two highschoolers blow shit up because they were mistreated in childhood, then a third one starts to blow shit up because she always lost in chess.

Anonymous-San 2015年07月25日(土) 19時32分12秒 35000 ID: 3790c7

Aria. They row boats and there is no plot

Anonymous-San 2015年08月09日(日) 06時22分05秒 35009 ID: 0e7dbe

evangelion is about teenagers that pilot robots that are somehow not robots but actually their mothers, and the main character is scared of his robot half the time

XII 2015年08月09日(日) 20時03分05秒 35010 ID: 9ef8d6

skygirls was amazing

Anonymous-San 2015年08月24日(月) 01時58分20秒 35020 ID: f74189

Mononoke: A doctor kills spirits.

...no, wait, that sounds too cool...uh...

A doctor who exorcises places.

...uh...um... I don't think there's a way to make Mononoke work for this thread.

Anonymous-San 2015年09月12日(土) 09時50分56秒 35030 ID: 40a4f0

画像ファイル名 144204425575.jpg - (1.02MB , 3785x2650 , Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_full_1648209.jpg )

evangelion is about a faggot who does something he doesn't want to for all the wrong reasons

Anonymous-San 2015年09月22日(火) 06時22分37秒 35034 ID: c42692


Space Prussians and the multicultural members of a shitty democracy fight a space war using outdated cavalry tactics. There's a lot of homoerotic relationships and space politics.

Anonymous-San 2015年11月16日(月) 04時10分05秒 35053 ID: d5575b

Because Huga huga huga hugahuga huga huga hugahuga huga.

Anonymous-San 2015年12月20日(日) 21時04分02秒 35069 ID: aa1d29

画像ファイル名 145064184261.jpg - (197.45KB , 1920x1200 , onepunch.jpg )

A show about a super-hero whose only power is being able to punch things really hard. He's bored and lives a rather mundane life playing video games.

Anonymous-San 2016年01月03日(日) 05時31分02秒 35094 ID: 398032

Yeah, it's hilarious but wildly inappropriate.

Daily Lives of High School Boys: The daily lives of high school boys

potato!DdLC5CN5Ho 2016年03月24日(木) 16時22分33秒 35132 ID: 1089a2

Dragon Ball - series about some guys bursting their muscles in front of each other. The key plot is to get guy-friends help collect balls and summon big dragon to make "a wish come true".

Anonymous-San 2016年04月15日(金) 03時38分54秒 35143 ID: 8991c1


Anonymous-San 2016年04月15日(金) 07時28分12秒 35144 ID: d5575b

画像ファイル名 14606980929.png - (305.16KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2015-08-18-23h40m17s87.png )

Didn't think i'd be called back into the fray. But really, "crunt"??? Sounds like a doujinshi. Anyway, I couldn't leave that as the latest comment.
To get back into the praising with absolute damnation (kinda the theme here).....

A bunch of lolis live in the boonies where they play with things like grass and rocks. None are the same age, nor are necessarily smart. Of course, they hang out and do fun and exciting things like lie under trees.
Time does not stand still in this series, it merely runs away.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月14日(土) 23時01分38秒 35164 ID: c42c1c

画像ファイル名 146325969879.png - (178.09KB , 640x352 , paranoia-5.png )

Some kid with a bat goes around hitting people until the police step in. Everyone learns a valuable lesson about honesty.

Anonymous-San 2016年06月28日(火) 16時38分42秒 35181 ID: 4b879a

you are wron sackaru chanaru i am i weeb and i dissagree you tekosiki

Anonymous-San 2016年07月28日(木) 07時35分15秒 35195 ID: 49102b

画像ファイル名 146968411560.jpg - (47.52KB , 850x531 , ergo.jpg )

Guy harasses girl in her own bathroom. Pop philosophy shitstorm ensues.

Anonymous-San 2016年07月31日(日) 20時05分57秒 35198 ID: a92dbc

画像ファイル名 146998835660.png - (605.23KB , 1920x1080 , sweet-loli-artesia.png )

Gundam, The Origin

The most spoiled rich kids in space lose their father, who has a heart attack from obsessive-compulsive overwork, and blame it on some other rich people.

Anonymous-San 2016年10月28日(金) 18時40分44秒 35226 ID: 3c4740

画像ファイル名 147767284449.jpg - (46.29KB , 1280x720 , oh look its van helsing.jpg )

Vampire Hunter D is yet another story about vampire hunters with supernatural powers, except it's old so the animation's janky in some places and the ending sequence practically has 'we ran out of money and/or ideas lol' written on it

Anonymous-San 2016年12月04日(日) 03時30分45秒 35309 ID: 9f7ccb

Dragonball Z is about sexy muscley men screaming and blowing their opponents away.

Anonymous-San 2016年12月21日(水) 05時02分05秒 35319 ID: 1a5204

A virgin travels through multiple timelines and I'm one of them he actually graduates college and gets a gf tatami galaxy

Anonymous-San 2017年01月01日(日) 04時23分10秒 35327 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 148324098855.gif - (1.57MB , 446x720 , 4EnEEbw.gif )

ADHD autist goes to school and annoys the only person who wants to help him.

Anonymous-San 2017年01月01日(日) 04時25分02秒 35328 ID: 3baa1a


what show is this?

Anonymous-San 2017年01月01日(日) 04時56分22秒 35331 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 148324298132.jpg - (135.75KB , 1280x720 , Honoka.jpg )

Tonari no Seki-kun. A short (about 8 min per ep) from a few years back.

Since I don't want to leave a non-theme post....

Girls shoot at each other, but no one dies. MC is a waffling wuss who can't decide to stick with the club or just be a hikki-neet. Pic related, but thankfully not MC.

Anonymous-San 2017年01月08日(日) 07時18分04秒 35359 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 14838562843.png - (1.41MB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-2017-01-07-22h53m46s421.png )

Strike the Blood. Especially 1st set of OVAs.
Guarranteed to have no replies if ever mentioned on /a/ threads anywhere.

Anonymous-San 2017年01月13日(金) 12時03分40秒 35362 ID: 5f8fbc

A homeless girl with schizophrenia bums around

Anonymous-San 2017年01月13日(金) 12時15分06秒 35363 ID: 5f8fbc

Chi's sweet home is about a carnivorous monster living out days alongside omnivorous creatures

Anonymous-San 2017年01月14日(土) 08時49分42秒 35366 ID: 7a122b

Patema Inverted is completely about the Y axis in mathematics

Anonymous-San 2017年01月14日(土) 08時55分19秒 35367 ID: 7a122b

Vampires and fanservice

Anonymous-San 2017年01月14日(土) 10時09分14秒 35368 ID: 3dbe30

Isshuukan friends is about NTR

Anonymous-San 2017年01月14日(土) 10時12分32秒 35369 ID: 3dbe30

Kiniro Mosaic is about a British Japanophile

Anonymous-San 2017年02月25日(土) 01時10分18秒 35382 ID: 43e900

JoJo Part 4: High school student fixes things by fisting them, and then runs afoul of a guy with a fetish for fists.

Anonymous-San 2017年03月12日(日) 18時29分27秒 35385 ID: dcefc9

Sakata Gintoki, a retired samurai, walks around with a wooden sword taking on odd jobs with an alien china girl, a pair of glasses and a large ass dog.

Anonymous-San 2017年03月20日(月) 09時11分40秒 35388 ID: 2ab180


Anonymous-San 2017年03月20日(月) 09時21分40秒 35389 ID: 2ab180

Just touched down at SFO


Anonymous-San 2017年03月20日(月) 09時30分26秒 35390 ID: 2ab180


Anonymous-San 2017年03月28日(火) 06時01分59秒 35392 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 149067371954.png - (376.38KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2016-10-10-23h14m37s100.png )

This series was nothing more than a ripoff of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, only from the angle of a student, rather than a teacher.

Anonymous-San 2017年04月05日(水) 21時37分58秒 35405 ID: 926106

画像ファイル名 149142107760.jpg - (114.90KB , 640x918 , image.jpg )

Ring+Ring 2017年04月13日(木) 19時35分46秒 35407 ID: 5ce8fa

Damn, this thread has been living for 6 whole years.
well done /a/.

Anyways, another high school anime but senior students get off to fly porn.

Ring+Ring 2017年04月13日(木) 19時36分37秒 35408 ID: 5ce8fa

画像ファイル名 149210499744.jpg - (108.86KB , 1280x720 , 91e.jpg )

forgot pic

Anonymous-San 2017年11月24日(金) 22時54分10秒 35494 ID: f90f7b

画像ファイル名 151156045094.jpg - (18.90KB , 195x369 , I WANT TO BE A DRUNK WIZARD!.jpg )


Anonymous-San 2017年12月14日(木) 18時05分16秒 35508 ID: 9eab1f

About time to jump in again, been too long.

Two shows that are primarily about toilet humor-literally-if you're into such a thing. One of which has an ending that shows how low japanese girls will go for fame. Fart idols? Really?
Yes, fart idols.

Anonymous-San 2018年02月05日(月) 13時09分35秒 35549 ID: 5c06b3

haibane renmei is about a group of girls who cry a lot

Anonymous-San 2018年02月20日(火) 19時03分03秒 35573 ID: 37542f

画像ファイル名 151914978332.jpg - (1.82MB , 1920x1080 , 741584.jpg )

Anonymous-San 2018年02月20日(火) 19時03分30秒 35574 ID: 37542f

画像ファイル名 151914980958.png - (1.35MB , 3840x2160 , 1519148728240.png )

Mr!Akemi.DEzE 2018年03月10日(土) 09時26分10秒 35581 ID: 1dee54

画像ファイル名 152067037071.png - (395.68KB , 740x800 , EliChika.png )

To save our school we must become Pop Idols

Anonymous-San 2018年03月10日(土) 10時00分33秒 35583 ID: 716069

You are not "summoning" anyone, !Akemi. You are just a shithead who constantly attacks and harasses people, so everyone hates you. It's not that you're an "epic troll", it's that you're a cancer no one wants around.

Mr!Akemi.DEzE 2018年03月10日(土) 10時28分11秒 35584 ID: 1dee54

Post some CRACK!
Let's attack!


Anonymous-San 2018年06月22日(金) 08時14分40秒 35619 ID: 00cce4

Kill yourself.

Anonymous-San 2018年06月22日(金) 08時28分57秒 35620 ID: e24de8


Anonymous-San 2018年06月22日(金) 14時14分42秒 35621 ID: a0a15a


MyAnime 2018年06月29日(金) 13時36分58秒 35626 ID: 55e671

Check This out: https://mangazuki.me/manga/tamen-de-gushi/

What does tamen de gushi has done in ch.170? MyAnime 2018年06月29日(金) 13時38分38秒 35627 ID: 55e671

画像ファイル名 153027231819.jpg - (340.31KB , 1200x1434 , Tamen De Gushi.jpg )

CHeck Out at: https://mangazuki.me/manga/tamen-de-gushi/

Anonymous-San 2018年08月15日(水) 12時35分36秒 35635 ID: ad544d

画像ファイル名 153432933664.jpg - (52.29KB , 1280x720 , E1787876-3873-4231-A2C0-24CF5E716E6F.jpg )

I’m a Railgun fan.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月21日(金) 17時08分41秒 35672 ID: 8820ab

画像ファイル名 153754252163.jpg - (138.81KB , 750x570 , 1534498349063.jpg )

Lucky Star is about a nerd who only watches anime and plays video games, has no future and annoys all her friends.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月22日(土) 11時11分58秒 35675 ID: a6b7fe

画像ファイル名 153760751713.png - (732.98KB , 700x990 , __kaiki_deishuu_and_sengoku_nadeko_koimonogatari_a.png )

>Every female character represents a different fetish
That's monogatari franchise for you

Anonymous-San 2018年09月26日(水) 06時59分02秒 35682 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 153793794278.png - (263.77KB , 640x480 , z07s020.png )

Di Gi Charat is the Evangelion of Catgirl series.

Anonymous-San 2018年11月13日(火) 05時15分59秒 35745 ID: 824316

画像ファイル名 154208255976.png - (102.11KB , 250x250 , tumblr_p3i1g73yTS1qirgu6o9_250.png )

anime for godless neets on /biz/


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