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Nyan Cat 18/07/16(Mon)06:13 No. 782037 [Reply]

File 153171440168.jpg - (77.31KB , 724x1024 , DhvDu32U0AEyxO3.jpg )

I really wish Noun would talk to me

Brony 18/07/18(Wed)09:48 No. 782076

who's noun?

symbion 18/07/18(Wed)13:00 No. 782079

File 153191161998.jpg - (14.41KB , 204x205 , 1513460095520.jpg )

this person
Noun is a pretty old name of his
btw chijo you've got to relax

Anonymous 18/07/17(Tue)19:43 No. 782062 [Reply]

File 153184938149.jpg - (61.02KB , 399x506 , 2.jpg )

Don't you hate it when you can't find your keys?

r000t 18/07/17(Tue)19:43 No. 782063

File 153184942527.jpg - (63.64KB , 880x586 , 1.jpg )

I've searched everywhere for them.

Conductor Cat 18/07/17(Tue)19:49 No. 782064

File 153184979215.jpg - (21.78KB , 500x375 , 1.jpg )

I've even asked friends to come over and help me search.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/07/15(Sun)17:16 No. 782024 [Reply]

File 153166776089.jpg - (33.24KB , 520x520 , jagerbottle-minus45y.jpg )

Amethyst, I'd treat you a shot any time.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Furry 18/07/16(Mon)16:26 No. 782040

Tasty licorice!

He-Man 18/07/16(Mon)16:31 No. 782041

File 153175147569.webm - (77.74KB , 432x204 , Puke.webm )

Especially since its jager

Closet Furry 18/07/16(Mon)22:24 No. 782046


Weeabot 18/07/16(Mon)20:35 No. 782043 [Reply]

File 153176613997.jpg - (43.36KB , 540x405 , v.jpg )

how are affairs?

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Novice Equestrian 18/07/18(Wed)08:26 No. 782074

Says you.

>a chan
Airwolfing silly sausage.

r000t 18/07/18(Wed)20:55 No. 782083

ACHUALLY, "where you came", could mean "where you had an orgasm", and it would be gramatically correct.

Homicide 18/07/19(Thu)12:11 No. 782101

Technically correct, the best kind of correct.

Sazpaimon 17/08/05(Sat)11:20 No. 770837 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube  ITT: earworms
Post the song that is stuck in your head at the moment; embed related.

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Spider Expert 18/07/19(Thu)00:22 No. 782089

Youtube  >>782051
Don't drop the soap

Nyan Cat 18/07/20(Fri)20:19 No. 782121

Youtube  >>782042

Sonichu 18/07/20(Fri)20:30 No. 782122

Dear thread,

Looks like we've finally hit the bump limit.
It's been a good ride.
I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions.
I will never forget these melodies so long as I live; try as I may.

In gratitude,

Conductor Cat 18/07/14(Sat)23:54 No. 782012 [Reply]

File 15316052623.jpg - (446.11KB , 992x1763 , 2018-07-14-15-32-54~01.jpg )

Is Saturday and I'm bored af. Ask me anything

h 18/07/15(Sun)01:21 No. 782016

Do you eat pudding?

4chan user 18/07/15(Sun)02:33 No. 782019

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Christian Weston Chandler 18/05/31(Thu)16:34 No. 781252 [Reply]

File 152777724179.jpg - (8.02KB , 300x168 , ARG.jpg )

hello there

14 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Brony 18/07/07(Sat)06:35 No. 781866

Wait, you mean you actually pay a cable company for TV service? In 2018?

Have you heard of this thing called the internet. All the cool kids are using it.

zeneslev 18/07/13(Fri)14:07 No. 781991

File 153148367111.png - (156.65KB , 500x566 , boy-sminem-cool.png )

>the cool kids

Lorf 18/07/15(Sun)17:24 No. 782026

Teenagers seem pretty hip. Try cutting the cord for a month. What do you have to lose besides paying the cable company a hundred bucks for inferior service?

derp 18/07/11(Wed)02:01 No. 781955 [Reply]

File 153126730531.jpg - (930.44KB , 1920x1200 , 007.jpg )

Done it all, What're the best stories you got?
>>> Doesn't get paid. Real conspiracy. Sad police bots...

>>> Sadder me.

>>> Not sadé

>>> Is Sadé against... paedo.

>>> Doesn't matter.

>>> Does matter.

>>> PAEDO KILLERS UNITE>!< W/ Lare ?Heads Of Judgment!!!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/07/02(Mon)23:42 No. 781776 [Reply]

File 153056772741.jpg - (11.86KB , 400x250 , 400px-BOOM_HEDSHOT.jpg )

I am actually jealous of this guy. My absolute hero. He had the balls to do what none of us can and is now in eternal peace. He was a good looking chap, too.

Panawave 18/07/02(Mon)23:43 No. 781777

File 153056781471.jpg - (109.68KB , 646x1071 , sdfsdfsd.jpg )

Look at that stud.

I think I'll choose hanging when I kill myself. I can't imagine the feeling of dismembering myself albeit a 5 second one before death.

Moot 18/07/10(Tue)23:40 No. 781943

where is the video?

zeneslev 18/07/11(Wed)18:08 No. 781967

just google r9k faggot kills himself and you should find it fairly quickly

PrettyPony 18/06/17(Sun)07:06 No. 781531 [Reply]

File 152921201933.jpg - (86.75KB , 456x810 , 1471562709977.jpg )

Would you date a fe(male)?

17 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Novice Equestrian 18/07/10(Tue)08:54 No. 781936

but no matter your politics, a trans-man and trans-woman airwolfing is a man and a woman airwolfing. And that is beautiful.

Anonymous 18/07/10(Tue)17:10 No. 781938

No, I dont understand what warped sense of beauty you seem to posses, but historically it was always the ones who were prime, young specimens of a budding culture... Not those who were afflicted with a mental disease that is currently plaguing our nation.

If you are into filth, disease and degeneracy, you might be more comfortable with art of the macabre.

Bill 18/07/11(Wed)02:21 No. 781959

I would definitely date one with a body like this. but only if no one else knew she was a trap

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