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Weeabot 15/03/25(Wed)08:04 No. 739174 [Reply]

File 142726705513.jpg - (445.72KB , 1920x1080 , 1427259825982435582936.jpg )

Let's put it to a vote!
O Live to see human colonization of the solar system.
X Live to see the annihilation of humanity by whatever means they come up with.
A Not live.

I vote O!

pic unrelated, my ceiling.

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tee 15/03/25(Wed)23:09 No. 739195

Why green? Looks like a snot string.

W. T. Snacks 15/03/26(Thu)05:58 No. 739207

I had one of these once before. It produces a nice mood light, even from fluorescents. If I could find one in a smaller size it would be ideal.

Unfortunately it's an apartment; I can't make holes in the roof, which is only about 2 feet thick anyway.

An extension cable. This provides a socket in the next room, which has none of its own. Brown was unavailable.

p4ch3c0 15/03/26(Thu)17:29 No. 739217

File 142738736739.jpg - (65.99KB , 600x498 , Hitlers.jpg )

Why not all three?
1. Genetically engineer a better human, more fit for handling life in space, less physical problems, less animalistic savagery & more stable hormone levels.
2. Send them out to colonize space itself, living on board the safe controlled environments of ships & not finding themselves stuck in the gravity well of a planet full of all manner of known & unknown risks.
3. Travel from planet to planet like gods.
4. Return to Earth Orbit send down a supervirus to do the humane thing, and put the filthy diseased aggressive earth humans out of their misery.
5. Observe and study natural phenomena from the safe distance of orbit without interfering.
6. Clear Low Earth Orbit by capturing and storing all old satellites and space junk for parts and materials.
7. Superhumans die out because not enough genetic variation to sustain the population
8. Leaving only Ai controlled ships & salvage systems.
9. Ai realizes the problem of the missing humans and designs and machines its own robots to capture resources from space to sustain itself as a solution.
10. Cruises galaxy for tens of thousands of years, capturing elements from asteroids and atmospheres of planets & stars to sustain itself.
11. New higher intelligent life arises on earth
12. Builds ships, enters space, meets an AI ship
13. Epic battle of machines vs whales ensues.
14. Even machines can't figure out how whales built ships.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Spiderman 15/03/24(Tue)20:23 No. 739165 [Reply]

File 142722502287.jpg - (901.70KB , 2736x2052 , image.jpg )

What do you think of my dick b? 7x4


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Christian Weston Chandler 15/03/25(Wed)22:50 No. 739194

Why is it always a contest of who's gayer here?
Each fag faggier than the last.
Your unbridled displays of faggotry and cautious enthusiasm make me sick.
Like a baby deer standing up for the first time. A gay baby deer.

Spider Expert 15/03/26(Thu)04:48 No. 739205

File 142734172979.gif - (970.09KB , 400x199 , dessert.gif )

there are no gays on 7clams

Mudkip 15/03/26(Thu)17:22 No. 739216

that picture might alter the situation

Homicide 15/03/26(Thu)11:44 No. 739215 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  I love you 7chan, was considering taking this to /a/ since it's a faux animu thing but it's too glorious and I want to share it with everyone like a bad STD

Liru Fanboy 15/02/28(Sat)20:59 No. 738623 [Reply]

File 142515356889.jpg - (5.71KB , 300x168 , orewachinchingadaisukenandayo.jpg )

Ey b0ss gibe some of them pussyfits

Panawave 15/03/01(Sun)10:57 No. 738639

File 142520382624.gif - (620.29KB , 120x600 , 148652_20150218103704_148652_20150116054118_120x60.gif )

Weeabot 15/03/26(Thu)10:18 No. 739212

airwolfing SPAM!

poe 15/03/15(Sun)13:54 No. 738969 [Reply]

File 142642408538.gif - (1.99MB , 288x263 , Jailbait_Alba.gif )

Enough is enough.

Every time I try to do something nice for other people they take advantage.

They coerce me into doing all of their work if I offer to help.

They steal my things and my money if I lend them.

They undermine my every effort to succeed if I let them be a part of my plans.

When I complain about any such thing, they say it's my fault.

New policy: everyone I meet is someone I have to destroy before they do it to me.

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Conductor Cat 15/03/21(Sat)15:10 No. 739078

I actually keep bath water for about a week at a time, but I have a boiler so It's not totally disgusting.

r000t 15/03/23(Mon)09:46 No. 739127

I'm not OP, but thanks for the advice, anon. Since we're dealing with metaphors, you don't need to be the cranky old prince on the high castle. You can give yourself a break from now and then and put some walls around, thus lowering the struggle into growing your castle non-stop. Extremes are never good. Everyone on this thread is right, assholery is the majority over good-faith in people, but once you get a few scratches it's easier to outsmart the smartasses. And know who to trust. Also, patience, it can be frustrating but it is rewarding on long terms. Welcome to civilized society, look out for the savages.

symbion 15/03/26(Thu)03:39 No. 739201

I'm sorry, OP. I never read your post, I was preoccupied by your gif.

Optimus Prime 15/03/26(Thu)00:12 No. 739197 [Reply]

File 142732516998.jpg - (122.30KB , 500x375 , 1213333.jpg )

So im pretty sure my microwave is leaking, cause whenever im near it while its on, i get a headache and feel hot flashes

Spiderman 15/03/26(Thu)00:53 No. 739198

You want my advice; Get some tampons, drink a bit of cranberry juice and go see your gynaecologist, I think you're starting to menstruate again.

Lorf 15/03/21(Sat)20:59 No. 739088 [Reply]

File 142696799579.jpg - (770.11KB , 2576x1440 , IMAG0172.jpg )

Post a random image that you've taken with you phone's camera.

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Spiderman 15/03/24(Tue)17:35 No. 739162

File 142721495580.jpg - (1.45MB , 2592x1456 , IMAG0016.jpg )

have a government tree

Cryomancer 15/03/24(Tue)19:21 No. 739164

File 142722131852.jpg - (2.63MB , 3264x2448 , 20140907_021825.jpg )

tee 15/03/25(Wed)13:20 No. 739185

File 142728604880.jpg - (227.93KB , 640x480 , 20141116_062917.jpg )

Closet Furry 15/02/04(Wed)04:41 No. 737935 [Reply]

File 14230213114.gif - (3.00MB , 350x280 , 1285748509485.gif )


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Spider Expert 15/03/19(Thu)10:29 No. 739038

File 142675739674.jpg - (43.54KB , 640x395 , bearded_reedling_1.jpg )

It is not the amount of knowledge one has, but one's attitude towards it that classifies the person - in your case, it classifies you as an ignoramus.

the only decent sultan is a bearded one, ehuehuehuehue (pic related)

ian 15/03/25(Wed)06:36 No. 739171

Youtube - Toggle Video
  nigger : )

herp 15/03/25(Wed)09:46 No. 739179

What episode?

N3X15 15/03/22(Sun)16:50 No. 739104 [Reply]

File 142703942132.jpg - (140.18KB , 363x544 , mma_takayama_jpg.jpg )

itt : great fights


Bonus points for Buakaw or Emelianenko brothers

Conductor Cat 15/03/23(Mon)17:52 No. 739131

Youtube - Toggle Video

Lorf 14/12/15(Mon)05:08 No. 735770 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 141861647921.webm - (0.97MB , 450x450 , actualbellydance.webm )

Sometimes I wish I did what most 20 year olds do. I wish I could go out clubbing, get drunk and have sex with girls I've never met and don't know the last name of. Then I realize I don't need that in my life.

Then I realize it would probably be fun.

52 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Homicide 15/03/22(Sun)16:34 No. 739103

File 142703849625.jpg - (681.64KB , 1920x1200 , 1419640654380.jpg )


Same guy here as the above post also. You can't deny my advice is solid in trying to get OP to loosen up a little bit. Also wondering what good bars you've been to in Chicago if you remember the names? I'm curious because I moved here recently and while I've found some excellent places, I'm always searching for more.

Moot 15/03/22(Sun)17:27 No. 739105

I stuck to places near the youth hostel I stayed in. One that stands out was only a few blocks away, wherein they served canned beer at the bar and there was some kind of music going on (a pianist if memory serves) while I wooed this Irish chick who was way out of my league, but both of us were college kids on vacation so wtf did it matter, etc.

Another was an Irish pub near the baseball stadium. In the middle of the drunken fury a guitarist wandered in playing an olde familiar tune. The drunken revelry was amplified exponentially by this brilliantly loud expression of Irish heritage.

I don't remember the names.

Christian Weston Chandler 15/03/23(Mon)04:45 No. 739119

I will search ye olde archive; there should be photographs of the place by Cub's stadium. Sadly no pictures of the cheap dive near the hostel, or the girls from the hostel.

The pub was noisy and fun, but the dive was really downtown; a place where urban stragglers take breaks. I liked the dive just as much.

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