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[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/18(Mon)23:54 No. 729270 [Reply]

File 140839888927.png - (211.27KB , 1024x597 , hakase_with_ponytail_by_leeh_chan-d3i83k7.png )

how can i quit internet porn for good?

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h 14/08/20(Wed)05:18 No. 729383

File 140850473239.gif - (841.18KB , 500x281 , 1406748735410.gif )

If the man could not satisfy the woman, it was probably because he either did not masturbate often enough or did not even try to please her(as in no foreplay, no idea where the clitoris is, no consideration whatsoever) or she is just like that. Supposedly some women are not actually capable of climax.

Masturbation is like training for sex. When I have not masturbated in a while, I inevitably ejaculate prematurely. When I have been masturbating three or more times a day, practicing pacing, maintaining an erection after ejaculating, climaxing multiple times in a small span of time etcetera, I do very well with my girlfriend. This is especially vital since we only see each-other on weekends, and even then, often do not have the privacy needed. No one improves with something by refraining from doing so.

Also masturbation and thinking about sex is healthy because unless a person does these things, they end up inevitably in bed with someone, too shocked and disgusted by all the fluids and holes and whatnot to make it anything but awkward. That is why I think this lingering concept of "purity" is pretty anachronistic and unhealthy for the kind of world we live in now. I think it is more influenced by fiction than realism.

OP 14/08/21(Thu)10:47 No. 729503

nobody can, enjoy your internet porn

Nyan Cat 14/08/30(Sat)09:22 No. 730057

File 140938333471.jpg - (898.81KB , 2000x1333 , Armwrestlingcsg.jpg )

Sazpaimon 14/08/30(Sat)04:47 No. 730037 [Reply]

File 140936682487.jpg - (342.39KB , 2495x1663 , VaoGQF2.jpg )

I am strongly desiring lesbians. I like seeing absolutely beautiful women who I could never satisfy. Then I want to bang them anally.

derp 14/08/30(Sat)07:05 No. 730042

so... you want bisexuals who lean female then?

r000t 14/08/30(Sat)08:54 No. 730051

That would be doubtlessly fun in its own right and also realistically attainable, but for that very reason not exactly what OP's after. An important part of the fantasy is seeing two people he know he can't have (consensually, at least) and then having the everloving shit out of them.

derp 14/08/19(Tue)07:16 No. 729297 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140842540724.png - (899.33KB , 1280x720 , Archer_partying.png )

Let's bring this shit dead site back to life. If you see this thread, I want you to post in it. It doesn't matter if you have nothing of value to contribute, after all I sure as hell don't, but post anyway!

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Conductor Cat 14/08/30(Sat)01:34 No. 730032

File 140935525999.jpg - (30.44KB , 610x457 , wigger.jpg )

ian 14/08/30(Sat)02:10 No. 730033

File 140935741830.jpg - (186.17KB , 1600x1200 , img_1320.jpg )

I enhole the roollzinho

Miku Fanboy 14/08/30(Sat)08:54 No. 730050

File 140938165577.jpg - (413.28KB , 1920x1080 , Cyborg_And_Human_Relation_1173.jpg )

It doesn't matter if you have nothing of value to contribute.

Our deepest fear is not that 7channel is inadequate. Our deepest fear is that 7chan is powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our Mods that most frightens us.

The Mods ask you, who are you to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

This is 7channel.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of 7chan that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
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Cryomancer 14/08/29(Fri)17:18 No. 730001 [Reply]

File 140932548177.gif - (1.06MB , 500x281 , erotic.gif )

Just fapped with both hands for the first time in my life
didn't think my penis was big enough but I pulled it off
It felt like opening up to a whole new dimension of masturbation, quite literally.
Instead of just going up and down along the shaft does the two-handed style allow a whole new set of moves.
I was feeling parts of my penis which i didn't even know existed.
Even spontaneously cried out "HEUREKA!" when I came
This was 10 minutes ago and my penis still feels wonderfully relaxed

Just wanted to share this discovery in self-satisfaction

Optimus Prime 14/08/29(Fri)17:25 No. 730002


Brony 14/08/30(Sat)08:39 No. 730045

>but I pulled it off
YOU PULLED YOUR DICK OFF??? Go to the hospital now!

Bill 14/08/29(Fri)04:19 No. 729979 [Reply]

File 140927876852.png - (399.47KB , 628x468 , layers.png )

brought back this tonite

Cryomancer 14/08/29(Fri)08:02 No. 729985

shut up cunt

zeneslev 14/08/12(Tue)14:44 No. 728939 [Reply]

File 140784744265.jpg - (15.53KB , 470x313 , 6a00e54ef4f3768834017ee5572a94970d-800wi.jpg )

Parents airwolfing my life... I need some advice

I'm 20 I live with my parents(I moved back) since I have to write a make up exam to graduate college.

Since then it's hell here . I don't get cash. They won't allow me to get a part time job like a clerk (because it's degrading for them)

They want me to find a well paid job without a degree.

It's bullshit treatment, they are treating me like I'm a kid. They took my freaking laptops, iPhone & the power plug cable for the PC.

I can't move out, I'm freaking broke. All I have is some small change, I can't even odder in pizza without their permission.

Worst of all every time I revolt they tell me to get a job & move Out... But they won't pay a dime. Even though my dad practically sealed my bank account...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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OP 14/08/28(Thu)15:46 No. 729960

File 140923357343.jpg - (70.81KB , 432x650 , Men and their Cocks (1014).jpg )

how much do you make and what do you do?
my guess is $200/trick as a gay escort

herp 14/08/28(Thu)20:58 No. 729968

Do what I did, get a exchange grant from your university, move to other county, don't answer their calls.

Cryomancer 14/08/29(Fri)08:55 No. 729988


bingo, I make 400k a year 5 bucks at a time

it's not that I'm gay, it's that being a gay escort gets me paid

4chan user 14/08/16(Sat)23:00 No. 729133 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140822284291.jpg - (46.99KB , 851x315 , nnn.jpg )

How old is too old :Anime & Manga fans.

I'm 21 , I still watch them ,I would rather watch anime instead of movies. People don't realize how much work goes in to create a master piece like this.

Today i was watching "Fate/zero" on tv , someone i know gave me the "TALK",Saying i'm too old for this.

I spend approx 2-3 hours on anime/manga related stuff everyday.

what do you guys think.

P.S, I'm an animator and worked as a web-designer once,Anime is one of the reasons i even got into this field.

51 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
herp 14/08/29(Fri)03:10 No. 729977

Yes, but that wouldn't give her attention.

tee 14/08/29(Fri)03:41 No. 729978

On second though, nevermind... next time I'm stateside I think I'll find someone better looking to have a one-night-stand with.

herp 14/08/29(Fri)08:19 No. 729986

File 14092931757.jpg - (179.77KB , 1024x692 , af700a1c107bc9762cfb4444042d6ca2.jpg )

faget stick that thumb up your ass butthomo

herp 14/07/13(Sun)06:38 No. 727153 [Reply]

File 140522630784.jpg - (161.71KB , 1199x869 , 1501388_10101262189144959_832884446_o.jpg )

I want you guys to have to look at this .gif for about a month or so. That's what i like about this place. it's a much more sensibly-paced /b/.

14 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Liru Fanboy 14/08/26(Tue)19:59 No. 729835

File 140907594317.png - (644.66KB , 670x534 , 5000yearoldbeer.png )

this thread is as old as this beer recipie

Conductor Cat 14/08/27(Wed)02:42 No. 729859

My only question is why the wolf did they take that photo sideways?

Brony 14/08/29(Fri)04:31 No. 729981

File 140927951732.jpg - (28.45KB , 594x396 , 10501813_260765540787426_1797601190356879214_n.jpg )


zeneslev 14/08/14(Thu)00:31 No. 729006 [Reply]

File 140796906210.jpg - (41.20KB , 260x194 , chemtrail-819.jpg )

So at what age did you grow out of believing in conspiracies?

37 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
herp 14/08/19(Tue)12:56 No. 729330

I never did in the first place because I'm not an idiot

Bill 14/08/28(Thu)04:48 No. 729928

File 140919408995.jpg - (1.48KB , 126x126 , 1334117697292.jpg )


Weeabot 14/08/29(Fri)04:30 No. 729980

File 140927941621.jpg - (22.57KB , 500x414 , 10562974_815367201815561_3225223946857902274_n.jpg )

If they're lying about 9/11 and covering it up, they're doing a better job of it than they are at anything else.

seriously, airwolf this bullshit, and especially airwolf alex jones.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/08(Fri)19:08 No. 728756 [Reply]

File 140751771997.jpg - (77.93KB , 560x420 , RJ139061_ana_img_main.jpg )

Alright then. Who's gonna buy this?

15 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Homicide 14/08/24(Sun)23:31 No. 729726

Where can I buy this?

symbion 14/08/25(Mon)01:39 No. 729736

>>729726 Not out yet, expected to be in October on DLsite if I'm reading the runes right.


tee 14/08/28(Thu)22:41 No. 729971

Hells yea, I will definitely support Seismic with this one! Move over ZONE. It will be just like the golden days of imageboards again. Liru certainly has aged well.

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