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Homicide 14/10/12(Sun)07:17 No. 733204 [Reply]

File 141309102651.jpg - (235.33KB , 481x956 , 1366769590151.jpg )

what it do what it do there's a dick in me

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Christian Weston Chandler 14/10/14(Tue)04:10 No. 733295


Closet Furry 14/10/14(Tue)06:29 No. 733300

Why don't you go shitpost on the mammaries of African descent? A shitposter such as yourself should feel at home there.

h 14/10/31(Fri)04:06 No. 733942

This dick STILL in my ass, ohh

Novice Equestrian 14/10/30(Thu)19:34 No. 733914 [Reply]

File 141469408866.jpg - (26.91KB , 640x388 , denise12.jpg )

anothr pig gutted lut

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Bob Ross 14/10/30(Thu)19:38 No. 733920

File 141469429957.jpg - (56.83KB , 640x591 , denise2.jpg )

Bill 14/10/30(Thu)19:39 No. 733921

File 14146943705.jpg - (43.43KB , 640x621 , denise16.jpg )

Mudkip 14/10/30(Thu)19:42 No. 733922

File 141469456990.jpg - (35.84KB , 640x351 , denise13.jpg )

slut whore denise from charleston sc

PrettyPony 14/10/30(Thu)05:28 No. 733866 [Reply]

File 141464333311.jpg - (28.40KB , 402x626 , ashly2 - Copy.jpg )

just sluts from dating sites that got airwolfed

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PrettyPony 14/10/30(Thu)14:36 No. 733902

File 141467618952.jpg - (44.02KB , 967x644 , laura7.jpg )

Bill 14/10/30(Thu)16:10 No. 733903

Laura and Ashley have very similar features, huh?

OP 14/10/30(Thu)16:18 No. 733904

File 141468229474.gif - (1.99MB , 360x240 , your post.gif )

Nyan Cat 14/09/30(Tue)23:45 No. 732566 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 141211355180.png - (321.24KB , 615x447 , 05M54It.png )

What does the average anon know about socialist/communist ideologies?

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Sazpaimon 14/10/28(Tue)05:06 No. 733722

File 141446918960.jpg - (111.64KB , 728x1087 , Odoru!_Kremlin_Kyuuden_0009_14.jpg )

I may be mistaken, but I think the Soviet Union, when under Stalin's iron fist, was against some minorities. Of course, he was less of a Marxist and more of a purge everyone kind of guy.

Lorf 14/10/30(Thu)07:48 No. 733889

File 141465173711.png - (1.02MB , 680x482 , c01.png )

The whole "anti-racism" thing is a symptom, not a problem. The problem is that people and organizations are able to vote themselves largesse from government coffers; in this case, it's under the guise of equality.
If everyone lived as hunter-gatherer nomads, you wouldn't have trains to hop of dumpsters to dive. Piss off.
You're an idiot if you think capitalism is the culprit responsible for "the collapsing of national economies" and "indentured servanthood". If you're looking to assign blame, look no farther than the collaboration between politicians and corporate entities. Companies foot the massive bill required to run for office, and in return the elected officials allocate gigantic corporate subsidies, regulate in the interest of conglomerates instead of individuals, and generally provide the framework necessary for creating an insanely rich class at the expense of everyone else. I used to hate food stamp recipients until I learned that a much bigger portion of my tax money was going to prison owners, large banks, and various other enterprises that could not survive in a truly free market. They are the real welfare recipients.

Weeabot 14/10/30(Thu)10:04 No. 733892

I just wanted to add (for the benefit of the dude thinking hunter-gatherer is where it's at) that even if you were right, you'd still be wrong.

Think it out for a minute. Let's say, for the moment, that you're correct: we all would be happier as hunter-gatherers and nomads. It still wouldn't be a viable option. There is a reason that the only hunter-gatherer societies left on earth are peoples either living on the fringes of the world or actively allowed that choice by a civilization of greater power. Forming centralized governments with agrarian economies conferred too damn many benefits on those cultures who managed it. The hunter-gatherers just couldn't compete. I think you can guess what happened to those who said "Boo-hoo, I don't wanna!!! I'm so happy hunting and gaaaaatheriiiing!!!". They airwolfing died. Or, to be more accurate, they were conquered, and if they resisted overmuch, then they died. Even so, conquered peoples tend to get integrated into a society at one of the lowest social levels possible. So being a holdout still sucked, even if you saw the light at the last minute.

In conclusion, it doesn't airwolfing matter if we'd be happier as hunter-gatherers. There's no going back.

Marisa Kirisame 14/10/23(Thu)08:34 No. 733554 [Reply]

File 141404604830.jpg - (16.42KB , 564x423 , 0535721651.jpg )

Alright, let's see if we can start one up.

>Sexual Orientation
>Looking for
>Contact info

Any female
Reply to receive contact info.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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tee 14/10/30(Thu)06:16 No. 733883

File 141464621435.jpg - (54.40KB , 700x465 , lol.jpg )


Steve 14/10/30(Thu)08:37 No. 733890

lol ok
i can tell you youre wrong with your assumption, and that your opinion is contrary to many other people's

its a name. All im doing is making it so a person can't identify me by my email address, and I have succeeded

Steve 14/10/30(Thu)09:26 No. 733891

1. This whole thread is one big joke you didn't get.
2. That dick is nasty. Those people lied to you or you've been banging Euro trash whores.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/10/30(Thu)05:41 No. 733879 [Reply]

File 141464409194.jpg - (293.95KB , 1108x788 , jesus.jpg )

Jesus he is the died in bibble

Lorf 14/10/30(Thu)05:50 No. 733880

wat if bible is true because it was ritten by god?

Liru Fanboy 14/10/30(Thu)06:27 No. 733884

Both of you make fine well stated points.

PrettyPony 14/10/30(Thu)07:39 No. 733888

did toy know the white jesus is actually a gay dude?
Jesus was arabic, the white version that was adapted was rendered by a homosexual artist who loved his significant other so much, that he painted him as jesus

Spiderman 14/10/29(Wed)16:07 No. 733848 [Reply]

File 141459524541.jpg - (22.02KB , 260x174 , dicks.jpg )

Really, am I seeing dicks? Or is is just one helluva an optical illusion?
(Pic related).

Novice Equestrian 14/10/29(Wed)16:10 No. 733849

it does have a certain mmmmm phallic quality.
What's the original pic?

Panawave 14/10/29(Wed)16:13 No. 733850

Heck If I know, I was going through my internet cache and this came up as the only picture of note before I wiped it clean.

Cryomancer 14/10/27(Mon)17:32 No. 733698 [Reply]

File 141442755345.jpg - (102.10KB , 500x620 , tumblr_n035kcsWZX1qhbn7lo1_500.jpg )

i can't cum to normal porn , i need extreme or rough porn to satisfy myself. is there anything wrong with me?

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Brony 14/10/29(Wed)04:31 No. 733812

No. Check out Sasha Grey. Cum buckets.

herp 14/10/29(Wed)07:11 No. 733833

If you can't cum to normal porn, you're not trying hard enough. Hell, keep at it and you can make yourself cum to things that aren't even porn.

Nyan Cat 14/10/29(Wed)09:04 No. 733841

Do you prefer shemales or CD's?
I like shemales who don't over do it with fake tits and makeup.

Steve 14/10/28(Tue)21:30 No. 733761 [Reply]

File 141452820124.gif - (12.00KB , 500x347 , Wifi-Hotspots (1).gif )

I Just changed my WiFi SSID to "Milwaukee County Free Public WiFi" And left it password protected to piss off any potential bandwidth leechers around me. What are some of your creative WiFi SSID's? ( "FBI Surveillance Van" doesn't count. I already have two of those around me, along with a million other people across the country. )

20 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 14/10/29(Wed)05:18 No. 733820

If they always give you weird looks then you're probably right. If not, then they are just as much of a homosexual deviant as you are.

Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)05:26 No. 733822

Name it "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork".

O.P. 14/10/29(Wed)06:03 No. 733830


Yes, that story was already posted if you had bothered to read the thread. Thanks for the redundancy tho. Well, not really.

poe 14/10/29(Wed)04:56 No. 733817 [Reply]

File 141455496696.png - (53.85KB , 1311x494 , #Gamergate.png )


h 14/10/29(Wed)05:20 No. 733821

>indi viduals

Glaring typo there

Also, who gives a airwolf

sage to page million

ian 14/10/29(Wed)07:56 No. 733835

File 141456579410.png - (431.33KB , 1280x720 , 99yt.png )

Wonder if that chart also applies to people posting about gamergate on 7chan.

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