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Bob Ross 16/09/22(Thu)12:26 No. 757583 [Reply]

File 147453997554.jpg - (73.78KB , 825x593 , Fetus-2.jpg )

Is a fetus a person?

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Closet Furry 16/10/26(Wed)17:05 No. 759358


Nyan Cat 16/10/26(Wed)17:48 No. 759359

"I say to you he who loves his life will lose it but him who hates it will gain eternal life."

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/10/27(Thu)06:41 No. 759372

Kill all the babies.

4chan user 16/09/18(Sun)10:17 No. 757472 [Reply]

File 147418667356.jpg - (32.29KB , 500x306 , joseph_mccarthy1.jpg )

Mr. 7Chan,

Speak plainly.

Are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party?

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Brony 16/10/16(Sun)11:19 No. 759024

File 147660956123.png - (81.37KB , 656x630 , Screenshot 2016-10-16 00_28_44.png )


Steve 16/10/17(Mon)14:53 No. 759064

Only because I'm awesome, don't watch television, and get my shit together

Brony 16/10/26(Wed)23:23 No. 759369

What country?

It's always interesting hearing about all the various different parties parliamentary systems have.

ian 16/09/06(Tue)14:13 No. 757156 [Reply]

File 14731640341.jpg - (27.81KB , 648x348 , control.jpg )

Very important events are underway. The US government will soon formally give up control of ICANN, the organization that oversees the Internet at the highest level. The implications are broad and far reaching.

Of course, I personally would prefer a crypto anarchist solution, like the decentralized naming system of i2p. It's quite interesting.

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derp 16/10/26(Wed)09:04 No. 759353

The 3nd American Revolution will take place online.

ian 16/10/26(Wed)19:21 No. 759362

I look forward to blindly stumbling upon it while looking through the different post-Internet decentralized networks.

Bill 16/10/26(Wed)20:09 No. 759367

If only...

W. T. Snacks 16/09/29(Thu)22:43 No. 757906 [Reply]

File 147518180815.jpg - (170.21KB , 562x450 , wp-1474390254468.jpg )

renewed vitality. bursting from bushes viridis. i am on the prowl. ready to pounce. consume. absorb. devour the vastness before me. with every pursuit a chance of hidden pitfalls. threatening my advance. but adapt to the shifting soot underneath my dexterous paws. and the want to hunt will continue. enamored by the charm and magic of sinking in to new prey.

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Sazpaimon 16/10/16(Sun)11:46 No. 759027

Edward Snowdon is a hero!

symbion 16/10/26(Wed)15:55 No. 759355

>that traitorous swine is a hero!

r000t 16/10/26(Wed)17:52 No. 759360


Moot 16/10/14(Fri)23:30 No. 758946 [Reply]

File 147648062079.jpg - (12.29KB , 300x168 , tmp_24885-images-1949316106.jpg )

The Great Barrier Reef is dead.

Thanks, Jews

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Sonichu 16/10/24(Mon)06:11 No. 759314

Man, I'm sad.

I wanted that GET.

Weeabot 16/10/26(Wed)06:34 No. 759345

You can't buy back that GET, it's been gotten. But you can replace it with something better.

Thanks, The Future

Reimu Hakurei 16/10/26(Wed)09:02 No. 759352

Keep dreaming, loser

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/10/14(Fri)07:23 No. 758921 [Reply]

File 147642258197.jpg - (16.55KB , 480x360 , hillary-clinton.jpg )

"Secretary Clinton does not recall what precisely she meant by the words 'address' or 'device,'"

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W. T. Snacks 16/10/17(Mon)18:01 No. 759072

It doesn't, all it proves is that the everyman is so tired of politicians they would rather have some guy who runs a business and isn't politically correct.
And airwolf politics, its just a bunch of faggots sitting around jerking each other off and telling us how to live. Thank God Trump isn't one of those people.

I don't blame my problems on ideologies, I blame them on people, either myself or otherwise.
But you're the one blaming your problems on money and ohhhh scary greed.
They, they, they
Whats with this 'they' shit? Nobody duped me, I'm just not fooling myself like you are.

Spider Expert 16/10/26(Wed)08:41 No. 759349

So what?

Why does it matter that she's corrupt?

All politicians are...

You know what, no, that's terrible...


Not even gonna defend her.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Moot 16/10/26(Wed)08:50 No. 759350

That's the spirit!

zeneslev 16/10/16(Sun)11:11 No. 759023 [Reply]

File 147660907091.jpg - (7.11KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )

A deserted island which seems to have mostly sunk
Not found on any globe, not even named
Yesterday the ship we hoped for came close but
It didn't even come to meet us.

We got a little scorched staring longingly into the sun
Holding a prism up, I waved my hand but

Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?
Even we, who weren't chosen up till yesterday
Are waiting for tomorrow

Our mostly deflated zeppelin is
Skimming just barely over the ground
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Brony 16/10/17(Mon)13:21 No. 759058

The Pillows are pretty good but a little dated these days.

Optimus Prime 16/10/17(Mon)16:02 No. 759065

File 147671296322.jpg - (255.33KB , 1000x750 , hackhackhack.jpg )

cough hack cough

Liru Fanboy 16/10/26(Wed)08:39 No. 759348

You mean nostalgic.

tee 16/10/23(Sun)09:27 No. 759297 [Reply]

File 147720767779.jpg - (106.33KB , 750x499 , 1ctoz5.jpg )

Is this even legal?


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Steve 16/10/24(Mon)18:06 No. 759323

Sadly it is legal. They aren't guilty of a crime, but they did receive the proceeds of a crime.

Congress may actually get off its ass and do something about this, but its possible they just sit on their asses and do nothing.

If they can sit on their asses while 9/11 first responders were dying rather than authorize funds for treatment, a few thousand people from godless "liberal" California are likely to end up being brushed aside in another rush to spend more millions failing to repeal Obamacare.

Homicide 16/10/25(Tue)18:23 No. 759334

>sit on their asses
Looks like they've already been sitting on this for two years or so.

For future refence--although you might have been planning to go to college or buy your own home--if you elect to fight and die for the US, the government would like you to make sure that you do so. They can't afford to pay your benefits--they can't even afford to let you keep the money they already gave you for your service. Please, leave your remains on the battle field to be eaten by crows--they'd rather not splurge to bring your body back for your funeral either.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/10/26(Wed)07:31 No. 759347

Gotta pay for those corporate and upper class tax cuts somehow.

Homicide 16/10/26(Wed)06:11 No. 759344 [Reply]

File 147745507679.jpg - (90.86KB , 1567x882 , optimized-yjel.jpg )


Whoremaker is a slave manager game with some decent straight content, but it's saddled with some horrible gay content that can get in the way. So I decided to mod it and remove that stuff. Now I've gone and modded in new content: Two new events and three new images.

If you want to play the gay version, head here:


zeneslev 16/10/26(Wed)16:20 No. 759356

Adding degenerate homosexuality isn't adding beneficial to such a game unless it an obstacle (a wrong) that your character has to overcome. For an example, convincing a dyke that her choice for a lesbian preference is wrong and weaning her onto men. Or saving a deviant man's soul and enlightening him on the advantages of going strait with women.

Homicide 16/10/19(Wed)06:27 No. 759131 [Reply]

File 147685127539.png - (706.95KB , 1280x1699 , Gas-Half-Mask--800x521-psd46785_fw.png )

However, even I could no longer actually doubt that they were not Germans with a special religion, but an entirely different race; since I had begun to think about this question, since my attention was drawn to the Jews, I began to see Vienna in a different light from before.

Wherever I went I saw Jews, and the more I saw of them, the sharper I began to distinguish them from other people. The inner city especially and the districts north of the Danube Canal swarmed with a people which through its appearance alone
had no resemblance to the German people.
Even if my doubts had continued, my hesitation was finally dispelled by the attitude of part of the Jews themselves.
A great movement amongst them, which was widely represented in Vienna, was determined to affirm the national
character of Jewry: the Zionists.
It appeared as though only part of the Jews approved of this attitude and the majority disagreed or even condemned
it. The appearance, when closely examined, dissolved itself for reasons of expedience into an evil mist of excuses or
Zionism, as proclaimed and finally established by Theodor Herzl, an Austrian Jewish poet, was undoubtedly the clearest
manifesto of the difficulties in which Austrian Jews found themselves. For it accepted a 'national' status for the Jew
thus barring the route to assimilation and added that such a status led logically to the ideal of separate Jewish State.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Marisa Kirisame 16/10/25(Tue)18:01 No. 759332

I did not understand a single thing you said...

Panawave 16/10/25(Tue)18:29 No. 759336

Mein Analphabetismus

Spiderman 16/10/25(Tue)18:58 No. 759337

Mein Weed*

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