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symbion 18/12/19(Wed)03:29 No. 786549 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube  I woke up with this tune on my head. What song is in your mind?

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Weeabot 19/03/23(Sat)08:51 No. 789274

Youtube  >>789270

p4ch3c0 19/03/25(Mon)17:12 No. 789360

Youtube  Germans?

r000t 19/03/19(Tue)06:35 No. 789125 [Reply]

File 155297373950.jpg - (29.54KB , 500x450 , 1546654627685.jpg )



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Mudkip 19/03/23(Sat)13:58 No. 789290

File 15533459268.jpg - (160.75KB , 600x849 , BACKPACKING IN AUSTRALIA wolfcreek.jpg )


O.P. 19/03/24(Sun)07:08 No. 789325

That girl in the gif is a Homo Femalis Bitchius

Steve 19/03/24(Sun)08:21 No. 789326

File 155341210470.jpg - (153.49KB , 727x960 , STRAYA CUNT.jpg )

or more commonly known as a STRAYA CUNT

derp 18/12/04(Tue)03:12 No. 786001 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 154388957366.jpg - (546.82KB , 2048x1536 , 139936549850.jpg )

Dream thread. Post any dreams that you remember. Pic related: my bed.

I'm driving the Odyssey fast alone a road. I hit the breaks and lose control. I hit a wall. I'm fine, but I think I might have only imagined it, especially since the car is shrinking now. There's a playground, and I try to find someplace to sit, but there's damp sand everywhere, even on the slides, as if after a storm or flood or something and I get sand on my bag. Mom hears and asks what happened. I ask if she'd like to go see, as I'm curious myself.

Many people are walking to class on a large campus. M tells me about a stolen iPad or a fraudulent transaction or something like that made by someone she knows who denies it. I have an iPad mini and it fits in my pocket. I realize I forgot my backpack at home. Everyone goes to class and the bell rings, but a few people stay who also forgot their backpacks. Someone, perhaps T F, goes and gets textbooks, but they're just basic biology, and thus useless to me, and besides, the classroom has textbooks anyway. Brian Calley walks by across the yard. On three we yell We're Calley's Clean Up Crew! And clap. He smiles and walks toward us. S and B are also there. I ask S if he needs to go to class. He says it's just a lab, or practice, or something like that, and they're not really doing anything.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts her arm around me and walks and talks to me about my recent tweet to her. I ask if her students are aware of her politics. She says no, she keeps it separate. We go to the kindergarten yard where she teaches. It's empty except for approximately one other person, but they're not important. We both go down the slide. There's a small bike left lying around. The friction on the slide causes some skin to peel off my foot a little bit. I say imagine if the slide were longer, you'd be helpless. She shudders and says don't say that. The other guy swings on the swing set and goes all the way around. We talk about various other things.

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Spiderman 19/03/21(Thu)14:58 No. 789194

datamine thread

4chan user 19/03/23(Sat)18:57 No. 789299

File 155336382193.gif - (6.63MB , 480x270 , stop being such a silly sausage.gif )

Check out this silly sausage who thinks Sazpaimon cares enough to mine his data.

W. T. Snacks 19/03/23(Sat)19:11 No. 789304

Does it even matter? Can we not just post dreams without giving a shit what happens to our posts?

This morning I awoke from a semi-lucid dream in which I had discovered a means of accounting for time in relation to spatial coordinates, to put it roughly. The dream was not as scientific as that sounds, but I was aware of the actual real-world time while dreaming (or at least I believed I was). It's hard to remember now, but it seemed like some kind of subatomic measure of time that was astonishingly intuitive and precise without the need for any instrumentation; one could simply observe the arrangement of certain (visible) particles in one's surroundings to make an exact conclusion as to the current time. I also woke up at exactly the time I thought I would wake up, 7:21 am--without the assistance of an alarm--which is significantly earlier than I normally wake up.

Subsequently, I went back to sleep until noon.

Bob Ross 19/03/21(Thu)03:55 No. 789170 [Reply]

File 155313692574.jpg - (62.36KB , 500x500 , DPanJpMXcAA-lq4.jpg )

Heya 7chan! γƒΎ(Β°βˆ‡Β°*)

Im glad 7chan is still doing well after all these years! You guys are always in my <3! Today is the the full worm moon! It is also the first full moon on a spring equinox in 19 years. I hope everyone gets out to see it! Its a close 223,309 miles away. Not as close as last month, but if you had sucky weather, bow is your time! This will be the last supermoon of the year. Did you know that the church still views the 21st as the vernal equinox? Maybe someone can tell me why? It may have something to do with the resurrection?

Many πŸŒ• moons πŸŒ• ago, it was called the worm moon because the native American tribes realized the ground was softening after winter and no longer frozen so the worm castings started to appear.

The weather is so strange this year and I am still on the road going to conventions and sooooo ready to finally get back home and start planting a teeny tiny garden and a few herbs. Ive been on the road nearly constantly since the new year! Have any of you been to Troy, NY? Its where I am now. Homeplace of Uncle Sam! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Love as always! β™‘

:*:・。,β˜†γ‚œ'・:*:・。, γƒΌ(Β΄ β–½ `)οΎ‰ 。・:*:γƒ»γ‚œ'β˜†,。・:

h 19/03/21(Thu)12:32 No. 789188

File 155316794967.jpg - (90.20KB , 605x532 , OH, YOU!.jpg )

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 19/03/21(Thu)13:51 No. 789192

I noticed the ground is soft in some places on my Way home yesterday. I'm just happy I'll be back on my bike soon! I miss riding!

herp 19/03/21(Thu)22:19 No. 789204

File 155320318872.png - (11.56KB , 417x357 , tumblr_ltx29rHpaI1qgjlhf.png )

>it was called the worm moon because the native American tribes realized the ground was softening after winter and no longer frozen so the worm castings started to appear.
That's super cool, I never knew that. Thanks, Liru Fanboy!

OP 19/02/18(Mon)00:23 No. 788332 [Reply]

File 15504458307.jpg - (374.27KB , 2048x1754 , IMG_20181129_235848.jpg )

Honestly feels like I just stumbled upon ruins of an anscient civilization. What is/was this place? I've seen some of the pranks that 7chan has pulled off in the past. Was this place ever as active as NIGGERTITS? Or has it always been this slow?

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Marisa Kirisame 19/03/21(Thu)22:12 No. 789201

File 155320272232.png - (375.88KB , 550x353 , The ruins of an ancient civilization.png )

The ruins of an ancient civilization

Bob Ross 19/03/21(Thu)23:48 No. 789210



OP 19/03/22(Fri)16:44 No. 789251

File 155326944236.jpg - (71.63KB , 750x600 , 7chan motivational - 122557927187.jpg )

those were the days

derp 19/02/13(Wed)18:48 No. 788227 [Reply]

File 155008009181.gif - (4.97MB , 329x473 , AlizΓ©e.gif )

7chan's back!

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zeneslev 19/03/19(Tue)20:48 No. 789133

She really knows how to swing a tampon string.

zeneslev 19/03/21(Thu)05:31 No. 789176

File 15531426688.jpg - (170.80KB , 885x1071 , guy getting blown by woman while preparing for wed.jpg )

Cryomancer 19/03/21(Thu)09:09 No. 789181

That marriage is off to a good start.

Reimu Hakurei 19/03/08(Fri)19:27 No. 788910 [Reply]

File 155206967264.png - (532.98KB , 644x438 , CNFmHIt.png )

Goodnight sweet prince.

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Sazpaimon 19/03/16(Sat)10:54 No. 789099

File 155273006830.jpg - (91.37KB , 633x832 , xqe3ig.jpg )

Srsly, you totally forgot how to be excellent and to take it easy~
Probably not even some Mudkip or Chill Murray could bring back the old vibes.

We lost more then a virtual country.

4chan user 19/03/16(Sat)20:07 No. 789105

File 155276326458.jpg - (44.08KB , 300x373 , Takeiteasy4.jpg )

We can fire up some old school 7chan vibes if we take it easy.......... together.

Weeabot 19/03/21(Thu)07:13 No. 789178

File 155314883282.gif - (1.96MB , 320x256 , AW.gif )

But Davespiracy doesn't know how because he wasn't here. He wastes his life away reading Encyclopedia Dramatica in an ultimately futile effort to fake being an old fart.

Panawave 19/03/20(Wed)03:46 No. 789138 [Reply]

File 155305000578.jpg - (105.40KB , 605x807 , 1552646018262.jpg )

Is this actually him?

How can you be sure?

tee 19/03/20(Wed)04:50 No. 789140

Her brother? I can't be sure, but I can fap.

h 19/01/09(Wed)02:48 No. 787318 [Reply]

File 154699851242.jpg - (65.17KB , 500x678 , 8lq4xzesvk821.jpg )

Behold the spider loli!

38 posts and 43 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
PrettyPony 19/03/04(Mon)13:47 No. 788788

File 155170362239.png - (768.28KB , 1131x1600 , 1f3588236557268931123000279d1753811d73882ca9286d0d.png )

can i contribute?

Lorf 19/03/06(Wed)17:13 No. 788828

File 155188878686.jpg - (5.67MB , 5120x2880 , Peni-Parker-And-Sp-Dr-In-Spider-Man-Into-The-Spide.jpg )

She shouldn't do superhero landings with a mini skirt on!

derp 19/03/20(Wed)01:19 No. 789137

File 155304118292.jpg - (81.21KB , 531x999 , Jack job interview.jpg )


4chan user 19/02/04(Mon)14:45 No. 788208 [Reply]

File 154928790490.jpg - (51.01KB , 640x384 , clue-movie-20-small-1.jpg )

Someone here is the killer but who among us could it be?

13 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 19/03/08(Fri)08:09 No. 788872

Youtube  >>788811
First you need a dick, I think.

ian 19/03/19(Tue)23:59 No. 789135


Bob Ross 19/03/20(Wed)00:00 No. 789136

File 155303645944.jpg - (120.61KB , 1118x1118 , maid-colleen-camp.jpg )


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