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Cryomancer 15/06/23(Tue)11:08 No. 742072 [Reply]

File 143505053823.jpg - (592.72KB , 1773x996 , sky_bright.jpg )

I think Google's AI is looking for the gods and that sort of bothers me.

N3X15 15/06/23(Tue)16:19 No. 742079

File 143506919761.jpg - (108.91KB , 782x441 , 43d4515bdd.jpg )

I really like the pictures!

O.P. 15/07/01(Wed)03:15 No. 742394

I agree. Post more.

Mudkip 15/06/19(Fri)21:04 No. 741936 [Reply]

File 143474065158.gif - (295.24KB , 206x317 , 11253004_986875711353356_558140213_n.gif )

i approached one of the neighborhood cats yesterday to pet it, and then a dirty man walked over and called me a strawberry in a british accent. he then walked away.

what was yesterday like for you?

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He-Man 15/06/23(Tue)11:53 No. 742076

Just making sure it wasn't meth; insomnia and obsessing over paranoid delusions are common side effects. They are common side effects for a number of drugs in fact, weed included (though much less severe than meth).

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/06/27(Sat)01:22 No. 742196

I listened to internet tunez all day and browsed image boards then at night my girlfriend and I ate chicken tenders and watched netflix and smoked weed till we fell asleep

Liru Fanboy 15/07/01(Wed)03:04 No. 742392

At the time I read your post, I didn't know retaarrd translated into "strawberry". Haha I thought the English dude called you a strawberry
Yesterday I tried doing what I do everyday

Lorf 15/06/30(Tue)03:06 No. 742344 [Reply]

File 143562641925.png - (21.83KB , 498x228 , GGGG.png )

on a public profile too

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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/06/30(Tue)23:46 No. 742379

I got a very long ban using a swastika and pride apping it up
so then I uploaded the normal swastika and complained because I couldn't tell whether rainbows were hate speech against aryans or something
they deleted it so I posted it again

Homicide 15/07/01(Wed)00:18 No. 742382

inb4 banning American flag

Moot 15/07/01(Wed)01:22 No. 742389

it's funny because the USA has always been split between the luddite individualistic violent bigotry on one hand and industrialized mass scale slaughter with systemic injustice on the other

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/06/29(Mon)02:53 No. 742294 [Reply]

File 143553921368.png - (769.28KB , 1400x2700 , le demiurge.png )

THis is a thread for discussion of an interesting thought experiment I've seen floating around.

It basically states that we're in a simulation of sorts powered by our memories and thoughts to resemble our old lives.

I thought I would see if any of you guys had heard of this

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N3X15 15/06/29(Mon)14:41 No. 742326

File 143558167613.png - (214.48KB , 815x1200 , demiurge.png )

I won't lie, there's a lot of mythological stuff that represents a codified concept that often is stripped of it's extraneous references in order to refer to mundane reality, while the demiurge is a dumb thing to believe in reality many of the things one would use to consider fighting it are helpful in dealing with real world situations provided one takes the patterns and not simply the forms of those things, the practice of reason as opposed to the dogma one naively grabs ahold of

Bob Ross 15/06/30(Tue)01:46 No. 742342

So basically, David Icke smears Crowley and the OTO (not too hard what with Crowley's heroine addiction) while still hitting the nail on the head of the thought Matrix and the reptilian parasites they call "Archons" (Which one should never do because that implies they're better than the host they're feeding off of, i.e. Us)

They call Demiurge many names, but they're all pretty much the same thing, God, Satan, Yahweh, Reptiles, Archons, Lizzies, Aliens.

I might be crazy but in this reality, who isn't?

Sazpaimon 15/07/01(Wed)00:12 No. 742381

what if... the demiurge is simply a delusional ideation of people who have had use for the mechanisms that when used together lead up to the conceptuation of a demiurge wrongfully but individually or in certain combinations the mechanisms are helpful for determining reality as accurately as possible, and when come up with also useful as a scapegoat as god, or a simplification of the transition of social mores and effects over the years that are otherwise too complicated to explain simply but able to be understood if one uses certain mental shortcuts by personifying it which is a ready-made way to assess complex things such as intent with incomplete knowledge

or what if aliens totally manipulated mankind into believing the demiurge is a god when it isn't so as to manipulate them to serve some eventual purpose, like for say something totally random... bringing them a spaceship so they can escape a trap made by actual demiurges or fighting a war against their enemies

or what if groups of individuals can come up with a pseudo-demiurge and call it freedom or justice, something that is powerless in of itself but encourages people to try to create it, subtly manipulating other groups of people to act in certain ways while knowing that the ways they'll behave will never actually realize that particular demiurge creation event - not realizing that their OWN ignorance and fear of the divine spark is merely coupled with a better understanding of the situations surrounding a diminished spark chained by the ignorance of those who came before

demiurges all the way down

Bob Ross 15/06/25(Thu)09:37 No. 742144 [Reply]

File 143521787925.jpg - (115.10KB , 931x710 , 108372350981234987091234.jpg )

OK so here's a thought. I read some where that some 12 year old girls have started to shave their legs and pussy. And sure that's nice and all that. But why? Who are they planning to show their pussy to? I would assume most of those girls aren't sexually active so I really don't see the point. Sure, some will say "patriarchy" and "society expects them to do it". But still. I'm pretty sure there's no patriarchy pubic hair check, or I would totally apply for that job.

The only ones who will see them nude are other girls. And if they're into that that's perfectly fine with me. But don't blame it on someone else. 12 year old boys may say that hair is yuckie, but they're going to be virgin for years to come so it's not really like they know shit.



13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spiderman 15/06/29(Mon)20:27 No. 742338

"It's not that kids are into it, it's that kids are impressionable" I actually agree with some of what you said,but not all of it. I think what you said depends on the kid. When I was around the age of 10 my sex drive was through the roof! I think there are SOME kids that are impressionable,and they don't really care about sex,but not all of them are like this. I think a lot of children under the age of 10 aren't sexually attracted to the opposite sex. When they have sex I think they are just after physical pleasure vs actual attraction. Like I said though,I think it depends on the kid. When I was 9 I had a genuine attraction to girls,but when I was 10 holy shit....I was a sex crazed demon!

As for kids not being fully aware of what they are doing,I understand that. I know that the majority of them are unaware of stds and such. However our view on sex is more of a cultural concept. Not all of the world has always had the same view of sex like a lot of religious countries do. It may take 100 to 200 years for the world to evolve past this ridiculous concept of sex. I find it surprising how people connect sex and love and make it out to be something sacred. I see sex as something that is good,but not sacred. It's also kind of like driving a car,it can be a good thing,but it has it's dangers.

It blows my mind how most adults are so closed minded towards the idea of kids having sexual desire. It's sad really. Nature intended for a lot of kids to desire sex or at least during puberty. Of course I also blame man and it's corporations that add hormones to our food supply. Our treated meat can cause children to go through puberty a little earlier,we are what we eat after all!

If god is real,then I guess sex is sacred. If god is fake then sex isn't really special,it's just another part of biology nothing more and nothing less.

Nyan Cat 15/06/30(Tue)04:23 No. 742353

too be honest I'm confused about the concept that in religion sex is sacred and outside its casual. I'm not religious, never have never will, but I feel like religion should be the one who's open to sex. Sex adds to the population, population adds to the faith, more money for the church, right, church ;). And I see evolution as something that should make sex sacred. Evolution is life evolving and adaption. When you have constant sex you start to get those kinks. You know, vanilla sex gets boring so you find new ways. But I see anal sex as a disadvantage. Nothing was meant to go in your ass, we weren't meant to drink piss or abuse our bodies. That's taken a step backwards in my opinion. I understand that as humans we have free will and every right to have pleasure in life, but I still feel like sex should only be for child bearing. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely open minded, I have causal sex from time to time, I'm not religious, hell in practacly a hypocrite in some ways, but I can't help the way think. Especially when I agree with the things I Beilive in. all my views come from experience and what I'm seeing in society today. We're sex crazed, and too may airwolfimg strawberryed people are having kids because they want to express their free love, but their not thinking about the consequences. You may not like it, but I'm trying to Incourqge people to have less sex for the sake of the intelligence of our race. And mass extinction.

Sazpaimon 15/06/30(Tue)21:32 No. 742377

File 143569276051.jpg - (33.55KB , 360x235 , 360_borat_lebanon0109[1].jpg )

Doesn't Shriah Law require women to shave all their body hair?

So essentially having a bald pussy is helping the terroists win.

GROW A BUSH IF YOU LOVE FREEDOM...or if you are just into that.

Sazpaimon 15/06/30(Tue)03:03 No. 742343 [Reply]

Mudkip 15/06/30(Tue)03:58 No. 742351


Mudkip 15/06/30(Tue)05:11 No. 742355

File 143563387996.jpg - (108.72KB , 550x280 , ecco-the-tides-of-time.jpg )

tee 15/06/30(Tue)06:24 No. 742356

Best thread on /b/ today

p4ch3c0 15/06/27(Sat)02:40 No. 742202 [Reply]

File 143536561753.jpg - (47.25KB , 500x667 , cat.jpg )

Good night sweet princess

12 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spiderman 15/06/29(Mon)07:17 No. 742310

You gotta admit, though, being elevated to a goddess is pretty neat.

We can put her in the pantheon next to Ebola-chan.

herp 15/06/29(Mon)07:59 No. 742312

Goodbye Conductor Cat :(

Miku Fanboy 15/06/29(Mon)16:23 No. 742332

File 143558780958.jpg - (145.45KB , 640x425 , ConductorCat3.jpg )

One of the first pics I remember seeing when I came here 8 years ago.
RIP Conductor Cat

derp 15/06/03(Wed)23:24 No. 741389 [Reply]

File 143336667449.png - (930B , 85x85 , 85px-Phoenician_waw_svg.png )

Child Pornography is art.
First Amendment.

37 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
W. T. Snacks 15/06/29(Mon)07:12 No. 742309

Clearly comma spacing is among the things about which this person does not give a shit. I think it's meant to count among the "ec tetera" [sic].

Brony 15/06/29(Mon)10:09 No. 742319

I'm not using a regular PC. It requires extra effort just to do anything. Thanks to this device I can't even start my own thread,unless this site allows me to make a thread without having to post a picture. :( Still it's better than nothing. Sometimes I'm too lazy to put in commas or periods. I'm doing better though.Thank you.

Lol so true. Believe it or not for most of my life I've never really cared that much about english class,yet somehow I did really good in that class. As for the list I gave,sometimes I kind of care about the meaning of life,but I just don't see the point of worrying about it anymore. If you can't prove with a 100% certainty that god does or does not exist then why worry about it? I think the best way to live life now is just to not give a shit. Sometimes I care about certain things but only if I find it convenient. It's kind of strange actually. I still have pride,but...I'm not even sure if I can explain it.

herp 15/06/29(Mon)15:08 No. 742328

You can start a thread with a youtube or google video, if your device allows you to copy and paste the identifier from the URL.

Moot 15/06/21(Sun)19:12 No. 742010 [Reply]

File 143490672025.jpg - (95.61KB , 1021x573 , Shenron.jpg )

Let's say you've collected all seven dragon balls.

What's your wish?

19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nyan Cat 15/06/29(Mon)03:41 No. 742302

File 143554206134.jpg - (13.31KB , 250x232 , 1435283537176.jpg )

i wish op would never be called a fag again so i could make threads in peace btw this dragon died the current dragon in the dbz universere has hands and grants 3 wishes

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/06/29(Mon)07:36 No. 742311

Thank you, autism.

Cryomancer 15/06/29(Mon)09:12 No. 742317

File 143556196915.jpg - (208.19KB , 800x600 , 800px-0782-CWCSpread.jpg )


Optimus Prime 15/06/24(Wed)09:31 No. 742103 [Reply]

File 143513109753.jpg - (43.40KB , 1200x943 , thegoshdiddlydarnedvelociriddlyaptor.jpg )

What's your favorite dinosaur /b/?
Mine's velociraptor - not the Jurassic Park branded ones but pic related. Microraptor's pretty fuggin neat too though.

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
4chan user 15/06/25(Thu)15:54 No. 742150

i was butt airwolfing my children the other
day when one of them turned around and said and i quote " please let me have some food we haven't eaten in weeks..."

i swear they've gone rotten. i should send them to the loony bin. they sound like theyh're becoming spoilt brats to me.

soon they're start calling me rapist
or ask me to stop putting ritilin in their bedtime milk

ungratefulness must be clamped down before it gets too rotten

Closet Furry 15/06/28(Sun)23:47 No. 742290

Oviraptor. nuff said.

Bill 15/06/28(Sun)23:50 No. 742291

Also, carnotorus, but only because of it's hilariously short arms.

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