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Bob Ross 17/02/24(Fri)03:57 No. 762841 [Reply]

File 14879050594.jpg - (82.84KB , 640x480 , konata_izumi lucky_star.jpg )

I can't believe I'm doing this... but I need your advice, /b/.
I come home today to find 8 or 9 select images from my CP collection on my monitor. The really hardcore stuff. I'm sure some of you have seen the set of the 6 year old girl in the dog collar crying while she's molested. That kinda caliber of stuff.
I know I'm airwolfed. I never leave my PC on when I'm at work, and I certainly don't leave CP onscreen. I walk into the kitchen and my girlfriend is sitting at the table eating a sandwhich. This is it. I'm proper airwolfed.
"Hey" "So... are you into that kinda stuff?" no point denying the obvious "Yea... I mean... airwolf I've never done anything to any kids or anything. I've never paid anyone. I... it's just the way I'm wired I guess. Shit I dunno..." "Huh... you know there's places where you can do stuff like that." "What?" She slides some travel brochures for thailand and the phillipines over the table. "Maybe we should think about somewhere else for vacation instead of new york this year."
She gets up, puts her plate in the sink, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and leaves for class.
This has to be a trick. She must be setting me up for the death penalty or something. God wouldn't let me be this happy. There's no way in hell I can have a pedo girlfriend.
Sadly... I'm in your hands, /b/.

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h 17/02/24(Fri)04:27 No. 762843

File 148790686965.gif - (372.58KB , 500x335 , aP4bWRda_700wa_0.gif )

OP obviously copied that from http://tanasinn.info/wiki/Kopipe:Paedophilia
What a loser!

h 17/02/24(Fri)04:36 No. 762844

He was probably b& from there.

Homicide 17/02/27(Mon)16:38 No. 762921

I got unbanned though so I can return there.

zeneslev 17/01/12(Thu)19:17 No. 761762 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 148424504746.jpg - (24.19KB , 483x350 , Push_Up.jpg )

Okay, time to get in shape.

I did 13 pushups today.

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Optimus Prime 17/02/23(Thu)06:52 No. 762826

I did 21 pushups today, Wednesday.

Homicide 17/02/25(Sat)13:50 No. 762870

I did 21 pushups today, Friday.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/02/27(Mon)09:19 No. 762917

I did 22 pushups today, Sunday.

He-Man 17/02/27(Mon)06:24 No. 762912 [Reply]

File 148817305290.jpg - (10.45KB , 266x189 , queees.jpg )

What's a good way to organize a nude collection? New at this. Something for aesthetics, which is primary, but maybe some way to hide it from common eyes? But more than that, just a way to indulge in some kind of hall of fame or whatever. Something that strokes the ego.

Weeabot 17/02/27(Mon)00:00 No. 762907 [Reply]

File 14881500531.png - (1.23MB , 1407x1009 , dsfsdfsdf.png )

Can we just let go of our conceptions of being manly for a few minutes and direct our focus on what the epitome of a man looks like? Gents, I've found him. NSFW.. he's nude. Get over yourselves, dumb airwolfing idiots, you have a body similar to his so airwolf off with this "gay" shit.
airwolf, everything about him physically is literally flawless. He has a perfectly slim, toned, and slightly muscular build all at once that totally suits the environment he's in (unlike overjacked hulks which just look awkward in an environment that doesn't require heavy lifting outside a gym), he has a perfect face, and a perfectly sized penis that fits into a vagina without hurting as it should. Maybe this is a level beyond Chad? He has a shy demeanor much like ours.

I'm all for setting this the meme of what every man should aspire to be. I bet his test levels are off the charts. I'm super jealous of this stupid airwolfing faggot, yet at the same satisfied that I now have a point of reference and where I stand aesthetically.

This is him doing his own thing at a beach... "nude".

and this is him running... "nude".

I don't even care if I'm thought to be gay. I have a new airwolfing idol.

Weeabot 17/02/27(Mon)02:06 No. 762911

File 14881576158.jpg - (240.47KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 2-26-2017 at 5_14 PM.jpg )

If I go to the gym for the first time in my life, will I ever end up with anything like that? Or is it mostly genetics?

Mudkip 17/02/27(Mon)06:26 No. 762914

>Can we just
>If I

OP 17/02/15(Wed)05:20 No. 762645 [Reply]

File 148713242632.png - (1.29KB , 259x194 , question mark.png )

Should normal people who don't lurk beyond mainstream websites be restricted from obtaining the knowledge that we posses?

It seems like normal people, I'm talking about the very basic normie who doesn't want to earn knowledge, tend to ruin things when they are granted information they most certainly we can all agree on, don't deserve.

I personally think they shouldn't be taught anything.

17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/02/20(Mon)03:24 No. 762769

how dare those public schools produce technically competent graduates, don't they know how much our university tech departments like to sleep on the job?

PrettyPony 17/02/20(Mon)07:01 No. 762774

lol, right? I guess you had to see it to realize how stupid this was. These were Education majors being forced to do IT. The people who passed the law probably figured our whole generation was good at computer. These kids however, had spent their college educations learning education theory and coddling--they could barely use a word processor to do their homework. It was my job to assist people in the computer lab--not give them a crash course in HTML and web design, but I did it anyway because I was a good worker like that.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/02/27(Mon)00:05 No. 762909

Only the good die young?

Anonymous 16/06/10(Fri)05:55 No. 754104 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146553091940.jpg - (29.68KB , 960x540 , school-of-athens-sitter.jpg )

Can a self contradictory moral system be good?
Logic says no.
Common sense says yes.

61 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
O.P. 17/02/03(Fri)02:30 No. 762391

Yea, the moral dogmatism does bother me.

It's an inconsistent philosophy.

But hey, it's still an order of magnitude more ethical than eating lots of meat, so who am I to say?

Liru Fanboy 17/02/18(Sat)16:44 No. 762749

Jordan Peterson thinks the capability of morality comes from understanding what brings harm to oneself. I agree that this is a necessary condition, but I would at least add empathy as another necessity.

Sentience is not the same as self awareness and empathy. But it's sentience that allows suffering, not the capability for morality.

Vegans try to avoid unnecessary or even man-made suffering.
I don't understand what you try to say with the last sentence. As of today there is no muscle that I can eat without harming a sentient being.

The harm that is being done to animals with industrial farming is certainly there, and even this can be reduced. There is actually such a thing as vegan farming of vegetables. And while this is certainly preferable to unvegan farming, both is on another scale than the animal industry, which has the sole purpose of breeding animals for economic use.

Homicide 17/02/27(Mon)00:01 No. 762908

moral systems that self-reference have several factors that determine their wealth. If even able to maintain a position in non-contradiction, logic would not be a good metabolizing basis for instruction and correlation. In the same way, common sense would not be a preferential dictation of motivational and character foundries. For structure and code to be put in place you would have to build and fund a construction based architecture supposedly in fields that hold no basis in logic or structural sense.

4chan user 17/02/22(Wed)11:23 No. 762805 [Reply]

File 148775898080.jpg - (1.41MB , 3264x1836 , 1487752209492-499525219.jpg )

When I wake up tomorrow I'm gonna delete all the political threads on /b/

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Christian Weston Chandler 17/02/24(Fri)19:05 No. 762855

ITT politics!

Sazpaimon 17/02/26(Sun)14:13 No. 762894

File 14881148306.gif - (421.57KB , 640x480 , 139742536391.gif )

Time to ask for advice on arachnids.

herp 17/02/26(Sun)23:41 No. 762906

Today I will boost my masculine mobility without losing personal value. Health

p4ch3c0 16/09/25(Sun)12:42 No. 757677 [Reply]

File 147480013322.jpg - (124.47KB , 1000x1000 , 14444817_1746216945640936_1923613202318624752_o.jpg )

I don't think police should murder unarmed black men, and somehow that is a controversial opinion.

47 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 17/02/26(Sun)23:19 No. 762903

I don't think politics should be shaped by collective confidence and somehow that is a controversial opinion

N3X15 17/02/26(Sun)23:40 No. 762905

File 148814883061.gif - (71.24KB , 250x270 , SE2017Feb26A.gif )

Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled and somehow that's a controversial opinion.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/02/27(Mon)01:45 No. 762910

File 148815633477.jpg - (109.07KB , 640x480 , 68393094_Magical_Pokahn_TV_02_of_12_ru_jp_Cuba77__.jpg )

Wrong hemisphere.

h 17/02/15(Wed)19:41 No. 762673 [Reply]

File 148718409024.jpg - (97.52KB , 480x360 , 137189997618.jpg )

In order to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict there needs to be a one state solution.

I move for the unification of Israel and Palestine under the new name Pisrael.


Reimu Hakurei 17/02/15(Wed)21:04 No. 762676

sticky at top of page

Please discuss all politics/civics here or your posts will be deleted: >>>/civ/

Brony 17/02/15(Wed)22:41 No. 762678

File 148719486494.jpg - (18.06KB , 500x290 , IMG-20170214-WA0005.jpg )

Ugh fine

herp 17/02/26(Sun)23:22 No. 762904

no ?

zeneslev 16/06/18(Sat)10:44 No. 754551 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146623948163.jpg - (20.00KB , 365x364 , 622994_orig.jpg )

Veganism is the only morally acceptable lifestyle.

167 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
PrettyPony 17/02/16(Thu)05:23 No. 762687

You are very special strawberries.

Nihilism? Hardly. My whole point was to be aware of mortality, and put it into the context of moralizing what we eat. Nature eats us, we eat nature; there is no moral dilemma but the one you make. Is that stupid enough for you to understand?

So is the God of Abraham like a color-guard sheet for living?

Brony 17/02/21(Tue)17:31 No. 762793

File 148769469179.jpg - (82.95KB , 500x666 , alien vegans.jpg )

Vegans are aliens.

Miku Fanboy 17/02/26(Sun)23:17 No. 762902

If you own a farm that you bought.

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