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4chan user 14/06/29(Sun)08:24 No. 726311 [Reply]

File 140402307445.jpg - (59.13KB , 800x600 , 139927056997.jpg )

I went out to the mall food court to get some food for a few hours. I then realized at home that I had a full batch of dried up cum on my black shirt, starting from the groin area toward the mid-abdomen. This was several weeks ago. I originally thought no one noticed, but it turns out a random from my school contacted my via Facebook and made mention of it.

This is where my life has come to. That guy with the enormous splotch of sperm on his shirt.

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Steve 14/07/04(Fri)07:31 No. 726627

Guys how can I find moar like these, videos, etc? What should I search for and where?

h 14/07/05(Sat)03:28 No. 726651

Everyone wants to no longer have morals, to rise above them. Weather they'll admit it or not.
Read this:

What a nigger! What a god among men.
At first they'd catch him and he'd say no I'm just petting my gerbil! but if they caught him with his dick out I reckon they'd lynch him.

r000t 14/07/05(Sat)03:33 No. 726652

Search for something like:
guy cums on unsuspecting victims


[insert SJIS art here]

Weeabot 14/06/30(Mon)21:37 No. 726489 [Reply]

File 140415705983.jpg - (145.77KB , 800x800 , 1161717505_mishakun_061024_rhi_lynx.jpg )

So today i bought a new harddrive
I boot it into my computer
Its airwolfing loaded with beastality porn
350 airwolfing gigs of beastality porn
pics, videos. Hell i think there is some homemade in there.

You want some samples?


Marked for deletion (old)
Weeabot 14/06/30(Mon)23:04 No. 726493

Looks promising.
Now, if there was a way to send information from one computer to a distant storage, which is available to many workstations around the world...

p4ch3c0 14/06/30(Mon)23:09 No. 726495

pic is furry; disgusting.

Did you buy a used hard drive?

herp 14/07/04(Fri)19:10 No. 726645

agreed, pic is furry, not beast. but the gif does hold promise, even if the dog isn't inside her. keep posting!

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