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Novice Equestrian 16/09/09(Fri)08:23 No. 757212

File 147340218772.jpg - (28.02KB , 556x264 , unnamed.jpg )


Spider Expert 16/09/09(Fri)08:23 No. 757213

File 147340222938.jpg - (16.45KB , 471x313 , images (1).jpg )


ian 16/09/09(Fri)08:24 No. 757214

File 14734022808.jpg - (42.66KB , 800x500 , 49111476_cached.jpg )


Weeabot 16/09/09(Fri)09:13 No. 757215

I find your attempt to equate Gary with the other two offensive.
He's the only sane one.
He's even said he would quite smoking for the duration of his term if elected.
Also, he climbs airwolfing mountains. He can't be too stoned.

Liru Fanboy 16/09/09(Fri)10:40 No. 757217

Of the three, I find stoned most acceptable. I'll vote for Gary too, because the alternatives frighten me.

The anarchist in me was driven to attack all of the candidates. I probably should have included Jill Stein, but the only single-word description I can think for her is GREEN.

Conductor Cat 16/09/09(Fri)20:01 No. 757219

She got arrested for disrupting some construction site recently (consistent with her Green values, no doubt) so LAWBREAKER might be apt.

and re: feeling the Johnson: "What is Aleppo?" is still better than "let's bomb the shit out of Aleppo and have our family members in our military die from prolonged fighting in that general area too."

derp 16/09/09(Fri)20:06 No. 757220

I'll vote Green.
Her biggest flaws are her anti scientific positions on medicine, vaccines, and nuclear power.
But seriously, she was arrested for protesting a worthy cause.
In that case, the arrest is more of a positive than a negative.

Miku Fanboy 16/09/09(Fri)20:28 No. 757222

Good luck fighting the Zika virus with more reiki funding.

OP 16/09/10(Sat)02:52 No. 757225

>He's the only sane one
because you have to be sane to support tpp and continuing dubya's interventionist global agenda

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/09/10(Sat)04:58 No. 757227

Maybe, but I think committing crimes is more Hillary's defining characteristic.

>"What is Aleppo?" is still better than "let's bomb the shit out of Aleppo
This. Absolutely this. It's fine; he's not the first candidate nor would he be the first president to make such a slip. It's not like anyone in the US had ever heard of Allepo until two years ago.

Anonymous 16/09/10(Sat)05:05 No. 757228

Youtube  >>757225
>continuing dubya's interventionist global agenda
wtf? skip to 2:08.

Reimu Hakurei 16/09/10(Sat)08:32 No. 757232

Trump will get in and wipe 7channel from this earth.

Have a sense of history?!

Get ready

Marisa Kirisame 16/09/10(Sat)08:35 No. 757233

Not on my watch.

Mods got guns, but we have ideas

Cryomancer 16/09/10(Sat)08:37 No. 757234

In Canada we worry that we have not helped people enough

In America you seem to be worried that you have not hatted enough

Reimu Hakurei 16/09/10(Sat)08:41 No. 757235

Have I hatted black people enough? Should I hate Mexicans more?

Should I read a non fiction book as only 19 percent of the 237 million people that live in my country do?

Reimu Hakurei 16/09/10(Sat)08:42 No. 757236

Am I dumb enough to vote?

Mudkip 16/09/10(Sat)08:55 No. 757237

Evening I say is a lie and you want to belive it.

Because people have lied to you your whole life, and nothing got better.

So here I am telling you what you want to hear; no niggers no Jews. Best you've head in a few years.

There is a black man in the White House. I'll change that. You don't have a well paying job. I'll change that. You don't own a house. I'll change that.

All I need from you is blind obideance.

p4ch3c0 16/09/10(Sat)08:58 No. 757238

Will give you all you can see, all the kingdoms of the world

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/09/10(Sat)09:14 No. 757241

Again, the Mods took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.

All this I will give you

if you will bow down and worship me.

Marisa Kirisame 16/09/10(Sat)09:18 No. 757242

And Anymous said will you be with me when I die a billionaire, will you be with me when many die by what I've done.

Better not to take the hand if you want to live with yourself

zeneslev 16/09/10(Sat)09:21 No. 757243

That is to say I've bought another gun and another box of ammo in perpetration for the next election

herp 16/09/10(Sat)22:29 No. 757263

File 147353938716.jpg - (54.62KB , 500x708 , Rick.jpg )


W. T. Snacks 16/09/10(Sat)23:35 No. 757265

File 147354331111.jpg - (53.06KB , 500x708 , 4edd8574c68e3d85ad7f080d17fd88d0.jpg )


Sonichu 16/09/11(Sun)01:04 No. 757267

Pick one

Sonichu 16/09/11(Sun)04:29 No. 757274

File 147356097884.jpg - (1.11MB , 1646x2048 , Squirrel-Juice.jpg )

Oh, so he's changed positions again? Damn son, sorry I can't keep your flip flopping candidate's positions straight. Maybe if he smoked less weed he'd remember what he said last time.

N3X15 16/09/11(Sun)09:06 No. 757276

Never happened. The libertarian agenda is an isolationist one. Getting involved in foriegn wars or humanitarian crisies that we have no right to involve ourselves in, that we stand to gain nothing from, and that seem impossible to resolve is a bad idea. Not that we can just up and go from the middle east, though--which he has suggested in the past--you probably took out of context some remark he made about resolving the problems were're already in before we pull out.

Moot 16/09/12(Mon)10:13 No. 757303

File 147366801025.jpg - (118.65KB , 1070x719 , Libertarianism.jpg )

maybe you've been smoking too much pot too. he's not libertarian, he's republican.

he only got put on the ticket because the party decided this year to put someone on the ticket who might get more than their usual 1-2% of the vote. unfortunately it looks like he's only going to get 7-8% of the vote, primarily because libertarians keep saying he's a libertarian.

when your party's official headgear is fashioned from aluminum foil, drawing attention to your party to the detriment of the candidate isn't a winning strategy.

derp 16/09/12(Mon)10:42 No. 757307

Do you realize this is his second presidential bid on the Libertarian ticket? He's officially been a Libertatian since 2012.

I can see how you might be confused. I used to think of the Libertarian Party as a Republican Party splinter myself, but this election has really made the distinction for me. The Libertarians actually value the small-government ideals the Republicans pretend to have, while the Republicans only really value white votes and sticking to the status-quo.

Lorf 16/09/12(Mon)21:35 No. 757315

File 147370892618.jpg - (37.97KB , 640x452 , libertarian-vs-anarchist.jpg )

Yeah, I can understand how you were confused before.

I mean, Republicans want to elect people to government who will do absolutely nothing in office in the name of small government, in the hope that the government collapses. Then the wealthy can do whatever they want with the rest of the country because there's no functioning government left to stop them.

While Libertarians want to destroy the country by dividing it into a millions of fiefdoms where nobody cooperates with anyone else and everyone has their own set of rules. Essentially their goal is to make sure the the first world ceases to exist in the United States, because nobody in the first world is going to want to deal with millions of contrarian regulations that you have to comply with in order to ship your goods across all those lines of fiefdoms. e.g. your shipment can't enter my fiefdom if it contains contraception, yet you have to enter my fiefdom to reach the fiefdom inside it.

In other words, Libertarians are wealthy Anarchists who are lying to themselves... and never took a single psychology course.

Moot 16/09/13(Tue)16:37 No. 757340

Nicely put.

derp 16/09/13(Tue)18:31 No. 757344

You make a good point, but I'd rather have a broken anarchy than a broken democracy.

Marisa Kirisame 16/09/13(Tue)20:27 No. 757345

>I'd rather have a broken anarchy than a broken democracy.
Anarchy is broken form the get go, at least with democracy you have a chance.

It's like getting 'wolfed by an aids-ridden channer of the 4th. You can either do it with the 'doms and lube or without. Either way it's unpleasant but at least there's a veneer of protection when you choose the former.

Anonymous 16/09/14(Wed)21:50 No. 757353

Democracy is just as broken. Most people can't even make informed, rational decisions about things that affect just their household, yet we put whomever is most popular with these neanderthals in charge of entire countries. Then we wonder why politics seems to go hand in hand with corruption, deceit and outright incompetence.

Sazpaimon 16/09/14(Wed)23:26 No. 757354

They can't even make rational decisions about things that affect them, personally.

Women voting for people who force them to undergo invasive medical testing in order to exercise their constitutional rights, for example.

Or voting for a party who wants them to undergo literacy, means, etc. testing to exercise their right to vote.

Miku Fanboy 16/09/26(Mon)14:55 No. 757788

Yes, she has flaws, but all the other candidates I disagree with more fundamentally.

Homicide 16/10/11(Tue)00:53 No. 758709

You might also say anti science, which is her biggest flaw in my eyes, but that's not one word like the others.

Sonichu 16/10/11(Tue)02:51 No. 758723

Youtube  TIME

Bob Ross 16/10/11(Tue)10:11 No. 758749


O.P. 16/10/16(Sun)12:53 No. 759028

She's also antinuclear, which is a real shame, and she's also not very pro space, which is a real disappointment, but none of the other candidates are much better in those areas.

symbion 16/10/17(Mon)14:46 No. 759062

I don't actually know why I want crazy to win....

Nyan Cat 16/10/17(Mon)14:50 No. 759063

I'd run against him.. no I wouldn't

zeneslev 16/10/17(Mon)22:01 No. 759076

I'm glad the first time I ever voted was for this man. I'm gonna vote again later this month.

W. T. Snacks 16/10/20(Thu)09:27 No. 759184

Remember to go "monitor" a polling place that's mostly frequented by minority voters first though.

Otherwise all those brown people will form a massive endless queue voting 50,000 times each before you can show up to catch them in the act.

Also, try to remember that black people don't actually look alike.

r000t 16/10/21(Fri)05:22 No. 759218


tee 16/10/21(Fri)17:50 No. 759232

What are you talking about? All black people look the same

Steve 16/10/27(Thu)16:47 No. 759388

File 147757964015.jpg - (28.32KB , 400x277 , image.jpg )

Morons vote Killary

Anonymous 16/10/28(Fri)09:47 No. 759406

File 147764085456.gif - (1.59MB , 498x498 , science.gif )

Actually, if you are a moron, you are more likely to be conservative than a liberal.

Therefore if you are a moron, you are more likely to vote for Duck.

Christian Weston Chandler 16/10/28(Fri)22:57 No. 759420

Actually, if you're a moron you're more likely to be a liberal, or democrat than a republican or conservative.

Therefore if you are a moron you're more likely to vote for Shillery.
Kill yourself libfag.

poe 16/10/30(Sun)09:56 No. 759490

Not according to multiple peer reviewed studies.

Educate yourself, conservative.

derp 16/11/04(Fri)02:41 No. 759655

File 147822371755.jpg - (82.17KB , 400x600 , WhyNot.jpg )


O.P. 16/11/04(Fri)08:09 No. 759659

I hate Hillary Clinton.
But I hate republicans more, so airwolf em, Hillary it is.
Run this ship aground, Hitlery!

symbion 16/11/04(Fri)17:38 No. 759682

Stop. The only reasonable thing for you to do is vote third-party. At least to throw a wrench in their two-party program.

derp 16/11/04(Fri)18:35 No. 759683

The Zika virus has not been an issue before, why is it today? Could it be because GMO pesticides were used in the area where children got "small heads" prior to the spraying? hmm.. not sure, quite sure zika isn't an issue worth talking about.

Optimus Prime 16/11/04(Fri)18:37 No. 759684

The hillbots are in here.. why? what did we do to deserve this? tell me! NOW!

You are why we can't have nice things

Brony 16/11/04(Fri)18:40 No. 759685

File 147828121925.gif - (22.56KB , 630x400 , 2a-kgdx-us-10y-Large.gif )

I can tell you, I am not wealthy but I still am an anarchist.

And btw.. why the airwolf would anyone wealthy be a anarchist for a practical reason? Don't people understand that if you have no government the dollar is dead, all the savings are dead.

I don't think you've thought things through.

Anonymous 16/11/04(Fri)19:01 No. 759687

It's still crazy that GMOs are a bogeyman. Almost all of today's crops have been genetically modified at some point in human history. If you disagree, make me a bowl of grits out of teosinte.

Oh wait, the kind of genetic modification caused by selective breeding is somehow different because at least the plants got to airwolf each other first ("yeah, take your pollen bukkake, slut!").

Cryomancer 16/11/04(Fri)21:38 No. 759689

But the chemicals. /s

Marisa Kirisame 16/11/04(Fri)22:38 No. 759695

>Implying ancaps are anarchists.

OP 16/11/04(Fri)22:48 No. 759697

she's a huge bitch, obvi

r000t 16/11/05(Sat)01:05 No. 759708

>throw a wrench
throw a wrench, get Duck elected, whats the difference.

Anonymous 16/11/23(Wed)08:50 No. 760289

so sad

Weeabot 16/12/09(Fri)21:51 No. 760691

It's sad that these types of threads aren't allowed anymore...

Spiderman 16/12/10(Sat)01:53 No. 760701

File 148133120843.jpg - (48.33KB , 600x800 , tinyrick.jpg )


PrettyPony 16/12/10(Sat)04:39 No. 760705

File 148134117451.gif - (760.51KB , 500x281 , rick-morty-tiny-rick-laughs.gif )


Weeabot 16/12/10(Sat)07:31 No. 760709

File 148135146578.jpg - (71.03KB , 800x800 , Tiny Riiiiiiiiick.jpg )


Brony 16/12/12(Mon)11:25 No. 760749

File 148153834850.png - (37.92KB , 300x100 , 148123086343.png )


Moot 16/12/27(Tue)12:47 No. 761161

What do you mean?

Gary's non interventionist.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/01/01(Sun)14:52 No. 761315

I already tried to make that point during the election, when it mattered. No one cared what was true then, and they aren't going to start caring anytime soon. Reason and sense lost the war. The world's most powerful country is controlled by the people who control its least competent constituents; its political spectrum has been reduced not just to black and white, not just to conservative vs liberal, but to HURR and DURR--and this time the durrs won, for all it matters.

Miku Fanboy 17/01/01(Sun)17:36 No. 761354

I could explain exactly what the Libertarian ticket was about this year, but then I'd just end up being banned for discussing /civ/ in /b/.

Friends don't let friends get banned.

tee 17/01/08(Sun)11:40 No. 761615

File 148387205140.jpg - (32.03KB , 467x466 , fbHUYqDC.jpg )


Optimus Prime 17/01/08(Sun)20:16 No. 761617

I tried to do that too, again back during the election when it mattered. I even provided links for people to go and read all about it themselves. No one cared what was true. Everyone has a particular input protocol these days, allowing only certain information in from certain sources; any information even slightly contrary to their expectations is immediately rejected and any that complements or reaffirms their most baseless opinions is automatically adopted.

This is why /civ/ is a bad idea. Discussion of civics is no longer possible--even on an anonymous imageboard--because people are just impossible to talk to now. You can't have a discussion, only an argument, and no one can ever win it. There was a time when people studied oratory and rhetoric in order to debate and convince their opposition to change their point of view, and you would hear politicians using it when they competed for office and it made them look competent and sincere. Now it's all about shock and awe, muckracking and self-aggrandizement; debate over the best policies going forward is limited only to those that score brownie points with specific demographics--they pit the american people against each other like divorced parents use their kids in a fight.

r000t 17/01/09(Mon)06:03 No. 761624

>Discussion of civics is no longer possible--even on an anonymous imageboard--because people are just impossible to talk to now.
Yes, yes, that's right. Accept that there is no hope of any kind of meaningful discourse and just give up on everyone and everything. Why should you dare to presume that you can help change anything? It's far better to walk away and just let the loud shouty voices shout loudly at each other without any other facts or narratives to get in their way.

Spiderman 17/01/09(Mon)07:15 No. 761627

What else would you have me do?

Miku Fanboy 17/01/09(Mon)08:12 No. 761636

If we get a woman right after a god forsaken nigger, I'm gonna be pissed.

Sazpaimon 17/01/09(Mon)10:10 No. 761653

Something, that's what. What you propose does nothing to fix the problem and everything to accelerate the problem's spread. Even a one in a million chance of changing the world to be in your image is better than the zero percent chance that you'll get what you want by doing nothing.

Steve 17/01/09(Mon)11:02 No. 761654

>What you propose does nothing
I have proposed nothing.

There is no practical solution. All I can imagine is brutally murdering every single person who uses words like "conservatard" or "libtard" in arguments and stringing up their bodies by the toes in public places, each with a sign nailed to their skull describing the exact offense to rhetoric each has commited. ie, "Disparaged an argument as 'straw-man' without explaining the basis of said fallacy." or "Discredited an opponent ad-hominem, then the sources upon which their argument was based, and even the authors of those sources all as conspiracy theorists." or "Used an emotional appeal to wax over proof of serious incompetence and criminal intent in their political patron's actions."

How's about it, will you help me string them up? You know as well as I they cannot be convinced to think for themselves, they cannot be made to distinguish right from wrong in their patrons, and they cannot be made to keep silent their idiocy against overwhelming truth. They are the majority. We have a lot of work to do.

N3X15 17/01/11(Wed)08:14 No. 761719

>You know as well as I they cannot be convinced to think for themselves, they cannot be made to distinguish right from wrong in their patrons, and they cannot be made to keep silent their idiocy against overwhelming truth.
and you were? How?

If you know the answer to that then you know how to show others the right way.

Homicide 17/01/11(Wed)08:28 No. 761720

A lifetime of standing on the outside, never fitting in, and social rejection. I never learned to join the herd. I'm not sure it's something I can teach.

p4ch3c0 17/01/13(Fri)04:05 No. 761780

Sure it is. Social structures are surprisingly flimsy if you know which things to break, if you feel that the only way to spread your views is to derive a sense of self-worth and ideals independent of anyone else.

Liru Fanboy 17/01/13(Fri)07:23 No. 761784

>spread your views
Thing is, I don't want to spread my views, that would just be pissing in an ocean of piss. I want everyone to develop their own views. I don't want to tell anyone what they should think; I want them to be more aware of how they think, to be able to resist the influence of propaganda and dogma and forge their own values and make their own judgements about the "facts".

I'd like other people to be capable of seeing the spin in every news report and distilling them down to the truths that can be verified, to be interested in holding those in power and publication accountable to a higher standard of honesty and service, and to be aware of humanity's potential. It's not a political ideology I could write essays about and give lectures* on.

*Actually I do imagine myself giving certain people lectures from time to time, but always flanked by mercenaries with AK-47s. Basically I'd hold them hostage, explain how they are personally responsible for making things worse for everyone, and have them commit to change or die forthwith.

Brony 17/01/14(Sat)01:53 No. 761812

So you're saying that you want people to be free to come to whatever conclusions that their research and life experience lead them to, but it's possible for them to look up and live the wrong political decisions which is why you fantasize about kidnapping them, telling them how they're wrong, and giving them the choice of repentance or death. That almost makes sense, but look on the bright side: at least they went to the effort of coming to an incorrect conclusion, unlike all those mindless sheep that don't even have the decency to try.

At least it's not purely political. Thanks to how reality works, the distinctions between politics and philosophy are hazy enough that you can call your beliefs either one, depending on your audience.

Moot 17/01/14(Sat)11:50 No. 761828

Yeah, I don't think I should ever run for office. I know it's naieve, but I'd like to think that a society of highly-independent, self-sufficent, free thinkers wouldn't opt-in to such corrupt leadership and could eventually free themselves from corporate tryanny. Of course, humans being inherently corruptible, there would be mistakes, failures, and betrayals. I imagine that a people who could ignore propaganda wouldn't suffer the indgnity of seeing people who abuse their trust remain in the upper echelons of society--that a public capable of seeing them for who they are would bring them down and cast them out. We already live in a time when secrets are nigh impossible to keep--is it too much to hope for a time when the truth would be impossible to spin?

It is. I know. The truth is it's getting worse. Reality matters less now than ever in human history. That is why I fantasize about giving such harsh ultimatums to our present leaders--I fear it may already be too late for mankind to survive this modern dark age, if not for some sudden and dramatic action to turn the world around.

4chan user 17/01/27(Fri)07:38 No. 762251

Why vote for Gary Johnson, and not Jill Stein?

Nyan Cat 17/01/27(Fri)09:52 No. 762253

Although I was fully aware it made no difference, I honestly didn't think she would be prepared for the multi-faceted job of running the most influential country in the world. Say what you will about Gary's competence, he seemed to me the more likely of the two to have a grasp of the responsibilities and complexity of the office. I don't think the American economy would have survived administration by the Green Party with their single-issue policy base while I would have been excited to see the country reshaped by the Libertarian Party's broad reformation agenda--pretending either ever had a chance of winning. Unfortunately, even if he hadn't gaffed himself into oblivion, no significant number of people are ever going to vote for a third-party president. What the 2016 election demostrated, if anything, is that no matter how shitty the two major parties and their candidates are, we will always elect one of them.

Actually my first choice was John McAfee, until I actually bothered to look into him. I was enthusiastic about having the first-ever technologically competent president, but it turns out that in addition to being tech-savvy he's also a complete basket case who probably takes narcotics of his own innovation. The Belizean authorities never figured out exactly what "herbal supplements" his lab was cooking, but it is odious that he attempted to coerce the police into shitting down the local drug competition.

zeneslev 17/01/27(Fri)22:43 No. 762260

No shit people are suspicious about her. The Clinton Foundation, Home Email Server, classified documents, pay to play. If she gets in, that will just further Oh bummers legacy and continue the downfall of the United States as the foremost first world superpower.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/01/28(Sat)06:53 No. 762271

>If she gets in
I find your use of the present tense confusing.
It's over and she'll never run again.

Reimu Hakurei 17/01/28(Sat)19:27 No. 762286

she will if she doesnt die from being an old bitch

Moot 17/01/29(Sun)06:20 No. 762297

Good luck with that. Rumor is that if everything goes according to plan she'll face stiff primary competition from Andrew Cuomo and Kanye West.

symbion 17/01/30(Mon)03:22 No. 762310

Glad to hear it. I haven't been watching the news lately.

herp 17/01/31(Tue)03:49 No. 762336

I'm trying to think of someone who's run a second time for President after losing the first time... the only one I can come up with, within the last hundred years, is Nixon. I'd have to think longer if you want to include stupid shit like running in a primary.

She ran, she lost, time for you to get over it and find a new pinata to hit.

poe 17/01/31(Tue)05:12 No. 762338

Hint: One's currently our president.

Also, if anyone can get their hands on a clown suitcase, I'd very much like to see what's inside of there.

Bob Ross 17/01/31(Tue)07:33 No. 762339

Not sure if your trying to troll that he lost the election and is yet president or actually mistaken that he ran and lost at some point in the past. Duck never actually ran for president before 2016, although he's been joking about doing it since the 80s. This is why no one took him seriously at first--he's the boy who cried "running". Unfortunately for us he was serious this time and while he may have lost the popular vote, that never mattered because "democracy".

Did you look into third-party candidates? I know Gary Johnson was making his second run and I think Vermin Supreme has run several times. Anyway, it's pretty clear that you don't stand much of a chance after failing once. It is, after all, the most televised competition in the United States; everyone sees how hard you lose.

Marisa Kirisame 17/01/31(Tue)14:23 No. 762347

reagan lost in 76 before winning in 80
bush I lost in 80 before winning in 88
the presidential primary system didn't exist before the 1970s so i don't know wtf century ur talking about

Optimus Prime 17/01/31(Tue)17:16 No. 762348

File 148587941493.jpg - (266.58KB , 1058x583 , 20170131_082359.jpg )

>Not sure if your trying to troll that he lost the election and is yet president or actually mistaken that he ran and lost at some point in the past. Duck never actually ran for president before 2016, although he's been joking about doing it since the 80s.

Not sure why you insist on talking out of your ass when these facts are easily found on google. He ran in 2000 under the Reform Party.

Here's a picture of the popular vote representation, you charlatan

r000t 17/01/31(Tue)18:05 No. 762352

>talking out of your ass
Guilty as charged. Although, >>762338 is still wrong, because he didn't lose--he withdrew after winning a single primary--and I am still partially right: he set himself up not to be taken seriously as a candidate by doing that (in addition to joking about running since the 80s). I guess I missed that being in High School.

>picture of the popular vote representation
This does nothing to change my interpretation of american democracy as a farce.

OP 17/01/31(Tue)19:55 No. 762359

>This does nothing to change my interpretation of american democracy as a farce.

Lol you gotta better idea, asshole?

Inb4 the proletariat rises to lead themselves to ruin.

Miku Fanboy 17/02/01(Wed)12:48 No. 762367

Sure, elect the president with a simple count of the majority per each congressional district in all states. Each state gets a total number of votes equal to its number of districts (eg, the same as it's number of representatives in the House); the president with the clear majority of districts is the winner.

Bill 17/02/02(Thu)00:04 No. 762375

I'd be for this if every district contained an equal number of citizens.

This would require either populous states to get more representatives or ghost town states to get fewer. The system in place now is skewed towards rural voters and only growing worse thanks to gerrymandering in red states.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/02/02(Thu)02:31 No. 762377

That's how civil wars get started, smart guy.

>The system in place now is skewed towards rural voters

Eh, I'd say that's a good thing. I know "every vote counts", but I'd rather see it skewed towards people who actually have an investment in America. ie owning land.

PrettyPony 17/02/02(Thu)03:03 No. 762381

In 'murrica, we start our civil wars when a President issues executive orders exceeding his authority.

>if every district contained an equal number of citizens
In theory they do, and the gerrymandering aims to disenfranchise the Democratic party by keeping their voters a minority in the districts by dividing their population centers into multiple districts while encompassing a dominant population of Republican voters. But yes, this system needs to be fixed and the people who took advantage of it should be lined up in front of the Washington Memorial and shot. Then we can maybe have a little Democracy.

Bob Ross 17/02/02(Thu)12:21 No. 762383

>In theory they do
Within a state they do, however not all state districts represent the same number of people. For some reason if you live in a state with a lot of people each district will contain more people than a state with fewer people. Yet each district still has one representative.

Make the house of representatives actually represent the people. What we have now is, like the electoral college, a holdover from the era of slavery intended to make less populous slavery states hold equal power to more populous non-slavery states.

Slavery was abolished, it's time to abolish its remaining vestiges.

>owning land
GWB thought that too. That's how we ended up with the great recession. Maybe its time to move beyond white male property owners. I know that will make Bannon have a good old crying fit but airwolf him.

Closet Furry 17/02/03(Fri)05:53 No. 762393


More of this in the future. AntiFa smashing the windows of a Chase bank before they do.

ian 17/02/03(Fri)20:22 No. 762401

This is why we can't have nice things.

I think we could still go ahead with replacing the electors by counting votes per district, but we'll need something to offset the discrepancies (because fixing the House of Representatives sounds equally impossible)--like how the senate represents states equally. I don't think it likely that voters in any particular state could unite for their own interests, let alone to undermine other states, in the 21st century, but there should probably be another source of votes that could counter the distict votes. Maybe we give each governor one vote (equal to a district) and allow them to vote after the initial count. That's 50 votes against 435; voters would expect their governor to represent the will of the majority in their state, and they wouldn't be able to override a large majority, but they could turn around a close election.

Miku Fanboy 17/02/14(Tue)20:50 No. 762636

File 148710185842.jpg - (103.18KB , 813x768 , e5eed284e34968389d210a9c38464f22e3922741ecb7871209.jpg )

She lost democrap.

Cryomancer 17/02/16(Thu)22:17 No. 762700

>nor would he be the first president to make such a slip.


Novice Equestrian 17/02/17(Fri)09:26 No. 762711

I had another idea: what if we discout districts whose turnout doesn't meet a certain quota? ie, if less than 50% of elgible voters in your district vote, your distict does not get a vote.

The purpose being to encourage more people to vote and also strengthen the gubernatorial vote against majority-indifferent districts.

4chan user 17/02/18(Sat)12:22 No. 762741

You now know that only 38% of US citizens voted in the last election.

ian 17/02/18(Sat)12:38 No. 762742

Because they thought the motivated minority could be trusted to make the right choice. I'd like to think they wouldn't make that mistake again but I know complacency is the cancer of human intellect.

Steve 17/02/18(Sat)13:22 No. 762743

>Because they thought the motivated minority could be trusted to make the right choice.
They did.

Miku Fanboy 17/02/18(Sat)19:50 No. 762754

>They did.

Panawave 17/02/19(Sun)20:02 No. 762764

That isnt even the real Hillary. She passed away over a year ago from a lung infection.

O.P. 17/02/19(Sun)21:23 No. 762767

File 148753580315.png - (59.79KB , 400x233 , panawave.png )

What a coincidence.

Bob Ross 17/03/14(Tue)12:27 No. 763288

What do you mean, changed positions?

Has he ever supported the war?

Closet Furry 17/03/14(Tue)12:27 No. 763289

What do you mean, changed positions?

Has he ever supported the war?

herp 17/03/14(Tue)21:32 No. 763290

People should be marching in the streets against this terrible b if traditional middle class Americans have anything to say about it. Sage hard. Stop posting her picture everywhere, your only helping her.

Sazpaimon 17/03/15(Wed)00:57 No. 763294

airwolf yeah they should be marching out in the streets. How dare she not give the top .1% the biggest tax cut they've had in decades.

h 17/03/19(Sun)04:13 No. 763401

Honestly who gives a shit.

Cryomancer 17/03/20(Mon)12:01 No. 763428

>who gives a shit
Sufferers of Fox Geezer Derangement Syndrome.

Everyone else has more important things to do with their lives.

PrettyPony 17/04/08(Sat)01:24 No. 763958

Unfortunately, yes.

He-Man 17/04/09(Sun)02:37 No. 764013

I am not gonna vote for this corrupt old hag.

Moot 17/04/26(Wed)23:45 No. 764851

File 149324314441.png - (11.90KB , 312x295 , slowpoke.png )


Reimu Hakurei 17/05/03(Wed)15:08 No. 765114

Business is corrupt... remind me.

Nyan Cat 17/05/03(Wed)23:11 No. 765157

so, who won?

i don't own a tv

ian 17/05/04(Thu)00:04 No. 765159

The rich elite that bet on both horses.

OP 17/05/20(Sat)12:06 No. 766410

You're an anarchist?

r000t 17/05/20(Sat)12:27 No. 766411

Why do you say that?

Optimus Prime 17/05/20(Sat)13:49 No. 766417

Just a little.

Because he's too over-politicized to read "The anarchist in me" as "The part of me that is anarchist". To him this probably read "The ANARCHY YEAH airwolf THE SYSTEM in me". There was a time when it was possible to partially embrace an ideology, or recognize the parts of yourself that fit into one ideology or another, and not be categorized as a fanatic of that ideology--it ended during the Bush administration.

symbion 17/05/20(Sat)19:42 No. 766441

Falsehoods end sooner or later. Fence sitters never last long.

N3X15 17/05/21(Sun)04:52 No. 766469

>Fence sitters
There's a difference between fence sitting, betting on two sides, and recognizing that you are an amalgamation of various ideologies.

The former is a stupid thing people do when they fall for the false dichotomy the major parties and the media sell them but still can't commit to one stupid party or the other; while the latter is part of becoming an adult.

Liru Fanboy 17/05/21(Sun)16:06 No. 766495

Ah, yes, the old "parties are exactly the same" concept. That certainly hasn't been parroted endlessly on social media for the past couple years.

Please, tell us again about how copping out of actually participating in a political party and thereby popping that carefully crafted bubble you created is being an "adult."

I would say admitting that you live in the real world, and not some elaborate ideal world fantasy you've created inside your head, is becoming an adult. Because the real world involves making choices and compromises. Only by staying in that bubble can you stay true to your utopic idealism, but at the cost of never actually doing anything worth a damn in the real world.

Weeabot 17/05/22(Mon)02:36 No. 766548

You need to understand how deep in the propaganda you are. All your life you've been sold that you have to come to relate to one side or the other and that it's preposterous, even impossible, to stand outside of the two factions. Maybe you've even gotten into the "doctrine" of one party or another, but some part of you must be aware that two major parties that have no practical differences. Sure, they disagree all the time, but mostly because their entire power structure is based on keeping power split between them and keeping the populace split on every issue they can think of.

>making choices and compromises
I vote for politicians I don't like who are members of parties I don't trust, just like everyone else--except I don't bother joining any of those untrustworthy parties and I vote for politicians I like somewhat more than the major-party candidates. It would do you a world of good to come to terms with the futility of your own existence as well. You may like to pretend that trolling imageboards and calling every poster you don't like a libertard is achieving something, but it never was.

h 17/05/24(Wed)09:50 No. 766724

File 149561225189.jpg - (102.72KB , 660x960 , MP.jpg )

You need to realize how deep in denial you are that you're a unique snowflake and can't find any common ground with any other human beings except on the internet.

What you need to do is get outside of your basement and meet people. Talk with them. Not talk AT them, talk WITH them.

What you will find is that those monolithic political groups you've built up in your imagination and in various online forums with like minded misanthropes don't actually exist. You may even find that groups you think you support now are not actually aligned with what you actually believe, versus the beliefs you express online to misanthropes in an attempt to impress your imagined peer group. You may even find what you believe changes as you're exposed to new ideas and viewpoints beyond the narrow scope of existence you've been exposed to up until now.

In short, stop falling into the trap of us vs. them. It only serves to benefit the people you claim to oppose.

derp 17/05/24(Wed)13:10 No. 766752

What is you gain from others conformity? Why advocate for the status quo? Does it somehow injure you that others think and behave differently?

Liru Fanboy 17/05/24(Wed)13:43 No. 766755

File 14956262049.jpg - (110.20KB , 1920x1200 , aperture-1920x1200.jpg )

What do you gain from isolation? Why advocate for the death of a polite and functioning society? Does it somehow injure you to suggest that actual in-person socialization with others is a good thing? Surely you can't be so withdrawn from meaningful human interaction that you find a complete lack of socialization to be superior?

Try going cold turkey on social media. Replace all that time you're spending on social media with actual in-person interaction. I realize that some of the malcontents you interact with on a day to day basis will be unwilling to meaningfully engage, but there's an entire world out there waiting for you to actually experience it. In person.

What do you have to lose?

r000t 17/05/24(Wed)17:47 No. 766759

If it were up to me, we'd be genuinely asking each other these questions and actually be interested in discussing the answers, rather than two trolls trying to out-dick each other with words.

These are fundamental questions that deserve /phi/losophical debate.

>Why advocate for the death of a polite and functioning society?
How do you define "polite and functioning"? We have global problems with violence, pollution, poverty, disease, etc; turmoil is the norm for politics everywhere, and if you've tried to have a debate at any time in the last decade you might have noticed "polite" is no longer in our society's vocabulary.

O.P. 17/05/25(Thu)04:23 No. 766776

File 149567903390.jpg - (105.24KB , 720x960 , Why.jpg )

Depends on what you think of as polite. Politicians in the western world aren't exactly coming to blows or worse in or out of session.

Supporters of particular political candidates have been excessively ugly in the past year or two, but that's really the fault of politicians refusing to shame the more idiotic supporters because the politicians seem to think complete discord is better than calm rational discourse of facts and events. But politicians have never been a particularly bright bunch; in some cases they may actually believe the crazy shit that spewed out of their mouth that encouraged their dim-witted followers.

In other countries political sessions infrequently but saddeningly often devolve into physical altercations. Some countries even go so far as to assassinate/execute their opposition.

Compared to those places the western world has not yet fallen out of polite discourse, even if their followers threaten and perform acts of violence against anyone viewed as an outsider, we have not yet devolved to the point where we view executing someone just because they held a view contrary to your own is acceptable.

Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)06:51 No. 766784

This rational reply almost restores my faith in humanity, almost.

>Supporters of particular political candidates have been excessively ugly in the past year or two
It was excessively ugly eight years before that.

>the politicians seem to think complete discord is better than calm rational discourse of facts and events
Hear me out on this, I believe it to be deliberate: this is a divide and conquer strategy. There will never be a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures so long as our population is divided evenly between two parties.

>Compared to those places the western world has not yet fallen out of polite discourse
Our politicians might not be at fisticuffs, but they have been caught endorsing, funding, and praising acts of violence committed on their behalf against supporters of their opposition. Also FailiFa.

>we have not yet devolved to the point where we view executing someone just because they held a view contrary to your own is acceptable.

Give us time.

4chan user 17/05/25(Thu)09:01 No. 766793

>It was excessively ugly eight years before that
Well, yeah. I don't think holding signs claiming someone's Hitler is particularly useful political discourse, but it's not like they were prevented from holding those signs or murdered for doing it.

>I believe it to be deliberate
Sadly I very much doubt this. Simply because you cannot get the current crop of cats infesting politics to agree on much of anything, which is why we've had a good 4+ years of very little of consequence happening and it looks like the next 4 will be much of the same. They are just not that well organized and are devolving into forms that are even less able to coordinate with one another.

>acts of violence committed on their behalf against supporters of their opposition
While true, this falls under the category of dimwitted individuals being egged on by their not-particularly-bright candidate unwilling to think more than 5 seconds into the future. They can't see that violent individuals could easily turn their ire at the politician for some perceived slight in the future, and since their actions were justified by the politician, they're obviously going to be justified against the politician.

Of course Montana's GOP candidate for the special election for the House just grabbed and body-slammed a reporter for asking him a question he didn't like. And he did it in front of reporters from Fox, who confirmed that the politician was the one who escalated it from a simple conversation to physical assault. Directly contradicting the version of events the candidate is trying to claim and confirming the reporters version of events (with minor differences). It'll be interesting to see how quickly their report disappears once the corporate mothership wakes up and decides how to cover it up.

Brony 17/05/25(Thu)10:16 No. 766797

Youtube  >>766793
No pictures, no vids, just this audio recording; this story is already buried--it won't keep anyone's attention span longer than the 45 seconds it takes to listen to it.

Television has left us with the attention spans of goldfish and partisan politics has made us all into fat bickering aunties who everyone regrets inviting to the same party. Are you sure you don't see a hint of collusion here? The only players who profit are the two major parties. They can exchange seats in Congress, Presidencies, and even control of the government every few years--their balancing act is keeping the population divided at a certain ratio at all times so that whichever party is politically dominant, there will always be enough power to share between them that no other party can gain traction (as if they needed to filibuster; the 3rd parties mostly made fools of themselves in 2016).

That's the game I think; there are no rules obviously. Take advantage of every opportunity to secure power; give no quarter to the opposition--but it only works if the Republican and Democratic parties are actually one entity. They bicker, they fight, they disagree over sensational issues--but they rely on having each other there to divy voters up with; they don't want any of those voters going third-party, ever.

I don't trust them. I don't trust any of them. Can you really blame me? I'm not a paranoid schizophrenic geezer living in a solar-powered shack in the Ozarks, but I don't trust anyone who's held so much power for so long. The Republicans and Democrats have held the United States by its left and right nuts far too long in my opinion. If the state of the country is not well, they must share the blame for their incompetent management.

>They are just not that well organized and are devolving into forms that are even less able to coordinate with one another.
On the other hand, you might be on to something there. It's not unlike Brazil (the movie); Big Brother has Down's Syndrome and ADD.

>in-person socialization with others is a good thing
Were we talking about that?
>withdrawn from meaningful human interaction?
It just sort of comes naturally with the depression; I stop going outside, stop responding to mail and phone calls, spend all day on my computer. Not that I don't have good times too. I go out, I drink excessively socially and I have friends.

>Try going cold turkey on social media.
That wouldn't be as hard as you think. I'm not saying I don't spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet, but that I spend them primarily in a couple of software-related forums, in some IRC chatrooms, and here on 7chan. I suppose this fills the same void as a social media addiction.

>there's an entire world out there waiting for you to actually experience it.
Sooner or later, it always comes to me.

PrettyPony 17/05/25(Thu)10:50 No. 766798

>"polite" is no longer in our society's vocabulary.
Being polite implies you have manners. Manners show we have respect for one another.

Nobody is polite. Nobody has any manners. Nobody has any respect for anybody else.

What is the point of a debate when no one respects anyone else?

There's no chance for compromise or understanding or change without mutual respect for one another.

Whether it be a debate in the national election or two faggots arguing on 7chan, it doesn't go anywhere.

Can we stop having these threads now?

Bill 17/05/25(Thu)18:40 No. 766800

File 149573043178.png - (708.03KB , 833x1007 , ZeroTolerance.png )

>just this audio recording
And the arrest. And the charges. And the eyewitness account by two people not employed by the idiot, who therefore told the truth about what happened, as opposed to the laughably partisan press release he put out.

>this story is already buried
https://new.google.com/ Look at the top-most item. It may not be the top-most item on Breitbart, Drudge, or similar sites but that's part of why they're worthless. Don't go there.

But it probably doesn't matter much since Montana is staunchly (R) and therefore hasn't taken steps to gut voting rights or early voting, which is why over half of the voters likely to vote in this special election have already cast their votes. Meaning he could get arrested for committing drive-bys today and still be elected. The only downside is that more people could show up in person to vote because of this incident.

>Were we talking about that?
>What you need to do is get outside of your basement and meet people.

Mudkip 17/05/25(Thu)19:14 No. 766801

>And the arrest. And the charges.
Nothing a little conservative news media can't spin out of existence. No one will even notice when this un-happens. We'll have some other thing to be shocked about next week.

>There's no chance for compromise or understanding or change
I feel like we have a unique opportunity here, on this anonymous image board, to find a higher form of discussion.

Mudkip 17/05/25(Thu)19:42 No. 766802

File 149573414887.jpg - (1.49MB , 2170x1692 , tfwuhavenoplaceintheworld.jpg )

>I feel like we have a unique opportunity here, on this anonymous image board, to find a higher form of discussion.
Is that what you think is happening here?

poe 17/05/25(Thu)20:52 No. 766805

"Muh greater gud"
Get ducked libtard.

He-Man 17/05/25(Thu)22:22 No. 766809

Happening, no; possible, yes.

Donald Ducked

Spiderman 17/05/26(Fri)03:05 No. 766817

Poor snowflake. Shouldn't you be physically assaulting a reporter?

Lorf 17/05/26(Fri)08:05 No. 766969

File 149577870745.jpg - (84.35KB , 750x841 , 4feacfbbc6e15d21cd844ebc2b1b1ed908c09118bf8e94826b.jpg )


PrettyPony 17/05/26(Fri)08:36 No. 766972

File 14957806087.jpg - (37.34KB , 386x452 , Claim.jpg )


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/05/27(Sat)19:45 No. 767157

File 149590714859.jpg - (77.55KB , 780x617 , altright.jpg )

Meanwhile back at 4chan

O.P. 17/06/24(Sat)01:04 No. 768481

File 14982590725.jpg - (218.46KB , 1200x1048 , af885bead2a0c919467412e2f1e2e9ce4a66a7a830a372fbb4.jpg )


Liru Fanboy 17/07/03(Mon)07:27 No. 768783

>its political spectrum has been reduced not just to black and white, not just to conservative vs liberal, but to HURR and DURR--and this time the durrs won, for all it matters.

That's a bit simplistic.

Sazpaimon 17/07/03(Mon)08:53 No. 768784

>That's a bit simplistic.
Is it? Tell me I'm wrong. Look at what's going on and tell me it isn't exactly how I described it. The HURR wail and whine for everyone to treat them nice and play by their rules while the DURR shit on everything and everyone for no reason but to see their shit on top of it, and no one, no one has any intention of doing anything that doesn't benefit them personally.

4chan user 17/07/04(Tue)02:20 No. 768806

>their rules
Rules that have existed for 200 years are their rules.


Miku Fanboy 17/07/04(Tue)02:27 No. 768808

No, not those rules.


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