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Lorf 17/10/23(Mon)17:48 No. 773975

File 150877373827.webm - (4.23MB , 400x220 , 22680300_141871109877740_2079553139576406016_n.webm )

Chaotic neutral?

derp 17/10/24(Tue)03:49 No. 773978

Really gets my dick hard, you think his dick was hard whilst doing this splendid act?

Sonichu 17/10/24(Tue)08:45 No. 773979

Most certainly.

O.P. 17/11/05(Sun)07:20 No. 774520

The only time his gets hard is when he goes to that Jew doctor and takes those Jew pills.

Its why he hates women, too many of them laughed at his two inches of flaccidity.

Liru Fanboy 18/01/04(Thu)14:27 No. 778076

>The only time
Until he discovered casual violence.

Miku Fanboy 18/01/26(Fri)17:40 No. 778641

Give or take. You're not too far off.

Miku Fanboy 18/01/31(Wed)07:52 No. 778740

Why the hell would you just lay there? Get the airwolf up you moron.

PrettyPony 18/01/31(Wed)07:58 No. 778742

Look at those spindly bird legs. She probably broke every bone in her legs and feet. Or at least her ankle, since it came right down on the rail.

Optimus Prime 18/01/31(Wed)14:05 No. 778746

I can only imagine her shock as well. This wasn't like losing a fight and getting kocked on your ass--she was just walking along and then bam down there, seriously injured all of the sudden.

I'd probably need a moment to reorient myself.

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