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Christian Weston Chandler 18/02/10(Sat)10:04 No. 778937

File 151825347077.jpg - (78.76KB , 599x769 , freeweed.jpg )

You all get "Free WEED"
The administration of this website gets none though because they are niggers who put google shit on their site.

Miku Fanboy 18/02/10(Sat)12:41 No. 778938

If you are that upset about AJAX, perhaps you should consider NoScript, or not using the internet since 2004.

Weeabot 18/02/11(Sun)03:35 No. 778953

File 151831651855.jpg - (599.99KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180210_171051.jpg )

Where's my free weed, you airwolf?

derp 18/02/11(Sun)05:24 No. 778958

Monsanto sprayed it.

Spiderman 18/02/11(Sun)07:07 No. 778959

FREE weed?

tee 18/02/11(Sun)15:35 No. 778974

File 15183597076.jpg - (44.99KB , 338x434 , unnamed.jpg )

I wonder if RMS actually smokes weed. Despite his looks, ideology, and alleged body odor, he's not exactly a hippie--that's a UNIX beard. He codes HURD and doesn't afraid of anything.

herp 18/02/14(Wed)03:26 No. 779014

If you're that upset about being born a faggot, perhaps you should fuсking kill yourself.

Closet Furry 18/02/14(Wed)04:23 No. 779015

butthurt much?

Weeabot 18/02/14(Wed)23:35 No. 779036


derp 18/02/19(Mon)01:37 No. 779103

Youtube  >>778974
Did he ever actually finish HURD?

It must be nice to be Stallman. Have a bunch of wealthy people paying all your bills and living a consequence-free life as saint of the religion he cooked up to scam suckers out of their money.

Like LRH and Scientology but without all the little boy molestation.

r000t 18/02/19(Mon)02:52 No. 779105

File 151900513242.jpg - (36.37KB , 487x522 , st-ignucious.jpg )

>the religion he cooked up to scam suckers out of their money
The Church of Emacs is a joke, and its principle philosophy is one that significantly impedes making profit from software. I'm not sure how it is possible for this 'religion' to scam anyone out of money.

>Did he ever actually finish HURD?
No one will ever finish HURD. One day, perhaps, there will be a microkernel implemented with independently running modules for subsystems with profound parallelization and whatnot, but only after the HURD code is long forgotten and obsolete. It's like the Analytical Engine of FOSS.

Conductor Cat 18/02/19(Mon)06:19 No. 779110

File 151901756971.jpg - (89.07KB , 912x388 , Choose.jpg )

Stallman lives off the donations of wealthy patrons. Stallman doesn't know what its like to work for a living, which is why HURD will never be finished. It, like most of his "projects," are nebulous ideas that intentionally will never be finished because that would make his free money stream dry up.

In short, Stallman is the antichrist and you're either one of his acolytes or not. Choose wisely.

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