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derp 18/02/14(Wed)22:42 No. 779035

File 15186445744.gif - (50.31KB , 600x350 , 5G.gif )

I got a new to me hotspot and it's radiation levels are a lot higher out than my other one.
Not having luck in finding ways to shield wifi .
So I had to think.
I'm wondering if I use a old parabolic SatTV dish would deflect the signal (And point it away from the house)
I figure there'll be enough sloppy wifi squirting out the sides for me to tap off of and connect.
I only see ppl using parabolics used to get MOAR wifi.

I just want to bake less.
Could it werk?

He-Man 18/02/15(Thu)14:54 No. 779057

File 151870284331.jpg - (110.14KB , 600x804 , steam_punk_alice_in_wonderland_by_rebelakemi.jpg )

One experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions.

Brony 18/02/15(Thu)15:11 No. 779058

Disable the safety mechanism, and stick your head in a microwave.

Lorf 18/02/18(Sun)11:44 No. 779095

What kind of radiation are you concerned about, Anon? If it's microwave EM, it's usually too high-frequency to even penetrate your skin.

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