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ian 18/05/12(Sat)11:15 No. 780961

File 152611652230.jpg - (507.37KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180509_191622.jpg )

I have a co-worker who helps me out with my job for a few hours at the end of each day. Her crutch phrase is "fair enough". She says it pretty much every time you answer one of her questions. Yesterday I decided to keep a tally on how often she said it in the two hours she was around. It was eight. She said that shit eight times.

Christian Weston Chandler 18/05/12(Sat)12:23 No. 780963

Shut up luke

Steve 18/05/12(Sat)17:44 No. 780972


Miku Fanboy 18/05/14(Mon)06:52 No. 780985

Fair enough

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/05/15(Tue)02:08 No. 780988

File 152634288413.jpg - (815.99KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180509_191714.jpg )

She said it twice today and I only spoke to her for a half an hour.

Moot 18/05/15(Tue)20:11 No. 780990

Fair enough.

Cryomancer 18/05/15(Tue)21:00 No. 780991

> Fair enough.

Conductor Cat 18/05/15(Tue)21:04 No. 780992


In terms of a crutch phrase ... What the airwolf does "fair enough" even mean?

It's not like "cool" or "okay" or even "alrighty then" ...

Cryomancer 18/05/16(Wed)01:53 No. 780993

File 152642840246.jpg - (361.99KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180509_191551.jpg )

That's part of the issue. It's not an appropriate response 98% of the time and she says it a lot.

BTW, she said it four times today.

Weeabot 18/05/16(Wed)15:58 No. 780994

File 152647909435.gif - (1.86MB , 540x540 , 1519175994605.gif )


She's saying it, and then observing your autistic squirming. Then she shares her findings with her/your coworkers. Based in this data, they make decisions on how to best manage your behavior.
Have you noticed any other idiosyncrasies around the office, daily tests or challenges?
Sounds like you are being studied.

Spider Expert 18/05/16(Wed)21:52 No. 780995

File 152650035266.png - (620.23KB , 1024x498 , Screenshot_2018-05-05-13-47-30_kindlephoto-2348833.png )

Others have mentioned similar little annoyances with her to me, which is what caused me to notice one of my own. Wish I could buy into your "they're all out to get you" spiel, though.

OP 18/05/16(Wed)23:11 No. 780996

we are all being studied by psychic worms from rigel 9

Mudkip 18/05/16(Wed)23:18 No. 780997

I thought it was rigel 7

Bob Ross 18/05/16(Wed)23:21 No. 780998

Youtube  >>780997

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