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Anonymous 11/09/14(Wed)10:27 No. 35460 ID: 57658d [Reply]

File 131598887528.gif - (481.95KB , 200x150 , o-parts oman ARR.gif )

Hey guys, I posted a /r/ here earlier tonight and it got deleted

My search has been productive so I figured I would share the bounty.


The gif was from an old video from a convention, about 7 minutes in length.

ARR was the ultimate source of the footage, and I present a mediafire link here.

Keep being cool, /cake/ all things said and done my earlier post was pretty shitty.

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this might help Anonymous 14/10/25(Sat)10:22 No. 56091 ID: 6cc154


Anonymous 17/05/23(Tue)07:29 No. 62152 ID: a4ad92

anyone can re-upload?
or list files

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)08:14 No. 63036 ID: 5e6e97

Nothing beats some good ol' vintage Cake.

any more cake gifs? Anonymous 15/07/15(Wed)04:02 No. 57635 ID: 7dad4e [Reply]

File 143692577771.gif - (387.93KB , 505x330 , c471542d9e6fb3c23518fe64e242995f.gif )

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Anonymous 15/08/28(Fri)01:15 No. 57835 ID: c94074

Oh, that artist.
Is his website still online?

Anonymous 15/12/13(Sun)11:47 No. 58259 ID: d0abc6


sys363 google images

Teachers Lounge PiedP1p3r2017 17/11/09(Thu)02:24 No. 62453 ID: 5e9e2b

File 151019064294.gif - (3.18MB , 852x480 , Teachers Lounge Fun.gif )

Panties thread? Panties thread Anonymous 18/10/06(Sat)16:26 No. 63024 ID: 1e5fb7 [Reply]

File 15388359713.jpg - (205.94KB , 602x451 , hentai--blushing--flat-chest--green-eyes--lolicon-.jpg )

Anonymous 18/10/06(Sat)16:30 No. 63025 ID: 1e5fb7

anyone know where this is from? anon 18/10/06(Sat)14:10 No. 63021 ID: d2f4ad [Reply]

File 153882781976.jpg - (131.00KB , 750x735 , 13437170_640869152743308_1126040615_n.jpg )

Hi cake. wondering if anyone might know the source and artist of this scan? i've been looking everywhere to no avail.

Anonymous 18/10/06(Sat)16:19 No. 63022 ID: 1e5fb7

Reverse image search fails me, sorry man.

Anyone else tried drawing their own loli? Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)06:06 No. 62411 ID: 1157f5 [Reply]

File 150752199099.jpg - (971.89KB , 2560x1536 , 20171008_224509.jpg )

So I tried to draw some loli from my collection and I thought I'd share. Anyone else do anything like this? Constructive criticisms are welcome but go easy on me, I literally haven't drawn anything like this before and I actually haven't drawn anything beyond a couple doodles in years.

Feel free to share your own loli drawings if you have 'em.

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VladJav 18/08/27(Mon)14:02 No. 62965 ID: a8cabd

File 153537136711.png - (793.48KB , 760x1013 , 1535370939_tmp_IMG_20180827_034614.png )

Is a beautiful girl. But not loli.
You must to define the age of your loli, and then to draw the body for corresponding with her age.
I'm working in a new drawing and their ages is very important in this kind of pictures.

Anonymous 18/08/31(Fri)01:52 No. 62967 ID: 4eb17f

Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.

VladJav 18/09/20(Thu)14:27 No. 62997 ID: 315031

I know a girl so similar.


Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)19:56 No. 62970 ID: 1e5fb7 [Reply]

File 153599741372.jpg - (725.92KB , 1875x1513 , Uncensored-Lolicon-Images-6-1.jpg )

Sup /cake/

1 post and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/09/06(Thu)06:19 No. 62974 ID: 52fda8

File 153620756852.jpg - (75.22KB , 1200x800 , james funn_jpg_0.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/27(Thu)00:44 No. 63009 ID: 8164ff

Yep, pedosmile.

Anonymous 18/09/27(Thu)02:46 No. 63010 ID: 1e5fb7

Hey now, we're all friends here. Enjoy some /cake/.

3D Loli making software? Anonymous 18/07/22(Sun)06:43 No. 62931 ID: 3e4daf [Reply]

File 153223458222.png - (122.95KB , 252x352 , charaF_2018_0721_2051_34_863.png )

Anyone have any info on 3D software in which I can make my own loli? Pic somewhat related, but I tried the demo of Honey Select and couldn't quite get what I was looking for, and this card didn't work (and in fact destroyed my load function).

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)05:54 No. 62934 ID: b7f622

>destroyed my load function
Sounds like an android's euphemism for cybernetic orgasm.

Anonymous 18/08/26(Sun)23:34 No. 62964 ID: aa1b04

Daz Studio, it's free to use

Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)15:59 No. 63004 ID: 9950d7


Lolicon Artist Directory Flatsims 18/05/08(Tue)22:15 No. 62705 ID: 51a144 [Reply]

File 152581052158.jpg - (203.38KB , 773x181 , LOAD2_2-Condensed-1.jpg )

The lolicon artist directory is open yet again, featuring the best of lolicon art.


3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/08/28(Tue)00:53 No. 62966 ID: e895f8

File 153541043696.png - (588.70KB , 1200x280 , LOAD 1200.png )

Got even more things on the blog now. Stop by!

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)03:55 No. 62994 ID: 477195

Totally underappreciated thread.

Thank you based anon

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)04:43 No. 62995 ID: bf313f

i've used it too, thank you!!

Aggressive Lolis? Anonymous 12/07/04(Wed)23:05 No. 47096 ID: 5d598c [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 134143593785.jpg - (509.74KB , 1136x1600 , 1335588457434.jpg )

Wish there were more like this

164 posts and 219 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonmen 14/09/22(Mon)23:33 No. 55870 ID: adbf71

No, it's an original doujin.

Anonymous 15/03/28(Sat)16:07 No. 56996 ID: a3c513


Anonymous 18/08/12(Sun)11:26 No. 62938 ID: 9ce8dc


Loli! Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)23:03 No. 61877 ID: a159f9 [Reply]

File 148883781597.jpg - (1.67MB , 2059x3044 , 1474871706676.jpg )

A lovely little loli discord server for you all to enjoy. Also featuring a small shota section for those inclined: https://discord.gg/6w8MSb4

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)23:06 No. 61880 ID: a159f9

File 148883799830.jpg - (250.98KB , 1600x1600 , 1474873010902.jpg )

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)04:12 No. 61897 ID: d3acf1

Doesn't work brah

Dark Boy Sabata 18/07/22(Sun)06:50 No. 62932 ID: 3e4daf

Sorry, everyone! The server got reported by someone who got upset by the leader's use of the N word and reported us for loli. If we decide to redistribute public invites, I'll come back and post the new server.

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