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Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)18:18 No. 211 ID: 8ac136

File 148951190926.jpg - (6.65KB , 198x233 , 200x400px-LL-45d6b6c3_image.jpg )

What if black lives don't matter?

Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)20:12 No. 212 ID: 80a7cb

then black people would get outraged at having their unique struggles marginalized when someone responds, "All lives don't matter."

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)12:59 No. 214 ID: 9a2580

No lives matter.

Have you considered the significance of any individual life in the cosmos?

No lives matter.

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)01:26 No. 229 ID: 8e1588

File 149134836533.jpg - (126.12KB , 452x300 , Tubman_gangsta.jpg )

Oh my god. You people just can't let the black man have anything, can you? The black man can't be worthless. No, EVERYONE has to be worthless! Well guess what, shitlord. Black people have to worry about being worthless more than whites. You get to sit in you nice suburb where you can do something meaningful, while the black man is forced to live in a poor neighborhood where he can do something meaningful but instead just drinks and hollers at white women. You will never understand what it is like to face the barrel of a cops gun because you will be an upstanding member of society who will have complied with authorities well before the need to uses such force. Why don't you take a second to check your privilege and then tell me who's lives don't matter.

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)19:45 No. 231 ID: f01b0f

wtf are you even talking about?

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)02:27 No. 232 ID: f01b0f

File 149143844082.jpg - (928.79KB , 840x3733 , 1484036057896.jpg )


Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)03:58 No. 233 ID: a870df

File 149144392976.gif - (498.25KB , 500x255 , WhoNo.gif )

I'm pretty sure he was trying to be sarcastic... and failed miserably at it.

Probably his low IQ caused by racism.

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)04:13 No. 234 ID: f8bc7d

See, you can't even understand the struggle. You white cis straight male assholes.

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)22:13 No. 235 ID: 705039

File 149150960322.jpg - (14.01KB , 300x279 , TreChic.jpg )

One man understands struggle. A gay man hiding in the clothes of an autocrat.

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)19:57 No. 271 ID: 7861f9

>implying we even bought the whole ideal that they matter.

Anonymous 17/05/03(Wed)12:18 No. 278 ID: 2194e8

>implying anyone's life matters

Anonymous 17/05/06(Sat)12:40 No. 285 ID: d960d2

File 149406723230.jpg - (232.81KB , 1048x960 , 1491374186496.jpg )

Nobody gives you anything. You have to make it yourself
>You will never understand what it is like to face the barrel of a cops gun because you will be an upstanding member of society who will have complied with authorities well before the need to uses such force.
So, I should make them shoot me then complain that it was about my race?

Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)14:12 No. 286 ID: 412291

>should make them shoot me then complain
You can't complain, you're dead.

Anonymous 17/08/04(Fri)09:32 No. 403 ID: 50f697

it's a joke, hun

Anonymous 17/08/14(Mon)03:28 No. 415 ID: 9fd7e5

Speaking of lives and their not mattering, there's been a bit of a ruckus in the same metropolitan area that's responsible for Chris-chan.

Anonymous 17/08/15(Tue)10:33 No. 416 ID: 6abe6b

File 150278600732.gif - (532.64KB , 400x328 , Just Look.gif )

Not surprising, Chris-chan is a human black hole of suck. Nothing can resist the pull towards his shit, not SJWs, not police helicopters, not even white supremacy itself.

They were doomed the moment they set foot in his state.

Anonymous 17/08/18(Fri)08:23 No. 417 ID: 6abe6b

File 150303743775.jpg - (252.69KB , 828x1280 , IsThisSoHardDon.jpg )

On the plus side, it has led to some good art.

Anonymous 18/01/10(Wed)22:37 No. 533 ID: 7b1e4d

Blacks are just worthless period. Look at their behavior patterns over the last 150 years. They act like sodomite apelings. Like they're still in the jungles of africa. They need to go back there.

Alternatively, I think that if Black lives mattered to blacks, they'd be out killing gang-bangers and drug runners instead of complaining about cops doing their jobs.

Anonymous 18/01/11(Thu)08:52 No. 534 ID: bcc440


Blacks also bitch and complain about racism when they truly are the most racist beings on the planet.

Anonymous 18/01/11(Thu)17:42 No. 535 ID: 03e1c9

>complaining about cops doing their jobs.

Black youth gets shot to death in front of 20 people.
Everyone knows the victim and the shooter.
Noone says a thing.

"Cops need to do their jobs! They don't care about black people!"

Anonymous 18/01/11(Thu)23:55 No. 536 ID: a870df

>Everyone knows the victim and the shooter. Noone says a thing.
To be completely fair, that's just southern culture.

Anonymous 18/01/13(Sat)08:41 No. 540 ID: bcc440

Nobody wants to be a snitch because snitches get stitches.

Anonymous 18/01/13(Sat)09:38 No. 542 ID: 1422fe

Gotta justify spending 50% of your income on firearms somehow.

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)12:12 No. 543 ID: bcc440

That is true. The only good nigger is a dead one.

Anonymous 18/02/24(Sat)11:03 No. 558 ID: 590f5b

File 151946663674.png - (91.75KB , 550x413 , Lots.png )

Funny how conservatives started to support gun legislation once the black panthers started hoarding guns.

Fucking pussies.

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