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z 15/12/05(Sat)18:43 No. 103022 ID: 9633ca

File 144933738868.gif - (1.72MB , 500x264 , 4.gif )

Gif Caption Thread.

(last one 404'd)

z 15/12/05(Sat)18:43 No. 103023 ID: 9633ca

z 15/12/05(Sat)18:45 No. 103024 ID: 9633ca

z 15/12/05(Sat)18:50 No. 103025 ID: 9633ca

z 15/12/05(Sat)18:53 No. 103026 ID: 9633ca

z 15/12/05(Sat)18:55 No. 103027 ID: 9633ca

Closet Homosexual 15/12/09(Wed)14:06 No. 103070 ID: 63cff5

can i get sauce on these?

Closet Homosexual 15/12/18(Fri)18:51 No. 103175 ID: 7f2a2e


Z 15/12/19(Sat)08:33 No. 103178 ID: 902190

I got banned whiling dumping

Closet Homosexual 15/12/22(Tue)20:57 No. 103210 ID: 6697dd

Well that's shitty. :(

Closet Homosexual 16/01/20(Wed)03:49 No. 103412 ID: fbfafe

I miss the old thread... :x
And I want anal now!!

Closet Homosexual 16/01/22(Fri)07:51 No. 103425 ID: 62b1d7


I usually hate gifs with just a few words or sentences...but these turn me on greatly for some reason.

Closet Homosexual 16/02/19(Fri)20:26 No. 103602 ID: 40a753

Any more of these?

Closet Homosexual 16/02/20(Sat)03:52 No. 103605 ID: 62b1d7


Captions are dead. Move on to something else. Otherwise go digging for them on google. There are billions of them and 90% of them are shit. Have fun!

Closet Homosexual 16/02/24(Wed)03:52 No. 103637 ID: fbfafe

Yeah, whatever floats your boat man

Closet Homosexual 16/03/17(Thu)05:38 No. 103803 ID: fbfafe

Closet Homosexual 16/04/26(Tue)04:56 No. 104156 ID: fbfafe


Closet Homosexual 16/05/08(Sun)14:10 No. 104298 ID: b92d31

File 146270942481.gif - (3.45MB , 380x212 , hudson_spectacles.gif )

No caption, but this is hot as fuck.

Closet Homosexual 16/05/10(Tue)01:17 No. 104309 ID: 35dcb4

trannypros dot com/fr/video/trannypros/73008

Closet Homosexual 16/05/10(Tue)21:47 No. 104312 ID: b92d31

>>trannypros dot com/fr/video/trannypros/73008

Doesn't have that exact beat/scene.

Closet Homosexual 16/05/11(Wed)02:10 No. 104314 ID: fbfafe

hot damn!!

Closet Homosexual 16/06/03(Fri)03:14 No. 104464 ID: b152cc

Anyone still here that has stuff downloaded from the last thread? There was so much good shit in that one, it would be amazing if someone could reupload them.

Closet Homosexual 16/06/30(Thu)19:36 No. 104613 ID: 63a8eb

Do the opposite of this kind of thing exist? Like from the "sissyfier"'s perspective?

Closet Homosexual 16/07/04(Mon)09:41 No. 104622 ID: 79da4d


Moanacademy.tumblr.com has some like that but most caps I have seen haven't been from the Dominant's perspective, they've mostly been from sub perspective.

Closet Homosexual 16/07/07(Thu)18:59 No. 104636 ID: 7df45b

Oh man, this. Real shame 50% or more captions on the internet are geared for the twink's perspective instead of the one who tops.

Closet Homosexual 16/07/08(Fri)09:24 No. 104639 ID: a90970

Just like all the shemale music vids are based around wanting to become a shemale/sissy rather than fucking one. It's annoying.

nop Millard 16/07/09(Sat)15:20 No. 104641 ID: fcf0fc


Closet Homosexual 16/07/16(Sat)08:27 No. 104679 ID: ff20a1


There is a shocking lack of media about males dominating shemales. Most of it is about femboys dancing around in girls clothes and going "tee-hee" (in effect anyway). I have a folder where I keep captions about fucking and dominating femboys (from both perspectives). I haven't added to it in over two years.

Closet Homosexual 16/07/16(Sat)21:49 No. 104681 ID: e59f4d

This should be rectified.

Dudes dominating tgirls Jessica Fappit 16/07/18(Mon)04:52 No. 104688 ID: e3c575

File 146881030772.gif - (4.82MB , 243x182 , PizzaSlut-4TWITTER.gif )

That's why I got back into porn

Closet Homosexual 16/07/19(Tue)02:36 No. 104693 ID: d7d196

I think videos like this http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1535417112

but with shemales would be super hot.

Closet Homosexual 16/07/20(Wed)02:24 No. 104701 ID: 6b1c42

God bless ya, Jessica! That's why I keep watching your wonderful stuff!

Closet Homosexual 16/07/31(Sun)20:55 No. 104779 ID: b8cc29

I've got a few hot gifs I could put captions in, anyone recommend an easy program or website to do it with non-terrible results?

Closet Homosexual 16/08/09(Tue)01:35 No. 104806 ID: b8cc29

Hmmmhm... Could really use a cock up my ass right about now... :3~~~

Closet Homosexual 16/10/17(Mon)04:42 No. 105295 ID: b8cc29

File 147667213122.gif - (1.89MB , 388x263 , 1432780850192-2.gif )

Closet Homosexual 16/10/21(Fri)00:54 No. 105306 ID: 15877d

So should! ALLL of these these things just seem targeted towards transvestites and cross dressers instead of people who have actual gender identity disorder and admirers. Soo. Fucking. Annoyingg...

Closet Homosexual 16/12/15(Thu)01:41 No. 105602 ID: b8cc29

File 148176251381.gif - (1.05MB , 500x240 , imageedit_6_8196688652.gif )

Closet Homosexual 17/01/23(Mon)04:14 No. 105784 ID: b8cc29

File 148514126425.gif - (1.83MB , 600x317 , 201385880.gif )

Closet Homosexual 17/01/23(Mon)04:18 No. 105785 ID: b8cc29

File 148514149665.gif - (885.88KB , 500x450 , 636818258.gif )

Closet Homosexual 17/01/23(Mon)04:37 No. 105786 ID: 8d2aba

Big bunch of 'em here: http://itsybitsysissy.tumblr.com/

Closet Homosexual 17/02/11(Sat)06:19 No. 105868 ID: b8cc29

nice ^___^

Closet Homosexual 17/04/11(Tue)03:44 No. 106050 ID: b8cc29

Closet Homosexual 17/04/11(Tue)03:45 No. 106051 ID: b8cc29

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