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Allie 17/01/29(Sun)01:18 No. 105802 ID: ad9c9f

File 148564911159.jpg - (137.78KB , 720x1280 , IMG_1550.jpg )

i've got crazy eyes in this picture but hiiiiii
i'm allie
I live in fl
been on hrt for a year

Allie 17/01/29(Sun)01:21 No. 105803 ID: ad9c9f

Misha93 17/01/29(Sun)01:32 No. 105804 ID: efcb78

Wow too cute!~~~~

where do you live in florida?
I'm in Clearwater

Closet Homosexual 17/01/29(Sun)03:15 No. 105805 ID: c12623


Closet Homosexual 17/01/29(Sun)03:22 No. 105806 ID: 2c1598

Want more god damn, hot!! Would love to date you :P

Closet Homosexual 17/01/29(Sun)04:08 No. 105808 ID: b59629

body is fine but damn that face is busted

Ryan. Smith 17/01/29(Sun)13:32 No. 105809 ID: f88974

You look amazing i adore your eyes

Closet Homosexual 17/01/30(Mon)00:09 No. 105810 ID: 211ed6

You are going to truly be something to behold in just a couple more months of HRT.

I can't wait to see more in the future!

Allie 17/01/30(Mon)22:43 No. 105814 ID: ad9c9f

I'm getting my dosage upped soon + getting on injectable estradiol so it will reallyyyt be working then lol

Closet Homosexual 17/03/01(Wed)08:57 No. 105933 ID: c0d1b7

where in florida? Orlando here :o

TotallyNotgay 17/03/03(Fri)18:33 No. 105947 ID: 212d4b

oh man you live in fl? I would love to take you out

Closet Homosexual 17/03/22(Wed)22:45 No. 106005 ID: 9e68c9

so cute. i wanna hit it.

Closet Homosexual 17/03/26(Sun)19:17 No. 106012 ID: 96772f


Damn you're hot as hell

Closet Homosexual 17/04/12(Wed)15:01 No. 106054 ID: 50c18f

w2c those panties, lol

Closet Homosexual 17/04/21(Fri)09:53 No. 106081 ID: c004c4

Come back Allie, we need more

Allie 17/04/25(Tue)00:44 No. 106095 ID: e4aa10

sowwy for not posting more, my confidence has been at 0% latley lol

Closet Homosexual 17/04/25(Tue)08:47 No. 106099 ID: c86b53

Boost it by fishing for validation from a bunch of internet strangers.

And I'm only half joking. We're clearly all into you, so if you can work up the mojo to post something I'm sure we'll all go wild. Maybe that'll help things a little bit.

Closet Homosexual 17/05/11(Thu)01:46 No. 106124 ID: cc6261

in north florida and would put it in your butt

Closet Homosexual 17/05/13(Sat)09:20 No. 106132 ID: 758511

I love the dark and school girl style. Crazy eyes = a crazy night. The thought were in the same state as me rock hard. Ass bent over with panties showing; you care indulge?

Closet Homosexual 17/05/16(Tue)03:09 No. 106134 ID: 609500

10/10 would fuck, longwood FL Here.

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