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John Smith 18/04/29(Sun)16:09 No. 46560

File 152501098613.jpg - (28.67KB , 355x355 , 67896867.jpg )

Somehow I have managed to lose a whisk ball. Have you ever lost something? I have thought of places I am sure to have lost something to, under the couch or behind our washing machine. Someday soon I will make it my goal to check those spots

John Smith 18/04/30(Mon)16:06 No. 46565

a what?

John Smith 18/05/02(Wed)06:11 No. 46569

looks like the little spring balls that are in blender bottles. Personally I've been lucky to lose the bottle before the spring as strange as that sounds.

John Smith 18/06/03(Sun)01:47 No. 46591

Sorry for yout loss, John. I am sure it will found, maybe not by you or anyone you know, but by someone sooner or later.

Regarding your question regarding losing things, yes I have lost quite a few of my possessions (though perhaps it is not really correct to call items that one has lost "possessions" since they aren't actually in ones possession then).
One such lost, formerly-possessed item is a cheese slicer that I was very fond of, which mysteriously disappeared on day many years ago.
I've written about it before a few times (I even think I've told you, John) and shan't be repeating myself by writing about it here again.
I've lost many other things, many of which being much more valuable monetarily and in general importance, but this ex-slicer of mine is oddly enough the thing I always think of first when I think of what I've lost.

Losing things we love, smaller or grater, is just a slice of life for the Big Cheese.

John Smith 18/06/05(Tue)01:33 No. 46593

File 152815520241.jpg - (589.30KB , 1456x2052 , babu.jpg )

I can't recall the last time I lost something, but I'm always finding things.
A few days ago, I found a baby doll in the parking lot, and sat it on the step to my workplace. It was pretty funny.

John Smith 18/06/06(Wed)19:59 No. 46599

whats the purpose of these stupid ball thing they are in my parents fancy water jugs and i have to wash them ... isnt there like an ice ball thing yo pt inside it and it keeps youre ice from dancing around inside the bottle or something idk . just visually it looks like a stpid invention idk

John Smith 18/06/11(Mon)04:06 No. 46602

This reminds me of the one day I twisted open an empty Guinness can just to retrieve the widget within. That device's purpose is more well known: it's filled with nitrogen which leaks out through a tiny pinhole when you open the can so that the canned version feels similar to the tap version. Outside its intended context, it's just an unassuming-looking plastic ball.

John Smith 18/06/13(Wed)05:48 No. 46608

My mother gave me the most interesting cross when I was 13. It meant so much to me. I lost it on a beach during a family vacation a year ago.

John Smith 18/06/13(Wed)20:16 No. 46609

guiness tastes like vomit straight up

John Smith 18/06/18(Mon)07:03 No. 46614

Thank you for sharing your unique experience. I can't say that I've ever thrown up in a way that tasted like Guinness.

John Smith 18/07/03(Tue)11:34 No. 46624

You could experience this by drinking a sufficient amount of Guiness.

The draught or the stout? I don't care much for the draught, but I really the stout, though I'd say for most it's an acquired taste. It may be the Irish in me; I took to it right away.

John Smith 18/07/17(Tue)07:32 No. 46637

I never seem to lose things, I tend to keep things fairly well organised. This does remind me of three times when my girlfriend borrowed my water bottle and lost it though. Twice it was at her friend's place, and once I found it beside the washing machine downstairs.

Considering that I suppose the washing machine woudl be a good place for you to check.

John Smith 18/07/17(Tue)09:19 No. 46639

Their purpose is to actually blend. You can basically think of it as a better spoon that lets you shake rather than stir. It is very good for protein powder and works rather well for thicker things such as peanut butter so I don't doubt it would work for things such as bananas even.

John Smith 18/07/28(Sat)13:03 No. 46650

Always wondered what these are for. Now I know.

John Smith 18/08/06(Mon)19:33 No. 46658

how is it that you became aware of this object's existence without simultaneously identifying its purpose?

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