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Roommates (loli) Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)11:32 No. 17319 ID: 5c8966

It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

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Anonymous 17/10/04(Wed)05:53 No. 25156 ID: 527e2d

Back to the top with you were all patiently waiting!!!

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)18:21 No. 25158 ID: a116a6

Just finished reading this.

FUCK, now I'm part of the Waiting Game Group.

But also, what a read!

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/10/17(Tue)02:19 No. 25159 ID: 07bd1b


Sooner than that, next chapter's nearly finished, and it's a doozy. Expect it by the end of the week.

Anonymous 17/10/18(Wed)07:24 No. 25160 ID: c47e15


I am choosing to trust :O

Anonymous 17/10/19(Thu)05:01 No. 25161 ID: 394241

I'mma mark this on my calendar.

Anonymous 17/10/21(Sat)23:50 No. 25166 ID: ddf3f5


OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/10/22(Sun)15:37 No. 25168 ID: 63663e

The post-apocalyptic wasteland was a barren desert, the wind blowing a haze of sand across the ruins of civilization. The stillness was shattered by the roar of multiple V8 engines, a horde of classic muscle cars and hot rods, each with a variety of improvised armor, weapons, and spikes welded to them, screamed their way across the wastelands. The lead vehicle was driven by a man wearing mirrored aviators and a leather bomber jacket, while his companion in the passenger seat chose to wear a neon mohawk, football pads, and assless chaps.

"What a day, what a lovely day!" he shouted, clinging the spoils of their latest raid: a waifu body pillow and a bucket of gold jewelry.

Wielding a sawed-off shotgun, he screamed triumphantly as his car was the first to pass through the gates into the fortress looming over the barren plains like a rusted cancer. The harsh, guttural snarl of the engines died down one by one and the horde of raiders barred the gates behind them, then raced down the tunnels into the bunker below.

Gathering with the women and children of the clan, they waited with bated breath as their leader, a muscular man wearing a hockey mask and Speedo and little else, waved them all into silence.

"I see you! I see you all, my people! Road warriors, the strength of the clan! Women, the caretakers of the clan! Children, the future of the clan! I see you all! But now is the time to listen! Listen to the words of our prophet!"

A figure, clad in a hooded robe, stepped onto the stage as the leader took his own seat, then flipped back the hood, revealing a gas mask. The only sound in the bunker was the hiss of breath through his respirator, and then he held up one hand, fingers shaped to make the letter L on his forehead. The rest of the clan did the same, solemnly chanting, "loli is love, loli is life!"

Then the prophet sat down on the stage and slowly removed his mask, revealing himself to be OP.

"And now, my children, I shall tell you the next chapter of my tale..."


The awaited day was tomorrow. I'd gone an entire week without emptying my balls in anticipation of the special day. I'd gone online and looked up how to have sex with a virgin. Most of the information was less than helpful and it became clear to me that a lot of the people giving advice were either virgins themselves or their 'pure and virgin' girlfriend had been riding the cock carousel for years and her current source of funds was only fooling himself.

Wow. That's a depressing and cynical line of thought. Anyway, I knew for a fact that my girlfriend WAS pure and virginal. For that matter, so was I. Well, definitely not pure, given my activities over the last year or so, but definitely still a virgin.

And all that was going to change tomorrow.

I sat at the table eating breakfast, a bowl of cereal with marshmallow bits that Sara had apparently talked Bill into buying for her. The non-marshmallow component of the cereal tasted like cardboard and the marshmallows were flavorless lumps of sugar and dye that turned the milk a rainbow-colored mess. My heart was racing with nervous anticipation of the coming day... or possibly I was having a heart attack from all the sugar. Maybe both.

Bill had tried the cereal once and never touched it again. Today, he'd opted for toast and an apple for breakfast, along with a copy of his astronomy textbook that he was glued to.

Sara skipped in, humming happily to herself in her frog panties and nightshirt that had definitely gotten shorter on her. Or maybe she'd gotten taller. Probably the latter.

I was so nervous I was even thinking awkwardly. I could tell I was even blushing the moment she came in to pour herself a bowl of cereal and reminded me that we were, finally, going to go all the way and have sex.

Bill closed his textbook and shoved it in his backpack, then snapped his fingers like he'd just remembered something.

"Oh, hey, I forgot to mention, I was thinking I'd leave after Dr. Andre's class this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. That ok with you?"

"Why wouldn't it be?"

"Well, I'm already inconveniencing you by having you watch Sara for the weekend while I'm gone, I just want to make sure taking off a day early won't be a problem."

"Nah, it's fine. I get home before she does anyway, and tomorrow my only class is after she goes to school, so it makes no difference."

In actual fact, both of us would be skipping class tomorrow for sexy time.

"Cool. Ok, well, I left some money for pizza or something, and if you guys want to rent a movie or something..."

"Do people still rent movies? I thought they just used Netflix or Pirate Bay these days."

"No, they still have rental movies. You just get them out of a vending machine now."

"Huh. I honestly did not know that," I replied, wondering if that's what those red boxes in front of McDonald's that I never saw anyone using were.

"Anyway, if you're cool with it, then I guess I won't be coming back to the apartment. Leaving this afternoon let's me carpool with a couple classmates, so that saves me some gas money."

"Sweet. Have a fun weekend."

"You too."

Bill grabbed another backpack, presumably full of clothes and whatever else he would need during the class trip, and left the apartment.

"Better hurry and get dressed, kiddo. Don't want to be late for school. After all... it's bad enough you're skipping out tomorrow."

Sara grinned mischieviously as she dropped her cereal bowl in the sink and scampered off to get dressed. I waited for her to come out in a cute plaid jumper and pinched her butt as she walked out the door, eliciting an indignant squawk that culminated in her chasing me down the stairs of the apartment building and down the sidewalk until we had to part ways.

I took notes in class, but I really wasn't paying any attention. My thoughts were on my porcelain beauty, her gorgeous blue eyes and freckles, and smooth, soft skin...

It's really awkward walking from one class to the next with a boner.

I ate my lunch robotically, too distracted to even really notice what I was eating. Could have been lasagna with apple sauce for the sauce, string cheese, and toilet paper for the noodles for all I cared.

My afternoon class, I just sat there, leg jittering with nervous energy, tapping my pencil in between notes, counting down every agonizing second until class ended.

I jogged back to the apartment, too excited to walk but too lazy to run. I tossed my backpack into the corner, stripped down to my boxers, and did some exercises to work off my energy, then took a cold shower.

Clad only in boxers, I sat on the edge of my bed and waited. I was buzzing with anticipation, practically hyperventilating. It was finally going to happen! Oh geez. What if I fucked it up? What if I hurt her? What if she didn't like it? What if I came as soon as I put it in? Hell, what if it didn't fit in her at all?

I got up and paced around the room, fingers and lips tingling as I began to hyperventilate.

Then I literally slapped myself and said, "get it together!" I wasn't this nervous when I conned Sara into getting naked with me at the pond. Or when I coaxed her into giving me a handjob. Or a blowjob. Just chill. You've got this, man. You've got this. You know what it takes to satisfy your little lady, and you... think, you know what you're doing now. You've got this.

I focused on my breathing and slowly calmed down. I could almost hear that one song from Star Wars playing in the background. The one when Luke reaches out with the Force. You know the one. I relaxed and sat back down on the bed. I was at peace. I was happy. I was finally going to have sex, and it was going to be with the cutest, most adorable girl on the planet. I. Was. Calm.

Then I had a heart attack when the apartment door opened and Sara's backpack hit the floor with the force of the bomb that leveled Hiroshima. A herd of elephants stampeded down the hall, stopping just short of the door to my room... and then Sara casually came around the corner, leaned against the door frame, and said, "hey" like it was no big deal.

I almost cracked up. I really did.

"Hey yourself," I replied, grinning as I patted the bed beside me.

"Hay is for horses!" she exclaimed as she leaped onto the bed, pausing to take off her shoes and toss them out into the hallway. I nickered like a horse, eliciting a laugh from her, and helped her out of her jumper, blouse, and panties. Naked, she crawled across my bed and lay in the middle, grinning in anticipation as I removed my boxers and freed my massive erection.

"So, since Bill isn't coming home tonight, you want to start early?"

She hesitated a moment, blushing, then grinned even wider and nodded vigorously.

"Um... how... how do we start? I mean..."

"Well, little lady, you just leave that to me."

I kissed her on the forehead, looming over her, and I could feel her trembling nervously. Of course she was even more nervous than I was; she was just a kid, AND I wasn't about to have a monster dick shoved inside of me.

Well, ok, it's not that big, but c'mon. I'm slightly bigger than average, according to the internet, and I'm a grown man and she's a twelve year old girl. There's a bit of a size difference, and she was definitely on the losing end of the equation.

"Don't worry; I won't do it until you're ready. It might hurt a little, but it'll also feel really good," I said, hoping that was actually true. "If it hurts too much or you want me to stop, all you have to do is say something and we'll stop. Ok?"

"Ok," she said, obviously still a little scared.

"And I promise, I won't get mad or have my feelings hurt if we stop or you change your mind. Ok, sweetie?"


I kissed her on the lips and held it for a moment, and she slowly, hesitantly, put her arms around me in a hug, slowly gaining confidence.

"I love you, kiddo," I whispered.

"I love you too," she replied, and I could tell she meant it with all the passion a tweens heart could hold.

I lay down beside her and helped her into my lap, the usual position whenever I fondled her. I commenced the heavy petting with one hand, and gently, so as not to hurt her sensitive buds, felt up her little boobs with the other.

It took a while for her to get into it, but she slowly, slowly relaxed, tension leaking out of her tiny body as she surrendered herself to the sensation of my fingers sliding up and down her smooth slit.

Once I felt her begin to moisten up, I removed my off hand from her budding breasts and carefully inserted my index finger up to the first knuckle, while gently rubbing in the vicinity of her clit with the other. Her legs twitched and she wrinkled her brow a moment, but when no discomfort resulted she settled back in. I began slowly and gently moving my finger back and forth inside of her, intensifying my kneading of the soft flesh between her legs. Her breathing got heavier and faster, her crotch felt hot, and she was definitely moistening up, something the anonymous people of the internet said was important before I jellied my dick into her.

Having brought my little girlfriend to orgasm several times before, I waited until I judged she was close, then removed my finger from her vagina. I kept rubbing, slowly now, and kissed her on the forehead again.

"Ready, kiddo?"

She nodded, hesitation forgotten in the heat of passion, and I gently slid her onto the bed beside me and rolled onto my hands and knees over her.

"Spread your legs apart, kiddo. Like when I make you feel good."

She dutifully spread her legs and angled her hips up toward me, the nervous look returning to her face as she flushed nearly as red as her crotch. I positioned myself between her legs and laid down atop her, supporting my weight on my elbows.

"Remember, it's gonna hurt just a little, but it's gonna feel good too. If you want me to stop, just say so."

She nodded, biting her lip nervously, and craned her head as if trying to watch the deed; she couldn't see much, with me in the way.

I carefully lowered myself further, then used my hand to guide my dick to her crotch. I fumbled around a little, letting go of my dick to feel her up and try to locate the right spot,then grabbing my dick again and pressing the tip against what I hoped was the entrance. I felt like an idiot, and I was definitely blushing just as much as she was. Fortunately, Sara was too distracted with her end of things to notice that I was almost as clueless and hapless as her.

I gently pressed forward and my dick bent sideways; nope, didn't go in. I repositioned myself, rubbing the head of my penis up and down her moist slit until I found the right spot and pushed forward again.

Her pillowy soft lips parted before me, and the tip found itself pressed against something hot and damp. I pressed further and it went inside the moistness just a bit. Sara levitated upward away from my penis and I gently placed one hand on her shoulder in what I hoped was reassurance. She settled down, still straining to see what was going on, and I pushed forward again.

The head of my penis plunged into something mushy, moist, and hot; it was kind of like when Sara sucked my dick, but... different. Definitely different. There was something preventing me from going in further, but I pushed against it, slowly increasing the pressure. Sara squeezed her eyes shut and grit her teeth, but said nothing. In retrospect, she was actually holding her breath, but I didn't realize it at the moment.

I pushed a little more and suddenly the resistance was gone. Like, there should have been an accompanying sound effect. A pop, or a guitar string going twang! as it broke. Sara's eyes bulged and she clapped one hand over her mouth, stifling a yelp. I didn't need my hand to guide my penis anymore, so I held her in a hug, awkwardly keeping my weight off of her, and made reassuring shushing noises as she teared up.

"Do you want me to stop?"

She sobbed and threw one arm over her eyes to hide the fact that she was crying, but she shook her head no.

"Ok. I'm gonna keep going then. Just let me know if you want to stop."

I began pushing again until enough of my penis was inside that I could move back and forth without coming out entirely. I moved slowly and gently, and each thrust got me just a little bit deeper, until finally I was all the way inside of her. I'd bottomed out.

The sensation was VERY different from what I was used to when she sucked me off. For one thing, there weren't any teeth. Thank God. If there were, that'd probably be the basis of a horror movie or something. Actually, I think they made that one. Anyway, no teeth. And instead of firm, pliable lips and a slick, muscular tongue, my dick was wrapped in hot, wet, squishiness. And it was a tight fit! It felt like I could barely get my dick into her, it was so tight!

"Ok sweetie, I'm all the way in now. How you holdin' up?"

No response.

"Sara? You ok?"


She removed her hands from her face, revealing red, tearful eyes, but she didn't seem too terribly upset.

"How's it feel?"

"It hurts."


"Nu-no. Just... a little."

I squeezed her in another hug, and she put her arms around me to return the embrace.

"Ok. I'm gonna start moving now, ok?"


I awkwardly found a way to support myself with my knees so I could move my hips, trying to find the right motion; was it straight up and down, or back and forth, or what? Shit, how did our cave-dwelling ancestors figure it out without someone explaining it all to them?

Actually, they were all naked and living in close proximity in a cave, so they probably grew up watching each other do it. Including their parents. Ew.

Focus, idiot!

I slowly moved back and forth inside of her, never pulling out very far, keeping most of my penis inside of her. The word vagina is actually Latin for sheath, and I could see why; hers fit my penis like a glove. A very tight, moist, glove nice and warm from the dryer. It felt absolutely amazing.

Sara lay beneath me, arms wrapped around me in a bear hug, her slender legs spread to her sides, knees drawn up parallel to her chest. Her light brown hair was spread around her head like a halo, hiding most of the pillow. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her teeth were clenched, and she was breathing fast, almost gasping. I could feel her tiny, barely-there boobs pressed against my lower chest. I was finally doing it; I was losing my virginity, giving it to her, and she was giving hers to me. There should have been a church choir singing, to make the moment even more beautiful. Sara had given herself, body and soul, to me. Such a beautiful girl, and she was all mine, as I slowly and gently thrust in and out of her...

I knew it had been at least a few minutes, but it still seemed too soon when I felt that familiar tightness in my balls signaling that I was about to come. I increased the speed of my thrusts, just a little, still careful not to hurt Sara, as I prepared for the moment. My balls were used to being emptied into her willing little mouth at least two or three times a week, and they'd been denied that for the week leading up to this. There was a bit of a backlog built up. The pressure grew and grew until I couldn't hold it anymore and with a shuddering groan I thrust myself as far into Sara's groin as I could go and blew my load deep inside of her. It was the greatest, most intense orgasm I'd ever had, multi-colored fireworks going off inside my brain as I pumped load after load of semen into her. This was the fulfillment of every instinct in the male body, and it was absolutely glorious. I pressed myself against what I thought must have been her undeveloped little womb, filling it up with my seed, pumping more into her again and again in a flow that seemed like it was never going to stop.

With a moan, I got suddenly lightheaded and it was all I could do not to go limp and crush Sara beneath me. I hugged one arm around her bare shoulders, the other one pressing her head against my chest as I panted for breath. Holy shit, that was amazing!

I finally caught my breath and lifted myself up to look at her; my little angel was slightly soiled. Her eyes were red and her face blotchy from crying, snot running from her nose.

"I-is it over?" she asked, voice wavering.

"Yeah sweetie, it's over."

She sniffled and wiped her hand across her face, smearing snot and tears around and not accomplishing much else.

"Good job, kiddo; you really took that like a champ. Does it hurt much?"

"... a little."

"Ok, well just hold still for a second..."

I slowly pulled my softening penis out of her with a gross squelch, and it was instantly followed by a steady trickle of semen. And some of it had a bright pink tinge to it.

"C'mon kiddo, let's get you cleaned up."

I helped her to her feet and she walked awkwardly to the bathroom with me, cupping one hand between her legs to keep from dripping my jizz everywhere. I helped her into the tub and got the water started while she slumped down into a seated position, both hands pressed against her crotch. She looked slightly dazed, and I began to get a little worried.

"You ok, kiddo?"

She nodded, then quietly said, "Can I be by myself?"

"... sure. Let me know if you need anything."

I shut the bathroom door behind me, and exhaled heavily. Shit. I hoped I didn't traumatize her or something.

I walked back into my room and realized that my bed was a mess. The sheet was soaked in jizz, a small amount of blood, and possibly some of Sara's pussy juices. It was a mixture of bodily fluids that I was quite certain had stained the sheet and was working its way into the mattress beneath. I yanked the sheet off and tossed it into the laundry basket, then pulled it back out and wiped my dick off with it before shoving it back in. Then I sat on the edge of the bed, listening to the water run in the other room, and the doubt set in.

I'd hurt her, really, really bad. She was traumatized for life. She'd never want anything to do with me ever again. Maybe she'd even tell someone about it. Maybe my life was effectively over.

Before I got too deep into self-flagellating thoughts, I heard the shower turn off, and a minute later Sara stepped out, hair still damp. She came and sat on the bed next to me, hands covering her crotch protectively, then wiped her nose with the back of one hand as she sniffled again.

"You ok?"


"Does it hurt?"

"It's sore."

"I'm sorry, kiddo. It's like that every girl's first time."

"I know."

"Did you like it?"

".... a little."

"That's good. Did it feel good?"

"... kinda."

"Like when I help you feel good?"

"... a little. Not the same."

"You didn't orgasm?"

She shook her head. I kind of expected it, having read that most girls didn't orgasm their first time, but I still felt kinda bad about it.

"Well, that's normal. Sometimes it takes a few tries before a girl really gets to enjoy it."

"Did... did you like it?"

"It was great. But what really made it special was that I got to do it with you."

She looked away shyly when I said that, smiling for the first time since I'd put it in her. I put one arm around her in a hug and kissed the top of her head, the scent of her wet hair and strawberry shampoo invading my nostrils.

"I love you, kiddo. You're really special to me, you know that?"

"I love you too."

"And I wouldn't want to do this with anybody else."


"No. Just you."

She leaned into my hug and rested her head against my chest.

"You want me to make you feel good now?"

"Nuh-uh," she said, shaking her head. She leaned forward to retrieve her panties from the floor and slid them on, silently signaling that her nether regions were off limits for the time being. Seeing the cartoon frog glare at me condemningly, I respected her wishes and, remaining nude myself, laid down on the bed and patted the mattress invitingly. She snuggled up against me and I grabbed my laptop.

"How about a movie?"


A comedy would probably help right about now, so I opened up my folder of pirated movies and hunted for the right one.

"How about... Shrek?"

Sara responded by making a fart noise with her mouth, and I waved my hand in front of my face as if warding off a foul stench.

"Oh, donkey!" I said in my terrible Mike Myers impression.

She giggled and snuggled beside me as I put one arm around her and started the movie.

Yeah, Shrek was definitely the right call.

Anonymous 17/10/22(Sun)22:49 No. 25170 ID: 2e0c2e

OP...OP never delivers... What? I don't... The world does not make sense anymore, the fabric of space time has fractures. OP DELIVERED!

Anonymous 17/10/23(Mon)04:39 No. 25171 ID: 9d56f7

op delivered so damn much, great story op. you caught a lot of the feelings i had losing my virginity to my gf and put it into words. only difference was she was 2yrs older than me

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/10/24(Tue)05:38 No. 25174 ID: f0592e

5 years, 12 days. Was it worth it?

Anonymous 17/10/24(Tue)06:49 No. 25175 ID: 9d56f7

yes, but the question must be asked. whens the next chapter???

Anonymous 17/10/25(Wed)23:17 No. 25177 ID: 6d0371


You're amazing OP, I just finished it.

It was beautiful. Definitely one of my TOP 10 moments. With the whole story together and this kind of finish; it was real.

And thank you that you kept the story going for more than 5 years. I don't know if it was easy/hard at times, but know that it was worth it.

Hope there are more chapters in the future.

Thanks again <3

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/10/26(Thu)03:26 No. 25178 ID: 2cad3d


The story is far from over. I was merely asking if the wait was worth it for the 'payoff' of the main character having sex with Sara.

Anonymous 17/10/26(Thu)03:48 No. 25179 ID: 2e0c2e

In short Yes.

In long yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.

Anonymous 17/11/02(Thu)05:59 No. 25184 ID: ff168d

My reaction to reading this chapter


Anonymous 17/11/06(Mon)02:25 No. 25186 ID: 80f54d


Anonymous 17/11/07(Tue)05:29 No. 25187 ID: dbcb84

This is a really good story, I hope it has a relatively happy ending for the subject matter

Anonymous 17/11/07(Tue)22:09 No. 25188 ID: 07f23c

>that feel when you've been following one of the most amazing stories /elit/ for half a decade, getting cockteased and blueballed by it so many times, and you can't actually fap to the story's first true proper sex scene because you're on meds that have gutted your libido.

But it was worth it, OP. It was so very worth it.

Anonymous 17/11/13(Mon)00:46 No. 25192 ID: 1195e0

Holy shit what a journey... I have so many memories of this story. You are a god

Anonymous 17/11/13(Mon)01:42 No. 25193 ID: 0c2267

hOLY FUCk our savior has returned thank OP

i'm gunna compile all the parts into one txt and post it later so everyone can just read the whole thing instead of scrolling through tons of posts

jesus christ it's been a long time

what a hell of a ride

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/11/13(Mon)04:50 No. 25194 ID: 02664c


Next chapter will probably be around Christmas or New Year's.

Anonymous 17/11/23(Thu)20:01 No. 25197 ID: 276187

I really hope we get to see her orgasm during penetration sex sooner rather than later, preferably a simultaneous climax

Anonymous 17/11/24(Fri)02:29 No. 25198 ID: cc8911

Keep making her swallow cum loads.
Great work!

Kryters 17/11/25(Sat)14:22 No. 25199 ID: 80d347

I actually thought was pretty lame, after making us wait so long. A pointless poking in the bedroom ? I was expecting a romantic drawn out hard shagging in the tent at the hunting preserve with wolves howling in the distance as she screamed your name, the full moon silhouetted her nubile body.

Anonymous 17/12/01(Fri)14:45 No. 25208 ID: db85e4

I think the flow seemed natural enough, It's more believable story my only issues might be in flushing out the brother's character a bit more, we know he is self absorb and cold, at first I thought he had been abusing his sister then I thought he was distant, it seems odd he never talks about girls or sex or dating in the span of an entire year.

Anonymous 17/12/02(Sat)22:45 No. 25209 ID: 6d0371

I just appreciate the fact he finished inside of her. That's really what made it for me.

Hopefully she will enjoy it more in the future, but the fact it wasn't perfect this time is what makes this story so real.

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/12/13(Wed)08:00 No. 25225 ID: 6683c5

The next morning I stumbled out in my boxers, poured a bowl of cereal, and sat at the table, waiting for my brain to wake up. Maybe I should start drinking coffee.

Sara wandered in, hair sticking in all directions, night shirt sagging off one shoulder and wearing the cartoon frog panties from yesterday and I suddenly didn't need any caffeine to wake up.

"Mornin' kiddo."


I poured her a bowl of cereal and she flopped into her chair and started crunching away, staring into the void at That Which Man Was Not Meant To Know, located roughly in the center of the table. She was definitely not a morning person.

"How you feel?"



"Yeah. Like... there's a bruise in my privates."

There actually probably was, given that it was her first time and all. And I'd certainly stretched her out a bit.

"It'll get better. You want a Tylenol?"

"No, it's not that bad."

We finished our breakfast and I put our bowls in the sink, then said, "Since we're both skipping school today, you wanna watch a movie?"


We migrated to the couch and I let her pick out a movie. She selected one from Bill's stack of DVD's and I raised my eyebrow; Dr. Strangelove didn't seem like the sort of movie a 12 year old girl would be into. For that matter, I didn't know if it was something I'd be into either.

Turns out, we both liked it. In fact, for the rest of the semester, either of us could crack the other up by shouting, "MEIN FUHRER! I CAN WALK!"

Sara didn't get all the jokes, and we were both somewhat distracted. She sat in my lap during the movie, and before long my hand had mysteriously found its way between her legs and was gently stroking her through her panties. After a bit, she shifted her position on my lap and sat Indian-style, crotch exposed, so I slid my hand into her panties and fondled her crotch directly.

We just sat like that for the rest of the movie, both of us laughing, her face slightly flushed as I slowly, gently rubbed her slit the entire time.

After the last nuclear bomb exploded and the credits ended, Sara suddenly spun around in my lap (trapping my hand in between her legs) and pounced on me with a loud, "RAAAAR!"

We hadn't wrestled in a long time. It was fun just... having fun. After a couple minutes of tussling about, I suddenly flipped her shirt over her head, blinding her and trapping her arms as I pinned her to the couch. Then I pressed my lips to her belly button and blew.


"Aaaaah! Hahaha! Stoooop!"

"Never! Pppbbbbllllt!"

Then I took advantage of the opportunity afforded me and put my mouth over one of her little boobs. The whole thing would just fit inside if I opened my mouth... I blew against her puffy nipple and when that only resulted in a burbly noise, I shook my head back and forth and blew a raspberry.


Sara squirmed her way out of my grasp, wiggling out of her shirt in the process, and stood, legs spread, slightly crouched, ready to dodge in any direction. She was clad in just her panties now, face flushed, breathing heavily, a grin on her face. I lunged for her and she scooted under my swinging arm, bounced off the couch, and jumped on my back.


"Oh no!"

I flopped backwards onto the couch, careful to land on my butt first and then roll onto my back so I didn't squash her, and she shrieked, letting go in an attempt to escape. I rolled around to face her, grabbed her panties, and yanked them off as I stood up, launching her butt and legs in the air as I did so.

She landed flat on the couch with an indignant squawk, then shrieked as I tossed her panties in her face and started tickling her all over.

"N-n-ooo-ooo! Aaaaah! Stop!"

I kept tickling her until she couldn't breath anymore, then I relented and flopped onto the couch next to her. She sprawled beside me, stretching one leg across my stomach, and gasped for breath, still grinning.

"I think I won, kiddo."


"Yeah huh."

"... Ok. You win."

"Ha. Told you."

I looked at her beautiful, naked body and gently rubbed my hand up and down the leg she had on top of me, feeling my erection grow inside my boxers.

"So... whatcha wanna do today, kiddo?"

"Let's spend the whole day naked."

"Now that's a plan!"

I slid out of my boxers and she sat up next to me, taking note of my growing boner.

"You wanna try sex again?"

"Uh-uh," she said, shaking her head. She subconsciously covered her crotch with one hand and winced slightly.

"Ok. You want some girl vitamins?"

She pretended to think about it for a second, then nodded cheerfully. I leaned against the corner of the couch and she laid down across the rest of it, on her belly. Her legs slowly alternated back and forth in the air above her butt and she held herself up on her elbows as as she took my penis into her mouth and began sucking.

I really am a lucky bastard, I thought to myself. I didn't even feel a twinge of guilt for corrupting this sweet, innocent girl either. Not anymore. She was all mine, and I was all hers.

I gently stroked her hair as her head bobbed up and down in my lap, and happily reflected that it was only Friday morning and Bill wouldn't be back until late Sunday evening. I had the better part of three days to do all sorts of naughty things with his little sister.

What would he do if he found out...

Sara cleared her throat and pulled my dick out of her mouth while she stretched her neck, then resumed sucking, and I forgot all about any concern for Bill finding out I was fucking his sister. It's hard to think about anything when a pretty 12 year old has her lips wrapped around your cock.

I continued gently stroking her hair as my balls tensed up and then shot my load into her mouth. She waited until I finished, then swallowed and carefully sucked me clean before sitting up and cuddling against me.

"You like the way that tastes, kiddo?"

"Uh-huh. It doesn't taste weird anymore. I like it."

"Well that's good. I like giving you your vitamins."

She giggled and hugged me, and I squeezed her back.

"Betcha I can kick your butt in Mario Kart!"

"Oh, you do, huh? You're on!"

Yeah. This was going to be a great weekend.

Anonymous 17/12/20(Wed)01:12 No. 25238 ID: 0deb37

Wow, a week after a new post and still no replies?! What's going on?

The+Bard 17/12/20(Wed)01:48 No. 25239 ID: 67e40d

It's family invasion holiday portion of the year. That is my guess.

Anonymous 17/12/20(Wed)03:30 No. 25240 ID: c47e15


People check on this less often now

Anonymous 17/12/20(Wed)04:23 No. 25241 ID: 73d817

Keep on going bro, you still got rapt attention here

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 17/12/22(Fri)03:58 No. 25246 ID: c15c05


Next update will be between Christmas and New Year's. Look forward to it.

The+Bard 17/12/23(Sat)03:25 No. 25248 ID: 69067c

Oh, I very much do. I can't stop reading this story.

Anonymous 17/12/31(Sun)13:39 No. 25267 ID: 0cf92e


Anonymous 17/12/31(Sun)21:30 No. 25268 ID: d0c7fc

This story made me get into working out tbh

Anonymous 18/01/02(Tue)00:08 No. 25270 ID: ff5142

He is a nigger

Anonymous 18/01/02(Tue)15:20 No. 25271 ID: ed7a8b

to be fair, he didn't say which christmas and new year's.

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 18/01/03(Wed)06:56 No. 25273 ID: c93939


Orthodox churches use the Julian calendar for holidays such as Christmas and New Year's. According to the Julian calendar, it is currently December 21st.

Gragnost 18/01/07(Sun)01:35 No. 25282 ID: 551d98

Yeah yeah. Either way we want the promised next part.

Anonymous 18/01/07(Sun)07:21 No. 25283 ID: e1cdb2

Taps fingers...


The+Bard 18/01/08(Mon)02:09 No. 25285 ID: c14470

Please sir, may I have some more? -Oliver Twist, with an empty bowl and big-sad-orphan-boy eyes.

Just kidding. Take your time. Late and good beats early and suck every time.

Anonymous 18/01/16(Tue)05:06 No. 25297 ID: e72d92

I need more, p-please.

Anonymous 18/01/22(Mon)04:16 No. 25310 ID: 9d56f7

still waiting...

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 18/01/22(Mon)23:27 No. 25311 ID: f06efb

Got my ass knocked down by the flu, still getting over it. Gonna make the next chapter a special one to make up for the delay. It'll go up once I'm feeling better and I'm not hallucinating from all the fucking Nyquil.

The+Bard 18/01/23(Tue)04:25 No. 25312 ID: 8ab234


Given how this flu is going it is good that you are still alive. I am hoping to dodge it myself. Good to know you are ok.

Anonymous 18/01/23(Tue)14:32 No. 25313 ID: 0cf92e

Protip: get some antibiotics, you have a chest infection.

Anonymous 18/01/26(Fri)06:00 No. 25318 ID: 4bf957

Holy fuck, this thing is still going?

Anonymous 18/02/06(Tue)00:40 No. 25342 ID: 5b50a8


Anonymous 18/02/07(Wed)00:10 No. 25346 ID: c9d098

So I'm the only one that got the gorram comment. River Tam and Kaylee Frye. Yep. Oh and reavers too.
Thanks I read through this in a couple of days. Outstanding story. Ill be back.


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