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Two Become One grotto 14/03/03(Mon)10:20 No. 21280 ID: 28d1dc

Hey, I'm grotto and here's the current version of Two Become One. I originally wrote this story to be posted on 4chan's /d/. The version posted on Oblimo's site here ( http://oblimo.pbworks.com/w/page/5537707/Two-Become-One ) is from summer 2008, and what appears here has been edited significantly since then. Please enjoy... As always, I have many ideas for the story that I've been nursing for years, but I can't promise new chapters within any reasonable timeframe. I will post them when I write them.



Sara sat on her bed, still not quite able to believe what she was hearing. The person beside her seemed to be a ten-year-old girl, wearing a loose gray t-shirt, short brown hair and a baseball cap. "See, feel me, I'm just like normal, right?" Sara hesitantly reached out her hand and grabbed the girl's wrist. She could feel the bones in her arm, the pulse in her veins.

"Ok, now watch." The girl leaned forward and closed her eyes. In less than a second, gigantic breasts swelled into being on her boyish frame, stretching the fabric of the t-shirt. They were ludicrously large, puffing out into mounds around her areolae - C-cups in their own right - and the nipples were clearly visible, erect, three-quarters of an inch wide. The new breasts jiggled with their own momentum as the girl gently shook them back and forth. "Feel them if you want," she said. Sara reached out a hand and patted the monster on the left. It yielded and swayed around a bit. She began to knead, feeling the soft, warm boob tissue, not any different from her own except for the size. Still disbelieving, Sara reached down and tweaked the prominent, hard nipple. It was a firm nub, yielding a bit to her when squeezed, different from the soft breast tissue. The girl let out a squeak of laughter.

"That's too odd," said Sara. "It's not just boobs," said the girl. For a split second, her body lost all its detail, decohering in a blobby mass. She reformed a second later. Now the girl had deep red hair, tied back in a ponytail, wisps escaping to float in the afternoon sun that came down through the window. Gone were the ludicrous breasts. Her face was vaguely similar to before, but now she seemed to be six or seven years older. The T-shirt and jeans had become a beautiful dark green velvet dress, matching her eyes, cut to expose a hint of pearly cleavage. Although she was hardly recognizable, she had the same playful glint in her eyes.

"I can control pretty much everything about myself." the girl said. "Feel the dress." Sara reached out and took some fabric, rubbed it in between her fingers. It felt like fine fuzzy velvet. The girl smiled. "That's as much a part of me as my body or my hair. I'm made of a universal substrate that I can reorganize however I want to."

It made no sense at all. But the evidence was right here. This girl.. or thing.. was a total shapeshifter. "Where.. um, how.. What are you doing here?" Sara was awed and excited.

The girl smiled hugely. "I'm able to get by pretty well in normal society just by turning myself into whatever kind of person I need to. Just look -" She blurred and became a boy of the same age. Her voice modulated lower to that of a seventeen-year-old boy's. "Fully functional of course." He pointed to his crotch where suddenly there was a virile bulge. "Wanna get a closer look?"

"Um, no thanks," said Sara.

"No biggie," he said, and transmogrified again. She became an old lady complete with a small, yapping dog peeking from her purse; a businessman with graying hair; a tall African woman with bluish-gray tattoos. Settling back in the form of the boyish ten-year-old with the T-shirt, the girl continued.

"I came to you because I wanted to try something out. Something I've never done before. I'll have to explain a bit though." The girl caught her breath, thinking about her next words, then continued. "First, I want you to know that I think you're awesome. I've been following you around for a couple days, and I only finally showed myself to you because I think you're a great person. You're adventurous, you're mischevious, you like people, you have a strong sense of self. I want to help you out. I want.. to give you my service."

Sara was out of her depth. "I don't know what you mean."

The girl nodded. "It's not easy to explain.. Here goes. I want to become your skin."

"My skin?!"

"Well, like a second skin. I want.. for you to wear me." Sara recoiled. "Wait. I'll show you. Give me your hand. Don't worry, I'll take it right back off. If you want." Sara hesitantly put her hand into the girl's. The shapeshifter's flesh liquefied, spread out, cool over Sara's skin. Soon her arm halfway to the elbow was covered with what looked like a thick rubber glove.

"This is weird," Sara said. "Shhh," replied the girl. "Watch."

The glove seemed to shrink, to conform to Sara's hand, taking on the same texture and color as her skin. She held her hand up in the light. It looked just like... her hand. She rubbed her fingers together and could feel the usual texture of her fingerprints. She clapped her hands and made a completely unremarkable clapping sound. But something was a little bit different. She compared her hands side by side. The skin tone was a little bit smoother. The freckles were more clearly defined. The skin tone on the back of her hand, usually a teeny bit uneven with red blush, was a healthy even color.

"Do you feel the weight?" the girl asked.

Sara waved her hand around in the air. "I guess so," she said. "No... No, I can't tell. It really feels normal."

"Well, I only gave you a little bit. I've found that I can vary my volume immensely, but I can't change my mass. Anyway, the part of me that you're wearing has almost no volume. If you want to do this, that's how it would usually be. You'd look and feel entirely normal - I'd be able to support my own extra mass. You might even forget I'm there!"

"But why?" Sara asked. She was beginning to understand but she wanted it to be spelled out for her. "Why do you want to do that?"

"Look," said the girl. Sara held her hand up. A quick blur and she was wearing a lady's glove of white leather, long and elegant. "I can make you - " The glove disappeared. In its place, her hand was laden with sparkling rings and jewels. She had the elegant wrinkles of royalty. "- look however you -" Her arm became entirely hairless, pearly white, with flawless, young skin and black lacquered nails. "- want to." Her hand returned exactly to normal. "Think for a second! You'll never have to wear any clothes, put on any makeup. I'll be there, in whatever form you want me to. You'll always be stunningly beautiful. Or not, if you want. You can disguise yourself completely. There's so much more, but I'd have to show you." The girl was honestly excited about this. "Do I have your permission to come aboard, captain?"

Sara laughed. The decision was easy. "Aye aye, sailor," she said.

"Okay, take off your clothes," said the girl.

Sara was a bit embarrassed to disrobe in front of her guest, but she reasoned to herself that they'd be on much closer terms very soon. She threw her clothes into a pile at the foot of the bed. Now that she was naked she felt kind of silly. She stood in the center of the room and held her arms out. "So now what?"

The girl stood up from the bed, coruscating with excitement. She took two steps toward Sara and her form began to ripple, her hair coalescing into a blob along with her body. She locked Sara in an embrace and immediately began to flow along her limbs, between her legs, over every part of her skin. For Sara it was like sinking into mud or clay, a cool encasing touch that spread assiduously over her entire body. Her breath caught in her throat as the coolness spread, and she gasped as if plunged into cold water. She felt it between her butt cheeks, under her arms, sliding over her labia. It didn't feel like the touch of another person at all. As it spread over her face there was a moment when she couldn't breathe, but quickly it reduced down to what seemed like her own skin and hair. The whole process had taken about five seconds.

She looked down at her body. She felt her legs, her breasts, her face. It felt exactly like normal.

"Pretty neat, huh?" said someone right in her ear.

Sara turned. There was no one there. Of course not, she thought.

"Ha ha, I guess you'll have to get used to this. This is pretty amazing, you know. You've got a great body." Sara felt lightheaded. She walked over to her wall mirror. Her body was the same as normal.. but not quite. Just like when it was just her hand, she seemed inexplicably more refined. Maybe it was the line of her eyebrow - maybe the set of her collarbone. She realized she was admiring herself.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?" the voice in her ear said. "I bet you'd look great.. hmm.. OK, I've got it." A quick blur, and suddenly she was wearing an astoundingly beautiful dress. It was light and dark blue in sweeping streaks, there were tiny, glowing pearls strung through the bodice, and it fit her perfectly. It was the most comfortable piece of formal wear she had ever worn.

"Would you care to raise your right foot?" asked the voice. She complied in a daze. When she set her foot back down, she could feel she was wearing a delicate low-heeled shoe. She raised and lowered the other foot and looked down at the deep blue pair. They were quite elegant, their sparse lines immaculately stylish.

"We're just beginning," said the voice in her ear.

The dress suddenly melted away and the shoes disappeared, lowering her back onto her bare feet. The voice in her ear whispered. "I can keep you warm in the coldest of winters. I can protect you from the sun and from the fire. You can walk over broken glass on your bare feet. But look back in the mirror."

Sara looked at her image in the mirror. Now she was wearing a skimpy set of underwear, a black lace bra and panties. "Take off the bra," whispered the voice. She reached in back, unclasped the bra and dropped it. "Now watch."

She felt a tingling in her breasts. As she watched, looking in the mirror, they swelled and burgeoned, doubling and tripling in size. Her nipples - with what felt like a constant zing of electrical charge - enlarged into little excited thumb tips, and her areolae swelled into subtle mounds. When they stopped changing, they were the exact equal of the girl's from before. Her skin looked pink and new, stretched around pendulous masses of new flesh. Sara shook her body and they jiggled. They stuck out from her chest in defiance of gravity. Her heart was beating so fast she almost forgot to breathe.

"Touch them." The voice was breathy and quiet.

Sara brought her hands up and grabbed her huge breasts. Her hands couldn't cover even the half of them, and they sunk into yielding flesh. There was so much of them. She hefted them, feeling their solid weight, and they wobbled as the motion of her hands spread throughout their volume. The texture of her flesh was soft and smooth, but her sensitive areolae had a bumpy feeling that became more pronounced as she caressed them. She could feel her hands touching and running over her new skin, her nipples pressing against her palms.

"How can I feel this?" she asked. "This isn't me, this is you. So how can I feel this?"

"Mmmmm..." whispered the voice. "I'm always aware of my own structure down to the molecular level. So now that I'm your skin, I've gotten to know your body on that same level. It's really pretty easy to relay the sensations I feel so that you feel them too. But I don't have to pass on everything.

"Try this out. You can do whatever you want and I won't relay any pain to you. I don't really feel pain anyway, so don't worry about me. Pinch them as hard as you can." Sara was skeptical, but game. She grabbed her nipples in both hands and gave them a huge pinch, enough to make her regular body curl up in pain. She cried out, and her back arched involuntarily, bolts of lightning streaking through her body. But there was no pain. Only a blinding wealth of sensation.

"Ah, ah ha, ha. Forgot to tell you about that," said the voice.

Sara groaned. Her breathing deepened, a hungry warmth soaking through her body. Without quite meaning to, she gathered up handfuls of breast flesh in each hand, dug in her fingernails, and _twisted_. A sharp feeling exploded in her breasts, something like scratching a deep, deep itch. Her eyes squeezed shut and she squirmed spastically from side to side. When the wave of sensation died down, she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. The giant breasts were an angry red. It looked like her fingernails had almost drawn blood.

"Wow," breathed Sara. "That's AMAZING." The red streaks on her burgeoning breasts were already fading back to a healthy skin tone. Evidently it was impossible to seriously harm herself. The sheer volume of sensation had been incredible.

The voice continued in an excited whisper. "There's so much more. I can't create any body shapes that don't contain your real body, but your frame is so slight that I can do almost anything. I can make you grotesquely fat. I can give you skin that shimmers with the colors of the rainbow. I can - well, look in the mirror."

Sara looked again at her naked, huge breasted form. A tingling in her crotch alerted her to the next change, but she wasn't prepared for the giant penis that sprouted fully-formed from her mons pubis, erect and throbbing. The weight of it threw her slightly off balance. Every movement of the organ sent shivers down her nerves and through her entire body. She tentatively grasped it with her right hand. It barely fit around the girth, and the burning heat of it was shocking. The sensations coursing through her body were entirely new.

"We'll save that for later," said the voice, and the giant member and breasts disappeared. Jeans and a T-shirt, like the ones she wore to school every day, came into being and fit loosely on her normal frame. "You look just like you always did, but I know different," the voice said. "Even though you're clothed, you're really naked. When you're naked, you're actually clothed. You'll walk down the street and nobody will know I'm here. I'll leave whenever you want, and I'll stay as long as you want. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!"

grotto 14/03/03(Mon)10:21 No. 21281 ID: 28d1dc


Sara still couldn't wrap her mind around the idea that she was wearing another person. She sat in her group house's common room on the frayed sofa, seemingly still dressed in her blue T-shirt and her black jeans. It had been only ten minutes, but she already felt almost unaware of the presence of a second occupant in her body. The voice in her ear wasn't turning out to be very talkative when she wasn't thinking about it. The girl had been right - it would be easy to just forget she was there. She supposed that a shapeshifter had to be able to think like a thing as well as a person.

The only thing that was noticeably different was that she sank much farther into the couch when she sat down. Although she didn't notice it when she moved and walked around, she must have weighed twice as much as normal. This reminded her that, no matter what it seemed like, things weren't quite as usual.

The late afternoon sun shone lazily into the room. Sara didn't know what to do. She picked up the newspaper and flipped through a couple sections. A couple housemates passed through, said hello, went to their rooms, not noticing anything especially different about her. Of course they wouldn't, she thought. Seeming totally normal was making her excited in a weird way. Sara looked to make sure nobody was nearby. "Hey," she said softly.

"Yeah?" said the voice in her ear, startling her a bit.

"You're still there."


"Gimme those boobs again."

Instantly her breasts swelled to their titanic proportions. They hung above her lap, breast flesh pressing tight against her T-shirt, nipples making egregious little tents in the fabric, the bottom of her shirt hiking way up. Anybody walking by would have seen a real spectacle. She grabbed them and they squished together pleasantly inside the tight confines of the shirt. It finally came home to her: Normality was under her control, to be banished and summoned with a word.

She heard a door close down one of the hallways, and some quick footsteps. Her stomach turned over inside her. "Put me back, put me back," she whispered. As quickly as they had come, her breasts vanished. Her housemate walked into the room. "Hey, Sara," he said.

"Hi Rob," she called nonchalantly, her heart racing. "Where you off to?"

"It's my shift at the boathouse," Rob said. "They switched me to the evening on Wednesdays."

"Sucks to be you," said Sara. "Hey, Nate and Tessa are making dinner tonight - want me to tell them to save some for you?"

"That'd be awesome. Hey, see you later."

"Yeah. Hey, leave the door open!" Sara called after Rob as he walked outside. She was alone again.

"You like him?" said the voice in her ear.

"Oh," said Sara. Well, not quite alone. "He's ok. Big runner, big on biking and sailing. Doesn't spend much time here."

"M-hm. M-hm." said the voice. "When you gonna fuck him?"

Sara laughed, brought up short against her strange passenger's blatant question. "Hey, hey. Just because I can turn into a total sex bomb doesn't mean I have to fuck every man I see."

"Let me remind you, fucking just got really fun." Sara suddenly felt a coiled pressure in her groin. A prodigious penis mounded inside her jeans, then pushed itself through the waistband, throbbing against her stomach. Her vagina began to lubricate itself and she could feel her panties getting wet. "Don't worry about pregnancy or STDs. I've already got a super-thin layer coating the inside of your vagina, and I'm impermeable. You can fuck to your heart's content."

"All right, all right, I get it," said Sara. "But not now." Her crotch returned to normal, her panties dried up. "I've got other things I want to do." She could think of a couple off the top of her head.

"Like what?"

"Like go to the store."


She had left her house a few minutes ago and walked the five blocks to the corner store where she and her housemates usually bought their food. Nobody she had passed noticed anything about her. It gave her a heady sense of freedom. Now she stood in front of a window of a closed boutique in an alley next to the store. She could see her reflection, the same as it had always been. "I don't want to be recognizable at all," she said. "But I want to be really sexy."

"Sure, let's see.." The voice in her head hummed thoughtfully. "Ah."

Sara's skin darkened to an olive brown. She felt careful movement on her face, and looking at the window she saw a vaguely Mediterranean or North African girl, with a classically gorgeous face and long frizzy dark hair bound in a ponytail. Her clothes had become a slight yellow patterned dress that contrasted beautifully with her skin. The effect was extremely fetching but demure. "Nice dress," said Sara. "But it needs to be a bit more.. obvious." Underneath the olive skin, she was blushing fiercely. "Give me an ass. And some boobs. Not like the ones from before! Believable."

She felt the fabric draw tighter around her butt, and in the window she saw she now had a pretty, slender round ass invitingly tucked under her dress. She patted it and it jiggled, slightly. When she turned back around, her boobs kept going after she stopped - they were obviously braless, almost preternaturally unaffected by gravity and just barely contained under the bodice of her yellow dress. They weren't quite as big as earlier, and the areolae were much smaller, but they were still astounding. Her nipples were only an inch or so under the neckline, obviously visible, and seemed in danger of popping out at any moment. "That's great," she said, awed by the sight. She jumped up and down and her boobs bounced around crazily, but they somehow managed to stay decent.

"I can make sure you stay covered. Or not. What's your pleasure?"

"Yes. Do it. For now."

"And then what?"

"Let's improvise."

She walked around the corner and towards the door of the store. Her breasts moved each on their own, swaying as she walked. She felt ridiculously exposed, but completely safe at the same time. She was totally unrecognizable, ready for complete humiliation. She was ready to put on a show.

She actually had a list of things to buy. They needed rice, olive oil, cereal. She took it out and looked at it as she walked in through the sliding doors, conscious in the corner of her eyes of the other shoppers in the entryway. "They're eating it up," said the voice in her ear. "Especially the women." Sara's whole body would have reddened if her skin was actually visible. She could feel the incredulous stares. She put on a confident smile and looked a young man in the eye. His gaze swung from her amazing breasts to her face, then quickly, studiously away in embarrassment.

She took her time looking for the rice. It was on the bottom shelf, but nobody was there to see her bend down and get it. She sighed, put it in her basket and went on. On her way to the cereal, a lanky teenager in a store worker's uniform came towards her hurrying in the other direction. As he came near, his gaze swung to her and she could see his urgent errand evaporating from his mind. He stopped in his tracks and flushed a bright red. He couldn't have been more than seventeen. Sara followed his gaze, and they stood there for a few seconds, both staring at her olive breasts.

They were really quite nice.

Sara suddenly knew what she had to do. She looked up at the kid and smiled, faintly, putting on her best Italian accent. "Excuse me sir," she said.

There was about a second before the boy wrenched his gaze away to look her in the eyes. "Umm, how can I help you, ma’am?" His face was a caricature of shame.

She smiled reassuringly at him to make him more comfortable. "Yes, I'm looking for the olive oil. Can you help me find it?"

"Sure thing." He led her to the aisle, walking stiffly. She realized he was probably trying to hide his erection. That gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. "Here it is. The olive oil's right there on the top shelf."

"Ah! Thank you," she said, realizing that she'd have to stretch to reach it. Before he could stop her, she reached up to grab it. She had to stand on her tip toes to reach that high, and she could feel her boobs rising in her dress.

Right at the critical moment, the small voice spoke in her ear, asking "Do you want me to let them go?" She gave her head a tiny shake, but kept reaching for the handle. Her breasts moved upwards and out of her bodice, but they didn't expose themselves: the nipples themselves somehow caught under the neckline, holding it up as she stretched. She knew her areolae must be visible. It must have looked as if they were about to come free any moment. But she grabbed the oil, brought it back down, and put it in her basket, then turned to the store worker.

He'd obviously been staring at the unfolding crisis in her dress. He was beet-faced. After a few seconds of tense silence, Sara realized she needed to take the initiative. She went on: "Oh, one more thing, sir. Could you show me where is the breakfast cereal?"

He shook his head, forced himself back to his job. "Sure ma’am, right this way.." He led her shakily around the corner into the next aisle. He stopped halfway, then shook his head again and went on. Sara giggled to herself. "They're all through this aisle," he said.

She knew she had to choose one from the top shelf. She reached up and the boy tried to stop her. "Do you want me to get that for you, ma’am?"

"No, I can reach it. Thanks." She stood on her tiptoes again, reaching for the box of Cheerios on the top shelf. The higher she reached, the more her breasts tried to come free from the dress. Again the dress was hanging sheerly from her nipples. They bent under the weight of it, but against all reason it somehow held on. It was really a ludicrous spectacle. Sara quickly, subtly nodded her head. She felt her nipples spring back into position, totally erect, as the dress fell away from her breasts, and her breasts, suddenly released, swang free in the air.

She pretended not to notice. The poor boy was bug-eyed, staring at the two swaying globes hanging free. He straightened and turned resolutely around, looking the opposite direction. "Ma’am, I think you should cover up," he forced out. Her plan had been to fix her dress and pretend like nothing happened, but now that she was in the moment she realized that this kid would be fantasizing about her for weeks to come. She felt profoundly sorry just leaving him like this.

She made sure nobody else was watching, then walked up behind him and put a hand on his back. He tensed but didn't step away. She spoke softly, without the accent. "Do you want to touch them?"

It took a second, but he slowly turned around. She smiled apologetically at him. He met her gaze and then stared down at her boobs. They shone with a golden sweat, reflecting the store's fluorescent lights, terminating in brown grape-sized nipples. She thrust them a little bit out towards him in silent invitation.

He reached out and clumsily grabbed them both at once. She felt his hands hefting her, squeezing her, his thumbs moving over her nipples. Her eyes closed, she let out a contented sigh, mainly for his benefit. After a few seconds, he suddenly jerked away and she opened her eyes. Another customer was wandering past the aisle. The kid was obviously petrified that they'd be noticed, but she covered up and the customer shuffled off without looking in their direction. She saw the total turmoil on the teenager's face and felt terrible. "I'm really sorry," she said to him. He could make no reply and stalked off to the produce section. Sara was by herself.

"That went well," said the voice in her ear.

"Sort of," she said.

"Are you kidding? You just gave that kid the time of his life."

"I guess so." She realized that she could have cost him his job. "I have to think more clearly next time."

"But that's no fun. Come on, I've got a surprise for you at the checkout."

"What is it?"

"No telling. I promise, you'll LOVE it."

She grabbed her shopping basket and proceeded to the front of the store. Thankfully she didn't have to go by produce - she didn't think she could face the kid again. A middle aged black woman was at the checkout in front of her. She had obviously seen Sara when she came in, because now she was studiously ignoring her. There were a large amount of groceries in her cart, so Sara stood and waited in line. As she stood, her breasts began to feel a bit strange. She could tell that they were heating up. They began to swell imperceptibly, and it felt really good.

"Is this.." she began.

"Shh." came the voice in her ear.

The older woman finally finished and paid. Sara brought her groceries to the counter and said hello to the cashier, who was a girl in her early twenties. As she scanned Sara's groceries, the strange feeling in Sara's breasts intensified. It was as if prickly waves of heat were rolling through her, concentrated on her nipples. Suddenly it became intensely pleasurable. She felt a tingling in the tips of her breasts.

"Would you like paper or plastic today?" asked the nervous cashier.

"OHHH GODDDD---" moaned Sara, as hot milk began to spray from her nipples. The sensation was so amazing that she forgot where she was and began to knead herself in blind ecstasy. The torrent of milk increased, drenching her dress and spraying outward in streams, splattering the checkout counter and the horrified cashier with droplets of white. She was panting and exhausted when it finished. She looked around her.

No one moved in the whole store.

"Um, I'd like a plastic bag please," she said. The cashier looked as though she had just survived the siege at Normandy. Without speaking, she put Sara's groceries into a plastic bag and handed it to her. Sara took the bag and walked out of the store. Only when she was a couple blocks away, back in her usual form, only when her frantic heartbeat had slowed, did she realize that she hadn't paid for anything.

grotto 14/03/03(Mon)10:22 No. 21282 ID: 28d1dc


When she got home, Sara was absolutely euphoric. She couldn't remember a time when she was so nervous as she had been back there, but no matter what happened she had known that she was totally safe. No matter how kinky, no matter how entirely unbelievable the situation, she could pull it off - in public - with audacious grace, and she herself, Sara Pinter, would always be hidden by her perfect disguise. It gave her the most astounding sense of freedom. She stopped in the doorway, alone with her groceries, and ran her hands up and down the body that was hers and not hers. There were a thousand directions to go from here.

The evening wind blew around her in through the door. The voice in her ear had been quiet on the way back, but now whispered to her. "Let's go up to your room."

Sara paused for a moment in the fading light, then walked quietly down the hall, up the stairs. She could see light under some of her housemates' doors. Muffled conversation seeped into the hall, but faded again after she passed by. She got her keys from her pocket - she realized she had no idea what the shapeshifter had done with them during her visit to the store, the dress had had no pockets - and unlocked her door.

Her room was long and skinny, with her bed at the end and her desk closer to the door. It was at the western corner of the house, and the high windows let her see a small section of the glowing horizon. The room was a dusky blue in the evening light, the outlines of objects sharply clear. She didn't need to turn on the light.

She kicked her shoes off, then realized that there really wasn't any need to do that now. She laughed to herself, expecting a playful rebuke from the voice in her ear. But there was only silence and the soft noise of her breathing. The carpet felt frizzy between her toes.

She felt a sliding in her crotch.

"That's new," she said, and waited for the voice's response. None came. Instead the sliding continued. Flesh slid slowly, carefully over lubricated flesh. She put her hand down there to feel what was going on. A lump was growing under her pants. When she touched it, she trembled. She could feel every one of her fingers through her jeans. It was inconceivably sensitive. It slowly slid out of her, pushing against the fabric.

She rubbed it softly with her index finger and a tangy shudder shot through her from her hair to her toes. The tightness against her pants was slowly building. A little wet spot was beginning to appear on her jeans. She took a deep breath, put her hand around the lump and squeezed.

Her vaginal muscles convulsed. Inches of the shaft were suddenly pushed out of her. The sudden pressure made her want to die - until the metal button on her jeans snapped off, the fly ripped open and the head of her penis emerged.

It was shiny and engorged, as big around as a pear. Her own wetness coated it and made it shimmer in the evening light, reflecting the orange horizon and the distant yellow streetlights. Her urethra was the slightest bit open, and a clear fluid was slowly oozing out. The shaft of her penis continued to slide out of her body. It wasn't coming from her vagina, but from a spot right above it, facing bravely forward. As it came out, her muscles convulsed again and again, not in orgasm but from some weird necessity, pushing it out inches at a time.

Finally her penis was entirely revealed. It had a good length of a bit less than two feet, its solid girth much too thick to get one hand around. It was ridiculous, and it twitched up and down, sending little packets of excited morse code through her nervous system. It shone in the dark, moist and reflective, jutting out of her right through her wide-open fly. The voice in her ear didn't say a word.

Sara moved from side to side and felt it rigidly swaying around. Her entire body was aware of every movement in the shaft. She brought her right hand down and grasped it, to the extent that she could. It was slick and hot, and her hand felt cool on it. She grabbed it with both hands. She had never thought that there would be this churning, tingling sensation suffusing her, just from having it erect. Whenever she touched it, it felt like a little spray of sparks.

She began to explore it thoroughly. She had had two boyfriends, but she had only had sex with the most recent one. His had been a respectable six inches, but it didn't hold a candle to the colossus now jutting from her groin. The tight skin slid easily over engorged, ridged chambers of blood, the urethra like a small garden hose hidden under the skin on the underside. The base was a clean join, without any hint that it had just emerged from within. Bending the thing to the side produced a crisp tension in its root. It twitched when she touched it.

She could not catch the moment when her awed exploration turned into a gentle stroking. She found that her hands, grabbing it together, were traveling slowly up and down the shaft. It felt so good. A warm, happy feeling seemed to seep out of her bones. Somehow it stayed perfectly lubricated, the skin slipping through her fingers. She stroked it up and back, up and back, her entire body feeling that warm excitement growing like a slowly brightening lamp. This time, when she reached the top she cradled the head of the penis in between her hands. It was hot, slick and supremely sensitive. Letting her rhythm pause for a second, she grasped it slightly tighter. The warmth in her body gained a zing of electric intensity. She resumed stroking, each time at the top caressing the amazingly sensitive head, the sheer energy tensing her stomach and making her curl shudderingly inwards in time with her strokes.

There was a wave building inside her. She was like a surfer paddling through the ocean. The first swells lifted her up and down. She stood on her board. The surface of the ocean began to tilt. She leaned forward and began to coast down the shallow trough of the wave. It built and built behind her. She could feel the raw power of the wave under her feet. She leaned in and shot along the looming wall of water, water rushing under her. The top of the wave began to show a crown of white, curling over above her head, about to tip, about to crash down, about to grab her in a blinding rush of whiteness.

She stroked faster now, roughly handling the sensitive head of her penis, sending her grasping hands up and down the immense length. She felt the urethral slit in the very tip, a whole inch wide, still oozing a constant stream of lubricant. She plunged her finger down inside, a much tighter fit than ever in her vagina, removed it, kept stroking, never pausing in her rhythm, sending her hands up and down, her fingers in and out, oozing with clear fluid. The reverberating, electric, tangy warmth within her escalated to a fever pitch. A golden, sparkling light seemed to fill her overloaded mind. The mighty wave crashed all around her.

She spasmed with every muscle in her body. Thick white goop shot out of her, splattering all over the wall, all over her pictures, her bed. The second convulsion followed on the heels of the first, more and more spurting out of her penis, her urethra dilated by the white torrent. The spasms came again and again and again, her giant amounts of come blue in the fading light, spraying onto the ceiling, pouring out all over the thick carpet. When she was finally done, she was covered in sticky, hot whiteness, her room dripping with thick cords of the stuff.

She lay in her own come, in the dark, and caught her shuddering breath. She was entirely limp, her mind undone, unable to focus on any one thought. Slowly, slowly, she pulled herself back together. She felt in some way safe lying there in the warm goop. Every few seconds she heard a "plop" as a drop of the stuff dripped off of the ceiling. The room was now dark as night. She pulled herself up, not even caring about the semen coating her, and turned the lights on.

Her room was a mess of white. The papers on her desk were splattered with ropes of it, her computer was adrift in a thick white snowbank, her pictures knocked off of the wall by the sheer force of the spray. She must have come at least ten gallons. She realized there was no way to clean it up and nothing she could say to explain to her housemates what had happened. Her huge penis hung half-engorged from her crotch, still dripping a bit.

But wait, she thought. I'm not the only one here.

"Hey," she called softly. There was total silence for a second or two. Suddenly the tip of her penis tingled a bit and dried up. "Oh, okay," said Sara, nonplussed. Then something began to happen. The atmosphere in the room changed slightly. The white goop that was splattered across the closed door fell on the floor. The ceiling gradually let all of its pearly load fall to the ground. White receded from her mattress, seeped out from under books and between papers, leaving them totally dry. Sara's come collected, flowing in pearly, viscous waves, gathering in the center of the room in prodigious volume. It piled up upon itself, then took shape. The girl from earlier today stood there, wearing dry gray T-shirt and jeans, smiling her little head off.

"Did you like it?" she grinned, leaning down to give Sara a little squeeze.

Sara looked down. Her clothes were gone, and her body was the only thing in the room still glistening with her come. She was blushing, partly because she was naked, covered with semen, and bearing a huge penis, and partly because she had been so deep into the experience that she had almost totally forgotten that the entire thing was engineered for her benefit by this grinning little girl. "It was incredible. You are incredible. I can't believe you did all that."

The girl smiled, put out her hand and ran a finger along Sara's side, gathering a small sample of white goo. She popped it into her mouth, savored it for a bit and swallowed. "Mmm, delicious. You should try some." Sara hesitated for a moment, then sucked on her sticky fingers. Her come was absolutely succulent. It tasted like salt-water taffy, slightly sweet, richly creamy. To think that something like that could come out of her - it was unbelievable. She had to keep reminding herself that the girl in front of her, the skin surrounding her own body, her incredible penis, the pearly strings of semen covering her, she now saw, beautifully, were all facets of the same being.

"It tastes great. I just ate a piece of you, didn't I."

"Yep. I can feel it in your stomach." The girl walked up and put her hand beneath Sara's breasts. Sara felt a slight movement inside her. "Sara, I'm having the greatest time with you today. I've never done this before. It's sort of strange--" The girl broke off. "It's weird, but I have the best time when you're just acting normal. It was great what we did in the store, but I can do that stuff whenever I want. It's being a part of your life that turns me on the most. I like being a part of you." The girl turned her slender body away from Sara and stretched lazily back. Her T-shirt hiked up, revealing a few inches of her slender torso. Sara could feel her penis filling with blood again, rising to rigid attention in the air between them. "I like making you happy."

The girl turned around and knelt on the floor in front of Sara. Her head was right on the level with the swaying tip of Sara's penis. She gazed at it reverently, and leaned in close to the head. She planted a little kiss right in front of the urethral opening. A little shock zipped up Sara's spine. "Wait, wait," said Sara. "I can't do this with a little kid." Her penis throbbed.

"Shh," said the child. She put both her hands at the base of Sara's penis. "This thing is mine. I can do what I want with it." The girl expertly moved her hands along Sara's shaft. She laid her mouth on Sara's head and began to lick along the little fold of skin that connected the head with the underside of the shaft. Sara softly moaned. The girl unerringly found her most sensitive parts and gently, so gently, licked and flicked and nipped, causing small convulsions to travel wonderfully up and down Sara's body. Sara brought her arms to her chest and closed her eyes. The girl's ministrations to her penis became her whole world, a flickering constellation of delicate sensation. She found Sara's foreskin bunched up tight under the lip of the head and carefully pinched and stretched it. She ran her slightly rough tongue along that groove. It didn't seem like one set of hands, one mouth could possibly be responsible for the flurry of feeling assaulting her. Sara was aware of her orgasm slowly, slowly building again.

Unexpectedly, the kid opened her mouth wide and planted it on the head of Sara's penis, encompassing her frenulum and urethral opening. Sara gasped in surprise. The girl sucked and licked, massaging Sara's shaft, slowly increasing in intensity. Sara opened her eyes and looked down at the girl. She glanced back up at Sara, her eyes smiling, her mouth filled with Sara's penis. Sara put her hand on the girl's insouciant head and caressed her hair. She winked, and as Sara watched, opened her mouth even wider, and sucked in the entirety of Sara's bright red head. A groan issued from the bottom of Sara's lungs. It felt like her head was being licked from all sides at once. The girl slowly sucked on it like a giant popsicle as she pulled it back out of her mouth, then put the entire pear-sized head back in, obviously relishing the taste and texture, running her hands faster along Sara's thick shaft. The girl's loving attention sent a wave of weakness down Sara's legs, pooling in the soles of her feet, making her knees wobble. Without warning, the girl suddenly stuck her long tongue down through Sara's urethra. Sara couldn't help but cry out, a sharp ecstatic scream, grabbing the girl's hair in both hands. Not knowing what was going to happen made the sensations from her penis so much more intense.

The girl disengaged and held Sara's cock in her hands. It was again oozing her clear, slippery fluid. The girl squeezed a handful of it out and spread it all along the shaft, coating the entire organ. Sara was breathing heavily. She could feel her orgasm approaching again with a fierce urgency. The girl spread another handful of lubricant onto her penis, making it twitch. "Whoa there," said the girl. "Keep it under control."

She stood up, leaving Sara's cock red and throbbing. Sara breathed deep, unsteady breaths. Her arousal lost none of its burning pitch. The girl began to sway her hips, a sweetly wry, playful version of a stripper's dance. She slowly removed her T-shirt, baring her young torso. She had almost no breasts, but her nipples were like the tips of her little pinky fingers. They were erect. The girl unzipped her jeans and took them off as well. She was wearing no underwear. Her body was extremely slight and compact. She ran her hands up and down herself and softly moaned. Sara's breath caught and her penis turned a slightly darker shade of red. For some reason she was incredibly turned on by this girl.

"You're so hot," breathed Sara. Her stiffly swaying phallus was a heavy presence between them.

"Aren't I just," said the girl. She gave her ass a little shake and a tingle shot along Sara's cock and up her spinal cord, reminding her that everything she felt, every jolt of pleasure, every shivering warm wave of arousal was purposefully designed for her by this minx, this deceptively innocent-looking girl.

She took Sara's hand and led her over to the bed. She smiled hugely at Sara and crawled onto the bedsheet, waving her slender ass playfully at her. She opened her legs, revealing the cutest little pink slit of a vagina, and a couple inches away the little button of her anus. Sara looked at her gigantic red engine of a penis. The head alone dwarfed the girl's vagina. She hesitated, feeling silly and nervous, standing by the bed with her penis throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

The girl shook her ass back and forth. "Pleeease," she said plaintively, "I need you." As she spoke, lines of red welled up in the small of her back, forming into a heart, and written in bold in the center was one word: SARA. The heart's stem pointed down between the girl's legs, where Sara could just make out the glistening of her wetness. Sara's name raised in red, branded on this young body was too much for her. Her breath was coming in great open gulps and she couldn't have held back if she had wanted to.

Sara moved up and put her hands on the girl's hips. The skin was totally smooth, and her hands were only a few inches apart, encircling a good part of the girl's slender waist. She laid her penis in between the girl's cheeks and drew it back, placing the slick head against the girl's pretty labia. She could hear the girl's quick breaths.

Waves of heat rolled off of her angry cock. The girl grabbed the bedsheet tightly in her hands. Sara started to push.

At first nothing happened. It was like pushing up against a delicate fleshy wall. But Sara began to push harder. She could feel the lips of the girl's vagina slowly spread open. The girl gasped. There was no room for her cock to enter, but she kept pushing, using more and more force. Suddenly, her head slipped in all at once. The tight warmth of that little cave was amazing. The girl's breath came in hiccups. Sara pulled her slowly down onto her cock. It was agonizingly slow, but the lubricant coating her let her keep pushing in, inch by inch. She could actually feel the girl's waist distend as her penis passed through, right under the red etching of a heart on the girl's back. The girl cried out in a shuddering wail, and Sara stopped, not knowing if she had hurt her. Half of Sara's cock was now inside the girl. Her abdomen was impossibly stretched. But unable to speak, the girl began to wriggle and push back, in a futile effort to impale herself further. Impossibly, Sara was going all the way in.

Sara took a deep breath. The inside of the girl's vagina was so hot. It pressed in on her from all sides. The contractions of the girl's muscles squeezed in time with the throbbing of Sara's own heart. She began to push again. The girl's vagina extended impossibly far into her torso. Looking at the girl's back, Sara realized that the tip of her cock must be somewhere around her stomach. And yet she kept going, stretching the girl's flesh deep inside her body. The girl's moans came rhythmically now, and she twisted back and forth. Finally, Sara's penis was entirely inside. Sara felt the girl's body gripping her cock. She ran her hands along the girl's torso, feeling the lump of her penis through the girl's flesh. Her head was surely almost between the girl's breasts, under her rib cage. She could feel the girl's lungs on either side, taking shuddering breaths.

Sara began to pull out. Her lubricated cock slid easily, slipping out through the girl's tight body. She held the head against her pussy again. The girl whimpered in anticipation. Sara thrust her cock back into the girl, ramming it to the hilt. The girl screamed. Sara could feel every convulsion of the girl's body, squeezing and twisting her dick inside her. She came to a panting, heaving revelation: This girl, this body in front of her, was a thing made for her to fuck. It was even monogrammed. She began to set up a rhythm, pulling entirely out only to force herself violently back in, again and again. She grasped the girl's legs and lifted her off the bed, thrusting in over and over again, filling her entirely up, feeling every one of the girl's breaths. Sara was moaning too, the power of her orgasm beginning to fill her, the rich tangy need for it emanating out from her groin.

She fell over the edge. For the second time that night, a hidden barrier broke deep inside her. Pulling the girl in sharply, she felt the hot come flowing through her penis, the girl's muscles suddenly squeezing her in rolling waves, coaxing spurt after spurt of semen from Sara's cock. There was so much more semen than could possibly fit inside the girl's body, and with the small part of her mind that wasn't totally given over to her marvelous ejaculation she wondered where it was going. As if reading her mind, the girl rolled over, twisting around Sara's spasming penis. Her breasts were as big as cantaloupes, swelling even more with each load of come, growing and filling brazenly in spurts in time with Sara's orgasm. They quickly reached the amazing proportions of earlier that afternoon, and surpassed them. Lost in ecstasy, the girl kneaded her gigantic breasts, still warm from the heat of Sara's come, pushing them together and pulling them apart, her back arching and her boobs jiggling with each of Sara's convulsions.

It was too much for Sara to resist. Before she was done, she pulled her cock out and shoved it in between the girl's breasts. The girl pushed her soft boobs firmly on either side as Sara shot her last two loads of come all across the girl's face and hair, splattering on the wall behind the bed. The girl looked absolutely beautiful, her eyes closed in bliss, her mouth open in an ecstatic smile, hot strings of semen covering her face. Sara had no more strength left. She collapsed on top of the girl, laying her head on a beautiful, soft, warm breast, her hand sticky with come, laid over the girl's slender stomach and on her other breast.

She was surrounded by warmth and love. She breathed in time with the girl's contented, equally exhausted breaths. She began to drift off into sleep. Among her hazy thoughts, one last idea congealed.

"I.. I just realized.. I don't know your name..."

The answer came in a whisper. "Embel."


Sara's eyes opened. She was wearing her most comfortable pajamas. It was still dark out, and she had a long time before she had to wake up. She seemed to be alone again. She twisted under the covers. Embel must have fixed things up and turned off the light. She looked around and saw that her room was clean, no trace left of the incredible mess they had made hours before. She smiled, sunk her head down into her pillow, and went back to sleep.

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The next morning, Sara woke up in her bed as the morning light came into her room. She stretched under her covers, gathering some to her in a sleepy embrace. She found herself a little bit confused. It was just like any other morning, but she knew that something important was different. But what? She couldn't remember much of the previous day. There had been that strange girl in the park -

Then the whole thing hit her. She turned over on her back in shock. It seemed so unreal. Right now, as she lay there, she was completely enveloped by a shapeshifter. But she couldn't see or feel a trace of anything odd. She held her arms in front of her face. All her freckles were in place. She looked around and everything was in perfect order - or at least, indistinguishable from her room's usual state of slight disorganization. For some reason she wanted to preserve this magic moment, when for all she could see things could be either way, for as long as possible.

She looked at the ceiling. Embel had said that she would stay as long as Sara wanted. This meant that Sara's entire life had changed. If she chose, she could leave everything, go off and live however she wanted, become whoever she wanted. It was a thrilling idea. She imagined getting out of bed and walking out the door, not even stopping to put on any clothes, and changing into somebody completely different. Sara would leave the room, but anybody walking by her house would see coming out the door a mid-30s Japanese man in a business suit. Or perhaps an athletic teenager in her gym clothes. Or maybe a disheveled blonde stripper, makeup smeared, leaving the apartment of a guy she hooked up with the night before. She would walk down the street and get on the bus, and Sara Pinter would never be seen again.

She could do this in a moment. If she wanted. The thought made her flush with excitement.

"Mmmm," said the girl's voice in her ear. "Thinking of me?"

"Ah, h.. hello. Yeah." Sara's voice was husky from the night's sleep.

"You have a good time last night?"

Sara remembered collapsing on the girl's giant, warm breast, her skin sticky with her own come. She could feel her face and shoulders reddening. "It.. It was great," she said. "Everything. I can't believe it happened."

"I tucked you in. Afterwards."


Embel didn't reply right away. The morning sun came in at an angle, dancing back and forth in one corner of the room as the blinds swayed. Sara felt the day stretching out before her.

"I'm thinking about skipping my job today," Sara said.

"Ya think?" said Embel, a smile in her voice. "What is it you do anyway?"

"Oh, I'm working at a nursery this summer. It's a crap job."

"You don't like kids?"

"Huh? Oh, no, like for plants. A plant nursery. Also the city hires us to do gardening work in the parks."

Embel spent a moment in thought. "We could skip work, or... we could go to work and have some fun..." Her light tone of voice didn't entirely conceal a reserve of joyfully transgressive anticipation. Sara found a grin stealing across her face, Embel's infectious enthusiasm washing through her and filling her with a brimming sense of the world stretching out before her. It happened every time she rediscovered the endless possibility of her new life: she felt a shivery, giggly thrill, barely able to believe it at all.

"I guess we could," she said quietly, "but I just want to do something totally new today. Having you around me... I feel like I could do anything." Sara felt light-headed and buoyant, and half as if she was just talking to herself, able to be totally honest. Embel's very existence was a wonderful secret that the two of them could share. "You're the most awesome thing that's ever happened to me. School, work.. I'm not sure it matters anymore. Nothing's going to be the same. You break so many rules..."

"Not break. Just bend." There was a slight tinge in Embel's voice that Sara hadn't heard before, but it was gone as soon as it came. "So. Sleepyface. Get out of bed. I've got something you'll like."

Sara blinked. She wasn't wearing her pajamas anymore. She cast off her comforter, then stood up and stepped away from the bed. Her naked skin almost glowed in the warm morning light. She felt not of the world, and as she rested her hand on her side it was as though she were touching someone else.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Embel softly shushed her. The voice in her ear was kind and gentle. "Now... relax. Don't worry, I'll hold you up."

A wave of warmth swept through her, from her feet, up through her legs and her torso, out to her hands. Her muscles felt like they were being softly massaged all at once. An invigorating tingle filled her limbs. It was like a supremely tender hug. She closed her eyes and relaxed totally, Embel's substance taking her weight, keeping her standing. Then a cool sensation started at her fingertips and toes and traveled up her body like she was slowly immersing herself in water. It reached the top of her head and she opened her eyes. Looking down, she saw that she was suddenly dressed smartly in light, stylish summer wear, accentuating but not exaggerating her natural curves. She was totally awake and alert, and felt as clean as if she had just showered, ready for anything.

"That felt awesome," said Sara.

"I know! So what happens now?"

Sara looked out the window. The sky was chalky blue, cirrus clouds scudding along in a breeze that ruffled the leaves of the oak trees across the street. She took a deep breath. "First thing."


"Can you give me wings?"


The air rushed by, parting around her body like a stream around a rock. She had chosen for this experiment a secluded park encompassing the top of a hill above her neighborhood. It was almost empty - there was a mother with her young son, but they had finally made their way over to the playground, safely out of sight. Sara was alone.

Behind her was a water tower, sitting ponderously upon the hill's very highest point, and the ground under her feet sloped steeply down from there, run wild with long, blowing grass. High hedges blocked the view from the road. The early morning sunlight was cool, bright, and golden, promising a hot day to come.

"I'm ready," said Sara, nervous, but alive with anticipation.

"OK," said Embel. "This is the first time I've done this too, you know. It might not work at all."

"I know. I told you, I'm ready."

"Right." A silence of three seconds... then there was a stirring in the muscles of Sara's back. It felt amazing, like she was uncurling from a fetal position she'd been cramped up in her whole life. She saw the great, mottled brown feathers stretching on either side of her even as she felt her balance shift, the new static inertia of her gigantic wings forcing her to reposition herself on the grass. Each feather was an intricate patterning of browns and tans, beautiful like a Navajo tapestry, and as she looked further down her wing they merged into multitudinous order, every feather in some way, impossibly, still a part of her. Somehow sensations rushed through her new limbs, and she realized she could feel the breeze ruffling the little down feathers at the top of the wing, flowing over her powerful flight feathers, pushing her to the side. All of this happened in the space of two breaths.

"Damn." Sara's heart almost stopped beating as she appraised her new appendages. They were so fucking majestic. She had pictured a pair of downy angel wings, not these sleek hawklike powerhouses, stretching yards beyond her reach even though they weren't completely unfolded. She rested her hand on the crest of one of the things and the feathers were strong like pliable steel. She found herself blinking back tears of amazement. "They're huge."

"35 foot wingspan, stretched out all the way. I'd have made them bigger, but I can't keep myself coherent over a much larger area. It's just lucky you're light enough that this might actually work."

"Of course," Sara murmured. After all, she was much heavier than any bird, and Embel almost doubled her weight on top of that. It was still incredible to see them looming over the hill, casting great shadows as they stretched out.


"Hey. You're moving them," Sara said as Embel flapped her wings, making fine adjustments to the design as she experimented with airflow.

"Just to start out. I'll try to get us off the ground. Once we're in the air, it should be pretty easy to stay up, but right now I might not even be able to get liftoff." Embel drew the wings back and folded them behind Sara. "We might need a running start."

"All right. Let's go." Sara started to run down the hill, the strange weight of her wings almost making her trip.

"Jump!" came the voice of Embel urgently in her ears.

Sara leapt out into the air and Embel extended the wings tautly to their full spread. The giant wings took the weight effortlessly. Sara found herself gliding down the hill, slowly gaining velocity. For a couple precarious moments, it looked as though Embel wouldn't be able to stabilize, and her first flight would end with an ignoble plummet into the bushes. But then a powerful flap sent Sara soaring over the hedge, the forward velocity finally filling her wings with a cushion of air, and she flapped again and again, just barely clearing the house across the street, passing under the power lines and then she was free, climbing, climbing, as the roofs and streets beneath her quickly became a checkerboard of brown, green and grey and the horizon revealed itself as an unbroken line, the hills rolling in imitation of the ripples on the bay that broke the morning sun's reflection into a shimmering river of light. At first, the awareness of so much space beneath her made her stomach leap into her throat with vertigo, but soon the feeling that she was going to fall faded away and that same sense of space filled her with joy at her newfound freedom.

"Do you think anyone saw me?" she said, shouting above the noise of the rushing air.

"Probably," said the voice in her ear, quite nonchalant.


"Don't worry, nobody could have recognized you. Look." A small mirror materialized in Sara's right hand, and in it Sara saw her face. She couldn't help from laughing in surprise. She had a cute Scandinavian upturned nose, a face full of freckles and a shock of reddish-blond hair which was being fiercely tousled by the wind.

"You did _not_ just turn me into fucking Pippi Longstocking," railed Sara, unable to supress a goofy grin.

Embel's giggle echoed in Sara's ears over the regular wingbeats. "Oh, you don't like? Well, maybe we should try Brunhilde instead -" she said as Sara's hair lengthened and bound itself into two long ponytails, braided with spirals of leather cord.

Sara could see what was in store for her and laughingly tried to protest, even as her clothes began to change into the customary hilariously tacky suit of armor. "No, no, stop -- not the Wagner bikini!"

"All right, it's your funeral," came Embel's voice, and instead of returning to normal Sara's clothes disappeared entirely, leaving her creamily naked in the wind. Her hair, still in pigtails, flapped behind her, and she looked down to see between her legs a beautiful bush of curls of the same amber color.


But the shock of being suddenly exposed was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer rightness of it. She was powerful and free and she realized that right now, clothes were about as relevant to her as they were to the distant bird she could see circling still far above her.

Sara closed her eyes, feeling the wind rushing past, flowing over her like a river. Her and Embel, two become one, silent together in the sky.

"It's pure glory." It was clear from Embel's voice that she was enjoying the flight as much as Sara was. She kept the wings at full extension and circled in updrafts, gliding leisurely from one to the other. "I'm so glad you thought of this."

Sara smiled, the wind buffeting her cheeks. "It was my first wish. Since I was a kid."

"You mean, if you had three wishes? Like if there was a genie?" Sara nodded. Embel's clear laugh echoed in Sara's ears, then was swept away by the wind. "Hmm... What was your second?"

"I could never decide. Probably to be able to talk with animals."

"Ha!" Embel laughed. "Can't be much help there..."

"If it makes you feel any better, my third wish was always to set the genie free."

"Oh, just like in the movie, huh? How touching!"

"Hey--- Hey! I was a kid, you can't-" But Sara was interrupted by Embel's bright voice teasingly singing the familiar strains of "A Whole New World:"

"A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go --"

"I wish I could punch you." Embel stopped singing and there was a moment of pregnant silence. Then they both broke out laughing, unable to stop until Sara's breath ran out and their peals of laughter dissolved into joyous sighs. They seemed to float above the city.

"Hey, you want a turn flying these things?" asked Embel.

"Sure." And it was easy as if they had always been hers.

grotto 14/03/03(Mon)10:24 No. 21284 ID: 28d1dc


Sara hadn't expected it to be so tough finding a place to set down without being seen. She circled high above the city, looking for an empty patch of green, but the parks would be filled with people this time of day, and approaching the roofs of buildings would also mean gliding close over busy streets. But just as she was about to swallow her pride and go for a splashdown in the bay, she noticed a clumpy swath of trees to the north.

Of course. The zoo.

The place was almost deserted this early on a weekday. She came down as quick as she dared, cupping her wings to brake as she descended over a thickly wooded area dotted with net-covered bird enclosures. She drifted over a sandy watering hole, catching the bored attention of a pair of elephants. A few flaps to halt her descent, and she was on the ground, her folded wings filling up a bendy section of one of the zoo's winding paths.

"Um, Sara.." Embel's voice whispered.

"Get rid of these things," Sara said under her breath, looking left and right for people who could have seen her. As the wings melted back into her body, she realized that she was still naked. Suddenly that seemed a bit weird. "And, uh, I need clothes. For now."

But as her light summer clothes coalesced again, she noticed a small movement in the bushes. Sara froze, her heart leaping to her throat. It was a small, portly girl, probably about six, wearing a bright school blazer, which didn't seem to have kept her from escaping the notice of her chaperones. The girl stepped slowly out into the clearing, her tight-lipped, wide-eyed face bright with trepidation and amazement. She had obviously seen the whole descent. For a moment Sara was at a loss. But as the girl's mouth opened, Sara was quick-witted enough to bring a finger to her lips, flashing a quick smile: "Shhh."

The girl's eyes opened even wider and her mouth snapped shut. She gave a quick nod and ran off.

Sara's breath was still coming in short gulps. An older couple walked around the corner, followed by a woman pushing a twin stroller coming from the other direction. Nobody gave her a second glance. Just like that, she was anonymous again, one among a crowd. Had she really just gone streaking above the city for an hour? It made her giddy.

"That was exciting," Embel said. "I tried to warn you about the kid."

"It's strange, you know?" Sara said quietly, finding a handrail and leaning back against it. "I'm still not sure how much it even matters if somebody sees me. Like I feel as if I should be rushing off like Superman to change in a phone booth. But at the same time, you can turn me into whoever I can -- no: whoever, or whatever, I can think of in a couple seconds. It's not like anybody could figure out anything about me... track me home, or anything."

"Exactly," said Embel. "So for me the main problem is the people who see you. You've got to ask, how does what you do affect them? And how much do you care?"

Sara thought for a moment. "Like that girl. If I saw what she just saw when I was a kid, I'd remember it for the rest of my life."

"Right, and you know she's going to think back on it some day twenty years later and wonder, Wait, was that real?" Somehow Embel's light-hearted smirk was audible. "Personally I like messing with people. Life is better with a bit of magic in it. I like to always leave them guessing."

"Like.. did I really just see a naked girl with wings fly by my bedroom window." Sara chuckled quietly at the thought.

"Yeah, like that.. Or, like yesterday... did that girl in the yellow dress really just uncontrollably spray breastmilk all over me as I was ringing her up... is that even possible?"

"You're ridiculous," said Sara, a huge smile on her face. She sat down on a bench across from the elephant enclosure, still in her fresh-faced Scandinavian skin, unremarkable and unrecognizable. People strolled by on the path now and then. An old elephant sow blinked at her, then turned its attention back to soaking in the muddy water.

The noonday sun was high in the sky, and Sara knew that she could do anything she fucking wanted.


The tapir sways from side to side as it ambles slowly about the enclosure. It's so much bigger than Martin had expected, nearly eight feet long and shaped like a huge armadillo, its hog-bristly skin dappled in wide splashes of black and white. The salient feature of the tapir is its long snout, which moves on its own to snuffle in the dirt and pick up stray pieces of hay, almost like a squat little elephant trunk. The creature doesn't pay much attention to the kid on the other side of the glass, sketchpad in hand, as he begins to rough out its outline, trying to convey a sense of the animal's sturdy bulk.

Footsteps approach from up the trail. Unlike those of most of the passers-by, these footsteps crunch right up the gravel path to Martin and stop right beside him. After a couple awkward seconds he tears his eyes up and away from his pad to see who's there.

She stands there smiling at him. Red hair frames a button-cute face, frizzing out from her tight ponytail. He quirks the corner of his mouth in a friendly fashion and a polite word has almost slipped out when the double-take hits him, the flush of adrenaline coming to his face before he even consciously fully realizes: The girl's breasts are preposterous. They are gigantic, bigger than her head, and fill out every corner of her khaki docent's shirt, which contains them tightly, neatly, as if it was tailored for her. Her sizeable nipples force low, wide tents in the fabric, mounding obscenely right under the bottom edge of her shirt pockets. Her nametag, pinned to the upper slope of her heavy bosom, reads "FIONA." Martin forces his eyes back up to her gently smiling face, his easy composure broken, heart pounding.


"Are you enjoying your visit today?" Fiona asks, interrupting him right as he's about to speak. Martin's head is already swimming and her timing throws him off-kilter.

"Uhh.. I... I'm just.." he gulps, words jostling in his mouth. His face feels warm, his heartbeat in his skin.

"It's ok, I'm on my break," she says with a little grin, maybe trying to put him at ease. "Oh, is that a sketchbook?" She steps closer and leans down to look at the pad in Martin's hands, her heavy breasts barely shifting at all inside the thick fabric of her shirt.

"Um... yeah, I'm doing a project for class.." Martin mumbles as he hands her the book.

"Oh, awesome!" Her face lights up with genuine interest. "Hey, could you hold this.." She puts something in Martin's hand in the same motion as she takes his sketch from him. Fiona chuckles appreciatively, examining the roughed-out gestural drawing with critical eyes. "This.. is pretty good! Are you going to school for art?"

"N.. no, I'm actually studying biology... The art class is just for humanities credit.." The object thrust into Martin's hand is a small metal box with a big red button on it.

"It's cool how you just use light and dark to get a sense of the animal... It looks really alive. Like.. an impression that you might get if you saw it out of the corner of your eye." She stands close to Martin as she looks at his sketch, almost brushing against him.

"Yeah, I'm.. I'm just trying to capture the broad shape of it, then i'll go back and fill in details..." Talking with her like this while her improbable body nonchalantly looms before him... the blatant dissonance keeps Martin entirely off-balance, unable to process what's happening, a small part of his brain conversing normally while the rest reels in shock. He nervously fiddles with the little box in his hand while he talks, turning it around, too distracted to really even notice it.

"I love tapirs," Fiona confesses. "Most people end up spending all their time at the big exhibits: elephants, or gorillas, or the big cats... We only have a couple of these guys, and most of the people who pass by here are already on their way somewhere else. So I come down here a lot for my break. Usually there's nobody here... or just a couple people."

"Yeah.. they're really interesting," Martin stammers lamely, "I.. I don't really know much about them, but I thought they would be fun to draw... they have great coloring and a really... unique shape..." As his voice trails away his eyes slide again to Fiona's bust, gaze drawn down to her nipples. They almost seem to be growing, under her shirt... no, they're definitely getting taller, making little folds in her shirt as they tent it more sharply. Fiona shifts on her feet slightly and her chest drifts heavily from side to side, the motion shocking Martin out of his reverie. He looks back up at her with a big, embarrassed blush. She beams back at him, smiling wide and generously, either not noticing or not minding his flustered preoccupation.

"Well," Fiona says, gathering herself up for an explanation, "there are actually three different species of tapir still extant, but two of them are from South America... South american tapirs are little brown creatures, but these big, black and white guys are Malaysian tapirs. All three species are endangered. Especially the Malaysian tapir, whose habitat has been totally fragmented by deforestation..."

As he listens to her, Martin finds himself fiddling nervously with the little box. Now that he's not part of the conversation, he has time to actually think and run through the events of the past few minutes. The box just doesn't make sense. Why would she be carrying something like that, and why would she just hand it to him? And... what's with the red button. It looks like something from an arcade booth.

Fiona continues blithely: "...They're foragers, and they use their little trunk to root through the leaves and brush on the forest floor. You wouldn't think it to look at them, but they're actually closely related to..."

He presses the button.

Suddenly Fiona isn't talking anymore. Suddenly she has crossed the gap between them and her body is pressing against his, her hips and legs gently brushing by him, her arms pulling his head and shoulders close, her huge breasts pooling softly and fluidly as they smoosh up to his chest, and she's kissing him, her lips quickly meeting his mouth and moving tenderly, hungrily against him. Her hair has come unbound from her ponytail and surrounds her freckled face like a halo. Martin is reeling, unable to react, his body stiff and motionless, with his lips shut tight against her seeking kiss.

A breathless moment passes and the shock of Fiona's sudden advance rushes through Martin's body. Full realization assembles itself within him. "What are you..!" he gasps and is interrupted by the girl's sweet, lithe tongue darting into his mouth, slippery and agile, her tongue's tip touching his as her lips assiduously caress his mouth. His face totally red, he can't help responding, his lips relaxing, reaching to meet hers, their faces pushing together... and Martin's hand squeezes the little box, pressing the button again.

In a split second Fiona is back standing next to him just as she was. Her hair is back in her tight ponytail and everything about her is unruffled and well-contained.

"...Closely related to horses, like hippopotamuses and elephants. It's just amazing how creatures that are genetic cousins can be so morphologically diverse... I think it really speaks to how quickly life can adapt when it encounters diverse ecological niches..."

Martin is left struggling for breath, almost falling forward as she abruptly is no longer kissing him. His heart beats frenetically. He can't pay attention to what she's saying.

"What.. the FUCK just happened?" Martin interrupts, hoarsely, barely able to talk.

"Hmm? I don't... what?" She turns to him with genuine concern. "Are you ok?"

"No! I.. you... You were just.." He can't even say it. Even though it just happened. So.. "This thing! You gave this thing to me!" He shoves the device at her.

"I don't know what that is? I didn't..." She shrugs at him apologetically.

It's too much for him to take. Looking right at her he jams the button hard with his thumb. It slams home hard, and something crunches inside the box. One moment she's looking at him in gentle confusion, and without seeming to cross the intervening space, the next moment she's grinding hard on his body, her hands grabbing his hair and pulling his face tight against hers. His arms are open for her and he catches her, holds her, closing his eyes and meeting her passion with exuberance as he falls into the kiss.

Something inside the box is broken. The button feels loose and pressing it does nothing. Martin lets the box fall to the ground: there are more important things to worry about. While their lips fervently meet and part he reaches down and takes Fiona's rear in his hands. His fingers sink slightly into her cheeks through her taut khaki pants. He casts aside his caution and roughly, sharply _squeezes_ her behind, making her take a quick breath - he can feel her lips open against his as she gasps - her body shuddering and her fingers digging in to his neck and shoulders. She sighs elatedly, lost in pleasure, her spine making an arch and twisting, wiggling her behind further into his hungry grip. Her breasts press into his chest and pool firmly against him, her hard nipples poking urgently against his ribs, and as she writhes in delight her breastflesh rolls resiliently between them like tight, well-kneaded dough. She obviously covets his lust for her, and at that realization a wave of drunken abandon washes over him. He suddenly knows that he can do whatever he wants to her... no: she _wants_ him to do whatever he wants to her.

Martin pulls back from the kiss - she looks back at him with intelligent, clear eyes, her face full of lust - and roughly spins Fiona around, facing her away from him. She sighs in anticipation and grabs his hands before he can begin to move them, bringing them up from their place on her hips to sink into her giant breasts. Her hands rest on top of his and help him to squeeze and explore her chest, while she slowly grinds her butt on his body, making circles against his crotch. Her eyes are closed and she sighs softly with every breath, voicing a breathy moan every so often as Martin incredulously manipulates her.

Possessed by a sudden urge, Martin grabs her shirt and viciously rips it open. It parts with a series of sharp pops as the metal snaps down the front come undone, and she leans back against him, enthusiastically shoving her braless breasts out into the open air. They shift slightly to either side with a heavy wobble, no longer confined but still roundly defying gravity, the two sides of her shirt hanging loose around her. Nobody is coming down the path, but the knowledge that someone might round the corner any moment makes Martin's heart pound. He sinks his hands deep into her naked, yielding breastflesh. Her texture is so smooth and elastic that it almost feels unreal, if it weren't for her living warmth and the fine, slightly sweaty feeling of her skin. He squeezes and kneads, taking handfuls of flesh, shaking her around - up and down, apart and together, moving each breast in a different circle and feeling her flesh ripple and jiggle all the while. Her nipples, exposed and in plain sight, are clearly-preposterous pink tumescences, over an inch both wide and tall... he grabs them greedily, rolling them and pinching them, cupping them and feeling them hard against his palm... then moving his flat palms in circles to feel them circle around beneath, their hardness contrasting delightfully with the freely flowing flesh surrounding them. Her face is bright with intense focus, her lower lip between her teeth, and Martin can hear her breath rushing sharply in and feel her back arching against him whenever he gives her a particularly firm pinch, her body reacting splendidly to his ministrations.

Martin finds Fiona's hands resting again on top of his own, firmly guiding his grip deeper into her malleable globes as she breathes out a guttural groan. He lets her fingers manipulate his as she guides him to *squeeeeze* her as hard as he can, feeling his hands pinching and twisting great handfuls of her silky flesh. She moans from some place deep inside her, her body shivering, her hips rolling against him as he digs his tight, squeezing grasp deeper. He is giddy, his heart in his throat, knowing that what he's doing - what she's guiding him to do - should be utterly painful, should make her just want to curl up and cry, but somehow instead the absurdly impossible situation has come about that his passionate mauling of her ridiculously proportioned breasts is giving her so much intense pleasure that she is reduced to moaning, growling, grinding against him. He coasts along the unreality of the situation, abandoning himself to it, drunk on her unbelievable body.

The moment he loosens his grasp she takes his hands and guides them down to her hips, and turns around to face him again. She has a fire in her eyes and a lustful smile as she pushes him down to his knees with surprising strength and hugs him close. Her head-sized breasts, red and swollen from his rough treatment, press against and envelop his face. She puts her weight on him and he finds himself rolling back onto his rear in a corner of the dirt path, falling back onto a bed of dry leaves under the waist-high branches of a rhododendron. He flails his arms behind him to support the two of them, and bumps a hand inadvertently into the discarded, broken little box, which skitters across the ground. Her breast is hanging right in front of his face, her nipple staring him in the eyes, and he looks up at her flushed, smiling face.

She nods.

He closes his eyes and moves in slowly to wrap his mouth around her pink, firm nipple. It fits tight in his mouth and presses tenderly against his tongue, as if it was made for him. He sucks softly on it and she gasps. His heart beats faster as he rolls it around between his lips, feeling her rough, bumpy texture. The seconds that pass seem to last for golden hours as he plays with her. Her breath catches and she sighs softly, reacting to everything he does.

Suddenly his palate tickles. He feels her nub begin to flow with something creamy, thick, and honey-sweet. A muffled "Mmff~" of surprise and his arms slip out from behind him. He falls backward. She giggles and follows him down to the ground as his legs swing into the air. Her softly jiggling breast presses heavily on his face, and his mouth fills with her hot, delicious milk. He savors it, swallows, and lets his feet come back to the ground, his legs on either side of her as she lies atop him.

His right foot hits the ground with a grinding CRUNCH.

A gust of wind. Martin is alone, lying on his back under a bush by the path next to the tapir exhibit. Fiona peers in from outside, as if she just turned around to notice him down there. Everything about her tidy is again, her uniform neat and ironed. She looks concerned.

"Umm.. is everything alright?"

Martin lies his head on the ground and sighs, surrendering to absurdity. "Y.. yeah.. I'm fine."

She helps him to his feet with a brisk smile, "Sorry.. I didn't see what happened.. did you fall?"

"Something like that.." Martin can still taste her slightly nutmeg-scented milk. His heartbeat is still racing and he can feel the memory of the warm, heavy body that was in his arms. As he orients himself, he swallows and blinks at her. "Now.. now come on..." he stutters, starting in on one last attempt to make sense of the situation.

But her eyes are on her watch and she doesn't seem to hear him. "Oh, crap, my lunch has been over for forever." She looks up at him, smiling. "It was great.. talking.. with you, Martin.. I hope you come back soon!"

"Yeah.. see you later," he says lamely, waving at her as she walks down the path. She looks back at him one last time and pauses, smiling, and calls back,

"I really did have fun... See you sometime!"

She turns and runs around the corner.

He sighs and sits down, nursing an aching hardon. At his feet is the wreckage of the little button box. He picks up his sketchbook and finds it turned to the page after his drawing of the tapir. The page is filled with a lovingly shaded pencil drawing of a girl who has to be Fiona. In the picture, she sits on a rock, smiling out of the page. Her shirt hangs open on either side of her gigantic breasts, which she is pushing slightly out and forward with her posture, her hands on her knees. The picture is signed "To Martin <3"

Martin closes the book and lays it on his lap. He looks up. The tapir meets his gaze impassively.



The deep, forceful shout came echoing round the bend from the tapir exhibit as Sara raced away. She was already back in her own skin, just Sara Pinter on a trip to the zoo, dressed in light summer clothes. She paused and looked back, and her heart ached for a second as Martin's helpless, bewildered yell filled the air.

"I hate leaving him like that..." she murmured, thinking of his sweet confusion, the mix of emotions in the expression on his face at the moment he pressed the button. He was really pretty adorable. And a good artist...

Embel giggled lightly in her ear. "Mmnnnn, don't feel too bad," she laughed, "He just needs to let off some steam." Sara started to say something, but Embel kept on, "He really will be fine. You know, you made a bigger impression than you would have if you had let him finish. He'll be making up the ending to that scene every night for years."

"Yeah.. you're right." Sara smiled to herself, feeling light as air. Being with Martin had been amazing. The red button had been her idea, and they had planned out together the rule of breaking character whenever he pressed it. It would have been impossible to play it so straight if Embel hadn't been helping at every moment: suggesting things for her to say, making sure her body reacted in the way they had planned, telling her things about him she hadn't noticed, even taking over when she had to move extremely quickly or when she needed to be able to interrupt him at a precise moment to keep the scene seeming natural.

It was totally different than having sex as herself. It was like creating a myth: a heightened experience, stronger and more significant than everyday life, at the same time as being removed from it. Through the whole thing, she felt like she was immersed in a legend while simultaneously watching it play out from a removed position.

Her blood thrilled with exaltation. It was pure power and magic, as much for her as for Martin.

"You hungry?" asked Embel.


"I didn't think you needed food?" Embel had materialized as the wiry 10-year-old girl she had been when they had met, and Sara felt almost like a babysitter, walking hand in hand with the girl down the concrete path. Embel bounced along cheerily as families and school groups walked by. Sara could see now that Embel was something qualitatively different from the other children on the path. Her gaze, her attention, her attitude all spoke of a deep mind revealing only flashes of itself.

"Oh, I have to eat like anybody else. But the difference is, I can eat almost anything." The girl's face flashed with a scary smile. "Even yoooooouu!"

Embel was being endearingly silly, and Sara laughed and tousled the girl's hair. "Should... should I be scared?" she asked. After all, she really didn't know anything about what kind of creature Embel was.

"Nah, don't worry. I've been doing fine till now off of dust and dirt and sweat. But flying and fucking uses a lot of energy, and I'm running on empty."

The two of them strolled up to a concession stand which stood under the shade of an overhanging cedar. Sara leaned down to the girl. "So anything here will do fine? What do you want?"

A mad glint twinkled in the girl's eye. "Ice cream!"

Sara paid with a ten dollar bill that she mysteriously found in her pocket, and they sat at a table in the shade across the path, Sara with a bowl of chowder and Embel with a rather tall cone of soft serve.

"Wanna see how it works?" asked the girl.


Embel held her finger in the air above a paper cup on the table. A thin stream of clear liquid poured from her into the cup, filling it halfway. She swished it around; it flowed like water.

"Now watch." She took a dollop of ice cream and dropped it into the cup. It fizzed for a few seconds, then stopped. The liquid in the cup was still clear, the ice cream totally vanished. "Looks like water, right? Well actually, even though I can change into almost anything, I can't make myself into water. Or any clear fluid. No, this.. is something else." She plucked a few leaves from a rhododendron bush by the table, dropping them in one by one. They fizzed and disappeared, leaving a small black silt at the bottom of the cup. "It's an extremely powerful solvent, and it can dissolve almost anything."

Sara leaned over to look in the cup. "What's that left over?" she asked.

"The part I can't use. Leaves aren't as easy to digest as ice cream. Of course, it doesn't matter to me - I just throw the rest away."

"So why isn't the cup dissolving?"

The girl raised an eyebrow. Oh, of course, Sara thought. Like always, when in doubt, it's part of her. She felt silly.

Embel giggled, acknowledging the subterfuge. She put a finger in the cup and the liquid drained out back into her. "This is different from the other things I can make from myself. I can flip it back into my own substance if I'm actually touching it, but it's a fundamental chemical change. I don't have any control over it."

"So... I guess it's pretty dangerous."

"You could say. You're safe because you've got a thick protective coating of me." The girl took a big messy slurp of her ice cream, getting it all over her lips. "Mmm-mmmm! Regular eating is a lot more fun, anyway. I like to be able to taste things." She took another lick. "Oh! Look at this. You know what else I can do with it? Etching." Embel grabbed a rock from the ground and held it tight in her hands for a couple seconds, then handed it to Sara. "See?"

The rock was engraved very neatly with her name, inscribed in a swooshy heart. Sara found herself blushing crimson, remembering the same symbol on the small of the girl's back the previous night. Sara turned the stone over a few times.

"That's.. really neat."

"I'm an artist." The girl laughed and threw the stone over her shoulder into the bushes. She swung her feet back and forth beneath her seat. "Soo... what's your favorite thing we've done so far together?"

Sara smiled. "Umm... The coolest thing so far was definitely flying this morning. But... the hottest thing has to be what we just did with that kid..." Sara's blush spread to her neck and Embel didn't hide it. "It... it's just so cool that we can do this kind of thing whenever we want. Or, not do it, or whatever." She shrugged, laughing.

"You have a crush on him, don't you~" Embel purred, now brushing her feet against each other as she swung them. She obviously enjoyed putting Sara on the spot.

"Well, ok!" Sara blurted, soon quieting down again, "Yeah, he's cute. And he was so flustered, it was great. But maybe he's just the first one we've been with like this..."

"I got his address," said the girl devilishly. A driver's license appeared abruptly in her fingers. Sara started, jumping back in her seat a little bit.

"Aah! OK.. ok.. just hold on. He's nice, but he's someone we just met an hour ago. I don't know... hold on to it for a while."

"All right."

The two of them sat quietly at the table for a while, eating their ill-gotten treats.

"Sara.." and now Embel was speaking without affect, plainly and honestly, "One of the things about being a shapeshifter is... I never got close to anyone. Not really. I mean, I turned myself into people's ultimate fantasy, or like, into a kid's imaginary friend, but I never _got to know_ anyone like that." She looked away, down at her feet. "Sara... every moment with you is great, and I want _you_ to think of cool things for us to do together, I just..."

Sara nodded. "I... I get it. And... I just haven't thought about anything like that yet. I think... I feel like right now is about us. You and me. I just met you and already I feel like you're part of me... I can't keep from grinning like a maniac when I think of all the things we can do together. And I want to get to know you so much better. I want.." She took Embel's hands in hers. "I want you to stay with me for a long time."

Embel smiled, moist-eyed, squeezing Sara's hands back. A soft constriction traveled from Sara's toes to her hair, a tender touch all over her body. "I love you, Sara..." Embel said from inside Sara's ear, the girl remaining silent.

"I love you too, Embel," Sara murmured, and the girl ran into her arms.

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I really enjoy how the story focuses on a lot more then just ero topics.

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>"OHHH GODDDD---" moaned Sara, as hot milk began to spray from her nipples. The sensation was so amazing that she forgot where she was and began to knead herself in blind ecstasy. The torrent of milk increased, drenching her dress and spraying outward in streams, splattering the checkout counter and the horrified cashier with droplets of white. She was panting and exhausted when it finished. She looked around her.

my sides
great stuff

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Hey grotto, I really enjoyed reading that story from yours and I just wanted to ask, will you post additional chapters in this thread or will you start a new one no matter what?

grotto 14/03/27(Thu)15:33 No. 21442 ID: e66fa8

I will post in this thread when I have more chapters.

Anonymous 14/04/13(Sun)06:07 No. 21540 ID: c714b9

Ive gotta say, this story is one of the best things ive read on this board in a while. I am extremely eager to read more, and so have a question.

Do you know roughly when you will have an update? I check here every few days in hope, but a specific day would be fantastic. I understand if you are unsure, life gets in the way of plans, especially internet ones.

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 14/04/18(Fri)08:58 No. 21568 ID: e1353d

If you have a RSS reder (NewsBlur, Feedly, etc), you can use my RSS feed for this thread to see when new changes show up.


Anonymous 14/09/14(Sun)19:40 No. 22428 ID: eaee03

I wonder if there will ever be another part of this story?

Anonymous 14/09/15(Mon)05:51 No. 22430 ID: 8aeaa3

This is the best story I've ever read here, It's sooo fucking good

grotto 16/06/10(Fri)09:55 No. 24335 ID: d7b55b

Saving this thread by posting an unfinished chapter... Here's what I have at this moment.


The sun had drifted behind one of the clouds weightily traversing the sky, and the wind had picked up. The bus shelter was already crowded when Sara had arrived fifteen minutes ago. She didn’t mind the wait. She was in another new body: a punky, freckled half-asian girl, with shoulder-length, half-bleached hair framing her round face, and a silver nose ring in one nostril. With an eye for fashion, Embel had clothed her in a denim jacket with the sleeves torn off, layered over a greenish patterned turtleneck, with a knee-length skirt and black leather sandals. Every time Embel changed around her, it was like putting on a new pair of shoes; she felt a kind of exciting uneasiness in the new body. Sara smiled to herself, brimming with glee. Being able to transform on the fly, to suddenly step into a totally realized identity and blend seamlessly into the crowd… she still couldn’t quite believe it. She glanced at the people next to her and imagined shifting into each of them: a weary, young East African woman with bags under her eyes holding her toddler’s hand, a blond teenager mouthing the words to the music on his headphones, a plain-faced older woman with long brown hair and smile-lines at the corners of her mouth, looking serenely into the distance.

Of course, Embel could only take a form that could fit around Sara’s actual body. This mainly limited her to guises that were the same height as she was, a bit less than five foot 6. There was some room for playing around, but not much before the discrepancy became unignorable. But aside from that, Embel had almost full rein to decide what kind of shape she would take to surround Sara’s naturally slight physique. Currently her new street-punk body was a little bit on the heavy side, enough so to fill out her face but not to make her bulge around the waist. As she waited for the bus, she contemplated the weird feeling of her fingers being wider than she was used to, and of her legs brushing together between her thighs where they hadn’t before. She shifted curiously from side to side, feeling her new body move around her.

As more people arrived to quietly throng at the bus stop, Sara felt peculiarly aware of how different it seemed to her now just to be in public, among people. The biggest difference was almost tangible: There simply wasn’t any urge to worry about what people thought of her. She wasn’t afraid to check people out, or to stand closer or hold eye contact longer than she would ever have felt appropriate if she were in her own skin. She casually leaned forward and her body brushed up against somebody in line, a young guy with five-day stubble in a plaid shirt. He stepped away, almost unconsciously, putting another few inches between them to restore his personal space. It was like she was no longer subject to the polite surface tension that keeps thirty closely packed people from looking at, speaking to, acknowledging each other. She observed the raft of social bubbles dispassionately, and felt the mischievous urge to pop them all.

The bus was definitely running late. Sara swayed back and forth, and it must have been a coincidence that she and Embel thought of it at the same time, but she got the idea and the moment she began to think it over and get excited about it, she felt it begin to happen. She felt a familiar smooth, slithering sensation in her groin as her cock began to emerge slowly out of her body. It was as if she herself were in control, pushing to make more and more of the meaty shaft extrude from her crotch, flesh slipping against veiny flesh. It wasn’t as big as it had been last night, she could tell, and it was totally soft, just hanging there between her legs like a floppy sausage. A warm flush came to her face and she couldn’t help but grin wider, the strange but familiar sensations from her heavy length almost making her giggle.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she mouthed happily to Embel. She could feel it slap gently against her legs as it dangled if she moved her hips even slightly.

“Having fun, of course,” Embel replied impishly. “It seemed like you were getting bored.”

Sara moved her hips nonchalantly forward and back, and felt her pendulous weiner brush against the front of her skirt, making the fabric ripple. The thought that someone might have seen that slight motion made her heart beat faster, and she looked around her, nervously and excitedly making sure that nobody had noticed. She swayed forward a second time, this time looking down to keep an eye on the bulge in her skirt. A furious blush swiftly rolled across her cheeks, hidden by her second skin. It was obvious something heavy was swinging down there, but she wondered if anybody would guess what it actually was, even if they noticed the movement.

Suddenly the squeal of hydraulic brakes interrupted Sara’s reverie. The bus had arrived, and the waiting passengers milled about the entrance, taking their turn to board. Sara felt something appear in her closed palm: a couple bills and a quarter, just enough money to pay her fare. The guy in front of her swiped his card and went on back, and Sara fed her money into the machine. The driver’s eyes were heavy, his face clearly the tired face of a man looking forward to finishing his shift. She smiled at him, and he spared a glance in her direction, nodded to acknowledge her and waved her on through.

The bus was already crowded. There was only one seat open, near the front of the bus, and she swung herself into it, her full rear feeling pleasantly unfamiliar as it bounced slightly on the cushion. She shifted back and forth to get comfortable, trying to figure out how to sit normally without awkwardly squashing her soft sausage of a cock. While the seat would be perfectly large enough for normal Sara, today her thick hips pressed up against the passengers on either side of her. To her left was a moderately heavy black woman, wearing a mauve jacket and jeans, reading something on a tablet; to her right, a hobo-looking man in a puffy blue jacket, staring out the window across the aisle with his arms in his lap. She crossed her arms, feeling secret and safe under her disguise, and leaned back in her seat, a stranger among strangers.

The first droplets of rain started to softly patter on the ceiling of the bus, and she heard the windshield wipers turn on. The bus bumped over patches of old paving and small potholes now and then, making the close-packed passengers jostle against each other. She let her eyes droop. Her improbable member lay on top of her legs, well-hidden by her skirt but making itself known to her as the motion of the bus bounced it around and caught it sometimes between her legs, the soft feeling simultaneously thrilling and comforting.

“Keep your eyes closed,” Embel’s soft voice whispered in her ear, startling her out of a light trance.

“Oh, why’s that?” Sara whispered in response, almost not moving her lips at all. It was actually pretty simple to talk to Embel without actually speaking; slight motions of the tongue, lips and throat were enough to communicate.

“It’ll be better if you look like you’re asleep,” murmured Embel.

“What will be --” Sara started, but was interrupted by a stirring sensation under her skirt that answered her question before she was able to ask it. Her penis was waking up, tingling in her lap as the soft length began to throb strongly. With each slow pulsation, her cock swelled and stiffened, angling up from her lap degree by degree. Sara felt a hot flush of involuntary embarrassment steal over her face, again perfectly concealed by her disguise. Right… now… her erection began to lift up her skirt, obviously apparent to anyone that might glance in her direction. Her length felt like it reached more than halfway to her knees, almost definitely over a foot long. A small, plump half-chinese girl, napping in her seat, oblivious to her impossibly, awkwardly huge and raging erection… The thought of how she must look to anyone else on the bus was unbearable, filling her with dread and arousal. She felt her cock throb harder, twitching and swaying under her skirt.

Sara’s heart pounded in her chest as she used every ounce of her determination to maintain the illusion that she was asleep. Her eyes closed, the only way for her to gauge the reaction of people around her was by listening carefully... but so far, nobody seemed to have noticed, even as she could feel the tent in her skirt slowly growing, straightening out her pleats. She held precariously on to the idea that, no matter what happened, she could always walk away in a new skin and leave the whole situation behind. But the thought didn’t keep her heart from fluttering, beating hard in her chest, as she felt her member raise with each heartbeat further into the air, lifting her skirt higher. She let her mouth hang just a bit open, her head leaning back, as if she were truly passed out.

Suddenly Sara heard a quiet, abrupt gasp from across the aisle. “Oh my god,” someone whispered urgently, “What the fuck..” There was an abrupt rustling all around her as the front of the bus seemed to hold its breath all at the same time, all eyes turning to Sara right as her proud member heroically lifted up the hem of her dress high enough that she felt a breeze flow over her thick base. In the moment of silence, her heart pounding, she knew that at least a couple inches of her shaft must now have been visible. Then someone laughed, loud and with a touch of hysteria, and all at once a hubbub broke out all around her.

Amid a throng of voices - a frantic motherly “Don’t - don’t look at her,” - a loud “Jeeee-sus!” followed by sharp laughter - a barely audible hiccup-retch from across the aisle - a man, swearing appreciatively under his breath - the nervous, shocked titters of teen girls - the woman to Sara’s left scooted suddenly away from her, scrambling to her feet with a loud, horrified moan, her tablet dropping loudly on the floor. “OoooooOOHHHH, no no NO,” she gasped, “Oh my GOD!” Sara tried as well as she could to keep her body limp, her arm falling down onto the adjacent chair as her neighbor left. The pretense that she was asleep was becoming less and less plausible, and her member was still slowly swelling and rising taller, throbbing and bobbing up and down at the speed of a slow heartbeat, the skirt sliding off until just her sensitive head was still covered by the green hem. She heard gasps all around her and a movement of concern: “Will somebody wake her up, the poor thing!”

The next moment, the brakes shrieked and the bus came to a stop. The collective murmur died down, and footsteps came from the cab. Sara played dead, her heart thumping in her chest.

“Hey.” The voice was flat and gravelly. A hand shook her shoulder. “Get up.”

Sara opened her eyes. The driver looked down at her, his face dour and unmoved. This was clearly just one more shitty situation for him to deal with today.

“This is totally inappropriate. There are children aboard.” He gestured at her. She looked at herself.

It was truly, impossibly ridiculous, a thick, thirteen-inch behemoth sprouting pluckily from her crotch, holding up her skirt by the hem like an awning, wobbling and waving in the air with every little movement of her hips. She looked around her, and saw among the packed bus some faces glaring angrily at her, some faces turned determinedly away, some people grinning derisively to each other, some people looking at her with concern. The leather-faced hobo to her right was still staring into the distance as if nothing had happened. The driver shook his head.

“Sir… I’m going to have to ask you to leave the bus.”

She stammered but had nothing to say to him. Embarrassment flooding over her, she grabbed her hem and tried to force it down to cover her erection, only succeeding in outlining her contours provocatively. The whole bus was silent, the engine stopped, the passengers transfixed, quiet like the audience at the climax of a play. She got up out of her seat and walked unsteadily to the front of the bus, called back an utterly humiliated “S… Sorry… I’ll.. get off..” ..her penis throbbing hard, aching angrily as she pressed it in a weird angle with her skirt. She stepped off into the downpour. She gathered her skirt around her cock to hide it and turned away from the bus as it left, the rain quickly drenching her as she stood alone by a copse of trees at the side of the road.

Embel chuckled in her ear, then began to laugh. Sara fumed resentfully, still feeling the censure of everyone on the bus, flushed with furious shame and dripping wet from the summer storm, and she lashed out at her tormentor, “Aaagh! That was terrible! They… they all think...!” She roared in frustration, “Aaaugghhh!!!” breathing quick and angrily, letting go of her skirt with disgust. It draped provocatively around her angry erection. Embel’s peal of laughter continued, only broken by gasping breaths.

Embel giggled in Sara’s ear, “No, it was great.. OooooooOOOOOH, no no NOO!!” She did a perfect mocking rendition, “Oh my GOD!!!”

Sara chuckled involuntarily, “Ha~!!” She felt a smile break across her face, pushing through her angry shame. “The.. the lady with kids.. ‘Jimmy! Don’t look!!’” Embel guffawed and Sara collapsed back against a convenient tree in a heaving fit of laughter, the two of them feeding off of each other and laughing together for at least a minute.

Sara sighed, bleary-eyed and happy. She leaned back against the slender tree and tilted her face up to the sky, feeling thick warm raindrops splash on her, the rain running in rivulets over her lewd body. Her erection still swelled hard under her skirt and bobbed and twitched as if asking for attention, the head smooth and round as the wet fabric stuck to it. She idly rubbed her hand around it, squeezed it (which made her legs shudder delightfully), her oozing lubricant slowly getting the cloth slick around the silhouette of her meaty glans.

“We’re going to keep doing stuff like that until you stop freaking out about it,” Embel chided in her ear, her voice gentle and a bit droll. “Wasn’t it fun after all?”

Sara shook her head, smiling wryly. “Yeah, but, rrrrrggh!” - her rueful sigh quiet under her breath. She slid down against the tree until her butt plopped onto the ground, her hand continuing to stroke herself through her skirt - the thick length throbbing happily. “It was so embarrassing! Humiliating! The poor driver… And everybody was mortified…”

“Everybody wasn’t _anything_,” Embel observed. “Everybody responded in their own way.. Yeah some people were grossed out, but only a few.. Some people were just laughing at the whole thing, some people were straight-up ogling you… And no harm done,” the shapeshifter laughed, “Look, we gave those people a show that was almost - but not quite - but allllmost totally implausible… of course it’s going to be shocking! But that’s what I love best… that edge of impossibility. That’s what gives me that thrill that I know you feel too. Showing people something that they can hardly believe, bringing them to the recognition that either they live in a world where a sleeping girl on the bus can get an erection sticking out from under her skirt as big as her forearm…”

Sara looked down, blushing. The just-mentioned culprit was right there between her legs, solid as any other part of her body… she took her hand off of it, tensed her crotch and made it bounce ponderously up and down, bobbing under her sodden skirt.

“...Or…” Embel’s voice was suddenly quieter, her secret smile almost audible, “in a world where there are creatures like me. And… if we pull it off well enough, we leave them in a tantalizing confusion, unable to accept or rule out either impossible option…”

Sara nodded. She felt that wild, fervent sense of unlimited possiblity rekindle in her, stoked by Embel’s enthusiasm. Chiming in, she added, “It’s like… proving to them that the world is magical and strange, and can’t be understood!”

The shapeshifter laughed in her ear, her words ecstatically rushing out, “Yes, you totally get it! That’s what I love! Forcing people to realize that wonder and intrigue is the only appropriate response to the world -- breaking up that terrible numbness to life. I hate it so much! I hate seeing it on people’s faces, I want to shatter through it like tree roots growing through a sidewalk. I want to plant a seed of wonder in people’s hearts.”

Sara let out a happy sigh and threw herself back into the long, wet grass. She was completely drenched, her turtleneck and skirt soaked through, her clearly-outlined cock lifting the fabric up in a clinging, swaying tent.

Anonymous 16/06/10(Fri)10:26 No. 24336 ID: c1e39b

Good to see more from you, Grotto. This is definitely one of my favorites on this board

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)15:53 No. 24966 ID: a605a8

Man, this story is great!! Any chance that we get new material soon?

grotto 17/04/06(Thu)09:51 No. 24967 ID: 7827c4


Haven't written any more on this story since getting a full time job last year. I still dream about fun adventures for Sara and Embel... there's a lot more neat stuff that would be great to explore with them.

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)23:28 No. 24968 ID: 9f4443

Good to know you're still alive grotto. Can't wait to read more of it. Your story is gold, it goes beyond what other shapeshifter stories I've read and seen man.

In fact, I may just write up my own little fanfic about this. Or just continue where you left off if I could make something in-par with what you make.

Awesome story Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)04:25 No. 24969 ID: a605a8

If you do, don't forget to post a link here so this legacy can continue!

I really hope to hear back from grotto, but a full time job is kinda more important haha

Izu 17/04/07(Fri)14:57 No. 24970 ID: 6c632d

Here's my take on chapter 8. Still very short as I worked on it in a day, what you guys think? xd

# Two Become One
### Chapter VIII (unofficial?)

Staring at her 16 inch hard-on, Sara knew she can't just leave it unattended. Sara requested as she held her dick "Hey Embel, why not make this softer, I'd like to put it in me." with that she felt it soften. Sara grabs the head and starts jamming it into her hungry crotch "Mmmm..." she moaned as it fills her up slowly.

Sara layed down on the wet grass under the rain, using both of her hands to pump her dick in and out of her pussy. While in the midst of pleasure, Embel muttered "Your breasts seem rather lonely, would you like some help with them?" Sara gave small nod and her breasts swelled to F cups, areolas getting larger and her nipples grew thicker than a thumb. But it wasn't over, Sara felt something grow below her armpits, two new limbs or arms rather, grew out and started playing with her enormous breasts, pinching and carressing them. It seemed like Embel was in control of her new arms, so Sara focused on pumping her dick.

A familiar sensation is rises from her breasts and cock as she nears her climax, and then milk starts spewing like fountains from both her nipples, covering her in thick, white, and sweet breast milk; while her dick pumps her womb full of her own white cum, most of it overflowing from her pussy. She lays down for a bit more, recovering from the aftermath of her blissful masturbation experience, "That was fucking amazing!" Sara implied, exhausted and contented.

A few minutes later, the rain had stopped. Embel brought Sara's breast size back to their normal size and dried up her clothes, but the mess on her body, and the extra arms and soft dick were kept; and Sara grabs her left tit and starts sucking on her nipple to get the milk inside. Using another hand to stuff the long flaccid dick in her pussy before heading back home.

It was a cold night on their way home so Embel gave Sara a jacket to warm her self up. Upon entering the house the jacket liquified and melded onto Sara's skin and clothes.

"Today was a blast!" Said Sara, who'm, even though it didn't show on her face was exhausted, "I know right? It was fun trying out all sorts of things I hadn't done in the past, and giving people a scene that they wont forget." Embel said as she changed Sara's clothes from casual attire to her pajamas. They both slept soundly that night.


(More coming soon I guess? :3)

Izu 17/04/07(Fri)18:52 No. 24972 ID: 6c632d


Hey grotto, I wanna ask, do you already have a specific plot for the story planned out already or are you currently just going for random acts?

Like, is there some big climax that's going to happen? Because going through your past /d/ posts it seems you have, I just want to confirm if you're still going with it.

grotto 17/04/08(Sat)02:56 No. 24973 ID: cdd710

Hey, that's pretty wonderful! I love seeing your take on Sara and Embel.

I'm glad to have other people creating their own versions of the story. Back when I first posted the story, someone wrote a continuation to the story starting where I had stopped at the time, and others in the thread had them take it down saying that it was disrespectful to me. I totally disagree, and I am dad that I never got to see it.

If you search "grotto two become one" on Google you'll find the entry in the BEArchive's AddVenture.. you can add to it at any point in the story as you see fit!

I do have rough ideas for how the plot is going to progress and wrap up, but it's tough to get the story to the point where I can hit the plot points I have planned out. There are a few characters I haven't been able to get to at all, and even a spin-off that might fit in much later.

Mainly I'd like to explore more about the nature of Embel's kind.. they are very different from normal biological Earth life, stemming from a separate abiogenesis in some deep sea vent. They carry something called the Golden Seed.. each of them can only reproduce once, and when they have a child they pass on the Golden Seed to their offspring. So there's only one line of them, going back to their moment of creation, and each of them has all the memories of their ancestors. Embel is the first of them to have anything to do with humans.

I have plans for Embel's mother and her eventual descendants, as well as the human characters that become involved along the way.

Izu 17/04/08(Sat)05:58 No. 24974 ID: a6f04a


That's great to hear, does that mean I can have permission to post my own take here? I'd call it [unofficial] of course, so there wouldn't be any confusion.

Or should I start my own thread, post it there and link back to this?

Also, I'll definetely add more routes for that ADDventure story, I've been looking forever for a story like this to become a CYOA.

And lastly, I'll be waiting for your continuation. Haha.

grotto 17/04/08(Sat)06:04 No. 24975 ID: 256cfa

Definitely, post your contributions here or in your own thread, i'm fine with you doing either!

Izu 17/04/08(Sat)15:50 No. 24977 ID: a6f04a

Here's my full take on chapter 8. Hope someone enjoys this even with my average level grammar. owo)b

# Two Become One
### Chapter VIII (Izu's Take)

Staring at her 16 inch hard-on, Sara knew she can't just leave it unattended. Sara requested as she held her dick "Hey Embel, why not make this softer, I'd like to put it in me." with that she felt it soften. Sara grabs the head and starts jamming it into her hungry crotch "Mmmm..." she moaned as it fills her up slowly.

Sara laid down on the wet grass under the rain, using both of her hands to pump her dick in and out of her pussy. While in the midst of pleasure, Embel muttered "Your breasts seem rather lonely, would you like some help with them?" Sara gave small nod and her breasts swelled to F cups, areolas getting larger and her nipples grew thicker than a thumb. But it wasn't over, Sara felt something grow below her armpits, two new limbs or arms rather, grew out and started playing with her enormous breasts, pinching and caressing them. It seemed like Embel was in control of her new arms, so Sara focused on pumping her dick.

A familiar sensation is rises from her breasts and cock as she nears her climax, and then milk starts spewing like fountains from both her nipples, covering her in thick, white, and sweet breast milk; while her dick pumps her womb full of her own white cum, most of it overflowing from her pussy. She lays down for a bit more, recovering from the aftermath of her blissful masturbation experience, "That was fucking amazing!" Sara implied, exhausted and contented.

A few minutes later, the rain had stopped. Embel brought Sara's breast size back to their normal size and dried up her clothes, but the mess on her body, and the extra arms and soft dick were kept; and Sara grabs her left tit and starts sucking on her nipple to get the milk inside. Using another hand to stuff the long flaccid dick in her pussy before heading back home.

It was a cold night on their way home so Embel gave Sara a jacket to warm herself up. Upon entering the house the jacket liquified and melded onto Sara's skin and clothes.

"Today was a blast!" Said Sara, who'm, even though it didn't show on her face was exhausted, "I know right? It was fun trying out all sorts of things I hadn't done in the past, and giving people a scene that they won't forget." Embel said as she changed Sara's clothes from casual attire to her pajamas. They both slept soundly that night.


The next morning Sara wakes up just as she would normally, opening her eyes, she sees that Embel was in her usual 10 year old form, sitting on the bed naked. "Oh, good morning Sara!" she said as she gulped down some white liquid, "I hope you don't mind me having fun with your body early in the morning.". Looking down she saw that Embel had grown a dick on her crotch again. "That's weird, I just came didn't I? Why wasn't I woken up?" Sara asked, having forgotten once again about her abilities. "Did you forget Sara? I can control what you can feel as your second skin." Embel explained. "Oh yeah, haha, I forgot about that, good morning by the way. Wanna eat some breakfast?". "Sure! Let's go!" Embel replied happily.

Embel changes her own and Sara's clothing to a frilly pink apron with nothing underneath it. "Hey, hey. What's with this outfit?"

"I've seen these kind of outfits while browsing the internet for more things we could do. They're called "Nude Aprons"." Embel explained.

"You and your weird experiments. But hey I like it, it's cute.".

"So, are we going to your summer job today?" Embel asked, already melded back as Sara's skin. "Yeah, but please try not to get me in a bad rep from my job. Okay?" Sara replied knowing well what could happen with Embel's "Experiments".

"Alright then, change me into some casual clothes before we go out."

"Any particular clothing you want to wear?"

"Well anything will do, just don't make it too flashy, we're only going to a plant nursery after all."

The apron melted away sinking into her skin, now Sara is sporting a white t-shirt with the words "Simple Girl" written in colorful graffiti style without a bra underneath, her shorts were colored camouflage brown, black lingerie styled panty underneath, and simple dark-red low cut for shoes. Sara peeked beneath the clothes, "Really, lingerie for panties and no bra..." not really bothered about it. "Hey, it could work for something fun later on." Embel reasoned. "Alright, alright." Sara said smiling, thinking about what could happen at the plant nursery.

On the way to her summer job, Sara's mind was busy thinking about more things that she and Embel could do together. She thought back to the events at the bus, the stares that people gave her, their shocked expressions, thinking about it makes her excited, being exposed like that. Then it hit her.

"Exhibitionism." muttered Sara.

"Ohhh, I like it, going around public places naked huh?" Embel, intrigued by Sara's suggestion.

"But let's do it after work, let's say at night."

"Okay, got it."

Time flew by, went work on as usual for Sara, but as she was about to finish watering the last few plants Embel had thought of an idea.

"Hey Sara, I wanna try something, see that bucket of water?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Take off your shirt and dip your breasts in it."

Looking around to see if anyone was around to see her, Sara removed her shirt. She leaned into the bucket in a way that only her chest was dipped in the water and her ass sticking out in the air. Soon enough Sara's breasts felt like something was going them through her nipples, they were getting a bit heavier and larger by the second. Looking down, she sees that water was getting sucked into her nipples causing them to grow larger and larger, and so the bucket was empty.

By now Sara's breasts were gigantic, rocking a size of around GG cup, and water leaking out of the nipples.

"So, what am I going to do with these now? They're so fucking heavy."

"Simple, you water the plants. Come on, aim at the plants and pinch your nipples."

Sara followed accordingly to what Embel said. Pinching her nipples sent a shockwave of pleasure through her entire body, causing her to lose balance, and water to spew out as if her nipples were a hose.

Regaining her stability, she tries again, while doing her best resisting the extreme pleasure that goes through her body from the stream of water coming out of her nipples. At this point, Sara's pussy was soaking wet, a small wet spot on her shorts is visible. But just before she reaches crescendo, the water in her breasts run out leaving her hanging, and on the verge of climax. Sara's body limps and flops to the floor.

But the day isn't over yet, after the blissful experience on the nursery, Sara headed to the town park near midnight. This time she'd taken a new form she was now a redhead woman, hair tied up in a ponytail, fair colored skin, curves that show perfectly under the light of a post lamp, and long slender legs to top it all off. She wore a thick winter jacket, a pair of sunglasses and a beanie.

After walking around in the park for a few minutes and passing a few people who looked at her suspiciously, Sara had finally found a perfect spot to undress, the area behind a park bench was dark, away from the post lamps and had a wall of hedge and bushes. She hid behind a tree not too far from the bench and whispered "Okay, we're good."

Her clothes melted away, leaving nothing behind, showing her smooth, hairless crotch, and perky C-cup breasts with pointy nipples. It was very obvious she was soaking wet from the thrill of possibly being seen by another person. But since it was almost midnight, not a lot would be walking or wandering here by now.

"Can't believe that I'm actually doing this." Sara, feeling excited and embarrassed at the same time.

Feeling the cold gentle breeze of the midnight air, Sara shuddered. She walks through the park casually, looking around until she saw a boy that's about to pass by her. She quickly thinks her actions through, and decides to just keep walking.

It was clear that the boy was ogling at her body when she walked past him, shocked at why there's a naked girl walking around the park.

But Sara couldn't hold it in, still wet from the experience from the nursery and the thrill of someone having seen her. Sara rushes back to the boy and tackles him in a deep kiss which causes him to stumble and fall.

Breaking the kiss, Sara introduced herself "Hey there little guy, my name's Aria. What's yours?" while reaching for the zipper of his pants. "C-Clark" he staggered, as Aria expertly massages the bulge in his pants. "Well Clark, you're a lucky guy, I really need a dick in me and you're the only one around here." She undo the button and zipper and Clark's boner pops out. Aria opens her mouth, just above the boy's erect cock, and her tongue starts snaking down, licking, coiling, and covering it with her saliva. "Hu you wike thith?" She asks as she plunges her mouth down to his rod. Clark couldn't respond as he cums a full load into Aria's mouth, she gulps it all down taking care not to spill some out. "Already out?" she says, looking at the slowly softening dick of Clark. Milk starts leaking from Aria's nipples and leans to give Clark a taste "Drink up, I'm not yet finished boy." Clark sucks on her right nipple like how a newborn would, her milk has a bland taste, much like that of fresh cow's milk.

His dick slowly begins to stiffen up again as Aria strokes it and him gulping down almost a bottles worth of her breast milk. Aria places her soaking wet pussy above Clark's once again hard dick, but before putting it in, she starts playing with her clit, moving her hand up and down on it, and the clit slowly starts growing, longer and thicker as it slowly turns into a 4 inch cock of her own. She grabs it and sits down on the anxious dick of Clark. While humping him Aria continues to pleasure herself by stroking her cock up and down using one arm and another to knead her milk-filled breasts, she grabs Clark’s body and forces him to another kiss and leads his hands to her hips and chest. Lengthening her tongue once again just enough to gag him and break the kiss as both of them reach their climax, Aria cumming on Clark’s and her body, and Clark cumming on her aching pussy.

Using her tongue, Aria licks up the cum that had gotten on Clark’s clothes as he lays on the floor unconscious, she licks his body, clothes, and the place they had their fun on clean, and leaves Clark lying with his pants undone.

Her pussy still dripping with cum and her body covered with hers, Sara walks home as she is, naked and covered in thick semen, under the same thick winter jacket she had worn on the way to the park, it was another fun day and the duo look forward to another.

Izu 17/04/08(Sat)15:55 No. 24978 ID: a6f04a


Could've been longer. Guess I'll have to make up at my take on chapter 9.

Also look out for my additions to the ADDventure story of this.


grotto 17/04/08(Sat)19:09 No. 24980 ID: 256cfa

Hey, that's awesome. I like her outfit when she goes to work at the nursery, and I especially love the scene where she soaks up the bucket of water into her breasts and waters the plants!

Izu 17/04/08(Sat)19:39 No. 24981 ID: a6f04a


Thanks. It was pretty hard thinking up of a new body modification since it has to be somewhat compatible with the human body because Sara's still human after all. So I was stuck with futa, breast expansion, and lactation most of the time.

It was pretty fun when I thought of something new for them to do though once I know the possibilities and start writing it down.

Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)10:09 No. 24988 ID: 821af8

I remember asking around on the other /d/ if anyone had read this story and you actually posted in the thread. I asked if you were going to do anything with that story you were hinting at with the other girl.

I don't know how else to say this. I love reading this story. Ordinarily, I'd read something like this and remember it, but I haven't gotten tired of it at all.

Maybe it's that warm feeling I get from Embel and Sara just being together or maybe it's my slimegirl fetish branching out... I hope I'm not being creepy here.

Izu 17/07/28(Fri)18:47 No. 25108 ID: ecf51f

I've rewrote this for the third time now lol. I cringe at the way I write stories, here's a peek my third rewrite.

Don't want this story dying on me. Living clothes, nipple fuck, urethra insertion, and much more “fun scenarios” on this chapter. I need more fetishes to shove in.


# Two Become One
### Chapter 9 (Izu's Take)

"Haa?!" Something long and hard was inserted into Sara's pussy early in the morning.

"Good morning cutie pie!" Greeted Embel, sitting at the side of the bed naked.

Wondering what was inserted in her, Sara pulled down her pajamas along with her panty. She ended up moaning as the hard dick that was inside her was pulled along with the panty, looking down, she saw that it was actually part of it.

"Geez, it's so early in the morning and you're already good to go." Sara looked at the clock only to find out that it was 4:30am in the morning.

"Don't act like you don't want it. Because I know you do." The naked 10 year old smirked. She stood up and rubbed her wet crotch, a few seconds later and her clit started getting longer and smooth.

"Put it on!" She stammered as she focused on pleasuring herself.

"Alright fine, let's do it." Sara remarked. She put her pajamas back on and slipped the dick back into her crotch with a moan. She started to feel wet on both her pussy and asshole.

Thank you Anonymous 17/08/14(Mon)16:44 No. 25121 ID: 0a066d

Your writing is pretty great! Thank you for taking your time and continuing the story. I'm sure there are others that are thankful to you as well, but simply are not posting their feelings.

Keep up the great work! I'm sure grotto is proud that there is another person continuing this great story of his, with high quality writing.

grotto 17/08/18(Fri)05:51 No. 25126 ID: 0cb6a5

I am indeed!

Izu 17/08/18(Fri)16:06 No. 25127 ID: 31c9db

Thank you very much for the kind words there! It actually gave me a boost in motivation in writing my take on the story, I'll be sure to give mt best on this chapter.

Thanks a lot for being open with the alternate take of your story. I've got a couple of questions to ask regarding the story in private, do you have any sort of other account on a different site I could chat on? Discord, Twitter, HentaiFoundry, etc?

grotto 17/08/19(Sat)04:57 No. 25129 ID: 66d023

Hmmm, you could reach me by PMing Grotto on Futanaripalace

Holy shit! Crushermach3 18/01/04(Thu)10:20 No. 25278 ID: d44b90

Two years without an update and then another year and a half to notice it. Man, am I pleasantly surprised this thread still exists!

I'll be posting the new content on the ADDventure shortly. Say within a week to a month. Gotta refamiliarise myself with this first so I can remember what I was doing, both story-wise and on the ADDventure. (If you can't tell I haven't been on there in a while either.)

And Izu, you want >>24977 and >>25108 added as a separate branch? I haven't read it yet, but I'm assuming I can slot it into one of the existing options without too much trouble. I'd be giving you the same treatment as grotto if you decide to take me up on the offer.

Crushermach3 18/01/04(Thu)10:29 No. 25279 ID: d44b90

Um, I'm an idiot. Of course I can fit Izu's addition into an option. They're adding onto a section that doesn't exist on the ADDventure yet so I can just make an option that'll fit when I get to it. Derp.

Izu 18/01/14(Sun)12:09 No. 25294 ID: 7d941a

I said I'd be adding into ADDventure but never really got to it. I find it pretty confusing, having no proper UI and all.

And I deleted my chapter 9, could use a rewrite on it, found it too cringy for myself.

Crushermach3 18/01/15(Mon)00:35 No. 25295 ID: d44b90

>I find it pretty confusing, having no proper UI and all

You just click a blank option you want to use, click accept, and paste in your episode. Then all you gotta do is check some boxes and write in some other things (episode title, continuation options, etc).

Anyways, grotto's incomplete chapter 7 isn't added yet. We'll have to wait until that's finished before anyone can do anything involving those events.

Anon 18/04/12(Thu)22:55 No. 25505 ID: eb7e5d

Where can I find more second skin fetish stuff like this


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