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Tales from the Youth Offender Restitution Program Storyteller95 16/08/06(Sat)05:46 No. 24550 ID: 9b9ff7

The story begins in the next post. The first sex scene will be in the post following that one. This post is for disclaimers and explanation of the setting. These posts are my first draft and I may later edit them and post them to asstr.org or storiesonline.net I haven't decided yet.

The story will involve under-age characters, both boys and girls although the current main character is a twelve year old girl. It will also involve adult men having sex with the under-age characters, rape, violence, prostitution, interracial sex, lesbian sex, straight sex, possibly at some point gay male sex, and a prison setting. If these bother you stop reading now. Other things may come up as well, it's a work in progress and ideas I haven't thought up yet may come into play. Things I can guarantee will NOT feature are scat, water sports, gore, snuff, bestiality, furries, or fantasy elements such as magic.

The author does not condone or practice the activities the characters engage in.

The setting is a near future dystopia (I intend to remain vague on the date so if this becomes long running I don't overlap the real world date). In an attempt to appear tough on youth crime without throwing teens and children in with the adult general population the government has allowed the private for profit prison industry to set up the "Youth Offender Restitution Program".

If someone under 18 commits a crime (which rapidly expanded to things like "got into a fight at school" or "caused a disruption in class and was escorted out by school security") the court system orders their parents to pay a fine. Part of the fine goes to the city, part goes to any victims as recompense (or for victimless crimes to an appropriate charity. For example, part of a fine for drug possession or low level dealing goes to addiction treatment.) The majority of the fine though goes to the Youth Offender Restitution program.

When they can't pay the fine (or if they just WON'T because they're tired of all the trouble the kid gets into) the child is taken into custody by the program and is forced to work off the fine. However the program does not provide a job for them. Instead it fits the Youth Offenders with a collar that monitors their location at all times so they can pick them up if they try to run off or escape after curfew and sends them out during the day to make money on their own. However, the economy of the setting is doing poorly and many jobs a kid could do are being done by adults desperate for work. And besides, who wants to hire a juvenile delinquent to babysit their kid or walk their dog or mow their lawn? The dirty little secret of the program is that there's only one way the Youth Offenders have to make any real money. Prostitution. Of course if they're caught prostituting themselves, or causing trouble in any way (including sometimes just pissing off a cop who's had a bad day) that's more money added to their fine that they have to work off.

The program collects the money and puts it towards paying off the Youth Offenders fine, as well as paying off their room and board for which they charge $200 a night claiming security costs as an excuse for such a high charge. With so many offenders in the system even the prettiest girl only gets $50 a trick on average so they struggle just to stay even let alone get ahead enough to get out before they turn 18 and are force to work off the remainder in an adult prison. And at night the Youth Offenders are locked up with abusive guards and while the male offenders are supposed to be kept separate from the girls very little effort is made to enforce that and a lot of the guards enjoy watching the results of them mingling on the security cameras.

The next post begins the story but does not contain any sex. I am working on the next part which will involve the main character meeting the older girl who will be her cell mate and include an interracial lesbian rape scene.

Storyteller95 16/08/06(Sat)05:55 No. 24551 ID: 9b9ff7

As the judge entered to deliver his decision I stood, shaking with fear. I nervously ran my fingers through my long chocolate brown hair and tugged at my dress to straighten it as I tried to calm down. I couldn't believe I was in this situation because when that lying bitch Cassie was caught with the Ritalin she'd stolen out of my purse she claimed I'd sold it to her.

Her family was rich, they had paid her fine easily. My parents though? Even when my court appointed lawyer had tried to get me to plead to a lesser charge the thousand dollar fine had been too much for my parents to afford. Even with the plea bargain I'd be put in the Youth Offender Restitution program. I'd heard enough stories about what happened there that I decided to go to trial. It was the only chance I had.

The Youth Offender Restitution program was sold as being tough on juvenile crime and a way to provide restitution to their community and the victims
of their crime if there were any. If a kid broke the law or just got in trouble at school then their parents would owe a fine. Some of the fine went to the city, some went to the victim, and some went to the private company that managed the program. Like when James got pissed at the principal and slashed his tires. The principal got money for new tires and
a little extra for the trouble James caused him. The city and the company split the rest of the two thousand dollars. Of course, James' parents could afford it. Although I'd heard they told him if he ever pulled something like that again they wouldn't pay. And that's where the program got scary.

If your parents couldn't (or wouldn't) pay the fine then the Youth Offender Restitution program would take you into custody and make you work off your fine. They didn't provide the jobs themselves though, not like in the adult prison system where you did cheap manual labor. They sent the Youth Offenders out wearing their monitoring collars to find whatever jobs they could to earn the money needed to pay their fines. And thanks to the collars GPS anyone who tried to stay outside past curfew was easily picked up and brought back to their cell at night with an extra thousand dollar
fine tacked on for the trouble. What scared me the most about being taken into the custody of the Youth Offender Restitution Program though was the
dirty little secret that most adults tried to pretended didn't exist.

There weren't a lot of jobs out there that kids could take, especially with the global recession making adults desperate for any work they could
get. And even if someone would let someone wearing a Youth Offender uniform and monitoring collar walk their dogs or babysit their kids, well that wasn't going to pay off a thousand dollar fine any time soon. And a lot of fines were higher than that. There was really only one way a twelve year old girl like me was going to be making that kind of money. In the back seat of some old guys car, or in a back alley on my knees.

It wasn't legal of course, if a youth offender was caught prostituting themselves it was another five thousand dollars added to their fine that they'd have to work off doing the same thing that got them the fine in the first place. And I'd heard that the company running the program charged the Youth Offenders rent to cover the cost of housing and feeding them and that the rent was added to their fine so you had to work hard and bring in a lot of money just to not fall behind and owe more.

I tried not to let the fear show on my face as the judge straightened his files and looked up. I even managed to give him a little smile even though it felt like trying was going to make my face crack. I didn't think my lawyer had done a very good job, but maybe I just didn't understand how things worked in a real court room instead of one on TV. The judge had to understand that I hadn't sold Cassie my Ritalin, he had to.

The judge cleared his throat and looked up. Under his cold gaze my smile faded away. "Katy Jensen. The charges against you today were very serious,
and in light of that I gave very serious consideration to the evidence presented to me. In the end I had no choice but to find you guilty as
charged. Since you're a first time offender and seem to be, apart from this one indiscretion, a sweet girl I'm going to go easy on you. The minimum fine for the offence you were charged with is three thousand dollars. I understand that your parents will be unable to pay it so you will be transferred into the custody of the Youth Offender Restitution
Program immediately and will begin working off your debt to society starting tomorrow." I'm sure the hint of a smile I saw on his face was just my imagination, that and the feeling that he was looking me up and down the same way the older boys at school had started doing when I began showing signs of development (although not much) in my chest area. "A girl like you though, if you work hard I'm sure you'll be back home with your parents in no time."

He kept talking for a while before the bailiff came to guide me to a cell where I waited for the official bus taking me and the other Youth Offenders convicted that day to the center. I have no idea what he said though, I'd collapsed into my seat. I barely noticing that my parents had started crying, I was too busy worried what was going to happen to me next.

Anonymous 16/08/06(Sat)07:16 No. 24552 ID: 1ae3cf

Interesting setup. looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Storyteller95 16/08/06(Sat)09:06 No. 24553 ID: 850371

I'm sure some of where it's on it's way to is pretty obvious. If I wind up editing the story and posting an updated draft on other sites I think I should probably make it slightly more obvious rather than just implied that Katy didn't have the Ritalin in her purse because she was abusing it, she has a legit script and the system fucked her over hard because of Cassie lying about her selling them.

I should have plenty to do with Katy and if I ever get bored with her or reach what feels like a good stopping point for her story you can probably expect me to switch to a different character either new or previously established. I'm going back to work on her meeting her cell mate and if I'm lucky I'll have enough time to work on it that I'll be able to get it up tomorrow (which might be today depending on what time zone readers are in). If not tomorrow it shouldn't be more than a couple days.

Storyteller95 16/08/06(Sat)10:27 No. 24554 ID: 850371

I'm sorry, I promised you sex in this update but I got this much done before I had to go to sleep tonight and this seems a good point to post at instead of saving it until tomorrow. Next update will be Jazzy "showing Katy how things work around here". And I noticed the first story post has some formatting errors. Probably from me copy pasting it from where I wrote it. I apologize if more creep in to this one.


I spent hours waiting in my cell for the other cases to be decided and when it was time to board the bus to the Youth Offender Restitution Program three other kids got on with me. None of us talked to each other, most of us were too upset about what had happened to us today. There was a little Mexican girl who couldn't have been more than nine who was crying so hard I was afraid she might make herself sick. I wanted to give her a hug, but each of us were taken to a different seat and handcuffed in so we couldn't escape if the bus stopped. I had no idea what she could have done to deserve this, but I'd heard that kids even younger than her had been put in the program in the past. The other two were both boys, one about my age blond and kind of cute but a bit girly looking who stared blankly out the window and ignored the rest of us. The other boy was older, about sixteen maybe, and he was the only one who didn't look scared. Mostly he looked angry, except when he was looking at me or the little girl in a way that made me even more scared than I already was. When he first saw the other boy he gave him the same look, then he shuddered realizing it was a boy he was looking at and not a third girl.

We spent the whole long ride in silence and when the bus pulled past the high grey walls the guards led us into the building and separated us leading the boys down one corridor and me and the little girl down another. Everywhere I looked I saw cameras, our every move was being watched. The guard with us led us to a door and paused outside. "Go in, put your clothes in the box to your left. Shower and change into your uniform. That's what you'll be wearing until you earn your release. Your street clothes will be returned to you once you've paid your debt to society." He recited it quickly, in a monotone that would have done my old science teacher proud. "When you've finished come back out and I'll take you to get your monitoring collar. Be quick about it," he smiled, the look in his eye making me shudder "Or I'll come in to get you out." I was sure that wasn't actually part of his script, and that he was hoping we'd take long enough to justify it.

We went into the showers and cleaned and changed as quickly as we could. My skin crawled when I saw that even in here there were cameras watching us. This was the girls shower, surely they didn't have men watching the cameras did they? They had to have female guards doing that, right? The other girl didn't seem to notice the cameras and I didn't tell her, she was scared enough. We didn't have much time but we managed to introduce ourselves. Her name was Maria and like me she insisted she was here because of a misunderstanding. She was accused of shoplifting some candy bars but insisted that she had no idea how they'd gotten into her backpack while she was shopping with her older brother. I had a few ideas myself, but it was going to be hard enough on her without her realizing what her brother had probably done to her. I'm sure he thought she'd get away with them and that someone her age wouldn't be punished to harshly if she were caught, but here she was. I hoped Maria would share my cell, I felt like she needed someone to protect her in here. Of course, I wasn't even sure I'd be able to protect myself.

I looked down at the uniform I'd been given and wrinkled my nose in disgust. I'd never been a fashion plate but this was just terrible. I'd have preferred a shapeless orange jumpsuit to this crime against fashion. The design was similar to a private school uniform, which I wasn't excited about but I could tolerate. The colors on the other hand were designed to make it clear the wearer was in the Program. The skirt's drab grey and black plaid was barely noticeable as a pattern the colors were so similar and the white blouse was made of rough fabric that chaffed my skin when I put it on. There was no bra to wear beneath it but I wasn't exactly blessed in that area and only missed having one because of how rough the fabric of the blouse was. At least the panties were soft white cotton and not uncomfortable to wear. The truly hideous part of the outfit though was the blazer, which was the same ugly orange as the jumpsuit I wished I could wear instead of this. The shoes were soft foam clogs, I guess so we couldn't use them to hit guards or each other. I'd seen kids in the program on the street before, I'd expected this and knew the boys were something very similar (just you know, with slacks and shirts not skirts and blouses), I just hadn't known how uncomfortable these uniforms were until I had to wear one.

Before we walked back out to meet the guard I gave Maria a quick hug that she returned sniffling like she might start crying again. As I swung the door open I saw the guard reaching for it. I guess he'd decided it had been long enough he had an excuse and was hoping to get an eyeful. He only looked a little disappointed as he let his hand drop.

"Took you long enough." he grunted at us. "Let's go get your collars on and then I'll show you to your cells." He led us down another drab hallway lined with cameras into a room where an old, stern looking woman measured my neck and after rummaging around in a back room for a while came back out with a frightening looking collar made of metal and bright orange plastic. She warned me not to meddle with it or try to take it off, she explained that if it were tampered with it would shock me like a taser. And that the guards could, with one press of a button on the remote at their belts activate the collar of anyone they pointed the remote at. As soon as she'd locked it in place the guard waved at me to follow him while she was still measuring Maria.

"Come on, I'll show you to your cell and come back for her when she's done."

"But," I asked. "We came in together, isn't she going to be with me?"

"Oh no girl, we've got a cell mate all ready for you. She's looking forward to meeting her new 'friend'." I could hear the quotes around friend in his voice. "Jazzy's real good at showing new girls the ropes, making sure they understand how things work around here so they don't get in trouble. When I saw our new arrivals today I was kind of hoping they'd put Maria with her. I think she'll do just fine with you though."

My knees shaking I followed him down the hall to meet my cell mate.

AnonyMPC 16/08/06(Sat)17:04 No. 24555 ID: a609fb

Really like this concept. I'm playing with a few similar (yet different) ideas in one of my iCity project stories, so I'd like to apologize in advance if I wind up unintentionally stealing something because I read it and later forgot where it came from and thought it was my own idea. :)

Soli 16/08/07(Sun)03:51 No. 24557 ID: cd8c01

I know how that goes anony. I first read your stories a few years ago, and then reread many of them recently. I didnt realize just how much influence those had on my own story until I did that. Definite "well shit" moment.

storyteller95 16/08/07(Sun)05:20 No. 24558 ID: 850371

Hard at work on the next part. Might have to split it into two parts when I'm done but the first sex scene should be up tonight along with a hard lesson for Katy about how the program works.

storyteller95 16/08/07(Sun)06:41 No. 24559 ID: 850371

The guard led me down yet another hallway and into the girls wing of the building. It was getting late and dinner was over, I hadn't eaten since lunch but after the day I'd had I didn't have much of an appetite. Several girls were sitting in the common area of the wing reading or playing games or watching TV, they looked at me as I came in with the guard some of them with interest, some with hostility, some with boredom, and a few of the younger ones looked a little scared at another older girl coming in. "No time for you to hang out here today." the guard told me. "Your cell mate is waiting to meet you and we don't want to keep her waiting." His menacing tone made me gulp. Maybe though this Jazzy that I was going to be sharing my cell with was a nice girl and he was just trying to scare me. A girl could dream, right?

I noticed as we walked past the cells they were all empty. The girls must all be in the common room, or maybe some of the older ones were out working again. He led me to the one furthest from the common area, the only one that wasn't currently empty. Inside a tall, lean black girl a few years older than me sat on one of the beds. Her skirt rode up over one knee showing a lot of her smooth leg that the guard with me stared at openly. Her blazer was laying on the dresser and I noticed it wasn't just the less physically mature girls like me who went without a bra, I could see her dark nipples pressing against the white fabric of her blouse. Her breasts were small by boys standards I guessed, maybe a small B-cup, but they were big enough to make me jealous. The guard noticed them too once he dragged his eyes up from her leg licking his lips. Her long hair was done up in multiple braids and strung with beads and her full lips were covered with dark red lipstick that complemented her dark skin that reminded me of rich black coffee. Like all the other girls in the wing she wore one of the monitoring collars but where mine and a lot of the girls looked new hers was kind of dinged and scratched like it had been worn a long time.

"Hey Dave." she said to the guard in a flirty voice. "Was starting to think I'd have to wait all night for you to bring me the new girl." she looked over at me and I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. She was looking at me like boys looked at me. Was she ...? I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. My best friend before I got in trouble liked girls too but she knew I didn't and we were cool she didn't try to be anything more than friends. Jazzy though had a hungry look in her eyes, like some of the older boys at school that I tried to stay away from.

The guards, Dave's, eyes didn't rise about Jazzy's breasts as he answered. "Had to get her changed and fitted with her collar. You've got plenty of time to give her your usual welcome Jazzy."

Like Dave's eyes on her breasts Jazzy's eyes didn't leave me when she replied to him. "Been looking forward to it all day Dave. You on camera monitoring duty now?"

"I will be shortly. Got another girl getting fitted that I need to bring back here first."

"Another new girl? She pretty?"

"Cute little Mexican girl, I'm sure you'll meet her soon. Wish we could have put her in with you too." Dave tore his eyes off Jazzy's breasts long enough to look down at his watch. "Crap. Maria should be ready by now. I need to run back and get her. I'll leave her with the girls in the common room."

Jazzy waved at Dave as he rushed off, switching to an angry glare and flipping him off when his back was turned. As soon as he was out of earshot she spoke. "Fucker thinks I don't notice him staring at me like that. Wasn't him I was showing off for ..." she patted the bed next to her. "Sit down girl, I'll tell you what it's like here. You're Katy, right?"

Hesitantly I sat down next to her near the foot of the bed. Both the head and the foot of the bed butted up against the wall of our small cell and on the other side of the room there was a second bed. The other bed seemed to be hers, there were fashion magazines scattered on it, we were both apparently on MY bed. When I sat down near the foot Jazzy scooted closer to me, she wasn't quite pressing me up against the wall but if she moved any closer she would be. "Uh, yeah." I said nervously. "Mom named me after her favorite singer."

Jazzy smiled at me and leaned in close as I talked. I wanted to lean away but I couldn't without smacking my head into the wall. "My name's short for Jasmine, but ain't nobody calls me that. So what are you in here for Katy?"

"A girl from my school stole my Ritalin and when she was caught with it she claimed I sold it to her. I didn't though! I really didn't!"

"Uh-huh." She looked at me skeptically. "Well, I been here four years and one of the things I learned is it don't matter if you did it or not. You're here now and you gotta deal with it."

"Four years? What did you do? Why haven't you paid your fine off yet?"

Jazzy laughed bitterly. "Oh girl. You got a rude awakening coming your way. What got me here is when I was ten this other girl on the playground she called me a nigger. So I beat the hell out of her pasty white ass. Broke her nose. Since I threw the first punch I got blamed, five thousand dollar fine. Bitch probably bought herself a new nose with her share, even before I broke it her nose wasn't doing her ugly ass face any favors. Anyway, that's what put me here. And I admit, the first month or two I wasn't so good at making money so I got a bit more behind. I learned quick though, I'm a real good worker now even though I don't like guys. I could have been out of here in five months. Thing is though, and I ain't just being vain, I'm pretty. That's one of the reasons I make a lot of money, and it's why the guards like me. Pretty girls like me, like YOU, the Program wants to keep us around to make them money and the guards want to keep us around ... well you know why they want to keep us around right?"

My stomach sank like a rock. I was pretty sure I knew why guards like Dave would want to keep me around. I nodded my head and bit my lip nervously. "Well," Jazzy continued, "it's pretty easy to keep us around. All they need is an excuse to fine you more and those are easy to come by. Hell, once when I was your age a cop who'd payed me three times in the past - and let me tell you most cops, if they want someone who's in the Program they don't pay for it - he busted me for prostitution. Said he got an 'anonymous tip' I was working as a prostitute. Don't tell me that tip didn't come straight from either a guard or the Program. What I'm saying Katy-baby, girls like me and you? We ain't likely to get out until we're eighteen. So you do what you got to do to get by. You do whatever the guards tell you to, or what a cop tells you if you're out working. Someone gets rough with you while you're working, you take it. Cause if you fight back you get fined for assault. And you don't take cash ever, your collar's got a card scanner they should use it."

I was shaking like a leaf as she explained what my life was going to be like until I got out and my gaze was locked on the floor. But that last part made me look up confused. "Wait, why shouldn't I take cash?"

Jazzy looked at me like I was stupid. I hate when people do that, I'm a lot of things, including ADHD, but I'm not stupid. Hell, I was taking advanced English classes in school. "Lots of reasons girl. For one next guy your with could steal it. But more importantly you take cash the guards will use it to fuck you over."

"What do you mean?"

"You come back here with cash and give it to the guards they're gonna tell you it's counterfeit. Then it doesn't count against your fine and they take it and say they're gonna destroy it or give it to the feds or whatever and the next day the guard has a brand new tablet or some shit. Oh but Jazzy, what if I just keep the money? Well hon, for one thing what the fuck good is it going to do you in here? Ain't no one gonna let a Youth Offender come in their store and spend it, they think we'll shoplift something. And ain't no where in here to spend it. And if the guards find out you've got it then you're in trouble for holding back money that belongs to the Program. You get fined ten times the money you're holding back and if you're lucky the guard just beats you up a bit and doesn't do ... anything else."

I was starting to feel sick, this was even worse than all the rumors about the Program. I wrapped my arms around myself shivering. Jazzy scooted a little closer to me, our hips brushing up against each other and I couldn't move away because the wall was right next to me. "It's okay Katy-baby." she said wrapping her arms around me. I froze at that, was she trying to comfort me or hit on me? I relaxed a little when her hands stroked my back without straying anywhere they shouldn't. "It ain't all bad in here if you can keep out of trouble. Ain't got no school or homework to worry about, right? And I've made some good friends in here. Real close 'friends'." I stiffened up again as she let go of me and one of her hands drifted to my thigh. "You gonna be my new 'friend' Katy-baby?"

I hurriedly pushed Jazzy's hand off of my leg. "Jazzy ... I'm not like that. I like BOYS. I mean, it's okay that you ..." Jazzy put her hand back on my thigh and moved in even closer pressing me uncomfortably against the wall, not hard enough to hurt but any more pressure probably would.

"Katy-baby," she said, her voice no longer soft and friendly. "I took time out of my day to teach you how things work around here." Her hand moved higher, pushing my skirt up and stroking my leg. "And you're going to be sleeping here in my cell ..."

"Our cell." I squeaked out in a small voice.

"MY cell." she repeated. "So you really should be friendly with me, don't you think? Cause if we aren't friends ..."

I panicked and tried to push her off the bed and she slapped me in the face hard enough I saw a bright flash. "See, I wanted this to be nice and friendly. But if that's the way you want it bitch ..." She climbed up on me putting one of my thighs between her legs and started rubbing against me. "If you'd been nice to me Katy-baby I'd have been nice to you."

"Jazzy ..." I gasped out, my heart pounding with fear and the side of my face stinging from her slap. "Isn't Dave watching the camera? The guards ..."

"Oh, Dave's watching alright Katy-baby. Him and any other guard who doesn't have something else they need to do. They're watching every second of this, probably with their dicks in their hands. They been looking forward to me welcoming you here as much I have." She leaned in and forced a kiss on me thrusting her tongue into my mouth sloppily as I started to cry. My first kiss and it wasn't from a boy I liked, but from a girl who was raping me. Somehow that felt worse than everything else she was doing.

She pulled back from the kiss and started fumbling with my blazer and blouse tearing buttons off in her haste to get them open. "Let me see what you've got under there Katy-baby. What are the guys going to be playing with when you go to work tomorrow?" Her hands roamed over my small pale breasts squeezing painfully and she pinched my nipples until I cried out. "Damn girl, you ain't got much but they're nice and firm. Don't worry, some guys like them small. Specially guys who are big fans of the program." I kept struggling but Jazzy was bigger than me and her grip was tight. All I managed to do was tear my blouse more and bruise my arms trying to get away.

"Now Katy-baby," she told me as she moved off my leg. "reach down under my skirt and pull off my panties." I shook my head, stupid I know. I should have known what she'd do by now. She slapped me again, on the other side of my face, even harder than before. "Katy-baby, you learn to do what you're told and you'll get hurt a lot less. You think the guys out there are going to let you get away with this shit? Now get my fucking panties off."

Sobbing I reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. They were damp in the front where she'd been rubbing herself against me. She sat back down and let me pull them over her feet. "Now my skirt Katy-baby." I didn't try to object this time, I just did what I was told and pulled off her skirt. Between her legs I could see she was dripping wet, she had shaved herself clean but a little stubble was starting to grow back. "Good girl." she stroked my head like I was a well behaved pet and I cringed. "Do you ever play with your pussy Katy-baby?" Blushing I nodded at her. "Good. I want you to play with mine just the way you play with yours." I reached down hesitantly, I didn't want to touch her but I didn't want her to hit me again either. She spread her legs wide open facing the camera watching our cell and I started to gently rub her pussy. She moaned softly and I kept it up, moving faster as she started to moan more. After a while though looked at me with an odd expression. "Katy-baby? Is this all you ever do when you play with your little pussy?" I bit my lip and nodded at her. She raised an eye brow. "Damn girl, the first guy you're with is in for a real treat. I'll leave you untouched down there just for him whoever he is. Put your finger inside me girl." I slid my finger in like she told me to and she gasped. "That's it baby. Move it in and out. Nice and slow at first ..." I thrust my finger in and out, slowly speeding up as she panted and moaned getting even wetter. "Oh Katy-baby, that's good. Two fingers now baby, use two fingers." I slid a second finger in and kept going and in no time at all Jazzy was trembling and moaning loud enough I was sure the girls in the common area could hear, the thought that they knew what I was doing filled me with shame. Thinking she was done I started to pull my fingers out.

"Oh Katy-baby. You don't stop at just one do you? You poor thing. I ain't done yet girl." She paused. "On the other hand ... go ahead and take your fingers out. Then lick them clean." I looked at her for a moment, repulsed by the idea. She raised her eyebrows and pulled back her hand again. Before she could slap me I did as I was told. Her juices were thin and tasted a little tangy and kind of musky. And then I thought about what she'd probably been doing earlier today and my stomach rolled. Was it only her I was tasting or some strange man too? "Get used to that taste Katy-baby. Next thing you're going to do girl is you're going to get down on your knees and lick it for me. Do it quick before I get mad at you again."

I got off the bed and my knees almost collapsed under me as I knelt in front of her. I must have moved to slowly for her because she grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head forward smashing my nose into her crotch. Her scent was heavy and musky and the taste from before filled my mouth and coated my tongue. She panted and moaned as I licked hesitantly at first and then harder and faster afraid she'd hit me again if I didn't do a good job, Soon she was shaking and moaning again and she let me pull away long enough to catch my breath. Her juices were all over my face and my nose was sore from being pressed against her. "Again, Katy-baby. Stick your tongue inside me this time. Get it in deep." My tongue was already worn out and the base was sore and the underside was raw from scraping against my teeth but I did was I was told. "Oh Katy-baby," Jazzy moaned. "I can't believe this is the first time you've done this. It sure ain't your last. You're going to be doing this a lot." I sobbed again, my tears mixing with her juices on my face. I didn't want to do it ever again, I wanted to stop right now but I knew if I tried she would hit me. Jazzy came three more times as I licked her and my face felt covered in a glaze of her juices.

"You can stop now Katy-baby." she panted. "You did good. If you can do that good with men you're going to make lots of money. Now, if you were my friend I'd do the same for you. And I'd protect you from the boys here. You decided you didn't want to be my friend though, and it's too late to change your mind Katy-baby." She got up and walked over to her dresser, her knees unsteady, and pulled some wet wipes out of the top drawer. "Now I'm going to clean myself up and go to sleep." I started looking for something to clean my face off with as well. "Oh no, YOU don't get to clean yourself up tonight. You let that dry Katy-baby. That way in the morning all the guards who didn't get to watch the camera, and all the girls in the wing, they see what you did tonight. You can clean it off in the shower."

Jazzy cleaned herself up, put her uniform in the cells hamper, and put on a fresh pair of panties and a gown from her dresser before laying down in her bed and apparently quickly falling asleep. I found a similar gown in my dresser and dressed for bed before laying down and crying myself to sleep with Jazzy's juices drying on my face.

Storyteller95 16/08/09(Tue)05:46 No. 24563 ID: 850371

Still trying to decide a few things about Katy's first day on the job before I begin writing the next bit. I already know who her first John is, the bigger question is whether I want him to fuck her or just get a blow job. I might want to save her first penetration for scene I have in mind later that same day. While I'm trying to work out those details I might write a short piece I've been thinking about set in modern times instead of the dystopian future setting of this story.

Been having trouble signing up at storiesonline.net They don't seem to want to send me my activation email. And I'm not sure I can do the FTP thing asstr.org wants me to do, they mention ways to do it on mac or windows but not linux. If I edit these first drafts do people know of another place that would allow content on these themes?

And I plan to do at least her first day at work and have ideas for more, but while I'm not expecting to be heaped with praise (especially since these are first drafts I've already spotted some errors in after posting) some confirmation they're being read would go a long way to encouraging me to write more and get content out faster.

Anonymous 16/08/11(Thu)02:31 No. 24568 ID: f8d57e


Using ASSTR is really not hard and is certainly doable on Linux. First, put in a request for an author account (I'd do this now, if you haven't already done so, since there is no telling how quick it will get processed).

To do the ftp bit, the first thing you need to do is download a ftp client (Linux might have one inbuilt, I don't know, but it won't hurt to download a new one anything). There are a range to choose from, but to start with stick with the basics.

Google filezilla and download the Linux version. Start the application.

You now need to connect.

This is easiest done through quick connect on the top of the screen, just bellow the menu icons.

In host, enter ftp.asstr.org
In Username, enter your ASSTR username created as part of creating your user account.
In password, enter your password for your ASSTR account.
In Port, enter 21

If Filezilla gives you problems (and it sometimes does me), just try a different ftp client. There are plenty of free ones about and they all work much the same.

Also, if you just want to upload plain text, you can do that through the File Manager option in the Authors page. No ftp needed.

It doesn't take as much effort as it may seem and an ASSTR account will give you somewhere permanent to stash your work and point people too. Well worth it IMO. On the subject of StoriesOnline, you character is too young. They have a min 14 year old rule for new stories.

As to the story itself, you have an evil imagination and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

AnonyMPC 16/08/11(Thu)16:22 No. 24569 ID: a609fb

Just wanted to let people know... because an IP he used had spammed 7chan in the past, Storyteller95 let me know that he seems to be accidentally permabanned. Hopefully it'll get resolved when he manages to contact an admin, but so far he hasn't had any luck.

Anonymous 16/08/12(Fri)03:43 No. 24570 ID: cfda04

Well fuck me in the ass, this was turning out to be my favourite story on here.

Storyteller95 16/08/13(Sat)05:16 No. 24575 ID: fec1e6

Let's see if the ban appeal went through. Thanks Anon for the advice on ASSTR. My account there is set up and I've finished editing what I've already posted here to include more description, changed up some wording, and fixed some spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. I will be uploading it to my ASSTR account shortly although from what I've read there will be some delay before it becomes available on the site. Depending on how much time I get to write this week I should have the next part up soon. When they're fully uploaded you can find the updated version of the story at http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Storyteller95

Anonymous 16/08/15(Mon)16:47 No. 24578 ID: fdb9d6

You write a good forced lesbian scene. Could I suggest/request that she have her first day with an older dominant woman who really uses her pussy

Storyteller95 16/08/16(Tue)10:31 No. 24579 ID: db2d4e

I'll consider that in a later scene, I've already got her first client planned out along with a few other scenes to follow. In the future there may even be the occasional consensual scene between her and a cute boy (who is sadly not tough enough to protect her from other boys or the guards) or even a cute girl (Katy's straight, well mostly, but it's easy for comforting some poor girl to turn into kissing her and trying to make her feel better any way she can. Especially when the other girl is obviously into it).

I have an early day tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough concentration to start writing before Wednesday but I should be able to get at least some of her next day written soon.

Like my earlier posts though there might be a couple posts of plot and setting exploration before the sex scene.

Storyteller95 16/08/21(Sun)02:47 No. 24621 ID: 453291

The delay between posts has mostly been because it's been difficult for me to find time to write this past week. This should tide you over for a while while I work on more. No sex this post, but Katy does get groped and humiliated by a guard. Her first client is coming soon.


I cried myself to sleep and exhausted after everything that had happened to me slept until the PA system crackled loudly and a static filled voice announced that we had five minutes to prepare for morning inspection before showering and breakfast being served. According to the clock in the cell it was eleven in the morning, it seemed a late time to start the day in a prison even for a Saturday but after a few seconds thought I realized that considering the way Youth Offenders have to make the money to pay back our fines we're more likely to find 'work' in the evening and after dark than in the morning. The late start to the day was because we were expected to be out late into the night.

I tried to avoid looking at Jazzy who was already awake and smirking at me from her side of the cell; already neat and tidy; as I hurriedly made my bed and made sure last night's laundry was in the cells hamper. Just as I finished a guard walked up to our cell for the inspection. Dave was probably off duty now this was a new man, a tall black man who looked like he spent most of his free time working out. His head was shaven bald, either a fashion statement or because he'd started losing his hair and decided to give in I wasn't sure which it was hard for me to tell his age. As his eyes crawled over me I shifted uncomfortably realizing how little of my body the thin flimsy gown I was wearing covered. As soon as I moved I wished I hadn't, the lose gown slipped over my shoulder a bit showing off even more skin making his smile grow. Glancing down in spite of myself as I pulled it back into place I realized his smile wasn't the only thing that was growing as he looked at me. Either that or he was smuggling a flashlight in his pants, a really big one. Both it and his smile grew even more as he looked at face and the evidence of what Jazzy had forced me to do last night.

"Up against the wall girls." He ordered, his voice hard. I followed Jazzy's example and stood facing my dresser with my hands on my head as he went through the cell. In front of me a cheap tablet sat held to the top of the dresser with what looked to be a thick layer of epoxy, the same way they secured them at my school to make sure no one tried to steal one when the teachers weren't looking. A light on the side was blinking like it was trying to alert me to something but I didn't have time to check it out at the moment. Behind me I heard him turning over the mattress and removing the sheets on the bed I'd just finished making. Searching for contraband, or just cruelly ruining the effort I'd put in to be ready for the inspection. Maybe it was both. Then he poked through the laundry hamper and asked "New Girl, how is it you managed to completely ruin a uniform your first night? Look at this, the blouse is torn, buttons are missing. These are property of the Program you know!"

"It's not my fault! Jazzy ..."

"Save it new girl, don't try to blame other folks for your messes. Jazzy here is a model inmate." He sounded sincere but I was sure I knew why the guards favored her so much. "We'll see if another $100 added to your fine teaches you to keep your uniform in good condition." I felt a rush of outrage and opened my mouth to protest but thought better of it. The last thing I needed to do was make him mad at me.

"Yes sir." I replied meekly hanging my head. 

"Good, keep that attitude New Girl. It'll make your time here easier on you. Now, just one more thing to do before I let you girls shower." His voice warmed upt and I shifted on my feet again nervously at how happy he sounded. My gown slipped off my shoulder again, but with my hands still on my head I wasn't able to pull it back into place this time. "I just need to make sure you didn't manage to slip any contraband in when you were admitted. Obviously you didn't hide anything in the bed or the hamper. If you hid it in the drawers I'll find it while you're showering. Maybe you've got it hiding under your gown though ... so I'm gonna have to frisk you."

The excuse was flimsy as they come, there was no way I could possibly hide anything under a gown this flimsy and revealing but I knew already that protesting would just make things worse for me so I held still as he approached and started running his powerful calloused hands over my body. I stiffened as he started at my calves, well below anything the gown hid. "Settle down girl, as long as you cooperate like you're doing now you aren't going to get hurt. Or are you worried I might find something?" I bit my bottom lip and tried to hold back my tears not bothering to reply to him. His hands slid further up, stroking my thighs beneath the gown. He spent far more time stroking them then could possibly be excused by looking for anything that might be taped to them and his breath was coming faster, I could feel it's heat against my back through my flimsy gown as he crouched next to me. 

His hands made their way to my panties and a tear rolled down my cheek as he tugged them to one side. At least all he did was rub the bare skin of my bottom and stroke the outer lips of my pussy. If he'd done anything more I wasn't sure I'd have been able to take it. I wondered how I would get through what I was going to have to do later today.  "Hmm, haven't found anything yet." He said, his voice horse as he stroked me. His rough fingers almost hurt he was rubbing so hard, but beneath that there were very faint waves of pleasure that filled me with shame. "Maybe I just need to look higher ..."

He pulled his hands out from under the gown and began running them over the top of it, along my waist and stomach before rising to my chest where he squeezed my modest breasts hard enough to make me gasp with pain. He pressed himself against me as he squeeze, so much taller than me that I felt his hardness pressing against my back. He gave them another squeeze, possibly even harder. "Hmm. Turn around New Girl." He ordered.

"Wh-why?" I stammered barely holding back my tears. Glancing over Jazzy was watching with her hands still on her head. Her expression was a strange mix of amusement and pity. I wondered if this had happened to her as well when she was new here.

"I need to make sure those are real, not something you taped to your chest to smuggle stuff in." I'd seen the cameras in the shower, I knew there was no way that would have worked even if someone tried and he had to know that too. Another flimsy excuse for him to humiliate me and get what he wanted, but resistance wouldn't do me any good. I turned around, unshed tears stinging in my eyes.

"Pull down your gown and show them to me." He ordered. I stared, shocked. He expected me to flash him? That felt like a humiliation too far. "Pull it down or I will!" He shouted angrily. "And if the gown gets damaged when I do that's going onto your fine." 
The tears finally spilling down my face I pulled the gown past my shoulders and showed him my small breasts. He came closer and stroked them with his rough hands giving them another squeeze and pinching my nipples. "Good girl. Looks like you aren't hiding anything from me. Put those tiny things away and get to the showers, inspections over. But first check your tablet, looks like there's a message for you."

As Jazzy left to shower he started going through the drawers of her dresser while I tapped the tablet to activate it's touch screen. It opened up an inbox for internal messages from the prison. It looked like it was set up so that was all the tablet had access to. There was only one message waiting for me, dated last night with the subject line "Behavioral Issues". Feeling my stomach drop I opened the message. It stated that the camera in my cell had recorded me "starting a fight" with my cellmate last night. And that another thousand dollars was being added to my fine for the "fight". Jazzy's words from the night before about how they would be looking for excuses to increase my fines and keep me here as long as they could running through my mind I walked to the showers in a daze.

Storyteller95 16/09/04(Sun)03:21 No. 24662 ID: 981940

Found something to do with the shower scene that didn't step on other upcoming scenes. Warning, if you can forget most of what's happened to Katy and what's coming in both her and Maria's futures portions of this update can be considered rated A for adorable. Or at least C for cute.

Scene contains violence, and implied M/g/f Voyeurism, racial slurs directed at the characters. And a cute girl developing a crush.


As I walked unsteadily away from my cell the new guard shouted after me “Hey, New Girl. Almost forgot to tell you what I told that pretty little beaner that came in with you yesterday,” Oh God. He'd been in Maria's cell too? The nasty slur he'd called her barely registered, had that poor girl gotten the same treatment from him as me? “On the way to the shower stop at the commissary and get a makeup kit so you can dolled up for work. You make more money if you make yourself look pretty, you get me New Girl?” I really wished I didn't get him. I was sure Maria hadn't.

I stopped at the commissary like he'd told me and they explained how the system worked. I could buy anything the carried, like pretty hair ribbons, hair styling products, pretty jewelry made out of materials to flimsy to use as weapons, paper back books, candy and other treats we couldn't get from the cafeteria, and of course makeup. The only catch was that we paid for it all by adding it to our fine. And I noticed everything cost about five times as much as it would have on the outside. The makeup kit they were giving me today was free though, but I was expected to pay to replace anything that got used up. If anything happened and I had to replace the whole kit it would be $200. I was shocked by the price, this wasn't designer label stuff (which the commissary did carry at their highly inflated prices), it looked like about $30 of makeup in a $5 box. I took the kit and walked to the showers biting my lip fretfully and swearing to myself I would never ever shop at the commissary for anything I didn't absolutely need.

I seemed to be the last girl to arrive, I pushed the door open and tentatively walked in. Girls were sitting around in varying states of undress, some of them doing their hair or putting on make up, others gossiping as they waited for their turn in the showers which seemed to be pretty close to full. As I shrugged off my gown trying not to think about the cameras and what the guards were probably doing as they watched I heard a young girl cry out inside the showers. A very familiar voice with a slight Spanish accent.

I rushed in, nearly tripping over a few half naked girls on my way there. Maria was standing there, her hair full of shampoo that was running down her face and probably stinging her eyes as a blond blue eyed white girl with a large chest who looked about fifteen was shouting at her with a tight, painful looking grip on Maria's arm.

“Listen you little spic! I don't like your kind, but they say it costs less to throw you in here than it does to deport your ass but if I've got to share my living space with people like you then you will damn well show me respect!”

“Deport me? My great grandparents were citizens ...” Maria started. The older girl slapped her across the face.

“That is exactly what I'm talking about! Don't contradict your racial superiors!” I'd seen as much of this as I was going to take. I rushed over and not caring how much trouble I got in with the guards I hauled off and punched the older girl. The shower floor was slippery so even though my punch lacked force, I'm not exactly a trained MMA fighter you know, her feet slid out from under her and she slammed her face against the floor splitting her chin open. I was just glad she lost her grip on Maria before she fell and didn't take her down with her.

“You're going to pay for this!” She shouted at me from the floor. “Just you wait, you race traitor bitch!” I knew I should be scared, but seeing her lay there covered in foam running off the other girls who were just trying to finish their showers she didn't look as threatening as she probably wished. Blood streaming from her chin she got up and rushed out not bothering to dress, just wrapping a towel around herself before running out the door. I heard the guard stationed outside whistle at her as she ran past, I guessed on her way to the infirmary.

All eyes in the shower were on me, including I realized Jazzy's. She'd gotten to the showers before I had and her nude body glistened darkly with soap that I assumed from the pleasant perfumed scent was bought from the commissary. For once she wasn't looking at me like a predator. She seemed almost impressed with what I'd done. “Congratulations, girl.” She said as Maria ran up and hugged me tight for saving her. “Even I ain't never been brave enough to punch the Fem Fuhrer.”

I sighed. “She's bad news I take it?” Of course she was, it seemed my life wasn't going to get any easier anytime soon.

“Oh, Eva's jus' the head of the Aryan nation in the girls wing. That's all.” She looked at me pityingly. “And yeah, she's named after that Eva. Her parent's raised her up like that.

Great. I hadn't thought about it but of course all the gangs you'd find in adult prisons were probably here too. Now I had that to worry about as well. At least Jazzy left me alone, I think everyone wanted to for now. Either scared I'd hit them too or deciding I had enough trouble with Eva. I felt like I should stick close to Maria and protect her while I could so I helped her wash her silky smooth hair, a couple shades darker than mine almost but not quite black.

After I finished washing her hair and scrubbing her back I took my own shower but told her to stay with me while I did. Jazzy cocked an eye brow at that and I knew what her dirty mind was thinking but I just wanted to keep her safe and I couldn't do that unless I was with her.

After showering (the collars were fortunately water tight) we dressed in our uniforms and I helped Maria brush out her long hair. She sat with me while I did my makeup and fidgeted nervously staring at her own kit. As I finished putting on my red lipstick I realized something. “You don't know how to put on makeup, do you Maria?” She shook her head silently.

Well, I wouldn't have known either. Mom and dad had thought twelve was too young for that sort of thing. My best friend though had taught me how to put on makeup when we had a sleep over at her house. “Let me help you then, okay?” Maria nodded again shyly. Was she just shaken up after the encounter with Eva?

I helped her put on some makeup, using a light touch. I didn't want her looking like some freaky pageant show kid I just wanted to make her a little pretty (not that she wasn't already. She looked like a cute little doll). As a finishing touch I took the lipstick I'd been using and put just a tiny hint on her delicate lips. As soon as my lipstick touched her lips she blushed, it was hard to tell with her dark caramel skin but she definitely blushed. Why was she blushing at using my … lipstick … OH. I hadn't even thought that she might be … And with me saving her today … Well, she was just a kid. She could have her little crush on me. It was kind of cute, and flattering. I pretended not to notice her blushing and gave her a little hug. I was even more worried about her though. With her being … that way … it was going to be even harder on her here. Sure, it wasn't all men who took advantage of the program, but there weren't very many women and most of them preferred the teenage boys. We walked to breakfast hand in hand and I didn't care if anyone else got the wrong idea, it made Maria happy.

storyteller95 16/09/04(Sun)06:14 No. 24663 ID: 981940

And I just realized I forgot to have Jazzy call her Katy-baby in the showers. I'll have to fix that when I do a later draft. I wanted a scene later where Maria asks her if she can call her Katy-baby too. Understandably Katy doesn't want that.

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