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Harley's story Storyteller95 16/08/21(Sun)08:00 No. 24622 ID: 453291

The story begins in the second post, both because I'm not sure how long a single post can be and so people can easily skip past all the disclaimers and stuff in this non-story post and get straight to the story if they want.

I know I've got people waiting for more in my Tales from the Youth Offender Restitution Program story. Right now I'm trying to decide if something should happen in the showers or if I should just gloss over the showers and breakfast and skip to Katy's first day working. In the mean time I started working on another story idea I had mentioned before. One about a young runaway named Harley. This story can be considered complete after the finish of the first sex scene, but if people enjoy it the story could continue with further occurrences in young Harley's life on the streets.

The story codes for this will spoil you on a twist that occurs several paragraphs into the story, on the other hand the twist will not be to everyone's taste so it's up to you if you want to stop reading this before you get to the story codes and skip straight to the story.

Unlike my other story this is set in our current time in the real world. It is not however a true story and no characters are based on any real people living or dead. No one was harmed in the creation of this story. It is a work of fiction and the author does not condone the actions of the characters. Last chance to bail out before the story codes spoil the twist.

The story contains: Prost, viol, NC, Rape, Oral, Anal, Mb, cd.

If it continues beyond the first sex scene it may contain other sexual acts but like my other story will never involve snuff, gore, scat, water sports, or furies.

Storyteller95 16/08/21(Sun)08:02 No. 24623 ID: 453291

Sorry for the tease, this is all that's currently written and it stops just before the sex scene. I should have the rest of it including the sex up in a few days given enough time to write.


I sat on the hard bench of the bus shelter shivering in the chilly air wondering what I was going to do now and if I should just go back home and hope for the best. It hadn't been this cold when I ran out the door my father's voice trailing after me. When I left this afternoon my purple ruffled top and my denim skirt had been enough to keep me warm but now that the sun was going down the air was getting chilly. At least in the plexiglass enclosure I was out of the wind. And to make things worse I hadn't eaten since lunch and it was well past dinner time for me. I didn't have any money in my purse for food, or any candy to stave off my hunger. All I had right now was a small tube of watermelon flavored lip gloss that was the only makeup I owned. My parents wouldn't even have let me wear that but it had been easy to hide and it helped me feel pretty when I wore it. It didn't do me any good now though, although I put some on just to have something to do to distract myself from the trouble I'd gotten myself into by running away.

As I used my faint reflection in the plexiglas of the bus shelter I saw the car go by again, slowing down so the driver could look at me as he passed. It was the fourth time he'd gone by in the past hour and while he hadn't stopped to talk to me yet I was sure he would soon. He wouldn't be the first to try to get me into his car today. They saw a pretty young girl (I was twelve, but I've been told I look even younger) with wavy auburn hair looking upset and sitting alone at a bus stop but not getting on any buses. They knew something bad had happened to me and the ones who stopped were looking to take advantage of it. To take advantage of ME. The first one had seemed nice and I'd almost gotten into his car. He'd asked me what was wrong and when I explained that I'd run away after an argument with my father he'd been sympathetic. He didn't even mind that I wouldn't tell him what it had been about. He offered to take me to his place for the night, give me something to eat, a place to sleep. And then he promised not to hog the covers. It's not like I've never thought about having sex before, but when I do I want it to be with someone my own age. Well, maybe a cute older boy from the high school. Maybe a specific cute older boy from high school who rode my bus, but Trevor didn't even know I existed and he wouldn't be interested in someone like me if he did. Anyway, I wanted it to be with someone I love, NOT with a fat hairy man old enough to be my father who I'm only sleeping with to have a place to stay for the night. When he saw my face he tried to tell me it had been a joke and he would NEVER touch a girl my age but I told him to leave or I was going to start shouting for the police and he drove off.

Other men had tried too. Some made the same offer he had, some offered me money - lots of it, one guy offered me two hundred dollars and said it wouldn't even take me an hour -, a few just offered to buy me food. All I had to do was get in the car with them, and I knew what they would want me to do next. Some were more obvious than others, I've seen more dicks today than in a week of looking at porn on my laptop in my room while hoping my parents don't walk in. As the day wore on I began to realize that I didn't have many choices right now. Either I was going to have to go home, I was going to have to sleep on the street ... or I would have to take one of them up on their offer. All three ideas were terrifying to me. My father has been furious with me and said I disgusted him so I was afraid to go back. Out here on the street it was getting so cold and I was worried that someone would try to rob me ... or worse. Especially when they found out all I had to give them was watermelon lip gloss. And the third option ... not only was I a virgin I was afraid of how the men would react when they found out my secret.

I watched the car that had been driving past and checking me out turn around and pull into the drive through of the burger place on the other side of the street. I wondered if he was going to stop here next. Before he did I had to decide what I was going to do. Sleeping on this bench tonight was out. My choice right now was to go home or to get in his car. It looked like there were a lot of cars ahead of him in the drive through so I had a while to make up my mind. Could I really go back home after that fight?

Dad had been called into the office even though it was the weekend and mom was out at an art fair downtown so I had the house to myself which was something that happened far less often than I liked. It was only when I was alone in the house that I could really be ME. As soon as they both left I ran to my bedroom and reached under the bed for the box labeled Harley's comics. No one but me ever opened the box, dad wasn't interested in comics himself but he approved of me reading them. "It's a fine hobby for a young boy." He'd said once when mom was worried they'd rot my brain. "Better than when he wanted to learn how to cook and sew. It's bad enough you let him grow his hair long like that. The new guy at the office looked at our family photo and told me how pretty my wife and daughter were, do you know how embarrassing it was to explain that was my son?"

That's why I was glad no one would open my 'comics' box but me. There were comics in it sure, a couple layers over what I was really keeping inside it. It had taken me a couple months of saving up money and going to different stores claiming that I was shopping for a present for a cousin or for a sister I don't actually have and then carefully sneaking them in so mom and dad didn't find out but I had managed to get a few skirts and blouses and a cute purse that went with all of them. I didn't have any shoes but my sneakers but that was okay, girls wore sneakers too. Besides, I wasn't planning on wearing these outside the house. If the boys as school saw me like this I'd get beaten up worse than usual. The panties had been more embarrassing to get, I'd wound up blushing and stammering about how I was buying them on a dare but I don't think the clerk believed me. I took the bus all the way across town when I bought those to make sure no one who knew me would be likely to see me buy them.

I picked out an outfit, a cute denim skirt that was maybe a little shorter on me than my parents would approve of even if I had been born a girl and a ruffled purple top that could almost hide the flatness of my chest and stripped off the boys clothes I'd been wearing leaving them in a heap on the floor. I paused before dressing to check myself out in the mirror. My chest was flat, of course, and I wondered again if I wanted to do anything about that when I grew up and didn't have to worry about what mom and dad thought of me anymore. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to actually BE a girl or if I just liked dressing like one and looking pretty. Neither one was really something I could tell my parents. I dropped my gaze lower and looked at what was between my legs. It was small, really small, especially compared to what I'd seen in the porn I sometimes watched when I thought I wouldn't be caught. Maybe that was normal for my age though. It's not like I could ask other boys, and I tried real hard not to look the few times I was around naked boys my age. I got beaten up for being gay often enough without doing something to prove the rumors about me liking boys were true. I wasn't sure how I felt about my size there either. On the one hand to hear the other boys talk having a big dick was important to a guy. On the other, I'm not really sure I feel like a guy at all and I don't think my panties would fit right if it were bigger.

Shaking my head to clear it a little I pulled on a pair of panties and the rest of my outfit and pulled my watermelon lip gloss out of my purse and put it on. Now I felt like myself. Still, it wasn't like I could go out and do anything dressed like this. People would see. So I turned on some music and laid down on my bed to read one of the comics. I shouldn't have turned the music on. I should have shut the door to my room. If I'd done those things I might have heard dad return from the office early than he'd expected and been able to change my clothes and hide my girl clothes. Instead I didn't know anything was wrong until I heard him bellow "Harley! What the fuck is going on?"

"Dad! I-I can explain!" I stammered, wondering how I could explain.

"Explain what, Harley? That my son's a fucking faggot? I can see that. I suspected it before, but this makes it perfectly clear. You get out of those this instant young man and put on your REAL clothes. Then after I tan your hide we're going to the barber and you're getting a buzz cut. Looks like I need to teach you how to be a real man."

"But, Dad ..." I started to say as I got up from the bed. Before I could get anything else out he slapped me.

"But nothing! I will not have a faggot for a son Harley! You disgust me!"

"Fine!" I screamed back. "You don't have to put up with having me here anymore. I'm leaving!"

"You walk out that fucking door dressed like that Harley, don't bother coming back! You hear me? I won't put up with you embarrassing me like that!"

Tears burning in my eyes I only stopped long enough to put on my shoes before I walked out. He didn't want me back? Fine. I didn't want to be there either.

Remembering the fight I almost started to cry again. There was no way I could go back home. No way at all. I brushed my hand over my eyes to wipe away any tears that might have started and noticed the car had pulled out of the restaurant's parking lot and was slowing to a stop by the bus shelter. The driver, an overweight white guy older than my father waved at me to come over. Hesitantly I walked up to him. Next to him in the passenger seat was a small bag from the restaurant he'd stopped at.

"Hey pretty lady." He said. "You need some help? The last bus to that stop ran an hour ago. Waiting here isn't going to do you any good."

"I-I had a fight with my father earlier today. I ran out the door and haven't been back ..." As I was talking my stomach rumbled loudly enough for him to hear and I blushed.

"I thought it might be something like that. I thought you'd be hungry so I stopped and grabbed you a few things from the value menu, why don't you get in here out of the cold and have something to eat sweetie. Then we can talk about what you want to do next and how you can thank me for feeding you ..."

I bit my lip and looked at the bag next to him. It didn't have much in it, and I couldn't tell exactly what. It probably cost him less than five dollars. Was I that desperate? Was I that cheap? My stomach rumbled again and I walked around to the passenger side and got in.

Storyteller95 16/08/26(Fri)13:09 No. 24646 ID: b1488a

And here's the sex scene that goes with the first part of the story. If people enjoyed this and want to hear more about Harley's life on the streets let me know and maybe I'll write more when I'm not working on Tales of the Youth Offender Restitution Program. If no one is interested in hearing more, well like I said it can easily be considered complete after this entry.

If all goes well I'll have the next installment of Tales of the Youth Offender Restitution Program up in the next few days.


I grabbed the bag of food and pulled it into my lap, the heat of the food still fresh from the grill and fryer was comforting after the chill air. I gave the man a shaky, nervous, smile that he returned with a leer. I could tell he was imagining me naked and I was pretty sure his imagination was lacking in a certain area. I could only hope he wouldn't want anything from me that would reveal my little secret, I was terrified of how he might react.

“Thank you.” I said, “I-I haven't eaten since lunch and that was a long time ago. I'm starved.” I opened up the bag and peered inside. There were two small plain burgers and a small fry. Pretty much the cheapest meal he could have gotten for me and he hadn't bought a drink to go with it. I'm not sure if he thought I was that desperate or that cheap but if it was the former he was right. Still, giving me so little he couldn't be expecting to get much from me. Could he? I unwrapped one of the burgers and took a huge bite as he started driving again.

Chewing and swallowing I told him “My name's Harley, what's yours?”

“I'm Mac sweetie. My lady friends call me BIG Mac.” Christ, even I thought that line was cheesy. I couldn't help but glance down at his pants though, certain he wasn't talking about his weight and wondering if it was true. He was wearing a baggy t-shirt that covered the front of his pants though and between that and steering wheel it was hard to tell. He saw where I was looking and chuckled. “Plenty of time for that pretty lady.” He told me. “Finish eating and then we talk about paying me back for the food. So, how old are you Harley?”

“I'm twelve.” I told him after finishing the burger in another couple of bites and unwrapping the second. He looked at me skeptically and I rolled my eyes. “No, really I am. I know I look younger it gets really annoying when people don't believe me though.”

“Maybe I should have gotten you more food, a growing girl needs to eat. Well, maybe I'll buy you more if you're nice to me ...” I finished the second burger as he talked and started in on the fries. I was starting to get nervous about what he was going to want me to do when I was finished so I tried to eat them slowly, but I was still really hungry and the fries were disappearing faster that I would have liked. Maybe I could finish eating and when he stopped the car I could get out and run off?

Suddenly he reached over and placed his fat sweaty hand on my thigh, just below where my skirt stopped. I froze, a fry half way to my mouth. “It's okay Harley.” He said. His voice was gentle but he didn't remove his hand from my leg, instead he started stroking it working it slowly up inside my skirt. “I'm not going to hurt you, but … you know what I want from you right?”

“Y-yes. It's just that I ...”

“It's your first time?” I nodded mutely. “A pretty girl like you, I would have thought the boys would be all over you.”

“N-no. I've never even been kissed. There was a boy I liked, an older boy. Older like high school not older like old old like your age ...” I babbled in a panic. I was repulsed by the older man, scared of what he was going to do to me and what he would do if he found out my secret. But his fingers tracing their way up my thigh sent little tingles of pleasure through me which only made me more ashamed of having gotten into the car with him. The confusing mix of emotions and physical sensations had my head swimming. I found another reason to be glad I was so small down below, my tiny penis was rock hard and if I'd been packing what some of my favorite porn stars were he wouldn't have to get my panties off to learn my secret. “anyway, he didn't even know I existed.”

“Oh, I'm sure that's not true sweetie.” He said, his hand climbing higher. “He probably didn't want to hit on you in front of his friends because you're so you...” We both froze as his hand slid up to my panties and found the hard little nub of my dick. I'd wanted to stop him before he got that high but I'd been distracted by the swirl of emotions and physical sensation his hand had been causing.

“What. The. FUCK?” He shouted angrily.

“I'm sorry! I should have ...” He didn't let me finish, I'm not even sure he realized I'd said anything.

“You little freak.” He spat, his voice full of contempt as he yanked his hand out from under my skirt as if it had been burned. “So that's what the fight with your dad was about? Well? Answer me you little sissy!”

Cringing away from him I nodded my head. “I should kick you out of the car right now. I can't believe I … your a BOY … I'm not GAY!” He looked over, his eyes studying me. Taking in my long wavy auburn hair, the lip gloss, my slender hairless legs beneath my skirt. “Still … you owe me for the food. You're really convincing too, even knowing what you are you still look fucking hot.” As angry as he still sounded I wasn't sure him still finding me attractive was a good thing, if it ever had been in the first place. He took a hard left into a dark alleyway. “I WAS going to give you a place to stay tonight. No way in hell that's happening now. But you're going to pay me back for that food before you get out of the car tonight, and I'll be taking a little interest for the surprise I got. It'll be okay though, little fags like you like it in the ass, right Harley?”

He'd barely pulled the car to a stop when I reached for the door handle, but I wasn't quick enough and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards him slapping my face harder than my father had bringing tears to my eyes. “Don't try that shit Harley, I'll think you aren't grateful for the food. You're going to start by giving me a blowjob. You want to be a little sissy you're going to have to know how to suck a cock, right Harley?” One hand still holding me by the hair he reached down with the other pulling his shirt out of the way and unzipping his pants. I gasped at the sight of him springing out of his pants, I'd seen bigger before in the porn videos I watched but not many. He certainly could have been in one of the videos I occasionally watched about young women trying to take huge dicks. I'd always watched those with a mix of fascination and horror wondering if I would ever be able to take something like that or if I even wanted to try. In a lot of them the women didn't seem to be enjoying themselves. Big Mac certainly deserved his nickname.

“Now, open wide you little slut and if you bite me it'll be the last thing you do.” I opened my mouth, but apparently not widely enough for him because he slapped me again. “Open wider Harley! I don't have a little pin dick like you!” I opened my mouth wide enough that my jaws hurt and he pulled my face down into his lap thrusting his hardness into my mouth. He moaned as he slid in and I felt my throat stretch painfully as his massive member slid down it. I felt like I was choking and I started to gag. He thrust into my mouth a couple times and then pulled my head up where I gasped for air and gagged. “Don't you go puking in my lap Harley, that would be a real turn off and waste of the food you're paying me back for. Now be a good little sissy slut and go back to work, you need to make it nice and slippery before I fuck you. I didn't bring any lube.” I quickly bent down again, the gear shift mounted on the floor of his car poking painfully into my side, and slid my mouth back down onto his shaft. My jaw already felt like my mouth was going to be stuck in this position and I was sure it would be hurting long after I finished. I tried to take just a little at a time to keep from gagging again. “That's right Harley, lick it. That's good. Use that little tongue of yours on the head, that' right.” He started thrusting up with his hips as I licked and sucked my head bobbing up and down in his lap. He started thrusting in deeper and deeper and soon I was gagging again and had to pull away.

“You're doing a good job Harley.” He gasped. “But I don't think it's slippery enough yet. If I put it in you now it's really going to hurt. You get back down there and get more spit on it, next time you pull away it's going in your ass slippery enough or not.

I bent over again, sure that gear shift was going to leave a bruise in my side and took him into my mouth as deeply as I dared. I moved my head slowly up and down trying to take in just a little more each time without gagging. It was less than a minute after I'd started up again and I'd been able to get another inch down my throat without having to pull away, but I still had a few more inches to go and Mac must have been feeling impatient because he grabbed me by the hair and rammed himself down my throat until his balls slapped against my chin. Choking and gagging I struggled to pull away but he held my head in place for a few seconds before he let me.

“Done already Harley?” He asked, his voice full of false sweetness. “You must be in a hurry to get this in your ass. Open up your door and lay across your seat with your skirt pulled up, I'll come around to your side. And don't get any stupid ideas about running away.”

I did as I was told, the cold night air blowing across my bare thighs and chilling me through my cotton panties. Dim light filtered into the car from the street lights outside the alley and I found my attention focused on a French fry I'd dropped on the floor when his hand strayed to far up my skirt. I squeezed my eyes shut my heart racing with fear as I started to hyperventilate at the thought of what was coming. I heard Mac's footsteps seeming to echo loudly in the alleyway as he came around to my side of the car, but that might have been my fear magnifying the sound. Soon I could feel him looming behind me right before I felt his fat sweaty hands running over my bottom through my panties. “Damn Harley, even with your skirt up like this as long as I don't see your little thing I could swear you were a real girl.” He gave my bottom a sharp slap through my panties that made me whimper.

“I don't get to do this often. Every time I've tried to fuck a real girl in the ass she's begged me to pull it back out when I was just getting started, even if I used lots of lube. I'm a nice guy so they don't have to ask me to stop too many times before I listen. You going to cry Harley? You going to beg me to stop? When a girl does it I listen. For a little sissy boy like you though? I'm not stopping until I'm done.”

“Please Mac, I'm sorry! I should have told you sooner, but I … I didn't know how … Please, don't …” He slapped my bottom again, harder, and I cried out wondering if I'd been loud enough to attract attention. Mac didn't seem to think he had to worry though.

“I told you, I'm not going to stop just because you beg me. Besides, don't tell me you wouldn't let that high school boy you were sighing over earlier do it, I bet you dreamed it every time you jacked off or whatever it is little sissy boys do instead.” He wasn't exactly wrong, but Trevor was a lot cuter than him and even if he didn't know I existed he at least wasn't mean to me like Mac had been since he found out I was a boy.

Mac pulled down the back of my panties and spread my cheeks apart. I felt a gob of warm spit hit right in the middle of my crack and he rubbed it in with one thick fat finger before starting to probe roughly at my ass. I pushed my face into the seat of the car and let out a loud gasp of pain as his thick finger thrust into me, the nail scraping my sensitive skin. If just his finger hurt this much how bad was it going to be when he finally entered me? I was about to find out sooner than I liked.

“Get ready Harley.” He said withdrawing his finger. I felt the tip of his cock pressing against the tender area his finger had been probing so insistently and it felt even bigger than it looked. He grabbed my hips and pushed forward slowly but firmly and I felt it slide in with the worst searing pain I'd ever felt as he penetrated my virgin ass. I couldn't help it, I screamed in pain but he rapidly let go of my hips and covered my mouth making it hard for me to breath. His hands muffled my screaming and begging him to stop as tears spilled down my face and over his hands. Inch by painful inch he slid slowly into me until I felt his thighs pressed against my ass cheeks. “God damn you're tight Harley.” He gasped, his voice ragged. “I've picked up girls your age before, and none of them have been as tight as you.” Even if he hadn't had my mouth covered I was in too much pain to have replied to him.

He stood there for a while just getting used to being inside me and while the pain didn't go away it lessened a bit once he'd stopped moving. Unfortunately he started moving again soon and each hard thrust hurt more than the last, although somewhere deep beneath the pain I could feel a small tingle of pleasure and I felt myself get hard again. His breath grew ragged as he thrust with growing speed seemingly harder and deeper each time. “God damn Harley, you're so fucking tight it almost hurts me.” He panted. I'd stopped screaming, laying there limply and crying softly as he thrust into me so he removed his hands from my mouth and grabbed my shoulders so he could thrust in even deeper. “Damn, I can't hold out. You're too … too tight!” I felt his hardness throb and contract inside me and he spasmed as he shot what seemed to be load after load into me the heat of his cum splashing into me an unfamiliar and uncomfortable sensation. I felt him soften as he lay against me panting for breath. “Damn, if you were a girl I'd be offering you a place to stay right now. “

After everything he'd done to me in the past few minutes I wasn't sure if I wanted him to make that offer or not. But it didn't matter. After a short pause he spoke again. “But you're not. Get the hell out of my car Harley. I don't care if you go back to your dad or you find another guy but no matter how fun that was you aren't staying with me.” He practically pulled me out of the car and my legs collapsed underneath me so I wound up sitting in a dirty alley crying with my panties pulled down and a strangers cum leaking out of my ass as his car drove off. And I'd done it all for two burgers and a small fry I didn't get to finish.

Anonymous 16/08/26(Fri)16:31 No. 24647 ID: f7c0f9

The thing the author is trying to surprise us with is that Harley is a guy.

Storyteller95 16/08/26(Fri)22:24 No. 24649 ID: b1488a

Anon, the only people who wouldn't know that would be those who skipped the story codes because they didn't want to find out before they read the story and were willing to accept the risk that the twist wouldn't be something they enjoyed.

If the issue is that you did read the codes and didn't understand them then I suggest you familiarize yourself with the commonly used ASSTR story codes. http://www.asstr.org/~Uther_Pendragon/code/scfr.htm

Knowing what those codes mean can prevent you from reading a story that you won't enjoy due to the content. Anyone who read the codes and understood them would have seen it coming long before it was revealed in the story and I'd be surprised if a lot of people wouldn't have anyway.

Anonymous 16/08/27(Sat)15:01 No. 24651 ID: 6dc048

definitely would like more

Storyteller95 16/08/31(Wed)09:19 No. 24657 ID: f8b9d9


Glad to know someone enjoyed it. New Tales from the Youth Offender Restitution Program first, hopefully before Monday, then we'll see.

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