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Total Immersion Fair Experience Anonymous 16/09/10(Sat)00:45 No. 24670 ID: e621d8

Carl loved his current gig. He had worked many fair attractions over
the years, but this was by far his favorite. While not as popular as the
iconic 'house of horrors', the 'high tech encounter' brought in a respectable
number of gawkers, and quite unexpectedly offered undreamed-of opportunities.

This attraction featured gadgets with tactile feedback, virtual reality
booths, remote-controlled robots, and all manner of high-tech devices.
In addition to working the public, Carl also designed and tweaked some of the
gadgets. Being given a budget to create his own devices was a dream come true.
And given the nature of his dreams, the result was rather extraordinary.

He had constructed the framework for an exoskeleton, capable of being worn
by a moderately-sized adult, adjustable to older children as well. The sparse
framework had some 3D-printed gingerbread to enhance the coolness factor,
but otherwise there were no broad panels attached, just the minimal scaffolding.
More recently he had added servos so that the upper frame could move
on its own, though a human was still needed for balance in order to 'walk'.
With an attenuated laser that could fire pulses from the back of its 'hands',
and other attention-grabbing features, the remote-controlled upper half
could put on quite a show.

Many visitors were eager to inhabit the framework, but Carl was quite choosy
about who would be granted that privilege. Today, a very perky girl in a
short skirt named Kendra was asking all sorts of questions about the machinery.
The girl, whom he judged to be about 13, was nevertheless very flirtatious.
She crouched down to ask one question, and when he did the same he was rewarded
by a spectacular view up her skirt. She showed no inclination to stand back up,
and he stayed put as well. Kendra periodically shifted her stance,
often opening her thighs wide as she made the transition.

He was just about to broach the subject of taking his creation for a spin
when she said, "I'd give anything to have a chance to drive that thing."
The timing was almost perfect, since it was just a few minutes before his
lunch break. He closed off the entrance line, and once the last visitor left,
he also locked the exit. He extended the casters on the wide semi-circular
feet of the exoskeleton and rolled it into the back half of the exhibit,
with Kendra following excitedly behind him. He turned to lock the workshop
door, only to find that Kendra had already done so, which he thought was
very strange, indeed.

She wanted to be strapped into the device right away, but Carl insisted on first
connecting it to the special base he had built, rolling the exoskeleton frame
onto the low platform. He knelt to lock the feet into the corresponding
receptacles, and connect the various control lines and power feeds.
This went more slowly than usual, partly because the little minx was in the way,
but mostly because her efforts to get into position gave him plenty of
opportunities to look up her short skirt.

The loop that was meant to secure her leg to the hinged joint of the robot at
knee height was a Velcro strap that clearly could be easily opened, but Kendra
instead raised her left leg to the extreme to thread her foot through it.
It was obvious to Carl that she was flashing her white lace panties on purpose,
so he just as obviously stopped what he was doing and admired the view.

After much wriggling, Kendra got her leg fully inserted, and Carl adjusted the
left foot rest upward to match her small frame. As long as he was down there,
he cinched the lower left Velcro strap tightly around her thin ankle.
She immediately began trying to do the same with her right leg, leaning
to the point where the whole thing would have toppled over had Carl not
already anchored both exoskeleton feet into their receptacles.

Carl moved to her right side, both to improve his view and to hook up the
last control lines. He actuated the one that slid the feet about 18 inches
apart, which was enough to allow her to get her right leg situated.
He leveled out the right foot rest and cinched down her remaining ankle,
then tightened both knee straps before standing.

Kendra had already fastened the waist restraint, and was working on securing her
left arm in place. The exoskeleton was effectively a sparse cage, with vertical
titanium struts on either side running from hips to shoulders, connected by
horizontal curved pieces in the back at the shoulders, just above the waist,
and another at mid-torso. Once the wearer was in place, a similar curved piece
attached to the front at waist height for extra rigidity. He secured that now,
along with a similar piece at the shoulders.

Carl next attached his specially-designed collar around her neck,
and hooked up the data and power lines; it had highly-tuned tactile sensors that
could be set to instantly constrict if the wearer tried to speak above a preset
volume. It was dialed up rather high at the moment, of course, and only a
full-blown scream would cause any throttling.

Once she had finished the attachments to her left arm, Carl did the same for
her right arm while she experimented with the buttons accessible to the
fingers of her left hand, which controlled the entire left-side armature.
These could be disabled and instead operated remotely when the time was right.

He approached her with the mouth apparatus, explaining that the bite switch
controlled the laser pulses. For some reason, he failed to mention that he had
his own switch that made it function as a bite guard, forcing her mouth open.
"We really won't need that," she told him with a grin, nodding at the
disguised mouth-spreader. She was not the first to view it with suspicion,
so Carl launched into his usual speech, ticking off other cool [but in fact
non-existent] properties the device afforded.

"And there's no need to waste any anesthetic on me, either," she interrupted.
That was pretty much the last thing he expected her to say, and he stopped
talking and just stared at her. "My friend Megan got to try this at the
fair last summer," she explained. "She said I had to see if the robots had
come back, and if so, then I had to try out this particular one."

Carl was quite taken aback; he had been certain none of his previous playthings
could possibly recall any details. He allowed each one to try walking in the
exoskeleton, engineered a mishap so that they were about to crash to the ground,
and then caught them with a convenient chloroform rag over their face.
That was followed by the sort of anesthetic surgeons used when the patient
needs to be relaxed and numb but awake, with the happy side effect that
the patient remembers nothing of the procedure. When the anesthetic wore off,
his playthings were all convinced that they were merely knocked out by the fall.
Curiously soggy panties just indicated a slight loss of bladder control, right?
A few still wanted to continue to experiment with the exoskeleton, but most
were ready to be unstrapped and go their merry, if slightly unsteady, way.

But apparently not ALL his former conquests left with the same impression.
"Hmm, just what did your friend tell you?" Carl asked when he finally found
his voice again.

Kendra didn't answer him directly. "Oh dear," she exclaimed with mock concern,
"I don't seem to be able to get these legs to move at all." She played with
the buttons and fully extended both arms upward and outward, forming an 'X'.
"Thank goodness the arms are still functional, or I'd be totally stuck,
now wouldn't I?"

That was exactly the position he generally started with after he took full
control of the exoskeleton, which convinced him that she was aware of at
least some of the true details, and was encouraging it. With a mental shrug,
he decided to go with the flow. "Maybe I can get those legs to move,"
he ventured.

Carl caused the clamped feet to travel along the rails embedded in the
platform, until her legs were spread as wide as they would go.
"Ooh," was her response, clearly egging him on. "Now that leaves me
hanging by all these straps, doesn't it?" This was always a problem when
the suit was worn by someone short: the foot rests widened faster than
those little legs did, leaving her feet dangling.

Despite the suspension, she shimmied her hips as best she could. Carl
marveled that the young girl, who probably had not started high school yet,
seemed remarkably aware of her sexuality. He knelt behind her and raised
the foot rests to their limit, making a mental note to design a mechanism
that could automatically do such adjustments.

Carl used the opportunity to gaze upward at the fully-revealed panty crotch
above him, the fresh flesh on either side of the gusset, and the vivid outline
of the straining ligaments caused by her wide stance. Once Kendra regained
her footing, she made the taut material dance and pull in delightful ways
as she moved her hips about. Except for the solid gusset panel, her panties
were gauzy, with a sparse lace design to lend character. The top layer of the
platform base for the exoskeleton was translucent white plastic, lit from below,
expressly designed for moments like this. Through the gauzy material,
he could easily see the crease where her tight little butt cheeks came together.

Eventually tearing himself away from the show, Carl stood behind Kendra,
telling her to relax. As he ran his hands up the sides of her torso,
it was clear that the advice was superfluous. She tensed slightly as his palms
flowed over her developing breasts, but then she leaned into his embrace.
Each was at best half a handful, but her nipples quickly hardened under the
encouragement of his fingers. Apparently she was wearing a thin sports bra
under her white button-down shirt.

This was confirmed when he unfastened most of the buttons. Carl slipped one
hand under the thin bra, directly working on her engorged nipple. His other
hand traveled up and down her inner thigh, eventually progressing to an
increasingly vigorous massage of her spread pussy. Kendra's breathing
became increasingly ragged as her crotch bucked against his fingers, her cries
escalating until the throat collar cut off a particularly loud moan. This
shocked and surprised her, but the main effect was to excite her all the more.

A surge of moisture and rapidly vibrating hips signaled her orgasm.
Carl used his remote to lower the exoskeleton arms, move them further back,
and then bend at the elbow joints until each of Kendra's hands was in the
proximity of her opposite elbow. He often had to manually help the forearm
move past the curved brace at her waist, but this time he got the angle right so
that only one arm needed a manual assist. He brought her legs together a bit,
until her feet were perhaps 30 inches apart. Then he put the servos at
her waist in play, bending her forward until her head was almost level
with her knees.

Still standing behind her, Carl opened his pants and partook of a little
frottage, rubbing his crotch against her perfectly-placed pussy.
It didn't take very much of that to get her revved up once again.
He flipped up the back of her skirt and knelt behind her.
While admiring how her wet gusset clung tightly to her puffy peach halves,
Carl clamped his 'personal persuader' framework to the exoskeleton.
This held a powerful vibrator that pressed tightly and relentlessly
against the captive pussy.

It was time to find out if the mouth spreader was as superfluous as Kendra
had claimed. He adjusted the hip angle so that her head was optimally placed,
lowered his boxers, and stood directly in front of her. Sure enough, she
eagerly took him into her mouth.

Most of his playthings resisted a forced blowjob at first, but with a vibrator
buzzing away at their sweet spot, they usually got in the spirit of things.
Some tried to wriggle away from the stimulation, but the spring-loaded
mechanism followed them throughout their very limited range of movement.
Watching them struggle against their predicament was a turn on, up to a point.
For those who adamantly resisted, well, there were drugs to soften those
attitudes, too.

It was immediately clear that the young girl was not a novice in this regard.
Carl had to supply most of the movement, though, since she was well restrained.
Kendra seemed intent on taking his load in her mouth, but he had other plans.
He almost reluctantly withdrew, and lowered her head back down, letting the
servos run until she was almost doubled over.

He straightened her arms, and then reactivated the controls by her hands.
"See if you can grab your ankles," he suggested. While she was busy
experimenting with that, he removed the vibrator framework and stood
behind her again, this time with his bare cock rubbing along her pussy
lips and the base of her ass cheeks. His hand snaked around her hips,
into her panties, and gave her distended clit some special attention.
His fingers periodically explored between her pussy lips, far enough to
determine that she was still a virgin.

Kendra had managed to grab her ankles, though this was a challenging maneuver.
It required a bend at the elbows, since she was bent at such an extreme angle.
Carl knelt down, and had the foot receptacles travel to the edge of the
platform, widening her stance even more than before. From this vantage,
he plastered his mouth over her clit, sucking at it through her panties.
Despite being tightly strapped down, Kendra was surprisingly animated.
The choker clamped down several times as he brought her to a shattering climax.

Carl stood once more and resumed his frottage experiments, holding her
hips to increase the friction as he rubbed his cock along her pussy lips.
When he pulled up the leg band of her panties and slid his member under the
gauzy fabric, Kendra drew in a breath in anticipation of what was to come.
But he was not about to steal her virginity; he instead resumed the panty job,
and soon sprayed his come all over the back of her panties.

He remained pressed tightly against her for another minute, feeling her bare
pussy twitch against him. "Maybe you can visit again tomorrow?" he suggested.

"I can't," she revealed, dejectedly. "My cousin and her boyfriend drove
me down here, and we have to go back tonight." Then she brightened.
"But I don't have to meet up with them until six," she said, hopefully.

"My next break is at three," Carl mused. "And maybe I could be just a little
late at reopening." Kendra grinned from ear to ear. She begged to be
allowed to stay in the exoskeleton, and Carl agreed. He wheeled her back
out to the exhibit area, platform and all, though he removed the choke collar.
For the next two hours, she entertained the visitors by demonstrating the
exoskeleton's range of motion. While the 'feet' could only widen and close
in one dimension, she had control of the knees and hips, and seemed to enjoy
experimenting, and was quite inventive. Carl deduced that she was trying
to work out the moves to the macarena dance.

About halfway into the session, she beckoned him over and whispered that
she needed to go to the bathroom. He helped her unstrap, and then locked
her back into the exoskeleton when she returned. In his eagerness, Carl
fudged and closed up shop almost 15 minutes early, wheeling the platform,
exoskeleton, and its willing inhabitant to the back room. He reattached
the collar, but otherwise left the controls at her fingertips fully enabled.

Carl made the knee and ankle joints bend, lowering her into a bit of a crouch,
then bent her backward at the waist, putting her in the classic limbo position.
(And she could probably win any limbo contest in this posture: with the
feet securely anchored, the center of gravity was effectively irrelevant.)
He carefully sent the foot anchors toward the edges of the platform;
with the current configuration, her knees remained directly over her feet,
so the amount of travel was limited by how far apart her knees could spread.

Despite the limitations, he had plenty of access when he knelt between her legs.
As Carl ran his hands up the insides of the thighs, Kendra whimpered as she
stared up at the ceiling. Flipping her short skirt up over her waist revealed
that she had changed out of her soggy panties during her 'bathroom break';
but the fresh ones were already sprouting a small wet spot.

It wasn't exactly a thong; more of the 'extreme low leg' variety, barely
reaching midway up her ass cheeks, with the pink satiny material concealing
only about half of the newly-sprouted thatch above her pubes.
None of the wispy strands (which were very delicate and still blond)
were more than half an inch long. Puberty, it seems, had only recently
overtaken this one.

With his hands resting on the tops of her thighs, Carl massaged her bulging
peach halves with his thumbs, eliciting more moans from the young girl.
The wet spot was expanding by the minute. His face replaced his thumbs,
nuzzling her with his nose deep in her crease, until the outline of her clit
was clearly visible under the fabric. His lips went to work on her little nub
while his hands massaged her half-bare ass cheeks.

Carl stood and dropped his pants, leaning against her to let his cock
continue what his nose and mouth had begun. Kendra bucked her hips against
him in response, rubbing her pussy up and down the length of his member
as best she could, given the restraints.

When she felt him lift the edge of her panty gusset, she said, "Do it!"
Carl put his cock under her panties and sawed against her clit with the
underside of his throbbing rod. Most of his cock was fully exposed,
erupting far beyond the confines of the extremely skimpy garment.

"You can put it in me," she prompted, once it became clear that he was going
to continue on with just the panty job.

"You should save that for a very special someone," he advised.

"You're pretty special," she countered. "No one has ever made me feel
half as good." Still, he was not swayed. Kendra considered her next
gambit for a while. "I've taken it in my butt before," she volunteered.
It was a blatant lie, but she elaborated with more fanciful details,
and ultimately persuaded him to ream her from behind.

Carl brought Kendra fully upright by resetting the exoskeleton to its 'home'
position, which also brought her feet much closer together. He tilted her
torso forward a bit as he walked around behind her.

Grabbing her hips, he rutted against her for a while, then knelt down to
lower her panties. It was hardly necessary, as his target was already
peeking out over the waistband of the ultra-low panties, but he slid them
down just below her hips anyway.

He just happened to have lubricant at hand -- for the gears, if anyone asked.
Once he had them both generously greased up, he pressed the head of his cock
against her delicate rosebud pucker. Kendra tried desperately to relax,
so that he would not catch on that he was claiming her anal virginity.

His entry went smoother than she had feared, and with only a twinge of pain,
which quickly dissipated as he began to glide in and out. Carl moved her
arms backward until he could reach her wrists, grasping them firmly to give
him the leverage to slam into her more forcefully.

Before he shot his load, it occurred to him that this was an ideal time to
try one of his newer programmed movements. After setting it up, he could
mostly stand still, while the exoskeleton abruptly jerked back and forth,
forcing her tight butt up and down the length of his cock.

In order to avoid being driven back, Carl kept hold of her wrists,
pulling on them each time her tiny butt slammed back against him.
It was a bit tricky, since her wrists moved backward at the same time that
her ass did. He resolved to modify the program so that the arms also moved,
but in the opposite direction of the hip movement, so that the wrists
remained fixed in space rather than moving with the torso. The effect
would make it seem like the girl was pulling him into her on each stroke.

In less than five minutes, Carl erupted, depositing his load in her young ass.
It seemed as though Kendra had already come at least twice, but when he
canceled the thrusting program, she continued to wiggle her butt against
him as best she could, keeping him buried to the hilt up her butt.

When he felt himself softening, Carl withdrew, but then knelt once more and
gave her bare but neglected pussy a good tongue-lashing. After a series of
several orgasms, Kendra finally surrendered to overload and exhaustion.
Carl straightened the exoskeleton, and helped her disengage.

"Say 'hello' to Megan for me," she said in parting, referring to the friend
that had encouraged her to visit. "She's coming to the fair next week."

A 'nonstandard' story...

Carl knew it was time to review his stash of videos, and find the one
labeled 'Megan'; he had recordings of all his encounters, from multiple angles.
It was shaping up to be a very rewarding summer season...

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