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As Requested: Power Job by Jeezits (HJ, Fm, MF, Oral) Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)16:12 No. 24688 ID: 74560a

In request thread someone asked for this story.

To my surprise, I had a copy. I don't know if it's complete or if I just saved part of it. Still, I guess you lucked out. Seriously, anon, do you know what an unexpected set of coincidences led me to me having what may be the only copy of this story left? Probably not. But take it from me, it's unexpected even to me.

Power Job (HJ, Fm, MF, Oral)

“Oh no, not now,” Kara muttered under her breath. She peered through the door of her apartment. “Atlee, I gotta deal with something, can you take off?”

“Sure thing Pee Gee,” Terra said.

“I’m sorry, really. Meet you for that thing later?”

“Later, right...” Atlee said with a nervous smile and hopped out the window to a waiting floating pile of rocks. Kara frowned, then shrugged and turned to the door.

She opened it to find a short boy of about fourteen with curly red hair. He sported a Green Lantern t-shirt, and had his hands stuffed in a puffy red jacket almost certainly chosen to mask his thin frame.

“Hello baby,” he said, stepping inside without waiting for an invitation.

“Came here to give yourself up?” she said, crossing her arms as she raised an eyebrow at his impertinence.

“Not really,” he said, making a show of checking his fingernails and unshaken at her knowledge of his name. “I’m here to make a deal with you. An exchange. Three photos for three favors. I already backed up all of them on a server, so don’t try anything or they’ll end up on Entertain Me Tonight.”

“What do you want?” Power Girl said, wrinkling her forehead and frowning at her diminutive, barely-teenage blackmailer. She had no time to deal with a petty issue like this. “For that matter, what’s your name?”

“I’m Fisher Roberts, but everybody calls me Fisher.” The young red-head did his best to match her serious expression as he stopped looking around her living room. “The first deman-- er, request, is that you come pick up my weekly comics with me tonight. Second, I want you to take care of this one kid, Denny Kroger, and his gang of bullies. They beat me up everyday and take my lunch money.”

“And the third thing?”

“Um, I want...” his face turned a little red and he looked away from her as he continued in a whisper.

“My cousin’s the one with super-hearing kid. You’ll have to speak up,” Kara said leaning over.

His eyes swung back and met hers for a half-second before falling and diving into her substantial cleavage. “Uh, well, um, I was, er, wanting a-a-a--”

“No. Way.” Kara picked him up by his jacket with one hand and with the other pushed his chin up to look at him eye to eye. His feet dangled a foot and a half off the floor. “Do not even finish that sentence, Fisher.”

He crossed his arms as he hung in the air. “I bet Entertain Me Tonight would interrupt the evening news for this,” he said raising his chin with a smug smile. “Besides, I just want a- a, you know...”

His face turned red as he made a stroking motion with a clenched fist. Sheesh, what a virgin. “Just a hand-job.” Of course, it’s not like anybody would believe him. And I do need those photos... She rubbed her neck and exhaled, rolling her eyes. Shoot.

Kara let go of his collar and he fell to the floor, stumbling back against the wall of the living room. He looked up at her as she walked forward, her hips swaying just so. She leaned down, cupped his crotch and gave it a quick squeeze. “You know I can squish steel ball bearings into coins, right?”

He gulped, but kept the stern frown.

“Also I’m out of practice since it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything like this,” she continued bent over at the waist as she un-zipped his pants.

He nodded.

“And that was with,” she said as she pulled his pants and underwear down with a stitch-rending yank, “some indestructible cyborg, so I didn’t have to worry about--”

“OK, I get it alreadWhoaooh,” he started, but his stern expression vanished and his mouth dropped as Power Girl cupped his balls and exhaled across his cock. Her hot breath swirled around his member and he twitched; she felt him shudder under her fingers.

Kara knelt on the rug in front of him. Even on her knees her head was nearly level with his. Cute bugger, but short. And uncircumsized. Hope he bathes. Fisher gasped as she stroked up and down his cock, stopping to rub his foreskin against the head of the shaft. “Like that?” she said, closing her hands around his member as she rubbed the head of his cock between her thumb and forefinger. He jerked his head in affirmation, his eyes closed tight.

“You gonna just keep your eyes closed?” she said. It may have been awhile, but the way men, or boys, like it don’t change. She blew on him again, eliciting another shudder.

“Can... can I see your... you know?” he said in a hoarse voice barely above a whisper. She grinned at him and as she continued her ministrations with her right hand, undid the neck of her uniform. Her considerable, pendulous breasts fell free as the tight uniform fell to either side. Fisher reached out, but Kara slapped his hand. “I get to touch you,” she said, squeezing hard enough with her full hand to make him wince. “You just get to look.”

After several minutes, Kara was willing to admit to being impressed. Varying her grip, stroking and cupping his sack, even tickling the spot just behind his balls; the usual tricks just didn’t seem to be working. She spent a few seconds vigorously stroking him, then stopped and sat back. Blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face, she stared at his stiff little prick. Pretty good, boy. Guess I’m gonna have to step things up a little.

“Put your hands behind your head,” she ordered. He licked his lips and complied. She drooled on his cock then spat on it, stroking and wetting it as best she could. “Ready?” He nodded. Holding her breasts to either side, Kara leaned in enveloping him in her bosom. The head just barely poked out from the top of her ample cleavage, and she felt his stiff, warm shaft against her breastbone.

“Holy... holy shit,” he mumbled as he rolled his eyes. She began to move up and down, the head of his cock popping up then disappearing with each stroke. A mischievous smile grew on her face, and she sped up. As she shifted up and down, she felt his cock just barely brush her chin. Without forethought or warning, Kara stuck out her tongue on one up stroke and flicked his tip.

“Oh wow,” he said and began to shake as Kara’s mouth enveloped him. She whipped her tongue from side to side inside her mouth, and felt his balls shudder against her chin.

“Shit, shit, shiiiit,” he shouted, and, forgetting himself, grabbed Power Girl’s head with both hands. She held him firmly by his waist and pressed to the wall, but still felt his thrusting against her face, his balls slapping her chin in time with his squirts of cum.

Might as well not make a mess. With each thrust and jet she swallowed, and each swallow sucked and pulled on his member, extending his orgasm longer and longer, finally finishing with a body-racking shudder. She felt him relax and lean back against the wall, his cock still hard in her mouth. Kara sat back, her tongue stroking the base of his shaft along the entire length as she released him.

Kara felt herself. Wet. She looked back at her blackmailer. He leaned against the wall with his eyes closed, his chest heaving with each breath, his pants around his ankles and his still rigid cock staring her right in the face. How long? Too long.


Fisher half-opened, then went wide eyed.

Power Girl lay back on the floor in front of him on one elbow with her knees spread and the crotch of her uniform pulled to the side. “Well?”

He gawked for half a second, his chin on his chest and his eyes nearly popping out of his head. Kara raised an eyebrow and licked her lips. Enticed and emboldened, he lunged forward. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten about his pants around his ankles and fell on top of her, accidentally diving face-first into her breasts.

“Don’t try that with the next girl stud,” she said with a laugh, and lifted him up, pulling him forward a little. “Ooh, there...”

He gasped and closed his eyes as he slipped inside her. “Feel good?” she said, her voice husky on his cheek. He nodded, then shook as she thrust her hips at him, taking his length all the way to the base.

“Hoh... wow,” he said. Slowly, he began to plunge in and out. Kara bit her lip as the head of his cock prodded her in just the right spot as he reached as far as he could with each thrust. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Grabbing his head and pulling him into a deep, tongue lashing kiss, she commenced bucking against him, shoving him further and harder against that something inside her.

“I’m-I’m-I’m-” Fisher gasped out as he managed to pull his mouth away.

“Do it stud,” Kara hissed in his ear, her hands grasping his ass forcing him tight against her, and he jerked several times as he let go for the second time in minutes. With a grunt he settled atop her, exhausted and spent.

After allowing him a few minutes of afterglow, Kara pushed him off her onto his back, and rolled onto her side to face him. “So,” she said stroking his curly red hair with one hand with slow deliberate motions, “I don’t know about you, but think that was worth all the photos.”

“Mmmhhnngg...” Power Girl shook from another orgasm as her hand rubbed fast and hard under the spray from the detachable shower head. Ten minutes before work is NOT enough time for this... She bit her lip and shoved a finger in, then another, pulling against just the right spot with each withdrawal, she shook with another petite mort. “Unfffff! Right... there... yes... one more time... yes...yessss--"

The tiled wall of the cramped shower stall she had wedged herself against fractured with a loud snap behind her back. Kara lurched forward in surprise, and stumbled out of the stall forgetting she still had the shower-head in her hand. It ripped free of the wall and a geyser of water erupted from the torn pipe.

Kara stood in front of the decimated shower, still dripping wet and holding the useless shower nozzle in one hand. She flicked a damp strand of hair out of her face.



“And so that’s the return on the dividends from the short sale on Wayne Corp stock,” Simon said. He favored his boss with an expression full of hope for some verbal approval as he gestured at the display. As her assistant he was an indispensable asset to Kara’s daily sanity and shield against the duller aspects of running a large company while putting forward a clean cut corporate image for important clients, and, as society still unfortunately expected, a male one. With a tight little butt.

“Where did that come from?” Kara said under her breath as she rubbed her forehead, hoping that Simon didn’t notice her momentary blush. I must have been hornier than I thought. Focus, dammit. Still, she suddenly found herself paying more to Simon’s trim form rather than his power point presentation.

“Now, we’ll have to wait and see if we can exchange these bonds for T-bills to get some liquidity, but that shouldn’t be a problem,” he continued. “It’ll be next week before we can see results though, so that’s a wrap for today.” He turned the flat screen monitor off, snapped his pointer shut and flopped down on the couch.

Oh my god the most boring meeting in the history of the world is finally OVER. Kara smiled as wide as she could fake. “Thank you Simon, that should be all for today. See you”and your tight little assStopitStopitStopit“tomorrow for the EPA inspection.”

“Oh, I needed to show you some things in regards to that,” Simon said, pulling out another folder from his bottomless briefcase.

ARRRRGH“Good, I don’t want another incident like last time,” Kara replied maintaining the wide fake smile.

“Well, it’s what you hired me for, to stay on top of things,” Simon said, returning her maintained smile with a lopsided one of his own.

And what do you mean by that, hmm? “On top. Of things. Right. Well, bring them over,” Kara gestured and lounged back in her Aileron chair, steepling her hands as she did, and crossed her legs. Purely for comfort, of course. Maybe to see if he’d look. Which he just did. Naughty, naughty. Her forced smile became less so. Simon left his briefcase on the couch and came around to her side of the spacious mahogany desk. Being this close to him gave her a little tingle. He was certainly more mature than Fisher, and each movement he made as he juggled files from the folder was smooth and deliberate. He looked back at Kara as he splayed the contents across her desk, and smiled.

“What am I looking at here?” Kara said as she leaned over the paperwork, probably farther than she needed to. And what are you looking at, as if I didn’t know? She ran a hand through her hair and down the side of her neck, tilting her head to the side as if to stretch. Even in her relatively conservative corporate suit and dress Kara knew she could still avail of her bounteous cleavage.

“There’s a new schedule they want to go by,” Simon said, leaning closer to Kara as she ostensibly inspected the arrayed files and tried to ignore the occasional wisp of his breath on her neck. “They’ll be checking the gray goo room in the morning instead of the afternoon.”

“Alright,” she replied and shifted a sheet of paper out from under his hand to examine it for a second, then playfully lifted his hand up by his wrist to replace it. “That’s all?”

“Yep. Any other business, boss?” Simon was close enough that super-smell wasn’t necessary for his scent to fill her nose. A hint of Cold Spice, a little sweat; she knew he took his lunches at the gym and sometimes had to get back to the office before he had a chance to shower. That know-it-all smile too, you scamp.

Leaning back, she put her left foot up on the desk. “Maybe.”

His eyes flicked downward for a moment. “You forgot something this morning,” Simon said without losing his smile.

“I did?” Kara smiled as she cocked her head and began pulling up her dark blue skirt. “Now, other business, other business...”


“Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, right there, oh GAWD,” Kara said through clenched teeth. She felt the armrest of her chair crumple under her crushing grip and she dug the heels of her shoes into her desk to keep from wrapping her legs around Simon’s head as his tongue whipped back and forth across her exposed clit, his fingers prodding and swirling inside her. As he hit just the right combination of the two she threw her head back with eyes wide and mouth open in a silent scream, a ragged inhalation.

“Hu-hu-hu-hu-huhoh sh-shit,” she whispered, her head still turned skyward against the chair and her thighs quivering as he withdrew. She looked back at Simon, her chest heaving, to see him leaning over her, his member exposed and poised at her sopping entrance. “Wait,” she said, placing a shaking palm against his chest.

“What?” he said with his breath fast and ragged with rigid anticipation.

“This is the wrong place. I shouldn’t have started this.” She took Simon’s chin in her hand and favored him with a wan smile. “Sorry.”

“Argh. Yeah, I know, you’re right,” Simon stood up and sat back against her desk, leaning his head back and taking his face in his hands. His pants remained open and loose around his waist, and his tumescence still on display. “Shit.”

“Poor baby,” she said as she pulled and smoothed her skirt back down. She shook her head. “I’m really sorry, but I’ve been having a weird time lately. I have to keep work things separate from... the rest of my life.”

“Right, right,” he replied.

He shook his head but made no move to pull his pants up. Kara raised an eyebrow and cleared her throat. “Simon?”


“You’re sitting on my desk with your cock in my face,” she said with a lopsided smirk.

“Oh! Sorry,” he said, hopping up. Hurrying to obey Kara, however, Simon neglected to notice his proximity and Kara started as his still taut rod smacked her directly in the face. He jumped back as soon as he realized what he’d done, covering his mouth with one hand and reaching out to her with the other. “Oh Christ, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to--”

Kara fell back against her chair, shaking with laughter. “Oh that’s how it is mister? Come here,” she said with a grin and scooted forward in her seat. She grasped him and pulled him in. Simon grunted at her rough treatment, but to his credit stayed hard. Pulling her chair to him and placing her knees to either side of his, she looked up at him as she gave him a few quick tugs.

“Oh Kara,” Simon said as she enveloped him to the base of his cock with one swift motion. His knuckles gripping the desk turned white as she swiftly bobbed on his prick, and unlike a recent over-eager partner he stayed still as she administered her talents along his length. He was longer as well and Kara found herself having to suppress a gag with every full stroke.

That’s fine, I like a challenge. Rather than backing off she endeavored to take his entire member with every return, occasionally holding him deep within for a moment before setting him free with a slide of her tongue. Soon, she felt his balls twitching against her chin as she held him against her face. She looked up as him with his pubic hair tickling her nose. Simon looked down at her, his face flush and his mouth barely parted.

“Mmmmmm...” Kara purred with a wink. Simon jerked as the rumbling in her throat sent him over the edge. He shuddered as he loosed surges of sperm. As his trembling subsided, Kara released him from her mouth, reclined her head and swallowed his load.

Copious and tasty. She licked her lips and quickly checked to ensure nothing was visible on her face with a compact from her desk. “Simon?”

Simon rested against her desk, his shirt half unbuttoned and loose, his pants around his ankles. He looked up as his chest rose and fell to his short breaths. “Yeah?”

Kara smiled and crossed her legs as she reclined. “I think we’re done with today’s business.”


I’m not though.

As Power Girl flew through the clouds hanging low over the Big Apple, the wind whipped the trench coat she wore to and fro. Low clouds and an overcast sky with the occasional spritz of rain kept the eyes of the citizens away from the sky, and Kara wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her fly by while wearing such a strange outfit. Spying her target below, she clenched her coat tight and landed on the lush grass beneath the oaks of the well-manicured park with a soft crunch of leaves. She looked around. Fisher was waiting in a thin copse under some maple trees in a far corner of the park. He still hadn’t noticed her.

With a quick and silent burst of super-speed, Kara stood just behind him and gave his back a brisk tap.

“Gah,” Fisher said as he spun and tripped over his feet, falling to the ground. Kara stifled back a laugh with an audible choke as he tried to get up, failed and stumbled again, spilling several pictures out of his back pack. She rolled her eyes and bent down to help, flipping through the pictures as she did. “These are all of them? You don’t have any- Hey, these were shot through my bathroom window!” She whacked him on the head with the photos. “That didn’t have anything to do my secret identity, you little pervert.”

“I, uh, was being thorough,” he said, crouching back and holding his hands over his head. “And by the way, I’ve still only gotten one favor.”

Kara stepped forward until she was looking down on him. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she pressed down hard. “I think you got more than ample compensation for the photos last time.”

“Three photos, three favors. Ouch.” He tried to frown at her without wincing, failing in the attempt.

“I said ‘I think’, but now I guess you want more?” Kara said stepping back and leaning against a tree.

“Well, yeah. I mean, thanks for showing up at the comic shop last night, that was totally cool, but I’m getting tired of borrowing money from my friends for lunch.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“And that’s all you want?”

“Sure, so that’s it. You promise to take care of the guys picking on me?”

“What do you expect someone who can toss a bus across Manhattan to do to some punk kid?” she said as she crossed her arms. “It’s not as if I can punch them like I can, say, Darkseid or Bizarro. Look,” she said, leaning forward and spreading her hands, “you have to take charge of your own life. You can’t always call up someone to fix your problems.”

She cocked her head with a pitying smile. “Stand up to them. I’m not gonna lie, you’ll probably get your butt kicked, but if you get some good hits in they’ll probably figure it won’t be worth the effort to pick on you again.”

Fisher kicked some dirt and stared at his feet. “I guess,” then looking up with as stern an expression as his teenage face could muster, “but that means you still owe me.”

“I do don’t I?" Kara said. She opened her coat with languid, unhurried hands.

Fisher took in her well-defined super-heroine body as she shifted her weight against the tree, naked save for a pair of sheer black stockings. He stayed motionless for a moment, then, not taking his eyes off her all the while, fumbled with his pants, finally got them undone and rushed forward.

Without stepping out of them. “Whaoah,” he cried as he flailed his arms and fell into Kara.

As his face landed between her breasts with a thud Kara remarked with a smile, “You have to be the clumsiest kid I have ever met. Ooo, or the cleverest.” She trembled a little as Fisher trailed his tongue between her mounds and turning his head upward traced a path along her neck to the tip of her chin.

Nascent chest hairs grazed her breasts as he lay his body flush against hers, smiling and closing her eyes as he placed kisses across them and took a nipple in his mouth. She rubbed her hands up and down his back, settling on clenching his small buttocks in her hands. “Mmm. Taste good?" she said with a squeeze.

Fisher stopped and lifted his head. “Yeah.”

“That was a rhetorical question, stud.”

“Rhetormmm--?” he managed as Kara pushed his face back to her bosom with a roll of her eyes.

Kara felt a gentle prod at her crotch, and reached between her legs to fondle his cock, massaging the foreskin before gently pushing it back. Lowering herself, she took him inside inch by slow inch. Fisher moaned softly while Kara smiled and placed her arms on his shoulders. She kissed his forehead. “Well?”

“OK,” he replied just under his breath as he withdrew then drove back with a quick thrust, unwilling to stay away from her firm body for more than an instant and eliciting a small gasp from Kara. Holding her hips with gentle firmness, he pulled out nearly all the way and slammed back inside her.

“Oh. Ooo, that’s good Fisher,” she said. “Keep doing it,” thrust “just,” thrust “like,” thrust “that.” Despite his modest size, Kara found herself biting her lip as his glans nudged inside her perfectly on every plunge. Locks of his hair brushed her chin as he bobbed up and down. At her encouragement he began to pound harder and soon she felt tremors taking hold within her. She bit her lip as she came, gripping him tightly as her walls clenched down on his manhood in rippling waves.

Fisher shook as he came along with her, his eyes closed with his head back and his mouth slightly agape.

“Wow,” Fisher said as he opened his eyes and stared at Kara with a lopsided, open-mouthed smile. His chest pumped up and down; she could feel his heart pounding through his shirt.

“‘Wow’ is right,” Kara said, flicking a lock of his bangs. “You’re gonna make your first girlfriend very happy.”

He stared up at her with glassy eyes. “I love you.”

Power Girl put a palm to her forehead and looked up at the sky. Oh boy.

Anonymous 16/10/05(Wed)10:39 No. 24703 ID: b44330

Oh man, this is amazing! Thanks so much for posting this! I managed to track down a copy myself about a year ago but when I transferred computers recently it somehow got lost in the clutter. Thought I would never see it again.

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