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A Succubus For Halloween Zayna Noble 16/10/25(Tue)00:43 No. 24774 ID: 3c5110

Hey guys! I'm a new erotica writer trying to make a name for myself with some kinky things. Here's a freebie story that I've been working on with a little bit of Halloween theme to it! I hope you guys enjoy!

This little short story is about a guy turning his scrawny nerdy girlfriend into a busty succubus for a Halloween party. Magic, transformation, a bit of breast expansion and public sex, as well as mild domination themes are ahead!

I hope you enjoy! If you want more, please check out my website www.supernaturalromance.com !


A Succubus for Halloween
By Zayna Noble

Copyright © 2016 Zayna Noble
This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved

Lala lead a young male customer up to the front counter. “That’ll be sixty-six sixty.” She announced, offering him a necklace with a black pentagram in a little pink jewelry box.

The register chimed with the transaction and he stuffed the box into his pocket, hurrying home.

“You have artifacts that turn regular humans into succubi?” Lala’s new assistant was frowning.

“Relax, Elodie. She won’t be nearly as powerful as you or me. Let’s just hope that young man can handle his new girl.” Lala giggled.


Neil took a deep breath and presented the pink box to his girlfriend, Bianca. She was a quiet, stoic girl, tall and thin with long, straight blonde hair and a pale complexion. She could hide very effectively behind poles and thin trees, if she kept her posture straight.

She was a computer tech at a hospital, sequestered into a cold server room for most of the day, which meant that her wardrobe consisted predominantly of thick pants and hoodies, regardless of the time of year. She was wearing one of those hoodies now. It hung on her the same way it would hang from a coat rack.

“What’s this?” She regarded the pink box, reaching out for it tentatively, as if the bright color might burn her skin the same way it burned her retinas.

“I got you this for Halloween. It’s like… a costume. Y’know, for the get-together?” He ventured, opening the box for her to reveal the necklace within.

The piece of jewelry was, at least to her, much more tolerable than the box it came in. A small smile graced her lips. Well, it was a large smile by her standards. “This seems like a pretty simple costume. What am I going as? A goth girl? Do I need to dye my hair black?” She chuckled.

Neil laughed with her, rubbing the back of his head, “No, it’s uh… Look, just try it on. I’m curious to see if it really works, honestly.”

Bianca shook her head, “Nah, I’ll try it on later. I need to get online. Got an important Raid to participate in tonight. Tom’s been bugging me about it for months.” She shrugged and placed the necklace back into its box. “Thank you for getting this for me.”

He didn’t bother hiding the disappointment in his face or posture. He slumped, frowned, pouted, and finally sat down on the couch in a heap. Bianca wouldn’t notice any of it. She was already sitting at her desk, hunched over the keyboard as her one method of relaxation consumed her attention.

She wouldn’t make much sound for the next couple hours, save the clacking of her mechanical keyboard and a few muttered commands through her microphone.

Neil didn’t mind, really. He’d given up trying to get her to relinquish the addiction months ago. In a way, he felt like her protector. In an hour he would get dinner ready and she’d thank him. She would return to playing her game until it was bed time. They would have a short round of sex. It would end with Bianca climaxing early and being too sensitive to continue. Neil would then rub one out into some tissues, crawl into bed, and promptly pass out.

He thought about the scenario, the routine, that they had settled into. No, he did mind. He minded a lot! He wanted to engage with his girlfriend on a more meaningful level and if nothing else, he wanted to finish inside of her for once!

“She’s so hot…”

Neil had to rub his ear. Had he heard that right? “What was that?”

“Hm? Nothing,” Bianca replied quickly.

For a long moment, he sat there and wondered. Then he stood and walked up behind his girlfriend, looking over her shoulder at the game screen.

He’d seen it hundreds of times before. Bianca was taking her character through some fantasy world with goblins and trolls and dragons. Every place looked different and every time he saw Bianca’s character she was dressed in some new armor. His eyes focused on that character. It made sense to him that his girlfriend would play a female but a few details started to click in his mind.

Bianca was playing as some sort of demon, with dark skin and lustrous black hair. Horns sprouted from her head and a tail waggled behind her. Each detail, from the height and build of the character, to the exotic tattoos across her left side, were determined from a complex character creator. He’d been there to watch her make it but was quickly overwhelmed by the number of options available.

*Just like a succubus!* Neil thought. Had Lala predicted this scenario? Was that why she insisted that this ‘costume’ was the best?

“Why did you pick this character?” Neil finally asked.

“Oh, well,” Bianca started but went silent for a long while. The sound of her keyboard clacked as she navigated the game realm. “I suppose it’s because she’s attractive.”

“Attractive? Like, to you? You’re attracted to your character?” He sat on the edge of the bed, considering her for a moment. He didn’t even realize he had the pink jewelry box in one hand.

“No, I mean, not really. She’s just attractive, y’know? To people. Like, if I could pick how I’d look, it’d be something like this…” The volume of her voice trailed off.

The gears turned in Neil’s head. He looked between his thin girlfriend and then to the curvy demoness avatar she’d made for herself. “You want to look like that?” He felt a new strain in his jeans.

“Is that… bad? To want to, y’know, look sexy?” She turned her big blue eyes up at him.

Neil bit back his normal, placating response. He took a slow breath and offered her the pink box, “I know you’re in the middle of your game but please, put this on.”

She looked to her game. He could see the curiosity tugging at her attention and he couldn’t help but smile when she finally took the box and withdrew the pentagram necklace from within. She clasped the necklace around her neck, looking at the symbol, then up to her boyfriend with wide, confused eyes.

“Wait, what did you say this was supposed to be?” She quirked a brow.

“Your costume,” he smirked. Neil could already see the changes tickling at Bianca’s features.

It began at the roots of her blonde hair, turning them strand by strand a chocolate brunette. She reached up to feel over her hair and pluck at a few locks, watching as the lush brown color soaked all the way down to the tips. Her straw-like hair gained volume and a lovely shine but those features were forgotten when two black horns began to sprout from the top of her head.

Bianca gasped when she felt her new horns, her fingers following their growth as they curved back along her head.

“What’s happening?!” She jumped out of her seat and rushed to the bathroom to check herself in the mirror. Her bright eyes went wide as she watched her features steadily shift.

Rustling pushed at the back of Bianca’s hoodie and the girl quickly tugged her top up and off to see. Just behind her shoulder blades, little bat-like wings had begun to take shape. She turned and twisted to see them in the mirror, gawking at the new appendages as she tested flapping them and folding them, even while they grew larger against her back.

While Bianca was distracted with her new wings, Neil’s eyes were on a different growing feature. Her bra, a modest affair, was starting to strain with the development of expanding breast flesh. The burgeoning cups went from nearly flat nubs to full mounds, perky nipples poking out past the rim of a piece of lingerie no longer equipped to house them.

The changes became more subtle from there. Her features shifted and her normally scrawny body developed a new set of curves as her hips swelled to catch up with the rise of her chest. Skinny legs gained a lovely tone of muscle and her pale stomach tightened with new definition.

Neil couldn’t believe it. Right before his eyes his girlfriend was transforming from a scrawny nerd to a bombshell demon! He couldn’t hide the bulge in the front of his crotch but he was rather pleased that Bianca didn’t seem to notice at all. She was feeling herself up and checking herself out.

The last touch was the tail. It sprouted from the base of her spine, a long and whip-like appendage that ended in a flat spade. She pushed her pants down to better see it, swishing her new tail from side to side and twirling it in the air above her perky rump.

“This is incredible!” Bianca squeaked. She was grinning from ear to ear and the sight of her smile warmed Neil’s heart.

“I was so worried you weren’t going to like it,” he finally admitted.

“Like it? I love it! I’m so sexy! I couldn’t have gained a body like this even with thousands of dollars of surgery!” She cupped her breasts, a full C-cup by Neil’s estimate, and jiggled them about.

Tentatively, Neil stepped forward and placed a hand on her ass. She was hot to the touch! Her posterior was fuller and her posture was no longer that of a hunched-over computer tech. She turned and strutted as if she was preparing for a runway show.

“How does it feel?” He stroked his hand up along the smooth curve of her lower back.

Bianca wrapped her tail about his wrist, “It feels fantastic. I feel… full. Lush. I feel really horny.” Her eyes shot up to his and he noticed for the first time that they’d shifted in color from blue to a brilliant and striking green.

“You don’t say?” He couldn’t stop the blush that rose into his cheeks.

“Well, I should reward you, right? You helped make this happen.” She turned and pressed herself against his front. The warmth of her chest soaked right through his clothes.

It took the two of them no time at all to strip out of their clothes. In a turn that caught Neil off guard, Bianca shoved him back onto the bed. She pounced upon him, her naked body moving like a feline. Her eyes were fixed on his and in the dim light of the bedroom he could swear they were glowing.

The newly minted succubus slid a hand down to grasp the meat of his cock. The simple touch had him throbbing hard.

“This feels… better, somehow. Just touching you is so much more exciting. My heart is racing!” Bianca purred, stroking her boyfriend’s length back and forth.

Neil was speechless. Bianca never took charge in the bedroom. Now, he could barely bring his hands up to touch her! When he did, he cupped her heavy breasts in his palms and the reaction she gave him was beautiful. She gasped, moaned, arched her back, and fluttered her demonic wings.

“You’re, ah, sensitive huh?” Neil chuckled quietly.

“Really sensitive!” She closed her eyes and pushed her chest into his hands, a desperation in her voice, “Squeeze them harder, baby!”

“Baby?” He quirked a brow, even as he did as she requested, fingers grasping and squeezing her lovely tits.

“You don’t like that? How about ‘Honey’? Would you like ‘Darling’ better? Ooh, I know! ‘Stud’?” With every new attempt at a pet name, Neil’s cock hardened up in the succubus’ grasp.

“Any of those, yeah.” The young man was overwhelmed. Only now was he starting to understand what it meant to have a succubus for a girlfriend. Was there anything of her left behind her model-esque body? “Bianca… what about your video game? It’s still running…” He glanced at the computer.

“Oh shit! The raid!” She bounced off of the bed and hurried over, plopping herself into her chair and scanning the screen quickly. “Whew, they haven’t started yet…”

Neil smiled. She really was still in there. He watched her for a long moment, his hard-on not flagging for a single moment. She was beautiful in the illumination of her computer screen. Her seated posture was perfect, pushing her perked nipples up and out.

She glanced over to him, a sly grin spreading across her face, “Hey. I’ve got an idea.” She beckoned him over and stood out of her chair, bidding him to sit in her place.

“What, do you want me to learn to play or something?” They’d gone through that dance before. He couldn’t wrap his head around these games.

“No, no. Something better.” She folded her wings tightly against her back as she turned and sat into his lap. The swell of her rump pressed firmly against the raging heat of his cock. He watched as her tail wrapped about the tip of his shaft, squeezing it firmly.

“Oh fuck…” He grunted. Over her shoulder, he could see that their raid had finally begun. Fantasy heroes engaged legions of undead. Bianca’s fingers danced across her keyboard and manipulated her mouse with practiced ease. Neil noticed her eyes had gone glassy, as they often did when she got into the zone.

He had a hard time finding any complaints about this particular arrangement. She gave him a slow, steady grind, pressing herself back against him in a form of lazy naked lapdance. Only a few minutes in, Neil started to pick up on a pattern.

Whenever the game reported that she gained gold from an enemy’s corpse, her ass cheeks would squeeze against his cock and any time she revived one of her allies, she’d rub him from base to tip with her tail.

The raid group came to one of the first bosses. As the team made their checks, recovered mana, and topped up on health, Bianca was busy getting something else ready. She lifted her hips up and pressed the tip of her boyfriend’s painfully hard cock up against her slick pussy.

Neil had never felt her so wet before.

“I’ve always wanted to do this…” He caught her whispering. She took him into her body, sitting into his lap as her sex slurped him right down to the base!

Her cry of pleasure rang through the apartment. It was music to his ears. He brought his hands to her hips, holding her steady as his shaft adjusted to the new sensations this angle provided.

She returned to the game but her expression wasn’t one of passive absorption any longer. She bit her bottom lip, each twitch of her hand sending a shiver down through her body, causing her to grind a little harder on his length.

“Fuck, Bianca! I’m not going to last long like this!” He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. Was he finally going to be able to finish inside of his girlfriend before she popped?

“I’m so close… Just a little longer… The boss is almost dead!” She whimpered. The health bar of a great beast was dropping steadily but her attention was focused on the health of her teammates, keeping them full and saving her biggest spells for after the boss monster’s most devastating attacks.

Neil couldn’t contain his excitement. He made small, sharp thrusts up into his girlfriend, sending his cock a little deeper into her and doing his best to time his thrusts with the activation of her own spells. He felt like he was rewarding her for being a good healer.

“Yes! Harder! Please!” Her hands were shaking.

He complied with a grunt, squeezing her hips tight in both hands and driving his own upwards off the chair, bouncing her curvy body in his lap. The wet sound of her slit taking his length competed with the hum of magic spells.

Bianca squealed, closing her eyes tight and rutting back, pulling her hands away from her keyboard and mouse! She dropped herself onto his cock and Neil felt the unmistakable grip of her pussy as she came.

*Damnit! I was so close!* Neil despaired, slowly relinquishing his grip even as Bianca’s body twitched atop his.

“W-what are you doing?” She looked over her shoulder at him with those brilliant green eyes. “Don’t stop!”

The request caught him completely off guard. A second wind rushed through his body and he quickly gripped his girlfriend tight, rutting up into her!

She couldn’t participate in the game any longer. She held onto her desk, her knuckles going white. Neil pushed the chair out from under him and stood, fucking his girlfriend over her own computer. He watched her breasts bounce back and forth in front of the monitor and felt her soaking sex squeeze him again and again.

He thrust rougher than he’d ever attempted before and was rewarded with the pleasured moans of his succubus girlfriend. Her tail wrapped needily around his waist and she looked over her shoulder again, speaking even as she drooled onto her keyboard.

“Grab my horns!”

His hands shot up and he took hold of her new black horns. Tugging on them forced her head back and sent her wings spreading wide to either side of her.

Bianca’s slit clamped down on his length and he lost control completely. He rammed his hips home and came, steaming hot seed bubbling up from his shaft and gushing into her hungry pussy in long, powerful ropes.

He held onto her horns for the duration, forcing her back to arch over her desk. Her nipples were brushing against her own screen and her long moans gave way to short gasps. Her body entered a series of short spasms, and Neil realized that she was climaxing a second time.

A surge of pride welled up in his chest. He’d never gotten his girlfriend to cum twice in a row before! That measure of satisfaction was the cherry on the top of the pie.


The Halloween get-together was a meet-up with several of Neil’s buddies. They met at Kyle’s house, since he was the only one that had an actual house and therefore enough space to host. Drinks were provided by one friend, dessert by another, and cooking duty fell to Neil.

Ten people showed up in all, including Neil and Bianca. All were dressed up to some degree or another. Joshua was wearing a ridiculous banana costume but everyone else had chosen more subtle costumes for Halloween.

Bianca joined Cindy (Kyle’s sweetheart wife) and Tiffany (Joshua’s eye-rolling girlfriend) at the door, oohing and aahing at the trick-or-treaters that came to the house and handing out candy from a huge orange bowl.

Banana-Joshua sidled up next to Neil, nudging him with one of his peelings, “Let’s talk about your girlfriend for a second, eh?”

Neil tensed up, trying to put on a poker face as he focused on putting the final touches on deviled eggs made to look like eyeballs. “What about her?”

“What about her? Holy shit Neil! Look at her!” His friend’s voice was hushed as he gesticulated towards the front door.

“Yeah?” He glanced up and watched as the girls handed out pieces of candy to a group of kids dressed as superheroes.

“She’s a knockout! No wonder you’ve been holding out on introducing her to the group, you’ve been keeping her all to yourself! Buddy, hotness like this needs to be shared.”

“What do you mean by ‘shared’?” The hair on the back of Neil’s neck raised.

Joshua put his hands, or rather peels, up in defense, “Woah! I mean, y’know, she’s mega hot! No fair to hide her away, right?”

He smirked and shook his head, “I haven’t been hiding her away. It took a lot to get her to come to this little get-together. If I left her alone, she’d still be at home playing video games.”

Neil did his best to steer the conversation to chaste subjects wherever he could. He was painfully aware of Bianca’s allure. Since her costume was being a succubus, she had to dig deep into her wardrobe to find something to match. A pair of denim hot pants and a skimpy halter top worked wonders on her curvier body, showing off miles of leg and midriff.

Some of the older kids that visited the house tended to linger until the door was fully closed.

As the sun went down, the trick-or-treaters went home with their bags full of sugary confections, and the party shifted into a new phase.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, the game of the night is ‘Take a Drink Whenever the Girl Screams’!” Joshua handed out the first round of jello shots to the participants while Tiffany reluctantly hit play on the TV.

It didn’t take long for the old B-movie to deliver the party-goers to their first drinks and not long after that for the mood to become markedly more relaxed.

Bianca nuzzled up against Neil’s side, her eyes no longer focused on the movie. She looked dreamily up at him with her shimmering green eyes, unable to hide a rising hunger. Neil did his best to play it off, an arm wrapped comfortably about her waist. He kept his fingers still, though he wanted to explore her body desperately.

The succubus leaned up higher, till her lips were centimeters away from Neil’s ear. She whispered, her voice just above the general clamor of the party and the movie, “I want to fuck you.”

Her declaration sent a thrill down Neil’s spine. Never before had he imagined such a situation with his girlfriend. His cock grew painfully hard in the crotch of his pants.

“We should… wait until we get home…” He murmured back to her.

Clearly, that was the wrong answer to a hungry succubus. She slid a hand down to not-so-discretely grab at his hard-on, rubbing it firmly through his clothes. “I want to fuck you, now,” she whispered again, with more urgency.

Neil coughed and stood quickly, “Ah, if you’ll excuse us!” He grabbed Bianca’s wrist and pulled her along.

“Where are you going? It’s getting to the best part! There’s going to be like three drinks in a row!” Joshua whimpered. He was already slurring his words, one eyelid a little lower than the other.

“Bathroom.” He grunted in reply.

“Together?” Tiffany quirked a brow.

“Gotta check on something, relax.” Neil huffed, and they were around the corner.

Instead of slipping into the first bathroom they saw, he had the presence of mind to instead drag his girlfriend upstairs through Kyle’s home and into the master bathroom, shutting and locking the door before turning on Bianca with frustration burning in his cheeks.

Before he could scold her, the succubus wrapped her arms about his body and pressed her curvy form flush against his. She caught his lips in a deep kiss, slinging her arms around his shoulders and tugging herself up to promptly stuff her tongue into his mouth.

Neil tugged his way out of the kiss, panting already. “Alright, alright, but if we’re going to do this, we have to do it quietly!” He hissed, afraid that even that hushed volume would reveal their intentions to the rest of their friends.

“Fine,” Bianca whined, “but you better give me something to bite.”

“Just, uh… bite my shoulder.” He huffed.

She was already pulling his pants down, one hand wrapping around the base of his shaft while the other worked the button and zipper of her own shorts. In no time at all, her hot pants and panties were down around her ankles. She pinned her boyfriend up against the bathroom counter and mounted him with surprising ease.

It was the first time they’d ever had sex like this but the succubus was moving her body with the grace and experience of an expert gymnast. She guided the tip of his length up against the greedy lips of her pussy and sank down on him in an instant. A small moan escaped her lips before she could muffle the rest of it against the crook of his neck, burying her face against his shoulder.

“Fuck!” Neil slid his hands down to grasp at her ass, squeezing her tight and helping her to slowly grind down to the base of his cock.

Bianca started to ride him, holding him tightly with her arms and legs and bouncing her whole body upon his. He had to focus more on keeping upright, using the counter to support him, before he could start to return her affections. One hand remained clasped at a cheek of her ass while the other wandered up to grip around the base of her whip-like tail.

The succubus was surprised by the tug. She bit hard into his shoulder to muffle the loud moan that came rushing up through her throat! Her pussy squeezed tightly around his cock, a gush of orgasmic juice dripping over his balls.

“Jeez, you like that?” He chuckled quietly, the sound of her pleasure still ringing in his ears.

She nodded, whimpering sweetly, “Do it again… Harder.”

“Are you going to be able to keep quiet?” He smirked. He was already balls deep in his girl and was finding it harder to care about being caught.

“Yes, I promise!” Her voice strained with need.

He obliged her, taking the base of her tail in a firm hand and giving it a hard tug. He was rewarded with her tightening slit; it felt like she was milking his cock with her nether lips! Bianca struggled to keep quiet. She bit her lip hard and nuzzled her face into his chest but he still caught her drooling, making a mess of the front of their costumes.

The succubus was little more than a quivering mess atop him with just a few pulls of her spaded tail. He took a more active role, turning and pressing her over the sink to get a better angle at her slick sex.

Neil bucked harder, smacking his hips against hers steadily harder. Bianca strained to keep herself quiet, eyes shut tight and a drop of blood dripping from where she was biting her lip so hard.

With one heavy buck, he stuffed his cock entirely into the wet folds of her slit and came. His climax heralded hers and the two of them let out subdued groans of bliss, the sounds made all the louder by the acoustics of the tiled bathroom.

Hot seed blasted into Bianca’s greedy pussy. For a long moment, neither moved. They breathed deep and slowly took stock of their situation. They could hear the rest of the party laughing and shouting downstairs and that in and of itself brought a sense of relief, that they’d gotten away with their risky foray.

They parted steadily and helped each other clean up. Bianca gave Neil’s cock a loving suck to steal away every bit of their combined juices that she could get to, a sly grin on her face the whole while.

Sated, they dressed and rejoined the party, needing to catch up on a few drinks, their friends already too drunk to have noticed that they’d been gone.


Neil passed a wad of cash over to the taxi driver and guided his tipsy girlfriend back into his apartment. They stripped out of their clothes and flopped naked into bed.

“You should probably take that necklace off. You’ve been wearing it since I put it on you…” Neil remarked. He’d be sad to see this sexier side of her disappear but he doubted her work would appreciate her new self.

“Oh, yeah. I guess so… I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.” She undid the clasp and set the necklace on the bedside table.

The two of them watched and waited for her to return to normal. Neil checked the clock. It was past midnight. When he checked it again, he realized they’d been waiting for her to change back for over fifteen minutes. “Hmm… It was pretty quick to change you when you put it on. Maybe it’ll fade over night?”

Bianca didn’t seem too concerned. She shrugged and cuddled up to him, her little wings folding tight against her back, “Yeah, probably…”

They drifted into a cozy sleep.

And discovered the next morning that Bianca was rather stuck in this new succubus body.

“How am I going to explain this to my boss? My coworkers? They’ll think I’m not me! They’ll kick me out, or fire me!” Bianca despaired.

“Uh,” Neil groaned, nursing a hangover, “it’ll be fine, I’m sure. We’ll just have to go back to the magic shop where I got that thing and see if they can fix it.”

In truth, he harbored a hope that they’d be able to keep Bianca like this for a while longer.


I hope you enjoyed my little story! Please check out my website

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