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A Final Promise The Bard 17/12/08(Fri)06:38 No. 25211 ID: 8a3dce

Ok so I am throwing my hat into the ring. I have been inspired to try my hand at writing a story since I am bored and want to write. I am looking for constructive feedback and to start getting more comfortable sharing my stories rather than just letting them sit in my hard drive over the crippling anxiety of putting myself out there. I am going to try very hard to pound (lol) out this story semi-regularly and I have a definite ending in mind so without further ado, A Final Promise.

Tags: Loli(ish), Romantic, Sex and Teacher/student, M/f

The+Bard 17/12/08(Fri)06:39 No. 25212 ID: 8a3dce


“Please pass up your tests and I will collect them.”

I stood up from my desk and saw my students passing up their tests with one or two of the underachievers desperately trying to fit in as much as they could before the pile of test papers got to them. When I collected all of the test papers I sat back down at my desk as began to look over the tests. When I got half way through I saw there was a note at the bottom of the test with the name Mikayla Simmons on it. “Meet you outside after school. I’m making lasagna tonight!”

I looked over to the pretty redhead with green eyes who was talking with one of her friends. Mika, that is what most everyone called her, was a fourteen year old prodigy. She had it all. Her grades were top of her middle school class and she was even captain of her field hockey team. There was just one odd thing about her, she was also my wife.

It happened two years ago. Her father was Antonio Attaco, CEO and founder of the Attaco Group, a multi-billion dollar a year conglomerate that he built up with my father starting with a small tech firm in the garage at the house my grandfather rented them when they were in college. Mika’s mother died in childbirth and he raised her on his own. You would think a dad like that would have ignored his daughter but he doted on her every second he could give her. Just when I was about to graduate college (early at Twenty so yeah, bow down to the nerd who never had a girlfriend because he was too busy going to college at sixteen!) I got a call from my dad. Uncle Antonio was dying and wanted to talk to me.

When I arrived at the massive mansion I was led into the master bedroom where they set up full hospice care for Uncle Antonio complete with the latest, and in some cases experimental, medical technology available. Mika was there, her eyes puffy from crying but she was doing her best to hide her sorrow with a smile. Her fire red hair had a slight curl to it making her look like a doll, or an angel. Probably the latter.

Uncle Antonio of course wasn’t my real uncle, just to make it clear. He and my dad were best friends since kindergarten but the man lying in the bed with tubes and an oxygen mask barely looked anything like the man who taught me how to swim in his pool and used to take me on trips with Mika to Disney World every summer. He looked old, too old for only being forty five. My dad explained that he was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease that didn’t even have a name yet and they didn’t know how much longer he was going to last.

Uncle Antonio opened his green eyes that started to turn a milky pale color and looked at me. “I’m sorry David. I can’t see well these days, can you please come closer.”

I took a seat next to him and across from Mika.

He smiled. “Ah, there you are. I am so sorry you had to see me in this state but I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Anything sir,” I replied.

“I am dying. No, don’t be sad for me. My wife Sarah is waiting for me and I have been missing her for twelve years. My only regret is that I won’t be able to see my Mika when I pass on from this world for what I hope is a long time. I won’t be able to watch her grow and become a woman or have children of her own.” A tear formed in his eye. “But I have a request, one that you are fully free to deny but please give it thought. I want to have the right that any father should have. I talked about this with Mika and she has agreed. I ask you to marry her and give me the honor of giving away my girl to the only man I can trust to care for her when I am gone.”

May jaw would have hit the floor and gone straight through to China if it wasn’t attached to my head. “But sir, I mean, Mika can’t get married. She’s twelve. I mean I wouldn’t mind but this isn’t legal and she-” He stopped me.

“I arranged it so that she would be given special dispensation to marry at her age. Congress passed the dispensation and the President signed it into law in a special session. They owed me at least that much after all the donation money I gave those vultures.” He chuckled but it quickly turned into a cough. He held his hand up to stop the doctor who was rushing over. When he caught his breath he continued. “I asked Mika who she wished to marry and yours was the only name she gave me. She has been fond of you ever since she could walk.”

“Dad!” Mika blushed beet red but her father gave her the same grin he used to give when he was about to tickle me when I was young.

“Sorry to let your secret crush know but I don’t have much time left my sweet girl. David Simmons, will you grant this dying man his final wish? I know it is an imposition to you and I am sure you would have liked to have had a little more time but sadly…”

I didn’t know what to say. Who would be able to say anything to the shock of being asked to marry a twelve year old girl. I am not a pedophile. OK you, stop looking at your computer screen like that! I swear I am not into pre-teens but Mika was a very pretty girl and yeah I always fantasized about what she would look like when she grew into a woman but come on. Raise your hand if you would want to screw a twelve year old. Holy shit that is a lot of you! OK so I may have stared at her when she wasn’t looking a few times but you have to understand I have a thing for redheads and she has always been stunningly beautiful. I may not have been sexually attracted to her but a flawless painting of a tree is still flawless even if you aren’t into nature, right? Plus I was hopeless when it came to even talking to beautiful women because I would just freeze up when they looked at me which is why I was still a virgin at twenty and if the pictures of her mother were any indication Mika would grow into super model hot and we got along great. She did say she wanted to marry me and I can’t really deny the dying wish of a father who has always been like a second dad to me.

“Uncle Antonio I accept. I would be honored.”

Uncle Antonio smiled. “Then please…” He indicated to the fireplace where I noticed for the first time a man sitting with a bible in his hands and a priest’s collar.

“Wait, now? Like right now? But I don’t have rings or,” I stammered but I was interrupted by Uncle Antonio handing me a box with two rings in it. One was a plain gold wedding band and the other looked to be silver with little gold roses around the outside.

“You can have these. They were the ones my wife and I used for our wedding. It seems appropriate that they should pass on to you two.” He took my hand and places it over Mika’s. “Please promise to take good care of my daughter when I am gone.”

I promised and for the first time I could see a real genuine smile on Mika’s face. We exchanged our vows in a small ceremony and just like that I was married to the same girl I remember having to hold while she screamed in terror on “It’s A Small World” when she was seven. She would stay with her father for his last days and when he passed it was arranged that she would move in with me. He lasted another year and Mika transfered to the school that I taught at right after the funeral.

Now she was fourteen and while we were married I insisted that she have her own room until she reached legal age. It was more for her than for me. I didn’t want to interfere with her school life and it would be completely inappropriate for a man in his twenties to be sexually active with an underage teen girl who was also his student, marriage or no. But she was determined to be as much of a model wife and she was a model student so she took it upon herself to cook and clean the small house I bought with the help of my Dad. Though I really wish he would stop referring to it as our “love nest” when he called to check up on us.

The thing is over the past year I really did fall in love with Mika. I mean romantically. She has always been so quiet but ever since she moved in we have gotten really close. Also there is the fact that my prediction of her becoming super model hot is coming true in spades. On the day we got married she still looked like a kid with no development in sight but over the past two years she got both barrels from the puberty fairy’s shotgun of sexy with hips that won’t quit, a tiny waist and legs for days. Then there is the chest department where her B cup bra is already starting to show signs that an upgrade is very close around the corner. Hey I may not be a pedophile but she isn’t a prepubescent child anymore and I am allowed to find my wife sexy all right?

“Mr. Simmons?”

I guess I’d better stop reminiscing about the past and get back to my class.

“Yes Rachel.”

Rachel was Mika’s friend that she sat next to.

“Mr. Simmons the bell just rang. Can we go?”

“Oh yes. Sorry I was lost in thought. Class dismissed.” All the students rose up having long packed their things away. Mika gave me a wink as she continued to talk with her friends as they left. While we didn’t flaunt our relationship the Headmaster was informed of our special circumstance and all he asked was that we keep that information to ourselves and not damage the reputation of the school, something which I had no intention of doing while Mika was a student here. The school, Properton Academy, was a private middle and high school so that meant keeping our secret until Mika graduated. Rachel did know about our relationship since Mika told her but as far as I know no one else had a clue and I intended to keep it that way.

I met Mika at the front door of the school along with Rachel and we all walked home together. Rachel lived across the street and our houses were in walking distance so it was more convenient. Luckily everyone just thought since they didn’t take a bus home I was just walking them for safety reasons because the Headmaster ordered me to since Mika was the heiress to a massive fortune that her father left her.

When we got to our house Rachel waved goodbye and said something about wishing Mika luck. She must be talking about the test. Mika never needed luck on tests because like her father before her she was just as brainy. We walked into our home and she threw her backpack into her room and changed out of her uniform, a royal blue pleated skirt with a matching jacket and button down white shit with a thin blue tie, and into white shorts and a Minnie Mouse t-shirt that no longer made it past her bellybutton. I think she got it when she was eleven on our last visit to Disney World with her dad. I can’t believe she still fit in it at all but now, damn she looked stunning. She went into the kitchen to start on dinner and I kicked my shoes off and relaxed on the couch after my long day at work. I fell asleep listening to the sounds of Mika in the kitchen.

The Bard 17/12/08(Fri)06:40 No. 25213 ID: 8a3dce

Chapter 2 in a few days

Anonymous 17/12/08(Fri)22:44 No. 25214 ID: 3cfb6a

I wonder if the good luck wish was for something other than the test...

Looking forward to your next update.

The+Bard 17/12/09(Sat)04:37 No. 25215 ID: 8a3dce

Did I say a few days? I hope you don't mind if I...


I always loved David since I was a little girl. My dad would always take me to see him when he used to go to Judo tournaments. Uncle Ashton, sorry, I guess it’s still hard to think of him as my Father-in-Law, invited us every time and we would always go to cheer David on. I started dreaming about him when I was little. He always looked so strong when he fought and when he lost he would just turn around and train harder. He was like that in school too. His dad still likes to tell the story of the only time David got a B+ on a test and spent a week in his room straight studying. How in the world is a girl supposed to resist a man with that amount of determination. He is also hot.

Let me be blunt. He is gorgeous. All the girls in school talk about him all the time with their little giggles and gossip. I don’t mind them looking. He is mine after all and while they can’t touch it still makes me happy to hear that my bias is well founded.

“David?” I checked to see if he was asleep. He won’t lay a finger on me because he thinks it isn’t right but I can’t help myself. I sneaked over to him and slid carefully next to him on the couch. I leaned over and tenderly brushed my lips over his. I know I am not supposed to but I steal kisses from him every chance I can. I could feel my heartbeat start to pound in my chest. I love him so much I could burst!

I cuddled into him and felt the slow rhythm of his breathing. His smell devoured me. It was the scent of Old Spice body wash and sweat but not the gross kind of sweat. It was heavenly. I haven’t tried alcohol yet but I could only imagine that what I felt breathing him in was what being drunk must feel like. My mind went all fuzzy every time I was near him, or looked at him, or did his laundry and got wrapped into his smell. I could feel the heat between my legs pool. God damn I wanted him!

My hand slid into his shirt and I felt his flat, toned stomach. I peeped on him a few times in the shower so I knew every inch of him already but what I loved most was his stomach. Yes, I fantasized about covering him in whipped cream and licking every bit off his perfect stomach. Don’t judge.

“Beep, beep, beep!”

Oh no! I completely forgot about the lasagna!


The smell of dinner woke me up from my nap. I had another dream Mika was kissing me.

“David, dinner.”

Mika was silent all through dinner like there was something on her mind. I tried to talk with her but I only got single word answers. Usually she’s so talkative. I want to respect her privacy because she is still only a teenager and if I remember my time in middle school I was happy to brood over things and not be bothered. I looked at her plate, trying hard not to linger on the cleavage she was showing with her too small Minnie Mouse t-shirt. She hadn’t even taken a bite of her food and I was almost done. She just kept pushing around the one bite that just kept missing her fork.

“Mika, is there something wrong?”

She jumped with a start. She must have been daydreaming because a blush started to form on her cheeks.

“Ah, no. Well…” She started. “Do you, Um, like me?”

I wanted to say “Hell yes!” to her but somehow the words that I kept in my head decided to run off on me.

“It’s stupid. Sorry.” She took a drink of water.

“Of course I like you, Mika. What’s not to like?” I took a drink of my water. I have no idea where she got that idea but I-

“Then why won’t you have sex with me?”

Water shot all over the table as I coughed and sputtered gasping for air. I am sure I misheard that because of the whole trying to be the first person to drown on dry land. “(Cough) What?”

“Look,” she put her fork down. “I love you, David. I love you with all my heart and I want to have sex. Not just sex. I want to sleep in the same bed with you. I want you to call me Honey and kiss me and everything.”

“I don’t think-”

She put her fork down and shot me a look that told me to let her finish speaking or that fork would be flying at me next.

“David we are married! Married couples get to fuck each other stupid! I am your wife, David. You are my husband. I see how you look at me when I am walking around in clothes like these. I know when you are staring at my boobs. I’m telling you it’s OK. We are entitled to it!” She held up her ring like it was a weapon.

“Mika you are only fourteen. It would be wrong.”

“We have a special dispensation. It’s OK.”

“To get married. It doesn’t change the age of consent laws!” I have no idea why I was fighting her on this so much. I wanted to do it with her just as badly as she wanted to do it with me. I wanted to be so deep into her that the person who pulled me out would be named King of England. But I didn’t want to ruin her life before she was old enough to understand what she was asking for.

“I don’t care, David. I won’t tell anyone. I haven’t told anyone I am married to the twenty-two year old teacher that all the other girls want to fuck.”

If I had been drinking water at that point I would absolutely be drowning now. “But. Mika you did tell Rachel.”

“Well yeah but she is my best friend and she is keeping our secret. She lives across the street so it isn’t like we would have been able to hide it. Plus she already knows I want to do it with you.”

I buried my face in my hands and took a deep breath. The more we argued the more she started to make sense. We are married and married people have sex, it is part of the package. A beautiful redhead with a body to die for is pressing me for the one thing I wanted to do with her since she moved in and here I am trying to not do that. What kind of loser am I? Most guys my age would jump at this chance and moonwalk into a jail cell with their head held high. I had only one argument left. “What if you got pregnant?”

She smiled. Uh oh. “I’m on the pill so you can even do me raw.”

“Did you- Mika since when are you on the pill?” And where the hell did she learn “do me raw” from anyway?

“Rachel and her mom took me a month ago to get a prescription. Since I don’t have a mom here to take me her mom volunteered to take us both. Plus it helps with cramps.”

I threw my hands up. I ran out of arguments and I decided I put up enough of a resistance to know that I was not in charge of this one. “OK, fine. You win.” I bowed before her like I do when she kicks my ass at Tekken. Seriously that girl is deadly in a fighting game. But hey at least it is a win-win situation.


It was our first fight but I won. Now I finally got to have what I wanted for so long.

“David I want to move into your room tonight.”


“I also want you to start calling me ‘Dear’ from now on when we are at home. We are married.” Finally a smile from him.

“Yes dear,” he grinned. There was the man I fell in love with. I was starting to get worried that I was in a parallel dimension or something and that wasn’t my kind, sweet David. I finished my dinner and drink before he had a chance to eat his last bite and then I was off to take a shower. Tonight I was going to finally be a married woman and there was no way in hell I was going to let the chance of smelling bad ruin our first time. It was both our first time so I was going to make this night as perfect for him as it will be for me.

I quickly cleaned every inch of me and slipped into my closet and piked out the perfect red lace panties and the matching bra that Rachel helped me buy. Covering that I put on a white night gown that was almost too short to cover my butt. I worked a perfect French braid into my hair and decided a little makeup would help spice up our first night. We never got to have a wedding night like in the romance novels that filled my bookcase but tonight I was going to make up for that by fucking David until the sun came up.

I gave myself a once over just to make sure everything was perfect. Once I decided there was nothing left to adjust I slipped into David’s room to wait for my love to make me his in every way. Nothing was going to go wrong tonight.


I decided that nothing was going to go wrong tonight. I was going to make Mika’s first time, and mine, perfect. I heard that a girl’s first time could be painful but I read that if you do enough foreplay it should be fine. I wasn’t planning on using that information so soon but I did look up tips on how to be a good lover, especially with a virgin.

I did the dishes and put away the leftovers. Those will be very useful as a midnight snack tonight I am guessing. Since tonight is a Friday night and it’s close to winter we have all day to make up for going to bed late. On top of that we are going to be going to bed together for the first time. It’s almost like I am in the perfect erotic romance novel. It’s a good thing I’m not or something would happen to ruin the whole night.

“Ding, Dong.”

The doorbell? Maybe it’s Mika’s friend returning a book. She does that sometimes because Mika has a much larger collection of romance novels. I opened the door.

“Hello, Mr. Simmons. I’m Nancy Patterson from the East Coast Times. Can I ask you a few questions?”

The+Bard 17/12/09(Sat)04:57 No. 25216 ID: 8a3dce

I don't think things are going to go perfect for our heroes tonight. Stay tuned for more coming down the pipe as soon as I get it written. The good news is that I just can't stop obsessively thinking about this story so it shouldn't be a long wait. I am trying to up my daily word output endurance so that should be another boost to my output.

Wendee 17/12/09(Sat)21:16 No. 25218 ID: e079f7

Good work, I like the writing and the situation, but you really need to use more of these ,,,,,, it would improve the pacing of the story too.

The+Bard 17/12/10(Sun)06:14 No. 25219 ID: 8a3dce

Thanks for the advice. I will use more commas to adjust the pacing. The next chapter should be ready once I get a few hours free to work on it.

The+Bard 17/12/11(Mon)05:28 No. 25221 ID: 8a3dce

Slight problem with not liking how my current draft of chapter 3 is going. The good news is that I transferred everything I have so far into Scrivener so it will make things slightly easier to keep straight down the road. This way I can outline my tale, keep to the plot and write all at the same time. I won't say when the next chapter will drop but it will be soon.

Anonymous 17/12/11(Mon)07:10 No. 25222 ID: a07d78

I like how you have both of their perspectives.

I'm wondering if the reporter is researching a story about the special dispensation given a year ago. That would throw a big kink in the works of their evening and be a good obstacles to resolve.

The+Bard 17/12/13(Wed)03:39 No. 25224 ID: b3638e

So I was banned for spamming for a reason I am not entirely sure about but I suspect it was for name dropping the brand of purse. No biggie, I would have posted this last night but you get it now. I will try not to get slapped with the naughty stick again:


“Hello, Mr. Simmons. I’m Nancy Patterson from the East Coast Times. Can I ask you a few questions?”

She was dressed in a sharp dark blue pantsuit, black heels, and an expensive name brand black purse that for some strange reason filled me with dread. It was like there was in or around it, it threatened me. Her makeup was put on with military precision. Every instinct I had was telling me to slam the door in a lock it.

"What can I do for you," I asked her, bemused. She smiled the way a cat smiles at a mouse.

"You can invite me in." Um, hell no.

"What do you want?"

"Just to ask you some questions," she says as she pulls out a handheld recorder.

It was just a recorder, very similar to the one I used in college to record important lectures, but she was wielding hers like a weapon. It didn't surprise me. I knew of Nancy Patterson, her reputation preceded her. She was the preeminent muckraker in the country, probably in the world. When she pursued a story she didn't care how many lives were ruined, and there were many, she even went after my father at one point. Was she going after him again?

"I'm here to talk to you about Mikayla Attaco."

Oh shit! "What about her," I question while crossing my arms, trying to put any face on that didn’t give away anything critical.

"Well, Mr. Simmons, when one of the wealthiest women in the world, and the heir to one of the most powerful companies in the world, just up and disappears... I would say that has the makings of a interesting story."

I shift nervously. "And what story is that, Ms. Patterson?"

"Please, call me Nancy," she says, smirking. "So I did some digging, and do you know what I found?"

I try to find a way to end the conversation, but she doesn't give me a moment to interject.

"It was really hard to find, but it turns out that the young heiresses guardianship was transferred to, well, you." She places her hand on her chin with dramatic flair. "Now, that just made me think to myself. Why would a thirteen-year-old girl be placed in a home with a –" she pauses for dramatic effect, "twenty-two-year-old man?"

I instantly know where she's going with this. "I don't think that's any of your business, Ms. Patterson, but for your information it's because her father asked me to care for her."

"Now, why would he do that?"

"Maybe it's because he trusted me. Maybe it's because I used to babysit for her when he was away on business trips. I don't know, I didn't feel any particular need to question the man I was so close with, especially on his deathbed." I glared at her.

"Maybe I should question Miss Attaco. Do you know where she is?"

I can't let her anywhere near Mika, I know that. I think of something quick. "She decided to sleep over at a friend's house."

"And where would that be?"

"None of your business. Now if you'll excuse me, I have test papers to grade." I start to close the door when her hand shoots out, and stops me. "Ms. Patterson, this interview is over."

She makes a show of turning off her recorder. "Very well, Mr. Simmons, but I really think you should invite me in."

My eyes narrow, she's definitely up to something. "Why?"

"Well I just thought," she stares at me hungrily, "since you're home alone, you would want some company." Her hand slowly reaches up to her button-down shirt. She has a very obviously ample bust, made more evident as she thrusts it out towards me. Her fingers undo the button that's keeping her breasts at bay, and I noticed for the first time that she isn't wearing any bra. "I know the grading papers must be boring, and it is the weekend. Maybe we can have a more..." Her arms lift her breasts, making her cleavage more pronounced. "Intimate interview."

Just as I'm about to answer her, there's a crash behind me. I look back just in time to see a flash of red hair disappear down the hallway, a broken flower vase that my dad bought us on the ground in pieces.

Ms. Patterson's eyes flareup, like she just hit the jackpot. "Not alone after all, Mr. Simmons?"

I think quickly. There has to be a way out of this, I just have to think of a convincing lie. I've never been very good at lying. "Oh, that stinking cat!" Even I'm taken aback by my genius. "I'm sorry Ms. Patterson, we just got a new cat and, well you know cats. I'm sorry I can't take you up on your offer but now I need to go clean up this mess. Good night Ms. Patterson." I slammed the door shut right in her face. That felt really good.

A few years ago she tried to pin an accusation, made by a former maid, that my dad touched her inappropriately. It wasn't true, of course. She was caught stealing money from us, so of course my dad fired her, but the truth didn't matter to someone like Nancy Patterson. It was nearly 6 months of hell before the truth came out, and my dad's name was cleared, but Nancy Patterson never issued a retraction. Not even an apology. The magazine that published the story settled with us in the defamation lawsuit, but I'll never forgive her. So, yeah, I really liked slamming the door and that bitch's face.

I grab a dustpan and a broom, and I quickly clean up the mess, then I go and look for Mika in her room, but she isn't there. I then look in my room, and there she has huddled on my bed, her knees pressed up against her chin and her eyes wide with fear.

"Is she gone?"

"Yeah," I reply, "I think I got rid of her."

Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)08:49 No. 25226 ID: ab7de3

Looking forward to more. Great story. Keep it up.

Anonymous 17/12/16(Sat)05:29 No. 25228 ID: ab7de3

Don't abandon us OP.

The+Bard 17/12/17(Sun)20:41 No. 25231 ID: 27e209

I have not abandoned you. Typing with all the fury of a Bard obsessed after a visit from the parents.

The+Bard 17/12/18(Mon)04:15 No. 25232 ID: e6fd3c

Exhausted, almost done with next chapter, soon. Very soon. So soon. After sleep. Then finish and post. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz (Thuds head on desk. Much drool. Such snore.)

The+Bard 17/12/18(Mon)20:19 No. 25234 ID: e6fd3c

OK. Here is the next chapter. This is my first time doing a sex scene. Plot is easy, sex is ha- difficult. Let's go with "difficult" and leave it at that. But hey, you guys have been nice, and I want to move this thing along and opening up this relationship to that level makes things nice and complicated for the future:


She looked like she was going to cry. Mika, my Mika, in our bedroom. It should have been a dream come true, and at the same time it is a nightmare, both because I know this whole night is ruined, and that my Mika is tearing up. She jumps out of bed and wraps herself around my torso, her tears falling free into my shirt. I wrap my arms around her as she sobs into my chest.

“I’m so sorry,” she blurts out, “I almost got you in trouble. I can’t believe that woman! How did she find us?”

There is something unnerving about her outburst. What don’t I know? I hold her tight and kiss the top of her ember red hair, finding myself getting drunk on the smell of her kiwi-cranberry scented shampoo. I want to protect her. God help me, I want to protect this girl who has invaded my dreams for the past year. The girl who wanted nothing more than to be a good wife, to be mine.

“I don’t know, but you shouldn’t worry. I can handle her.” She looks up and smiles at my confidence. Am I that confident? I looked into her bright emerald eyes, shimmering with worry. Yes, I am. I would do anything for this girl, this woman who wants me. I don’t know how, but I forget she is only fourteen. To my eyes she is a woman, a woman who loves me, her husband, her man. My concern is gone and replaced with a tightening in my chest. Her eyes are full of fear, but as I stare into her shimmering eyes they are replaced with love, a burning and deep love, and a desire. Why the hell did I try so hard to turn her down earlier? I honestly can’t remember.


He stared hungrily into my eyes. His deep, dark, hot eyes melted into me. I could feel it deep in my belly. Deep, deep in my belly. My heart raced, pumping blood so hard into my throat I could barely breathe, or was that because his eyes… I feel… Damp.

“We shouldn’t…” David whispers close to my face, almost too close. I wish he was closer. All I can hear is the “but” that is hanging inside the inch between us. Holy fuck! When did we get so close? I can smell him, that mixture of David and lasagna. I can’t resist. I pull on his back and into my lips, my insides all trying to claw themselves out so they can embrace this man of mine. This is nothing compared to the chaste kiss we shared when we repeated our vows that day two years ago, which was my first kiss. This one was so much better.


I was all melted from the forehead down. Oh. My. Gosh! I felt my face flush as he pulled away from my lips, and I could feel them sticking together at that last pull away, like they didn’t want to let go. I could feel my panties, warm and wet on the skin of my mound. David came in for a second kiss and I felt his mouth part a little, and I matched him part for part. His tongue invaded my mouth, searching around, and I sucked on it, losing myself in the flavor of his kiss. My heart was now pounding in my temple, making me light headed. I pushed him away and came up for air.

“David,” I panted, “I need you.” I was breathless. I was hungry. I was his.

Without answering me he unbuttoned his shirt, and I helped slide it onto the floor. I stood and stared at the man before me, his muscles taught. It was the kind of body a martial artist has, not big muscled, but taught and steel like. The agile, strong kind that made my mouth water for want to lick him all over. At any other time I would feel embarrassed at that thought but now, now all I wanted was to explore the body I was denied for a year. I was an addict, and he was my drug.

David gently scooped me up, and I threw my arms around his neck. My insides were on fire, aflame with desire, burning with my love for him, and I couldn't think. I could only react. My fear of the unwanted visitor was long forgotten. Now, now there was only David.

He gently, so gently, placed me on his bed, our bed. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly peeled it up over my head. His eyes drank me in, his mouth gaped, and his breath hitched as he took me in. My red lacy underwear was in full view, and under the light of his stare I felt... Self-conscious. My face flushed with the molten lava that flowed through my veins.

"Oh my God," David whispered, "Mika, you look, wow."

I clapped my hands over my face, desperate to hide. I could feel my face turn the same color as my hair. I still have no idea how I didn't pass out, or melt into a pool of giggles, or just melt into a gooey me. "Stop staring at me, David," I mumbled into my hands.

He grinned at me. I covered my eyes, but I could still feel him, his gaze, it felt like sunlight on my skin. I could feel him slowly crawling closer to me.

I could feel David close in on me, his hot breath made my hair stand at attention, and filled me with electricity. I could feel his lips caressing my stomach. It made my muscles clench. Clench down there. I closed my eyes, each kiss sending tremors up and down my spine. I closed my eyes. Oh God, this is it!

He moved his hand slowly up my sides, he reached underneath my back, I raised my chest just enough, and he unsnapped my bra. I opened my eyes, he was staring directly into me, his eyes piercing me deep into my soul. He looked so determined. He looked so... Hot!

He slowly, gently, tenderly slid the straps of my bra down my arms, exposing my chest. "Wow! Mika, you're so beautiful." He lowered his head down to my nipple, I could feel his hot breath, and he kissed me. The feeling of his kisses shot straight down to the hot pool between my legs. It was like bolts of lightning, arcing down my stomach and landing where I wanted to most.

I gasped with every kiss.

“Oh, God! David! Please!” I gasped out. I wanted him, needed him, I swam in the fuzzy feeling that drove away all all other thoughts. Fear? Who cared. Rachel told me the first time hurt but I didn’t care. Nothing in the world could feel better than the thought of him inside… Me…

David stood up and dropped his pants and I could see his erection, then he pulled off his boxers and there it was. HOLY FUCK! It was massive! All those fuzzy feelings vanished and I couldn’t breathe. There is no way in hell that will fit in there! I looked at him and his eyes softened.

“You don’t have to do this, you know.”

I took a moment and let out all the tension with a long exhale. No, I wanted this. I needed this. There was nothing I wanted more than to be his wife and this was a part of it. This is what it meant to be a wife. Wives do this for their husbands. Right?

I looked at him again, at his swollen… Dick… Why did that word suddenly become so difficult to say, to think. Rachel and I talked about this a lot and I never had any issues with it until, until it was right there in front of me. I saw pictures on the Internet, and there was that time we were on her computer chatting with a guy on that program she has on her computer and he pulled his thing out and jerked off. It was funny, but this one in front of me now, David’s, it wasn’t funny at all. It was much bigger that that guy’s.

I swallowed the lump in my throat that was trying to strangle me, looked up at David, into his dreamy, dark eyes, and then reached out, touching it. It was so soft and hard at the same time. I spied on him a few times when he took a shower. It was soft and floppy then, and smaller. My fingers barely made it all the way around. I stared at it and then decided to go for it. I opened my mouth and, doing what Rachel told me to do, slid it onto my tongue. It tasted odd, but not bad, and then David hissed in a gasp. Fuzzy feeling back!

I slid his dick deeper into my mouth. I had to get him wet, or so Rachel said, but the wet feeling in my crotch really must be more than enough. I liked him in my mouth though. I wouldn’t trade this for anything, ever.

I popped him out of my mouth and it made such a cute sound. I was ready, I think. “David, I’m ready, please.”

He kissed me as he slid my panties down my legs, over my knees, and off my feet. There was a wet spot on the red lace and I felt very self-conscious. What if he thought I was gross? I couldn’t bear for him to think I was gross. Then he was between my legs, hovering over my… This is it!

“Ready?” I nodded, not knowing if I really meant it. I felt his dick on my slit, probing and searching, and then it found my hole, and I felt the pressure as he pushed into me. He was gentle but firm, and it wasn’t painful, not really. Then he hit a barrier. He pushed against it and…

I winced as he pushed past and deep into me. I bit my lip, more out of surprise than pain. It stung a little but I kinda liked it. I felt full, full in a place I didn’t know was empty, and I never wanted to be empty there again.

“Are you OK?” Oh, David.

“I’m fine. You can move,” I told him. I wanted him to move. My fuzzy feeling was back in full swing. Rachel told me I wouldn’t feel good the first time, but this felt amazing. David started to slide out, I started to feel disappointed, I liked him all the way inside me, then he pushed back in.

“Ah!” I exclaimed. It caught me off guard, fuck did it feel right!

He started moving faster. With each thrust my voice pushed out of me in a moan that just encouraged him more, and made me feel him so much more. I played with myself a few times but this was a thousand times better, a million times better. I may never masturbate again! (Ok, that is such a lie, but I am allowed when I’m getting fucked silly, right?) His thrusts got faster and I felt something in my belly, a tightness deep down, getting tighter, and stronger. David was slamming into me and I could hear him starting to make grunting noises. Fuck, it was so HOT! The tightening in me reached the breaking point.

I clenched as I came. I squeezed onto David, then I felt him thrust hard into me, as deep as he could, and he shuddered as I felt something warm in my belly where the tightness used to be. We collapsed into the bed, gasping for air, holding each other tightly. I never wanted to leave his arms, ever, ever again.

As a tired sleepiness took me, I thought of only one thing. “Can’t orgasm the first time. Rachel? Then what the fuck was that!” Then I slid into a dark, happy, content sleep. Best. Night. Ever.


I look down at her, sleeping, so young looking. It dawns on me how young she really is. My fourteen year old wife. It breaks me from the events that led up to this moment. Her breathing is slow and regular. I had to give this to her, and I sure as hell didn’t mind it myself, but I have this nagging feeling that it won’t last. After the visit from that woman…

After all that we have been through up to this point, I don’t want this to end. I gaze at the love of my life, this girl, my wife. I curl around her, protecting her. My last thoughts are of tomorrow as I lose myself in the smell of sweat and Kiwi-Cranberry shampoo.

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Kudos to your work. Keep it up.

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Enough of my waffling. Next Chapter:


I opened my eyes to the sound of birds singing, the sunlight filtered through ember hair. I smelled the stirring scent of Kiwi-Cranberry mixed with something new, alluring. Then I remembered.


She was curled up with her face snuggled into my collar bone. Sunlight cascaded over her, lighting her hair on fire, making her look like a classic painting of an angel come to life. The covers were kicked off and her whole, perfect body lay exposed. I could feel my morning wood convert to arousal in an instant. Good Lord she looked perfect.

The clock behind her read 8:15.

“Shit,” I exclaimed in surprise. We were late! I quickly popped out of bed, startling Mika, and ran to the phone.

I talked with the Headmaster and considering my perfect record he was much more accommodating than I expected. I hate being late to anything. He didn’t even bother to ask me for an excuse. I still decided to not make a habit out of this.

When I returned to the room, Mika is not in bed, and I can hear the shower running. I would need to come up with a reason she is late, but I was more interested in the view. A naked Mika. I doubt there is a finer sight to behold in the world than the girl I love, my wife. Her hair is full of suds, there is a river of cascading water flowing down her front, between her perfect breasts, into the red, wispy hair on her mound, and down her legs. I made sure to burn this image into my memory.

She washed the suds out of her hair, then opened her eyes. “Hi, honey.” She smiled at me, beaming.

“Hi. Honey,” I murmur. I am still struck by the naked girl I spent the night holding for the first time, and before that…

“Sexy wife to David!”

“Huh?” I felt my face warm.

“I asked you if you wanted to stay home, you know, have some fun?” She smirks.

“Oh, I just told the Headmaster that we would be in soon. I was just going to write you a note.”

“Ah.” She looked disappointed, but then she smiled again. “So, you were checking me out. Like what you see?” She shook her ass at me.

“I-I need to get ready,” I stammered.

I left to get ready, Mika’s giggles following me out of the bathroom.


“No. Fucking. Way!” Rachel’s jaw dropped.

“Rachel, keep it down,” I hissed, “do you want the whole school to know?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Rachel leaned in closer. “I just can’t believe you came, you first time,” she whispered, “I didn’t even come the first time. It took at least four times before I did.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m in love,” I mumbled. Rachel snorts and it makes me laugh, a little too hard.

“Ladies, is there something funny about volleyball?” Mrs. Easton gave us a look, and not a good one.

I shook my head, “No, Ma’am.” Mrs. Easton went back to pontificating on the proper way to serve a volleyball, and I went back to talking to my best friend. “I just wish I could do things with him here, you know?”

“Why can’t you?”

I thought about it. Maybe there was something I could do for David. Something, fun…


I was waiting for my next class to arrive after an open period. My mind kept wandering to last night, and the girl I love, and it was keeping me from my lesson plan. In a week I wouldn’t be her teacher anymore. Summer break was a week away and she would be moving up to the High School building on campus. A very large part of me, a Mika shaped part of me, would miss seeing her in my classroom. On boring days it was nice to look at her. She is really, very beautiful.

I felt eyes on me, Mika’s eyes. When I looked up, there she was, my beautiful wife, with a wicked grin on her flawless face. How the hell does a fourteen year old avoid even so much as a black head? I remember when I was fourteen I could have been the Moon’s stunt double, not that the odd pimple would have made her any less beautiful.

She walked towards me, with a swish in her hips that I haven’t noticed until now. Was she always this, mesmerizing?

“David,” she murmured in a sultry way. I felt a stirring in my pants, this was not going to end well.

“Ms. Attaco.”

She frowned at me. “Sorry, Mika,” I corrected. Her frown softened and her smile beamed at me. God, she was so, wow!

“So, whatcha up to?” Her eyes were blazing emerald.

“Just getting ready for my last class. You?” I swallowed my heart back down my throat. Where the hell did it come from? I didn’t know. She slid onto my desk, sitting across from me, and she crossed her legs, and her short skirt, obviously hiked up, gave me a flash of red lace. Shit! She was wearing those panties again!

My heart was trying to bust it’s way through my chest, and the scene from Alien graced my thoughts, in between the memories of last night.

“I was wondering what you wanted for dinner, tonight.” She bit her lower lip. “Unless you just want…” She leaned in and whispered “Dessert” in my ear. The word ‘soft’ suddenly loses all meaning below everything located below the leather belt I wore.

She kissed my neck, and then I felt her teeth nip at the spot that made me shiver all over, then she was right in front of me, and her lips brushed mine softly, then harder. Her tongue searched for a way past my closed mouth, and I gave in, letting her in. Damn, she was running hot. Real hot!

The door burst open, my sixth grade class piling in, and Mika vanished. I felt a warm body between my legs and there she was, under the desk. She was quick! Her eyes looked up, the same blazing emerald color, and smirked. It took everything in me not to laugh.

That was close.

Without standing up, I greeted the class and explained that since they are working on final projects I wanted them to take the period to work on it. I decided that it would be better than trying to teach with a raging erection, and since it was the last week of classes my students would appreciate the time.

Mika’s breath against my crotch, and the knowledge she was hiding under my desk after so forcefully coming onto me, was distracting. I silently thanked whoever bought the teacher’s desks for getting the kind that had a metal cover on the front. I have no idea what my students would have made of Mika under there, but I knew it would not have been a good thing.

Slender, light fingers began to fondle my hard on.

My eyes flew down to Mika, and her look told me all I needed to know. She was going to take care of me weather I liked it or not, and I had no idea which side to choose. She bit her lower lip to suppress a giggle as she gently, tenderly, unzipped my fly.

I looked up at the class, they were busy working on their project books, and I returned to Mika, pleading with my eyes, begging for mercy. She smiled a wicked grin and pulled out my cock. My breath hitched.

“Mr. Simmons? Are you all right?” I stared at the voice, belonging to a boy at the front of the class.

“Yes, Mr. Harrison. None of your concern,” I replied sharply. I didn’t mean to be so short with him, he was one of the best students in class and I did enjoy teaching him, but for God sakes, I have a bit of a situation going on! He quickly went back to work, looking like a puppy that just got scolded for the first time.

A moist, warm feeling enveloped me, down there. Wide eyed, I glanced down and there was Mika, slowly and passionately sucking the tip of my cock.


This was not good. Not good at all! Her tongue explored every bit of my swollen head and it made me bigger, and harder, in her tiny mouth. I noticed a blush form on her cheeks. I wondered if I woke up a sleeping nymphomaniac last night. Actually that is a lie, I was too busy trying not to explode or spontaneously burst into flames, or both.

My breathing became deeper. I tried to keep from making any noise, then Mika slid my cock deep into the back of her throat. I muffled a moan, but not enough it seemed.

“Sir? Are you sure you’re all right?”

I glared. “Yes, Mr Harrison. Just a stomach ache. Please, get back to work.” He did, with the same pathetic puppy look.

Mika continued to suck, and thankfully was able to do so without making a single sound. I started to feel that familiar tightness in my balls, I knew I would not last much longer. I wanted to groan, but I suppressed it, not wanting the self-styled teacher’s pet to keep bringing attention to my delicious agony.

She began to move my cock in and out of her mouth, and I could feel her lips slowly work their way lower on my shaft with each stroke. It felt so good, I wasn’t so sure I cared about getting caught anymore. No, I did care. If not for me, then for her. She was just making things so difficult. I decided if we got away with this I was going to go to church and pray for a week straight in thanks. Mika was my Angel, but right now she was my Devil too.

Her movements made it all the way to the base. I must have been half way down her throat right now. I am easly bigger than average, I checked, but for Mika to take me all the way for a blow job, I didn’t know if I should be impressed or horrified that she would do this in the middle of class. I opted for impressed since she was doing all this without making a sound. That thought was my undoing.

I gasped before I could stifle the sound, my semen shooting down the throat of my fourteen year old wife, and she swallowed it down greedily, and I saw stars. Shit, that was amazing!

“Um, Mr. Simmons? Are you sure you don’t need to go to see the nurse?”

“Mr. Harrison,” I snapped, exhaustedly, “I am the teacher here. I decide when to go to the nurse. I am calling class early, please everyone, pack up. It is ten minutes to the bell anyway.” I slumped into my chair as the class packed up and left. I made a mental note to apologize to Harrison, when I calmed down. Mika, on the other hand…

When the coast was clear I glared at Mika. I was mad, mostly at myself, but Mika, she went too far.

“What the hell was that?”

She scooped a small bit of cum from the corner of her mouth, then licked her finger in an erotic way. My cock stirred again and I focused real hard to ignore the desire building in me. “I think it’s called a blow job, David.” Her smile almost broke me.

“I know what it’s called, Mika. I’m talking about why you did it. We could have gotten caught.” I pinched the bridge of my nose, more to stop myself from laughing than out of frustration. “I almost lost it back there, a few times. Did you even think? Do you even care that it could have lost my job?” My anger started to build then, she could have caused a scene, I would have lost my job over a prank, a really nice prank, but it could have ruined me.

It could have ruined her. Her reputation, to hell with mine, and I promised to take care of her, because the man who should be here to take care of her can’t.

I glanced at her, she had tears in her eyes. “David,” she said, meekly, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think, I thought…”

I haven’t seen her cry since the funeral. She has every right to be sad, with so much loss in her short life, but until now she hasn’t ever shown me sadness, not until this moment, and it was all my fault. “I thought it would be fun. You must hate me.” She wiped the tears from her eyes but there were more waiting just behind them.

“Oh, Mika, I could never hate you.” My eyes softened. “I just got scared. Scared for you.”

“For me?” She looked at me bemused.

“Yes. If you were caught, like that, by anyone. I was worried about your reputation.”

A smile broke through. “My reputation? Mr. Simmons, are you worried about people calling your wife a slut?”

“I- Yes, I am. Worried. For you,” I stammer. I didn’t expect her to be so blunt about it.

She walked up and I found her in my arms, her smile melting away every fear I had just a moment ago. She kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear. “I don’t care what anyone else says, because if loving my husband makes me a slut, I’m glad I’m your slut.” I flushed. I have no defenses where Mika is concerned. She kisses me on the lips again and then bounded off to the door. “I’ll have an extra special dinner ready for you when you get home. Have fun at Judo, tonight.” Then she was gone, and I have no idea what just happened.

Shit, Judo. Right!

I get my things together and get ready to go to my Judo class, but for some reason my mind is still going over the past twenty four hours and what Mika could possibly be making tonight.

I bet it isn’t as good as her dessert.

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Next chapter being worked on.

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Then I will try to get this next chapter out as soon as I can so you can have a third best news today. Give me a few hours to finish it up.

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Every Thursday, David goes to the gym to work on his Martial Arts stuff. When I was seven, I tried to take Karate, and it definitely didn’t appeal to me at all, but I loved watching David in his tournaments. Martial Arts just felt too aggressive for a girl, at least for a girl like me. I can’t even watch movies with any amount of blood in them. Rachel once tried to get me to watch Lord Of The Rings, because she thought Legolas was hot, and I was reduced to tears at the battle scene in the beginning. I just don’t like violence. But I could watch David all day, partly because I know they aren’t trying to actually hurt each other, it’s more like a dance, which I’m fine with, but mostly because David always looks so focused, and it’s hot. Real hot.

Rachel walked next to me, talking about her plans for summer, but my mind was still on David, in his uniform, sweating.

“-and I bought a new Bikini, and it’s skimpy. Mika are you listening?”

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking about stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” Rachel smirked at me, like she caught me in something.

“David,” I blushed.

“Details, Mika.”

I really didn’t want to talk about our… Desk Adventures. “It’s nothing. Just, I can’t get him out of my mind.”

Rachel smiled. “Being in love will do that to a girl.” She nods knowingly. She’s actually a few months younger than me but for some reason I always saw her as an older sister. It’s probably because she’s always been there to help me.

On the first day we moved across the street from her, she came over and within an hour she was dragging me out to go shopping. I told her about me and David that night, and instead of being appalled, she vowed over a pinkie promise to help me. She thought it was so romantic.

I said my goodbye to Rachel and split ways, her going to her house, and me going to mine. I opened the door and headed straight for the kitchen. I was going to make David chicken dumpling soup, and a cheesecake. He loves cheesecake. I got into my wife cooking groove, losing myself in culinary bliss.

As I finished the cheesecake, a few hours later, there was a knock at the door. I wondered who it was, probably Rachel wanting to mooch dinner. It happened from time to time, but over the last few days she stayed away so David and I could get closer. I guess the moratorium on mooching has ended, now that David took the plunge with me, into me.

I opened the door. “Hey you!” My smile instantly vanished.

Standing in the open doorway, with a triumphant grin on her face, was the Devil herself, Nancy Patterson!

“Mrs. Simmons, I presume?” Shit! Shit! Shit!

“I… I don’t know what you mean,” I stammer.

She grinned a wolfish grin, “Let’s just skip the denials.” She held up an envelope. “We have much to discuss before cute, little David comes home to his child bride.”

The color drained from my face and my stomach sank, deep down to my feet. How the hell did she find out? What the hell is in that envelope?

“May I come in?” She didn’t wait for my answer, not that I could have given her one, and strolled into the house. I felt invaded by an invading army. She was a barbarian horde, come to destroy everything I love. She was strutting. She sat down on the couch like it was a throne, and she was a Queen. My blood was ice.

Without a word, she threw the envelope down on the coffee table. She looked at me, expectantly. She wanted me to do something but I just couldn’t figure out what. Did she want me to pick it up? I reached out, like the envelope was made of acid, but I was compelled to touch it. I picked it up and looked at the woman, her eyes beamed in triumph. I opened it, and took out a folded piece of paper, and the words stopped my heart cold.

“Special Dispensation: Resolved; To allow for the special arrangement between Ms. Mikayla Attaco and Mr. David L. Simmons, and to override all State and Federal restrictions to that arrangement as agreed upon.”

I looked up at Nancy. She indicated that I should keep reading.

There was a second piece of paper, a Marriage Certificate, our Marriage Certificate.

“How,” I asked.

“I have a whole team of interns, Mrs. Simmons,” she shrugged, “One of them happened to find this ‘Special Dispensation’ the other day buried in a bill about recognizing some dopey bird as some symbol for something. It was a chance find, really. As far as the Marriage Certificate, that was a little more difficult. I had to really dig for that one. Apparently it was stuffed in a filing cabinet in the basement of a New Jersey court house. Thankfully, I was given a good lead on that one. A priest I had… Leverage on.”

I swallowed a lump down my throat. “What are you going to do?”

She smirked at me. “That depends.”

“On what?”

“On you, little Miss,” she gloats, “I want the interview, the one I was denied by a little, red-haired kitten. I don’t appreciate being lied to.

I glared into her eyes. I remembered her offer to David, and my fear was swallowed by jealousy, a furious anger filled me. There was no way in hell I was going to let my husband fall to the claws of this witch. He is MINE!

“If you think I am going to let you go anywhere near my husband, you’re nuts.” I don’t know where this need, this desire to fight, is coming from. Five minutes ago I would have thrown up at the thought of getting violent, but now I wanted nothing more than to rip the bitch’s face off. It was like a switch got flicked and a new version of me, one that breathed fire, emerged. “What we have is completely legal. I love my husband and he loves me, and quite frankly it is none of your fucking business. So get the fuck out of my house.” I pause for a moment, then I add with all the venom I can muster, “Sorry, that was rude. Please, get the fuck out.”

Nancy looked at me, stunned. No doubt my reaction was unexpected. Good. I am David’s wife and a good wife protects her husband, especially from a floozy who is nothing more than big tits in an expensive skirt. She recovered her vile grin a moment later. Fine, you want to fight, whore? Let’s go.

“Do you think you can take me on, little girl?”

“I think you are not getting the fuck out of my house.” I crossed my arms and gave her the kind of look that I hoped would set her on fire. Sadly, it didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try my hardest.

“Oh, you are a delight,” she laughed. “Listen to me, you little slut. I have never been talked to like that and I sure as hell won’t let a child get away with it. I don’t think there’s much I can do to you, but your hubby? Oh, I think I can do a lot of damage to him if I went public with this. Legal or not, I doubt the parents who send their kids to your school would appreciate what you get up to.” She gave me a smile that was more of a grimace, laced with wicked delight. She then pulled out a bundle of pictures from her purse.

They were from earlier today, when I was kissing David in the classroom. She must have taken them from outside the school. I flicked through the photos, me sitting on the desk, under the table, when I…

I threw the photos back to her. “What gives you the right to butt into our private life. Stalking and harassment are crimes, you know.”

“Why, Mrs. Simmons. I am just a concerned adult, only thinking of the welfare of a child,” She replied in a sickeningly sweet way. “David should be with an adult, not some girl barely out of kindergarten, and so rude, too. I will have to teach you a lesson, you little bitch. I’m going to steal what’s yours. I will take him away from you and show you who the better woman is.” She glared at me with contempt. “One date and I will have him eating out of my hand.”

“What makes you think I would let him go anywhere with you,” I replied, venomously.

“I think you will, because if you don’t…” She put her finger on her cheek and answers in a sugary, sweet tone, full of mockery, “Well, who knows what damage I could do to his career?”

I need to protect him. “Fine.”

“What was that, Mrs. Simmons?”

“I said ‘All right’, you can take him on your date.” I am full of hate and mirror her mockery. I trust David, and I love him, and he loves me. A bitch with fake tits in her late twenties is not going to steal him from me. Right?


The door opened and David, glistening with sweat in his uniform, walked into the house. “Honey? Who’s car is tha-”

He stopped mid sentence as his eyes took in the scene, my eyes glaring at Nancy, her in his house, the grin on her face. He gave a bemused look to me, and my eyes met his. I had to work hard to keep my deep need to cry at bay. Now that David was here, I was finally safe, but now he was the one in danger.

“Well, Mr. Simmons. I believe we have a date to go on…” The bitch beamed at him.

David gave us both a very confused look.

Anonymous 17/12/28(Thu)22:42 No. 25256 ID: ab7de3

These updates are incredibly fast. Love it.

The+Bard 17/12/28(Thu)23:00 No. 25257 ID: 7afa67

I really didn't like how that last chapter came out, but I ran out of my favorite writing fuel, and my wine shipment came in, so tonight, with my family out of the house to visit a grandma-in-law who's birthright is to remind me that I am going to hell for not spending all my free time and money at the one church that's got it right (hers, coincidentally), I am going to write dirty stories for your entertainment. Next chapter will be better, and will drop tomorrow.

Tonight's wine will be a glass of a 2016 Torrontes.
The music will be La Traviata, as loud as I want to listen to it. The house is MINE! (Jazz Hands like a Motherfucker!)

The+Bard 17/12/29(Fri)07:02 No. 25259 ID: 77fcb4

There's a reason for that. It takes me about 2 hours to write a chapter (1000 words an hour, each chapter is 2000 words give or take) and I use dictation software along with the keyboard for most of the work. It takes me about an hour after that to clean up and edit the chapter to make it work a little better. I also am learning pulp novel writing techniques so my output is only getting better with time.

All I have to do is set my deadline, grab a glass of wine and blast opera or classical music (anything with no words or in a language I can't understand that can fade into the background) and crank out the chapter. I have an outline for the plot and it is broken up into what will happen each chapter, and I keep to that.

For love scenes I pop in Frank Sinatra.

Now I am working my way up to the level of writing that the great pulp novelists, but they used to average 8000 words every 2 hours all while drinking and smoking heavily so I have a long way to go. Not in the drinking or smoking department, I have a no smoking policy and I am allowed only one glass of wine a day, but my output is slowly inching up as I go.

I also have the advantage of being able to work from home and it only really takes up my mornings and I get bored easily. So when I am done working, and driving my spouse up the wall, and teaching my kids important stuff like how to help me drive my spouse up the wall, then I am either working on the next chapter or reading books, or reading books on writing books.

Right now I am just focusing on pulp writing and output skills, which means focusing on plot and muscle memory. That coupled with the tons of free time I get in the afternoons, in a very scenic (read: Rural) area makes for lots of time to work on writing.

Anonymous 17/12/29(Fri)10:01 No. 25260 ID: 9286df

I think that throwing that bitch's body in a ditch somewhere would be less trouble.

The+Bard 17/12/29(Fri)19:42 No. 25261 ID: 77fcb4

Dropping chapters like a boss! Next one sometime next week. In case I don't see ya, Happy New Year!


I stared at Nancy across the table, a tea light and a bottle of wine between us. A French restaurant, from the French speaking waitress clearly an expensive one, is an awkward place to do an exclusive interview. My mind kept going back to Mika, her look of apprehension, that glare she gave Nancy, there was clearly something going on, but I needed to make this problem go away. Mika encouraged me to go and do the interview, but I can’t help but feel that me doing this interview was on the exact opposite thing she wanted.

“So, Mr. Simmons, can I call you David,” before I can answer she pushes right on, “tell me about your arrangement, David.”

I am uncomfortable with what she is wearing. A black, tight dress with no straps and shows way too much skin on either direction. “When Mika’s father was dying, he asked me to marry his daughter. It was his dying wish to see his daughter’s marriage.”

She raised an eyebrow. “So, it was an arranged marriage? How very 18th Century.”

“I don’t think of it that way,” I reply.

“How do you think of it?”

I sighed. I honestly had never thought about it before. I was just happy to be with Mika, it never really occurred to me to think about it. It just seemed like this was how my life is supposed to be. With Mika.

“I don’t think about it. It just is.”

She didn’t even bother to hide her contempt. “So you just accepted being forced into a marriage with a child?”

I frowned, “I wasn’t forced.”

Her eyes flick, almost like she is surprised by that answer, then she immediately switched gears, “Have you had any other relationship, before?”

“No. I never wanted one.” It’s true. Outside of Mika, I’ve never had a romantic relationship before. Nancy is making me think of things that never really crossed my mind before. It made me uncomfortable, like I am on trial for everything I’ve ever done in my life. It is not a feeling I appreciate, especially from this woman, who has caused my family so much strife. “I don’t really care. I am happy, and so is Mika. There is nothing I would change.”

“How can you be so sure? After all, you’ve never had another relationship to base your opinion on.” Before I can respond, our dinner arrives.

It is beef, with mushrooms and cooked carrots. I have no idea what it’s called, my knowledge of French cooking is almost nonexistent. Actually, most cooking is far out of my understanding. Mika can make almost anything, come to think of it, but she usually sticks to Italian. It is my favorite kind of food, that and maybe Chinese takeout. It’s always a surprise to people who know about my upbringing to learn about my uninspired pallet when it comes to food, but my Dad was poor growing up and my Grandma could only cook with canned tomato sauce, and I inherited his distinguished tastes. This food is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but at least it’s clearly cow based cuisine and not something more adventurous.

I take a sip of wine, and it is awful.

“Don’t like the wine,” Nancy asked me. I grimace.

“No, I don’t.”

I looked at the bottle, a Corvina. It has a strong flavor, and it’s repulsive. “I’m not used to drinking. Never really shined to it.”

“Well this compliments the beef flavor, but if you want we can get something else,” she adds.

“No, thank you. I will stick with water.” I really didn’t want to lose my wits around her. The way Nancy kept playing with her hair made me think of how cats groom themselves before going on the hunt, and I never felt like a mouse before in my life, but here I am, growing whiskers and a tail as I pick at the beef. It’s really tasty, beyond what I thought, and I made a mental note to find out what it’s called so I could tell Mika about it. She always wanted to try French cooking, and I guess I wouldn’t be totally against this, as long as she didn’t stop making that lasagna of hers.

“Are you listening?”

Nancy snapped me out of my thoughts about Mika’s lasagna, and I feel a little resentful over it. No, really. It’s that good.

“Sorry, I was thinking about Mika’s cooking.”

“You make her cook for you?” Nancy looked scandalized. Why is my wife cooking for me such a big deal, and I sure as hell don’t make her. I would cook for her if she let me, but the last time I tried to do anything in the kitchen she forced me out, claiming that it was a wife’s duty to cook. I just never bothered to argue, and wouldn’t want to. They way she said it…

“No, I don’t make her do anything. Ever. I really resent your accusation.” I could feel my blood beginning to rise.

She scoffs at me, “So she cooks and cleans for you like some little prairie house wife? How 1950’s.”

I placed my fork down, hard, onto the table. “Who are you to judge her?”

She looked at me like I just slapped her. “Sorry,” she says, “That was rude.” I got the feeling she was just trying to mollify me, to keep me from leaving, and I really did want to leave, to go back to my happy life with Mika.

“Since when has Nancy Patterson cared about being rude? I remember when you wrote your article about my father. You didn’t care about being rude then.” I was starting to get agitated. Really, what is up here? This was supposed to be an interview and here she is, making eyes at me and apologizing. Wait. Is this a date? “What’s going on here?”

She gave me a sly smile, almost like she was trying to be cute. “I’m just trying to understand what motivates you?”

“What motivates me is my wife,” I bluntly replied. I am done here.

“Is that all you can talk about? That child?” She is clearly starting to get agitated. What the hell is going on here?

“Look, Ms. Patterson-”

“Call me Nancy,” she interrupts.

“Fine. Nancy, would you mind telling me why this is such a problem with you? Mika and I are married, and it is all legal. I love her and you seem to be really upset by that. I don’t know why but I don’t think it is any of your business to snoop into our relationship.” I decided to end this. “I have done nothing to my wife that she has objected to. I love her with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt her. I don’t make her do anything, in fact she does a lot of the house work over my objections, but I don’t fight her over it because it would only upset her, and I do not ever want to upset her.”

Nancy glared at me. “How do you know?”


“How do you know you love her? You haven’t had any relationship outside this one.”

I sighed in exasperation. “I haven’t wanted any other relationship. None really presented themselves.”

“I did.”

I gawked at her. “You did? When?”

“The first night I showed up, and you turned me down.” She looked angry, I think.

“Of course I did. I’m married, and to someone I love. I would never betray Mika like that.” The way she was glaring at me, I knew she was angry. Why? What did she expect?

“I don’t like getting rejected, and since you are the only one who has, twice now, I have decided I don’t like that feeling very much.” She crosses her arms, like that was supposed to intimidate me.

“Well, that is unfortunate. Thank you for the dinner, and the wine. I am going home now.” I got up to leave when she leaned in.

“No,” she said mockingly, “I don’t think so. You are going to come up to my room and find out what a real woman can do, and not just some silly blow job in your classroom, either.”

I stopped dead. “What?”

She smirked at me, in triumph. “I have pictures,” she whispers, “So if you don’t want those to get out and ruin your little career, you will come up to my suite and do what you’re told.”

Pictures? What the fuck is wrong with this woman? She was seriously trying to blackmail me into sex, and for what? Her pride? Yes, she could ruin me, but there was no way in hell I would allow her to get me to do that to Mika. I have my limits and she just reached it, and blew right past them, took a left at Hell-Fucking-No Street, and ran to the border of hell with a snowball in hand.

“Let me make this absolutely clear, Ms. Patterson-”

“Call me Nancy,” she interrupts.

“Ms. Patterson,” I say forcefully, no longer playing her stupid little games. I was beyond caring. “I will, in no way, ever cheat on Mika. There is no threat you can make, and no amount of money that you can offer, that would ever, in a million years, make me do such a thing. I don’t care if you ruin my career. I love being a teacher, but if I had to give that up to make sure Mika is never, ever, hurt, then I will be all to happy to sacrifice my ambitions for her. That is what love is, Ms. Patterson, and I love my wife. So do your worst, because as far as I am concerned, we are done here.”

I threw my napkin on the table and got up to leave. I was fuming with rage at the audacity of this woman. “I will make you regret this, Mr. Simmons,” she said, icily.

“Quite frankly, Ms. Patterson, I don’t give a fuck,” I shot back, my stare catching her off guard. Good. “If you ever come onto my property again, I will call the police and have you arrested. Stay the fuck away from me, and my wife.”

I got up and left. I retrieved my coat from the coat check and walked out of the restaurant. The looming Hotel that the restaurant was located in looked ominous in the light of the full moon. My blood pumped in my ears. I had never been so angry in my life and I couldn’t even feel the cool summer night breeze. I knew I just started a war, but I was determined to protect my wife from that vile woman, even if it did cost me my career. I decided to walk home, it would clear my thoughts, and I didn’t want to come home angry. It would take me an hour, but I needed the time to calm down and when I would get home, I would love my wife in every way she would have me. To fucking Hell with Nancy Patterson. I would draft a letter of resignation in the morning and if the Headmaster asks for it, I will be only too happy to hand it over. My priority was to my wife, first and foremost. I made a vow, and I intended to keep it.


I looked at the clock, it was past midnight now, and David wasn’t home yet. What could be taking him so long? Did that evil woman actually seduce my husband? I shook my head. No. David loves me and would never betray me like that.

The door opened, and there was my husband, looking angry and sweaty. What the heck happened?


I walked over to him, and he pulled out a rose, my favorite flower. “Sorry, I would have been home sooner, but it was really hard to find a flower store open at this time of night.”

I took the rose and threw it on the floor. My hands were on him in a flash, and my lips slammed into his. I drew in his scent and it was all David, all my husband. That witch didn’t sink her claws into what was mine, and I couldn’t help myself.

“Take me to our room, David. I want you, now, please,” I begged. Oh fuck, I wanted him so much. He scooped me up, (Princess carry!) and I swooned. I loved my husband and tonight, right now, I decided to make sure he knew every inch of my love.

“Mika, I want to make love to you, all night if I have to,” he whispered into my ear, and my heart started pounding like a jackhammer.

“No,” I said, and he looked confused, “I want you to fuck me, hard.”

He smiled at me, “I think I can do that. Your wish is my command, my love,” he kissed me and threw me down on the bed, “My wife.”

Oh. Fuck. Yes.

The+Bard 17/12/29(Fri)19:54 No. 25262 ID: 77fcb4

Granny or Nancy? I kinda based Nancy on Granny because both are really entitled jerks, just in different ways. Plus Granny is 97, so I don't have to deal with her "I'm being a bitch because I outlived my husband by almost 20 years and causing trouble is all I really like doing right now" for very much longer.

As for Nancy, just you wait and see.

Anonymous 17/12/30(Sat)07:13 No. 25263 ID: 1d4d04

I closed my eyes and two updates showed up. How wonderful.

Anonymous 17/12/30(Sat)19:40 No. 25266 ID: 3883df

Pretty good. Cant wait for more. Btw that reporter is a bitch. Cant wait for her to die.

The+Bard 18/01/01(Mon)01:24 No. 25269 ID: e8ad22

Happy New Year! I come bearing gifts. A new chapter of the erotic kind, finished early because what can I say, you're worth it:


David threw me down on the bed, and grabbed my arms, pushing them into the bed on either side of my head. His kiss came in hard and sudden, his tongue forced its way into my mouth. It was scary, and exciting, and hot! All of my fear and insecurities were burned to a cinder in David’s kiss. I was his, all of me, and I wanted him to use me in every way.

He pulled back, “Tell me what you want,” he stared at me with blazing, dark eyes.

“I want you, all of you, in me.” I needed him. Now.

He smiled at me, and there was a glint in his eye that made me nervous. What was he planning to do?

“I have an idea, if you want to try it.” I nodded. I wanted to try anything, so long as I got filled by my husband.

He stood up and slowly, very slowly, started to unbutton his shirt. It was agonizingly slow, and it caused my crotch to throb. Oh, this was agonizing, and it was turning me on more. He was grinning at me. Oh! He is doing this on purpose! The anticipation and knowing that he was in total control over my pleasure set my nerves on fire. I wanted to be quenched and he was denying it, and it only made my desire burn more.

I couldn’t take it anymore and when he finished with the last button, I leaped up, but before I could grab him he backed off. “No, you don’t get to dictate this, darling. You just sit there and watch. No touching.”

My whole body rebelled against me as I forced it to sit down on the side of the bed. The strip tease continued, emphasis on “tease!” Oh, it was hot. He slowly peeled the button down shirt off his back, showing his toned body one delicious muscle at a time, one peck, and then the other, then his biceps, down and off. I was very hot, very bothered, and very, very wet. My thighs squirmed in protest, but I sat there, obediently.


I was loving this. I could see Mika’s desire and resolve fighting each other, and driving her crazy. It was erotic and impressive at the same time. Her ability to control herself when her need was nearly to the breaking point. This girl, my wife, was an inspiration, and I couldn’t believe that seeing her there, wanting to leap on me but holding herself at bay for my enjoyment, made he love her more than I ever thought possible.

I slipped off my pants and stood before her in nothing but my boxer-briefs, the ones that Mika bought me the last time she went out with her friend, Rachel. My erection was making valiant effort at a break for freedom, and I had to work hard to not give into his need. I wanted this to be special. I wanted to see how much Mika could take. I wanted to see how hard I could make her orgasm. I wanted to see the dam burst.

“You look a little overdressed, Mrs. Simmons,” I murmured. Mika smiled a beaming grin, stood up and tore off her pants. Her panties, a white little number with pink edges, peaked out from under her green baby doll T-shirt. I noticed it was an older pair, probably on it’s last legs since her hips grew out, and I could see that she was very wet with desire. The white, stretched cotton cloth was nearly translucent with her juices, and I could see her soft red curls clearly under the dampness. My cock was already close to bursting.

I walked up and lifted her shirt off, peeling it off of her skin, exposing her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were erect with her need. I pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss and then whispered into her ear, “so you want it rough?”

“Yes,” she whispered. It was almost a moan.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her onto the bed. Her giggles were like a musical instrument, a chime that sang directly to my cock, and encouraged me to be bolder. I got a wicked idea, since her panties were on the way out anyway…

I climbed onto the bed and grabbed the left side of her panties, and pulled them apart with my hand, and they disintegrated easily. Mika gasped in surprise and arousal. It make me feel like a stud that I could shock her, and when she bit her lip I was undone. I tore the other side of her panties and threw the now tattered scraps of her panties on the ground. My boxer-briefs were off in an instant. Her eyes grew wider at seeing my erection, and they dilated as her labia turned a dark pink. She was ready.

“Ready?” She nodded in reply, unable to say anything more than a whimper, begging me to end her miserable delay in gratification.

I grabbed her hips and flipped her over, drawing a squeal of delight from her, and placed her on her knees. Her sex glistened in full view, slightly open and quivering for me to enter her. I positioned my cock at her entrance, slowly rubbing her to wet my tip.

“Please,” she moaned. I was only too happy to oblige her. I grabbed her hair at the base of her scalp and forced her down onto the bed while I plunged myself deep into her quivering wetness. Her insides tightened hard and her whole body shuddered as her hands clenched the covers.

“Did you just come from me just entering you?” As the tremors subsided, she nodded her head under my grip. I could feel my grin go from ear to ear. I made her orgasm by just entering her. This one is going into long term memory for sure. I decided my dying thought was going to be this moment, but I sure as hell wasn’t done.

“I’m going to start moving now, alright,” I asked.

She turned her head and mouthed “Please” to me, and I pulled out, only to slam my cock into her depths. Her gasp and moan drew me as deeply into her as I could. In this position I could plunge all the way to my base with ease. I pulled out and plunged into her hard again, and she responded with the same gasp-moan, and I slammed my cock into her again, and again. I built up my pace as I built her pleasure higher and higher.

I slipped the thumb of my free hand under her thighs and found her swollen button. My thumb massaged it, circling her clitoris lightly and she started to pant hard, slowly working into moan of pleasure. I plunged my cock into her and kept up the rubbing, and she tightened, pulling me into her. Her inner walls clenched me with protest every time I pulled out, and welcomed me enthusiastically as I pushed back into her. My pace was relentless and she let out a scream as she reached her second orgasm. Her legs clamped and she fell to the bed, tremors of pleasure rippled waves across her body.

I was so engrossed in watching her and I didn’t care that I didn’t finish in her. I fucked her good and my chest swelled with pride.

“Was that good for you?”

She turned over an beamed at me, not opening her eyes, “Mmm… Yes.”

I laughed. Seeing her so satisfied pleased me more than even her lasagna. Her eyes opened and her hand grabbed my still swollen cock.

“You’re not done yet,” she stated.

I chuckled, “I am just pleased that you had such a good time.” It was the truth, I didn’t care that she was the only one to climax.

She frowned and dragged herself up me so that she was in my arms, and kissed me deeply. “My turn,” she whispered and then she bit my ear. Her hands wrapped around my shoulders and she tried to drag me onto the bed. Her pulls were easy to counter in her post orgasmic exhaustion, but I decided to give in and flopped onto my back, my still hard erection standing at full attention.

Her small hand grabbed my cock, and still shaking, she pulled herself onto me, straddling my hips. She guided me into her still wet slit, lowering herself, taking me all the way into her depths. As she started to move, drawing me in and out of her, she started to moan. God, it was sexy as hell.

My hands shot out and clasped her around her thrusting hips to help her, but she slapped my hands away. “No,” she admonished me, “this time, I’m going to fuck you till you come.”

It didn’t take much for me to accept this. I pulled my hands back and let her ride me.

Her crotch dripped wetness all the way down my shaft as she slammed her hips down onto me. I smiled with wonder. I didn’t know a girl could get so wet, and wondered where it was all coming from. For some reason, seeing her still so aroused, even after two climaxes, was a real turn on, made more so with the thought that this was all because of me. She wanted me, just like I wanted her. I could feel a tightness in my balls as her moans became louder with each plunge of her hips. Her cheeks were flushed bright pink and her lips blazed a deep scarlet. Her eyes were clamped tightly in concentration, or pleasure.

Her pace picked up as her moans became screams, chirping out of her with each slap of our thighs. Her pleasure pulled me along with her, dragging me closer to my impending orgasm. She impaled herself hard so I could feel her deepest part of her, a wall that slammed onto the head of my cock.

She continued to grind on my erection, her cries of ecstasy growing louder and more out of control. The tightness in my groin was nearly at its limit.

“David!” She cried out, as she plunged me into her, tightening around me like a vice as her third, and most powerful orgasm crashed over her like a wave. It was too much and caused me to shudder. The tightness snapped and I released myself into her, pumping everything I had deep into her belly. My arms closed around her shoulders and I dragged her on top of me, the waves of my climax causing me to thrust my cock into her with every pulse.

When the last spurt of warmth finished I looked into her face. She was pressed up against my chest, small beads of tears dotted the edges of her closed eyes. My heart sank. Did I hurt her?

“Mika, are you… Did I hurt you?” I couldn’t bear the thought of her in pain. I am a bit on the large side and she was so slender.

She shook her head, “No, I’m fine. I just love you so much, it’s overwhelming sometimes.”

I sighed with relief. “I love you, Mika.”

She lifted her lips to mine, and lazily kissed me. Her bright, beaming smile greeted me when she pulled back, and her eyes opened, revealing the extent of her love for me. They glistened with love and devotion. I was the luckiest man alive. I sure as hell didn’t deserve the beautiful, young woman who gazed at me, giving me all she was. Her heart and soul were mine, given freely and totally. It just hit me then that she would never show these eyes to anyone else. Just me. My eyes returned her loving stare, giving her my heart and soul in equal measure. My God, I loved this woman, and I would never give her up.

Her smile fell, and with it my heart clenched.

“David,” she asked me with a worried expression on her face, “can you promise me something?”

“Anything,” I replied. I would do anything so that I would never have to see this look again.

“Promise me, you will never leave me. Not for anyone. Be mine, forever.”

I smiled with joy. “Mika, you had that promise from me from the moment I said ‘I do.’”

As sleep took us, my last vision was of my little red headed wife, beaming with love and contentment as she lay on my chest, my cock still inside her. I wished that this moment would never end, but it did when my alarm clock woke us up. Thursday. Only one more day before summer vacation.

The+Bard 18/01/03(Wed)02:26 No. 25272 ID: 7901bc

Would you all like another Chapter? Thought so:


I woke up with a start. The sound of birds chirping, their song must be an avian conspiracy to ruin the fantastic dream I had, involving David and a spontaneous magical ability to summon chocolate ice cream sundaes, wake me. I was wrapped around David like a me shaped blanket, and I could smell his heavenly scent.

I roll off of him, and I feel very strange when his dick slides out of me. Holy crap! I fell asleep with him inside me! The thought was a bit of a turn on, and I take a moment to lament the lack of David morning wood. I would have liked to fuck him awake. The feeling of him pulling out of me must have woke him up, because when I get out of bed I notice his dark eyes, talking me in, and penetrating my naked form.

“Hey, beautiful.” I blushed, I loved when he called me beautiful.

“Hey yourself.”

“Did you know you fell asleep inside me,” I ask.

He smiled at me, and I think he looks proud, “Yes, but I’m more happy that I made you orgasm so many times.”

My face turned scarlet. Holy cow, he did! I never knew I could feel that good and yet, here we are. “I’m going to take a shower before school.”

I rushed into the bathroom, closing the door and barricading myself in the marble floored room. I looked at the girl in the mirror, her red hair shooting out in random directions in that just-fucked look. Her face is scarlet and I smile at her and hug her, and I took a moment to revel in our shared lustful giddiness.

I released myself from my self-congratulatory hug, and I skipped over to the large, two headed shower. It was the same marble as the rest of the bathroom, with clear glass walls, and the thought of David being able to see me shower, if he was so inclined to peep, would be super embarrassing.

The little voice in my head of the girl who tells me when I am being stupid pipes up with a “He’s already seen you naked, and he fucked us good last night to boot.” She’s right, but I’m a girl, so I tell her to shut up. I’m allowed to be inconsistent, especially when my legs were so wobbly from that good fucking last night.

I turned on the shower. The hot water steamed up the glass walls of the shower in the time it took for me to pee, and I slipped into the hot water, feeling the post sex film of dried sweat and all the worry from last night circling the drain.

“Well, aren’t we eloquent today, Mrs. Simmons,” my inner voice mocks me. I mentally stuck my tongue out at her. After three orgasms and passing out with David’s dick in me all night, not to mention waking up snuggled onto his chest, not even her mockery could ruin the good mood I’m in. I silently wished that we could play hooky all day and see how many times he could make me come, but we only have two more days before summer vacation, and I intent to spend every day of the summer trying to find if I have a limit at all.

“More like Hooker,” the voice pipes in. I rolled my eyes as my hair turned white with shampoo bubbles.

When I stepped out of the shower, I felt refreshed. The hot, steamy air coated the whole bathroom with a wet film, and the wall to wall mirror over the two sinked marble counter top was white with steam. I used the same towel to clean away the steamy condensation that I used to dry my pale skin. I wondered if David would like me to shave, down there, and I decided the next time I took a shower I would take the razor to my mound. It would be my little surprise.

After quickly putting on my school uniform, hiking up my skirt so that they barely cover my underwear with the hopes of teasing David while I make breakfast, I bounced out of the bedroom and into the living room, only to come to a dead stop seeing David on the sofa talking to a handsome, salt and pepper haired man with dark eyes. I quickly shift my skirt to a modest level before I can be noticed and then fly at the man.

“Uncle Davy!” My arms clasped around the neck of David’s father, “What are you doing here?”

I was so excited. Uncle Davey, my father-in-law, is a kind and bright man. My father used to say that there was literally nothing on the planet that could have popped Uncle Davy’s mood. The man was an eternal optimist. In fact, there is only one time I have ever seen Uncle Davy cry, and that was at my Dad’s funeral. Oh, and the time David’s mom divorced him, but they got back together when it turned out that the rumors of his infidelity was a failed blackmail attempt from a serial false accuser looking for hush money. Oh, and guess who wrote the article that caused the trouble. Yeah, the bitch.

Uncle Davy laughed, “It’s good to see you, kid! How’s David treating you?” His grin was infectious.

“Terrible,” I say, giggling at my teasing, “I don’t even get extra marks for being married to the teacher!” I force a fake pout.

“David,” Uncle Davy mimics a glare, but he can’t hide the humor in his eyes, “don’t you know the rules. Happy wife, happy life.”

“Dad, I have no reason to help her, she never gets anything wrong!” David laughs. Oh, my, God! I could listen to that sound all day! David’s laughter is infectious and his Dad joins in, and I instantly know where he gets it. Soon the whole living room fills with the absolute joy we all feel. This is how a family is supposed to feel like, and I love it. Uncle Davy would make the perfect Grandfather, and I dream for a moment about having David’s kids. I grin at my husband, lovingly.

“What,” David asks.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking.” I am way too young to have kids right now, even if the thought is appealing to me in every way. There are things I absolutely do not want, and a mandatory reality TV show is definitely one of them. No babies for now.

“So, tomorrow is the last day of school. Have any plans?”

I hopped over to David’s side, my favorite place to be, outside of our bed, and under his desk wasn’t too bad either, voyeuristic bitches not withstanding, and cuddled into his arm. I made a conscious effort to make sure my breast was pressing up against his elbow, I wanted to tease him, and since the skirt plan fell through this would have to do. I felt him shift, and I knew I was getting to him. Good.

“We haven’t really thought about it, Dad,” David answered. I had a few ideas, but I new better than to say it out loud. David’s dad approved of us being together, but that’s just not something you reveal to your father-in-law. You know?

“Well why don’t you spend the summer at the Attaco House? It is yours now, and I hear that Joseph is bored to tears, having nothing to do,” Uncle Davy offered. Joseph was my Dad’s butler, but I remember him more for his teaching me how to cook. He used to be a Chef when he was younger and he taught me everything I know.

“He’s still there?” I thought for sure he would have moved on by now. My Dad’s home is… Massive. I suddenly felt a little bit guilty, leaving who was the closest thing to a friend I had, at least until I met Rachel.

Uncle Davy smiled, “Of course he is, the company pays his way and I was kind of hoping you two would spend more time there. It is technically Mika’s home.”

I wilted into David’s arm. “When dad died, I had a really hard time going back there. I don’t know if I could. Too many memories.” A well of tears that I forgot existed since moving in with David threatened to resurface, the guilt of not thinking about my dad in a while dimmed the glow of last night. I frowned. “I don’t think I could, not with Dad not there anymore.”

David’s arm reached around my shoulders and he pulled me into his side, giving me more comfort than he knew. “I understand,” Uncle Davy murmured, “but you have it available.” My eyes met his, and I knew he could see the sadness in my eyes. “When you’re ready,” he added. Uncle Davy radiated kindness, just like David. This is why I haven’t felt lonely. I was still surrounded by family, and still felt loved.

“Mika, are you all right?” David wiped my now free flowing tears from my cheek, but they weren’t sad tears anymore. They were tears of joy. I should have been an orphan, a wealthy orphan, but the Simmons’s have always been family, and I was so grateful to be one of them, even if I couldn’t use their name until I was out of school.

“I’m fine, David. I’m just so… So happy to be a part of this family,” I exclaimed, sobs breaking out of me. Sometimes being a girl sucks, and the whole having conflicting emotions at the same time was probably the one thing outside cramps during that time that I disliked the most. A smile broke through the happy/sad blockade when I thought of the multiple orgasms that I had last night. OK, so there are some perks, I guess.

“In any case, I was in town and dropped by to look in on you kids, but I have to get going. Think about spending some time at the House,” Uncle Davy smiled, “and don’t let me keep you from school. Only two more days, right?”

David confirmed, but I was deep in my thoughts, fully blown away at how easy being married to David has allowed me to cope with what should have been a horrific shattering of my life, made all the easier reveling in his embrace.

When Uncle Davy left, I did start to think about going back home, even if just to see the old place, and Joseph, one more time, just to make sure I could walk back into that place. I’m sure as long as David was with me, I would be able to walk into Hell itself without feeling the slightest discomfort. I bet I could even tolerate being in the same room as Nancy Patterson- No, no. There are some things not even David’s presence could not override, and if I see or hear from that bitch it will be too soon, even after a hundred years.

I took the moment David was seeing his father out to hike up my skirt again. Just because I was interrupted doesn’t mean the day’s plans were off. I’m a teenager, and I’m horny, so if I’m going to be a horny teenager I’m going to act like a horny teenager, dammit! “Embrace who you are,” I always say. OK, that is a lie. I have never said that before, but I decided to start saying that more often.

When I finished breakfast, I looked up to see David, looking at me, a worried frown on his face.

“What’s happened, Honey,” I asked, knowing I was not going to like the answer. I have never seen David look at me like that, so whatever it was must be bad.

“We won’t be walking to school today,” he said in a worrying monotone.


I walked towards the front door, but David grabbed me by the arm, and I could feel the tension surge into me from his touch. “Don’t,” he commanded me. This wasn’t like him. He never commanded me to do anything before. Well he has, but not like this. I pulled out of his grasp. My heart was trying to escape my chest. I walked to the door, worrying it was something to do with Nancy Patterson, the Demon Bitch.

I opened the door to the sound of camera shutters going wild with abandon. There was a whole gaggle of people on our lawn, and I knew in my heart of hearts one thing with absolute clarity; I hated being right.

Anonymous 18/01/03(Wed)11:04 No. 25275 ID: ab7de3

I might have to check this story more often, your updates are lighting fast.

The+Bard 18/01/04(Thu)03:31 No. 25276 ID: c14470

I try. Sadly I may be forced to take a few days off since I caught the kind of flu that is trying to drown me in the same stuff that they used on Nickelodeon back in the day. Apparently between sick and the medication I need to basic function my way just getting down the stairs in the morning makes for a really difficult time out of writing. Creative juices can not flow when nose juices are getting in the way. When you get caught up, wait a week and then I should be good to get my rapid fire writing back on track.

Le *sniff* Bard *ah-choo!*

Anonymous 18/01/05(Fri)18:36 No. 25280 ID: 3883df

you have done alot of work already. Rest well. Get better and take it easy.

The+Bard 18/01/06(Sat)07:10 No. 25281 ID: 87f34a

Must... Write... More... Chapter... (collapse into a snotty heap).

To be honest I am over the worst of this. I will get back to the writing grind soon. I am happy with where the story is going and I really like writing. I know my style is still being formed as I go along so I can sometimes be inconsistent, but it is almost fun going back to the beginning of the story and seeing how much I have improved since then. As long as you all enjoy the story and indulge my wobbly baby deer steps from time to time I will keep writing, and I will endeavor to do so at the same rate as before. This is my tutorial for writing, and I am loving every minute of it. Maybe someday I will be able to publish something. Who knows. All I know is I am having a lot of fun learning.

Next chapter on Monday at the latest. Sooner if my voice recovers enough to use Dragon, but I doubt it.

The+Bard 18/01/07(Sun)18:55 No. 25284 ID: 4fa26e

I walk over to the large cannon, light the fuse, and cover my ears. "Next Chapter, Fire!":


I yanked Mika back from the door, slamming it shut with my foot, and pulled her into a protective embrace. There was no question what was going on here, that bitch, Nancy, must have decided to let the cat out of the bag. I knew it in my bones, and I was sure as all hell that we would not be able to take our traditional walk to school.


The voice that could only belong to Mika’s friend, Rachel, rolled up and down the street like thunder. I poked my head into the window to see a sight that I, quite frankly, didn’t could endear Mika’s friend to me more, but there she was taking on the paparazzi, for us. She was shouting at a large balding man wearing a tan vest with far too many pockets and a camera with a lens far, far too long for the size of the whole package. She is poking him on his chest and while I can’t hear what she is saying, I know I would give anything to hear the scolding for myself, because whatever she is saying it seems to have put him on his back heel. Picture a girl no bigger than five-foot-four, weighing ninety-five pounds soaking wet, wearing a school uniform that pretty much is literally the schoolgirl-erotic-starter-set type with short pleated plaid skirt and a matching tie on her button down shirt, making a forty year old man taller than six feet and weighing more than five of her cower. The sight fills me with amusement and appreciation of Mika’s sense in friends.

Loyalty is a big thing in my book, and Rachel has just shown my wife far more loyalty than expected. I made a mental note to come up with a proper way to thank her for this. Her distraction was more than enough to give me an idea as to how Mika and I are going to get past them and to school.

“Mika, we can’t walk. We are going to have to take the car,” I tell her with a smile, more to keep her from worrying about what is going on outside.

“What are we going to do about Rachel?”

I think for a moment, “I think she will be fine, considering that she is scaring the daylights out of a group of grown men all on her own.” I guess my first martial arts teacher was right, size really doesn’t matter when you have the inner fight of pro-wrestler with nothing left to lose.

We entered the three car garage and I opened the passenger side door of my red classic muscle car that my dad and I fixed together, and that he gave me when I passed my driving test. I turned the car on, and the engine roared with the attitude of a really pissed off lion with a bad case of “fuck you” in it. I love this car, and this will be the first time we go to school in style.

I pulled out my sunglasses from the console, flicked them out and slide them on like an action movie star, and using the controls on the steering wheel, I selected the perfect song about a highway to a very hot place, and I turned to Mika, giving her a mischievous grin. She giggled at my dorky antics, and it was the sound of an angel, a sound I will never, ever get tired of. Not taking my eyes, shrouded behind polarized sunglasses, off of her, I use the controls to opened the garage door, and made the engine roar to make sure there was no one on the driveway.

With a squeal of tires, I shot out of the garage, down the driveway and into the street. I looked over to Rachel, and her grin told me that she got what I was doing. I nodded to her, letting her know I appreciate what she did for us, and with a pointed look at the balding paparazzi prick, I give him the center finger solute, and peel down the road before a single camera lens could be pointed at us.

Mika’s giggles of excitement flowed freely, and I take a moment to pat myself on the back, mentally. That was far more fun than I thought it would be, and I decided if those camera jerks want pictures of my wife, they can try to take it through the motion blur. I was not going to make it easy for them, and as I drove the few minutes to the school, my mind raced on how to solve the paparazzi problem we just found ourselves knee deep in.

“What are we going to do,” Mika asked, worry pushing her eyebrows together in a way that I seriously didn’t like. I hated Mika being anything other than happy, and right now she clearly was not happy. She was worried.

“I am thinking about that. Right now let’s just get through today, since we won’t need to worry about school after tomorrow.”

I knew there will probably be fallout from this, but right now we needed to get into the school. The headmaster would want to talk about this, I knew. I also knew that this day was inevitable the second Nancy came to my door, and I was prepared for it.

When I pulled down the long lane toward the school parking lot, I can see them, gathered around the front entrance, arguing with the Headmaster and the two gym teachers. I have never seen the Headmaster so furious. He was pointing at the exit lane and shouting so hard that his face was turning purple. I am definitely going to have to face this.

The sound of my muscle car catches the attention of the reporters and photographers, and I take a moment to think the only disgruntled thought I have ever thought about this fine machine. The Headmaster looked over at us, and I could see his relief. Maybe he wasn’t going to be that mad at us.

I pulled around to the back of the main building, and park next to where the gym teachers and coaches park. We had at least a minute to get into the building before the swarm descended on us. I turned off the car and grabbed Mika’s backpack.

“Mika, I need you to run to the door, now. I will be right behind you.”

She nodded and bolted out the door, and I quickly followed her, making sure to lock the doors and activated the alarm. With the car safe I turned to Mika, only to see her struggling to open the door. Oh, shit. It was locked.

“It’s locked!” Mika looked at me, not panicked. I could hear the reporters just around the corner of the building. Maybe they were only seconds away from seeing us, and possibly fifteen seconds before they surrounded us. I knew from how they were when my dad was accused of infidelity, reporters don’t give a shit about people, and I still held that grudge. They didn’t even care when they relentlessly harassed a fifteen year old boy, just trying to get to school at the time. There was no way Mika would be spared just because she was a fourteen year old girl. They wouldn’t care if she was twelve, because they didn’t when her father died. It was the main reason we went under the radar, and now I knew that decision was the right one. Too bad we caught the attention of Nancy Patterson, and too bad she has proved to be just as vile as I thought she would be.

I thought for a second, and decided if nothing else we could try the gym door, and if that didn’t work we would try for the front door. That was the plan at least. Maybe they abandoned the front when they saw us.

I grabbed Mika’s hand. “This way. The gym door.”

She didn’t hesitate. Her trust in me was humbling, and I decided never to betray that trust. I would get us out of this, one way or the other.

We ran around the side of the building just in time. I tried the first door, and it was locked. I pulled Mika down to the second set of gym doors when I heard them. “The door is locked, they must have gone around this way,” I heard a woman’s voice. Thankfully it wasn’t the bitch’s voice.

I pounded on the second set the doors in desperation. There would be no way we could make it around the other side without being spotted, and while I new I could make it with my long legs, Mika wouldn’t be able to outrun a gaggle of adults, not matter how good at field hockey she was. She was still only fourteen.

The door opened, and the dark, near black eyes of the school nurse, a by all accounts handsome man of Indian decent named Samar, and coincidentally the older stepbrother of Mika’s friend, Rachel. Her mother remarried Samar’s father, and apparently it was love at first sight. I don’t know all the details, and I haven’t heard anything from Rachel or Mika, and Samar liked to keep to himself but he has always been nice enough to me. In fact, I think I am the closest thing to a friend he has, since he is mostly standoffish with the rest of the staff. I just never bothered to bug him about it, but he did like to talk about Soccer, and he always sat with me in the teacher’s lounge during lunch.

“Oh, shit,” Samar exclaimed, “David! We didn’t think you would come in today.” He noticed Mika, and paled. “Sorry, my language,” he stammers.

“It’s fine,” I blurt as I dragged Mika inside the gymnasium, and quickly shut the door. I held up a finger over my lips, telling them to keep quiet.

Someone tries the door, and then the other one, finding them both locked. “Try around the other side,” a male voice called out from outside the door. They tried the next door, and then the next, and then finally the last set, and then there was silence.

Samar looked at us, with compassion I think, and then motions us to follow him. “We have been beating back the press all day now. You two need to hide for a bit. In the Nurse’s Office. You can keep the door locked, and then we can figure this out.”

I smiled. If there was any doubt that this guy was my friend, this settled it. He just wasn’t the type to be open about things.

“Thank you, Samar.” I followed him to the Nurse’s station. The white walls and pale green tile made the room look cold, and sterile. There were three beds covered in the fake plastic leather that squeaked when you sat on it, all in the same pale green as the tiles. There were four orange plastic chairs on the opposite wall, all with shiny metal legs and just low enough to the ground to be considered too low for a grown adult, and even slightly too low for a middle school student. My guess was that they didn’t want students to sit in here too long, or that the Board of Directors for the school just hated children, sick children especially so.

I led Mika to sit down on one of the orange plastic chairs. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes and a worried expression on her pale face. I hated seeing her like this, and I brushed my knuckles down her jaw line, and she leaned into my touch, closing her eyes to focus on the feel of my hand. When she opened her eyes again they were full of love, and my Mika was back. I loved this girl, more than anything in my whole life, and I would do anything to protect her, even if it cost me my job; even if it cost me my life.

Anonymous 18/01/09(Tue)16:04 No. 25287 ID: 3883df

welcome back~!

Anonymous 18/01/10(Wed)02:06 No. 25289 ID: 858b8c

I struggle with output more than anything else, care to share some of those techniques?

The+Bard 18/01/10(Wed)23:48 No. 25290 ID: 8ab234

Best thing to do with output is to first outline by scene. A scene is any interaction where a character tries to reach their goal and is stopped by an opposing force (usually another character). When you write scene by scene you will find it interesting because something is happening. Most of the time when you just don't feel like writing, it is because your protagonist is feeling way too damn comfortable.

Next, always write on a regular basis, 25 minutes every other day if you can manage it, or once a week, or every day. Whatever goal you set for yourself. You can never write less, but you can always write more. The only way through writers block is to brute force through it until you get to something you can't keep off the page no matter how hard you try.

And take a page out of the pulp writer's book, write plot, not literature. Let those broody motherfuckers who get literary awards from hipsters who take 10 years to write a 80,000 word novel worry about being "good". If you want output, you are looking for fun, so make your story fun to write.

And last, but not least: Outline, outline, outline. You need to know where your are going before you plot your way to get there. Even if you just use 3x5 note cards (like I do when I am brainstorming) figure out the plot before you write, and never be afraid to change things if you come up with a better idea, or lose something that just doesn't work.

Final Promise has so far been changed 17 times as I have been writing it. I just come up with better ideas and push forward with it. I mean I came up with Rachel's brother right before the blowjob scene. Nancy was supposed to be a side character and not the Antagonist until I started having too much fun writing her.

Just find the way you like to write (I use Dragon, until I do sex scenes, which I am much more comfortable using a keyboard for). I keep to the schedule (except for now, where I have some home issues to take care of by way of my spouse having injured themselves slipping on some ice running after the dog that declared war on all squirrels, which is why I haven't been able to get the next chapter started). I write plot. I force myself past writer's block by sheer force of will (and if I have to rewrite, I rewrite). I make an outline, and modify it at will. I write a story that is fun to write, so I never get bored.

Oh, and always write in the same place and don't do anything else in that spot. I have an arm chair that I always write in, on the same lap top that I use only for writing. I don't write in my office, or in my room, or anywhere else. Always the same place so I am not tempted to do anything else.

Anonymous 18/01/11(Thu)04:47 No. 25291 ID: 9413c5


Not the same anon you responded to but thank you for the wonderful story and wonderful writing advice.

The+Bard 18/01/14(Sun)02:15 No. 25293 ID: 8ab234

Next chapter will drop tomorrow. Been crazy at home but I am still going strong.

The+Bard 18/01/15(Mon)02:28 No. 25296 ID: 8ab234

Disclaimer; I am not political in any way (actually I am an apolitical extremist, I once ran out of a room screaming because there was a debate on what drinks we should order for the table, true story), but I could literally think of no other group that would go thermonuclear autistic over this, and Nancy is absolutely the type to pinpoint the exact group she would need to carry out her plans. If you don't like it please tell your friends to stop being so easily manipulated by "journalists" like Nancy. I mean for crying out loud, it isn't like we didn't see this coming, and it sure as hell isn't like we haven't seen shit like this recently, and I just couldn't come up with any other group that has the ability to fly into a frenzy at a moments notice, and that has the political clout to... Well, you'll see.

To the rest of you who understand why I chose that particular group and understand that my world is a bit alternate in the reality of how things are done (after reading the first chapter I think it was pretty clear) please sit back, relax, and enjoy Chapter... (looks it up)... 11? We are at 11 already? Damn:


I felt safe in his arms. My husband was all that I needed, and even sitting on those uncomfortable chairs in that awful room, I still wished that he would never let me go. I felt his breath on the top of my head, and the kiss that followed it, and my whole body turned to mush. I secretly wished that we never left the house. We could have spent the whole day in bed, loving each other, the rest of the world be damned.

“Mika, are you all right?”

I nodded, and squeezed my arms around him. Oh, I loved this man, so very much.

“I’m going to go find out what happened. I am sure that woman has something to do with this, but I need to-”

I stopped him with a sudden kiss, a desperate kiss. “I don’t want you to leave me, not now,” I begged him when I pulled my lips away from his, and he sighed.

“I need you to stay here where it’s safe. Mr. Bandi will look after you. I just need to talk with the Headmaster, and then we can figure out what’s going on.” He gave me a reassuring look, but I could see the fear and concern in his dark, beautiful eyes. I didn’t want him to go without me. A wife’s duty is to stand by her husband, and when he is in trouble even more so.

“No, David. We go together or we stay together,” I murmured, giving him a stern look. David sighed, but his nod let me know that he was giving in. “Besides,” I smirked at him, “it isn’t like Mr. Bandi would be able to stop me. His sister is my best friend, and I know she would give him hell if he did.”

Samar looked up from his desk and raised an eyebrow, then chuckled in the same way Rachel does when she found herself in a no-win scenario. “She has a point, Mr. Simmons. I think you’re on your own,” he said like he was amused by what I said. I knew he was, because we both knew that I was right; Rachel can be a force to be reckoned with.

“Fine,” David grumbled and then, turning to Samar, said, “Thank you for helping us.”

“No problem. Anything you need, just ask. I will do my best to help.”

Rachel’s brother was awesome sometimes.

We both got up and David, holding me with one arm around my shoulders, led me out of the Nurse’s Office and down the hallway, only for Rachel to run full force into us, almost knocking me to the ground if it wasn’t for David’s protective hold on me.

“Rachel!” I looked down and she was on the floor, skirt up and panties showing, and my hand shot up to David’s eyes. I only wanted him to look at my panties, dammit!

Rachel shook herself off and stood, and then I was tackled by the Rachel Cannon Hug Attack, or at least that is what I call it. “Oh my God, Mika! I was so worried!”

“I’m fine, Rachel!” I was so flustered after everything, I just couldn’t stop myself from yelling.

“Shh!” Rachel pressed her finger to her lips and gave me a withering glare. “You guys, seriously,” she hissed. She rounded on David. “How dare you drive off like that, I was so worried you would get into a wreak or something! Peeling out of there like that. Oh, I have half a mind to pummel you right now!”

David held up his hands defensively. “All right, all right. I’m sorry. I will never drive like that with Mika in the car again.”

“You better not, Mister. I’ve got my eye on you!”

Giggles escaped me before I could stop them, and my best friend and husband both looked at me with concern. I think they must have thought I was going insane, and I’m not so sure they were wrong. “Sorry,” I gasped in between the giggling laughter. When I calmed down I said, “It’s just so weird to see a student scolding a teacher.”

They smiled at me, and I really could feel the love they both had for me. They both wanted to keep me safe and it made me so… Happy.

“Oh! I almost forgot,” Rachel exclaimed. She pulled out a folded up set of papers that looked like they were printed off and were stapled together in haste. “I got this off of that paparazzi dork. I think you should see this.”

It was the printout of an on-line article. “America’s Princess Found Living As A Child Bride” plastered in bold text on the first page made my blood turn to ice. Oh no. “By: Nancy Patterson”, Oh that bitch!

I fumed! I raged! I could kill her, fear of confrontation be damned! I looked up at my husband, and I have never seen him so pale before, and it broke my heart. He looked down at me, and folded me into his arms. “I will protect you, always. You know that, right?”

“Yes,” I whispered, more in anger than in fear. She actually did it. She found a way to hurt him, and I would never, ever forgive her. If my dad was here…

Oh no. I tried to push the thought from my mind, but the tears flowed freely. This was the first time I had ever thought of my dad. David was all the comfort I needed, but now he was the one in trouble, and there was nothing I could do, but I knew if my dad was here, he would know what to do. He would help us. But then we wouldn’t have married, and I would still be an innocent girl, pining for her one true love from afar, worrying if he would find someone else, and I sobbed into his chest.

“Oh, Mika,” I heard Rachel say, as David’s arms squeezed me, and I felt protected, and terrified.

“Honey,” David murmured into my ear, “I have to take care of something. I want you to stay with Rachel. When I am done, we will go home. All right?”

I stared into his dark eyes, and they were so calming. My tears stopped, and I knew in my heart that David would not let anything bad happen to me. “Promise me,” I said.


“Promise me. Promise me you will be all right. Promise.”

He smiled. “I promise, I will be fine.”

I gave him a chaste kiss, and he pulled me in, pushing his lips deeper into mine, and I swooned. As he pulled back the euphoric fuzzy feeling his kisses ignited in me washed away, and I panicked. “David! School!”

He just gave me a sly smile. “I don’t think that is a problem anymore, since the cat is well and truly out of the bag, don’t you think?”

He was right, and I grabbed the sides of his head and pulled him into a deeper kiss, this time adding my tongue into the mix, only stopping when I heard Rachel gasp in surprise. I could feel the silly grin on her face. Oh, she could be such a pervert sometimes. I kissed David one last time. “Go do what you need to do. I will be waiting for you,” I whispered into his ear. He gave me that smile that told me everything was going to be all right, but as he turned to go, his mask slipped a little bit, and I could see the worry. Before I could say anything, he was off and on his way to the Headmaster’s office, and I felt the uneasy fear that I felt when he was off on his “date” with the bitch.

“Mika,” Rachel asked, and I could hear the worry in her voice. When I turned to her, she was mirroring the worry that was etched all over my face.

“Come,” I said, “Let’s go back to your brother. I want to see this article for myself.”

“Are you-”

“Yes,” I snapped, but then I softened. I should not have lashed out at Rachel. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, Mika,” she said, and it was clear she didn’t take it personally. Oh, Rachel. I didn’t deserve such a good friend like her.

We walked back into the Nurse’s office, and I sat down on one of the beds, and Rachel took a seat next to me. I took the article and held it up so I could read it easier.

“It has come to the attention of this reporter that the long lost Attaco heiress, Mikayla Attaco, has been in hiding from the public for reasons other than grief, which was long assumed. It turns out that she has been living in Patriarchal sin, married to the son of her father’s friend and long time business partner, David Simmons Jr. Every good feminist should be outraged, because in this current year it turns out that there are still people who will stoop to arranging marriages to child brides. Not even obscene wealth should allow for such crimes against womanhood, and yet our elected officials in congress, many of whom can trace their campaign funding to the late Antonio Attaco, pushed through a special dispensation so that this young, innocent girl could be sold off like cattle.
‘It is disturbing to hear that in 2017 they are still arranging political marriages between children and older men. This isn’t Tudor England! This is the current year!’ says Anette Fulca, President of the Wymyn’s Netwryk.

I couldn’t read anymore. There was bile in my throat. How dare that vile bitch troll! This was my choice! I knew what she was doing. In my grade there was this girl in debate class who would always try to win by appealing to the audience, trying to drum them up with emotional arguments, no matter how many times the teacher told her it was invalid. Here was the bitch, trying to set her readers into a frenzy, all because my loyal and wonderful husband stayed faithful to me.

“Ms. Attaco?” Samar was standing before me, and in his hand was a steaming cup, and there was the tag of a premium bag of Earl Grey tea hanging over the lip. I took it.

“Thank you, Mr. Bandi,” I mumbled.

“Not a problem,” he said with a weak smile.

I wondered what David was up to. He was talking to the Headmaster, that I knew, but what about? I took a sip of the wonderful tea. It was sweet. Samar must have put a little bit of honey in the cup before he put the hot water in. It made me feel calmer. Less worried. Who cared what Nancy the Bitch wrote. It wouldn’t change anything. All that would happen is that people would get pissed, make a hash tag, and then forget all about it like they do with anything. All we had to do was keep our heads down and it would all blow over anyway.

Ice clenched my heart. Oh no, I remembered what the Headmaster said to us at the start of the year. “Just as long as you don’t embarrass the school…”

No! I knew what David was doing. I bolted up, the tea spilling all over the floor.

“Mika!” Rachel looked shocked at my sudden explosion of movement. I was out the door before anyone could stop me. I had to get to the Headmaster’s office before David could give the Headmaster his letter. I remember seeing it once, when he was writing it, but he told me that he would probably never have to use it. It was just in case. Well it was now the case, and I wouldn’t, couldn’t, let him hand it in. I couldn’t let him ruin his career. I had to make it in time. I flew past classrooms, and the library, almost knocking over Mrs. Wilker, the elderly librarian. She yelled out something about not running in the halls, but I was out of hearing before she even had a chance to start a lecture. David was going to hand in his letter of resignation, and as far as I was concerned this was never going to happen. Not if I could help it.

The+Bard 18/01/16(Tue)19:41 No. 25298 ID: 8ab234

Want more Chapter?

Here you go:


I stood outside the Headmaster’s office. His secretary, Mrs. Kelly, gave me a sideways glance, and I can feel a coldness from her that I have never felt from her before. She is a middle age brunette with too much makeup, but I always found her friendly enough. Not anymore, it seemed. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

“The Headmaster isn’t back yet, Simmons,” Mrs. Kelly sniped at me.

She must have heard about my relationship, and clearly she didn’t approve. Oh, well. Not everybody would, and I accepted that. My dad always told me, “you can’t please everybody”, and it’s true. I was not going to let the ice cold glare that I was getting from Mrs. Kelly get to me. It wasn’t hard to do. I really just didn’t care. I only cared about Mika at that moment, and it was for her future that I was going to hand in my letter of resignation. I would give up my teaching career for her.

“Mr. Simmons?”

I turned around, and standing there was the Headmaster, looking exhausted. I suddenly felt very guilty. He sure as hell didn’t deserve this, especially after all he had done for me, and Mika.

I remembered the first day Mika transfered to the school. The Headmaster looked over a copy of our Marriage Certificate and a copy of the special dispensation, and then looked up at us, sitting next to each other in the hard wooden chairs. He always had a stern expression, and I remember that I felt like a errant child, one of his students who had misbehaved. His eyes were like daggers that pierced me, and I felt like he could read my mind.

“So you two are married?”

I blinked, not fully believing that the man who, until that point, was a statue sitting at his desk. “Yes, sir,” I murmured.

“I see…”

“Um…” Mika piped up, but was silenced when the Headmaster’s eyes descended down on her.

“Yes, Mrs. Simmons? You have something to add?”

“Sir, I know this is… Unorthodox.”

I almost caught a smile on the Headmaster’s mouth, but just almost. “That is an impressive word for someone so young,” he commented.

“I like to read book.” Mika looked like a cherry with an ember colored whig on.

“I see…” This must have been a catch phrase of his.

“Sir,” I began, “If you want, I will resign. This would create a conflict of interest and I don’t want to burden you or this school with our situation. Mika’s schooling is more important than my career.”

They both looked at me, Mika in horror, and the Headmaster with that impassive glare that gave nothing away. “You would give up your career,” he asked, deadpan.

“Yes, sir. It is a husband’s duty to put his wife’s needs before his own,” I stated as a matter of fact.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, and it startled me. I had never seen any overt emotion from the Headmaster, so even a small motion like that caught me in shock, but as soon as it happened, he went right back to his impassive glare. “Mr. Simmons, I am surprised that someone so young, as yourself, could be capable of such wisdom.”

I made to speak but he held up his hand.

“I wasn’t finished. I do find your relationship very unorthodox, to steal a phrase from Mrs. Simmons, but I have no interest or need of your resignation. As far as I can tell, your marriage is completely legal. But I must stress that my first concern is that of the school. I must ask you, while you both are here, to keep the nature of your relationship to yourselves. I do not want any embarrassment to come to this institution, so I expect you both to keep that in mind and act accordingly.”

I stood up. “Thank you, sir. This means the world to us.”

A genuine smile crossed his face. “Mr. Simmons, you have been a fine teacher for the past few months, and I am not one to waste such talent. I only ask that decorum be maintained.”

“Yes, sir.”

He turned to Mika. “Oh, and one last thing. I would ask that you please use your maiden name while at the school, just for the time you are a student of Mr. Simmons. I will not require it when you move on to the High School. I do hope that is not a burden for you.”

“No, sir. I can do that,” Mika exclaimed. She stood up and when he went to shake her hand, she gave him a big, Mika patented hug. He looked shocked at the time, and admitted to me later that it was the first time he had ever been hugged by a student, but ever since then he always treated us with an avuncular demeanor.

Mrs. Kelly gave an annoyed cough that brought me back to the Headmaster standing before me. He motioned to his office door without a word, and I followed.

The Headmaster’s office was sparsely decorated, with a large, dark wood desk, and several diplomas that showed his credentials. A few pictures of himself and a blond-haired woman, and three younger adults that I assumed were his children, two boys and a girl, hung on the wall just behind the plain leather chair. The Headmaster took a seat and motioned me to sit, not on one of the two uncomfortable chairs, but on a green sofa that sat right under the window. I could see out to the parking lot, and there was a group of photographers and reporters packing their equipment away. At least when Mika and I would leave there would be no need to run.

“Mr. Simmons, is there a reason you are here?” The Headmaster’s question brought me back into the office, and I sat on the sofa. It was surprisingly comfortable compared to the rest of the room, which was very stiff in comparison.

“Sir, I want to apologize for the embarrassment I have brought to the school.”

“Embarrassment?” He raised an eyebrow, but his expression was unreadable, as always.

“Yes, sir.”

“I see.”

I stood up and pulled the letter from my pocket. “This is my letter of resignation, sir. I would like to ask that you please allow Mrs. Simmons to continue here as a student.”

The Headmaster ran his hand through his salt and pepper hair, and then stood up. “Mr. Simmons, you are a fantastic teacher, and a valued member of our teaching staff. If this is what you want, I will accept your resignation, but I am unaware of you bringing any embarrassment to the school.”

I was dumbstruck. “Sir?”

“As far as I can tell, and please enlighten me if I am wrong, but you have not overstepped decorum. As far as I can tell, this situation is unrelated to any behavior done at this school.”

My mind went to the episode in the class room, but I did not want to bring that up. “Sir, we may not have overstepped our bounds, but I am sure that given the nature of this situation it may not matter. I am sure that many of the staff and students would object, and I am sure that many parents would not be comfortable with me teaching their children.”

He nodded, “I see your point, Mr. Simmons. I will accept your resignation, even though I can’t help but think that the school is losing a-”

The door burst open, and Mika flew into the room, followed by a sputtering Mrs. Kelly. “Ms. Attaco, please!”

“Headmaster, please!” Mika shouted in a desperate plea. “Don’t make my husband quit. He did nothing wrong. It’s all my fault, Sir!”

I couldn’t believe it. Here she was, trying to save my job. “Mika-”

“David, stop it,” she gave me a look that told me to sit down and let her say her piece. “Sir, please,” she turned back to the Headmaster, “don’t punish my husband for my mistake. I brought this on us. I antagonized the reporter, this isn’t David’s… I mean, Mr. Simmons’s fault. Please, I will leave the school.”

“You would sacrifice your place in this school?” The Headmaster raised an eyebrow again, and I could feel the tension in the room.

“Yes, sir. I would gladly,” she said.

“Mika-” I didn’t know what to feel at that moment. My head and heart were a jumble of radical thoughts and emotions, not a single one coming to the fore.

“Mrs. Simmons, I am not inclined to punish either of you for what is not your fault.” He stood up. “However, Mr. Simmons has handed in his resignation, and gave me a very compelling reason as to why I should accept it, which I will.”

“No!” Mika’s eyes were pricked with tears.

“Mrs. Simmons, I will not be throwing you out of the school, but I think that you need to have a conversation with your husband, and perhaps you will understand. Please, wait outside.”


“Please,” he said, and it was not a request. Mika nodded, and then turned around and walked out of the room. I stood up myself to follow her. “Mr. Simmons?” I turned to the Headmaster. “Are you sure about this?”

I nodded. “Yes. It is my duty, as her husband.”

Anonymous 18/01/18(Thu)13:11 No. 25300 ID: 9b2c16

I'm a bit behind on the reading. I had a few days of harsh work. But man leave that reporter in shallow water and tall grass to drown. Also are we going to see a 3 some with Mika's best friend? I'd like to see that. Anyhow. Awesome writing like always.

Anonymous 18/01/19(Fri)03:27 No. 25303 ID: 138c81

What is David going to do with all of his free time?


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