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A Quiet Evening At Home (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:32 No. 9392 ID: 7b23cd

A Quiet Evening at Home
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

As I waited for the dog's thick cock to unknot from my ass and slowly came down from another orgasm, I opened my eyes and stared across the kitchen floor: in the living room, someone was fucking my youngest daughter on the couch, but I couldn't quite make out who it was. Sliding my face across the slick of spit and cum on the linoleum, I tried to get a better look, but the little whore kept thrashing around. Didn't look like her father, at least not from this angle. Probably one of Jeremy's friends.

Now I started wondering where my husband might have gotten off to. And was our back porch light on? He's probably out there selling tickets to the neighbors. I turned, and a rain of piss spattered across my face. Another of Jeremy's friends - in the study, my middle daughter was putting on some sort of slit-licking show with a young lady I had not yet been introduced to, much to the delight of the boys.

A second stream hit my face, followed by a third. The bathroom was apparently occupied, so someone had announced that the kitchen floor was now the place to piss. A dripping dick was wiped dry in my hair, then slipped into my mouth.



Maybe I should start from the beginning.

A week ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a trashy romance novel and waiting for my eldest daughter to get home from her date when my cellphone rang.

Jessica, it said. I glanced at the kitchen clock: calling a half hour before she's supposed to be home. This better be good.

I clicked open the phone, careful not to knock over my cup of coffee. I answered in a whisper, trying not to wake my husband or my middle daughter, who were napping in the television room.

"Hello, Jessica."

All I could hear was heavy breathing, and a wet, rhythmic slapping sound and what sounded like the suction of lips.

"Hello? This is Susanne ..."

I heard a male voice: "Get off that dick and ask your mommy, bitch."

Interesting. I felt my hand slip inside my bathrobe and run across my nipples.

"Ungh, fuck ... Mommy, can I ... fuck, Mommy, can I ... oh, fuck god fuck ... oh, fuck, Mommy can I ..."

My clit started to tingle, and I ran a hand down my stomach to nestle it in my quickly-warming cunt. I heard the phone move on the other line.

"Sorry about that. Your daughter has a one-track mind. This is Jeremy, your daughter's boyfriend."

I didn't know of anyone named Jeremy. He sounded like an adult, not the sort to be taking a 14-year old out on a date. I couldn't think what to say.


"Is your daughter making too much noise, Susanne? Mike, put something in her mouth."

I eased my fingers across my pussy, feeling my lips getting wet at the sound of his voice, sliding hot membranes between my knuckles.

"No problem, Jeremy. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, your daughter was going to ask you about something. She insisted that we call about staying out late."

Sparing a glance at the door to the television room and finding it empty, I spread my legs and let my bathrobe fall open. I began to flick at my hungry cunt, suddenly thankful that I hadn't worn panties tonight.

"It was nice of you to have her call, Jeremy. Does my daughter want to stay out a little late tonight?"

"Oh, yes. She said that she had to call if she wanted to stay and get fucked some more."

"Yes, Jeremy. My daughter can stay out, as long as she calls."

"Well, we'll be sure that she gets home by morning. Oh, she had another question. Jessica, what were you going to ask your Mommy?"

I heard a shift again, and I tucked my phone under my ear so that I could use both hands on my throbbing hole.

"Ungh, oh, Mommy ... ung, fuck, Mommy, can Jeremy ... fuck, can Jeremy fuck my ass, Mommy?"

I could hear laughter and the phone being passed. I started slapping at my clip, rubbing three fingers across my overheating pussy.

"Hi again, Susanne. Look, I told your whore daughter that this was really her dad's decision and all, but I guess she wanted to ask you first."

".. Very understandable, Jeremy."

"Do you think you ought to go get your husband, Susanne? Or can you tell me to fuck your daughter's little asshole?"

"I'm sure that it would be alright with him, Jeremy."

"The thing is, we're running out of condoms, and your daughter can only swallow so much cum. There are a lot of guys here."

I eased two fingers inside myself and had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from crying out.

"I see. That does sound like a problem, Jeremy."

"Now, your daughter says that she doesn't want to get pregnant, but at this rate she's probably going to unless I open up that virgin ass of hers. You can see the predicament we're in."

I started slapping my clit harder.

"That is quite a predicament, Jeremy."

"To be perfectly honest, Susanne, not all of the guys here have even been wearing rubbers to begin with, but your daughter was pretty damn preoccupied and it didn't seem worth mentioning to her. That little slut of yours is remarkably good at taking a good, hard fucking."

"I'm ... glad to hear that."

"Well, at first is was mostly a good, hard raping - but once she got into it, she put these other girls to shame. I thought that little cunt of hers was trying to jerk me off inside her, to be honest."

I stuffed a third finger inside and tried to bite back a moan.

"She's a ... very good girl, Jeremy."

"Probably takes after her mommy, Susanne. Now, do you want to tell me to fuck your daughter's tiny ass?"


"Then say it."

"I ... Jeremy, I ..."

"Have you seen her ass, Susanne? I mean, her butt cheeks are lovely, toned and tanned and tight, but have you ever just peeled her knees back and gazed at her fuck-holes? Oh, her little shit-pipe is fantastic. This pink, itty-bitty little asshole, you can slip your a finger right in and it just clamps down around it. Just like .. that."

I heard a soft cry from the other end of the line, and I sucked in a mouthful of breath. I mashed four fingers into myself and drummed on my clit with the thumb as my other hand clamped down on my nipple.

"Oh, that's Donovan fucking your baby girl right now. Christ, I'm surprised she can feel anything else with that python turning her little cunt inside out, but I suppose she must have a very sensitive sphincter. I've only got two fingers in her now, and she's breaking out in gooseI have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces."

"Jeremy, I .. I ..."

"Fuck, you should feel her push back against me! You would think she was trying to get another finger in there!"

I went for my nut. I couldn't help it. This was a dream come true. I flicked my hand back and forth, seeing my lips part around my hand, and then moaned out a long orgasm as I jiggled my clit between fingers. A wet spray dribbled from my knuckles, and I rode through.

"Fuck, oh, Jeremy, I ..."

"I understand, Susanne. She really needs to ask her father's permission."

I idly ran slick fingers through my bright pink pussy lips, feeling my thighs quiver. The kitchen chair was soaking wet. I hadn't cum like that in ages.

"Yes, Jeremy. Yes, she does."

"Well, I'm afraid that I can't have her call his phone right now. Your little fuck-socket of a daughter is stuffed at both ends - she's got a mouthful of pussy right now, if you believe that."

I pulled at my hair, trying to stand on shaking legs.

"If you don't mind then, Jeremy, I'll just get him."

"That would be fantastic, Susanne. Do you still have a finger in your pussy?"

"Yes. Yes I do, Jeremy."

"Make sure that you have your finger in your pussy when you talk to your husband. Husbands like that sort of thing."

I made my way into the television room, where my husband was lying on the couch with our 9 year old, Denise, with their heads towards the kitchen. She was straddled across him with her head on his chest, and had her little nightie on: the short silky one that her uncle had gotten her for Christmas. Seeing that they were both asleep, I didn't even bother to close my robe. Still hearing the sounds of my daughter Jessica being fucked at both ends, I tried to whisper: "Dominic, the phone is for you."

My husband opened his eyes, glancing up and down my naked form. His eyes gravitated to my fingers, enmeshed in my glistening cunt.

Jeremy spoke: "While we men talk, you suck him off."

Without thinking, I passed the phone to Dominic and then shifted down the length of his body to pull out his cock. I was surprised to discover that it was already out: semi-hard, thick as my wrist, and flopped against his thigh with a thin glaze of slime along it. His bathrobe was open from the waist down, and his dick smelled like fresh pussy.

As I popped the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting this musky odor, and began rolling his balls in my hand, I ran my other hand across his muscular side and glanced up: my daughter's snatch yawned at me, her panties nowhere to be seen.

"Hello? Yes, this is Jessica's father."

A wicked thrill ran through me as, on my knees before the couch, I slid my hand across my daughter's ass. I felt her tighten under my hand, and I ran a thumb into the wet and well-used cleft of her cunt. Dom's cock bobbed in my mouth, getting harder.

"It's nice to speak to you too, Jeremy. Would you be so kind as to put my daughter on?"

His dick filled my mouth, and I started running both hands over Denise's ass. In a moment, Dom's free hand joined mine - he peeled her ass cheek back, and a line of cum began to leak from her abused pussy. She grew hotter and hotter.

"Yes, honey. This is your daddy. Are you getting fucked right now, sweetheart?"

Denise started to moan, rubbing her clit into her father's stomach. His fingers probed deeper, and I could feel the swell of his cock-head pressing against my throat as I flicked my tongue back and forth across the underside of his dick.

"Well, do you want Jeremy to fuck your ass, baby?"

I felt tiny, timid fingers brushing against my leg, moving upward: searching for pussy. Denise, still pretending to be asleep. Releasing my husband's cock with a wet pop, I guided the tip of his throbbing shaft to her still-leaking hole and then pulled at her hand. I pressed her little digits against my burning cunt with my left hand, then wrapped my right around the intersection of incestuous flesh.

I whispered: "Do like mommy does, sweetheart."

"Well, you tell them that, sweetheart. Say: I want you to fuck my ass."

I was amazed at how easily Dom's huge cock slipped into Denise.

"Well, say: please daddy, let them fuck my ass."

I wrapped my fingers around Dom's member, feeling Denise's immature little pussy stretch around his girth. As I suspected, she could only take the first three inches. Then, with her little, inexpert fingers diddling my cunt, I felt Denise start pushing back against her daddy's dick.

"Again. Say: please, daddy, let them fuck my ass."

Encircling their union, I began to flick at Denise's baby clit with my finger and thumb. Her reaction was immediate, and her father slipped another half-inch inside.

"Okay. Good girl. You say: my daddy says that you can fuck my ass."

Still on my knees at the edge of the couch, I slipped my head down and began to run my tongue along Denise's hairless hole.

"Now you say 'please', young lady. Say: please will you fuck my ass with your big nigger dick."

She bolted up at that, now riding her father cowgirl-style as he slipped further in. I pressed against her lower body, lapping at her clit - her fingers shifted from my cunt to my head, pulling at my hair. I heard wailing over the line, and then it got soft again.

"Well hello, Jeremy! Well, yes, I'm glad to hear that. Drop her off any time, of course. Sunday would be fine, yes. My wife? She's right here."

As my husband pressed the phone between his lower stomach and my ear, he turned his head and whistled.

"Susanne, this is Jeremy again. I take it your mouth is full?"


"An all-too-common occurrence amongst the whores in your family."


I felt the dog's nose press against my pussy, then my hot cunt lips began to part under his tongue.

"I'm going to pick you up on Sunday when I drop your daughter off at the house. Dress to get fucked."


As I squirmed against the dog's assault, I realized that Denise had taken the entirety of her father's cock. The root of his fuck-stick was buried in her wide-split pussy, and she was rocking back and forth as I sucked on her tiny, diamond-hard clit.

"Your filthy slut of a daughter tells me that you like to show off your pussy. Well, you're going to have a very good time with me."

Dom patted my ass, and the dog began to climb up unto me. His dick struck once and then twice against my upper legs. Finally, with a grunt, I reached back and guided him in.

"When your mouth is less full, tell your husband that I like to share with my friends. I consider him a friend now. I'll be sending over one or two little girls to look after him while his wife is out on the town and his eldest is recuperating from all this film-making."

I braced as the dog's cock buried itself into me, trying to suck an orgasm out of Denise. It worked.

"Have a nice evening, Susanne. See you Sunday."

What could I say?


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Anonymous 14/01/27(Mon)13:51 No. 20943 ID: 7ebad4

I feel bad as soon as I hit replay for asking a story seed; you've already give so much to the world and we give you none.

For my story seed, since I love Dirty Old Man Hentai, so the stories will mostly have a DOM as a male protagonist. So here we goes;

1) A Landord, a DOM, finds a not-so-innocent homeless 15 yo teen (which resemble Ellen Paige in X2 and X3) near his apartement. He takes her under his wing, giving her a new home and food, but as a slave. Brutal and bloody anal sex ensue. DOM also 'introduces' Ellen to his massive dog and to his friends (all middle age men).

2. For a futuristic I have something you might like: in not so distant future, robot is uses for many aspects in human life. After loosing his job, a DOM, a sadist and robot expert, is hired by a Japanese Company called Make Pure Doll (based on a real super realistic loli love doll company) to make a new solusion for pedophiles and sadists.

It takes him a year to build the prototype; Real Doll 120 cm Tomomi (based on a true product too). But before the product is released, he has to make some test drives first.

3. This one is not involving DOM but also inspired by many hentais. A broken home girl (which resembles Emma Roberts in Wild Child) thinks she find a perfect spot in school for smoking weed. Unfortunately for her, she is caught by the ugly and skinny school janitor. So a deal is made; the janitor won't tell the school, he even allow her to use the spot for smoking, as long as he can fuck her in anyway he wanted. Soon, the girl find herself in a sexsual slavery which she wouldn't want to leave.

So what do you think?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/28(Tue)11:59 No. 20957 ID: 923b50

There is no part of ANY of these stories that I don't like!

Sincerely, I'm quite honored to have these inspirations written-up and sent my way; I'm delighted to get a chance to flex myself a bit and apply my talents to these projects.

I'll post whatever I'm able to come up with here (and possibly on my site here:
); you'll receive full credit as original-creator on all works.

Thanks again for the ideas!

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/29(Wed)13:08 No. 20973 ID: 923b50

This has my highest recommendation:

Anonymous 14/01/29(Wed)14:03 No. 20974 ID: 3aa3e7

Yep. It's goram awesome :)

Bossy Little Bitch (MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/02/10(Mon)13:12 No. 21093 ID: 923b50

Bossy Little Bitch (MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom tribute/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Jack Donovan eased past his naked thirteen-year-old daughter Ann as he left his bedroom ... and she entered. At 5:30 AM, they passed like thieves in the night; they gave each other conspiratorial winking grins, then pulled together in a tight, passionate embrace.

Lovely little Jan -- Jack's wife and Ann's mother -- slept soundly in the bed not twenty feet away. Jack couldn't resist a kiss after seeing his sexy naked daughter in the light from the hallway. Since they had broken the incest barrier (broke the living hell out of it!) just weeks prior, he still could not get enough of Ann's sleek, youthful charms: her tight, tawny skin; her full, supple 34-C breasts; her firm, curvaceous ass; and her smooth, hairless pussy. He checked everything during that exciting kiss while each kept an eye on the bed ... both pretending Jan was awake and watching.

Cute cheerleader Ann had a particularly good imagination. She assumed a provocative pose against the doorjamb: arms back, pinned, gripping the frame, knees out, humping her daddy's finger as it wormed its way in. She whispered, "Fuck me! Fuck me here, Daddy, please!"

Jack broke the kiss but kept his fingers in the gyrating, slippery cunt, saying, "We're taking too many chances as is. Besides, I can't trust you to be quiet. We have a plan. Stick to the plan, Ann."

Ann pouted. The pretty girl looked silly making that impish pout with four cinch-straps draped around her neck, a roll of duct tape in one hand and her other hand busy slowly jerking her daddy's cock hard. He had to have her, so he pulled her into the hall, turned her away, pushed her head down, and fucked her standing up; in minutes, Jack was slamming the cock to her exactly the way she loved having her daddy's nine-inch slab of thick daddy-dick slammed to her.

Once again, Jack marveled at the ease with which his long, thick cock entered the tightest pussy he'd ever fucked. Just two weeks prior, he'd had to work hard and use KY Jelly just to get the head in. Had she not been severely tied and gagged, savagely spanked and whipped and nearly choked unconscious, he'd have never managed that; getting the rest in past the hymen had been a major accomplishment.

Those first few times were rough on both of them, but once Ann physically and mentally adjusted to incestuous child molestation, tying her wasn't necessary. She took a raping well, and came hard when her daddy fucked her virgin asshole. Once she accepted that her father could care less if she got pregnant, gagging her wasn't necessary.

Now, Ann would spread her legs wide to take her father's cock, said nothing while he ejaculated, and no longer went dashing to the bathroom to wash the virile yucky stuff out. After just one week and at least a dozen hard fucks, she'd lie in the mess and let the sperm soak into her womb like a good victim should, masturbating and running her fingers over the long, thin marks her daddy's belt left on her smooth skin.

Little baby cheerleader Ann begged her daddy to rape her.

Now going into their third week, cute & curvy Ann remained slimy between the legs, always in a state of heavy arousal, and always with a cunt that was easy to access. She wore only skirts with no underwear: no top, no shoes, just knee-socks and a skirt. Rarely would they be in a room by themselves that Jack didn't bend her over and slip the pork to her, most often just to do it. Ann, more often than not, assumed the position with her skirt pulled high on her back and waited, using both hands to massage her cunt, her shit-pipe and anything that got close to her eager, sucking holes. Sometimes, she got cock; sometimes, she got a full-fledged fuck; sometimes, just a brief, brutal fingering ... but she always got something for being a good girl.

In that short span of days, Jack created a beautiful, vivacious, high-octane sex-monster that could not get enough and loved taking risks ... especially if her mother was around. He had to temper Ann's enthusiasm because she simply wouldn't. Going topless and barefoot was her own idea, and she'd let his cum run to her ankles if he let her; Daddy Jack had to wipe her drooling pussy and bubbling butt-hole and keep a close eye on her after a full-fledged fuck. It didn't take long before the whole family knew she was naked under her skirt, knew she shaved her pussy, knew that her asshole gaped, and knew someone in the house was fucking her.

Within that first week, all three boys saw their sister's provocative display and saw her getting porked or fingered. Jeff, the oldest at seventeen, saw a full-fledged fuck. John, the fifteen-year-old, watched a fingering, and Jerry, the twelve-year-old, saw his father pull a hard cock out of his big sister and heard her beg him to put it back in and cum in her pussy right before Jack raped her ass.

In the second week, all three boys were treated to everything many times over. They were welcome to watch and often pulled up chairs; all three of them came in their sister’s mouth while she got fucked.

So far, pretty Mommy Jan hadn't caught them in the act, but she knew what they were doing. She washed the sheets and had known from the start. Ann wouldn't talk, but Jan deduced that it was her husband doing the dirty deed. Ann got her message across in other ways: if Ann took a load of cum up her twat, she'd find a way to show her mother and would do so in the most obscene and dramatic way she could ... usually by asking her mom to check her vaginal shave.

Jack did all he could to stop Ann from doing these things, but nothing he did discouraged her -- he tried spanking her, whipping her, even tying her down, choking her, hog-tying her and beating her baby-pussy raw.

She came, screaming and begging for more, through all of it.

Lovely little Ann, it seemed, was horny as fuck and got off on the abuse ... and, moreover, she was determined that everyone in the family acknowledge the fact that she and her handsome Daddy were lovers: that they were fucking, and that they were trying to make a baby, that he liked raping her 7th-grade cheerleader ass and then cumming in her fertile pussy.

Jack gave up disabusing her of her plan days ago ... but the performance Ann put on at dinner necessitated a bold plan.

The family -- minus the mother -- came late to the table after being in the garage all during dinner preparation. Jack sent the boys on ahead. Ann would not let him wipe her pussy; he took his seat knowing what she was about to do. She did exactly what she said she'd do: the sexy little girl hoisted her skirt high and sat on the table after moving her mother's plate aside. She spread her legs wide, launching her three brothers from their seats to get a good look at her fucked beaver as she said, "Mom, would you check my pussy for any cunt hairs I might have missed? Daddy already checked, but I want to make sure before I wear my new bikini to the community pool."

As Jack expected, Jan threw her fork and stormed from the table. They needed a plan, real bad. They came up with a real bad plan. Jack thought the odds of their plan working were slim and none ... but if Ann followed his advice to the letter, the plan had a better chance than no plan. So far, she wasn't doing so good.

Daddy Jack had to clamp a hand over Ann's mouth to finish the fuck. Her overheating cunt never stopped moving, and he marveled at the way she could use her slippery pussy to milk his dick. Going into this plan with a cunt full of her father's cum was not a good idea ... but when she used her cunt that way, he was powerless to stop her.

While getting fucked, he whispered directly into Ann's ear: "God dammit, Ann, you're going to blow this if you don't follow the plan. You can't do this to her all at once. Your mother might come around if you take it in stages like we discussed; she's as much as a slut as you are. I know what you want to do, but ... baby, if you rub your messy cunt in her face, she'll ... Ann, please ... Oh God! ... Oh baby, yes! ... Fuck that cock! ... Oh, yeah!"

Anne got her sperm douche, uncocked, clamped her legs together, and faced her worried daddy, whispering, "Relax. I won't rub my cunt in her face. Well, I won't until I get her turned on, and I'll know when that is. Give me some credit, Daddy. Cunts, I know -- and she has a cunt that hasn't been fucked in over a month. You didn't lie, did you? You promised me you wouldn't touch her. Not even up her ass. It has been a month, hasn't it?"

"Yes, and I still haven't laid a finger on her ... but she goes without for months with ease. She doesn't have your sex drive, Ann. She never did. All cunts are not the same. She thinks she's a lady with a vagina, and she treats it like a vagina. She doesn't get a cunt between her legs unless she's half-drunk and after long foreplay. Even then, it's a pussy -- not a cunt. Your mother has never had a cunt. You can't just stick a dick in her and expect her to respond."

"You did put that strap-on dick in your night stand, right?"

"Yes, it's there, but I still say don't use it the first time. Stick to the plan."

Ann smiled, biting her lower lip. "She needs to get fucked like I got fucked. I know what it feels like to wake up from a sound sleep to find yourself tied and stretched out. I know what it feels like to have a hot and horny cunt that you can't touch. I know what it feels like to get fucked by a big dick when you can't do a damn thing about it. I know what it feels like to cum so hard from a rape that you fall in love with getting raped. I'm going to fuck her till she shits, Daddy. I don't care what you say."

"All right, Ann, but do as I said ..."

"I know, I know. I'll get her hot before she wakes up, Daddy. I know it works. She'll be drooling between the legs, dreaming of big cocks, then she'll wake up with my finger in her pussy. I'll fuck her when I'm good and ready, when her pussy becomes a cunt, and she'll be begging for it. You'll see, Daddy -- I’m your good girl."

Jack studied his daughter and saw a cocky, over-confident teen Marine. You can't tell them shit, and they think they can take on the world. He could relate to that. He'd been one. All he could do was wish her luck.

He kissed his lovely daughter's nose, patted her pert ass, and sent her into battle.

Ann eased into the bedroom and began slipping the looped ends of the cotton cinch straps on her sleeping mother's wrists and ankles. Fortunately, Jan was on her back; spread-eagled and tits-up. Ann was even able to position the arms and legs out to the four corners without disturbing her. She took most of the slack out of the straps, then quietly tore off a foot of tape and stuck it to the headboard just over her mother's head.

Lovely, tawny 13-year-old Ann then got on her knees at the bedside and leaned close to softly whisper: "Fuck ... Cock ... Cunt ... Pussy. I'm so fucking horny, and I need a big cock in my cunt. Christ, I want to get fucked ... I need to get fucked ... I'm SO fucking horny ..."

Ann saw that she was getting her vulgar message through when her mother stirred. Ann kept on talking dirty, and soon detected a slight rolling grind in the pelvis: her signal to go for the pussy. Excitement welled in Ann as she slipped her hand beneath the covers and sought out her mother’s smooth body, encountering the left hip.

Her mom wore baggy PJ bottoms; it was easy to slip a hand up the leg-opening. She soon felt pubic hair and felt a moist heat emanating from the crotch. Ann followed the heat to its source ... soon, she touched wet flesh, bringing about a moan and a strong stirring.

Ann was ready to quickly grab the tape and seal the mouth, but froze, waiting for the eyes to open. The first rays of late-spring, early-morning twilight were now filling the room with enough light to see. Ann remained still, watching. Her mom relaxed. Ann smiled and gently toyed with vaginal flesh, using a slow sensual massage to go with the vulgar dialog.

Before long, she could move the covering off the body, abandoning the cunt and returning without the cautious approach. She paused to cinch all the straps once again, then went right back to a slippery, over-heating vaginal massage that bordered on masturbation. She slipped her fuck finger inside to test the wetness, now unconcerned if her mother woke up. Each time, she found a wetter cunt to finger.

Ann loved feeling her mother's pussy, her first other than her own. She'd never given much thought to pussy, but her mother's had her intrigued. The pretty teen cheerleader smelled -- then tasted -- her fingers and decided she liked pussy. A lot.

In a matter of minutes, she decided she was strongly bisexual and actually licked her mother's cunt. She licked again and again, and then got serious: got down between the wide-stretched legs and sucked her mother's pussy until her mother woke up and said, "Jack, what are you doing? JACK! You untie me this instant! ... ANN!?!”

Ann looked at her mother's startled face over the crotch of bunched PJs, but kept sucking.

Lovely, sexy mommy Jan lost her shit. "Oh my god! ANN, NO! STOP THAT, DO YOU HEAR ME?! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! ... ANN MARIE DONOVAN!"

Ann got up on her knees, straddled her mother's waist, took the tape in both hands, and sealed the mouth. Jan struggled violently while yelling into the tape, "UMPH ... UH ... GOMPF, DUMM!"

While her mother struggled and yelled her muffled outcries, Ann got up and strongly cinched all the straps until her curvaceous mother was stretched out in a true, drum-tight spread-eagle, firmly bound to the four corners of the bed.

Ann then took scissors from her father's nightstand and cut away her mother's PJs -- top and bottom -- rudely yanking out the remnants, leaving the pretty 29-year-old naked. She then turned on the light, came over, and studied the cunt. Cute little Anne studiously ignored the uselessly-struggling owner of the cunt ... for it was a cunt, not a vagina or a pussy, as evidenced by the puffed up labia, standing clit, inflamed coral-pink tissues, and copious wetness.

Sweet little Anne had to have more of that tasty cunt, so she settled in for a leisurely cunt lapping.

Ann sucked pussy while looking at her struggling mother's astonished, disapproving face, heavily etched with frowning wrinkles and wide eyes. While she sucked on the clit, she felt her mother's breathing become fast and shallow, saw the blush of arousal spread, then watched her pretty mommy’s head fall back to the pillow as all struggling ceased.

Ann grew more confident as she detected a slight movement in the cunt she was sucking: very slight, but unmistakable, like a war being lost between the forces of keeping still and ignoring what was happening ... and the much-more-powerful forces of an orgasm that wanted to convey to the mouth what felt best. Before long, it ALL felt best, and the motion could be seen as well as felt.

At this point, Ann's nasty mouth teased her mommy's hungry pussy.

Ann paused from time to time just to study her mother's sexy cunt, lazily toying with juicy parts or giving little kissing licks to nasty parts, poking and prodding the weeping hole, opening the swollen lips, flicking pulling, and pinching the clit. That vulgar beaver could take three fingers easy in a smooth fucking-motion; her gorgeous mommy was now struggling to get her knees further apart, trying to make her spread easier to rape.

Soon, Jan's head was up, looking: watching a young girl examining her mother's cunt ... and playing with it, almost fisting it. The frown lines were gone, and the eyes looked sultry, sleepy, yet awed by what they were seeing.

Ann noted the interest her mother gave to what she was doing, so she bared her teeth and lightly bit down on the clit while wearing a mischievous smile that brought the worry lines out again. She teased her mother by pulling the clit out, flicking the tip with her tongue and then increasing the pace of her four-fingered assault. Relief flooded the features when Ann released the clit and gave it a flurry of butterfly flicks.

Ann found she could make the cunt lift to her tongue by flicking her tongue JUST almost out of reach. Her mother could raise up rather high. By supporting her body with heels and shoulders, lovely little Jan could follow the retreating tongue by a good twelve inches.

When her pretty mommy followed, Ann rewarded her with a good clitty suck, but abandoned that when the orgasm looked impending. This would send the cunt crashing to the mattress and air rushing out through the nose. After a brief respite, the process would start all over again. She soon had her mother trained to chase tongue in a mad effort to get that orgasm she so desperately craved.

Ann had her mother holding the obscene, raised, vaginal offering for a licking, suck or fingering. The coltish teen loved this game, loved her mother's pussy, and loved torturing her mother and her mother's pussy this way. Like her father's cock, Ann couldn't get enough of her mother's cunt. This foreplay, which wasn't even in the plan, went way beyond schedule: lasting over thirty minutes, and the last ten had her mother in agony, sweating profusely, writhing in her bindings and begging wordlessly to cum.

Eventually, Ann tired of the game. She backed away from the beaver. The beaver settled to the mattress in total frustration. Ann crawled over her mother's body and got nose to nose with her to say, "Hi, Mom! Guess what? I'm bisexual."

She smeared her wet face on her mother's nose. The look her mother gave said, "I gathered that, darling."

Ann smiled and said, "I love sucking on your horny cunt. Isn't that great?"

The wide eyes seemed to say, "Please let me cum and then leave me alone, Ann. I mean it. This has ALL gone far enough."

Ann was about to remove the tape because she wanted to kiss the mouth beneath it, but the look said her mommy wasn't ready to kiss back. Ann didn't want her tongue bit; instead, she decided it was time to show Mommy her fucked pussy. She spun around to reverse their positions, then got her knees wide to each side of the head, placing her yawning, cum-drenched beaver right over her mother's face.

While looking down the tunnel of their bodies and noting that her mother was, indeed, looking into her cunt, not turning her head, Ann said, "Daddy fucked my pussy, Mommy. Can you see what he did to my poor little pussy? Daddy came in my pussy. He squirted his sperm way up inside my pussy. I think Daddy wants me to have a baby, don't you?"

Ann saw that her mother still stared, still didn't turn her head, even as the messy cunt got closer and closer to her nose, and then the nasty pussy sealed itself to her nose, smothered her nose, as Ann got up on her knees. Jan was now trapped and couldn't breathe. Ann didn't want to get off, so she pulled the tape off. Mommy sucked in a deep breath just before the pussy slid over her mouth, just as the bedroom door cracked open and paternal eyes took in the sight.

Seeing that Jan couldn't see, Jack opened the door and caught Ann's attention. Ann was now rocking her cunt over her mother's face, holding onto tits, smearing her mother's face from brow to chin. Ann looked at him through dreamy eyes with her bottom lip in teeth, her impish little vixen look. She smiled, gave her mother a good facial smear, and said, "Come on, Mommy. Use your tongue. Lick all that bad sperm out of my cunt. Don't let Daddy get me pregnant, Mommy."

Jan was struggling and gasping for air. Jack backed out, closed the door, sighed and went off to work; he didn't see his wife's tongue reaching up. Ann saw it and felt it when she placed her cunt-hole over the fully extended tongue. "Ummmm, yes ... that's a good Mommy. Yes, lick all of your husband's cum out of your daughter's pussy. Suck my cunt! Ummm, yes ... oh, you suck my cunt like a lesbian, Mommy! You like sucking on my cunt, don't you?"

Ann got up, turned around, and sat high on her mother's chest with her feet planted wide and her knees laid down, presenting a lewd spread which Jan licked. Ann settled back and propped her straight arms on her mother's protruding hip bones and watched the tongue licking sperm from her inner thighs. Ann said, "Lick it all up, Mommy. There's some down by my left knee. Get that, too."

Wordlessly, Jan strained to get at the lower thigh area where some sperm had run.

Ann grinned, biting her lip again. "There you go. Now, lick the outside of my pussy some more."

Jan had to strain forward to run her flattened tongue over the area between Ann's legs, though Ann made the job difficult by not bringing it closer ... and not holding still.

Again, Jan was being taunted and teased; again, she debased herself by going along, giving her daughter the subservient show she wanted to see. Later, there'd be no denying that she wanted to lick her daughter's pussy. Jan knew what Ann was trying to do, but the pretty mother felt powerless to control her lust. She saw no point in trying. She lent herself to the humiliating ordeal, an ordeal that grew more erotic and intense as the humiliation intensified.

Ann teased and taunted her mother mercilessly, assuming a variety of lewd pose: squatting over the mouth, doing the splits over the face, forward, backward, on her knees like a dog, ass up, all the while taunting her pretty mother. "You love sucking my cunt, don't you? You want to lick my fuck hole, don't you? Yes, lick my womb like a cunt-sucking dyke."

Ann played this game for another thirty minutes until she couldn't take anymore and had to cum. For this, she reclined fully over her mother on her back, laid her hands out along her mother's legs, and let her cunt get the steady sucking it needed for a climax.

The climax hit her hard, and she griped the flesh behind her mother's knees hard, digging in with her nails. Jan sucked the orgasm out of her daughter and then lapped the spend from the hole while Ann pulled the lips open for this intimate post-orgasm service.

Ann languished under the steady licking, then struggled up to watch. She rested her elbows on inner thighs down by each knee while pulling her cunt open in a wide oval. Jan didn't want to look in Ann's eyes while performing this vulgar service, so she kept her eyes focused on the spread and used her fully-distended tongue to lick in, over, and around the hole ... doing it in a way that she knew Ann would find most pleasing to watch.

Ann was pleased and said, "Yes, lick all around and inside my fuck hole. Lick up all my girl cum, my cunt honey. You must love my cunt honey, don't you Mommy? Daddy calls it slut-slime. He likes to call it that after he fucks my ass and I beg him to cum in my pussy. Which do you prefer, Mommy: cunt honey or slut-slime? Never mind. I can see you have your mouth full. You know, you remind me of a hungry bear licking honey from a jar. Then again, you also look like a lesbian licking the slime from a slut's cunt. I'm not sure which idea I like better. They both feel great."

Jan kept on licking. Her face burned with her arousal, and her loins humped air. Everything Ann said turned her on and her own pussy was driving her mad. Had her hands been free, she would have attacked herself; both hands would have begun assaulting her greedy cunt. Ann sensed this by the bucking torso she rode. She reached back and fingered her mother's sopping wet pussy, saying, "Jesus Christ, Mom, did you piss yourself? There's enough slut-slime in your cunt to drown thirty thirsty lesbian sorority girls."

Jan humped Ann's fingers and sealed her lips to the hole, sending her tongue in as deep as she could while looking into her daughter's face with eyes pleading for relief. Ann took pity, spun around, and entered into a sixty-nine: after a moment, she was devouring the sloppy beaver and triggering a mother's orgasm, which she rode to its conclusion. The pretty 13-year-old then lapped a little cunt honey of her own and got off the bed.

Jan watched Ann go to the night stand, pull out a dildo with belts and straps, then watched as her daughter put it on with practiced ease.

When the tiny 7th-grader mounted the bed, kneeling between her mother's legs with twelve angry inches of India rubber jutting out from her slender loins, Jan's eyes went wide. She said, "Ann, no, please -- I've had enough. You've had your fun, now let me go. I'll forget about this, but it has to stop here."

Ann stroked the cock, just as she'd seen her father do, and said, "No, we're not done. I'm raping you ... or can't you tell?"

"Ann, I'm serious. You're going too far. We both got carried away, but it ends right here. Right here, right now. You get down, take that disgusting thing off, and get these damn things off me. NOW!"

"Sorry, Mommy ... but what would a rape be without a good fucking with a big cock? Isn't this cock big enough for you?"

"Ann. I mean it. If you do this, I'll ... I'll ..."

"You'll ... what? Turn me in? Ground me? Get a divorce? Tell on Daddy? No. I don't think so. You'd better not. If he goes to court, I'll testify that you molested me and brought men into the house, had sex with them, made me watch, then helped them rape me. And guess what? Jeff, John, and Jerry will side with me and Dad. We'll all testify if we have to. You'll wind up with nothing but a cell mate. You'll make a good wife for a bull dyke."

While this sobering message sank in, Ann sank to her knees and brought the head of the cock to the pussy. She said, "Lift up like you did when I sucked you. You're going to get fucked whether you do or not, but it'll hurt at this angle. You'd better make me a better cunt to fuck, Mommy."

"Ann, please!"

"I'm counting to three. One, two ..."

The cunt came up -- and remained up -- as Ann smiled and pushed three inches in. The rest went in over the next minute. Jan strained to take the last two inches, but adjusted quickly as Ann began pumping the cock to her.

It didn't take long for Jan to enjoy the oversized invader, and Ann knew how to fuck a cunt. Before long, Jan welcomed the hard thrusts, and when Ann stopped pumping, Jan humped herself on the stationary cock. The taunts started right after Jan took over.

"Now you have the idea! You rape very well, Mother. My, but you are a horny slut, aren't you? What's the matter, hasn't your husband been doing his duty? Has he been neglecting your horny cunt?"

Jan, in a passionate sweat, said, "You know he has. Oh, god, fuck me."

"I don't know that for SURE, Mommy. I know he hasn't been neglecting my cunt. When was the last time he fucked you?"

"I don't know. A month, two months? I'm not sure."

Ann smiled. She eased back, allowing her mother to only work out on the first few inches. The gorgeous 13-year-old stood on her knees with her hands on her hips, watching her mother's pussy try in vain to get more inside, saying, "Oh, you poor baby. He was fucking me ten times a day most of that time ... and you knew it, too. That had to hurt. When did you know for sure that Daddy was fucking me?"

"I don't know, but I suspected him from the first time I saw the cum puddle in your bed, the one tinted with your virgin blood. I think that was two weeks ago."

"Two weeks and two days, but when did you know for sure it was him?"

"Can we talk later? Please, Ann, let me finish. Move closer and fuck me the way you were doing, please? ... Look, I'll do all the work, but I need you to move closer."

"First, tell me. I want to know what you thought, what made you think what you thought, and what convinced you beyond all doubt. I want details. Tell me, or I'll pull out and let you suffer."

Jan stopped trying to get off on three inches, slowly settled to the mattress, forcing the cock to angle down with just the head inside. She got her breath and cleared her thinking, trying to remember. She knew she'd get no relief until she turned Ann on, and by this time, she knew what turned her daughter on. She just needed to think about the presentation.

After a few seconds to get her thoughts together, wiggling on the tip of the thick dick inside her, Jan said, "I remember, now. It was the Saturday before last, five or six days after you lost your virginity. The boys were gone. That was the day you first started going about without panties on and shooting beavers. That was the first time I'd seen your pussy since you were little, and I saw that you'd shaved it bald. If you'll recall, I got a good long look because you plopped down in your father's chair and placed your feet on the edge of the cushion and started reading a magazine, hiding your face. I stared at your naked pussy from just a few feet away, almost head on. You were showing it to me on purpose, so I stared."

"Did it turn you on, Mommy?”

“Christ, yes.”

The pretty 7th-grader lib her lip. “What could you see? Describe the pussy you saw."

"I saw almost all. I could see inside the lips because you were aroused, swollen, raw from playing with yourself -- and very wet, slimy wet. I could see part of the hole at the bottom of your pussy crack, and I looked for leaking semen. I saw that the fluid leaking out was clear: cunt honey."

"You like that term, do you? Did you want to lick up my cunt honey? Did seeing all that cunt honey make your mouth water?"

"Yes, Ann, it did, and I never thought about vaginas that way before. I've never done anything with another female, never, until just now. I wanted to drop to my knees and lick you all over between your legs. I wanted to grovel in your pussy like I did just a while ago. You looked so clean and sexy, so feminine. You did make my mouth water, and that's why I never said anything to you about going without panties, shaving, or shooting beavers. When you started going topless, showing off your gorgeous tits, and barefoot, I swooned. God, you looked so sexy walking around like that in front of the family: so proud, so sexy, so fucking beautiful. You looked like a young sex goddess ... but it was seeing your shaved cunt that always devastated me."

Ann smiled big and pushed more cock into her mother’s sloppy hole, saying, "I knew it! I knew you loved looking at my cunt. So, what about when you saw it with cum leaking out of the hole? What about when Daddy was the only cock around? You knew it was him, didn’t you?"

"Yes, that was a shock. I thought that took balls. You amazed me. You go off with him, then return and resumed your reading, only now, I can plainly see the hole he fucked and all that cum pouring out, running down the crack of your ass, and puddling on the cushion. That left no doubt about who was fucking you. It hurt terribly, but ... Christ, I had to admire your audacity. You had no shame, no guilt, and I envied you for being so uninhibited. Your audacity also turned me on. You were so bold, so cool, so in control. It was like you were saying, ‘Yes, I fucked your husband. I'm his mistress, and I'll keep on fucking him’."

Ann was trying to masturbate around the cock and straps. Jan took advantage of her daughter's actions, raised her cunt, and fucked herself on it while saying, "I also got the message that you were having his baby."

"YES! That's the message I wanted to make sure you got. I wanted you to see that the cum was in my pussy -- not on it. Could you see that plainly? Could you see the cum oozing out of my ravaged cunt?"

"How could I not? You weren't the least bit subtle about it. You may as well have been doing the splits. I saw the entire hole this time, and I actually leaned in to look closely. I was fascinated by all that fresh sperm pouring out of my daughter's sexy pussy -- sperm that came from her father's balls. You caught me looking, remember? I said something dumb, like, 'I see you're shaving between your legs, Ann."

"Oh, yes. That was dumb. I made you an even better beaver and framed my cunt with both hands. I asked you to examine my shave to see if I missed any hairs. I knew you wanted the excuse to keep looking, but you surprised me when you knelt and got very close, breathing in my scent, then feeling with your fingers ... getting sperm on your fingers. That's when I knew you loved what you were seeing, and knew you wouldn't do anything to stop us. You wanted to see more, feel more sperm, and taste it. That's what you were thinking, wasn't it? You wanted to lick your husband's cum from your daughter's cunt, didn't you? That's why you made yourself scarce and became blind to all the fucking that was going on right under your nose."

Jan, now approaching orgasm, said, "Yes! I knew you'd show me your cunt after you got it fucked. I knew I'd get to examine your cunt with your legs as wide as you could get them, letting me feel all over, getting your father's sperm all over my hands. When that happened, I wanted to eat you so badly. It was all I could do not to lick you from your tailbone to your belly button. Last night, I had to storm off or I'd have made a fool of myself in front of the whole family. If I'd stayed a second longer, I'd have been licking your spermy cunt with the boys looking on, watching their horny mother lick their sister's freshly-fucked cunt like a starving bear."

"YES! YES! Oh, god, yes!...Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

Jan came, too. They had a great mutual orgasm, then fell apart, panting. With her second release now out of the way, and her normal thought processes returning, Jan wanted up. Somehow, she had to set her daughter straight and end the madness. The line had to be drawn, and had to be drawn way back at the start. This all had to stop immediately.

When Ann started to stir, Jan said, "Ann, we need to talk. Let me loose."

Ann sat up and began undoing the dildo straps, ignoring her mother. Jan waited until the wet device was off, then said, "Come on, Ann. I'm serious. No more games."

Ann confidently reclined on her mother's left side, threw one leg over her loins, and laid the left arm on her chest, toying with the rigid nipple, lying over her mother's left arm with her head propped up in her right hand, looking into her mother's face as she calmly said, "But I'm not done raping you yet, Mommy."

"Yes, you are. I've had enough."

"So what? You're the victim. That's how rape goes. Believe me, I know."

"Are you saying he raped you?"

"The first few times, yes. At first, I didn't like being raped, but he didn't care. I didn't like having to lie there with my father's cum in my pussy, but what choice did I have? I knew my Mom wouldn't come looking for her missing husband. I wised up quick. When both parents want a girl pregnant, she'd best get pregnant and not make a fuss about it."

"Ann, I swear, I never knew, not until recently, and I never saw evidence of rape. That never dawned on me. You must believe me."

"I'm not buying it. You had to know. I left the bloody sheets for you to find, and the straps were still on my bedposts."

"Yes, and I questioned you. You wouldn't talk."

"Duh! Aren't most rape victims warned not to talk? Don't child molesters tell their victims not to tell anyone? You knew what the straps were for. The straps came from your locked adult toy box. Those told you who did it, and they told you it was rape. It's no big deal, now. It's not rape any longer, but you made this possible by turning a blind eye. I'm late for my period, so you got your wish."

"That is not my wish, Ann. I swear. I only accepted what I thought you wanted. Even then, I didn't accept it. Your father and I fought. I threatened him with divorce. I called him at the office when I saw what he did. He hung up on me. We fought again when he got home. We've been as good as divorced ever since. We haven't said two words to each other since that day."

"I call that an idle threat of divorce and acceptance. If you'd gone ahead and filed for divorce, and stood up to him, kept fighting, and watched him like a hawk, I'd think differently. What you did essentially said, ‘I have to put on a good front for the kids, but I'll be a good wife. Fuck her any time you want, Jack. Knock the bitch up. I'll be quiet. I'll make myself scarce. I'll do all I can to make sure she understands that she has no choice, that her Mommy won't interfere. Use her like your personal slut. Treat her like a fuck rag and always cum in her pussy. I'll see that she gets no birth control. I won't even bring the subject up, and if she brings it up, I'll just brush it off.' That's what you told him by doing and saying nothing.”

"Maybe he took it that way, but that was not my intention. I just wanted to salvage my marriage and you seemed okay by what he was doing. From what I saw, you loved all of it. If I read things wrong, or didn't do what I should have done, I'm sorry. I know I made mistakes, but I was very confused, upset, and disoriented. Up was down; down was up; everything was crazy; and I failed you. I am so sorry, Ann. I really am, but we can set everything right now. I can put an immediate stop to this. And don't worry, we'll get you an abortion."

Ann moved her left hand into her mother's crotch and began a finger-fucking massage, saying, "No, we won't stop it. I don't want it stopped, now. As for an abortion, Dad wants me to have his baby. I'm having it and you love it. Don't lie to me. I know you love it. You were in here frigging off while he was in my room pumping me full of sperm. I'll bet you had your ear to the door, frigging off in the hallway, hoping Jeff, Jerry, or John would come out and catch you, maybe all three. You wanted them to get all turned on, pull your PJs down, and take turns fucking you while you listened to me getting raped by my father, your husband."

Jan could not stop the rolling grind of her loins on Ann's maddening hand, though she did her best not to respond. The fire in her crotch only needed a little blowing to sprout flames. Jan pleaded, "That's not true, Ann. I swear I never did any of those things. You must believe me."

"I believe your pussy, and your pussy tells me you thought about it ... even if you didn't do it. Don't lie to me, Mother. He has slept with me in my bed almost all night, every night, from day one. I know you must have woken up in an empty bed and masturbated, thinking about where he was and what he was doing. Tell me you didn't. I'll know if you're lying. If you lie, I'll never let you lick my cunt again. No more cunt honey, not a drop, and I'll never let you lick me clean after a fuck -- never. So, think hard and tell me the truth."

Jan thought hard in a sweat as the fingering intensified, then nodded and said, "Yes, I did notice he was gone, not the first time, but the second, third, fourth, fifth, and most nights after that."

"And you masturbated?"

"Yes ... not the first time, which would be your second. I did after that. Every time after that. I masturbated when I knew he was raping you. I saw him leave our bedroom with the straps, and I started playing with my pussy right after the door shut behind him. I masturbated after you first showed me your pussy. I masturbated while he was fucking you in the garage, and again after I saw what he did, after I knew he wasn't pulling out. I masturbated every time I thought about it or saw any evidence that he'd done it again. I'm sorry, but it does turn me on. I do want you pregnant. I want you to stay pregnant. I want you to deliver his baby, your father's baby ... OH GOD! NO! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Ann stopped and got up to look down on her writing mother. When Jan stopped writhing, she started crying. She couldn't look Ann in the face and had turned her head away. Ann calmly said, "Mom, are you familiar with the expression, 'payback's a mother fucker? Look at me!"

Slowly, Jan rolled her head to look at Ann. She stopped sobbing and just looked. Ann waited, then said, "You are going to get pregnant for me. It'll be a bastard, and you'll bear that bastard, and it'll be an incestuous bastard, only you won't know who the father is."

"Ann, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, you are going to start having unprotected sex with all three of your sons."

"NO! Ann, there's no way. I'm sorry that this happened, but I didn't start this. Your father did. He's the one getting most of the pleasure from this. He's the one that wanted you pregnant. If there's payback, he earned it."

"I disagree. He earned me. He won me over. He went after what he wanted and now I'm all his ... but you let this happen by letting him get that horny, then turning a blind eye when he found a solution. You might just as well have led him to my bedroom, stripped me, tied me down, and guided his cock in for him. In fact, I would have respected you more if you had.”

“I’m sorry, Ann!”

The pretty 13-year-old smiled. “I’m not. I'll do the same for you as you did for me, Mommy. I'll make those boys so horny they'll rape a three-legged, mangy dog. They'll get nothing from me. There's no dog, so guess who gets the attention? And guess who won't be wearing panties under a skirt, going topless, and staying barefoot?"

"If you think I'll go around like that, you're nuts."

"You will, or I'll go get the boys right now and you'll never be able to sleep in this house again without waking up bound and naked with a dick in you. The only question is, how would you rather get fucked? Either way is fine with me. Tell me now. What's it going to be?"

"Ann, you can't do this to me. I'm your mother. I'm their mother."

"So? You have a cunt, they have dicks, and they all shoot cum ... even Jerry. They would all fuck your sexy ass if you offered the slightest hint that you'd welcome a fuck. If they see you wearing only a skirt and know you're naked under it -- which won't be hard, because you'll wear my skirts -- that's all the hint they'll need. If they see you like that, you're fucked. If they see you like this, you're fucked. You're fucked either way. Well?"

"For god's sake, Ann. You're asking the impossible. I could never be like that, not with my sons. When you're a mother, you'll understand."

"Yes, and thanks to you, I'll understand in less than nine months. You owe me, and you're going to pay me back. You’re my bitch now."

"How could you treat me this way, Ann? Do you hate me that much?"

"I don't hate you at all! I love you, and I love what you did. I'm thrilled that this turned you on and you went with it. You were great, Mom. Really. I love all of it. I still owe you, and you earned payback. I don't get mad, I get even. There's no malice, none ... but I am determined that you get what I got."

"Sweetheart. Our situations are different. I won't enjoy this, none of it. I'll never adjust. I can never be uninhibited like you. I would die if I had to go through one tenth what you've been through. As for having a baby: I've had four, and been having them since I was your age. I'm twenty-nine. I want my baby-having days to stay behind me, Ann. There's also a huge difference between a budding young teenager having sex with one man, even her father, and a mother having sex with three of her minor sons."

"I see no difference. Incest is incest. Numbers don't count."

"You can't be jailed for what you're doing. I could be put away for a very long time. Think of something else, Ann. Under the circumstances, I think I'd be inclined to go along with just about anything else. Make me your pussy slave. I could do that. I'd enjoy that, even in front of the whole family. I'm almost there, now. Bring your affair out in the open. I'll wait on you hand and foot. I'll hold his balls while he fucks you. I'll lick you while he fucks you, in front of the boys, in the nude. Make me stay nude. I think I could deal with that. I think I could adjust to that. That could be fun, fun for all. I know the boys are interested in seeing what I look like naked."

"They are, and you'll do all those things ... but I want you to be a slut for them just like I'm a slut for Daddy. Any time one of those boys wants a cunt to fuck, you make sure your cunt is ready and waiting. We should never see you without cum runs that go to your feet. Don't ever wipe -- and after a bath, you make sure there's someone ready to fill you up again and soil your sexy fucking legs. If I ever reach between your legs and don't get cum on my fingers, I'll keep you naked with your hands bound behind your back. And I will be checking, often."

"You do, and I'll slap your god damn face."

"If you ever lift a finger to stop me, or have a clean dry pussy, it'll be rape, rape, rape after that, and Dad can see to it that you get naked and bound."

"He would never dare."

"Oh? If he ever wants any more of my willing pussy, he'll dare. And, Mom, I have him hooked on my tight pussy. He likes it much better when I fuck him. He'd feed you to wolves, one piece at a time, if I asked him nicely. Don't make me use force. I will. I could get very ugly if you resist. If I show you my pussy, you get down on your knees and grovel in my cunt, just like you did, only you'll do it in front of everyone and anyone. From now on, you worship my cunt, and you let everyone see you at worship."

This bold declaration left Jan open-mouthed but speechless, so Ann went on, "If I even think you're using any form of birth control, I will get ugly. I'm serious. Don't fight me. You're getting pregnant. You are back in the baby business. That much I guarantee. Whether you have any fun getting pregnant is up to you."

"Oh, Ann, no."

"Oh, Mom, yes. I'll tell you this much. While I'm fucking Dad, you aren't getting any from him. The only cock for you is between your sons' legs. Lucky for you, you had three. One little dick would hardly be any compensation at all. Actually, Jeff has a pretty big dick, and John is impressive. Jerry is kind of puny, but he's the horniest. You'll do okay. Now, I'll ask you one last time. How do you want to do this: the easy way or the hard way?"

Jan let her head fall back and stared at the ceiling, weighing options. She knew Ann was dead serious and determined. She had a right to be. When Ann gave up waiting on her answer and started for the door, Jan raised her head and said, "Wait! I want to do this the easy way."

Ann turned and smiled. She folded her arms under her pert breasts and said, "We'll try the easy way, but one slip, one show of an attitude, one balk, one raised voice, threat, or slap, and you'll be naked in cuffs and I'll be holding a thin belt. To tell you the truth, I hope you fail. I think that would be kinda fun training you the hard way."

This statement made Jan gulp. Ann advanced to the bed wearing a wicked grin. She said, "You know, Mom, I can see this isn't that much of a challenge for you.”

“It’s not?”

Ann sat on the bed at Jan's hip, took the dildo, and aimed it at her pussy, saying, “No, not at all. And I wouldn't want this to be too easy.”

With that, the slender teen he pushed the dildo in halfway and held it there.

“Ann, this isn’t easy at all.”

“Sure it is, Mommy. We need a good ice-breaker, something that will show you in a new light, something that will show them just how horny and hard up you are. Even if you walked around naked, frigging yourself, the boys might be too intimidated to make a move on you. They've seen me naked and they know I love to get fucked, but no one has tried to make a move on me. Except putting their dicks in my mouth while I get raped, and that hardly counts."

Jan was looking at the dildo, which Ann was now moving and twisting, as she said, "What do you have in mind?"

"Up to a challenge, are you?"

"Well, I need some sort of ice-breaker if you want them all fucking me. I can't just walk out and say, 'Hey, boys, I'm your slut, now. If you feel like fucking a woman's pussy, fuck mine.'"

"You're right, Mommy. That would be tacky. You know what always turned me on, my number one fantasy before Dad raped me? The fantasy I masturbate to more than any other?"

"No, what?"

"I picture a sexy woman that gets so horny she takes a dog for a lover. Sometimes I picture me as a housewife, sometimes you, sometimes a sexy movie star. Mostly, I see you. I can see you being that horny, especially now that you're not getting any human cock. Do you ever think about dogs or any animal as sexual partners?"

"I think all women have, but fantasy is one thing. I could never do that. I am capable of getting down and dirty, but I could never sink to perversion. Having sex with any animal is as perverse as it gets. Maybe you could, but I couldn't."

The pretty little cheerleader smiled, biting her lip slyly. "Then this will be a challenge, won't it? I have the perfect dog, too. You know that big, black lab that always comes around looking for scraps, that nasty crotch sniffer with a constant hard-on poking out of his sheath, all red and shiny? I love that long, thick slab of dog cock. That dog sure has a beautiful cock, doesn't he?"

"Ann, don't even think about it. I'm serious. I couldn't do it, even in total privacy, and that animal disgusts me. That dog needs to wear pants. He's obscene."

"This is getting better and better. The next time he scratches at the back door, I say you invite him in. I say you let him get a good whiff of your cunt, and let him lick it. Lean back against a counter and put a rolling grind in your pelvis while he's licking. You don't care who's watching because you're getting your horny cunt licked. You lift your skirt so you can see. Now, everyone can see, but you don't care. You pull the lips apart and say, 'Nice doggie. Lick my pussy, nice doggie.'"

Ann had the cock moving in deep strokes and also had her mother's hips rolling, breathing hard, breaking out in a worried sweat as she said, "Please, Ann, don't. Not this. Anything but this. You're talking crazy, now. You're going way off the deep end. I've accepted that you can turn me into an incestuous slut. I even accept that I must get pregnant and bear a son's bastard. You cannot turn me into a human bitch. That goes way beyond payback. That would be gross exploitation."

"No, this is too perfect, too perfect to pass up, and I'm in a win-win situation. If you don't make that mutt your lover, I'll get to use the belt on you. I'll see that you become a good bitch if I have to whip your cunt to make you one or send you to prison. You'll suck his dick and swallow his load. He'll be your lover regardless, and after he gets some of your fine bitch pussy, he'll be scratching at the door for his bitch ... and when you hear him scratching, you'll strip naked and come running, wagging your tail and offering your bitch cunt. I want to see you grovel with a dog's cock in your mouth. We would all like to see that."

"Oh, oh, oh, Ann, you can't mean that."

"Oh, but I do, and you know what? I think this turns you on. The best part is, after Jeff, John, and Jerry see how hard up you are, when they see their sexy mother acting like a bitch in heat, they'll have no qualms about sticking a dick in you. There's your ice-breaker, Mommy. And we're going to break that ice this morning. He comes around pretty regular, but we only see him on weekends. You must know his schedule by heart. When will your lover boy come scratching at the door? When should we plan breakfast? Come on, Mom. Don't make me resort to threats. I'm going to get my way. Resolve yourself to becoming a full-fledged human bitch to amuse us. Let's do this the easy way, too."

Jan mulled this over, saw the absolute determination in Ann, then let out a long surrendering sigh and said, "He usually comes around nine. That's when I set the breakfast scraps out for him."

"I thought he disgusted you. Sounds to me like you've been luring him here. You're here all alone, horny, no one's looking, and he can't talk. What do you serve those scraps in, your cunt? He's already your lover, isn't he? You've already sucked that cock, haven't you?"

"No, but I do let him lick my pussy. I let him into the kitchen, and I'm usually naked or wearing just my robe. I've thought of doing more. I just couldn't bring myself to do more."

"Did you think about sucking his dick? Do you think about sucking him till he cums in your mouth?"

"Yes. I've recently taken to jacking him off. He cums in my hand. I've tasted his cum. I lapped some from my hand just the other day. Thanks to you, I've been very horny lately, horny enough to think seriously about taking a doggie lover and going all the way. I knew it would happen. I'm very close. If I'm going to do it, I may as well bring it out in the open and amuse someone."

"Really! Would you suck him and swallow his load? Did you swallow what you tasted?"

"Yes, and if he came in my mouth, I'd swallow it all. I want to suck him more than I want to fuck him, and I want to fuck so bad I'll do it in a crowd with cameras. Fuck, I'm so fucking horny right now, I could scream. Yes, that feels great! Fuck me, Ann! Fuck your mother's horny bitch cunt!”

Ann pulled the dildo out just as Jan was cresting. “Time to get up, Mommy.”

“OH NO! Ann, don't stop! Not now! Oh, fuck!"

Ann tossed the dildo and began removing cinch straps, saying, "I want you horny. It's seven thirty. You have an hour and a half to get ready. Shave your cunt and get dolled up. Wear something sexy, a going-out-dancing dress. The red dress. Yes, the red dress with high heels. They love seeing you in that short dress, and your legs look fantastic when you wear heels. Keep the dress on while the dog fucks you. Pull the top below your tits right after he starts licking. Play with your tits while you lift the skirt high."

Jan was now free, sitting up, rubbing her wrists while listening. She got off the bed and looked down on Ann. This didn't set well with Ann, so she ordered her mother to her knees. Jan went to her knees and Ann moved close and jutted her loins out with bowed knees. Jan began licking without being told and soon had a good grovel going, which greatly pleased Ann.

Jan reached through Ann's legs and curled her fingers around each hip, pulling, encouraging Ann to keep moving forward over her leaning back body. Ann was now pleased as punch as she came to stand in a wide stance directly over her mother's slavishly sucking mouth. Her mom was groveling even better than before, only this time, her eyes were looking up into Ann's.

That was much better.

Ann massaged her own tits and tweaked her nipples while impishly biting her lower lip. She soon had a good pelvic grind going and the tongue up her cunt felt like an eel. Her mother loved groveling in pussy and Ann loved having her pussy groveled in. She couldn't think of anyone she would rather have groveling between her legs than her own lovely mother with the pretty face and big blue eyes.

Ann was in heaven and building rapidly to orgasm. The exciting image of her pretty mother groveling equally well in a dog's loins flooded her fevered mind, adding lust upon lust. She said, "You're going to make a good bitch, aren't you?"

The head nodded enthusiastically and the eyes said, "YES!"

Ann said, "Are you going to suck him off first thing? Will you suck him to a climax as a warm-up? Will you show us your mouthful of dog cum, then swallow it slowly, savoring every drop?"

Again, the head nodded, but this time, she uncunted to add, "Yes, and after I swallow it all, I'll open my mouth wide and show each of you that your mother is a good bitch that swallows all of her canine lover's cum."

She immediately returned to her licking suck. Ann, on the verge of a screaming climax, cried, "Oh god, yes. You're dying to show us how much you love your doggie, aren't you? You'll worship his cock the way you worship my cunt. When you fuck him, you'll fuck him on your back with your legs wide so we can all see the dog's cock fucking your horny cunt. That's how you love to fuck a dog. You like putting on a good doggie fuck show, showing off your sexy bitch pussy. Isn't that right, Mother?"

The hard nod made Ann cum. She screamed out her long bucking release, then collapsed. Had her mother not had such a tight grip on her hips, she'd have taken a nasty backward fall. As it was, she fell forward over her mom and pinned her to the floor, folded back at the knees.

Jan waited for Ann to regain her composure. While waiting, Jan stroked Ann's face and, combed fingers through her hair, admiring her daughter's beautiful features in post orgasmic bliss. That she was making her little girl happy beyond measure was delightfully obvious. Any anxiety she still had slowly dissolved in the love she had for her remarkable girl child - her little sex kitten.

The post-act remorse that normally hit her hard after any abnormal sex act didn't happen this time. She felt no shame and no guilt and knew she could give her daughter the payback she wanted. The guilt over what she'd done to Ann, the guilt she carried like a heavy burden from the day after the first rape, dissolved also.

She didn't think that guilt would ever go away, but just looking into the face of her blissfully content child made all the guilt go away. She now saw that, for once, she did something right by silently encouraging Jack to keep on molesting their daughter.

Daddy got her subtle message loud and clear ... and so did Ann.

Jan now thought she did the right thing by not saying a word to anyone about the outrageous way they carried on their illicit affair, almost openly, allowing Ann to go topless, barefoot, without panties, totally naked at times, ignoring the numerous and shocking displays of her shaved pussy, going along with every request to examine her shave, usually right after a messy fuck, usually with others looking on, feeling, using both hands, feeling through sperm, spreading their incestuous fuck all over the plane of her daughter's slippery crotch under fascinated male eyes, the only exception being the previous evening at the dinner table which Jan now regretted.

She'd done almost as much several times before without bolting. The truth was, she did bolt because she didn't think she could resist using her tongue instead of her fingers.

There was no need to be subtle any longer, if she ever had been. She certainly never fooled Ann. She didn't want to be subtle; she wanted full and active participation. She wanted to serve them both in every possible way a wife and mother could serve incestuous lovers.

She gave Ann tender kisses, seeking contact with the lips. Ann slowly raised her head to allow that intimate contact. She got a passionate kiss with a tongue in her mouth. Ann loved that kiss but decided not to respond, liking it better because she simply permitted her mother to show her desire, holding her mouth open for it.

Jan quickly caught on and abandoned the idea of a kiss between equals, between lovers. Instead, she used her mouth and tongue on her daughter's mouth the way she used them on the mouth of Ann's cunt. She licked all around inside, outside, and sucked on fleshy parts. She laved teeth, gums, inside cheeks, and the back of her throat. She sucked tongue and lips, as Ann yawned her mouth wide to assist in this subservient service. Jan now understood that they would not be lovers.

Jan accepted that reality and found that she liked the idea. Under the circumstances, with the new order of things, it would not be proper. Ann was now the woman of the house; Jan was the bitch, the maid, the cook, and breeding slut to the boys. She resolved never to forget her place, and demonstrated that resolve in the way she serviced Ann's mouth.

Ann enjoyed a long demonstration of subservient mouth cleaning, then curiosity made her back off to look her mother in the eyes. She was dying to know what she was thinking to bring on this unexpected demonstration. She could almost feel her mother's thoughts. She said, "What are you thinking about?"

"I want to talk about this. Can we take this discussion into the bathroom? This position is killing me."

Ann got up and helped her mother up. Jan shook out her cramped legs then said, "Would you check to see if the boys are up? It's not that I don't want them to see me naked. I want the first time to be when they see me with the dog -- honestly."

"They're sleeping in. Dad said we could all skip school today. They were up until two in the morning, talking about the family crisis you caused when you stormed off. Dad was sure you were going to see a lawyer or to the police. He brought them into the planning for a way to get you back in line. I listened for a while, but I got tired of all their boring ‘what ifs’. None of them knew what I knew. None of them knew how hot my rapes made you; none of them knew how rubbing Daddy’s fuck into me made you rush off to masturbate. I wasn't worried one bit, but there was no convincing them. Dad was the worst. He was a nervous wreck."

"I'm not surprised. He has never been in touch with my true feeling and sexual needs. He attacks me when I'm cold and ignores me when I'm hot. All men are basically that way, but he's impossible. I knew you saw through me, and I think Jeff saw through me, too. You should know."

"He didn't. He is just as dumbfounded as the others. If anything, Jerry is the one who suspects you're getting off on the whole situation. He can't believe it, but he's no dummy. He knows you check my shave the way you do because you love doing it, and he can see you love playing around in a spermy cunt most of all. The others, even Dad, think you're just humoring me to keep peace in the family. When you threw your fit, they were convinced that they were right and Jerry was wrong. Jerry still sided with me and said you left because you couldn't take anymore teasing without giving in and using your tongue."

"That's interesting. I never would have thought that about Jerry. I'm not even aware that he knows I'm female."

"He knows ... believe me, he knows. He's just very cool about not showing that side around you. He feels very guilty about the sexual fantasies he has about you. Mother-fucker is not exactly a term of honor among boys, even for teens with a mother as sexy as you. He thinks there's something wrong with him because he aspires to being a mother fucker."

"Is that so? He's barely into puberty."

"He talked to me about that months ago, back when I was pure and simple. I knew enough to reassure him that such thoughts are natural. We had a very open and mature talk about masturbation and fantasies. He told me his; I told him mine; he showed me his; I showed him mine; before long, we were masturbating for each other. We got together at least three or four times a week after that. That was my sex life until I got raped. He really has a thing for you, and I made him a huge bestiality fan. You fucking dogs is all he thinks about, now."

They moved across the hall and into the bathroom. Jan drew the bath and sat in the shallow water as it filled. Ann took a seat on the lid of the toilet with her wide feet planted on the rim of the tub, framing her mother's upper body. Jan merely had to reach to feel Ann's cunt, which she did quite often. Ann always made room for her mother's fingers. She was getting fingered when she said, ""What were you thinking about when you were licking the inside my mouth?"

"About things. About how things will be from now on. I was thinking we should switch rooms. You belong in the master bedroom with the master."

"You're right; I should be in the master bedroom. We’ll switch. What else?"

"I was wondering if you'd make me wear a dog collar, just a dog collar with matching high heels. I figure a good human bitch should dress the part and always be available to her doggie lover. We can keep the dog, you know? No one owns him. Whoever put that fancy collar on him with his name and address moved away and left no forwarding address. His name is Spike, by the way. He's a stray. I asked around."

"I'll bet you did. You will wear a dog collar, always, not just in this house. You'll wear it everywhere you go. You are a human bitch, so you'd best get used to looking like one."

"I figured you'd want it that way. Everyone around here knows his name and his collar. I was wondering if you'd make me wear his collar. It fits my neck perfectly, and anyone in this neighborhood who saw me wearing Spike's collar would know whose bitch I was. I got lots of knowing looks when I took him around, asking about the owners."

"I'll just bet you did. I'll bet you wore a skirt, didn't you?"

"Yes, and you know Spike. Whenever we stopped, that head went up my skirt, front or rear. Stopping him was impossible, and he had all twelve inches of that cock out. He even jumped up and humped my leg. I actually spoke to smiling couples with him hugging me in a death grip around my waist with his dick poking at the crotch of my panties. No one ever offered me help in controlling him, not even those holy rollers next door ... and they were my first stop, and they had company. Six people crowded the doorway, watching Spike hump me from behind while I stood on their doorstep. They kept me there asking dumb questions, so I quit fighting him and just stood there, letting him hump me while trying to answer their questions."

"Oh God, Mom, you fucking horny bitch! That's right out of my fantasy. Tell me about that. It had to get better. Did he cum?"

"Yes, but he came on the inside front of my skirt. They were watching his dick poke my skirt out at the crotch with every humping thrust. All eyes were on my crotch, watching my skirt bob. When he came after about five minutes of humping his cock through my clamped thighs, they watched the spreading wet spot grow to cover my entire front below the waist. I looked like I'd pissed myself and then they saw his cum running down my legs clear to my heels. He cums a cupful at least. No man can cum that much. They won't be the least surprised seeing me wearing Spike's collar."

"That's great! When Spike starts licking your twat, I'll remove his collar and place it on your neck. After we consummate this marriage, you and I are going around the neighborhood again to make sure he has been abandoned. This time, you'll have his cum on your legs and you won't be wearing panties. This time, if he gets frisky, you'll stand there and get fucked outdoors where anyone can see you. I might even lift the front of your skirt so the people we're talking to can see your bitch pussy in action. What do you think of that, Mother? Can you be a bitch in public?"

"I already have been. That wasn't the only place he mounted me, and they weren't the only people that saw me take it to a climax. I've been hitting three or four houses a day for over two weeks. I only go out when he's horny. He can cum twice before he loses interest. When he stops being nasty and frisky with me, I give up and go home. No one in this neighborhood will be at all surprised to see me wearing his collar. I'm surprised word hasn't gotten back to you kids, or has it?"

"No, it hasn't. If it had, we'd all know. You only did this when kids were in school, didn't you?"

"Yes, and it was hard catching some of these neighbors at home in the quiet morning after the kids leave."

"I'll bet. Not many parents would share their exciting morning with their kids."

"I suppose, but I figured at least one out of the thirty or forty I gave exhibitions to would. I knew it would only take one to get all over the schools. I dreaded that day, but I knew it was coming. I couldn't stop once I had that experience with the holy rollers. I honestly didn't think anything like that would happen, and their reaction to it floored me. That happened the day after your rape, and I was honestly trying to find out how to get him back to his owners, because I wanted him locked up. I was just too keyed up to be dealing with a horny dog scratching at my door. I knew if I had to keep seeing that horny dog with my horny cunt in the shape it was in, there'd be big trouble."

"So, why did you put on a dress? You knew better."

"I just threw something on without thinking, grabbed his collar, and dragged him along. He was fine until I stopped moving. When they answered the door, I was trying to push his head out of my crotch. He wasn't about to be dislodged. He was licking pussy over panties, and my skirt was bunched on his head. They could see all of my legs, but they were staring at my crotch as more startled faces kept appearing in the doorway. I wanted to run, squat, hide. I finally covered his head with my skirt to hide my crotch and stopped fighting so I could explain myself. They weren't even listening. I knew if people like them would love seeing that, others would have no trouble at all ... and they didn't."

"Did anyone ever complain?"

"Not one person gave me a dirty look. I will say, though, I did a good act. I think I looked innocent, even when things got out of hand. Once that happened, I genuinely needed help to get him under control. I asked for help; I just never got any. I asked our good Christian neighbors for help and didn't get any. In every case where I asked for help, I got none whatsoever."

"Women wouldn't help?"

"Mostly, I saw women, housewives, women that had been talking over their back fence. They wanted a show and they weren't about to help the stupid blonde bitch. I know what the number-one fantasy is in this neighborhood. You're not alone, Ann. If you don't stake your claim to Spike, someone else will. This neighborhood is full of horny housewives who dream of taking a doggie lover. They do, now, anyway. I think the only reason Spike hasn't been grabbed up is that everyone would know why he was being grabbed up."

"But that doesn't bother you, does it?"

"No, it excites me terribly. I want them all to know. I want them all to see. A real bitch does her fucking in public, Ann. You said you wanted me to be a real human bitch. I assume by that you intend mating me out where everyone can see. I'll probably get arrested, but I don't care about that anymore. Public indecency is a misdemeanor, a ticket, a small fine. Unless they enact a law that makes it a felony, we can handle the fines. I honestly don't think anyone around here would call the cops or even register a complaint, even if I did all my fucking out on the front lawn in just heels and a collar with you holding my leash."

"You'd like to be on a leash, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, at all times, a chain, actually, the kind you use on large dogs, the kind with a snap at both ends."

"I want an explanation. If this is all an act just to humor me, I'm going to be pissed. I don't want to be humored. Don't make fun of my fantasy."

"I am not making fun of your fantasy, Ann. I am not humoring you, either. I have my own fantasies that aren't all that different from yours, and mine go back to my preteen years. When I was a little girl, we played a game we called master and dog. The dog had to be on all fours, eat from a bowl, couldn't speak, the works. In essence, you became a dog. I liked being the dog, so I usually got to be the dog. Your Aunt Connie and Uncle Phil liked being my master because the game bugged the hell out of Mom, and they were both in their early teens, rebellious, and whatever bugged mom was a fun game. Mostly, they'd chain me to something and leave me. I loved being chained and left. I refused to come out of character no matter how hard Mom pleaded and threatened, and if she hit me, that played right into my bad dog fantasy."

"Mom, this is just plain weird."

"I was only eight. Playing make-believe is fun at that age."

"I suppose, but so far, I fail to see the fun in this make-believe."

"I'm getting there. One day, Mom walks in the kitchen while I'm eating oatmeal from the dog's bowl. Phil is holding my leash and I have my Sunday dress on because we're going to church. I had to come out of character for church, so I was getting in my last doggie bit until we returned. We were keeping a poodle for Grandma Stevens, a male, and that poodle comes up and sniffs my crotch. Phil is laughing; I'm trying to blindly shoo him away. Mom isn't amused, but I guess she sees an opportunity to teach me a lesson and tells me that's what dogs do. They let other dogs sniff them.”

Ann bit her lip, smiling. “Is that so, Mommy?”

"Yep. Well, I'm going to show her, so I prostrate my upper body and boldly offer up my butt, and in the short, stiff skirt, I showed the crotch of my panties, only he didn't sniff, he licked. He was licking my pussy and snaking his tongue under the leg openings to get at the juicy center. Phil drops to his knees to get a close-up look. Mom doesn't know what to say about this, but Phil does. He quickly says, 'They also lick each other, so you have to let him lick you. Isn't that right, Mom?'"

Ann said, "This is more like it. What happened next?"

"Mom doesn't say anything, so Phil gets brave and pulls the panties away from my pussy. I think he just wanted the excuse to look at my pussy, but I also think a lot had to do with Mom being there, and she started us down this road. Phil was a nasty little shit at thirteen and fourteen, because Dad was gone most of the time. He was always doing things to embarrass Mom. I was loving it. That tongue felt great and having them watch felt even greater. Phil got bolder and folded my skirt over my back, then drew my panties to my knees. Now, I know he did that to shock Mom, but she still said nothing, so he got beside me, facing her and used his fingers to pry me open. He pulled my little cunt lips open along with my butt cheeks. Now, I'm shocked, and that tongue is now going up my hole to lick my cherry. Mom still isn't saying anything, so Phil says, 'I think he's getting horny. I think he wants to fuck her.'

"He never got away with using the 'F' word before, but he did then. I couldn't believe Mom was letting him get away with this, but I'm loving it even more, so I just count my blessings and wait. He says, 'Dogs don't wear clothes when they mate, do they, Mom?' There was silence, and then I hear her say, 'No, they don't.' He says, 'He looks like he's getting ready to mate with her. I should take her clothes off, don't you think?'

"She must have nodded, because he unzips my dress and starts pushing it off over my head. I help, and before long, I just have shoes, socks, and panties at my knees. Phil wants me to roll over, so I rolled over. Now, I'm on my back, looking up at Mom, but she's looking at my pussy, staring at it while Phil. takes my panties off.

"I can't believe this is happening, and the dog is now licking my slit while Phil removes my shoes and socks. He's making my legs wide by bending both legs and I laid them flat to the floor. He tells me I should pull my pussy open so the dog can lick inside, so I do, and Mom moves to see better. He takes his sweet time, and this is all blowing my mind, but I'm still loving every minute ... and the best part is that we'll miss church if we can just stall long enough.”

Pretty little Ann was now squirming on he mother’s fingers, pinching her nipples. “Oh, fuck, yes.”

"Now, I'm naked and ready for mating, so he has me get on all fours. I'm not really sure what's going to happen, but when the dog jumped on my back, Phil guided the cock. Three seconds later, I was no longer a virgin, and I had six inches of dog cock fucking the shit out of my ex-virgin pussy. It happened so fast, it didn't hurt too much. Mom watched me get screwed. Didn't say a word, and watched long after the fuck as we remained locked together. My pussy was so tight, we were sorta locked together, though I'm sure I could have dislodged him if I'd tried. I didn't try because I was still stalling to miss church, so we stayed together for what must have been thirty minutes."

Ann said, "Where was Connie?"

"I don't remember, but she wasn't there, probably spending the night with a friend. She did that a lot."

"So, you have fucked a dog?"

"Several. This first one was an icebreaker. We kept their poodle for a month, and when Connie found out about me getting screwed -- and Mom watching -- from then on, ‘playing doggie’ meant ‘breeding the doggie’. Connie kept me naked. Mom went along, and watching me get screwed was as common as watching me drink from the toilet bowl."

"You drank from the toilet bowl?"

"That's what dogs do, Ann. I'm telling you, I was into playing the bitch at the age of eight. When we returned the poodle, they brought dogs in from the neighborhood. I fucked German shepherds, collies, labs, boxers, a beagle, two terriers, a golden retriever, and a great big mutt with a dick almost as big as Spike's. This went on for months until Dad walked in and caught me with the big mutt. We were locked up, truly locked genital to genital, just like two dogs. He threw a fit. I was never a dog again, and had a healthy lecture on perversion which still sticks with me today, only not in my fantasies. Throughout the rest of middle school and until your dad knocked me up Freshman year, I have only fucked men since.”

“You poor girl,” Anne said, smiling.

“That's why I needed to get Spike locked up. I still have the craving. You have unleashed the bitch in me."

"How could you hide this side of you so well?"

"Obviously, I didn't ... otherwise you never could have imagined me in that role."

"You might be right. I've seen the way you look at Spike's cock. I knew there was interest from the very start. Okay, I'll buy it, but how could you lose all inhibitions? Were you serious about doing it in public on the front lawn?"

"Yes, but you'd have to force me. You'd have to lead me out there and stake me down. I need this to be rape -- more rape, like you raped be before. I need it, Ann. I want you to, because I couldn't go on my own. Your threat to have me thrown in jail completely turned me around. I feel like I'm totally at your mercy. That's very important, though in my rational mind, I'm fairly sure you never would. Still, you might. That's all I need. I am now psychologically prepared to do whatever it takes to keep from going to prison. I'll suffer any shame and humiliation you are willing to dish out. I just thought you'd like to know that."

"I'm glad you fessed up, but all you've done for the last thirty minutes is hint at what you want me to do to you. I'm not stupid, Mother."

"I know, but as long as you're determined to ruin me, I figured why not get my sexual itches scratched while I'm at it. Scratch them or don't scratch them ... but at least, now, you know what they are."

"But you'd rather I didn't do any of these things, is that it?"

"If I had my say, I'd want you to limit this payback to my being your pussy slave. We'd completely switch roles, but I would like to maintain my role as mother to my boys: no sex, no dogs, my reputation outside the home intact."

"I thought you already blew that."

"It wasn't as bad as I made it sound. I can live with what did happen. Only the next-door neighbors saw a sex act. I don't care what they think. They won't talk. The others were pretty mild by comparison."

"I'll have to think about it, but be prepared to go all the way when Spike shows up. I have to see that one time, at least."

"Sweetheart, If I do it once, I'll be hooked. I'm like an alcoholic where dogs are concerned. One time, and I will have a doggie lover. Everyone will have to accept that fact. I'll claim him if you won't. If Jack takes you; I'm taking a dog."

"Well, you're going to take him one time and do everything with him in front of me, Jeff, John, and Jerry. My mind is made up on that score, so we may as well go all out and scratch both of our itches."

"I'm resolved to that if that's what you want. Like I said, you'll have to force me, but I'm easy to force. Hand me the razor."

Ann watched her mother shave and masturbated all through it. While shaving away strips of light pubic hair, Jan said, "So, Jeff has a big dick, does he?”

“Excellent. You'll like Jeff's cock if you like Dad's."

"I've never complained about his cock. Tell me, Ann, what are those boys expecting? You said they were up till two. How should I act?"

"If you're here when they wake up, they'll take that as a good sign. If you're not here, they'll assume you're seeing a lawyer. The plan they came up with was for me to loosen you up by turning you on and showing you that you can play too. Dad just wanted me to feel you up and kiss you. I was also to deliver the threat as insurance. I thought their plan was dumb and told them so."

"It was a good plan, but I can see where you'd think it was dumb. Your way was certainly faster, but you took a big chance. You could not have known I'd respond the way I did."

"I didn't, and that wasn't my plan. My plan fell apart when I tasted your pussy. After that, I just did what felt right."

"So, when they see me, they'll think the plan went well and I'm loosened up, willing to play ball. Is that it?"

"Sorta. I think the goal was just to get back to where we were. There was a whole series of plans to move you along."

"To what?"

"To openly accepting me as Dad's slut lover, I suppose."

"I thought I had."

"Only me and Jerry realized that. Mom, I have an idea for a warm-up to the dog scene. Interested?"

"Very much. I need one. What did you have in mind?"

"A pussy shave inspection, only this time, you use your tongue. Prove Jerry was right."

"A groveling cunt suck?"

"Why not? Act like you're nuts about my cunt. They'll think their plan went better than expected."

"My mouth is watering already. I am nuts about your cunt. We can pick up where we left off last night, only without the sperm. Too bad. The sperm would make it better."

"Then, I'll fuck Jeff at the table."

"You nasty girl. A warm up to the warm up. I like that even better. Do it while I prepare breakfast. I'll try ignore you two, but they'll see me stealing peeks. When I sit down to eat, you move my plate and present me with my spermy breakfast."

"I love it, so will they. Take your time. I might fuck all three. You look hungry."

"We'll have to get a move on or Spike will interrupt my breakfast, and I'm famished. All done. How do I look?"

Jan stood and posed for Ann. "Great! You can see everything. God, you've got a sexy cunt between your sexy legs. I love it, and they're going to flip when they see it. Our guys love a shaved cunt."

"I'm going to do a quick fix up and throw on the dress. Why don't you wake up the studs?"

"You mean, wake up your breakfast?" Jan smiled while blow drying her hair.


Jan paused to look at herself wearing only the red dress and heels. She loved what she saw: sexy to the extreme. She always felt sexy in the red dress, but without pantyhose and bra, with naked legs, she felt lewd, slutty, a fuck-doll.

The dress had a tummy-hugging middle, a shoulderless peasant top with an elastic top fringe that clung to the top swells of her D-cup breasts, and a billowed skirt that came to mid thigh, a dangerous skirt to bend over in. With four-inch heels to top off the outfit, she was, indeed, a vision of slut perfection.

She heard stirring in the house, so she went to the kitchen to begin her breakfast preparations. Jerry was first to emerge, still wearing PJs. She heard him approach from the rear, sensed him rather than heard him, and impulsively bent from the waist with her ass aimed at him, looking for something in a bottom drawer.

Jerry dipped his head and stared at his mom's shaved pussy. He was enthralled.

Jan thrilled herself by exposing herself this way to her baby boy. She wore a full blush as she rummaged in the drawer, brought out something she didn't need, then stood, returning to food preparation. A few seconds later, she heard a throat clear and then, "Hi, Mom. How come you're dressed up? Are you going somewhere?"

Jan turned and acted surprised. "Oh! Good morning. No, I just felt like dressing up. We'll be eating soon."

Jerry took a seat at the table in the adjoining dining room as John entered and joined him. Jan heard the whispers and smiled. She heard two more enter and smiled again. She gave them a minute to get settled, then turned. She visibly jolted and her eyes widened at the sight. Ann was naked, lying back on the table, and Jeff, naked as well, stood between her yawning legs with his cock buried in her pussy.

The boys all looked toward their mother with apprehensive eyes, and Jeff's were the most apprehensive. Jan cleared her throat and forced calm in her voice as she said, "I'm making scrambled eggs with ham and cheese ... unless anyone wants their eggs fried."

Ann looked over, rubbing her clit and massaging her brother’s cock into her stuffed beaver, and said, "I want mine fried."

She then looked to the brother that had stopped fucking her and said, "You want yours fried, too, don't you, Jeff?"

Jeff just nodded. Jan acknowledged the order and returned to cooking. They resumed fucking. Mom passed the test. Several times, she found excuses to turn and ask questions. Each time, she was treated to a fuck that didn't stop because she was looking.

They were, indeed, warming up. A few trips to the table to set condiments and plates revealed aroused genitals on all kids, and Jerry had his out and was stroking it, shyly. John did have a nice bulge. She also saw Jeff's cock outside the cunt. While setting catsup beside the fucking couple, Jeff reached his climax and pulled out to deposit the last few squirts on the outside of the yawning cunt. Jan could barely contain her excitement. She tried not to stare, but did stare through the entire cum shot.

After watching his mother stop and stare at the cum shot, Jerry got brave and stood on a chair set before the spread and jacked off on it. Jan brought items to the table, one at a time, for an excuse to watch that erotic scene. She was there, looking, staring at Ann's beaver when Jerry added his whole load to half of Jeff's in the crotch of his sister.

What a mess!

In the final preparations, all were urging John to follow suit. Jan stalled, because he was weakening, and stalling paid off. As she dished out food at the table, the boy with the nicest cock -- not the biggest, but the most visually pleasing -- jacked off with the flaring crown pressed against the hole of his sister's cunt.

Jan took her seat when all places were set, and she found herself staring at her son's cock. She didn't plan to stare, but Ann had moved to lie at the corner at the end where her mother always sat, lying diagonally across the table, invading some of the space Jan needed for her plate. John had to stand right next to his mother if he wanted to remain in contact with the hole. John's left hip and Jan's right shoulder came in contact quite often.

This wasn't good enough for Ann. She placed her right leg on her mother's left shoulder, drawing Jan into firm constant contact with John and her head was hovering less than a foot from the vulgar scene. In this position, Jan studied her number two son's beautiful cock.

The cock was seven inches, thick and smooth, with a uniform shaft of pearly white skin, but the head of that cock was a real pussy pleaser. The crown looked like a mushroom or fireman's hat and was almost twice as big as the shaft. That wide cockhead made a tight seal against the hole and would have required considerable effort to get past her tight vaginal ring. The sight was erotic as hell and Ann was up on straight arms to see for herself.

John slowly stroked his cock, now enjoying the audience, and it was clearly one member in particular he was playing to: his pretty, mesmerized Mommy. That she was enthralled by his cock was obvious to all. For her, he displayed his cock to its best advantage, and backed off repeatedly to show the tip. He used the head of his cock to play in the sperm of his brothers and soon had it covered in creamy sauce.

Jan could feel pressure being applied to the back of her neck by Ann's calf, and she went with the pressure, getting closer and closer to the provocative scene until her cheek came in contact with the inner thigh and her mouth was just a fraction of an inch from the crown of John's slimy cock. The corner of her mouth rested on one puffy labia lip and that lip was covered in sperm.

Jeff and Jerry were hovering over each of Ann's hip-bones, so they made quite a family portrait. All waited to see what Jan would do, and once in position, Ann let her leg hang limply on Jan's back, demonstrating that their mother remained under her own free will.

Jan drew out the tense wait, then eased the tongue out of her mouth until it made contact with John's cockhead. John moaned and Jerry said, “Wow!"

Encouraged, Jan curled her long tongue around the cock where it made contact with her daughter's pussy -- half on cock, half on pussy -- then licked repeatedly as her right hand curled around his upper thigh and cupped his balls, coming at them from behind. John swooned as she massaged his balls and planted licking kisses all up and down the shaft. He let go to give her more area to lick, and Jan took over the jacking with her left hand.

Once she had control of her son's cock, she pulled it to her yawning mouth and forced her mouth over the head. Jan sucked while positioning her mouth to line up with the vertical slit of Ann's slimy vaginal tunnel, forming one long slit. She jacked, sucked, and massaged balls until the cock exploded in her mouth. She took two good squirts, then moved the spewing cock to the pussy, squirted the slit, then held it at the hole and filled the vaginal cavity, milking the last inside.

John almost buckled. Jan had to help him remain standing. She released him only when she was sure she drained the last drop. He stumbled back after his mother sucked his cock clean. Ann, got directly in front of her mother, sending her plate to the floor, placing both feet on both shoulders and laying out her knees, presenting a vulgar spread as she said, "Here's your breakfast, Mom. I made you a smothered cunt omelet."

Like she was famished, Jan set about licking all the cum that was visible. The boys stood close, open-mouthed and awed as they watched their mother's tongue snaking through the vaginal flesh of their sexy sister. Mom certainly loved her sperm breakfast. When all was gone, she feasted on the hole, and the boys saw a woman grovel in a cunt. They saw a cunt-hungry woman sucking slut slime from a slut as the slut held her lips open for the service.

For twenty minutes, they watched their mother gorge herself on their sister's cunt. They never tired of watching, but Jan's jaws were aching. She sucked Ann to three orgasms, and sucked the resulting cunt honey. When the familiar scratching came at the kitchen door, Jan was relieved. Ann said, “Mom, I think someone wants you. Why don't you invite him in?"

Jan sat up and looked shocked. She looked to the door as Ann sat up on the table. She looked back to Ann, saying, "But, you know how he is, Ann ... "

"I know, but you should be polite to guests. Let him in, Mom, and be very polite to him."

"But ..."

"Mom, did you like your breakfast?"

"Well, yes, but ..."

"Would you like to have a breakfast like that ever again?"

"Well ... yes."

"Then let him in and be very, very nice to him. Give him anything he wants."

Jan appeared to ponder this message with worry lines, then said, "Anything?"

"Yes, anything. Whatever he shows an interest in, see that he gets his fill. Mom, if you're wearing panties, take them off before you answer the door. I told you I didn't want you wearing panties ever again. Did you put panties on anyway?"

Jan made a good stunned expression as she looked from one grinning son to another. Jerry said, "She's not wearing panties, Ann. I saw her pussy, and she has a shaved pussy like you."

Ann said, "I know. I shaved it. Go on, Mom. Answer the door. Answer it, or forget about ever eating my cunt again."

Jan hung her head, then slowly stood. She faced the door, then moved like a condemned mutt slut. They couldn't see her smile, and she couldn't see Jerry and Jeff exchanging high fives. She heard it. The boys followed her to the door, but Ann remained on the table so as not to distract the dog.

Jan stood with her hand on the doorknob, as though frozen. Jeff gripped her hand and turned the hand and the knob, pulling the door open, letting the dog push in. They then stood back as their mother backed toward the dining room before the advancing dog nosing her crotch. She encountered the counter near the end, a few feet from the table. The boys made a semi-circle around her and the animal as his head went under the skirt.

Jan went stiff and gripped the edge of the counter top with white knuckles, making a face of agony as though he were actually eating her cunt, not licking it. Jerry, overcome with lust, had to see. He dropped to his knees at her side and pushed her dress high up her middle, exposing the provocative sight of the dog's broad tongue lapping through a cunt that was every bit as exciting as Ann's ... only there was more cunt to see.

This brought the other two to their knees and they were all fixated on the sight of the dog's long red tongue taking long licks through the cunt lips of their mother, distorting the oversize clit with the force of his licks, as though he were trying to lick the clit from its anchorage inside her slit.

With the boys absorbed in her crotch, Jan looked to her masturbating daughter and smiled. Ann smiled back, and Jan let her knees fall out steadily, giving the dog a better beaver while showing the boys more of her cunt.

Ann hopped off the table and advanced to the dog. She removed his red nylon collar and then placed it on her mother's neck, saying, "I now pronounce you, slut and mutt. You are no longer married to Daddy in the eyes of this family. Spike is your husband, now."

She then removed the wedding ring from her mother's finger and slipped it on her own, an almost perfect fit. As her brother's admired her balls, she admired her new ring, then returned to the table to masturbate with it on, fucking herself with her ring finger.

Jan saw her wedding ring go inside her daughter's cunt, which she thought was the coolest thing Ann ever did. Her brothers seemed to agree. When they returned to looking at their mother's pussy, Ann made a sign that reminded Jan to get her tits out. Jan had forgotten, so she supported her upper back on the counter and pulled the elastic top below her tits. John noticed and nudged the other two. They all stood to get a good look at their mother's sexy breasts, watching her toy with the long nipples as she moaned, "Good doggie. Oh yes, that's a good doggie. Yes, be a good husband and lick my horny pussy for me."

Jerry was busy stuffing the skirt material up under the wide elastic middle, top and bottom, and wasn't happy until all Jan had covering her body was a six-inch band of bulging red material around the waist. He was also first to brave a touch to the breasts. Jan relinquished her breasts to his hands and the others copped feels. With her hands free, she reached into her crotch and pulled her lips open. This sent them all to the floor again, though Jeff and Jerry kept a hand on one boob each.

Jan rolled and undulated her loins under the maddening tongue assault as hands took liberties below the waist. Each managed to finger her pussy or asshole. With five hands and a tongue vying for space between her legs, she didn't need hers down there, so she let the boys take over and returned to gripping the counter with her arms stretched out to each side. Again, she exchanged smiles with Ann.

Jan looked down her body and witnessed the most erotic sight. She smiled to herself as she realized her boys would have no difficulty treating her like a slut. They already were, and made obscene comments about her body and her lewd actions: they all agreed that she was a horny slut, was loving it, and would make a good bitch.

Hearing this, Jan added punctuation to that remark and came on the dog's tongue, making a spectacle of herself.

While she tried to hold herself up after the orgasm, allowing the dog to lap up the cunt honey he produced, Ann said, "He made you cum with his mouth; you should make him cum with your mouth. A good wife would do that for her hubby."

The boys all looked up to their mother's face to see her reaction to this challenge. They saw her make pleading eyes to Ann, and they saw Ann make an obscene beaver in response, saying, "If you want any of this, you'll be a good doggie wife for your doggie husband."

Jan slowly accepted that ultimatum and just as slowly sank to the floor. Jeff eagerly took the dog by the front paws and raised him to the upright, exposing his loins and the slab of angry red dog cock jutting from the sheath by ten inches. The thick, shiny cock was right in Jan's face, so all she had to do was open her mouth and angle it down. She opened her mouth, but Jerry angled it down and fed the chiseled tip between her lips. Her lips flowed over the banana-thick shaft until her mouth was full of dog cock, about four inches, and this sight made Ann go berserk and cum.

The sight also made the boys want to jerk off. Jerry and John were already at it, but Jeff had both hands full of paws. He laid those paws on the counter top and joined his brothers. He got on Jan's left with Jerry so as not to block Ann's view. She recovered and joined John on the right side.

Jan sucked the biggest dog cock of her life while pumping the rigid shaft with both hands, now twelve inches of animal maleness that she bobbed her head on while keeping a strong suction that hollowed her cheeks. She could look right and see two faces, left and see two more, and hands were all over her intimate anatomy, with fingers penetrating both holes as she squatted in a position to make them available for that purpose. The kids had her knees pressed to cabinet doors and were boldly treating her like the dirtiest of sluts, a dog-sucking slut, a cunt-lapping whore.

They called her these things repeatedly as each boy came in her face, and she came when she heard that term for the tenth time as John squirted cum in her face.

After the orgasm, Ann said, "Make him cum in your mouth, and since he swallowed your cum, you should swallow his."

Jan nodded and sucked harder, pumping faster. Jeff saw this and said, "Fuck, Ann, this is fantastic. You did great."

Ann said, "That's nothing. She'll let you guys fuck her anytime you want, and you can cum in her pussy. She's not taking any birth control, so have fun knocking her up."

Jerry said, "Really! Any time we want, we can just go up and fuck her?"

"That's right. You don't need her permission. All she can wear is the collar and her high heels, so it won't be hard to get to a hole to put your dick in."

Jeff said, "Any hole?"

"Yes, any hole ... but if you want to knock her up, cum in her pussy. She'll want you to cum in her pussy, because if I ever feel inside her cunt and don't see evidence of sperm, she'll get beat with a belt and put out on the street. She knows I'll do it, too."

Jerry said, "WOW!"

And the dog must have thought, “WOW!" because he began spewing his hot load in her mouth.

John noticed and cried, "Look, he's cumming in her fucking mouth!"

Jan had to make room for the deposit, so she eased her mouth to the very end and pursed her lips over the tip, letting some splash against her lips for visual effect. They watched the viscous fluid run down both corners of her lips as it blended with their cum to go down her neck, then watched her nurse the jerking rod.

She milked the last drops, then Spike moved off. Jan opened her mouth to let them see how much cum she'd captured. Each looked in her mouth and saw the creamy puddle, each boy making a look of disgust or a comment about the volume of yuckie stuff she held in her mouth.

Ann wasn't disgusted and used a finger in her mommy’s mouth to stir the mess as she said, "Wow, that's a lot of dog cum. Now, swallow."

Jan took swallowing gulps with her mouth open and they watched the puddle disappear down her throat until her mouth was empty, which she showed by moving her tongue about. The dog had wandered away.

The kids, now satisfied, all stood and looked down on their mother, awed by what they'd witnessed, now awed by the sight she still presented in her relaxed slump: half lying and half sitting, with her knees still back, with no one forcing them back, her forearms lying on the floor to each side, lewdly showing her pussy and her asshole as many lines of dog and human semen ran from her soiled face, converged between her tits to run to the bunched material of her dress.

Ann stood before Jan with boys on both sides of her. John said, "I don't know how you did it, Ann, but she sure looks whipped. I never saw a pussy-whipped woman before."

Jerry piped in, "Yeah, it's like she turned Mom into a sex slave."

Jeff patted her back and said, "Way to go, Ann. We owe you, kid. You can make her do anything, huh? You can do whatever you want with her, can't you?"

"Watch this."

They all watched as Ann moved closer with her legs apart and knees bowed. Jan watched the cunt open as the fingers pulled the lips apart. She knew she'd be called upon to eat more pussy. She awaited the order, but got hit in the face by a long squirt of warm piss instead.

Jan was stunned, totally unprepared for this, and she looked stunned. Other than to sputter piss off her lips, she didn't say or do anything about it, nor did she give Ann a dirty look. She just sat there looking stunned, hearing the excited exclamations from the boys as they urged her to do it again, and she was still poised to do it again. Jan realized that Ann was waiting on the expected objection, having taken a big gamble.

Jan also knew that to just sit there in silence was as good as asking for more ... nonetheless, she sat in silence, not fully knowing why.

She didn't wait long. Ann aimed at her crotch and sent a hard stream that hit dead center, sending piss rushing up her cunt. The stream filled her cunt to overflowing, then marched up her front on a direct path to her face, sending piss splatters in all directions, backing the boys up.

Jan watched the point of impact though she got her face splattered by doing so. She watched as the amber stream moved between her tits, then onto the upper chest. She tilted her head back to expose her neck to the stream, then felt the wetness advance up her neck, onto her chin, to her mouth, centered between the slack lips where piss poured in and flooded her oral cavity before moving on to cover every inch of her face and hair before returning to the lips. In anticipation, Jan swallowed what she held in her mouth and opened her mouth when Ann told her to do so.

When the piss stream arrived, it went right in her eager mouth.

Pretty little Jan had her eyes closed, so she wasn't aware that Ann had steadily moved closer until she felt the cunt seal itself to her mouth with the piss still flowing. Her mouth quickly filled and she swallowed. She kept swallowing as hands cupped her throat. She had to swallow contiguously to keep up with the flow, though Ann never told her she had to swallow.

Ann seemed to know she would, and the boys were again in awe -- because they could feel their mother gulping down piss.

When the flow slowed to a trickle, Jan nursed at the hole. When it stopped, she sucked cunt, oddly disappointed that no more piss flowed. Jan amazed herself, because she was masturbating to the event and brought herself to a climax rather quickly while sucking on the last drops of Ann's piss.

If she could sink any lower, she didn't know how.

Ann did. She stepped back and said, "Anybody else feel like taking a piss on a bitch slut?"

Jan sank lower under three streams of warm piss. Now, she knew she couldn't sink any lower or be any wetter, but then the dog wandered back, sniffed at all the piss, hiked his leg, and added insult to injury with the kids laughing their young asses off from beginning to end.

Jan sat in a big puddle of piss and should have been pissed off. She wasn't. She didn't even try to look pissed off; she just looked pissed on, and she didn't have to try. Ann offered her a hand up, saying, "You need a shower so we can properly consummate this marriage, but mop this mess up, first."

She gave her mother a sponge and a bowl. Jan got down on her hands and knees and played Cinderella.

The marriage was consummated. They toured the neighborhood to make the announcement. Jan got pregnant, delivered a bastard, and for the next four years was known as the Bitch of Birch Street; everyone took their turns pissing in her sucking mouth.

Before Ann left for college, leaving her three bastards, Jan delivered four more bastards. With Ann gone, and Spike shot dead by a jealous holy roller, her life returned to near normal ... only now she had a new family to raise, and this one had three girls and four boys.

She resolved to get it right this time.

She couldn't survive another Ann, but Jack already had his eye on four-year-old Ann Junior: AJ, for short. But that's another story.

Bitch Bride (MFf+ femdom inc cuck non-con beast ws preg race extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/23(Sun)03:53 No. 21406 ID: 923b50

Bitch Bride (MFf+ femdom inc cuck non-con beast ws preg race extreme)
- a Phil Phantom tribute/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


I left my gorgeous seventeen-year-old virgin bride lying on the huge, heart-shaped bed of our honeymoon suite; lovely little Charlene was wearing only a sexy baby-doll nightie, blonde curls and a coy smile.

I left a wet-dream to take a quick shower and shave extra close for her. She took close to one hour to get ready for me, but I was all done in five minutes. When I emerged -- ready to climb between the long, coltish legs of the most beautiful girl in my world -- what I saw was a big bellhop's shiny black ass going up and down between those alabaster thighs, his heavy black balls slapping her in the snow-white asshole. The man was at least twice her mass and he was driving her young, smooth newlywed cunt into a heart-shaped mattress with long, mean strokes. That was not the dream ... but it did look awful wet.

Looked like a bellhop's wet-dream, and it looked like he won the little bride over at some point.

Either she wasn't really a virgin, or Charlene had a virgin pussy with a definite fondness for being raped by long dark dicks. I could not believe my eyes, but those breath-taking thighs were being yawned wide and she had both hands working her clit. She was meeting those thrusts then grinding into the fucker's groin, her ass rising off the bed to meet him. He was fucking her ... but she was fucking him, too, and with more passion. I had no choice but to stand there wearing a towel, watching that act of adultery like a voyeur getting a hard-on.

I could not imagine how this could happen, or happen so damn quickly. They had to start right after I went into the bathroom. The man had to be waiting right outside the door with his hard dick in his hand. She had to have stripped down and let him in. That had to have been set-up when he brought the luggage up, taking a hug and kiss in lieu of a tip.

After that inappropriate and lengthy tip, he whispered something to her. She then whispered something back, which he whispered a response to, which she responded to with a giggle.

The big black bastard then took another long tip, this time while rudely groping her ass, feeling up her crotch and pulling her crotch into his crotch, lifting both of her feet clear of the floor ... a very rude Barbados custom, I thought. But I supposed that it was a rude custom that DID get a bashful young virgin bride in the mood to fuck, so those rude and crude tips did serve a purpose: foreplay.

Seemed harmless at the time, and she was in a great blushing mood after he set her down and made his smiling departure. The little blonde bride was hot; we made out for ten minutes, slowly undressing each other, kissing and admiring each other in the many honeymoon-suite mirrors. If I do say so myself, we make a very sexy match: two of the prettiest blonde teenagers I've ever seen. The two of us could almost be twins; I've been told that I look like a softer Zac Effron or a Justin Bieber, and Charlene is a dead-ringer for Hannah Montana mixed with a blonde Selena Gomez.

After we stripped, it seemed Charlene wanted to look hotter. Took her an hour, while I sat on aching blue-balls. Part of that hour was spent shaving all the blonde hairs off of her pretty little virgin pussy. The big black jerk must have whispered that suggestion, because Charlene had always been opposed to vaginal shaving beyond the bikini line, before: only a neat trim. Anything more, she said, would appear slutty and white-trashy.

He, evidently, preferred bald cunts on a tiny slut bride. By getting off to the side as they fucked, I could see that the entire crotch of my blushing, heaving bride was bald with stretched-thin labia lips clinging to a thick, black, muscular cock-shaft. Looked like a tiny white child's pussy sucking a big black man's dick. That isn't something you see every day in Peach Grove, Georgia.

But we clearly were not in Peach Grove, Georgia.

You have to travel to Barbados to see that shit, and pay a small fortune. Charlene's wealthy parents paid it ... but I had a feeling that if they knew had Barbados was ate-up with bold niggers, they'd have paid a small fortune for a Swiss Alps honeymoon.

By getting off to the side and leaning down to watch them fuck, I gave Charlene a view of an astonished young husband wearing a towel over a boner. She took note, certainly, but kept right on fucking with even more passion; it was as though seeing her blue-eyed, gape-mouthed & rock-hard husband turned her on even more. She kept looking at me and at my little loin tent. I didn't have anything near like she was getting fucked with. If she liked them big and black, I was a pretty, smooth white disappointment. She did seem to like them big ... big, black, bold, masculine, and powerful. You can't love that in Peach Grove, Georgia if you're a little white girl. Charlene was small, rich and very white, a very big Peach Grove no-no.

I was hoping and praying the ebony stud would pull out and cum all over my bride like they do in porno fuck-videos. He looked like he could really cream a white bitch. He had enough balls for four white boys like me. Balls like that would make a great big spermy mess of a very beautiful blonde Jr. Prom queen, still in High School and just married to a handsome 18-year-old Senior quarterback. I was hoping he'd get some in her queenly face. That would be neat to watch, but as their fucking reached its climax, neither seemed interested in sperming anything except a royal -- and very fertile -- womb. That would be very bad for a devout Catholic couple, as abortion is a big Papal no-no. Confession was going to be a bitch, too, of course ... but that was Charlene's problem, not mine.

Charlene didn't seem to be thinking about Papal edicts or the confessional.

She seemed to be thinking about the big black dick, nearly a foot long and thick as a wrist, turning her pretty little lily-white pussy all squishy and making her squirt as she came again and again. She seemed to be thinking about her delicate fingers slapping at the straining, shiny clit at the top of her overheating sex, running her hands along the stretched-thin membranes of the bald flesh where the big nigger was pounding his meat into her like a piston. She seemed to be thinking about the look in her shocked husband's eye, biting her lips and smiling as a handsome high-school senior watched his little bride buck another hard cum out of a good, thorough raping.

Above all, little Charlene seemed to be thinking about inter-racial procreation and nursing a little mocha bastard at her supple white breasts: the sort of confession a wife carries around and burps in a large church of a small town Catholic enclave within a Southern Baptist state.

I groaned. We needed one of those like we needed a red light for the front porch of the little cottage behind Charlene's parent's old plantation mansion. We would not be in that free cottage for long ... not after Charlene gave birth to a black man's bastard, I thought. Not long at all.

All sorts of bad thoughts ran through my confused mind as I watched Charlene lift her fair loins up to grind against the animalistic thrusts of a black bellhop. That big nigger bastard lifted my little wife like a babydoll, enjoying a climax as deep in a fertile white bride as he could get ten-plus muscular inches of Barbados black-magic cock. Looked like Charlene sucked that cock with her bald pussy. Looked serious. Looked like a deliberate act of procreation right in front of a spouse who had lost his towel and now looked pathetic -- blushing quite alluringly -- with a towel hanging on his stiff, peg-like dick.

I still had the towel on my dick as the bellhop pulled up his pants, thanked me for the use of my virgin bride, shook my hand and left. Before that, there had been much more whispering and kissing as the lovers let their joined genitals soak in infidelity. There was lots of giddy giggling, too; they carried on a private conversation right in front of me, both being very rude. He eased his big cock in and out her as they talked, slowly softening, and she masturbated with both hands the whole time.

When the bold fucker finally left, I faced Charlene; that pretty little Jr. Prom queen was lying in a vulgar spread, looking like a well-fucked ex-virgin bride. She had been a virgin, it seemed ... or the big nigger's sheer size caused some internal bleeding. Pink-tainted semen oozed from a very large hole between her widely-parted legs to smother her adorable little pink asshole, then on to soil a red satin bedspread in a puddle beneath her supple white varsity-cheerleader butt.

For the longest time, I sat at the base of the heart and stared at that sight; Charlene was staring up at men and slowly diddling her now-sloppy hole. Both of us were deep in thought, but I thought she should have the decency to close those cheating legs -- or, at least, cover her adulterous crotch with a shameful hand, preferably the one without the wedding ring on it. I was sorta glad she didn't, because that was a sight to behold while I held five inches of stiff dick and began a light stroking. I was slick with pre-cum and as hard as I had ever been.

My movement made Charlene lift her head and gaze down her body, between her perfect cheerleader tits over her bald mound to the dick I played with, then say, "Wow. He sure had a big dick, huh?"

I didn't know what she might say or could say after what she did, but I didn't expect that. It came across as, "... and you sure have a little dick, huh?"

I had no response. But did have a powerful desire to cum in her face, so I got up and knee-walked right up to her crotch and jacked-off like mad. She watched, seeming quite amused. She even got up on her elbows to see that better, which was better for me: that made a better target of her fucking face with those big, baby-blue, cheating-slut bedroom eyes.

I blasted her good, too, right on her cute button-nose, a big ropy strand, then another, and another. I soiled her fucking face good; cum dribbled down her lips. I even nailed her titties.

She said, "Feel better, now?"


"Good. May I have your towel, please?"

The towel was behind me, so I reached behind, then tossed her the towel. She wiped her face and tits but not her crotch. She tossed the towel and stared at me. I looked down at that messy crotch, then looked her right in those big blue eyes.

She said, and you are not going to believe this, "If you love me, eat my pussy."

The fucking nerve of that bitch! 'If you love me, eat my pussy.'

She meant, 'If you love me, eat my black lover's fuck. If you love me, eat his cum out of my cheating cunt. If you love me, let me see you debase yourself. I want to see you suck a fucked cunt like a faggot-hubby.'

As I ate her, she started pissing.

When I got done choking all of that down, I told her how rude that was and how bad she was: bad, and a silly blonde-girl mistake, because she was unprotected and didn't make him wear a rubber or pull out.

She thought I ate it all, so she wasn't worried.

I told her that I couldn't get at the several million sperm cells that were in her fertile womb, no matter how much I sucked on her and squirmed my tongue deep inside to slurp out a black man's cum.

She patted me on the head and said, "At least you tried, honey. Ready for a swim? I am. I can't wait to show you my new swimsuit."

That was the extent of our discussion on marital infidelity and inter-racial procreation. Sacred vows made before God and everybody were still wet on her luscious lips when the first black man came in her.

Evidently, vows were just so many words before you get to the I-do part. I took those vows seriously. I took marriage seriously. I took procreation very seriously. Charlene never took anything seriously, not even prom queendom, not after they elected a big black wide receiver as the Jr. Prom king just to humiliate her. She danced with him ... but wouldn't fuck him, as was the custom. No doubt, had the election and Jr. Prom been held in Barbados, she'd have fucked him on the dance floor.

Charlene was an entirely different person in Barbados; this was evidenced by her swimsuit, or what little there was of it. I never saw such a teeny-tiny suit. Looked like ultra-skimpy, very sheer underwear to me. She posed proudly and did a slow turn to show me how little was covered. From the rear, all I saw was string, and much of that was hidden in the crack of her heart-shaped ass. That entire swimsuit could be wadded up and stuffed into a plastic Easter egg and still have room for pocket change and a piece of candy. That suit made the illegal-in-Georgia thong suit look like modest swimwear.

I said, "Charlene, you can't be serious. You would wear that in public?"

"This is Barbados, silly. Of course I would. I am. For two weeks, I plan to live in this suit. This is perfectly legal in a very private Barbados resort. Only the lips of the vagina and the nipples need to be covered to be Barbados public-beach decent. This is a genuine Barbados string-bikini in size extra-skimpy. Now you see why I had to shave my pussy bald. I could have left the lips hairy ... but that would look silly, don't you think?"

I thought the Barbados string-bikini looked silly, a joke of a bikini, the slimmest string-bikini taken to the extreme: string with three small patches of lime-green fabric, like two lime halves to cover the nipples and one whole lime stuffed part-way up her cunt. Nude would be a bit less vulgar. I could not believe that thing was legal anywhere, not even at a nudist resort where the Barbados string-bikini would very likely be banned as being too obscene. It did look damn good on her, though.

I said, "I thought the bellhop asked you to shave it."

"He did no such thing, honey! All he said was he'd like a lock of my pubic hair for a souvenir, especially if I was a true blonde and planned to wear a Barbados string-bikini. He gave me this one and slipped it into my pussy while he was getting his tip. I put it on in the bathroom and could see that I really DID need to shave all the hair off. Which reminds me ..."

That explained how she got the suit, and that also explained much of the talking between tips. I thought he was just feeling-up her pussy and getting some stinky finger. No wonder she got so hot and took so long in the bathroom!

Charlene went to the bathroom and returned with a tissue package, saying, "He forget the lock of my hair. Here, would you see that he gets this? I would be too embarrassed."

FUCK! Just by seeing the look on my face made her say, "Howard, if you love me, you'll do this for me."

With Charlene, it wasn't enough to say the words; no, you had to continually prove that you loved her. I was used to that, but 'proof' took on a whole new dimension in Barbados.

She could see that I had just about had enough of this new dimension. Eating her fucked pussy while she writhed under my mouth and went monkey-fuck watching me eat it put me at my absolute limit. Had I not seen what ecstasy that gave her, I would not have done that ... at least not as well, or for as long as I did. He he only made her cum a little; I got her off seven times. He got his loins fucked, but I got my face fucked.

That big nigger bastard definitely got the better deal, I realized ... and I still had not fucked my wife.

My wife came up and hung her arms on my shoulders to get nose to nose with me. She pouted, "Howie, don't be a poopie puss. This is my honeymoon, too, and I wanna be a bad girl for once in my life. I want to be a naughty wife and do everything naughty wives do just once in my marriage, just two weeks-worth, where no one will ever know. I'll be good after that, I promise."

Her promises were as good as her vows. I already knew how good her promises were, and she still acted like a promise of hers meant something. Of course, if I really loved her they would. I did really love her. I loved a spoiled-rotten little blonde debutante who always got her way by pouting real cute.

Worked great on me, sure ... but I was nowhere near as pathetic as her daddy. He may not have fucked that pussy, but I know he licked her cherry with his nose up her ass. I had watched him lick her ass with his nose on her cherry; she had him do that for her after our very first date.

She had been nursing her daddy from before she first popped out in tits; what he enjoyed most was licking her legs and sucking on her toes. I knew all of this because she bragged to everyone about how well she had her daddy pussy-whipped; when he bought her a car, she let him jack off and suck her toes while she diddled her pussy.

Her mommy was a different story. Mommy could be a bit of a bitch, actually; an ice-queen, gorgeous, obscenely wealthy and more than a little rude. I saw a new wife beginning the pussy-whipping of a hubby.

I can't say I didn't see this pussy-whipping coming from a long way off. I married pretty little Charlene wearing a pair of her panties that she wasn't wearing. She thought that would be a hoot. I thought it was, too, until she told everybody, all three-hundred fucking people in small groups following the ceremony.

Her mother took me aside at one point during the reception, wrapped her long fingers around my stiff cock through my slacks and said, "Get used to wearing the panties in the family. She'll be wearing the pants, or whatever she damn-well feels like. Might not be anything at all, and if you're the only man getting into her pants, I'll be astonished. If you ever get to feeling TOO neglected, come see me. I wouldn't mind getting in your panties. You're very cute, Mr. Howie. I can imagine how cute you look in a pair of Charlene's sexy panties with bright red toenails ... yes, very very sexy."

She gave my balls a rough squeeze and walked away with a cruel grin.

I did have that going for me. Charlene's mom is one fine looking woman, with a firm body and a fierce, haughty dominatrix beauty. She was only 14 when a rich man got her pregnant with Charlene, and I'm pretty sure that she's the one who did the seducing.

So, no, I didn't mind so much getting my nails painted after that. I minded having them done on a flight to Barbados, though, with giggling flight attendants who were attending to us far too much; my little bride kept me hard with her hand the whole time, and made sure everyone on the flight got to see me lick her asshole "just like Daddy does".

That was terribly humiliating ... but so was the wedding, and the reception, and so was seeing my virgin bride making passionate love to an unsheathed black man, then eating it. I understood where Charlene was coming from, and I knew where she was going. I had months to run from this fate, after all, but instead I stood my ground and took my vow wearing panties.

I now stood nose to nose with a vision of firm blonde teenage loveliness, getting a better understanding and a clearer picture of a honeymoon ... Charlene-style. I'd be eating what she'd be fucking, and that bride was dressed for fucking in a resort that was staffed by bold niggers. I call them blacks except when they go out of their way to fuck white women or girls; when they fuck my little white-girl wife, they're fucking niggers. I could see I wouldn't need any pride in Barbados. Pride or protein; I could subsist on fruit and fuck. I held the sexy buns of a spoiled little rich bitch who was out to see if I could.

Running her fingers along my abs, she said, "I'm going to fatten you up. This Barbados string-bikini will get you plenty to eat. This suit screams 'fuck me, I'm easy'.

I nodded sheepishly. "Yes it does, honey."

"I am going to be SO easy for the niggers to fuck. You won't believe how easy. If my hubby loves me, I mean really really loves me, he'll be hungry all the time. Starved, and I mean famished. He'll act so excited when I have a cummy pussy between my legs all for him! Ummm, yummy nigger-fuck."

That spelled it out. I said, "Charlene, you are going to get nigger-pregnant if you play this game for two weeks."

"Probably," she said with a shrug, "but I was nigger-raped. Those things happen. It almost happened at the prom. Haven't you heard? I'm nigger-bait. They can't resist a lily-white blonde as pretty as I am. What's a good Catholic girl to do but bear the little black bastard? What can she do but try to hold her head high while the little bastard nurses on white breasts, tanned in the Barbados sun, that will be lily-white again by the time I deliver?"

"Charlene, your mother won't buy that, and I doubt your father will, either. Not if you bear a black bastard and decide to keep it and nurse it in public. I know you like the fantasy, but think about the reality."

She smiled those dazzling pearly whites and wrinkled her button nose. "I like the fantasy a lot. The reality is, I am going to get pregnant by a black man, and I am going to bear my child and keep my child. I will nurse my child. I will nurse in public without shame with nigger-fuck running down my bare legs. My husband will accept that. My father had better, or he won't get to lick my asshole anymore ... and my mother arranged this honeymoon knowing what we'd find here. This is her payback."

I couldn't believe that and said, "Do you honestly think she knows what this place is like?"

"They've been vacationing here for years. Hell, they own half of Barbados, and they own a major share in this resort. Mom sits on the board at the head of the table. She runs this place from Peaches."

I was shocked. 'Peaches' was the name of their plantation estate: Paradise Peach Orchards, or Peaches for short.

Charlene smiled. "For your information, while that porter was stuffing this suit up my twat, he was telling me that it came compliments of my mother ... with instructions that I live in it and live with the consequence."

I was aghast. "Really?"

"Yep. Or be disowned and banished from Peaches."

Fuck! The momma-bitch was playing hard ball.

Charlene, her hand on my throbbing cock, said, "Howie, I had no choice, and don't you think for one minute that I wanted my first to be a man who was that huge in the dick. While you were in the bathroom, I suffered through pure hell and was just getting used to his size when you came out. You watched a virgin getting the stuffing fucked out of her. You were within five minutes of jacking-off in a virgin's face. I will admit, I did absolutely love that. That and eating me."

"I'll say. You climaxed seven times, by my count."

"I wasn't counting. I'll tell you something else. If I have to live in this ridiculous suit and suffer the consequences, you are going to eat every last sperm cell and do your very best to make me love suffering the consequences. One consequence will be a pussy a horse can fuck. When we get back from this white-bride breeding colony, I dare say mother will have one waiting and ready to mount me. If she would do this to me, she would do THAT to me, too."

This was very surprising and came as a great relief. Charlene wasn't all that bad. Her mother was, but her mother had cause. I just never dreamed she would go to such lengths to get payback. I knew she wasn't through, either. She intended to use me the way Charlene used her mother's spouse. I can't say I minded, honestly; sounded pretty good to me.

I could see that Charlene wasn't as happy with this as I first thought. I said, "Did you know she was this upset with you?"

"I suspected, and I knew she'd wait for the perfect way to get back at me. I knew she was waiting on me to marry. I figured she would treat my husband the way I treat her husband; she always wanted a slut-daughter, and now she has two. I got you in panties for her, because she thinks you're so pretty."

I blushed. "Thank you, honey."

"You are, pretty. You might be the prettiest boy I've ever seen. Getting you and your little cock in panties for her was my peace offering; I never dreamed she would do this. To answer your question: no, I did not know she was THIS upset. She obviously is, though, and we have to deal with that ... or make a life someplace else all on our own. I prefer the easy life at Peaches, but we'll live there under her rule and under her thumb. If you want to go it alone, we can leave now and flip her the finger. If we stay, you are going to help me get through this, and you know the help I want. Be hungry. Very, very hungry."

I grew a queer smile and said, "I like Peaches."

"Then you had better like the cream. If I have to wander around in this please-fuck-me suit, there will be cream ... lots and lots of cream. It's cream of nigger soup, but there is enough here to get you fat. To get us both fat, actually."

"A steady diet of cream of nigger soup sure beats working for a living."

"I wouldn't know, and I have no desire to find out. With mother running things, there will be a steady diet; my mother has four black-stud lovers who are all itching to fuck your wife. They'll be fucking me when the horses and dogs aren't. You'll be fucking Mommy when you aren't sucking horses, dogs, and niggers ... oh, and Daddy. He'll want some; he'll love your asshole, too. Still want the easy life, stud?"

"Damn, Charlene, what's the easy part?"

She rolled my cock in her hands and pressed two fingers to my asshole; she sank inside me easily and I squirmed with delight. "Picking out your wardrobe, deciding which panties go best with which nail polish. That's all you'll be wearing: panties and paint."

"That sucks."

"You'd better learn to suck even harder," she said, letting go of me and leaving me with the worst case of blue balls I ever had. "Now, slip a Speedo on, cutie. Let's see if this suit works."

I slipped my Speedo on, but I still could not believe she would venture out in that thing. I didn't believe until she stepped out into the hall with me and all she had on was the suit and sunglasses.

She looked a sight: the bottoms barely covered her clit, and the top did little more than make her naked teen cleavage spill out more provocatively; when she bent over to grab her beach-bag, the suit's thin sting parted her still-puffy pussy lips and a thin stream of nigger cum that I had missed drooled out.

The first to see that sight were on the elevator: two vacationing white couples, one of them young, early-thirties with three preteen girls and the other college-age ... and a bold black elevator driver. That big buck nigger stopped the elevator between floors to fuck my wife from the rear; he fucked her right there, while seven astonished white people stood there and watched.

I never saw anything like that in my life, nor had they, but it looked to me like they came to the resort to see shit like that. They were wishing they had a camera; I was wishing I had a bag for my head. The suit bottoms were no problem; the big bastard simply moved them aside with a thumb and fucked her like a little girl. He fucked her hard, fast, and creamed her good and deep. When he pulled out, the soup poured down her legs. That silly bitch insisted I kneel behind her and eat it.

Both of the white husbands had their cocks out by this time, both eying Charlene's ample assets; the older fellow was being slowly jerked by his wife in full view of their young daughters, and my blushing bride was massaging the dick of the college-age guy as I bent over.

My wife piped up. "I'm sorry, guys; only black men get to cum in my pussy. If you want to fuck my husband's asshole, though, please feel free."

After I slurped down all that nigger-fuck and got two loads pounded up my asshole, that laughing black man started the car moving again. With only one elevator to serve forty floors, and with twenty rooms to a floor, we had a small crowd waiting on the ground floor after a ten-minute delay. A dozen people in the spacious lobby took one look at Charlene and knew EXACTLY what took so long ... but the damn nigger apologized for taking so long, explaining that he had to fuck my wife and then wait for me to clean her with my mouth.

I needed a body bag. My cock was rock-hard and poking out of my Speedos.

We went from there out to the pool; Charlene took a quick dip then laid out. Two dozen guest watched her every move. When she laid out, three big staff niggers with big, stiff staffs came over and screwed her on the lounger: tits-up, broad daylight, fucked her in all three holes, then I had to kneel and eat one hell of a mess with at least three dozen resort guests all standing around gawking and talking.

They never saw anything like that, but many had cameras. While I was eating, my asshole entertained another dozen guests.

We remained at the pool for over an hour, then took a stroll of the grounds. Charlene was fucked on the grounds five times at five different places, all drawing big crowds and getting my shitpipe reamed by smiling guests in the process. We then went out on the beach where three more fucking niggers screwed her for a large beach crowd. She stayed nude on the beach and did some skinny dipping between fucks: fuck, swim, fuck, swim, fuck, swim. I dined after every fuck, and there was cum running down the backs of my legs to my heels from one VERY sore asshole.

By the time we got back to the room -- about six hours after we left -- I was so full of fuck, I felt bloated and sickly. She wasn't much better off, but she got off every time I ate her. She also liked pissing in my mouth, and that became a regular thing.

Three more blacks came up and fucked Charlene in the room, and the manager of the hotel decided that he wanted to sample my ass as I was sucking the last of the semen and piss out of my pretty little wife's orgasming pussy.

At ten that evening, we had both had enough; we locked the door and refused to open for any reason. In the morning, room service breakfast was delivered by six horny niggers. My breakfast was more soup. Day two was much worse than day one, but the rest were about like day two. I did, in fact, live on fruit and fuck. I got sick of that diet halfway through day two. By day fourteen, I never wanted to see another nigger dick. By then, I was sucking them off to spare Charlene a fucking. She was sick of them, too.

Her mother got her pound of flesh and then some, and she was getting daily reports. She met us at the airport in Atlanta. The first thing she did was place a hand on Charlene's lower abdomen and say, "Are we with child, Charlene?"

Charlene said, "If I'm not, it was not for lack of trying."

Her mother was very pleased and said, "Until we know for sure, we'll keep right on trying."

I drove while the black driver tried all the way to Peach Grove and on to Peaches. Mom sat up front with me, looking back, playing with my dick, and talking trash about my slut bride. She even sucked me off three times. When we arrived at Peaches, she bred Charlene to a horse and three large dogs. That was interesting. Right after that, Charlene was given over to four of Mommy's big black lovers. I went to bed with Mommy and Daddy. I got plenty fucked, plenty sucked, and felt quite welcome.

Charlene felt quite fucked.

I loved life at Peaches, but for Charlene, Peaches was a bitch. I would have thought she'd bitch about that, but she had to love being bred. They did a lot of that. She just kept on getting fatter and fatter until she delivered a little mocha-skinned bastard. She did nurse the little black bastard in public. She lived out that fantasy. I watched while wearing the panties in the family.

Beats working.

The End

Anonymous 14/03/24(Mon)12:47 No. 21423 ID: c34ab4

I don't even like extreme/scat/bestiality porn, but your writing is so damn good that I really don't mind it. All of the stories are short yet well written, which is great because each story is long enough to be fap material, but short so as to keep each idea from becoming stale. Keep doing what you're doing.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/28(Fri)06:32 No. 21445 ID: 923b50

Oh, that makes my day! Thank you, sincerely and deeply, for the positive feedback; it's wonderful to know that people like what I post.

Anonymous 14/03/28(Fri)11:59 No. 21448 ID: f5b1c2

I'd appreciate more stuff that isn't cuckolding.
Other than that you're pretty great.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/29(Sat)12:58 No. 21451 ID: 923b50


Can do!

Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)02:11 No. 21458 ID: 7c1cf6



Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/04/29(Tue)09:36 No. 21648 ID: 923b50

New art, based on my writing!


Anonymous 14/10/28(Tue)01:44 No. 22626 ID: 3e72fa

Will there be a Clean Up Girl part 2?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/11/13(Thu)11:06 No. 22793 ID: 8d0817

There's a longer version here:
... and I've been thinking about putting together another chapter.

Anonymous 14/12/02(Tue)02:28 No. 22892 ID: f1b782

That's actually where I initially found your stories!

You should write another chapter, I know I would greatly enjoy it. You have a great writing style!

Missing Stories Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)06:17 No. 22908 ID: 1b3ad7

Hey Nicholas... As a big fan of Phil Phantom I think it is great that you, and AnnonyMPC of course, have started writing stories in that over the top style that disappeared when he did. But since then end of lolli on Hentai-Foundry, I cannot find your stuff anywhere. There may not be anything new if you've been busy but I know there were several posted to HF before the end!

So this is one fan asking you to post those missing stories here or perhaps on asstr.org or anywhere for that matter and let us know where we need to go to watch for NEW nichollasfellheimer stories! TIA

Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)05:42 No. 23311 ID: 2b658d

brilliant stuff

Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)23:27 No. 23333 ID: 5db6d8

For anybody who wants to read Nicholas' story easier. Somebody reposted his stories here http://fetstories.com/author/Nicholas-Fellheimer/

help!?!?!?!? Anonymous 15/09/28(Mon)13:06 No. 23872 ID: 2c5288

So I admit I was not bright in this but I never saved the pics that sparrow and the other awesome artist did for him...please help.

Anonymous 16/05/19(Thu)01:25 No. 24277 ID: 3c8909

So, did the author ever make more, or did he stop for some reason?
Because all the accounts I find are either incomplete or outright empty.

Anonymous 16/06/06(Mon)09:11 No. 24316 ID: 8255a3

I too would like to know that.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)19:12 No. 24322 ID: f93ccf

Bump for concurrence.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)22:00 No. 24323 ID: a609fb

If you go to his Hentai-Foundry page, and look at the "last connected", it's only a couple days ago, so clearly he's still alive and out there. Whether he's writing, who knows, life may have gotten busy for him. But there's a comment section there that he probably gets email notifications for, and that might be a better way to answer your questions than discussing it here.

Anonymous 16/06/25(Sat)12:01 No. 24385 ID: cef8fd


Anonymous 16/06/26(Sun)08:29 No. 24387 ID: edf4a7

Speaking of that website, is there a way to see an author's works on his page? It always seems like there are many less stories there than advertised.

Anonymous 16/07/02(Sat)04:02 No. 24402 ID: 699446

You might need to go into the Filter in the upper right hand area and tick all the boxes

Anonymous 16/08/03(Wed)20:21 No. 24542 ID: 89f587

im looking for Gangbanged on the Elevator (A Tale of A Reluctant, Rough Group Sex): Bound & Helpless, Amber is Taken by Two Strangers (Taken on the Elevator). it was once on amazon but isnt anymore and i want to read it. does anyone know where i can find it??????

Anonymous 17/09/12(Tue)19:02 No. 25142 ID: 9e6dc0

anyone know if this author is still posting anywhere else on the internet?

Anonymous 17/09/16(Sat)09:34 No. 25146 ID: 3ce23c


opryski działek keisk921 18/05/24(Thu)07:50 No. 25556 ID: ce7950

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous 18/07/06(Fri)00:54 No. 25680 ID: 6e29f5

Holy shit.

SRO 18/07/06(Fri)16:16 No. 25681 ID: f7d3f6


>Holy shit.

Indeed. Good catch! Made me look further.

“Harley” not only reads smut well, she does _literally_ orgasmic porn commentaries and gives detailed descriptions of her masturbatory activities. Besides her Soundgasm page she has a presence on Chirbit and appears to be something of a celebrity on 4chan /soc/. Harley’s readings sometimes resemble “Hysterical Literature”, in which women sit at a table and try to read a book out loud while an unseen person makes them cum with a vibrator.

Good stuff!

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I want buy a pair of sneakers,but I don't know which webstore is far better.
Who can give me some suggest?

Fellheimer Fan 18/07/06(Fri)22:46 No. 25683 ID: f1b652

yeah this was a real good find. hope she does more of the classic NF stories. her voice is sexy as fuck

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)10:08 No. 25684 ID: 6253b0

I was the one who commissioned it. Her voice was fine except that she had to keep herself monotone, because she was uncomfortable with the story.
So I have to wonder why she did it at all.

Also, does anyone have any of the stories saved that aren't here?
I was able to view some of them in HF by using a direct link, but they were all deleted recently.
Stories like Little Miss Scarlett's Birthday, and David's Sweet Revenge, and Commoner's Challenge. Probably others as well.

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:20 No. 25685 ID: 485569

Little Miss Scarlett’s Birthday

Sitting in my bedroom, my dripping fingers slowly working over the aching folds of my hot, slick pussy and rubbing at my rubbery, over-sized clit, I found that I almost couldn’t take my eyes off my phone as it sat silent, dark & motionless on my pale pink bedspread.

I was willing it to buzz, begging it to light up, my heart in my throat and a ragged swarm of butterflies churning in my stomach as I waited for Scarlett’s call. My big tits heaved as I breathed hard, and I jammed another finger into myself thinking about what she had planned for us tonight.

I thought about the things she would do to me.

About the things she would make me do.

Goddamn, I was terrified.

Scarlett is the best friend a shy, submissive little 12-year-old like me has ever had, and I love her and I would do anything for her; I would totally kill or die for her, I would crawl through broken glass to lick her pissing pussy ... but damn, her sense of adventure always gets me into all SORTS of trouble.

A wave of goosebumps rushed over me as I eased yet another finger into myself -- this one into my asshole -- aching and groaning, rubbing at my stiff, slippery clit. My fat, dark nipples felt like hot needles were pushing through them, they were so fucking hard against my thin, too-tight t-shirt; the rings Scarlett had put into them after I sucked off that tattoo artist and his friends jingled.

It hadn’t even begun, and tonight already had me scared half to death ... and so fucking horny!

On the huge screen of my desktop computer, the latest high-definition porn-video from my best friend was playing in excruciating, lurid detail: a cute blonde teenager, just about our age and obscenely pregnant, was sucking off a series of well-muscled black men in what looked like a high school locker room. Her mascara was running, tears streaming down the preteen’s pretty face from the savage deep-throat suction she put on the throbbing, foot-long black cock jammed into her eager mouth.

Thick waves of spit and cum dribbled down the hot little teen’s delicate chin, spattering onto her huge, milky tits and oozing over her tanned, tight and lewdly-rounded belly with every savage thrust. The huge black guy fucking her face held the tiny preteen by one blonde pigtail as he dumped a thick load into her sucking face-cunt; as he pulled out, her itty-bitty pink tongue slipped out to follow hungrily after the last drops of hot drool and thick semen.

Laughing, the huge black man idly slapped the sex-crazed girl once with the dark, plum-sized head of his cock -- a thunderous tool like a pulsing nightstick -- as he pulled his massive member away from her full, pouty lips. “You like that big nigger dick?”

“Oh, yes! Thank you, sir,” the little blonde gasped, breathless. “Thank you for cumming in me. I need nigger-dick, sir. Thank you, sir, thank you, than--“

Another fat cock slipped into the girl’s mouth, then; her cheeks hollowed out as she began nursing ravenously, her big blue eyes rolling up -- streaming tears -- to gaze loving up at the man who began to rape her mouth in long, smooth strokes.

There must have been another twenty guys in line.

Positioned beneath the tiny teen was a cute Asian girl of maybe 9 years old, lovingly slurping at the blonde’s ravaged, cum-dribbling cunt as a big Doberman brutally fucked her ass; as I watched, a stream of hot piss washed over the face of the baby-faced preteen, causing her to choke and sputter and then latch back onto the pregnant girl’s slobber-coated clit.

I pushed fingers into my pussy, rolling my asshole against the digits I had jammed inside me, knowing that I couldn’t fight off another orgasm.

On-screen, the big nigger began choking the itt-bitty-blonde; he slapped her across the cheek -- hard -- and jammed his full length into her as she began to choke, heaving.

My phone rang.


I picked up, panting, pulling my fingers from my gooey cunt while continuing to tease my hot, drooling asshole. “Hello? Scarlett?”

“Hey, Bree,” she said in her little girl, sing-song voice. “Enjoying the video?”

“Y-yes,” I stuttered. “Thank you for sending it. Thank you SO much. I love you. I love--”

She laughed. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh, yeah! And happy birthday. Super happy birthday, Scarlett; you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t know how to tell you how much--”

“I’m gonna get you raped tonight, Bree. In fact, I think I’m going to get you knocked up. Do you like that?”

I bit back a moan, squirming on the fingers jammed up my little-girl shitter; I felt my guts gaping as another finger slipped inside. “Y-you know I d-d-don’t. I’ll be good. Scarlett, please, please don’t get me pregnant tonight. Please?”

“Oh, Bree,” she said with a soft giggle, “of course I’m going to get your dumb, slutty little ass pregnant. If you’re nice, I’ll even let you choose the father. It might even be your daddy. Be downstairs in five minutes.”

“Bu-but, Scarlett, I can’t!”

“You can,” she said, and I could hear her smile. “And you will. I’ve got a fake for you, and Nicky is meeting us at the club. He says he has a surprise for me!”

“Yeah, bu-but ... my daddy is still up, and ... I’m still grounded, and ...”

Scarlett laughed. “Let me deal with your dad. When I walk into the house, give me a minute, then go out and wait in the truck.”

“But. I-it ... it’s a school-night,” I said hopelessly, already defeated.

“Shut up, you dumb bitch. Nicky can drive us to school in the morning. Tonight is my special night, and you’re not going to ruin it. Wear something that shows off those big tits. Glasses and pigtails. Slutty make-up, like you're hungry to suck cocks in an alleyway all night. No panties, short skirt. Beads in your ass. The big ones.”

With that, she hung up.

Dutifully, I got up and got dressed; I already had my wardrobe laid out and it only took a few seconds to get my makeup right.

Glancing at myself one last time in the mirror just as Scarlett’s big Chevy Silverado pulled into the driveway, I realized that I looked like a jailbait, preteen version of Linda Cardellini as Velma from the Scooby-Doo movie ... and that you could see the dangling anal-beads hanging from my ass several inches below my short skirt. The swell of my big brown nipples peaked over the low-cut top, and the juice of my meaty, sbobbery pussy dripped down my legs, giving my thighs a wet sheen.

I blushed, biting my lip.

Shit. I was DEFINITELY getting raped tonight.

I gulped as I heard my front door open and my daddy’s cheerful voice echo in the hallway, accompanied with the smiling, melodic voice of my best friend; my heart pounding, I counted to ten-Mississippi and then quietly walked downstairs ... and out the front door to the truck.

The giant, badass machine sat there, purring softly.

Scarlett’s mom was sitting in the driver’s seat, humming along to soft music; she gave me a polite nod -- flashing her gleaming smile and wrinkling her button nose as she winked -- but her mind was definitely on other things. She had a date tonight, and looked even sluttier than I felt: she was decked-out to the nines in white lingerie that was shockingly indecent and a collar with the words FUCK MEAT glimmering on it. In the front passenger seat, Scarlett’s twin little sisters were fast asleep, one dressed up like a slutty Rainbow Brite and the other in a Pickachu-themed bikini with little red circles on her cheeks: they would be the star attraction at whatever party the three of them were headed to.

The truck was cold, but it smelled like warm, well-oiled sex. After a moment, I could hear the faint buzz of toys: all three of the ladies already had something stuck inside them, churning their holes to steaming mush.

Sliding into the leather-lined backseat -- being careful not to knock over the huge box of dildos, cuffs, whips, paddles, blades and other things inside -- I waited, trying not to fidget ... or dislodge the length of huge beads jammed up my preteen shit-pipe, each of them size of a fist. After what seemed like an eternity, Scarlett flounced back to the truck and hopped into the seat next to me with a wicked grin.

God fucking DAMN, she looked amazing.

Like a younger, hotter Emma Stone, decked out in a sparkling crimson evening gown that showed every inch of her nubile preteen curves while giving her long red hair a cast like fire. She looked like a tiny swimsuit model, from her perky preteen tits down her long calves to her bare feet: a smooth, stacked little sex-goddess poured into firm, hot flesh, cum dripping from her ruby lips. Even though she was almost four months pregnant, you still couldn’t quite tell: she only had a glow around her, and skin that begged to be touched.

“See,” she said with a smile, “that was easy.”

“Yeah,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief, letting myself smirk.

Laughing, Scarlet’s mom put the car into reverse and we pulled away.

My best friend’s deep green eyes sparkled. “Give me a kiss.”

Before I could say anything, she leaned in and ran her gooey tongue across my mouth; I could taste my daddy’s thick cum as it dribbled past my lips. We made out, her hands wandering across my skin, until I was sucking hot gobs of my father’s semen right from her tongue, moaning and famished.

She pulled back after a few minutes, leaving me gasping and breathless, just as I went to massage for her cunt and felt my fingers wrap around the two-inch thickness of a long, hard-rubber cock.

“I’m wearing my strap-on. I hope you’re feeling ... adventurous.”

I gulped. “I-I ... I am.”

“Good. I’m going to let you practice deep-throating for a while. If you impress me, I’m going to let you suck Nicky’s cum out of my ass tonight.”

I got to work.


About a half-hour later, Scarlett’s mom dropped us off in front of the huge, stone-cut strip-club where my best friend works on weekends. The quiet street shone with puddles, needles and broken glass: we were in a bad part of town. The grey, impassive edifice, however, simply glimmered in the soft rain with smooth, cool neon light; a massive black man in an elegant three-piece suit -- adorned with ebony sunglasses and a discrete earpiece -- nodded at both of us as we walked it, holding the colossal steel door before stepping back into place.

There was a dark-lit atrium, and were waved through a metal-detector by another, equally huge black man in a wife-beater.

Something clicked behind us as we went through the last door.

The noise inside, just past the final frosted-glass gateway, was like being hit in the chest. It took a moment for me to adjust, and I finally caught up with Scarlett just as we walked past a man roughly fucking a little girl with pink hair dressed as a kitty-cat next to a bathroom.

To our left, a porn-store gleamed next to a set of elevators; to our right, the bar and the club proper shone -- almost spinning -- hypnotically. Another door simply said "SNUFF."

“He didn’t check our IDs,” I said, huffing and overwhelmed.


I shouted: “He didn’t check our IDs!”


“Yes,” I groaned. “You said you had fakes! This is, like, a regular strip-cub ... right?”

“Oh, right,’ Scarlett said with a grin, taking my hand. “Yeah. Maybe he just forgot. Let’s get a drink and find Nicky.”

The place was like an airplane hanger, done up in crystal, rust and strobe lights; cages and upside-down crucifixes hung from chains, and sleek black glass accented those parts of the building that looked the most like an old dungeon. Huge flatscreens, flickering, showered forth throbbing images -- erotic, oily fuck-scenes of every kind -- and women in bondage-themed maid’s uniforms wandered to and from the massive, glimmering bars between the stages.

Balconies looked down on us, like an old opera house; I got vertigo, looking up at a box labeled “member’s only.”

Everywhere I gazed, the absolute raunchiest of debauchery was raging. Lost in the orgy, I was quietly led between tables, gawking openly as I watched sex acts of every description occurring all around me.

Dozens of men in well-cut suits crowded around each little island, watching young girls, teens and gorgeous women fucking themselves -- and each other -- with wild abandon; I saw two girls on leashes licking whipped cream from the legs of a well-stacked goddess of a lady covered in tattoos as she fisted herself. At another table, a cute Hispanic girl of maybe 10 was being brutally, anally raped by a huge black man as she licked hesitatly at the dog-cock thrust into her face. Behind them, I could see a young mother -- 22? 24? -- greasing up a throbbing with her hands and mouth, getting it ready to plunge into her pregnant teen daughter.

The men surrounding the tables were wild: howling, groping, throwing money.

Suddenly, I heard a voice I knew. “Bree, a pleasure. I’m glad to see that you girls were able to make it.”

I looked up, biting back fear. “Hello, Mr. Fellheimer. Sir.”

Scarlett laughed, sitting on his lap -- throwing her arms around his neck -- and gesturing for me to sit at his private table.

He smiled, gazing at me like a predator. “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said without thinking.

He gestured idly, and a pretty black-haired teen in a low-cut leather dress -- laced up the front to show her ample cleavage and denuded, glinting pussy -- appeared at our table. Her arms were bound behind her back, but she had a tray cunningly attached to her collar, affixed to her waist.

“A virgin Mary for this little lady,” Mr. Fellheimer said, patting Scarlett’s firm ass without looking up at the girl. “Extra spicy; don’t go easy on her. She’s drinking for two. Another whiskey -- neat -- for me, and something sweet for my young friend Bree.”

The raven-haired teen turned, looking me over; I blushed as she smiled. “Do you like cream, sweetie?”

“Does she ever,” Scarlett said with a giggle.

The cute teen waitress smiled. “Slutty girl-scout?”

“Oh, yes. That she is,” Mr. Fellheimer said.

I bit my lip. “Wh-what’s in it?”

Laughing, our waitress smiled. “Bailey’s Irish Crème, peppermint schnapps and crème de cacao -- it’s kind of a chocolate liqueur. Served on the rocks. It’s really good. I’ll bring you a little one; see how you like it.”

“That will be fine,” Mr. Fellheimer said, nodding. “Thanks. And would you send over the special present?”

“Can do, Sir,” said the cute dark-haired girl, bowing and vanishing.

Scarlett looked intrigued. “Present? Nicky, for me?”

“A present,” he said, grinning. He gestured toward a girl walking towards us. “For you. Now ... who does that look like?”

My jaw dropped.

“Is that--? Fucking,” Scarlett gasped. “Is that Ellen Page?”


“How did--?”

Mr. Fellheimer smiled. “There are no limits to my generosity, lover.”

The two of them began kissing; the girl still walking toward us -- grinning ironically all the while -- was a vision; the casual clothes she wore as she plopped into the seat beside me only accented her tomboyish physique. Her black t-shirt simply said "I rape on the first date."

“Hi,” she said, extending her hand. “I’m Ellen; you must be Bree. I’m actually here for Scarlett to play with, but I’m definitely going to fuck you before I go.”

I stammered, taking her palm with my shaking hand. "Th-thank you."

Scarlett looked up, her eyes sparkling, her hand working Mr. Fellheimer’s huge dick through his slacks. “I insist. You simply have to feel her take a raping.”

Ellen smirked. “Oh, I will. So, I understand that we’re going to a water-park?”

Mr. Fellheimer nodded, as Scarlett gasped. “I made a few calls. Only the best for my girl on her birthday.”

“You know, I’ve never been to an orgy at a waterpark. Sounds like fun.”

“Well,” said Mr. Fellheimer with a conspiratorial smile, “We have all week. But first, I believe that you said you wanted to see how well my girl takes a beating?”

Ellen smiled. "I've been practicing. I believe we have the main stage?"

"Indeed. I think you'll be delighted to see how well she bruises for you. Marks on her look positively exquisite. Bree, be a dear and starting getting men ready to fuck Scarlett's ass, will you?"

I stood up, nodding.

Ellen shook her head, an emphatic 'no'. "Crawl, you dumb bitch."

And that’s how I ended up getting pregnant; the father of my daughter could have been any of a LOT of different guys, but I prefer to think that it was one of Ellen’s famous friends. Maybe is was Tyrese Gibson. Either way, Scarlett and I are definitely the most popular girls in 7th grade now.

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:22 No. 25686 ID: 485569


I first met David at a Christmas party last year, held at a gorgeous hotel rented out by my husband's company. David is one of those men who exudes strength and confidence, whom you just know will be successful at anything he does. It was no different here: he started working at the company right out of college and within a month was setting sales records. He was the top salesman for 26 months straight, a record that was only broken by David when he went on a 31 month run a couple years later. He was promoted to regional sales manager 5 years ago and each sales rep under his control saw an increase in production of 30%.


David is one of those people who likes being in control. He has an ability to see what needs to be done and knows how to motivate people to exceed expectations. People want to please him. A compliment from David is regarded much like a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States or the mother-fucking Pope.

When it was announced last April that Robert Flack was stepping down as the VP of Sales, everyone simply assumed that David would be the new VP. Hell, even the outgoing vice, Robert, gave the promotion his glowing endorsement, saying that he could imagine no one else leading the company into the next decade as they started expanding into foreign markets.

Naturally, David and the rest of the company were shocked when CEO Dom Whittner announced that his own brother-in-law, Michael Hunt, would be succeeding Bobby as of May 1st.

Mike Hunt is a smarmy salesman who cut his teeth in the used-car business, though he most recently spent 2 years selling home water purifiers door-to-door. He was about as accomplished a salesman as Gary Coleman is a basketball player, and without the looks or charm. David, despite this, was not one for grousing; things did not go as he had predicted, perhaps, but he still chose to give 100% and to be a valuable resource to Mike. If the foreign expansion took off the way the company predicted, there would be plenty of career opportunities overseas for him.

Over the next few months, David decided he hated Mike. Not because Mike took what should have been his job, but because Mike was a pompous jackass who knew nothing about sales. He blamed David for everything he screwed up while taking the credit for all of David's hard-earned success. Regardless of his feelings, though, Dave remained professional. Even while watching Michael abuse some of their most seasoned sales professionals, David kept his mouth shut.

Just as predicted, the foreign markets were a gold-mine. Within just 6 months, sales were so strong that they needed to open a new office in Germany just to keep up ... and needed to create a new position: VP of International Market Sales.

David began learning to speak German. It didn't take more than a month before he was an expert.

As you might have guessed, Dave wasn't offered the position. Mike, in his infinite wisdom, hired a guy right out of college. The kid was barely old enough to drink legally and here he was going to Germany to lead the international sales division. His voice was probably still changing, and this kid was going to be making over $250,000 a year. The boy was named Richard Weed and was one of Mike's nephews.

David was not pleased.

Over the next month, David continued to grow more annoyed by the situation. Fortunately for all involved, David was never the sort of person to simply piss and moan about how life wasn't treating him fairly. Instead, he decided to take action. He spoke with one of his company's top competitors -- one who was on the rise, beaten back into 2nd place only by David's superior business acumen. With Mike running the show, sales were slowing at home and their competitor was nibbling away at their market share.

David spoke to the competitor's CEO. They had a VP position that would be vacant in March: just 4 months away. They offered David the position, declaring with a smile that he could start right away as the current VP's assistant if he wanted. David had a ... different idea. He remained on at his old company, working for Mike, never letting on that he was planning to leave. He had a several step plan to sabotage his current company while catapulting his future employers into the lead in the marketplace.

First, David began siphoning off some of their top clients. With his excellent rapport, he had no trouble getting them to agree to move to his new employer as soon as he left. Second, for all projects that he was assigned, he made sure their projected completion date was set for after March. He simply didn't work on them, but continued to give false progress reports on his work. Finally, he wanted a more personal way of disrupting Mike's life, knowing it would disrupt his professional life as well.

This is where I came in.

I met David at the office Christmas party last December, like I said. It was a grand party held at a fancy hotel, and only the top management and their spouses were invited. When introduced, I was quickly taken aback by Dave's charm, his looks and by his commanding presence. When David spoke to me, it was like I was the only person in the room -- maybe the only soul on the planet. I found myself almost like a lovesick puppy, following him around all night.

I should probably tell you a little about myself. My name is Jessica, and I am Mike's wife.

I'm 31 years old and in very good shape; people constantly tell how young and healthy I look, and that I should be an actress; I've been modeling professionally since I was 7; mostly bikinis and some lingerie. Mike makes more than enough money to afford me the opportunity to stay home rather than work; with my daughters both of school age now, I have time to go to the gym 5 times a week. I have golden-reddish hair that falls just below my shoulders and green eyes which I'm told have quite a sparkle to them. I have 36 C breasts, still firm, and am a "pocket Venus" at 5'4. People always tell me that I look like Lili Simmons.

My eldest daughter, Tammy, is 13; the twins -- Jessie and Josie -- are 9. All three of the little ladies look a lot like me, with naturally curly hair, big blue eyes and perfect skin. Tammy is fairly well developed for her age -- already with a strong resemblance to Zooey Deschanel that the boys are noticing -- and will probably have larger breasts than I do by the time she is finished growing. She's easily the prettiest of the 7th-grade cheerleaders, and her coltish charms aren't lost on her teachers. Baby Jessie & Josies are the cutest little girls you've ever seen: just starting to develop, but with the wild eyes, angel faces and slim, tomboyish builds that suggest they'll be quite a pair of firecrackers in their teens.

Anyway: at the party, I continued to find ways to be around David. I should point out that David is far more attractive and masculine than my husband. My husband Mike is short, pot-bellied, and slump-shouldered with a very weak chin. Weak in the way that starving Ethiopian children are weak. His thinning hair has that black oily look of a cartoon villain from the 1940's. Worst of all, he was hung like a mouse. A mouse in a cold shower.

Late in the evening, I noticed Michael was sitting at a table, half passed-out from the light beer he was nursing -- his third. I walked over to David, who was holding court among a group of company wives, and began talking to him. David was on his seventh scotch, but he was eloquent and smooth: obviously, real men have no problem handling their alcohol.

As we talked, I found myself brushing the back of my hand against my breasts. David noticed my subconscious movements and then said, with strong warmth in his voice, "Careful. If your nipples get any harder, they'll poke through that beautiful dress."

I looked down and realized he was right. My face went as red as my dress. I tried to speak, but couldn't.

David caught my gaze, looked me firmly in the eyes and simply said, "Walk with me."

It wasn't a request, I think, so much as him simply stating what would be. He turned and walked towards the side door -- and I followed like a little girl.

I followed David outside, hurrying to keep up. He continued to walk to the parking lot. He didn't say a word as he walked with his drink to the far end of the last row of cars. As he walked, he lit a cigarette. When he stopped, he turned and offered me one.

I said, "Oh, sir, no thank you -- I quit a couple years ago."

He continued to look at me with those piercing eyes as he held out the cigarette. I looked down and took one. As I put my wine glass down, David lit my cigarette for me and we smoked in silence. Then, as we finished and tossed the butts onto the pavement, David lit another for himself. He put his glass on the hood of someone's car and then unzipped his pants.

I was shocked that David was unzipping his pants, but that shock was nothing compared to when I saw him release what can only be described as a monster. I felt like a citizen of Japan at the mercy of Godzilla as I stared at 11 inches of semi-hard cock. David continued to stare at me and simply said, "Suck."

I tried to object. I squeaked, my voice trembling, "I've never cheated on my husband before. Sir."

It was true, too. Even though I was a typical lonely housewife and even though sex with my husband was about as enjoyable as receiving root canal from a blind dentist with Parkinson's disease, I have never been unfaithful. Dave simply shrugged and said, "Okay, enjoy the rest of the party."

He turned his back to me and started pissing on the asphalt between the cars.

For some strange reason -- which I would like to think was the alcohol, though I know that wasn't it -- I stayed. I heard a tiny voice and realized it was my own, "Well, I guess I can suck your cock. I mean, it isn't like its ... sex, right?"

Dave just looked back over his shoulder at me and grinned that knowing grin. The grin suggested that he knew my decision before he even asked.

I dropped to my knees as he turned around. I wrapped my hands around his huge manhood and hefted it up. I could see a couple droplets of piss clinging to the tiny slit. I was about to wipe it clean but when I looked up, something about his eyes made me stop. I simply stuck out my tongue and licked it clean before slipping about 5 inches into my mouth.

David took a drag from his cigarette as he put one hand on my head. His large hand engulfed the top of my skull the way a basketball player palms a ball. With little effort, he pulled my face closer, forcing more of his now fully-erect cock into my mouth and down my throat. I had to relax my throat to accommodate his incredible thickness or risk choking.

As I let him fuck my face, I noticed my knees were getting wet. I glanced down and saw that the stream of urine has run downhill towards me, the edges of the flow now touching my skin. I wanted to get up and move but for some reason, all I did was hike up my dress to keep it clean and dry. I looked back up and saw David watching me, gauging my reaction to the puddle. He was weighing me with his eyes.

I deep-throated him, tears streaming down my cheeks as I gagged on that monster cock. My pussy warmed as he casually raped my mouth, one hand massaging his huge balls and another rubbing at my slick, overheating cunt.

When he was confident that I was obedient enough, he pulled out of my mouth and yanked me to my feet.

"Lift your dress," he said.I smiled and batted my eyes and bent forward as I lifted my skirt to flaunt my perfect ass. Dave bent down, and with both hands tore away the crotch of my black nylons. Then he grabbed my panties and tore them as well, leaving just tattered rags hanging from around my hips. He snagged both of my wrists in a single hand, holding me fast, pinning them to my lower back. I was about to say something in protest, but instead I just lowered my head, trying to slow my breathing. I had goose-bumps. I knew what was coming and I wanted it. Fuck, I wanted it. I wanted that giant cock inside my body, stretching me like I haven't been stretched since I gave birth to Jessie & Josie.

David pushed me forward against a car. I held on as my face was lowered to waist level. My legs were kicked apart like a cop arresting a drunk driver. I then felt the head of his large tool pressing into the folds of my pussy, parting it like Moses at the Red Sea. And like Moses, when I was finally parted, I moaned a quiet exaltation to God.

Oh God, oh GOD, his cock.

Being filled with an 11" (more like 13 inches, in his fully-erect state) was like being in a drug-induced haze of both numbness and pleasure. I tried to speak but the words came out more like a guttural moan. My eyes were closed and I can't swear that drool wasn't dripping from my lower lip.

After a few minutes of being pounded by David, I felt my toes curling, my heart racing and a wave of tingling vibrations erupting through my body. I bit my mouth down tight so I wouldn't scream as I experienced my first orgasm from a cock in over 15 years ... and probably only the 5th in my entire life. Without a doubt, it was the best of the bunch. I began to cum again ... and the again.

I was still lost in the haze of my orgasms, feeling another wave hit me, when David abruptly pulled out. There was almost a gasp of panic as his giant cock was replaced by the cold vacuum of air into my gaping cunt. Before I had a chance to voice my complaint, he grabbed me and spun me around, loosing my arms and forcing me back to my knees in the puddle. He put his cock to my lips.

I opened my mouth and he pushed his way in. I could taste the slick drool of my own cunt on his cock and was surprisingly not appalled. In fact, I actually enjoyed the rich, tangy flavor. Then, after fucking my face for 5 or 6 strokes, he pulled out and held his cock a few inches from my face. He held it like a cannon, ready to knock down a castle wall. His first blast struck me right in the eye and splashed off. The second hit my forehead and began to drip down my cheek. His next blast of cum hit my upper lip and teeth, dripping down onto my lower lips. Blast after blast washed over my face as though someone had hit me with a cream pie.

Eventually, after about 9 large blasts, David's cock stopped pulsating. It stopped spewing its cream all over my face, dripping down into my cleavage. David held his cock to my lips for me to lick clean. As I did, he leaned forward and picked up my wine glass. He then backed away and held the wine glass under my chin. The cum dripped down into the glass. After about 3 ounces had collected in the glass, he held the glass in front of himself and grunted. His cock started launching a thick stream of urine, splashing across my cleavage and down my belly. When the stream died down to a trickle, he put the glass in front and collected an ounce of piss. That -- with the cum -- turned the half-full glass of red wine to a strange swirled pink, red and white liquid. He helped me to my feet and said, "There's a Burger King across the street. Go get cleaned up. I'll leave your drink here for you. When you come back, I expect to see you drinking your cocktail."

I simply nodded as he walked away.

I watched him walk back to the party through my one non-slimed eye and then I hurried across the street to the burger joint. When I walked in, it was surprisingly crowded. With a mall right down the street, I assume these were holiday shoppers who didn't have time for a home-cooked meal. About 40 people were either in the line or off on the side, filling their drink cups. I walked in and pushed past the staring patrons. I hurried to the back where the bathrooms are. I tried the door to the ladies room but it was locked. A voice inside yelled, "One minute."


So there I stood, by the door, with cum dripping down my face, piss dripping off my tits and my knees shaking from the pounding my cunt had taken. Four teen boys sat at a table right next to me and stared. I could hear their snickering and their snide comments. I guess it wasn't too hard to tell what happened to my face; while I did my best to studiously ignore them, I realized that my nylons were still hanging in shreds around my ankles, and my slickness had run down to my knees.

After 5 minutes, the door opened and a group of cute teen girls walked out; they giggled and mercifully let me pass. As they walked away, one mentioned that it looked like I had been a party-favor to at least a dozen guys. Another admitted that she would still eat my ass.

I hurried into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I was a mess, obviously, but it was more than that. Looking at my slime-coated face, I looked like I was just the guest of honor at a dozen-man bukakke party. I laughed as I used a finger to wipe some of the sperm from my left eye. For some reason, I licked my finger clean. I've never been against swallowing sperm, but I also wouldn't call myself a connoisseur, either. Yet here I was, enjoying the thrill of licking the sperm from my fingers. Maybe it was the nastiness of it or the excitement or maybe it was as I feared: I was actually enjoying the taste. Or probably all three.

I cam again, rubbing myself off right there in front of the mirror and thinking of David using my mouth for his pleasure; when the girls came back, I didn't stop fingering myself, rubbing David's cum into my cunt and hoping that I would get pregnant. They took quite a few photos, I'm embarrassed to admit.

When I eventually returned to the party, Mike was asleep at the table, his fourth light beer barely touched. I walked over to the appetizer table to get something less salty - and slimy - to eat. I caught David's eye and held up my glass to show him I had it. Then I closed my eyes and lifted it to my lips. As the sludge slipped down my throat, I could feel eyes upon me. I opened my eyes to see Connie Virtue, Richard's fiance. A gorgeous young blonde, she walked over and asked me how I liked the party. I nodded and said, "Oh, it's been pretty exciting so far."

As we talked, I tried to ignore the cold breeze going up my dress and through my torn nylons and panties. I swirled the half empty glass in my hand and took another sip. Connie asked, "That's a strange looking drink, what is it?"

I replied, trying not to smile, simply, "Red wine blow job."

Connie looked confused, wrinkling her pert little nose. I said, "You know, that shot drink called a blow job? It has Bailey's in it and some other stuff. I got it from the bar and poured it into my wine. It tastes pretty good."

Connie asked, "Can I have a taste?"

I looked over her shoulder at David, who was about 5 feet away and listening. He nodded with a smile. I handed her the glass. She lifted it to her lips and took a sip. I could see strings of sperm wash into her mouth. Then she sloshed it around in her mouth for a second and swallowed. "Mmm. That's pretty good."

She took another gulp. "Really good, actually," she said.

When she handed me back the glass, it only contained barely a sip. I drank it and Connie asked, "Want me to go get us a couple more from the bar? I mean, I thought it might be fun to get you drunk --"

That's when Dave cut in. "I'm on my way up to the bar, can I get you ladies a refill?"

I said yes, blushing, and off he went. As I talked to Connie, I watched David get two large glasses of wine and take them into the men's room.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, David returned with two drinks and handed one to each of us. He said, "I think you ladies will like these. They're extra special."

We each took a sip. Connie said, "Mmm, yes, that's good. I'll have to get the recipe."As I sipped my drink, I could see and taste that it had a lot more sperm and piss in it than last time. The wine only made up about 30% this time. And like Connie, I was enjoying it.

Enjoying it a LOT.

David, now drinking another scotch, stayed and talked to us. He asked Connie about when she and Richard were going back to Germany. She said that he was leaving in two days, but that she was staying through the holidays. Then I mentioned that Mike was going with Dick for 2 weeks. He asked, "You must have very trusting husbands. I don't know if I could leave two beautiful women such as yourselves here alone for 2 weeks."

We both blushed, but I also felt something else. While Mike does occasionally throw compliments my way, they always come across as painful for him. Dave seems to have a natural ability to make a person's heart soar. Of course, he was having an effect on more than just my heart.

Mike finally woke up and stumbled over. He burped and then said, "C'mon, let's get out of here. I gotta take a piss."

He pulled me by the arm, then saw my drink and asked, "What the hell are you drinking?"

Before I could say anything, Connie spoke up. "It's a new drink we just discovered. It's really good. You should try it."

Mike, seeing that David was watching him, didn't want to wuss out and reveal that he only drinks light beer or 1% milk. Instead, he took my drink and chugged it, finishing it off. He made a strange face and said, "It's a little strong."

I laughed. Of course, anything as manly as David's cum would be too strong for Michael. It was probably the first time he's had any hint of a real man inside him.

On the car ride home, I drove -- and sure enough, Michael passed out. I reached for my purse to get out my lipstick to fix my smeared lips at a stop light. When I reached my hand inside my purse, I found something strange: a napkin. It had a phone number on it, and a note that simply said, "Call me when he goes away. I want to fuck that sweet asshole of yours."

My heart fluttered and my pussy got wet again. I looked to make sure Mike was unconscious, and then I shifted in my seat so I could hike up my skirt. While I drove with my left hand, my right went to work on my aching cunt. No simple clit rubbing would satisfy me, either. I rammed 2 fingers up my wet hole and sloshed them back and forth. Then I took them out and sucked on them as I drove. Well, I guess I knew what I'd be doing in 2 days.

Saturday, two days later, Mike left for his two-week trip. The kids were at their friends' house for the afternoon and I was standing in the kitchen with the phone. It was ringing.

His voice was so strong. "Hello."I was nervous, but tried not to let it show in my voice. "Um, hi. This is, um, Jessica Hunt from the Christmas party. Is this David?"

"Yeah, and...?"

"Um, you said to call when Mike left and he ... he just left for the airport, sir. He'll be gone for 2 weeks. Well, 15 days actually. He'll be back on the 27th. Well, late on the 27th, so really like the 28th. I, uhh, well, sir --"

There was a pause and David said, "And you are calling to beg me to come over and fuck you? To open up your ass, and treat you like a dirty cock sucking whore, yes?"

I was shocked by his harsh words and I said, "Hey, now, sir, that ... wasn't very nice. Look, the other night was fun and I was thinking you could come over, yes. I mean, I would really like you to come over, but there have to be some ground rules. You can fuck me, sir, but you need to understand that I don't..."

David interrupted, "Sorry, never mind then."


He hung up on me. I couldn't believe it, he actually hung up on me. I was furious! I threw the phone against the wall and it cracked. I started mumbling to myself, "What a jerk! Who the hell does he think he is?"

I walked over to the computer and sat down. I brought up the Internet and started surfing a news site. Then I went to Google -- and for some strange reason, my fingers typed in "large cock". Sure enough, hundreds of pictures of girls being fucked by huge cocks were in front of me. I looked down and realized I had unbuttoned my skirt and my hand was in my panties. Damn, I never do stuff like this. I felt like a woman possessed, like I was no longer in control of myself.

35 seconds later, I was holding a scotch-taped phone receiver to my ear and listening to it ring. "Hello?"

"Um, David, it's, um, Jessica Hunt, um, from the Christmas party. I think we got off on the wrong..."

He interrupted me, "I know who this is. What I want to know is why you are calling me. You made it clear that you were not receptive to my plans, hence we have no need to talk. Instead, I think I'll give Connie a call -- since she's all alone as well. She's already offered to let me knock her up."

I felt my heart race and I felt a twang of desperation and panicked jealousy in the pit of my stomach. "Wait, sir. I was just kidding around. No, I really want you to come over."

There was a pause on the phone that felt like days as I could hear David breathing. Finally, he broke the silence, "Do you, now?"

"Yes, sir. Please!"

"Do you want me to come over and fuck your ass and treat you like a cock sucking whore?"

I quietly said, "Yes, of course. Sir."

After a brief pause, David said in a flat voice, "I am unconvinced. I want to hear you say it."

I swallowed and closed my eyes as I said, "Yes, I want you to come over and fuck my ass and treat me like a cock sucking whore. Please, sir -- get me pregnant."

Saying those vile words filled me with a sort of power. It was like those words were giving me confidence and setting me free from my lifetime of pretending to be something I'm not. He continued, "Do you want to suck my cock after I fuck your ass? Do you want me to take to out to a porn shop and make you suck off strange men through the glory hole? Do you want me to piss in your mouth? Do you want my giant cock buried in that bald cunt of yours?"

My whole body burning, my nipples aching, I said, "Yes... Sir, but my pussy isn't shaved."

He simply said, "It will be by the time I get there.""Um, yes, of course. Sir. Please come fuck me." I gave him the address and he hung up.

I had no idea when David was coming. He didn't say if he was coming right over or if he'd be over later or what. I had to assume I had very little time, so I quickly jumped in the shower. I grabbed one of my husband's new razors and got busy trimming. I have never completely trimmed my pussy before, but I think I did an excellent job. When I toweled off, I patted a little baby powder on my freshly bald cunt to prevent razor burn and then I stood in front of the full length mirror that hangs from the back of the bathroom door. My cunt looked ... hungry.

"Not too shabby," I thought.

I dressed as sexily as I could and checked the time. It was 11 am and the kids would be out for a few more hours. I had to make sure I had time to get changed back into something more befitting a mother of three before they returned. In the meantime, I was dressed in a white blouse, short black skirt, 2 inch heels and no undergarments. I figured they would just slow David down. Besides, I couldn't afford to keep replacing every pair of panties he rips to get at my sopping cunt.

Time seemed to drip by as I waited for David. I paced nervously around the house. I checked the time every 5 minutes. I even did some minor housework to pass the time. Finally, it was 3 o'clock and I knew the kids would be home soon, so I was about to go upstairs and change when I heard the front door open. My daughters were home. Shit! I would have to go past the door to get to the stairs.

The girls came in and yelled that they were home. I couldn't simply hide behind a couch like a child, so I came into view and welcomed them home. "Hi kids, how was your day?"

Jessie & Josie, my little nine year olds, started telling me about their day when Tammy said, "Damn, Mom, you look great. Do you have a hot date or something?"

I let out a nervous chuckle. "No, I just figured I'd try on some old clothes I haven't worn in a while. I'm going back up to get changed right now."

I looked at myself in the hall mirror as I passed and agreed. I did look great, though you could see my nipples a little too clearly through the sheer blouse.

Before I could get to the stairs, the doorbell chimed. Damn! I opened the door to see David, dressed in khakis and a suit-jacket over a sharp polo shirt. He filled them out quite well. I invited him in and then remembered the girls were standing behind me. "Um, girls, this is a friend of your father's from ... from the office. His name is David. David, these are my daughters, Tammy, Jessie & Josie."

David smiled brightly at them and then said, "My, you have your mother's beauty."The girls giggled, and teenage Tammy blushed.

Then David turned to me and said, "I love the blouse."

I quickly remembered that my nipples were visible and blushed, myself. This was not the way to behave in front of my daughters. Of course, had I known what was to come later, I probably would have just smiled.

David took off his coat and handed it to me. I said, "I'm sorry, the kids are home earlier than I expected. Maybe we should slip away to your place or try again tomorrow or something."

He looked around the living room and then said, "No, this will work just fine...better, in fact. Take off your clothes."

"Huh?" was the only response I could muster.

Tammy spoke up, with a mischievous grin in her voice, "Mom, what's going on?"

I said, "Oh, nothing, David is just kidding around. It's nothing..."

Dave put a hand up and silenced me. He said to the girls, "Your mother is a dirty, cock-hungry slut and she begged me to come over and treat her like a whore in return for fucking her. Since you are her daughters, you are most likely sluts as well. You three should stay around and watch as I fuck your mother in every hole. Maybe if you're good and obedient like your mom, I'll let you all take turns sucking my cock."

I moved between David and my girls and said, "Hey, now that was uncalled for! There is no way my daughters are going to watch us have sex! And you sure as hell aren't going to be messing around with them!"

David eyed me for a second, then he unzipped his pants. He withdrew his monster cock which was already about 90% hard. He held it there, watching me become almost hypnotized by it and said, "Fine, if you don't want me to fuck you, you can go fuck yourself."

Then he started putting his large cock away -- I realized that I had already reached out to stroke it.

"Wait, don't go!" I couldn't believe I was hearing those words from my own mouth, but the thought of the orgasms he had given me just 2 days before was making me irrational. I continued, "No, it's okay, I was just being... Sir, please ..."

David turned and looked at me with those smoldering eyes and said, "Now take off your clothes."

I lowered my head in submission and began undressing in front of my daughters. They had enormous grins on their faces. I didn't even walk over and close the blinds in the front window. As I unbuttoned my blouse, he said, "I do not like repeating myself. Do not make me do so again."

I nodded, humbled, my knees shaking and goosebumps all across my skin.

David pulled his shirt up over his head. I was impressed by his physique -- he was like a sculpture of a god. He nodded me over. I left my blouse in a pile on the floor and walked towards him, my heart racing. I dropped to my knees at his feet and began unbuttoning his pants. As I slid the zipper down, I could feel the large inviting bulge just below the fabric.

As I slid his pants off, I could feel the warmth emanating from his boxers. My daughters stood silently behind me and watched. I glanced past David's body at a mirror on the wall by the coat rack. I could see the girls just standing there in awe. There was of course shock in their eyes ... but also maybe something else. Was it curiosity or was it something more? Desire? I felt a mixture of guilt and a rush of pleasure. I realize this doesn't make sense, but being told to do this in front of my girls was almost like an awakening for me. It was like I lived the first 32 years of my life in the shadows and I was finally stepping into the light ... and I wanted the world to see.

I pulled down David's boxers, freeing his giant cock. It popped up and smacked me in the cheek. It was so hard it was like being struck by a miniature baseball bat. David shuffled his feet, stepping out of his shoes and clothes. He said, "Socks", and I removed each sock. It was strange: even his feet seemed muscular, if that's possible.

I know what you may be wondering. Why would I be doing this? Sure, Mike isn't the most manly of men, but there had to be some reason I married him in the first place, right? Unfortunately, not a very good one. You see, I grew up in a rural town in western Nebraska. When I say rural, I mean I knew the tumbleweeds by name. I went to a large university where I knew no one. My roommate joined a sorority and was a bit of a party girl. She was hardly ever around, leaving me to my studies and my solitude. Then, one day, she invited me to a party of hers -- it was wild, like something from a raunchy teen movie. People were pairing up all over the house, sometimes in more than just couples. There were several groups of three, all kissing and groping each other. I stepped into the bathroom but when I turned on the light, I found a girl on her knees, servicing a guy with a large blue tattoo on his back.

I was seeing things that I had never seen before: a tiny girl on a couch openly playing with her asshole as the man she made out with slipped three fingers into her pussy. A fraternity brother easing his enormous member into the dripping, gaping cunt of a preteen tied, gagged, to the pool table. A pregnant TA, soaked in piss, furiously masturbating on a kitchen floor and begging the laughing frat brothers to let her fuck their dog. Two little Asian girls -- maybe teenagers, maybe not -- fisting each others assholes as a big black fraternity brother filled one of the girls with what looked like a gallon of cum. A girl with cum running down her thighs, giving a blow-job to a man on a couch and wiggling her ass to get more anonymous men to fuck her. A local mom, greasing up her young daughter's shit-pipe while preparing the next of her rapists with her mouth. Just before I left, I watched a high-school girl sink herself onto a bowling pin while surrounded by hard cocks, working a fat length of dick with each fist, ropes of cum and saliva trailing from her lips and down her bare, shining tits.

Flustered, breathing heavily, I stumbled down the stairs and out the back door. There were several smokers gathered around in a close circle, trying to shield themselves from the late November air. I didn't smoke, so I just stood off by myself, rubbing my knees together. I was just about to leave when Mike came up to me. I saw him earlier with a bunch of other guys playing a drinking game. He had a lot of friends at the party but he chose to stop and talk to me.

I realize this may be corny, but I liked Mike because he seemed safe. Unlike the other guys there, he didn't ask me if I wanted to suck his cock or ask to see my tits. He didn't grab my ass, even. At the time, I thought that meant he was a gentleman. I didn't realize he was just too much of a pussy to ask for what he wanted or to just flat out take it.

We dated for almost a year, though we only had sex a handful of times. Again, I didn't think anything of it. I figured that when I got married, I'd have all the sex I could handle. So when we wed, just after I turned 18, I was a little disappointed that we only had sex twice on our week-long honeymoon. Over the years to come, I would learn to live with a lot of disappointment in that area.

And I masturbated to thoughts of that party every night.

But now was my time to embrace a part of me that has lay dormant for far too long. As I kneeled before David with my children watching behind me, I realized that I didn't leave the party that night because I was some scared small-town girl overwhelmed by the debauchery of big school life. No, I left because I was surprised by how turned on I was becoming. I left because I was shocked at how much I wanted to join the writhing bodies. How much I wanted to lose myself in it. How much I wanted to be taken, and taken again.

I just didn't allow myself to understand that fact at the time. But now I knew.

David snapped my attention back to the moment at hand as he took hold of my hair and pulled my face close to his body. I opened my mouth and let his cock slide between my lips. He grunted, "Suck it, whore. No hands."

I looked up at him with my large green eyes, thanking him silently, and then got busy sucking his huge cock. Each time, I took David all the way into my mouth, to the point of gagging as the large mushroom head clogged my airway. It didn't stop me as I continued to devour him, sucking at his incredible manhood like a starving street urchin at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.

I heard David say, "Come over here, girls. You can see better from over here."

My heart raced as I heard the girls walk over. God, I wanted them to want this. To need this, like I did. From the corner of my eye, I could see them standing next to me, one twin on each side. David spoke to them, "Well, girls ... as you can see, your mother is a dirty little whore. She craves cock like a bitch in heat. She's such a filthy slut that she'll do anything I tell her to. Let me show you. Whore, stand up."

Moaning, I released him from my mouth and stood up with my head tilted down. David stepped closer and put his hand on my bald cunt. "Not bad. Now go bring in your dog."

I looked up at him with confusion and a bit of fear in my eyes. He just kept his steely gaze on me until I shrunk from the scrutiny and left the room. I returned with Midnight, our black lab. David, his hand on my teenager's shoulder, turned to Tammy and said, "Go to the kitchen and get me a jar of peanut butter."

To my surprised delight, Tammy ran off and returned, a bounce in her step, with a large jar of JIF.

Dave took the jar and then looked at me. "Lay on the floor and spread your legs."

I obeyed, trying to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest, and kept my eyes shut. Maybe if I didn't watch what was going on, I would be less mortified. Doubtful.

David knelt, took a glob of peanut butter in his fingers, and smeared it into my dripping slit. He rubbed his hand around, pushing it inside the way you would fill the cracks of your bathroom tile with grout. Then he clapped his hands and the dog came over. It didn't take much for Midnight to figure out where the great smell was coming from. He knew dinner was served, and he dove in.

Feeling his large rough tongue swish over my crack and my swollen clit was like being jolted with a bolt of electricity. I shuddered, pushing back against him. Then, when he came in closer to dig his tongue inside, I felt his cold nose brush against my clit and it felt like an ice cube. I jumped a bit and squealed. I opened my eyes to watch and saw my daughters standing over me, staring like hungry kittens looking through the window of the butcher shop. They were trembling with need. I could see it in their eyes. So did David.

David waited for the dog to finish as much of the peanut butter as he could get and then decided to fill me once more. This time, however, he decided to up the ante. "Girls," he said, "put more peanut butter on your mother. The dog's getting hungry for his bitch."

Tammy took the jar and dipped her hand inside. Then she handed it to little Jessie, who followed suit; Josie was as eager as I had ever seen a girl. I gasped as the girls smeared the peanut butter onto -- and into -- my pussy. Their hands felt so soft and warm on my flesh. Before I could really savor the moment, Midnight had pushed his way back in and was back to lapping at me. I couldn't even think as his tongue slurped over and over along my overheating twat.

I could tell I was getting close to cumming. As humiliating as this was, I have to admit that it was hot. I didn't care that my daughters were there. Hell, I wouldn't have cared if the Pope was standing there. I needed to cum. Just then, the pleasure abruptly stopped. I looked up and saw that David had pulled back the dog. I had a look of utter frustration on my face. "Please, sir! Please!"

David asked, "Do you want my cock inside you now?"

I nodded as I gasped, "Yes, I need your cock! Oh, fuck, god, I need your cock!"

David replied, "Good. Then you had better be a good little whore -- and maybe I will reward you with my cock in your cunt. Maybe I will let you have an orgasm or two today. But that all depends on you... and your daughters."

David looked down at Midnight, who was now bent down, licking his cock. I think it was the first time I ever really looked at it. It was about 4 inches long, pink and sticking out from the end of his furry sheath. David saw me looking and said, "I see you'll take any cock at this point. Good. You may suck your dog's filthy cock."

I wanted to protest. Who the hell was HE to tell me I was allowed to do something so disgusting? I wanted to tell him to fuck off. I wanted to grab my girls and run away. I wanted to stand up in righteous indignation and spit in his face.Instead, his eyes pinned me. Unable to meet his incredible gaze, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror on the wall. I could see myself on my hands and knees, crawling over to the dog. It was like I was watching someone else, until I bent down and could feel the wet spongy tip of the pink dog cock with my own tongue. I stole a quick glance up and saw the girls staring at me in joyous disbelief. Then I closed my eyes and lowered my head, taking his entire cock in my mouth. It was wet and slimy and tangy and pungent and I loved it.

David spoke, "Look at her, girls. Look at what a filthy cock sucking whore your mother is. I bet you girls are just like your mother. I bet you are both dirty little sluts."My whole body tingling, I stole a glance up at them as he continued, "Take off your clothes. I want to see what kind of sluts she has for daughters. Take off your clothes and get on your knees."

By this point, I shouldn't have been shocked by anything, but I was. I was very surprised to see my daughters obey him. These are the same three girls who refused to put away their laundry for 8 weeks, yet here they were, obeying him. Like they worshiped him. Their clothes fell away as they hurried to do as he commanded. As they stripped, I felt a pang of jealousy. I knew that they would be partaking in his monster cock while I was left here sucking on a dog's dick. Just then, David's voice brought me out of my daydream. "Get up, whore."

There was no anger or hostility in his voice. Only domination. Pure power. I knew he was talking to me, so I got up. "You need to teach your daughters how to suck my cock. And if you do a good job, maybe I'll stuff your slick cunt with it."

He held his enormous cock like a club in front of him. I nodded, almost swooning, and smiled at the thought. The girls finished undressing and kneeled beside side of me.I said to my little naked girls, "Take your hands and wrap them around it. Yes. Feel it throb in your hands. Now Tammy, lean down and lick the head ... like this."

I closed my eye and licked the mushroom head, letting the tip slip into my mouth and then back out. I backed away and Tammy was about to wipe my spit off the tip when David said, "Don't clean it, slut. Just suck it."

Tammy, blushing furiously, licked it tentatively and then worked up the courage to let the head and an additional inch into her mouth. I whispered to her, "Don't let your teeth scrape, honey. Make sure your tongue works as a guide between your bottom teeth and your master's cock. Work the underside."

I let her practice for a few moments, proud of how she hollowed out her cheeks and gazed up at her master. Then I pulled Tammy off and nodded to little baby Jessie. Jess didn't bother trying to clean it. She just took it and attacked it with the sort of enthusiasm only a child has. She licked, sucked and slurped while I cupped his balls and gently massaged them. I then said to Josie, "Help your sister. There is more than enough cock for you both to suck at the same time. And don't forget to suck his balls, too."

To illustrate my point, I leaned my head down and lifted his swollen balls into my mouth. It was like trying to suck a pair of tennis balls. I could smell the musky sweaty scent and loved it. God damn, I loved it. Then David said, "Good job, whore. While these little bitches suck my cock, you may entertain me. First, get me a digital camera."

I was terrified at the prospect of him recording any of what we were doing, but for some reason I obeyed. Then, after I handed him the camera and a glass of scotch -- I thought it would be a nice touch -- he told me to get down on the floor. He said, "Get down there. You got that dog all excited. Now you have to let him fuck you like the bitch you are."

I had never done anything like this before. The thought of what I was about to do, as well as what I had just done, would make any normal girl sick to their stomach. That's when I knew for sure that I was exactly as David had described me as to my daughters. That's when I knew that I was a dirty cock loving, dog fucking whore. Because as I got on my knees and patted my ass for the dog to approach, I was actually excited. I was as horny as I had ever been. I needed this. When I felt the rough pads of his paws on my soft white flesh and the tips of his claws dig into me for support, my excitement only grew. And when I felt his swollen pink and purple cock penetrate me, I came. With every flash of the camera, another jolt of pleasure struck.

As I came, I lowered my face into the carpet to help muffle the screams. David said, "Yes, you are a dirty dog whore, aren't you?"

I lifted my head to answer, but my reply game out garbled, like I was a stroke victim. I tried to lift my head again and this time I managed to scream out, "Yes! I'm a dirty dog whore. I love hard cock, sir. I want to drink cum and lick pussy and have my ass fucked by strange men! Please, sir, please, rape a baby into me!"

David only chuckled. He still had my daughters kneeling in front of him. He held the camera and snapped a few pictures of them working together on his cock. Occasionally their tongues would touch and they would kiss. He seemed to enjoy that. He held up the camera with one hand and pulled away his cock with his other. He said, "Just stay right there and open your mouths. Don't close your eyes or I'll make you suck off fifty men till you get it right."

Then he stoked his enormous cock and it started pulsating. A large glob of sperm shot out of the slit and struck Tammy in the eye. To her credit, my teen daughter didn't even blink. He angled his second blast at Jessie, shooting directly into the open, waiting mouth of the grade-schooler; another jet went into Josie's hot mouth. He went back and fourth, spraying both girls in their mouths and on their faces. I found myself both jealous and proud as they swallowed the thick volume of cum, and began working my way to another orgasm on the dog's thrusting cock.

David pushed both girls over towards me. "Let that whore lick your faces clean."

My heart leapt. The girls got down low so I could reach their faces with the dog still weighing me down. It was very strange and exhilarating, licking spunk from my daughter's faces while our dog was cumming inside my spasming cunt. He leaned his large head down and a thick glob of drool dripped from his mouth, landing along my cheek. I lowered and turned my head so the glob dripped down into my open mouth.

Unlike the movies, the dog wasn't tied to me. His knot remained outside my body, so when he finished, he dismounted me. David said to the girls, "Tammy, go lick your mother's cunt clean. Jessie, dear, go lick that dog's cock clean; Josie, spit-shine his balls. When you're finished, I am taking you girls out. You four are adequate, but I plan on training you until you are able to make a man cum in seconds."

Somehow, being told that we were 'adequate' - and that we would be trained - was the greatest compliment I could have imagined.

I rolled over onto my back, sprawled, thinking my daughter would kneel between my legs. I was pleasantly surprised when instead she crawled across my body, laying her naked body against mine. Her hot pussy was in my face as I felt her first tentative, mewling licks on my drenched cunt. I decided to show her what to do by licking her pussy. I raised my hands and spread her legs and ass. I lifted my tongue and slid it slowly, roughly along her wet, overheating slit. She moaned into my crack and followed my example. I could hear slurping as she tried to handle the copious load of dog sperm dripping from my abused body.

As I began sucking on Tammy's sweet teen clit, I strained and looked over at Jessie & Josie, who had their tiny hands wrapped around the base of the dog's cock. As the two little ones sucked up and down on his pointed prick, the dog kept leaning over and licking their sweet faces. Then what I saw impressed me: Josie lifted her mouth off the dog and opened it. The dog lapped his tongue inside her open mouth, licking the remnants of sperm from her braces and tongue as Jessie went back to work deep-throating him.

I continued my oral assault on Tammy, slipping 2 fingers inside her tight hole. Despite the tightness, I quickly realized that my fingers were not hitting the barrier I was expecting. Somehow or other, my oldest daughter was no longer a virgin. I suspected the same might hold true for my youngest girls before the day was over.

When I was sure Tammy had climaxed, I rolled away from her. David looked down at the four of us, laying in a sweaty pile on the carpet and said, "Okay, now get dressed in the sluttiest clothes you have. I'm taking you little whores some place special. No underwear."

In less than ten minutes flat, we all returned downstairs for inspection. I had on a sheer white blouse in which my dark areolas were clearly visible without a bra. I also had on a black leather micro-mini that ended a half inch below my exposed bald cunt. I topped the outfit off with thigh high black leather boots. Tammy wore a short red skirt, a thin black halter top and cute little black ankle boots. Baby Jessie & Josie wore matching pairs of ultra tight biker shorts that exposed camel toe along with bikini tops. Not owning any boots or heels that fit, they both wore white sneakers.

We got into David's Lexus, with me in the front passenger seat and the girls in the back. David unzipped his pants and fished out his large cock. He reached over and took hold of the back of my head and pulled it down onto his shaft. We drove, as he chatted with the girls and I gurgled in pleasure.

About a half hour later, we pulled to a stop in a gravel parking lot. He pulled my head off his cock and said, "I'll be right back. You four wait here."

David exited the car and walked towards a large wooden building that I didn't recognize. When David turned the corner around the side of the building, I looked around and saw a street sign that said, simply, Access Road 3492.

Never heard of it. There were about 25 cars in the parking lot, most of them older and a bit banged up. The smooth new Lexus stood out from the crowd.

I turned my head and saw the large handmade sign by the street, which read "Knob Gobbler's GoGo Bar: Adult bookstore, teen maternity, video booths in back".

I may not be a slut -- well, maybe I now am -- but I am certainly not a prude. I have been in a couple adult bookstores and even a couple gentlemen's clubs before ... yet I had never heard of this place.

We were parked behind the building, and to my right was an overflowing dumpster. Behind it was a man leaning against the plank wall. A young woman squatted in front of him, obviously giving him a world-class blow job. It made me chuckle: a little knob-gobbling at the Knob Gobbler. Yup, it still makes me laugh.

I was startled from my amused pondering when David returned and opened the door. He smiled and said, "Okay ladies, the owner of this establishment has something special for us. You should probably think of some appropriate way to thank him. Follow me."

David closed the door and started walking back to the strip club/porn shop. Some nasty thoughts raced across my mind, and I was about to tell the girls that we were leaving when I heard the back doors of the car slam shut. By the time I got out, the girls were already running after David. Shit! I guess we were committed now. I raced after David and the girls, and caught up with them as they rounded the corner of the building.

Believe me when I say that the front of this establishment was no more inviting than the rear. Everything was wooden and old except for the large shiny metal door in front that must have weighed close to a ton. David opened the door and ushered us into a small foyer. On the walls were torn posters. One declared Wednesdays as "Girlscout Night" and another advertised a porn DVD called "Spunk Chuggers 4".

I can only assume the first 3 in the series left too many unanswered questions that a 4th part was inevitable. Along the back wall were two separate hallways. One was marked "Strippers" and one was marked "Porn".

How simple.

Between the front door and the two hallways sat a tarnished desk with a dented cash register. On the back of the register was a faded sticker that read "Property of Woolworth's". Behind the register sat a man who practically walked out of the Grand Book of Porn-Shop Clichés. He was about 5'7, 275 pounds, hadn't shaved in a week, and his hairline had retreated rather than receded. He wore blue jeans and a well-worn t-shirt that read "I fuck on the first date."

The creepy guy smiled when we entered, showing off all 9 of his yellowed teeth. David handed the man some cash, though I couldn't see how much. In return, the man handed David four brown paper grocery bags. He then said, "You take booths 3, 6, 7 and lucky 13."

David told Tammy to follow him, then instructed Jessie, Josie and me to wait. My eldest daughter mutely went down the corridor marked "Porn," holding David's hand, and disappeared around a corner. While we waited, Jessie asked me, "What's going on, Mom?"

I said, "I'm not sure, honey. If you're scared, we can leave."

She looked up at me with those big green eyes, all preteen precociousness, and said, "No, I'm actually kind of excited. This is pretty wild."

I smiled back at her. "Yeah. Yeah it is, sweet-pea."

I looked up and saw the furry man staring at us, flashing us a near-toothless grin. His hand was somewhere in front of himself but below our line of view. His shoulder kept moving up and down in a slow steady rhythm. Josie was watching what the man was doing with rapt fascination; she whispered to me, "Mom, is he ... you know, jerking off his cock?"

I said, "Yeah, I think so."

We must not have been quiet enough because the man heard us. He perked up and said, "Yeah, damn right I'm jerking off. Little girl, you want to come around here and help me finish?"

Josie's face scrunched in disgust. "No way!"

The man's smile fell away and he said, "Fine, have it your way. You, sweet cheeks?"

Jessie blushed, shaking her head no. The man smiled again. "Maybe I'll just save this, then."

David returned alone and then took both Jessie & Josie down the hall. Now I was alone and a little nervous. A dirty old man, short and lanky, entered the shop. He looked at me, sizing me up like a piece of meat, and then asked the clerk, "Bitch going to 13?"

The shop's owner flashed that broken smile again and said, "Yeah, but I think you really want to hit booth 6 today."

The guy had his hand in his pocket, obviously rubbing himself as he walked up to me. He was shorter than me, maybe 5'4", paper thin with a thick billowy head of white hair. He put $20 on the table and said to the clerk as he started down the hall, "Better be worth it, asshole. That was my beer money."

Now I was all alone with the poster boy for the dangers of inbreeding. The rotund cashier suddenly stood up and walked around his table towards me. He walked right up next to me and I swear he sniffed me. Then he dropped his gaze to my large, meaty tits. He reached up a hand and squeezed my left breast lightly through my transparent blouse. His breath stank of cigarettes as he said, "Yeah. Nice. I may have to sample you."

I slapped his hand away and said, "No fucking way, dirtbag!"

His face turned angry. I think he might have slapped me if not for the voice behind us. "Now that isn't any way to speak to our gracious host. You owe Mr. Clarke an apology."

David was back, and once again he returned alone. I lowered my gaze as I said in a defeated tone, "I'm sorry, Mr. Clarke."

He squeezed my tit again, but harder this time. "Don't worry, cunt, I'll find some way for you whores to make it up to me."

A shiver went up my spine.

Wordlessly, Dave led me down the narrow corridor, which opened into a dimly-lit room filled with shelves. On the shelves were boxes of porn. It was like the Mecca of sleaze. On the wall was a poster marking the return of the "Throat Yogurt for Jr. High Cheerleaders" series. While I am not familiar with the series, it must be quite popular to be sporting a "Part 9".

At the back of the room was another hallway. This hall was not lit at all, but for the glow of 4 cigarettes, held by creepy looking men who stared ominously at me as I passed. One man, the old guy from the lobby, had his hand down his pants, visibly stroking himself as I slipped by.

Along the way we passed several doors. Some had red lights glowing above the door while others had green lights and still others glowed yellow. I have no idea what the lights signified, since they obviously weren't street lights. Then I noticed the doors each had a tiny number etched above them. I saw the doors Tammy, Jessie and Josie were behind ... but kept walking as we rounded a corner.

We entered another hall and continued on to door 13. Dave opened the door and led me in. It was dark and small, and chains hung from the ceiling. On the one wall was a rectangular plexiglass window about 6 inches high and 12 inches long. It was about eye level. On the other side was a small hole cut into the wall about 2 1/2 feet from the ground. On either side of the hole was a large brass ring bolted to the wall.

David closed the door to the small booth. On the one wall was a TV monitor. Oddly, just above the hole in the wall was a mirror, twisted slightly to the side and tilted slightly up. David said, "Take off your clothes."

The room smelled of sex. Of sweat and cum. I wanted to ask about my daughters, but all I could think of was Dave fucking me in this dirty little room.

I disrobed, tossing my clothes into a pile in the corner. I only left the heels. Then Dave attached a strange harness around my waist, wrapping around each thighs. He pulled down a chain from the ceiling and attached it to the back of the harness. Then he said, "Lean forward. Put your hands down on that pole, but don't squeeze the buttons." I looked down and saw a red pole that ran along the floor, about 6 inched from the ground. On this horizontal pole were several buttons, about a foot apart, on the back side of the pole. I lightly gripped the pole, careful not to depress the buttons.

Then Dave attached a leather band on each wrist and chained me to the pole.

I admit that I was getting nervous, bent down like this. I noticed that my face was right in front of the hole and the tiny mirror. Dave spread my legs about fourteen inches apart and attached ankle shackles and a bar, which secured me to the floor and locked my feet far apart. Then Dave leaned over me and attached a leather band around my neck. It had two metal rings on each side. He pulled my face up against the wall and clipped me to the brass rings on each side of the hole.

Dave walked around behind me and I heard his pants unzip. "You want this, don't you?"

I gasped a yes. Chuckling, he said, "Oh wait, I forgot to turn on the show."

He put a $50 bill into the machine, and the view-screen sprung to life. It was a split, showing 6 separate high-definition pictures. I should have expected it, but it shocked me none the less. I saw my daughters. Each of the three were in seperate booths, shackled and bent just like me. One shot was of Tammy's face, chained against a hole as a large cock thrust into her mouth violently. The second show was also of her, but a wide shot that showed her bare, prepubescent back end. The other four shots were the same, but with Jessie and Josie; their hot preteen mouths were each wrapped around a massive tool, sucking cum from it, and their identical little wet cunts glistened with need.

Dave spoke, "Now I'm going to fuck you with this thick cock. If you squeeze those buttons, doors will open behind the girls ... allowing strange men in to fuck them both in the cunt and in the ass. It's all on you, whore."

I heard a door open and close. There was a booth next to mine and a man entered. I saw a flicker of light as he put in money and activated the porn video screen. A second later, a thin uncut cock protruded through the open hole. I could see though the mirror that Dave was watching. I really had no choice but to open my mouth and allow the cock in.

I opened my mouth and the man pressed forward. I felt Dave's hands on my hip and the head of his huge cock part the folds of my pussy. I was overcome by lust. I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat so the man beyond the wall could better fuck my face.

As Dave's cock split me slowly, taking total possession of my slick, hot need, I looked into the tiny mirror. I saw the video screens. My daughters were being face fucked. I could see the guy who fucked Tammy's face pull his cock out of her mouth about an inch and fire a blast of thick cum onto her face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could but several blasts were dripping from her chin.

Dave was all the way inside me, now. It felt like heaven, like I was being fucked by a horse. He started moving in and out, picking up the pace. I could feel the climax building inside me. I felt my hands tightening around the bar. I quickly caught myself and removed my hands. But when I did, Dave quickly pulled out of my cunt. The sudden withdrawal left a sucking void in my sopping snatch. He said, "No. I told you to keep your hands on the bar with your fingers on the buttons. Otherwise, no cock, whore."

Nearly sobbing with need, I acquiesced and returned my hands to the bar, my fingers to the buttons. When I did, Dave's cock returned to the warm wet confines of my excited pussy. As I adjusted to the return of the enormous fuck meat, the man in my mouth began to cum. He forced himself in as far as he could so he could spray his load right down my throat. I was actually a little disappointed: I found myself wanting to taste it, play with it on my tongue, and savor the flavor.

Fortunately, this would be just the first of many loads I'd be drinking today.

Dave increased the pace -- and that familiar, incredible feeling was returning. Only he could make me cum like this. He was pounding me, harder and faster. Each thrust pushed my face against the dirty glory hole. I could see the man on the other side zip up and leave. He was quickly replaced by another horny man looking to dump his load into my thirsty gullet.

I don't know what was happening to me. That large cock in my cunt, another now in my mouth. I could see the girls in the monitor. I watched as they drank one load after another. I could see the locked doors behind them, standing as the only barrier between them and the most brutal of rape. My fingers were the only thing preventing them from having strange men fucking them in their soft tight cunts and their smooth, virgin assholes.

Naturally, I did what any horny cock whore would do. I watched the monitors, heaving with desire, and squeezed the buttons. I saw the doors behind the girls open. In the first booth, I saw the old dirty man step in and close the door behind himself. He pulled out his old cock and began, in one smooth motion, to rape Tammy's slippery 7th-grade cunt.

In another monitor, I saw the door open as well. The fat furry clerk walked in and closed the door. Jessie's ass quivered next to him, so tiny. He smiled up at the monitor as he unzipped his pants and withdrew a long fat cock. He held it out as if to show me what he was going to be violating my baby daughter with. He spit into his hand and then rubbed it onto the length of his shaft. He walked up behind her, slapped her lily white ass and then pushed his cock inside her.

From the second camera angle, I could see Jessie's eyes open wide as the fat man forced himself inside her almost hairless cunt. He grabbed her hips, pumped 3 or 4 times and then his eyes rolled up into his head. The fat fuck was obviously dumping his load of seed into my nine-year-old daughter's fertile womb. On another screen a large black man was fisting his huge tool as he played with Josie's tiny pussy; she was drooling onto his probing fingers.

"I bet she gets pregnant", said Dave as he continued to fuck me hard. "Hell, I bet all four of you get knocked up."

The thought should have scared me, but I felt myself begin to cum. Then I watched the fat man pull out his thick cock from my little daughter Jessie's battered pussy. He looked back up at the camera and then began to piss all over her bare back and hair. After pulling up his pants, he flipped me the finger and then, still looking at the camera, pushed that finger into her asshole. He swished it around a bit, yanked it back out, and then left the booth with the door open for the next guy.

Dave was fucking me hard and fast; I gripped him as the orgasm tore through me. He then pulled out his cock and walked around me. I had a cock in my mouth, already filling it with spunk. Dave just aimed his cock at the side of my face and fired his massive load right onto the side of my head. It blasted off my cheek and hair, landing on the floor in a messy puddle, dripping from my chin and nose.

I looked up to see a man shoving a large dildo into Tammy's ass. Then he rammed his cock into her cunt. She was a mess, her face covered in cum like a bukakke party guest of honor.

The man who was filling my mouth with the 4th delicious load of the night was finished and gone. I was gasping, using this brief reprieve to catch my breath and come down from the toe-curling orgasms Dave just gave me. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. Dave was gone. Behind me was a large door that connected my booth to the booth on our right. From that booth walked a tall muscular black man. He slapped my ass and said, "Damn, what a fine white bitch. I'm gonna be your farmer, 'cause today I'm planting some seed up in that fuck pot of yours."

He unsheathed a giant black cock and slapped my ass with it. He said, "Damn. Bitch, I'm gonna tear your little shitter up!"

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as the large cock pierced my rectum. It hurt like hell, but I was still trembling from the after shocks of the orgasm, so I welcomed the pain. After 20 or 30 long strokes, he pulled out and sunk his rod into my cunt. It felt amazing!

As I concentrated on the pleasure in my gash, I saw the light flicker in the booth to our left. Someone new had entered the booth. A smelly cock broke through into my booth and I sucked it. It was foul, but I sucked it like a starving whore. Then I heard the voice. It was that fat fuck from the front counter! He said, "You taste that, bitch? I fucked both of your little baby-whore daughters in the cunt and in their ass; your teenage fuck-socket took me up the shitter all the way to the balls. You're licking their sloppy cunt-juice and shit off my dick. But I got another little treat for you."

He pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled it back so only the head stuck through. I looked closely at it to see what he was doing.

The only warning I got was the slit at the end opening a millisecond before the hot acrid piss struck my in the eye, nose and mouth. It tasted like, well ... piss. My face was soaked in seconds. I had nowhere to move. He laughed and said, "Bitch, you just settle in there 'cause you and those three cunt daughters of yours have a long night ahead of you."

The black man behind me laughed, and unceremoniously pulled his thick cock out of him spasming cunt; before I could react, he slipped the enormous member straight back up my barely-loosened shit-pipe.

I was beaten. Humiliated. Defeated. Whatever reserve of pride and self purpose I might have ever had was gone. As I stood there, bent uncomfortably, sperm and piss dripping from my mouth and a large black cock fucking me hard in my tight asshole, the facade of being in control was finally stripped away...sort of like my clothes.

I loved it. I began to cum again.

I looked up to watch the girls as the next cock entered the hole to fuck my tired mouth. I found myself watching the girls with something that could no longer be considered horror, or anxiety. In fact, I was starting to get excited as I watched one man after another use their thin, lithe bodies. Accepting myself as a dirty slut who is just here for the sexual amusement of others has opened my mind and allowed me to watch my daughters with a new sense of lust.

As I watched, I squinted at the screen. The girls were no longer wimpering from the fucking: all three of my daughters seemed to have also accepted their place in the world. Jessie hung, shivering with orgasms; piss ran down her thin and hairless legs as she grunted around the huge cock she was nursing on. Josie wiggled her ass, trying to get herself impaled further on the huge tool spearing into her itty-bitty-bity colon. Tammy was especially loud; she cried, "Fuck me, mister! Fuck me! Thank you, mister, thank you for your cock, sir, thank you -- I'm so glad my mommy let you fuck me, mister!"

They could see me, just like I could see them! As I was considering the implications of this, the large black man behind me grabbed my hips hard, yanking me closer. His balls slapped under my body and he went ridged. I felt his pulsing cock erupt inside me, sending a river of thick white cum into my steaming ass-guts.

The pleasure of all that hot wet cum squirting inside my exposed body sent me spiraling into another orgasm. My knees buckled but the harness held me aloft. The man in my mouth followed suit and filled my mouth with his steamy load of gunk.

As I lay there, hanging from the harness, my body trembling, I heard the black man say, "Damn bitch, yo' ass can't get enough of my big black cock. I'm gonna go make a few calls and get some of my friends over here to taste you and those fine little bitches."

With that, he stepped around to the side of my head, found a dry portion of hair and wiped his dripping cock. Then he slapped his semi-hard cock against the side of my face before putting it away. Another man entered to room to take his place. Then another; some had big cocks, some had small, all of them pounded into me with abandon until cum splashed from my aching, needy cunt.

As the night wore on, Jessie, Josie, Tammy and I were filled in every hole well over 50 times apiece. It didn't help us that they made an announcement over in the strip club portion of the establishment that there were four sexy girls next door waiting to be used as free fuck holes.

Hours passed. As David unhooked me from the harnesses, barely able to stand, my thoughts turned to what the disgusting fat man said earlier. We were probably all pregnant. I suppose I could take us to the doctors for that next-day pill, but how would I explain that a mother and her three daughters -- one a freshman in High School, two not even into forth grade -- all need the pill at the same time? Of course, I could offer to blow the doctor. Hell, I could offer to let my daughters blow him.

Yeah, that might work.

David wrapped a blanket around me and led me out to the car. Effortlessly, as if I weighed no more than a child, he helped me inside onto a sheet of plastic that lay on the seat. The girls were curled in the back, also wrapped in blankets and sitting on plastic. I expected that. What I didn't expect was to see them smiling at me when I looked back at them. I thought they might feel betrayed. Instead, they smiled and began to kiss each other. The three licked dried cum and piss from each other's face.

David said, "You all did very well tonight. I'm not displeased. Another week or so of this and you will be ready for the next level."

Next level?!?! While I was shocked (no, really, I could still be shocked at this point), I was too tired to question it. I needed a bath. No, I needed like 7 consecutive baths. I looked forward to asking my girls to join me.

It was well after 1 am when we entered the house. David gave each girl a long kiss good night, and pulled away from the house. As I locked up the house for the night, I heard the water running upstairs. The girls had gone up to draw a bath. I took off the remnants of my wet, sticky clothes and tossed them into a pile in the middle of the living room floor with those of my daughters. As I padded across the hallway towards the stairs, I paused at the full length mirror by the closet.

God, I looked sexy.

My hair was wet and matted with cum and dripping with piss. My body had a slick shine to it and my eyes seemed to radiate mischievous excitement rather than the exhaustion I was feeling. Seeing myself like this caused no shame. In fact, I liked it.
I turned from the mirror and went up the stairs, following the sounds of light splashing. As I did, I saw a cum-stain on the carpeted steps. "Hmm. I'll have to get the carpet cleaner out of the garage tomorrow", I thought.

What an odd thing to think as I was going upstairs to wash dried cum and urine from the bare bodies of my freshly-fucked daughters. Wasn't I planning on eating out my own teen's soupy twat, while imagining the feel of by little girl's fingers inside my ass? Maybe I wasn't quite as converted as I earlier though. After all, wouldn't a true slut be more focused on sex right now? Maybe I still had more to learn and experience, just as David suggested.

Maybe my travels had only jut begun.

As I reached the top step and turned down the hall, light glowed from the bathroom. I quickened my step, suddenly re-focused on the event at hand. When I got to the door, I looked in to see a pleasant surprise. Sitting on the rim of the large five-person Jacuzzi was Tammy, her legs spread open and her head tilted back. Her mouth was slightly open and her lower lip trembling. The reason for the trembling was my twins, kneeling in the tub, their hands on Tammy's thighs and tongues buried in Tammy's well-used cunt, licking the remnants of our night from their big-sister's sloppy, still-dripping snatch.

I ascended the steps to the Jacuzzi and climbed in, careful not to splash too much. I glided in the water across to Josie and gently kissed my baby daugter's shoulder. I moved her long hair to one side and licked her neck in one long slow stroke as her twin Jessie dived in further to lap at Tammy's gaping, abused asshole. Her skin tasted of sex. Dirty sex. Sperm, urine and sweat tasted like fine caviar on her flesh. I bit gently and she shuddered. I sucked on her neck like a high school lover administering a hickey in the last isle of a crowded movie theater. She let out a slight moan into her older sister's ravaged hole.

Tammy finally climbed down into the hot water. All of our bodies were submerged from our abdomens down. Our upper bodies were above water. I took the large sponge and squirted some soap onto it. I handed the sponge to Tammy. I covered another sponge with soap and gave it to Josie and also got one for myself. I leaned over and began soaping Tammy's large breasts. She moved her long brown hair to the side so I could lather her left shoulder. Tammy began soaping Jessie's tiny chest, making small circles on her hard nipples. Josie softly scrubbed my back; for her part, Jessie used the sponge to lather her bare hands, which she moved to me fleshy tits. She took one in each hand and massaged them tenderly. She leaned up and kissed my cheek. I turned my face to meet her lips with mine. Tammy's free hand wend below the water to Jessie's slim, hairless cunt. When a finger slipped in, I could taste Jessie's moan as Josie's fingers massaged my cunt.

For the next hour, we rubbed and washed each other as we kissed. I was a bit concerned that my daughters might feel betrayed by what I allowed to happen to them tonight. But no, they instead only seemed to want more.

We made our way to the bedroom and the girls pushed me back gently onto the bed. Tammy spread my legs apart and lowered her head to my newly shaven cunt; my daughter had been no virgin when the day began, and she was eager to show off. I felt her hot breath on my slit before her fingers spread apart the folds and her tongue slithered inside. Little Jessie began sucking my right tit and Josie latched onto the right.

By 4 am, we had each been made the center of the sexual attention, being enjoyed and pleasured by the other three. We had each cum several times and we had each professed that we were happy with the night's events. I told the girls what I planned on doing at the doctor's office the following day in order to get a healthy supply of the morning-after pill and all three gleamed with anticipation.

Then we drew up the large blanket and fell asleep in a pile of arms and legs.

The next day, we awoke around noon. It was Saturday and the doctor's office was only open till 2, so we had to hurry. Reluctantly, the girls got up and got dressed. I told them to dress provocatively, in the most risque and exposing clothing they could. I dressed conservatively in a formal pants-suit, tying my hair back into a bun and donning a pair of thick glasses. I decided to portray myself as the concerned mother with a trio of out-of-control, rebellious daughters.

So off we went; we made good time, even stopping for ice-cream.

When we arrived at the office, there was only one man in the lobby. He was a large, burly fellow with hands like baseball mitts. This wasn't a traditional doctor's office, but rather a clinic of sorts -- it was the place I had come to get the huge quantities of Viagra that Mike had needed in order to impregnate me with Jessie & Josie in the first place. Sort of a family planning center meets a sexual dysfunction clinic. It was cheap and private and people here didn't ask too many questions.

As I filled out the forms at the counter, my daughters were teasing the man. He stared at them as all three spread their legs and licked their ice cream, revealing that they were not wearing panties under their skirts. Then the two twin girls kissed in front of him; Tammy hiked up her skirt and used both hands to massage her drooling pussy. I could tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he wanted to see more. Tammy whispered something in Josie's ear; the little one giggled and began to try to ease her whole fist up her teen sister's bare, slippery cunt.

As I walked back to the girls, I saw him snap his eyes away so as not to get busted by their mother. I sat next to the girls and started talking to the man. "I'm terribly sorry if my girls are bothering you. They can be such a handful lately."

The man mumbled something about it being fine. As they continued to kiss right next to me, their pussies exposed, I said to the man in a matter-of-fact way, "It's the television and that music they listen to. It's all too sexually charged. Now kids today think it's a badge of honor to be having sex by eight years of age; to be fucking grown men by the time they're ten."

The man sort of nodded as his eyes drifted back to the girls. I continued, "Now, I simply don't know what to do with them. I knew they were going to parties and having sex, but that's to be expected. Just last night, however, I found out the three of them were going to some strip club and porno shop just off of River Street. Apparently they go there and, well ... do things to strange men through holes in the booths. It's frankly disgusting."

The man's eyes shot back to me as if he was just now processing the words that were coming from my dirty lips. "What?"

I repeated, "There is some sort of a strip club that's also a porn shop off of River Street on the East Side, it seems. The girls have been going there and doing all manner of things with strange men every night. They call these things gloryholes, I believe. Anyway, I'm concerned. Since I can't seem to stop them from going there every night, I figured I should at least get them on the pill or something. I'm too old to start raising another baby."

The man's jeans had a noticeable tent now. When the receptionist called his name, he stood up and said, "No, um, you know what? I think I'm okay now. I think my E.D. is all cleared up. Tell the doc thanks."

Then he hurried out of the waiting room, but now before stealing one last glance at the girls. Some how I thought we might be seeing him again real soon.

Dr. Jim, as he refers to himself, looked oily. His hair was a tad too long, his nails not well manicured. He smelled of too much aftershave, something from the Aqua Velva Line or perhaps the Old Spice Collection. It was hard too tell because the man was wearing so much of it that my olfactory senses shut down in self defense after 3 minutes.

Dr. Jim was thin and wiry. He wore blue jeans and Nikes under his long white coat. Well, off-white. Maybe closer to eggshell. On his wall were small plaques proclaiming his a graduate of some on-line university. No, seriously, the guy went to med school on the Internet. I wasn't surprised, though. The rumors were that Dr. Jim was a very special kind of doctor. He had his clinic set up here on the outskirts of town because it was close to the main highway that leads into the city. Rumors, being what they are, had Dr. Jim pegged as a doctor who does a lot of work under the table. If a thug gets shot during an attempted robbery or drug deal, they come to good ol' Dr. Jim. Jimbo patches them up without filing any reports with the police which would be standard at any hospital treating a gunshot wound. Best of all, his special clients pay in cash. No taxes.

Dr. Jim ushered us over to some chairs. They were a bit frayed and Tammy's chair sort of tilted to the left, but we didn't complain. He flashed a phony smile and asked what he could do for us today. He made eye contact with me, but when he glanced at the girls, his eyes drifted lower for a second. Good.

"Well, Doctor," I began, I am having some concerns about my daughters. They have been simply uncontrollable lately."

The doctor gave me the concerned look as I explained that the girls were very involved in sex and that I recently caught them at the Knob Gobbler, sucking off older men through gloryholes. I told him that I was concerned about pregnancy. I then said, "You see, Doctor, I am worried because the girls seem addicted to sex. Any older man can get into their pants only by asking. They are like crazed junkies just looking for their next fix. That's why I want them on the pill and why I would like a supply of the morning after pill. I just know they won't stop."

The "doctor" nodded and resisted the urge to fix the growing shortness of space in his trousers. He then said, "Mrs. Hunt, may I speak with the girls alone for a few minutes? Before I can administer any prescriptions, I need to first interview them. I'm just afraid they might not speak as openly with me if you are in the room."

"Of course," I said, nodding and leaving the room. "Please, make sure they're VERY open."

When I was gone, I'm told that the doctor locked the door and turned to the girls. He said, "Is what your mother said true? Are you little ladies obsessed with sex?"

My twin girls smiled and turned to each other, sharing a kiss as they caressed the other's breasts; Tammy groped Josie's ass nibbling on the 9-year-old's neck. Within the space of moment, all three girls had stripped one another and both of my twins had hands massaging pussy-flesh.

Their kiss was cut short by the sound of a zipper lowering. "Excellent, girls. Now why don't you get your skinny little asses over here and suck my dick."

Tammy crawled over, taking the doctor's long cock in her hands and mouth as Josie followed, trying to get her youthful tongue by her big sister's asshole. Jessie squeezed in from an angle on her knees, cupping his balls and licking at the side of his shaft. For minutes, the girls passed the hard cock back and forth like dope at a frat party; openly masturbating each other. Finally, a blast of hot cum shot Jessie in the mouth, firing straight down her throat. His next blast he angled into Tammy's mouth. After another 3 minor blasts, he shuddered and Tammy licked the last drop from the head of his shaft. Josie then lathed onto his cock like a hungry kitten, sucking until he pissed down her preteen gullet.

As the girls fell to the ground and began to writhe in an orgy, the doctor put his cock away and pulled out his prescription pad. He leaned over the phone on the desk and hit a button. "Susan, please send back Mrs. Hunt. I've finished with her daughters."

I entered just as they three were in a steaming pile of naked flesh, fingering and lick at one another. "You see, doctor? They're insatiable sluts."

"I do," he said. "Quite enthusiastic. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I can't give any of these girls the morning-after pill. They're too young. I can, however, see to it that their pregnancies go well. I can prescribe some ointments and pills to make sure everything runs smoothly."

"Well, doctor, I suppose that's all I can ask. You know, it occurs to me that all three of them have been having a lot of anal sex; did you check to make sure that they're safe to do so?"

"I wouldn't worry, Mrs. Hunt. The assholes of young girls like this are surprisingly resilient. Watch: I could fuck either of your youngest daughters in the ass right now and she would barely feel it."

"Really, doctor? Oh, that's a load off my mind. Here please -- would you show me? Here, let me get your cock hard."


When we returned from the doctor's office, there were two messages on the machine. The girls were giddy, running to their respective rooms while I played the messages. The first was from Mike. The trip was going well. He was settled in and getting ready to go out with a few clients to a bar. He said he missed me and the kids and for a brief moment a pang of guilt swept across me like a soft breeze.

The second message made me forget the guilt. It was David. His deep voice said, "Good morning, my little sluts. I trust you each slept well last night. I will be around tonight at 7 to pick the four of you up. We will be returning to the Knob Gobbler tonight. I want to see how you each acts without the aid of restraints or direction. By the way, I have your digital camera. I will return it tonight. Dress appropriately slutty."


I had forgotten he asked me for the camera before he had me act as the dog's play thing.

After I deleted the messages, I turned to see the dog sitting there on the kitchen floor, his head bent down, licking his protruding pink cock. It was odd. There was no domineering man telling me how to act or feel, and yet there I was staring at the dog's cock. I listened for the girls, who were upstairs. It was odd that I was suddenly shy about being caught, but somehow I was embarrassed to be about to do this without the excuse that I am being forced ... though "forced" may not be the right word.

Slowly, I got to my knees and crawled across the floor to the dog. He looked up and made eye contact. The dog burped. Jesus Christ! Are all males the same? I came close and leaned my head into his lap. I stuck out my tongue and licked the pointed tip of his cock. For some reason, the thought of licking his spit from his filthy dog cock just excited me more. Maybe I was the dirty whore I was beginning to suspect I was.

When the girls entered the room, I didn't hear them. I was too busy sucking the dog's cock in long, smooth strokes. The only sound I heard was a muffled wimper from the dog as he obviously preferred to have me sucking his cock than taking on that responsibility himself. So I didn't hear the girls as they walked in and saw me. Nor did I hear them undress.

The first indication I had that the girls were in the room was when I felt their hands caress my body through my clothes. I glanced back and smiled at them as they began undressing me. For the record, being undressed by others -- especially out of a conservative pantsuit, is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Instead, there was fumbling and pulling and laughing. Lots of laughing.

When I was finally naked, with the exception of one sock on my left foot, the girls got down on their knees with me. All three put their heads next to mine so we could all take turns sucking the dog's cock. The taste wasn't bad. It was a bit tangy and sort of citrus-like. Then little Jessie said, "Mom, I want him to fuck me."

At first I didn't know how to respond. My preteen daughter telling me she wants to be fucked by the family dog was making me both nervous and horny as hell. Horny won out, as usual.

We all stood up and walked into the living room with the dog following us excitedly. Tammy sprawled out on a sofa, playing with her nipples and sliding a hand across her cunt, as Josie & I helped Jessie to lay across the ottoman -- and before I could call him, the dog jumped up on her back. His cock stabbed around her ass cheeks, unable to hit the mark. I reached in and took hold of his member and guided it into my daughter's overheating snatch while her twin sister sucked at the tiny, protruding clit.

The dog lurched forward and grunted as he entered my baby daughter's recently virgin cunt. Jessie's eyes grew like saucers as she felt the full girth of the beast inside her tightness. I backed away and let the dog make my daughter his bitch. From my angle, I could see the ball of the dog's knot swelling. He lunged forward and it sank inside again before growing to it's full size. The dog's motion slowed to a random thrust, reminding me of the final seconds of popcorn in the microwave.

"Oh, wow. I'm SO next," said Josie, her hand enmeshed in her drooling, immature cunt, watching her twin sister take a brutal, bestial rape.

As we watched, Tammy slipped her finger down to her soft pussy, stroking her swollen clit. After our special bath the night before, we were now all well shaven. It provided me with a great view of her middle and ring fingers slipping inside her. She saw me watching and our eyes locked. She pulled out her fingers and licked them. Then she mouthed the words "I love you."

That's when I noticed my own hand was busy rubbing my own cunt.

She and I stared at each other as we masturbated. When he dog was finally finished dumping his slimy, watery load of animal spunk into Jessie's pussy, each of us had had at least two orgasms. Midnight climbed off the little girl but was now standing ass to ass as his knot kept them tied together. Tammy and I both crawled over to her and began kissing her lips in turn, while Josie massaged at the obscene intersection of hot interspecies flesh.

After a while, there was a clapping behind us, coming from the main hall. We all turned in unison to see David. "And to thingk, I was originally irked when you didn't answer the door right away. It's nice to see you sluts were using your time wisely. When the dog pulls out, lick her cunt clean and get dressed. We're going back to the Knob Gobbler. You four were quite the hit last night and we don't want to disappoint your new fans."

David left the room as the girls gathered themselves. Jessie was sweaty and panting like the bitch she now felt like; Josie couldn't keep her mouth of her sister's pussy. I helped get the girls dressed while David was busy in my husband's office. When I came in, he was on our computer and had our digital camera plugged into the computer. He turned off the monitor and said, "I just sent your asshole husband some fun pictures of his lonely wife."

My eyes grew as he smiled and continued. "Actually", he said, "I sent him pictures of his slut wife and whore daughters in various acts of sexual misconduct. He'll be home in 11 days and we have a lot of work to do to get ready."

Then as he stood up, I saw him disconnect a portable flash drive from the CPU and slip it into his pants pocket.

He took me and the girls back to the 'Gobbler every night for the next 10 days. We were used at the gloryholes, forced to dance in the strip club, and led around the porn-store on leashes to service the customers while they browsed.

Connie, Richard's adorable young fiancee, arrived several times to join our fun -- she entertained herself, primarily, by fucking each of us with a strap-on, as did a number of the other dancers at the club. Josie fell in love with one particular girl, a redheaded teenager named Ellie, who let the little girl lick her dirty asshole whenever one of the client came in it. Tammy, meanwhile, talked the owner into letting her get her nipples and clit pierced, and a tattoo of the words SLUT CUNT above her pussy. Jessie mostly stayed in the bathroo, chained on her knees to the toilet.

Occasionally, the four of us were put in a small room behind a one-way glass wall where we sluts pleasured each other along with three or more large, horny dogs. The glass wall went from the ceiling to about 4 feet from the floor. Below the glass were 12 gloryholes so we could suck a little cock and drink some spunk or piss while we played with the dogs. The only time we could see anything beyond the mirrored wall was when camera flashes momentarily lit up the dark room behind the glass. In those brief flashes, it was easy to tell the small room was filled with horny men -- and plenty of women -- with cameras and video cameras.

Every night, I knew our performance would be all over the Internet by the time we got home.

And that was how we spent the next 10 days. Then the day before Mike returned, David called and said he had very different plans for us for Mike's return. He said, "You whores did very well. I bet I could leave you alone on a street in a busy city and you would each be begging strangers to fill your wholes with cum in minutes. You are finally ready to show your husband what you truly are, Jessica. And maybe we'll see what he truly is, as well."

My husband's flight was due in 6 pm, meaning he would be home around 8. He left his car at the airport, so I didn't have to worry about picking him up. I could concentrate on helping get ready for the evening.

The girls and I were dressed to impress, slipped into the sluttiest lingerie that the Knob Gobbler sold: me in a tight devil-red corset and thigh-high boots, Tammy in crotchless white leather to show off her rings and tattoos, and the babies -- Jessie & Josie -- each in a tiny cheerleader uniform without parties.

David arrived at 6 sharp and had a large dark leather bag that was obviously heavy. There was a metal-on-metal rustling when he put the bag down. Then he went back to his truck and returned with something very strange on the back of a dolly. I'll try to explain what it was as best as I can: there was a large iron plate about 24 inches by 24 inches. The plate was a full 3/4 inch thick. In the center was a steel pipe sticking straight up. The pipe was 6 inches in diameter and welded in place. It rose about 4 feet. There were several 3 inch metal rings welded to the pipe along the sides. David reached into the bag and pulled out strings of chains, which he then attached to the rings on the pole.

Over the next hour, five other men showed up -- and Connie. She looked exquisite in a long, sparkling green evening gown than barely concealed her massive strap-on. With a smile, she sat on a leather sofa and allowed my twin daughters to begin licking at her toes, sparing me not a glance.

I was surprised, as the men arrived, to discover that I actually recognized every face. The first man was that fat fuck from the Knob Gobbler. He leered as he entered the room as he unzipped his pants without saying hello. Tammy dropped to her knees and began sucking his swollen cock. David looked the man in the eye and said, "Not yet."

The man reluctantly withdrew his cock from my slut daughter's hungry mouth. She wimpered at the loss of fuck stick.

The next in the door was Detective John Markinson. He was a local cop who recently made detective when he uncovered a large drug operation being run out of the local middle school. The principal was very helpful and together they took down an operation that the feds have been trying to track down for a year.

The next man in the door was William Tuft, the principal of Jessie & Josie's middle school. Yes, the same one that helped with the drug bust. What most people don't know is that there was also an underage porn operation running at the school. Tuft helped bust the drugs but they kept the kiddie porn ring in place. Tuft was at the Knob Gobbler that first night just by coincidence. When he realized he was getting to fuck two of his hottest students for free, he called Detective Markinson. They both stopped by at the porn shop every night during our training. David noticed them and recognized them from the newspaper clipping. He approached them and worked this out.

Next in the door was actually a big surprise. It was Dr. Brandon Hong. He was a doctor at the local hospital. He attended to Tammy when she fell and broke her arm at cheerleader practice last summer. I would later discover that Dr. Hong was a customer of Tuft's kiddie porn company.

Last in the door was Tom Blake, the cranky old guy who owns the kennel at the end of town. That's where we keep Midnight when we go away on vacation. The man was short, burly and had a squint that would put Popeye to shame. He lit a cigar and looked me and the girls up and down before asking, "These the whores?"

David nodded and said, "Yes, now bring in the dogs."

As Tom brought in the dogs, David affixed a large and funky-looking chair to the pole. It was a strange fold-out lawn-chair, almost, that locked into position and was tilted back slightly. It had wrist and ankle restraints. My attention then turned to the dogs being brought in. They were all in large plastic crates that were big enough to hold a full grown adult. I could see one of the dogs was a great dane. Oh fuck, this was going to be a fun night!

David set up several video cameras and a web cam, attacked to a laptop computer that he brought with him. He set us several large lights as well. There was also my digital camera sitting on a tripod. David saw me looking at the cameras and smiled, "Now, don't tell me you sluts are camera shy."

I gasped, "Not at all. I want the whole world to see what cock whores we are."

My twin daughters, who were now kissing each other on the couch and fighting over Connie's toes, stopped just long enough to agree; Tammy was too hypnitized by the dogs to even respond.

David logged onto his computer and the light above the webcam began blinking red. He looked at his watch and said, "It looks like it's time to invite our other guests. I want everything ready to go when the guest of honor arrives."

The twins stopped kissing, easing Connies' feet back to the leather couch, and crawled across the floor to the large dog cages. They stared with a mix between lust and fear, though probably more lust. Tom stroked his ratty white beard and then said to Jessie, "These dogs are gonna split those pretty little cunts of yours wide open. When they're through, you bitches won't walk for a week."

By the look in her eye, I think Jessie may have has a minor orgasm at those nasty words ... and who can blame her, after a promise like that?

That's when Mike's car turned up the driveway. He looked agitated as he saw all the cars in the circular driveway. No -- he looked pissed off. David leaned to my ear and asked, "Hmmm, I wonder if Mikey liked the pictures I e-mailed him of his slut wife and whore daughters at the neighborhood gloryhole?"

The police detective took up position beside the door and Dr. Hong took out a syringe. The doorknob turned and Mike burst through the door with a look of rage. His rage turned to shock when he saw David. Then that shock turned to something else as the cop tackled him and the good doctor injected him. As he looked up at me with a look that was questioning, I blew him a kiss. Then his head dropped to the carpet.


Time passed.

It was almost comical when Michael opened his eyes. His eyes went wide and his face went from pale yellow to crimson red to a sickly white in about 4 seconds.

It could have been any number of things that had him agitated. It could have been that he was jumped as he entered his own home and stuck with a needle. It could be that there were several strange men, one strange woman, and several large dogs in his house. It may have been that his wife and daughters were all but naked, kneeling on the floor, being fucked in front of him by some of those large dogs. It may have been that he was tied to a strange wedge-shaped chair that was narrow in the back and wide in the front, his legs spread and tied to the legs of the chair.

Of course, it may have been that he was naked. I can see how that might freak a person out.

Or it may have been that he had a thick leather strap around his forehead, holding his head up and back against the metal post behind him. It may have been the metal O-ring in his mouth, locking his jaw open wide like at the dentist. No, those things may have bothered him, but what I think really freaked him out were the two dogs standing in front of him, licking gobs of peanut butter from his cock and balls. Well, either that of the fact that our daughter's principal was standing on the chair with his cock slipped inside the O-ring, fucking my husband's mouth.

Yeah, that may have been it.

My husband gagged as the principal forced his cock deep down his throat. I wondered if my husband could taste my recently-fucked asshole on the guy's cock. While we wanted to wait for Mike to wake up before starting the fun, he was out for well over an hour and ... well, guys will be guys.

David's voice seemed to shock Mike out of his nightmare, "Hello Mike. We've been waiting for you. Mike Hunt. Seriously? Your parents named you Mike Hunt? I doubt there is anything I can do to you that is more evil than that, not that I'm not up to the challenge."

David nodded and everyone stepped away from Mike. Mike mumbled something through the O-ring in his mouth, but it came out like what you would image it to sound like if Helen Keller was begging not to be anally raped. Just lots of funny sounds.

The two dogs were still licking his cock ... which, despite his unpleasant situation, was rock hard. David eyed it and said, "Well, you seem to be enjoying yourself, at least. Let me explain the situation to you. You have been a very bad man. You have embezzled over $500 thousand dollars from your company."

Mike's terrified eyes shone with confusion.

David continued. "Don't deny it. I’ve seen the computer files; the fiancee of your predecessor -- Connie, here -- will testify to it in court. So unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jail, being the cell block bitch, you will do everything I say. Your wife and your daughters are whores. My whores. They are mine to do with as I please. You may not ever fuck any of them without my permission. If I send someone to your house to fuck them, you will assist them in any way they demand. If they ask you to prepare their cocks with your mouth to impregnate your teenage daughter, you will suck them hard and jerk them of into her cunt. If they ask you to hold one of your little whore daughters down while 25 men gang rape her, you do as you're told with a smile on your face. If they tell you to lick their cum from your wife's dirty ass, you better get yourself a bib and beg them to cum in your ass, too. And if you comply, you will not go to jail. On top of that, you may have a little fun as well. Do we understand each other?"

Mike looked beaten. His head was down and he nodded slowly. The dog's continued to lick his cock even though there were now only traces of peanut butter left. David said, "Excellent. And to reward you for your acceptance of the inevitable, Jessie & Josie will assist the dogs."

Hearing their names, the tiny forth-graders stopped sucking the cock of the large mastiff and slithered over to their father on her hands and knees. Josie stuck her face between the heads of the two dogs and stretched out her tongue for her father's cock, while Jessie began tonging at her father's asshole.

Mike looked down and saw a twisted sight. His two youngest daughters competed with dogs to lick and suck his cock, which hadn't been this hard in years. As he watched, he saw his daughter's tongue brush against the those of the dogs. This was the most erotic sight Mike had ever beheld. He tried not to stare, knowing that if he did, he would cum too quickly. He looked up, but what he saw didn't help his cause. On the far side of the room, I was on my back on the foot stool. A Dalmatian was between my legs, fucking me missionary style while two man stood by my head. My neck was bent back, my head hanging upside down. The two men were taking turns fucking my face upside down. It was the cop and the old man who smelled like garbage and feet. Next to me was Tammy: he was on her hands and knees, sucking the nutsack of the man who owns the porn shop while being fucked in the ass by Connie's long strap-on dong. Her face was dripping with dog sperm. The man who owns the dog kennel slid a dog bowl in front of her face and then preceded to piss in it. He said, "Time to feed the bitches."

The look of Mike's eyes told me he was going to be cumming in a minute. I was wrong. He came in 12 seconds.

Mike grunted and thrust his hips as much as his restrains would allow. David walked over and pushed Josie's face further down on her daddy's cock. She gagged for a second as he began flooding her throat with his hot cum; Jessie's tongue wormed up his ass and licked at his colon. As cum dripped from between the little 4th-grader's lips, the dogs licked hungrily at the excess. That's when I heard the cuffs unclick. Mike was in a daze and it took him a few seconds to recover and realize he was no longer restrained.

David stood before him and held out a small flash drive. He said, "Mike, right here is everything I have on you. On this flash drive are incriminating documents, financial records -- and, of course, photos of your whore wife and her slut daughters sucking and fucking every cock in town. Right now you have a choice. I want you to crawl across the floor to your bitch wife. So far tonight, 3 men and 4 dogs have dumped their spunk inside her stretched fuck hole. Crawl over there and lick the cum from her twat. Or ... stand up and take this flash drive from me. You can end this by ripping this little stick from my hand. No one else in the room will interfere."

There was a look of concern on everyone's face as Mike glared at David. Would he do it? Would he man up and challenge David for the ownership of this family? No. Mike could not hold David's glare. His eyes shifted away and he sank slowly to his knees. As he crawled across the cum and piss stained floor, I think I saw a glint of satisfaction on Mike's face. Maybe this is what he has been wanting all his life. Maybe he needed to be treated like the bitch he is.

David slipped the flash drive into his pocket and said, "Excellent. I knew you would subject. Let me explain how this will work. Your wife and daughters are mine. They will suck, lick and fuck anyone -- or any thing -- I say. They answer to me. You answer to them. You are their little bitch, just as they are mine."

As David explained, Mike began slurping as my just-fucked cunt. He lapped the dog and human cum with a voracious appetite. For the first time, Mike looked truly happy. Oddly, I was happy for him. I was also happy for myself and my girls. I think we each found our place in the world.

The End

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(MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg snuff extreme)
- a Phil Phantom/Madame Zulu tribute/mash-up/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:

I knew full and well -- from the very moment I accepted the invitation -- that when I brought my family to the Woodward Estate for a weekend pool party, my pretty twelve-year-old daughter Kaitlyn would be the focal point.

Hell, I knew that little Kaitlyn was the point of the party.

Kaitlyn is the rarest kind of beauty: an unspoiled and angel-faced little dove, the kind of cute & coltish white-trash tomboy who has been turning heads with her bright green eyes, shy smile, button nose, adorable dimples and long red pigtails since she was still in diapers. Now that her smooth, stunning body is growing into the tight curves and heaving, perky bounty of a very generous puberty, watching her walk down the street in hip-hugging short-shorts and a too-tight wife-beater is enough to get most men -- and plenty of women -- openly drooling.

Just leaning and playing with her hair, my curvy, petite preteen goddess of a daughter gets cocks standing at attention; when she bends over in bikini bottoms and one coral-pink lip of her smooth, hairless peach slips out, I’ve seen men nearly fall over. The loud wolf-whistles and lewd remarks that get my exquisite baby girl blushing aren’t just from our fellow trailer-trash: she makes police officers, big-city bankers and priests start seriously contemplating rape when she takes a stroll.

Darling young Kaitlyn looks even better than I did at her age, and that’s high praise indeed: I’ve been a paying the bills stripping -- and part-time hooking -- since I was 14. I’m told that I look like a twenty-something Christina Hendricks, and I get plenty of attention from men of all ages. I’ve got more than a dozen regular lovers, including a well-hung 17 year-old from across the road, his cocky father and a pair of local bartenders; I haven’t paid for an oil change, a plumbing repair, a speeding ticket, a beer or a pizza in years.

My two littlest girls, adorable 8-year-old twins (Roxi & Randi), get even more attention than me: they’re both dead-ringers for a red-headed Dakota Fanning from ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ and have the cute, rambunctious charm of baby beauty-pageant queens. Keeping a cock out of either of them is damn near impossible, and I’ve got men lined around the block to babysit for them. They’re both irrepressible three-hole whores for their older brothers -- Mike, 15; Joe, 16; Nick, 17 -- those charming and devilish motherfuckers.

But my gorgeous doll of a daughter Kaitlyn is truly in a league of her own. She’s got an ass that could make a grown man weep, curves like a classic Chevy and a face that belongs on the glossy cover of a glamour magazine -- or the big screen. Yes, my petite, preteen goddess finally got the attention of the rich and famous, it seems ... and then I did, too.

Shortly thereafter, both of us got challenged. Her three horny older brothers weren’t challenged, and neither were her twin baby sisters, but the whole damn family was invited along to observe us. The message from the high-&-mighty Woodwards was simple: the pool-party was an opportunity for real social advancement. Kaitlyn would be challenged. I would be challenged. The family would be watched.

And the wealthy folks hosting the event would be delighted to reward any of us cute little white-trash girls who impressed them. Exactly what this ‘challenge’ would be, of course, wasn't made explicit ... but it was understood to be sexual. The well-to-do guests were sexual like-minds: rich and jaded, cruel and powerful, deeply into everything kinky.

The first incentive -- just to go the full weekend -- was ten grand. Ten-thousand fucking dollars, just to spend Saturday noon until Monday noon, forty-eight hours, lounging by the fucking pool.

I was focused on that ten grand. That would solve so many goddamn problems. Kaitlyn knew -- fuck, the whole family knew -- how badly we needed even one grand; ten would be so nice. We would be set. Not rich, maybe, but SET.

If we impressed them enough, this was only the beginning.

We had to give this sexual challenge very serious thought; we had to try to imagine kinky, too-scary things that would cause us to fail. The whole family needed to sit in on this family meeting: if nothing else, my three horny boys and my two baby-slut daughters could think up kinky things that rich, sick fuckers would like.

Assumption was, this challenge would involve plenty of things that rich, sick fuckers like.

We got the meeting underway in the living room, all my kids assembled on the couch half-naked, and I was pleased to discover that we were all on the same page: the whole family assumed that Kaitlyn was going to get fucked, and fucked hard. It wouldn’t be her first time, I learned. My oldest daughter had sucked quite a few dicks -- including her brothers and most of my guys -- but the last boyfriend had gotten everything ... then went after another virgin girl's everything, and was now doing his best to impregnate another, along with her mom.

I assumed as much, but the boys and my daughters saw her do it all -- bound, fucked hard in the ass, raped in the mouth, suffering plenty of cum-shots in a fertile little pussy, and then hosed down in piss -- with the very rich and very handsome Jeffrey Woodward, the very son of the man who came to me with a mother/daughter sexual challenge.

Richard Woodward, well-hung multi-millionaire owner of Woodward Architecture and Woodward Pharmaceuticals, fucked me right after the challenge was laid down; his son fucked me in the ass while Richard pissed down my throat and wrote me a check for $100 just to cover my time.

They did me right in the middle of Walmart, middle of the afternoon.

Jeffry wiped his sloppy dick on my cheek after his dad zipped up, and they left me in a well-fucked puddle of cum, piss and torn clothes on the tile floor ... right next to a great number of local bargain shoppers who were pretending not to watch. A lot of it got filmed on iPhones and posted online. The best one was called “cleanup needed, aisle 8.”

We had four days to get ready for ‘The Challenge”.

Before the pool party got underway, I needed to know everything my little Kaitlyn had experience in. She -- and the rest of the family -- desperately wanted to know everything I had experience in; cocks were getting hard as I explained the terms of the challenge, and my daughters were squirming on thick fingers.

I did have a wide, raunchy range of sexual experience, and I was up for something sexually wild. Pretty much anything, to be honest, and not just for the money: I have a hungry cunt that needs a good raping from a strong man, on occasion, and to be used as a helpless fuck-toy by a crowd. I could sure use a lot more of Jeffrey and his father, for instance ... and their big black driver looks like he knew how to put a deep fucking on a little white bitch.

Letting my fingers slide to my crotch, I realized that I could barely remember the last time I had been fucked so hard I couldn’t walk. I remembered the first time, though: I was 8, and still had “Property of Alpha Phi Alpha” tattooed above my pussy to prove it.

I knew I could handle most anything. I doubted Kaitlyn could ... yet.

But she was acting like she could -- and she stated it wasn't just the money motivating her, either.

“Mom, I’m so fucking horny. I can do this. I don’t mind the guys, knowing either -- I got off when they saw what I did with Jeff. I want Roxi and Randi there. I want them to see me earn money; I want them to see what a whore I am. I can take cocks, Mom -- lots of them! -- and they all know it.”

I frowned. “Are you sure you can do this, honey? I don’t think you know what you’re getting into.”

“Here,” she pouted. “Let’s just all take off all of our clothes for the meeting. I need to cum so bad, Mom, seriously. Let me take off my clothes, and you can tell me what all those men are going to do to me.”

By this point, my ravishing preteen daughter was openly masturbating with her right hand; her left hand was eagerly stroking the cock of her big brother Mike, who had baby Roxi thrashing on his thick fingers.

The meeting was a complete success.

We had three days of fucking around -- with me telling my stories, all three brothers using her every way they could think of, and the twins acting as fluffers, piss providers, and cleanup crew -- all giving Kaitlyn as much experience as we could. All seven of us shared my big bed: a three-day family orgy. My sexy little daughter and I became passionate lovers who could not get enough of each other; I taught her to French-kiss my asshole as her she took a thick cock in each of her nether holes, making the little bitch cry as we got her all-but-water-tight.

She ached for more.

She was almost ready.

She needed one very last thing: discipline.

I knew the subject well -- both giving and receiving -- so the last day was spent working on finding out how much pain she could take. It turned out that Kaitlyn, like me, could take it.

Really take it.

If chocking, slapping, spanking or harsh, brutal belting was the kink -- and I had reason to believe it was -- we would have no problem. I was very encouraged by what my girl could take ... and what my other children could dish out.

We had a lot of fun belt-whipping Kaitlyn; I had to go out and buy the right belts, of course. The boys and I took the last of our money, dressed in our very best, and went shopping. We left Kaitlyn tied to the bed to do it, while her little sisters each practiced fisting her.

The best belts, of course, are wide and soft: made of very pliable leather that can't cut even the most delicate tender flesh. Those motherfuckers float like a butterfly, sting like a bitch, especially when those ends get soggy from a drenched and slobbery cunt. That does make for a real bee sting: bumble-bee in the pink of pussy.

Half the fun, once we got back, was putting little Kaitlyn in lewd poses, which she had to hold while being whipped: ass, back of the legs, hip, everywhere. I allowed no pussy strikes -- at first -- but I did allow inner thighs and tit hits. We hurt her pretty bad, leaving her covered from the tops of her knees to her collarbone with thin red lashes.

And there were some, of course, that did strike her pussy, which got a yowl or two. I didn’t make a big issue out of it, so there were eventually quite a few more than accident allows for. I, personally, hit her between the legs three times that weren't accidents: just too damn tempting.

Sometimes you just had to haul off and nail that gaping cunt good.

We were giving her hell: not showing her much in the way of mercy, nor giving her much of a break. My boys had strong arms, and Kaitlyn’s wicked little sisters were very energetic. Even when we took breaks, she didn't get much of one; those dirty big brothers and their naughty sisters wouldn't stop hurting Kaitlyn’s little pussy in other cruel ways. They were endlessly inventive: snapping at her clit with rubber bands, sticking needles through her labia and her nipples, spanking her bare bottom until she bled, drawing on her with razors and stuffing things inside her.

She got fucked in the ass with a baseball bat, even.

I punished her -- pushed her -- as hard as I dared, trying to force her to her limit, and just the time we devoted to that was punishing as hell. In all, over eleven hours with no real breaks: just little breathers in the beatings to do semi-safe sexual torture.

Kaitlyn was more than a trooper about it: she was addicted. She was cumming as we abused her, begging for more, wanting to see what she could take.

By the end, I knew she could do it.

My pretty preteen goddess ended up with a very punished pussy: one we were hoping wouldn't look too punished by noon the next day. When we all crawled into bed together, exhausted and cuddling, we had fourteen hours for the swelling to go down, the marks to fade and the redness to go away.

Then again, the Woodwards couldn't blame us for preparing, and there was no demand she be any kind of unblemished virgin. They wanted young and gorgeous; she was still that, as pretty as any girl you ever saw, only not a bit shy and a lot tougher than she looked.

She very much impressed me.

We went off to this challenge feeling optimistic; hell, we were downright giddy. The whole family felt ready for whatever they threw at us. We looked great, we felt great, and none of us could think of a single thing we couldn’t see, enjoy ... and TOP.

Hell, as the limo pulled up into our trailer park and we all climbed in, we joked that maybe we would come off too strong. My twin daughters loudly hoped that firm, cruel discipline would be the kinky thing: it would be a damn shame, they said, if none of the guest were willing to abuse the hell out of Kaitlyn like they could.

Kaitlyn blushed, bit her cute lower lip, and said she hoped they would hurt her.

Hurt her bad.

It was devilishly fun hurting her and being cruel to her, but I also understood how much she got out of it. There’s a weird, powerful kind of pleasure seeing people get off on being cruel to you. A little girl can get high when the pain is extreme and unrelenting enough. Females, especially the young, have natural endorphins to help in childbirth, but prolonged and excruciating pain also triggers the release from that pharmacy in the brain.

You get high. Pain junkies get hooked on it.

I know she got high, and I knew that nailing her cunt now and then gave her another dose of a drug she was built to become addicted to. As for torture -- especially the pins, the needles and the razors, the very cruelest -- she just suffered beautifully without any attempt to avoid any or stop any.

We got her very horny talking about how we were going to be with her from now on, there in the limo. I let her know how cruel I'd be ... and I let her know how she'd better take damn good care of her cruel brothers, or suffer the consequences.

Her little sisters, talking about handcuffing her to the bed and bringing in men to knock her up, got little Kaitlyn masturbating a very sore pussy. I hoped like hell this thing would be disciplinary.

We were very ready for that by the time we got there.

We just weren’t ready for the reality.

It was a pool party at the biggest mansion I had ever laid eyes on, even in a movie; the sprawling grounds of the vast Woodward Estate went on for miles upon miles of rambling, densely-forested hills and creeks in every direction. There were two dozen or more elegantly appointed buildings half-hidden, back, shaded in the dark-green canopy as we passed -- all were connected by quaint curving paths and charming bridges laced through the woods. It was like a small city, plucked from the wealthiest part of turn-of-the-century Paris and then nestled into the thick woods.

We passed through two sets of guarded gates, ringed by razor-wire, and saw more opulent buildings; many were only glimpsed through the trees. The place, for all its enormous size, somehow still seemed all the more secluded, quiet and private: this was far beyond anything I had expected, alien and isolated.

The private drive was a sea of limousines.

The guests were all rich, young and gorgeous, all of them plucked from centerfolds and casting-couches. Many of the swimsuits we saw -- just on the walk up to the main house from the limo -- were extremely brief, so Kaitlyn's string bikini was actually modest swimwear; the thin, too-tight one-piece suits worn by the twins were absurdly conservative by comparison. The women in attendance, every one of them tanned and beautiful, were mostly topless in thong bottoms; many were nude except for jewelry, elaborate hairdos, tattoos and fetish-wear. The twenty or thirty young servers all were: nipple rings, handcuffs, chains, strings of anal beads and dog-collars glittered in the bright sunlight, accentuating the smooth, naked flesh.

We were among very sexy, very powerful young humans. Some of them were terrifyingly wealthy ... the rest were exquisite pets.

At the massive front door, we were greeted by two tiny, lovely Asian girls in absurdly brief French maid uniforms, cut low enough to see the dark curves of nipple above the swell of ample breasts; they might have been twins, and each looked a lot like a teenage Lucy Liu. One was obscenely pregnant, and milk soaked through her uniform’s top; when the little girls bent over, it was clear that both were naked below their short skirts, leaking cum from abused and hairless cunts.

The whole family was given a brief tour of the mansion’s first floor, which was luxurious beyond my ability to describe, and gifted with drink after drink from the many bars: there seemed to be one tucked into every other lavish room. We were shown the massive basement, as well, past the open showers and changing area -- like something from an ancient, echoing Roman bath -- then were wordlessly ushered out to the pool area.

We blinked, and our jaws dropped.

It was a huge and magnificent series of vast pools, steaming saunas, open-air bars and sparkling hot-tubs woven through the greenery and the aquariums, a winding garden set on various tiers of frosted glass and smooth-poured concrete. It looked more like an arena or a stadium than a back yard; it felt like five square miles of tropical beach paradise imported from a dream. Long, colorful banners waved in the breeze, and hundreds of beautiful, mostly-naked people lounged in the warm shade.

Depravity, likewise, was in casual abundance.

We watched as a tall, muscular man stood from his deck-chair, fisted his thick cock twice to coat it in suntan oil, and then began to fuck the gaping asshole of a little long-haired boy dressed in a bikini, expertly made-up in coy, alluring blush & eye-shadow. The child was bent over another chair; the tiny preteen -- all of maybe 7 years old -- was nursing on a savaged cunt which sprayed piss into ‘her’ open mouth while the lovely young woman to which the dripping pussy belonged spread her knees into a vulgar beaver and idly played with her heaving tits.

Through the girl's nipples were dozens of long, wicked pins; dropplets of blood beaded like dark crimson jewels on her flawless flesh.

After a few moments of smoothly fucking the little boy‘s ass, the big man pulled out of ‘her,’ grabbed the girlie-trap by the nape of the neck and forced the itty-bitty kindergartener to begin licking his shit-streaked cock clean even as piss sprayed across the little one’s cheek. Another grown man stepped up and began sodomizing the tiny, bikini-clad loli-boi; a line formed as the petite thing began chocking under the dual oral assault, deep-throating and crying even as ‘she’ sputtered piss from a cute button nose.

A few seats down from that chair, a large black man rudely pushed his cock into the asshole of a struggling young girl, a tiny Hispanic grade-schooler already impaled on a fat length of dick that was making a mess of her under-developed pussy. The huge negro began forcing the head of his tool into the girl’s unwilling anus; when she began to struggle, he called over a little Asian girl who fell to her knees and began prying at the tiny asshole with nimble fingers, licking -- and spitting -- into the entrance as it widened.

Next to the pool, three elegantly-dressed women took turns pissing on a sobbing, curvaceous dark-haired teenager; the girl was being held down onto her back by a man that might have been her father, her slim shoulders pinned to the ground by his knees as he masturbated a huge, gore-soaked cock over her face. A group of lovely, blonde little girls were jamming things into the brunette teenager’s already-bulging snatch, giggling; others held the girl’s long legs in the splits, and I could see that the pinned girl was bleeding, and heavily, from ragged wounds all across her smooth skin.

One of the ash-pale blonde girls tormenting the big-titted teen pushed too hard, and the lithe young thing shook long raven tresses as she was wracked with violent spasms; she coughed up a foam of dark blood just as the man pinning her sprayed long ropes of semen across her ample breasts.

As we looked on, mouths agape, the black-haired beauty was unceremoniously flipped over like a deflating sex-doll; with her face down and her perfectly rounded buttocks elevated, copious waves of blackish ichor poured from her mouth ... lifeblood flecked with stips of torn, pink tissues. She twitched, trying to get her hands underneath her, as another large man took her by the hips and began raping her vulnerable asshole.

The girl died, choking on her own ruptured cervix and ruined womb, even as her pretty face was rubbed red and raw again the unforgiving concrete beside the pool. She breathed her last, blowing bubbles of slick vomit and ripped uterus, as yet another man began pumping his seed into her cooling shit-pipe; when he pulled out and began pissing on her, men in thick rubber aprons -- armed with meat hooks, buckets and butcher’s knives -- approached.

Only then did I smell the BBQ.

Without even glancing down, I slapped each of my twin girls on the ass and told them to go make friends. The two little nymphs bounced away gleefully, shedding their suits as they went. That was the last I saw of them, except in photographs.

My fingers trembling, I took my suit off, and then pulled the strings on Kaitlyn’s top: my daughter was in a daze, both hands already jammed down the front of her bikini bottoms and playing with her glistening pussy. I pulled the last of her suit down, pulled it off her dainty feet, turned her toward the party, and gave her a gentle push.

The long, thin marks of our torture gleamed in the sunlight as she walked away.

The man who challenged us -- Richard Woodward, the homeowner, a man second only to God Himself -- walked up to me and my son. Smiling, he kissed me on the cheek. “You made it.”

“I-- yes. Sir, I--”

Richard said, "I'm going to fuck you now."

I said, "Oh -- well, boys, go have fun. Have something to eat. This nice man is going to fuck me."

“Actually, I would prefer it if they watch.”

Swallowing hard, I looked at my sons. “Will you please watch Mommy get raped?”

He liked that.

The boys liked watching him fuck me, too.

I liked being fucked, I discovered, while my sons watched me ... along with about twenty other kids and a few dozen adults.

Richard bent me over a deck-chair and fucked me until I came, again and again; as he pissed down my throat, I was mother-fucked. I was then fucked by other mother's sons; I was fucked by the help; I was fisted by little girls; I drank fresh fuck from a dozen gaping cunts.

I was not up for being fucked by a dog, but two dogs fucked me: one in my asshole, the other in my mouth. Fuck!

After that, I was taken out to see my daughter. Two hours had gone by. She had been beaten, branded, pierced, tattooed, whipped: easily raped about twenty times, her pussy and asshole nearly destroyed. There was enough cum poring from her two fuck-holes to puddle beneath her, and semen drooled from her lips. She looked absolutely high on pain -- spread-eagle on a deck chair -- and was struck hard across her bounteous tits with a belt just as I arrived.

The man beating her got her right across both nipples; blood ran freely from the wicked metal rings hooked through each one. She took that cruel strike without shrieking -- my little Kaitlyn only closed her eyes for a moment, composed herself, looked to me -- and said, “I keep cumming when they rape me, Mommy.”

I smiled and said, "Everybody seems very pleased with the way you take a raping. I’m getting lots of compliments.”

"I was raped by dogs, Mom."

"Me too ... kinky, huh? Did you get mouth-bred?"

"YES! I could barely breathe when the dogs fucked my mouth; I think I passed out a few times. Did you?"

"Yup. The one in my ass bothered me the most: the fucking knot popped in. That big cock had a knot like a fucking baseball.”

My daughter was masturbating now, and another lash came down on her tits. She smeared the blood into her clit, working at her slobbering hole with both hands. "They’re so cruel. I'm really screwed -- I’m going to die here, aren't I?"

"Probably. You should look like hell by sundown, but damn if you don’t look sexy now. Give me your hand."

She pulled her delicate fingers away from her frothing crotch, grabbed my palm, closed her eyes, and got another lash: this one right between the legs, splitting her smooth lips so good that the whip-tip put a red weal right on the shaved mound -- dead center. It almost looked like he had split her clit.

Kaitlyn’s pretty eyes stayed closed for almost a full minute, and she didn't breathe with her eyes closed. Goosebumps covered her slick, perfect skin.

I finally said, "Did you cum?”

She slowly opened her eyes, looked at me, and nodded. "More than once. My poor pussy. Mommy, I love it when they hurt me."

“You suffer beautifully."

Another group of men arrived; the first fellow casually flipped my preteen daughter over and began to ruthlessly sodomize her.

Mrs. Woodward snuggled up to me from behind as I watched, casually hefting one of my tits in her right hand as she ran two perfectly manicured fingers around the gaping entrance to my ruined asshole; I felt thick rivulets of cum drool into her palm. “Ah, how I adore you helpless commoners.”

“Well, I thank you for--”

She licked my neck, breathing into my ear. “You belong to us, now. Slavery still exists, my dear -- did you know that?”

I shook my head, watching my daughter’s rapist dump fresh cum inside her ass.

“Yes. The slaves today are Eastern Europeans, Latinos and Asians: all yearning to breathe free, and we hold their keys. Many are here illegally, of course; many more have crushing debts or fabricated criminal records. My family collects them, houses them, controls every facet of their lives ... and we use them to amuse ourselves, sexually and otherwise.”

I stuttered. “D-do ... do you, now?”

“Oh yes,” she said with a wicked smile, cupping my face and casually smearing the runny fuck from my asshole across my lips. “I always enjoyed watching Daddy hurt the slaves, ever since I was a little girl. I even instigated abuse when I was bored; I’ve been watching people raped for my amusement since before I could walk. On my fourteenth birthday, I had a tiny Asian girl of nine publically stripped, beaten until most of her limbs were broken, then raped to death in front of her family. Daddy let me pick out the executioner. He made all the men on our plantation drop their pants, and I walked the line until I found the one I wanted: a big black one. The little girl was even smaller than one of your darling twins, I think. I found it very amusing; even after she died, he kept pummeling her lifeless body while her family screamed and wept. Most amusing, indeed.”

I shuddered. Her expert hands ran over my body like I was property: caressing, squeezing, raking with nails and occasionally pinching. I was getting close to cumming again, even as she began entering my asshole with four fingers.


“Ah, yes. I love thinking about it, remembering how that poor little battered and bleeding girl squirmed as that big black cock penetrated her virgin cunt and kept driving in relentlessly, pushing right through the wall of her cervix and into her guts. He had a fourteen-inch cock as thick as my wrist; I’d be shocked if she had fourteen inches from her vulva to her collarbone. She was such a petite little fuck-doll. During the inspection, I remember that I stroked that monster cock of his and whispered in his ear, 'Get this all the way in the little bitch or I’ll ask Daddy to cut it off for me to put in a jar.' What an amazing cock he had."

“D-did he? Get it all the way in her, I mean?”

“Of course. He knew his place. He fucked her guts, punched right through her; it was a bloody mess. She didn’t die quickly, either. She died from loss of blood and remained conscious and squirming to the filthy end. Her mommy watched her daughter die just to amuse me.”

I shuddered again. “Like ... this is like a snuff film.”

She began to masturbate me, smiling as we both watched my daughter get anally raped again. “Oh, you know about snuff films? I thought those were a rather exclusive domain.”

“I-I’ve heard they exist, but I’ve never seen one.”

“Would you like to? I have many -- dozens, hundreds -- and one of the better collections on the continent. The best, of course, are the ones I’ve made myself: my specialty, even as a young girl, was surgically removing the sexual organs from a live and conscious victim: the whole vagina along with the anus, the breasts to the rib cage, penis and balls as a unit. Mostly, I did the little girls; I flatter myself to think that I’m somewhat famous for it, in certain circles.”

Her hands were bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. “I-I would like to see that.”

She came in close, whispering in my ear. “You’ll see one made. This very weekend. In fact, you’ll most likely star in one.”

I came.

She pushed me to the ground, where a man mounted me before I could stand. I drew a very big crowd, cumming again and again as men raped me, one after another, right next to my bleeding and weeping daughter.

They took me in every way they could imagine.

While I was on my back, a thick dick stuffed in each end, a petite little Asian girl was pushed down on top of me, positioned into a 69; soon, I was licking a badly-whipped, blood-drenched, cum-drooling and abused little pussy that had a long dog's cock stuffed into it. After a while, the tiny preschooler stopped licking me because her throat had another dog fucking it; she thrashed and died on top of me, choked on a tremendous canine knot and speared through the asshole with a hot metal skewer.

Another little girl, this one pregnant, was placed over me; her hot mouth settled into my pussy and licked expertly as I sucked at her cunt-lips, my tongue exploring where a huge cock opened up her unwilling anus. At this angle, men could whip her; she died as I masturbated, licking at brutal mutt-fucking with a great view of it.

More girls followed her: too many to count.

By midnight of that night, my daughter and I were the lowest of whores ... but we were alive. It seems that the Woodwards wanted to keep Kaitlyn as mutt-slut pain-junkie, turn her into a toy; I let them do it. I helped them do it, in fact. I sold them to her; and soon they were leasing her. She didn't resist it or resent me: what I did to her was very cruel, but she found that sexy.

I found it very profitable and fun. Now, I run the slaves at the Woodward Estate; my sons break them in.

Yes, as a mother, I suck. I can live with it. I just can't stand being poor.

The End

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:27 No. 25688 ID: 485569

I believe that I have the full "Collected Works" of Nicholas Fellheimer from all of 7-Chan, Hentai Foundry and Loliwood Studios, which includes:

-- Angie’s Sex Job
-- Amanda The Amazing
-- Apparently, Not a Vampire
-- Assertiveness Training
-- Aversion Therapy for Heather
-- Baby Pamela’ Slut Story
-- Babysitting Trouble
-- Bailey’s Own Allowance: Part One
-- Bare-Assed in Baton Rouge
-- The Battle of Harley
-- Big Favors
-- Bitch Bride
-- Bitches & Snuff
-- Bizarre Folks
-- Black Tie Affair
-- Born Performer
-- Bossy Little Bitch
-- Brownie Points
-- Cate Has a Date
-- Challenge for the Common Folk
-- Class Fuck-Doll
-- Clay County Revival
-- Clean-Up Girl
-- David’s Sweet Revenge
-- Dinner-Date With Deanna
-- Doing Everything
-- Dumb Bets and Party Sluts
-- Dumb Cunt
-- Getting Even
-- Good Small-Town Wife
-- Hedonism, Exhibitionism, Marxism & Trains
-- Incest is Best
-- Journey to Hell & Back
-- Knocking Up Akiko
-- Laundry Day
-- Little Miss Scarlet’s Birthday
-- Little Tiffany’s Big Chance: Earning Her Wings
-- Magic Marker Omake: Writer’s Circle
-- New-Daddy’s Way
-- On The Bus
-- Party With Big Sis
-- Pool Party for the Birthday Girl
-- Preteen Daughter on the Prowl
-- Public Exposure
-- Quiet Evening At Home
-- Seventh-Grade Whore
-- Stacy’s New Boyfriend
-- Trap-Daddy’s New Girlfriend

Need me to post any of them here?

Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)02:17 No. 25689 ID: 6e29f5

I never met the man personally, but I like to think that Nick Fellheiner (wherever he is) would find it funny as fuck that a hot little slut Harley got physically uncomfortable while reading his work ... and that she masturbated to it anyway.

Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)10:35 No. 25691 ID: 6253b0

Hedonism, etc. sounds interesting.

Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)06:44 No. 25692 ID: 485569

Found this:

Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)08:46 No. 25696 ID: a8acda

Don't know if anyone's tried recently, but this place still seems to work:


Did anyone think it didn't?

Anonymous 18/07/12(Thu)00:00 No. 25697 ID: 195061

It works, but it's not updated anymore. Still it's a good archive of old stories.

Anonymous 18/09/14(Fri)18:29 No. 25780 ID: 3ef2d8


Why do i keep coming back here 18/12/04(Tue)02:58 No. 25883 ID: a5c584

This shit never fails. And then I hate myself.

Anonymous 18/12/04(Tue)09:25 No. 25884 ID: f2beb7

why do you hate yourself? it’s just fantasy, and pretty fucking good fantasy at that. just read some Jane Austen to balance it out.

erotic literature asghar ali 18/12/19(Wed)18:26 No. 25897 ID: a32471

i have read several books on the above topic

puppyloverdawn mysteryshopper 18/12/26(Wed)13:47 No. 25901 ID: 1437e3

Does anyone know how Puppyloverdawn fits into all these short stories. She is mentioned as a thanks in a few of them. And she even has very similar stories herself written here. https://www.asstr.org/~LS/authors/ppp.html#xpuppyloverdawn
also here:

Is Puppyloverdawn just another alias or username or something, or is it a completely different author. She wrote my favourtie arotic story ever, Lost in the city, so nasty. I cum every time i read it.

Anonymous 19/01/18(Fri)07:00 No. 25925 ID: 485569

I know that Nick did an edit on 'David's Sweet Revenge,' here:
... and that he was in contact with PuppyLoverDawn through email.


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