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Juggernaut Manual diskra 15/01/01(Thu)12:49 No. 17057 [Reply]

File 142011296932.jpg - (66.79KB , 512x645 , Juggernaut manual.jpg )

Hi guys...here it is, if someone need :-)


Leo 15/01/02(Fri)04:37 No. 17067


Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)09:28 No. 17086


Anonymous 14/08/20(Wed)05:43 No. 15000 [Reply]

File 140850618338.jpg - (22.95KB , 472x508 , machinist.jpg )

Evening gents,

I'm doing a little experiment just now in starving/fasting. I've been eating about 200-300 calories a day for the last three days. I'm wondering if there are any things I absolutely cannot do without, if I want to do this for perhaps 2 or 3 weeks. Or does my body have enough reserves of vitamins to last that long?


pic related, it's how I will look if I keep this up for 4 months (not that I have any intention of doing that)

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Anonymous 14/10/31(Fri)10:33 No. 16072

My friends mom fasts on cold water and vitamins 30 days a year every January

Anonymous 14/12/01(Mon)07:57 No. 16690


Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)07:51 No. 17084

Way longer.

From wikipedia:
"The ultimate cause of death is, in general, cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrest brought on by tissue degradation and electrolyte imbalances."

If anon really feels like doing prolonged fasting, go seek medical support.

gymnasticbodies nik kosmas 14/12/04(Thu)15:37 No. 16722 [Reply]

File 141770382336.png - (1.03MB , 1548x610 , Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 13_39_19.png )

looking for the rest of the foundation series, 2-4.

Darth+Malice 14/12/26(Fri)18:27 No. 16972

Isaac Asimov ?

Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)03:47 No. 17080


It has the books you want, you can select them in the torrent link.

Stretch marks Stretchy 14/12/26(Fri)16:18 No. 16968 [Reply]

File 141960713897.jpg - (5.77KB , 253x199 , estrias-branca1.jpg )

I'm a very skinny guy but I have some stretch marks on the buttocks and the back like the picture, leaving me angry.

But since I started working out, they seem to have been more clear... This may sound ridiculous, but it made me think that if I work out more of my back and butt they will come out, right?

Anyway can anyone tell what I can do to get off those stretch marks?

Please someone help me.

stretch marks Darth Malice 14/12/26(Fri)18:26 No. 16971

See your medical professional, get a referral to a dermatologist. Seriously

Anonymous 14/12/29(Mon)03:13 No. 17019

I've been obese and I have tons of those everywhere, my skin is really fucked up. Working out really improved the aspect of many parts, mostly arms and chest. My abs are pretty defined but I have some lose skin I should surgically remove and until then I don't think the stretch marks will get better there.
I went to a dermatologist, she gave me a cream with vitamin A (all those idiots can do) and sent me to get a tan (which I never did 'cause I hate the sun), claiming that that would improve the aspect of those a lot. If you do so, please share results. There's not much else you can do, as stretch marks are indeed scars and won't completely heal.

Tuchscherer / mobilityWOD Spuz 14/07/22(Tue)02:09 No. 14582 [Reply]

File 140598777740.jpg - (113.25KB , 980x301 , mobilitywod-positioning-posters-web-h1.jpg )

I'm looking for the RTS manual by Mike Tuchscherer (actually, anything by Tuchscherer would be good). Someone already scanned it but the link is dead.

Also, if anyone on earth had a scanned version of MobilityWOD positioning posters, that would be great.

nik+kosmas 14/12/04(Thu)15:43 No. 16723

thank you

pipim 14/11/24(Mon)13:11 No. 16618 [Reply]

File 141683108078.jpg - (25.51KB , 236x437 , 5a5fff76512909bb7bfd0851ea0a3927.jpg )

Hey anons help me here. I have 24 years, and I'm going to the gym since august and so far my arms and chest had no growth..
I train monday and wednesday for chest and arms, tuesday for back and shoulders and friday to legs, with 4 to 5 exercises for each group.
Am i doing something wrong?

Anonymous 14/11/24(Mon)21:43 No. 16620


Anonymous 14/11/25(Tue)05:03 No. 16624

have you been monitoring your weight vs. body fat? 3 mo after i started lifting, i did not look too different. however, i had gained 10lb and my bodyfat dropped to 9%. that gave me a clear indication that i was adding muscle mass.

Anonymous 14/11/25(Tue)09:40 No. 16626

File 141690484144.png - (52.92KB , 600x1030 , it takes.png )

Anonymous 14/10/31(Fri)04:55 No. 16064 [Reply]

File 141472774667.jpg - (15.43KB , 211x251 , 1414041761415.jpg )

My girlfriend is very depressed, anxious, and has an eating disorder(thats gotten better with my help apparently)

anyway, I want to help her start working out and eating on a strict schedule so she doesn't ever freak out over food(eventually she can become lax)

what do you guys recommend?

i'm only a novice/intermediate lifter and my diet is "ok"

I really want to do something and save her from having to see a dietician with her psychiatrist, doctor, and psychologist.

please help.

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Anonymous 14/10/31(Fri)10:23 No. 16071

File 141474740014.jpg - (175.40KB , 1280x960 , 1031140019-00.jpg )

I am feeling helpful.

These are the foods you eat for ENERGY
Veggies are the corner stone of this diet. Those salads i eat are diverse and huge. (pickles olives kale random others ect)
Without the veggies don't even bother. Your body is designed to mostly intake vegetation and roots.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)10:59 No. 16606

montignac will work for a girl, google it.

Anonymous 14/11/25(Tue)05:06 No. 16625

cliff bars are basically candy bars. look at the sugar content (yikes!)

Asymmetrical Body Anonymous 14/11/10(Mon)15:56 No. 16445 [Reply]

File 141563141434.jpg - (14.85KB , 320x223 , dangers.jpg )

I was in an accident when I was younger, broke my arm and now my right wrist is rotated ~30° down its length. Been doing some free weights in front of the mirror over the last month and I've noticed it's difficult to maintain a symmetrical posture. Keeping my wrists level pushes my elbow out and pulling it in throws my wrist out of alignment.

So, quick question:
Is it better to leave my elbow out (which feels natural) or should I try and pull it in.

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)11:34 No. 11820 [Reply]

File 136999284718.gif - (1.72MB , 350x197 , muscle-up.gif )

Talk to me about muscle ups vs pullups.

also, when doing pullups, is it bad to swing your legs a bit to give you momentum?

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/09(Mon)06:11 No. 14188

File 140228706737.gif - (683.66KB , 314x314 , xfit.gif )

>is it bad to swing your legs a bit to give you momentum

No shit.

Anonymous 14/10/27(Mon)06:14 No. 16010

as above posters have said you can kip a bit to progress, but if your a bigger build i would be careful as it puts a fair bit of load on your wrists.

Crossshit 14/10/28(Tue)12:49 No. 16028


Reminds me of those little kids toys you had as a kid with a monkey on a bar and it kipped when you pressed the button.

What a pathetic excuse for a sport fro people who have no form.

planks Anonymous 14/03/07(Fri)02:59 No. 13524 [Reply]

File 139415757581.jpg - (15.86KB , 340x361 , 130078468874.jpg )

So, I'm into bodyweight and have a few questions on planks.
I've been following the progression on eldiablo666, and have finished it so far. I've also have done some harder versions I myself invented, but I guess this could be dangerous, so I came for advice on how to progress from here. Also, I've found that not breathing natural but putting more focus on muscle contraction had lead to better and faster results in my case; I'm also concerned about the safety of this practice. Finally, what about planking for more than 1 minute? It's also discouraged by many, but I don't see why.
Anyway, I don't wanna hurt myself and want to progress on this exercises as they are leading to fast and noticeable increase in my general strength, so please share any experiences or ideas you may have on the matter. Thanks in advance.

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/13(Thu)03:25 No. 13552

I guess you meant "dragon flags". I'm into them too, but I don't do them daily, and a plank is something one can do every day after hes workout.
I won't exceed the minute for that long then, that thing you heard sounds like something reasonable.

abs routines Alesov 14/10/22(Wed)19:15 No. 15938

File 14139981398.jpg - (24.46KB , 391x523 , unnamed.jpg )

Planking, just like all abs/core exercises, has a limited effect on the visual side of your core/abs. Once your body grows accustomed to the routine you're doing it's practically useless unless you tweak the intensity of your workout (e.i. shorten rest periods, go through reps fast and explosively, increase volume) but the downside of this is that you can only intensify your workout to the kinetic/cardiovascular limits imposed by your body.
That's why more advanced gym-goers/athletes consider and have always considered core workouts as a supplement to lifting/training and not a standalone routine. You wont have much luck shaping out your abs by doing core routines alone, unless perhaps your metabolism is crazy fast (which is the case with teens which is why teens get lean looking abs at such little effort).
I had a problem of converting gigantic volume of core work I was doing into a lean stomach but to no avail. I used to do over 1000 reps combined into 10+ different core exercises and even doing 2-3 routines a day and with time as my body grew more resilient I had to increase the input and it naturally took more and more time going thru my daily routine. At some point it just became unsustainable so I needed to figure out a more practical method to work my abs.

To cut the story short, my advice would be to incorporate your 10-15 min core routine after workout sessions at gym or after sports activity. And also do HIIT of say 20 mins after abs routine because without some cardio work you cannot have great looking fat-free abs. And of course tweak your daily calorie intake a bit, cut out on sugary shit and stuff. This has helped me get the fat levels down so my abs can be revealed.

P.S. crunches are maybe the worst exercise you can do for your abs as it tolls your lower back more than it works your abs and can pose a serious health threat in the long run. Leg raises, mountain climbers for instance activate your entire core so no need for gazillion of different abs exercises (unless you need variety after some time).

Picture of my abs very recent and very related.

Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)19:58 No. 15942

File 141400073571.jpg - (85.74KB , 736x1041 , 5min plank.jpg )

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