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LDNM Hollywood22 15/04/23(Thu)00:21 No. 18145 [Reply]

File 14297412767.png - (303.20KB , 741x429 , ldn.png )

I was wondering if anyone has a PDF they could share of the LDNMuscle guide. The only link I saw listed has expired

Anonymous 14/06/04(Wed)12:41 No. 14160 [Reply]

File 140187851864.jpg - (74.41KB , 245x276 , THE-PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE-MANIFESTO1.jpg )

Do consciously and/or intentionally taxonomically analyse things in your everyday life? I want to find out if this is normal and healthy behaviour. Please state if you are a scientist or have OCD. I have both so it might be due to one or both of those sources of deviance.

Anonymous 14/06/05(Thu)04:24 No. 14166

I analyze and categorize most of my and others actions and behaviors, and mostly any other thing I care for. It's just my way to relate with the world.
It's normal and healthy as far as you're comfortable with it and you're somehow socially functional.
Because you asked, I'll state that I'm an advanced medicine student, but I'm pretty unsure of my own mental health (or the very existence of such thing). I think you're healthy if you feel so and none tells you otherwise. I don't think psychiatrists would necessarily disagree with that, and if they do, who cares for those idiots.
The question is, why do you think your behavior could not be normal or healthy, and why would you care about it.

health nutrition for group B sheikwaisw 15/04/04(Sat)13:01 No. 17948

Is there a special diety a person of blood group B should strictly observe?

Anonymous 15/04/04(Sat)21:21 No. 17953

this is a claim made by some japanese doctor (read: charlatan).
It has no basis in science or evidence-based medicine.

blood groups have nothing to do with your daily living and nutrition.

Possibly the most violent sport ever! Anonymous 14/04/07(Mon)02:40 No. 13661 [Reply]

File 139683122540.jpg - (451.62KB , 1200x800 , Calcio_Storico_partita_1.jpg )

Do you think this is more violent sport than rugby or MMA? http://goodmood-gm.com/interesting/calcio-storico-possibly-violent-sport-world/

Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)01:37 No. 13675

Rugby ain't that violent IMO, and yeah, Calcio Storico is pretty rough. The strange rules of the game are more interesting that it's violence though.

Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)17:15 No. 17673


TRAINING FOR THE CROSSFIT GAMES: A Year of Programming used to train Julie diskra 15/02/11(Wed)19:23 No. 17416 [Reply]

File 14236789914.jpg - (18.35KB , 241x346 , jpeg.jpg )

Hi! Anyone have this book or have a link to download? Or maybe you can post it in the chatroom? Thank you.

diskra 15/02/27(Fri)13:23 No. 17665


Chad Waterbury HFT2.0 Charlenne 15/02/26(Thu)14:41 No. 17656 [Reply]

File 142495811487.png - (285.38KB , 900x360 , HFT2.png )

Can someone please re-upload Chad Waterbury HFT2.0

Thank you so much xxx

Anonymous 15/02/22(Sun)18:26 No. 17584 [Reply]

File 142462599983.jpg - (38.75KB , 970x196 , Lean-and-Lovely-Program-review.jpg )

Looking for the Lean and Lovely Training Manual file.

Lean and Lovely Anonymous 15/02/22(Sun)18:13 No. 17583 [Reply]

File 142462519714.png - (24.36KB , 150x150 , 1a03ef27ee82a5fcec41ddc56d3268a9-L2ltZ2NhY2hlLzE4L.png )

Does anyone have the Lean and Lovely training manual file??

Endurance Training – Science and Practice diskra 15/02/20(Fri)23:39 No. 17565 [Reply]

File 14244719406.jpg - (14.28KB , 224x300 , endurance_training.jpg )

Inigo Mujika - Endurance Training – Science and Practice


yoko 15/02/08(Sun)23:28 No. 17397 [Reply]

File 142343450361.jpg - (94.21KB , 874x632 , 1416447069_zarathus_bestpigeon.jpg )

I need help I'm trying to lose weight and have a lean but not muscular build like a swimmers body. No idea how to go about doing it. Any suggestions for diet exercise ect. For a poorfag?

Anonymous 15/02/11(Wed)09:52 No. 17413

Someone made a more recent thread about dieting, this is my reply:

I recommend this because you end up consuming less food without altering your normal diet. I'm saving on groceries atm, it's good. Also prompts you to modify your regular diet to ensure you don't sabotage your good work fasting, we all know some junk we can cut out to slim down.

Anonymous 15/02/16(Mon)17:53 No. 17490

if you have a lean build, why are you trying to lose weight

Helpz Donkey Kong 14/09/27(Sat)20:11 No. 15614 [Reply]

File 141184149051.jpg - (39.38KB , 225x310 , coverImage.jpg )

Hey /fit/ I am trying to find this documentary on weightlifting. Anyone have sauce?

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Ano 15/02/05(Thu)02:04 No. 17362

Looking for this too and very hard to find...

Anonymous 15/02/05(Thu)09:19 No. 17364

AmWeiglDocu - http://bit.ly/16rQE7u

Ano 15/02/05(Thu)19:50 No. 17373

deleted :(

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