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Misery Sadness 17/07/13(Thu)08:49 No. 5454 ID: f7cf99 [Reply]

File 149992858938.png - (165.14KB , 999x999 , Girl of depression.png )

I'm a pretty depressing person, I think this board fits my deepest saddest thoughts ever.

Eeyore 18/05/08(Tue)18:01 No. 5801 ID: 5bde38

we're never alone in this board

Eeyore 19/03/03(Sun)18:05 No. 6027 ID: 5b6888

Yeah, it always feels like this world is nothing than materialist at heart.

Eeyore 17/09/03(Sun)21:42 No. 5543 ID: 15dcfa [Reply]

File 150446774161.png - (4.86MB , 1920x1080 , 34701631086_2eda5dddf5_o.png )

do you believe in god, does it help ?

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Eeyore 18/10/23(Tue)18:41 No. 5927 ID: 35ee87

Consider for a moment the truth that, at their core, at their very foundation, every single mainstream religion, and every pseudo-religious cult, is essentially a man-made creation in some way or other, created by one person, or by a smaller group of people, with the basic intent of gaining power and control over a much larger group of other people in order to make them think, and believe, and act, precisely in the way(s) the creator(s) of their chosen religion want them to.

And then consider that within most/all of those mainstream religions there are sizeable sub-groups of people (e.g. christianity>catholics/protestants/etc. etc. or muslims>sunni/shi'a/etc. etc.) , who effectively all read the exact same holy book, or a different persons/groups own personal interpretation of that same book, as those in the other sub-groups of their chosen religion, and who then have wildly divergent interpretations of what their chosen book actually means; such differences that have, and will continue to, be the primary, and in most cases only, consistant cause of war, violence, suffering, genocide, abuse, etc. etc. etc. throughout the world.

Taking christianity as an example, there are many 'versions' of the bible, each taken as gospel by a different branch of that one religion, except surely if all those sub-groups all essentially believe in the same god, and they all believe that he handed down his instructions/wishes/guidance/whatever for every person to live by in good faith, why did he then apparently give each group a slightly differently worded version of his teachings?

The simple answer is that 'god' didn't do anything.

This is entirely because, while there undoubtedly are/were actual people in the past who have been, and still are, worshipped as 'god', and/or who themselves actually claimed to be 'god' or to personally represent 'god', maybe even to the point that people actually believe/believed in them, in essence the term 'god' is little more than another fictional construct of man, it's a tool of man, of mainstream religions and pseudo-religious cults alike, in whatever form they might take. In effect 'god' is nothing more than a simple whip to be used by one, or by the privileged few, to keep a larger group of people toeing the religious party line at all costs, and preferably without examining and/or questioning the things they are being asked to believe in.

Equally the so-called holy book(s) of each cult and religion, in all their many man-made variations and interpretations, are all just yet another man-made creation, wherein a religions/cults chosen holy book is the leash that one man/a small privileged group of people uses to capture and control the obedience and belief of others around him/them, particularly others who are more susceptible and/or willing to be taken in by something that Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

hunky spunky 18/11/19(Mon)04:43 No. 5935 ID: b9f873

It helps... though I can't really put it into words, it goes something along the lines of how many values/rules you got 'right' - imagine guessing at all life's choices, you are bound to get some right according to a decision model you have. God gives feedback on these values, that's how I've felt it, but like me, you can still just crash on a huge wall and be unable to move on.
Things have very slowly gotten less worse, who knows? when I pray, it makes me feel somewhat at peace.

I have done the same as >>5927, but wow, things can get really really much worse, like to the point where you stop caring about getting up, sleeping, eating, even thinking, you just somehow wait for it all to end - and it doesnt.

I sure don't know how and why things work, for the most part I wish they didnt, but usually its the simplest that make most sense: this one goes to you >>5842
I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me.

Eeyore 19/02/28(Thu)20:18 No. 6020 ID: 53a6d3

I don't but I wish I did. If I did I wouldn't be in this place right now. I'd have something to hold on to.

Comfort Eeyore 17/07/18(Tue)18:24 No. 5468 ID: 7e3d01 [Reply]

File 150039509284.jpg - (23.97KB , 500x333 , 49bcb3ff-b6e9-4839-b3e8-3edd3d5010ac.jpg )

Reading about suicide methods and making plans is very comforting and calming for me when I'm really upset. It helps a lot to know that there's always a way out.

Going out for a walk and a cigarette is also nice.

What do you do when you're upset?

14 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 19/01/21(Mon)21:45 No. 6004 ID: 90457d

>What do you do when you're upset?

I empty my mind and emotions and think only of the feeling of breathing.

Eeyore 19/01/23(Wed)17:52 No. 6008 ID: 40cb3e

When I "died" of a K2 overdose, the first reality I experienced was the feeling of breathing. I didn't know at the time what breathing was, or what I was feeling, but it did feel really good.

Eeyore 19/02/04(Mon)21:59 No. 6013 ID: 6d0d0a

File 154931394488.jpg - (24.35KB , 495x495 , 34330956_2061044284162360_4524057913811009536_n.jpg )

a few years ago, heroin was my way out and i wanted to die with it... nowadays i try to face my fears and reach out to my family and most importantly my friends... one day i just began thinking that i owe it to myself to try to stay alive and not die like a little bitch. I still have my dark days though...

Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)16:39 No. 5748 ID: 2a5a7e [Reply]

File 152267997871.jpg - (393.51KB , 1024x1447 , lion_king_by_jflaxman-d9hckja.jpg )

My home i a prison.
My life isn't terrible. It's filled with despair and pain but it's also filled with joy and adventure, for me who is a lover of drastic emotions that's not all that bad. I have friends, I have many interests, hobbies that I'm good at. My life wouldn't be terrible if not for my home.
When I go out I start living. When I come back I wish to die. I live in a decent apartment with my mother and my sister. I use to love them both with all my heart. Now I see how naiive I was for giving them so much affection. They both abuse me in so many ways. they hurt me physicaly and mentaly. I want to leave them, I do, but I can't afford my own place to stay and being homeless is... Well, I have been homeless for a couple of months before. But I happen to be a tiny little girl who's just... Way to easy to hurt. It's better to stay here. But I'm hungry and tired and my tears have all dried but I'm stil unhappy. I remember times when I believed in them. They hurt me more than any punch.
I would have been a very happy person. But my family hates me

Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)18:29 No. 5749 ID: 1c97da

Well why do they hate you? Do you have a job? Are you a lazy sack of shit and a mega-autist? This may be why they mistreat you.

Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)19:37 No. 5750 ID: ef7cc0

if you have friends and hobbies, maybe you should also get a job so you can afford moving out finally and have your own space for yourself.

Eeyore 19/01/31(Thu)08:41 No. 6010 ID: f47d69

it is okay, love

Eeyore 17/07/18(Tue)16:24 No. 5467 ID: b91ae0 [Reply]

File 150038788061.jpg - (73.27KB , 750x576 , 1498506334795.jpg )

Everyone we know and love dies, but y'all already knew that.

Tell me of the ones you've lost and how they died.

30 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 19/01/09(Wed)05:28 No. 5996 ID: 909724


Yeah..perhaps you're right.
He just wasn't having it, I suppose.
Sometimes it angers me, that he did that.
Sometimes I envy him, for no longer having to be in pain.

Eeyore 19/01/21(Mon)21:32 No. 6002 ID: 90457d

>had a girlfriend shoot herself in front of me after we had a huge fight about weather or not I was a real man. her last words before she pulled the trigger were "A real man would have pulled the gun away from me and not worry about getting shot"

I hate people who kill themselves to make a point -- because they don't send the message they think. With suicide, death is the only message they send.
To those who survive, the real questions raised by their suicide are: do I care about this person's death? Do I care about the life this person had? Was their suicide helpful to those still alive?
Suicide is too often pointless.

Eeyore 19/01/21(Mon)22:36 No. 6007 ID: 90457d

>had a girlfriend shoot herself in front of me after we had a huge fight about weather or not I was a real man. her last words before she pulled the trigger were "A real man would have pulled the gun away from me and not worry about getting shot"

Suicide is the logical conclusion of a guilt tripping girlfriend.

If she had been a strong woman, she wouldn't have emotionally blackmailed those who love her into fixing her own d*mn problems.

Death Eeyore 17/03/05(Sun)02:56 No. 5326 ID: 9c4b9c [Reply]

File 148867896053.png - (254.63KB , 730x280 , crypt-ghast-730x280.png )

All shall fall. We are all going to die someday. Each and every one of us. How does that make you feel?

16 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 19/01/16(Wed)06:55 No. 5998 ID: 3b9bb5

Tell me your name Anon. I'll make my best effort to remember it.

Eeyore 19/01/16(Wed)06:55 No. 5999 ID: 3b9bb5

Tell me your name Anon. I'll make my best effort to remember it.

Eeyore 19/01/21(Mon)21:42 No. 6003 ID: 90457d

>All shall fall. We are all going to die someday. Each and every one of us. How does that make you feel?

Disillusioned about the promises of a better future, unattached from the past, fully in the present, like a dying man realizing that the feeling of beauty comes from within, when one pauses to see the world without worries.

yet another depressive + advice seeking thread Eeyore 18/10/16(Tue)05:30 No. 5919 ID: cbd5fc [Reply]

File 153966060741.png - (60.49KB , 450x302 , 1538424293160.png )

everyone I know around my age (20) is out there either
-enjoying life
and yet here I am as a stupid unemployed and worthless sperg without prospect in life. I dunno what to study. employers just shrug me off. tried uni for a year and quit it. studied meme short-and-free courses of computer repair and object-oriented-programming that are as useless as me.
I don't like anything. I don't know anything. dealing with people is hard, frustrating, annoying and unfullfilling. every entry-level job I can possibly acquire requires dealing with people, one of my biggest weaknesses. I got bounced from fucking mcdonalds, goddamit.

I should've stayed in that technical high school as a kid. I would have made better friends. I would've learn to socialize better. I would have a better chance at getting a job. I would've learn useful stuff.

I'm just filled with despair and hatred towards myself. I have violent thoughts. I want to take it out on someone. I wanna improve, but I'm lost. give me a hand. I need it. please.

I'm so lost. I'm not exactly sure of what do I want to do, and I have no idea of how to do it. it sucks to be a 20yo manchildren crybaby. being unable to be independent hurts like hell. I wish I was a man instead of a stupid lost kid in a forest who needs mommy and can't fend off by himself.

Eeyore 19/01/07(Mon)13:46 No. 5993 ID: 72aebe

Same here i know your pain.

Everyone around me is pushing me and no one understands me...
Get a job, get married etc. like that will help im just an useless meat walking around this pathetic city of mine.I would commit suicide but i can't im too affraid of the pain

Eeyore 19/01/09(Wed)04:41 No. 5994 ID: ea7463

Try pizza delivery. I started at Domino's and ended up getting a class A CDL to continue avoiding people for the majority of my work-time. There's lots of easier class B jobs out there too.

Word of warning. You will not enjoy life. This will not make you happy, but if you budget & invest correctly you could retire a multi-millionaire. I'm able to put over 3 grand in a mutual fund each month with this job, and I still have money left over. I've currently got 66k in the bank at 22 years old and no debt thanks to my decision to avoid college.

Nobody tells me that because they know I don't have anyone I could get married to. ;-;

Happiness MushroomMan 18/07/11(Wed)13:11 No. 5848 ID: 708d53 [Reply]

File 153130749242.png - (375.82KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20180707-011933.png )

Grim, remember how you once had a career goal? Let us know about how you destroyed your dream job. What shitty job do you work now?

18 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 18/11/30(Fri)20:14 No. 5964 ID: 56a14e

I haven't even started to pursue a career yet and that is the problems for I have wasted my adolescence and most of my early twenties and as things look I dont think that I will be able to enjoy life before I am the age where most people start to settle down.

Eeyore 18/12/01(Sat)20:45 No. 5965 ID: 69f2f6

I'd always wanted to be an artist. It's something that always filled me with a great sense of fulfillment and joy like "this is what I was meant to do." However, I felt I wasn't good enough to get into the industry, especially when I'd compare my amateur work to that of the much more accomplished pros. I was also concerned if I went to art school, that I'd end up homeless/impoverished and with a lot of student debt. So I joined the marines. I thought that would be cool. It wasn't really. Not in a "it sucked way" but just another droll experience to put under my belt. When I got out, I had very briefly flirted again with the idea of going to art school, but I quickly put it out of mind for the same reasons as before and even more so since I was older. So I decided to enroll in a flight school. On the side I work as an aviation mechanic and I'm close to getting all my ratings for that. Now the military, flying, maintaining ...it all sounds cool right? Maybe it's cool to bring up in conversation, like a "oh what do you do for work?" kinda thing. But for me, when I'm climbing up above the clouds, I don't feel anything. No special spark. Nothing. Certainly not like the things I felt when I was drawing or painting. It's just another monotonous routine. One of many I will continue until I eventually die.

Eeyore 18/12/19(Wed)16:50 No. 5981 ID: 75f577

the thing about being an artist for a living is that a portfolio is a thousand times more important than a degree. i was a semester in uni for an art degree and i was astounded at the number of people who studies at other art schools (respectable ones too) before coming to the same class and not being able to draw. imo, you can pick up art through online lessons and forums, and you can go to a class. and when you go to see your client, he will prefer the person who knows how to draw over the person who has a fancy shmancy art degree

Eeyore 18/05/08(Tue)02:04 No. 5799 ID: 618796 [Reply]

File 152573786051.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

Hello /grim/

I've been visiting here since January of this year. I can't help but feel lost, alone, and depressed all through this world thats blowing itself to hell. I have a huge dislike of the material normie world we see all around us.

And I don't know what to do how to deal with this pain and anger.

12 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 18/12/12(Wed)20:25 No. 5969 ID: f317f6

Thanks for the recommendation, anon.

Eeyore 18/12/12(Wed)20:32 No. 5970 ID: f317f6

It's OP, been a month since I responded here but I wanted to say I'm doing better now, I still have my downs here and there but I feel like a new man, fellow anons.

Eeyore 18/12/14(Fri)08:09 No. 5973 ID: edadd0

Good to hear, man. It can be rough, and it's a royal fucking pain to stay positive at times. Make sure you focus on yourself and your enjoyment - not only in spare time, but your career, too. Do things that make you happy.


Where are you from and where do you live at present? Ariel 18/10/24(Wed)20:07 No. 5928 ID: cb7a05 [Reply]

File 154040447951.jpg - (83.46KB , 640x425 , Hunedoara_castle.jpg )

Hi guys.
What country do you come from and where do you live now?
I was born in Romania and moved to Italy when I was 13.

Eeyore 18/11/19(Mon)16:30 No. 5942 ID: 39d68e

That's cool, I'm italian myself.
How do you find it here?

Eeyore 18/11/26(Mon)03:45 No. 5952 ID: 2958f4

I'm from Paraguay

Eeyore 18/11/28(Wed)23:22 No. 5962 ID: f3b35f

also born in romania, still am in romania. where were you born, how old are you now and why did you move?

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