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BitLoli!!H2BJEyBGZm 12/10/28(Sun)20:31 No. 2101

File 135145267427.jpg - (154.58KB , 600x600 , daki.jpg )

<BitLoli> You should donate me a few bitcoins so I can buy a dakimakura.
<BitLoli> Send bitcoins to 1HvMRrcDs8uMNynJsV6HoBBU8JjF97gK78

Goal: 10BTC.
Left until goal: 9.99BTC.
Donations received so far:
0.01BTC - Semilevel.

(Fuck Off.)

Semilevel!3X0UPevThQ 12/10/28(Sun)20:32 No. 2102

secure tripcode? LOLOLOLOL
you just earned 0.001

DIMT 12/10/28(Sun)20:33 No. 2103


Semilevel!3X0UPevThQ 12/10/28(Sun)20:34 No. 2104

yes, he did.

Semilevel!3X0UPevThQ 12/11/14(Wed)19:20 No. 2119

File 135291721738.jpg - (137.52KB , 1024x768 , sadfeac.jpg )

You received another 0.02 BTC. Have fun.

poe 12/11/23(Fri)08:19 No. 2128

please unban bitloli, yes he is a faggot but he said he would play touhou with me god damnit. NIGGERS.

ice!.RAPE.curg 12/11/25(Sun)21:36 No. 2130

oh poe

Poe 17/02/05(Sun)20:37 No. 2508


Poe 17/02/05(Sun)20:39 No. 2509


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