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Modern Mom 17/08/01(Tue)17:50 No. 3055 ID: 7ce7a4

File 15016026409.jpg - (1.26MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_7747.jpg )

Hey /Jews/ I've been trying to live the frugal lifestyle. Recently moved into an apartment in Southern California where I'm paying 840 a month for a studio. I don't really have close friends that are financially stable enough to room with. My question is though, (got off topic)
While living a frugal lifestyle, what do you guys do for fun? When I loved with my parents I had disposable income and didn't really care about saving. I could go out with my mates and get drinks or another hobby of ours was shooting but all of that is so expensive. I guess gaming but that gets old too.

TL;DR what do you do for fun that's frugal?

Modern Mom 17/08/12(Sat)00:05 No. 3064 ID: 218ccf

Nothing glamorous about being poor.

Room with people to save money if you can. 840 is a lot but I'm not sure about west coast.

Modern Mom 17/08/22(Tue)19:22 No. 3068 ID: 602cb1

I like to read books, play videogames (very cheap if you wait for sales) grow some plants (bonsai and some kitchen herbs) and build model kits by myself. With my friends we normally play boardgames, drink beer (at home), and smoke pot (cheaper than beer here) while we watch cartoons. I keep it under a $100 a month budget, so your definition of frugal may vary.

Modern Mom 17/08/26(Sat)00:00 No. 3071 ID: c55c16

File 150369842074.gif - (8.38KB , 256x264 , 1410556944904.gif )

Personally I would get a cheap ass Xbone/360 because of the upcoming backwards compatibility titles. Old classics will hopefully get repopulated with multiplayer, shit like halo 3 and bad company. That could keep me entertained forever

Modern Mom 17/12/20(Wed)10:17 No. 3114 ID: 8048e5

File 151376145494.gif - (732.79KB , 500x600 , 1494039145026.gif )

I like to buy cheap instruments from thrift stores. Play music or do comedy bits/routines with friends at open mics. Draw, journal, try new recipes. Hang out at house parties or see local bands with my girl. Go to a mom and pop theater near me, $10 a ticket for old school movies or animations

Modern Mom 17/12/22(Fri)20:43 No. 3118 ID: 602cb1

Learning new skills is the ultimate thrifty pastime. Learn how to do basic electrical work, fix your car or bike, learn how to cook or repair shit, learn shit that looks good on your resume (use Duolingo to be conversational in some languages or learn to program or whatever).

Modern Mom 18/05/06(Sun)22:53 No. 3182 ID: 8f87a9

Learn Chinese

Modern Mom 18/07/09(Mon)02:15 No. 3213 ID: d36894

This. If you can learn how to do something for yourself, you can save a lot of money from having others do it for you. You can also try learning a skill to sell, such as programming or becoming bilingual and offering translation services

Modern Mom 18/10/16(Tue)03:16 No. 3231 ID: 304dfd

OP here.

Thinking about getting into RPG's. Little bit of a varg tard so myfarog maybe.

Modern Mom 18/10/30(Tue)18:27 No. 3236 ID: f626bd

> When I loved with my parents I had disposable income and didn't really care about saving.

Just start making love with your parents again.

Modern Mom 18/11/18(Sun)06:32 No. 3242 ID: 83c9fa

Stop feeding (((them))) shekels, and live in the woods. Cheapest lifestyle available.

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