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Anonymous 18/09/01(Sat)07:40 No. 13603 ID: 8c87d4 [Reply]

File 153578043969.jpg - (77.53KB , 479x418 , PhotoText.jpg )

Natural is defined by Oxford dictionary as "Existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind."

Process is defined as "A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end."

The words together mean a process that was produced without a conscious agent.

Now here is the evidence that this belief is subjective and therefore doesn't exist.

A conscious agent is a being who is aware of it's surroundings and has the ability to act upon it.

Birds, beavers, humans are examples of Conscious Agents. We know they are because they build things such nests, dams, and jet engines. Showing they are indeed Conscious of the surrounding materials and they have the ability to act on them.

Conscious agents can produce processes that are said to be products of natural process, but natural process cannot produce processes created by conscious agents such as birds nests, beaver dams, and jet engines.

All of the material that Conscious agents have access to is the same material that natural process has access too.
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Anarchist Q&A Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)01:24 No. 13599 ID: c89d35 [Reply]

File 153454827535.jpg - (8.92KB , 479x467 , DEATH TO STARFUCKS.jpg )

(Doesn't even have to be about my politics)

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing people over worked, over taxed, and under payed. Fire at will.

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)12:46 No. 13601 ID: 2ce276

sure why not

Given that, without civil government, people ultimately come under the power of the strongest and most aggressive forces who eventually demand the wealth of others (e.g., the mafia), how does your anarchist stance *sustainably* help people to have more leisure time, reduce their taxes, or receive fairer compensation for their work?

Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)15:10 No. 13579 ID: 110691 [Reply]

File 153286983180.png - (61.12KB , 223x267 , Untitled-2.png )

Let me ask you a question, how different do you think you are from other people?

How many people, do you see in life that makes you say, "this person is like me" ?

Don't just bring up any sort of ism, just discuss me the idea

Of you being whatever you are, and the others being them.

Let me know

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Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)05:53 No. 13589 ID: 050eac

File 153309562948.jpg - (132.72KB , 800x793 , C0F70AE4-16B5-4AC0-B09F-017B98AF9648.jpg )

I think that we, humanity as a whole, have become even more isolated and foreign to one another - the driving force of this aforementioned isolation is deeply rooted in the "us versus them" tribal mindset ; what pushes that driving force is certainly technology and mainstream media with a hidden agenda or some sort of sinister underlying reason that is responsible for so many individuals becoming schizoid, avoidant, or schizotypal, and whatever else...

Anonymous 18/08/02(Thu)16:22 No. 13590 ID: 110691

I wholeheartedly agree. People are given a meticulously crated reality where they are the eye of the storm. I think a notable example that would help one understand would be how hollywood depicts any sort of outside power with any given protagonist character. A bully for instance is almost always so well designed that there's never any need for space or even the thought of humanization. They're just a perfectly (re?)presented "other".

I think the aim is somewhat obvious, with the divide and conquer approach. People are made to defend whatever they are implanted to have as a group identity, individually even. Choosing to fight for opinions not remotely their own, with nothing except for the name of "independent thought". I guess a more simple way to put it would be reading the words you are given that say you're free to say anything you want. Fear of excommunication leads down complicated roads.

Also I'm glad you brought some aesthetic perspective but don't make it so blatant if you could, personally I think it loses value, almost like waving a flag.

Filosophia 18/08/12(Sun)19:46 No. 13596 ID: 050eac

File 153409601848.jpg - (161.29KB , 1600x1000 , A9099C1C-D9E6-425A-B709-207D9634F63D.jpg )

At first, I didn't even think anyone would reply to my post, but...
>defend whatever they are implanted to have as a group identity
>choosing to fight for opinions not remotely their own

I am glad you brought up this, sometimes it seems like certain people deny whatever it may be, just because some figure on CNN or Faux News said some inflammatory statement that provokes either side on the political spectrum

Take into account for example, an individual who digresses from the general and popular narrative of the local population, whether they deviate from society by their political stance, or go against social norms present in that region (remember to not forget about cultural relativism, where something something may be the norm in region A but it may be considered inhumane to region B) ; life may be quite spiteful and as a result, that same individual may be very unhappy, helpless and hopeless, toxic or bitter in their life as they feel like a minority and thus an "outcast"

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) plays a role in not only misinforming the people, but also dividing them with false and untrue narratives

>almost like waving a flag
Well, in the irony of humanity, people tend to gravitate towards certain imagery, symbols, representations, whatever it may be and they too look for people who happen to identify with the same "object(s)"

a weird theory Anonymous 18/08/05(Sun)20:25 No. 13593 ID: c65d45 [Reply]

right, this might just sound incoherent. i don't know, but i'll try and make sense.

so, for this, i'll operate on the assumption that there is no after life, and life is just from the moment your first memory is formed to your death.

and time, as far as each person is concerned, is only defined by how they experience it.

so each person's life is, to them, a literal eternity.

considering this, will their last moment last an eternity? i figure, it's like when you fall asleep, you're only aware that you suddenly weren't awake because you wake up the next day.

if you don't have anything afterwards to compare it to, will your last moment just seem to last an eternity? you know, almost like something being sucked into a black hole; from the outside looking in, it starts to slow down more and more until reaching a standstill and then fading out.

i don't fucking know, maybe i'm high.

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)02:59 No. 13600 ID: d78f1a

Human expectation does not define reality.

>life is just from the moment your first memory is formed to your death
You can have no understanding of memory even and still be very much alive. It does not matter what you remember.

>each person's life is, to them, a literal eternity
Does not follow in the least. Life may feel long, yet this notion one may form does not effect the universe. An eternity is not the same as all that you have.

>i don't fucking know, maybe i'm high.
I didn't like your theory.

Look, here's what you're essentially trying to say, right;

We all have lives that we experience end to end and because it's from our perspective it must be unending.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Survey anonymous 16/04/25(Mon)18:29 No. 12516 ID: 0016ca [Reply]

File 146160178566.jpg - (221.95KB , 1024x768 , brian.jpg )

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you believe in higher intelligence?
Higher intelligence can be God/Allah, or even aliens.

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Anonymous 18/06/24(Sun)21:24 No. 13559 ID: a521d4

10/10, but considering how humans love to abuse their intelligence and my continual growing distrust of humans and particularly of those with great intelligence that abuse it for manipulation makes me that much more likely not to listen to a higher intelligence unless they approached me in a very specific manner that not even I know of.

Voltairine+de+Cleyre 18/07/21(Sat)06:57 No. 13570 ID: ee23ac

The possibility is there but the probability based on current understanding is quite low.

eh?? your f u c c i n g mom 18/08/04(Sat)22:31 No. 13591 ID: 0a48be

I mean, seeing as though early Christianity, early Buddhism, classical Cynicism, and maybe Taoism all oddly enough hold enough water to actually benefit humans on an individual level, I'd like to think that *something* inspired these guys to invent those systems.

Otherwise, those guys were high as f u c c and accidentally made up something genius.

Can Christians study bushido code and miyamoto's 21 principles? Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)04:57 No. 13575 ID: 7e9ea9 [Reply]

Hay anons

I am of the Christian faith, but my weeb self also loves Japan so much that I decided to start looking into bushido code. The other day I came across "Miyamoto Musashi's" 21 principles for life. I am worried about reading these principles because i read that they are heavily derived from daoism. As a Christian should i not be reading these? I've read that it is okay for christians to read different philsophies, but i feel like a philosophy heavily rooted in another religion is treading on dangerous territory. maybe i am overthinking this?

Miyamoto Musashi is suppose to be the most famous samurai of all time so i thought it'd be cool to read and try to start considering his principles.

Anonymous 18/07/30(Mon)23:18 No. 13586 ID: 1209a2

if you truly understand the message of Christ, learning all other religious traditions and ideas will only strengthen and reinforce your Christian understanding. You have nothing to fear, or even feel the least bit strange about.

Can Christians study Bushido Code/Zen/Musashi's 21 principles Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)04:58 No. 13576 ID: 7e9ea9 [Reply]

File 153283313157.jpg - (75.27KB , 457x640 , 389206.jpg )

Hay anons

I am of the Christian faith, but my weeb self also loves Japan so much that I decided to start looking into bushido code. The other day I came across "Miyamoto Musashi's" 21 principles for life. I am worried about reading these principles because i read that they are heavily derived from daoism. As a Christian should i not be reading these? I've read that it is okay for christians to read different philsophies, but i feel like a philosophy heavily rooted in another religion is treading on dangerous territory. maybe i am overthinking this?

Miyamoto Musashi is suppose to be the most famous samurai of all time so i thought it'd be cool to read and try to start considering his principles.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)09:16 No. 13578 ID: 7e9ea9

File 153284857579.jpg - (23.73KB , 722x209 , Seven-Bushidos.jpg )

I did not know Zen was compatible with most religions.

That's true, I could just replace Buddha with God.

There is one principle that talks about following "The Way". I like to replace "Way" with "God's Plan".

Over the years I've felt too that the scriptures were subject to interpretation.

This was a relieving response thank you.

Anonymous 18/07/30(Mon)20:40 No. 13585 ID: 0f52f2

It's not wildly unreasonable to predict that choosing to live by a warrior code may lead to studying a martial art in order to more directly experience what it's like to put those principles and virtues into practice. A few places even market some kinds of Christian martial arts. In theory, it sounds like just the thing for you. In practice, however, the execution seems to lean toward performing cheesy choreography in front of a slide show with random scripture quotes rather than learning anything spiritual or philosophical. It's the same negative feeling as I get with the genre of contemporary Christian worship music, which is notorious for its reputation of only providing the blandest, mass-market version of both rock music and Christian belief.

Just keep that in mind when you research these things. You'd quickly become disillusioned with anyone trying to half-ass Musashi's words, let alone Jesus'.

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)05:48 No. 13587 ID: b7f622

>Christian faith
>bushido code
Why do christfags think every philosophy that isn't derived from the bible somehow conflicts with their religious dogma?

Do you see how your narrow-minded religion undermines your capacity for free thought and potential as a human being?

Objective Reality Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)08:19 No. 13565 ID: 83c4c7 [Reply]

It's ironic how we experience sentience yet are fully limited by it. As 3 dimensional beings, what we know about this dimension; our own surroundings is sadly minuscule. We fail to conceive our perception of reality and also fail to accept it.

Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)22:39 No. 13569 ID: f6c591

would you care to elborate?

Anonymous 18/07/22(Sun)02:02 No. 13571 ID: 0f52f2

We don't know how much we can't perceive...or how little we can't perceive. That can go either way.

Anonymous 18/07/23(Mon)04:28 No. 13573 ID: 6d076d

Do you see sentience as the 'product' or a 'byproduct'?

I think sentience is a byproduct, it is just something that is left over. having a complex mind/brain was advantageous to solving problems like "How am I going to stay dry" or "How do I find that deer" in a time where survival was the only goal. So when we are finally dry and fed we start constructing new problems/questions. What is, why is, how is... and so on. it is a mess, a storm of thought. So like all waste byproducts (lactic acid comes is my immediate example) we eject it, or cap it or what ever verb you'd like to use. we simply stop putting in the energy becuase the danger of an over load.

Now with that out the way I think some of us can have greater perception and see reality for what it is, at least briefly. [what I typed so far is based off my conclusions from written works from J Campbell, Kant, and Jung mashed up now I'm just pulling stuff out my ass]. I think if we passively think about thenature of the universe through things such as mathematics and arts we dip into some truth. but I think it can cause a build up and over load. Great and creative minds seem to be driven to madness more often then most and I think its from the overload.

TL;DR active thought of our perception of reality or inhibited, passive thoughts are not inhibited.

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)23:39 No. 12763 ID: 0f36a6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 148261917389.jpg - (39.24KB , 446x413 , Tinfoil euphoria.jpg )


Why are atheists so obsessed with aliens and other conspiracy theories? There is literally no credible evidence for their existence. Is it because they are immature manchildren?


151 posts and 57 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/05/24(Thu)13:11 No. 13539 ID: 1bafe4

Fedora tippers are hilarious. This kind of "science" is what you get when you have manchildren running the universities.

Anonymous 18/06/18(Mon)09:39 No. 13550 ID: b44204

File 152930756235.jpg - (61.47KB , 600x582 , epic_lulz.jpg )

>Octopuses are aliens

Someone has gone off the deep end here.

Anonymous 18/07/22(Sun)21:50 No. 13572 ID: 0c6f2e

File 153228905244.jpg - (573.34KB , 820x546 , Ancient aliens.jpg )

>this is what fedora tippers actually believe

The cold indifference of the universe Anonymous 16/12/28(Wed)00:09 No. 12765 ID: 84060f [Reply]

File 148288018271.jpg - (4.71KB , 224x225 , jim.jpg )

I do not necessarily have a fear of death. I actually sometimes think it would be cool to just not exist anymore and have nothing to worry about. It's still scary, but in comparison to what has begun to plague my thoughts it's nothing.

Anxiety has made me go through a lot. I used to be comfortable in my body and familiar with it. I felt happy, safe, and at home. After all the mental pain, intense stomach-crushing fear, I am left with an unsettling feeling about everything. I feel like I am a prisoner of reality. This universe summoned my consciousness here, with no choice on my part as far as I'm aware, to live this life, during which I have had to deal with these intense and horrible sensations.

The fact that there was nothing I could do about it, that there is no one to help, that the only thing I can reach out to is other monkeys in clothes who are also trapped in their own minds (though it's probably a better place in there), is incredibly isolating.

I have felt a pure, raw fear of death and eternity. I am no longer confident in reality. I am disturbed by its existence. I have no idea how I lived so long without thinking much of it.

The fact that it's probably possible that a few million years from now a group of aliens summons my consciousness again and induces torture and pain for thousands of years with no rest, and the universe just wouldn't care in its indifferent coldness, is terrifying. I'm scared of reality in that way. The fact that every horrible nightmare we can come up with could happen someday, and there is just no way to know.

This all feels very surreal. I feel uncomfortable being a brain. I can't trust my body not to get sick and give me a slow and painful or fast and even more painful death.

What is going on? Where are all the cameras?

8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)05:16 No. 13544 ID: 457ed7

That should be carved into stone tablets.

op just love everything, take refuge in love, love destroys fear

Anonymous 18/06/24(Sun)20:55 No. 13557 ID: 270056

haha "Man up ,Pussy"

OH NO YOU DIDN&!FZj8obGww6 18/07/08(Sun)23:58 No. 13562 ID: 828d07

>>> Existing in a state of temporarily without a G.F. Girl i love is gone. Huge family, weird world... Haven't seen the same girl since. Utter B.S. Love her, gone, oh well. Swear i saw her working at Pentonville. . After getting molester ed, World of B.S.

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