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Darwin and his mental retardation Anonymous 18/02/22(Thu)09:43 No. 13431 ID: 44a1c4

File 151928899017.jpg - (97.22KB , 479x327 , ch2f1.jpg )

>A conclusion that two (or more) genes or proteins are homologous is a conjecture, not an experimental fact. We would be able to know for a fact that genes are homologous only if we could directly explore their common ancestor and all intermediate forms. Since there is no fossil record of these extinct forms, a decision on homology between genes has to be made on the basis of the similarity between them, the only observable variable that can be expressed numerically and correlated with probability.

>Taung Child's skull not human-like

How can anyone seriously believe in "evolution" when it all is based on a incomplete fossil record, that proves nothing, and comparative genetics that's just conjectures.

Fedora tippers are grasping at straws.

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Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)12:58 No. 13567 ID: 91da41

Not sure if I am just being autistic or something, but this seems like /sci/ discussion.

Anonymous 18/07/23(Mon)14:41 No. 13574 ID: d60c6c

It's not that they ignore evidence. They can't comprehend that their beliefs are false. It's too much for them to handle and that's why they viciously deny that evolution is wrong. To them it must be true and like >>13560 pointed out they only trust scientific research when it proves them right. Think of a child that doesn't get what it wants: it screams, cries and flails its arms around to show how displeased it is.

Anonymous 18/08/05(Sun)19:05 No. 13592 ID: 7d5109

File 153348873446.jpg - (59.11KB , 600x600 , 1532889168756.jpg )

>Beefalo, also referred to as cattalo or the American hybrid, are a fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle (Bos taurus), usually a male in managed breeding programs, and the American bison (Bison bison)

According to fedora tippers these two species shouldn't be able to mate and conceive fertile offspring and yet they do. When you look at the classifications they use such as "genus" and "family" it becomes clear that it all is highly arbitrary. There are so many inconsistencies in nature that are impossible to fit inside a system of hierarchical nomenclature. It's pretty much mental masturbation for autists.

Anonymous 18/08/05(Sun)20:30 No. 13594 ID: 06fc37

This. It's so vague that it becomes pointless.

Anonymous 18/08/16(Thu)13:45 No. 13598 ID: ec9b1c

File 153441990481.jpg - (52.57KB , 640x640 , 8ab.jpg )

How dare you question the validity of evolution, you plebian! Calling taxonomy vague is sacrilege!

*tips the hat of social Darwinism*

Anonymous 18/08/26(Sun)22:06 No. 13602 ID: cbc430

I have a feeling this guy believes in abiogenic petroleum too.

Its a shame he can't get help for his mental illness.

Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)16:26 No. 13604 ID: bc76b4

Isn't it ironic how fedora tippers think science is some kind of infallible solution to everything? Almost on the verge of being autistic, if you ask me.

Anonymous 18/09/11(Tue)15:45 No. 13613 ID: 48f52c

File 153667352665.gif - (648.97KB , 263x396 , Tipper of fedoras.gif )

>believing in evolution

Anonymous 18/09/12(Wed)04:15 No. 13614 ID: a420f5

We’ve bred dogs to be completely different proportions, sizes, and colors. They have unique advantages and disadvantages. Do you deny a force like that could exist in nature?

Anonymous 18/09/12(Wed)19:33 No. 13615 ID: 8bf6d2

Why do you bother wasting your time to come up with an argument? There are many people you'll never convince.

Anonymous 18/09/12(Wed)22:32 No. 13616 ID: 4d8b2d

Still wondering what you guys have for a competing theory.

God? Magic? Random chance?

Anonymous 18/09/12(Wed)23:37 No. 13617 ID: a870df

File 153678824687.gif - (411.12KB , 500x281 , Words.gif )

I suspect they're nihilists.

Or Russian.

Or Russian nihilists.

All they will ever talk about is what they don't believe in. Almost like the guy paying their salary doesn't want them engaging in a conversation.

Anonymous 18/09/13(Thu)04:32 No. 13620 ID: c5d903

It took like thirty seconds of my time.

Anonymous 18/09/13(Thu)16:35 No. 13621 ID: 8a8133

File 153684931064.png - (11.82KB , 469x463 , 1520748814196.png )

>natural selection
>survival of the fittest

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)16:30 No. 13623 ID: 4df1db

Nice. Pretty much summarizes fedora tippers and their delusions.

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)11:57 No. 13632 ID: 37c815

File 153786943620.gif - (389.92KB , 473x473 , Rainbow fedora.gif )

Evolution is absolute rubbish. Fedora tippers can't even show one example of a single organism turning into a completely different one (Yersinia pestis mutating into Sphingomonadaceae, for example). Their whole theory is so badly thought-out it's funny.

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)18:59 No. 13633 ID: 5e9b44

This must have started as a meme and gotten out of control. The premise is obvious meme-stuff: take an unpopular, incredulous point of view like denying decades of conclusive scientific fact, and (t)roll with it. Unfortunately I think the trolls attracted some actual luddites to who unwittingly hijacked their meme and now congregate in 7chan/phi/ to circle jerk in the little corner of the internet where their Jesus beat science.

Living in denial is a miserable burden, they shouldn't have to suffer such stupidity. Unfortunately being stupid is no longer a detriment to survival thanks to all the security measures and medical technology our highly evolved brains developed.

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)19:51 No. 13635 ID: cb64ca

Nice assertions you've got there. Didn't really demonstrate anything, though. Appealing to consensus is, unfortunately, not an argument. Sorry...

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)21:04 No. 13636 ID: 5e9b44

Listen to yourself; you can't even talk like a human being any more. I'm just having a conversation, not a formal debate, and not even with you. Go outside, get some fresh air. Consider that you are one of many land-dwelling species to evolve after the Oxygen Boom.

Anonymous 18/09/26(Wed)09:07 No. 13639 ID: 35c2fd

File 153794562952.png - (145.80KB , 592x624 , 144026983381.png )

>Everything that I disagree with is a funnay maymay


Anonymous 18/09/26(Wed)10:29 No. 13640 ID: 4568a3

Evolution is a meme.

Anonymous 18/09/29(Sat)08:15 No. 13641 ID: 27723a

Denying evolution is a meme; evolution is a fact.

Anonymous 18/09/29(Sat)11:41 No. 13645 ID: 988da9

Simpsons did it.

And better than these morons ever did.

Anonymous 18/09/29(Sat)16:37 No. 13646 ID: d60c6c

>Evolution is a fact

Nope. That's just your autism acting up again.

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:28 No. 13648 ID: 7d5109

File 153830693716.png - (271.58KB , 541x480 , Asperger fedora.png )

>That's just your autism acting up again.

You nailed it right there.


Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)15:10 No. 13650 ID: e2fbd5

Thinking that everyone who knows evolution is how life works is an atheist is another delusion.

Autism makes a person an intellectual island; not a member of the overwhelming majority.

You need psychiatric help--case in point, how did you even come across a video like that?

Bob ross, the soundtrack....

Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)15:39 No. 13652 ID: 4df1db

File 153848757810.png - (7.53KB , 390x470 , e4c6a202efb6bb4b48e1bff276abbb43.png )

>that computer generated dialogue

So...this is what a world full of fedoras and autism looks like.

Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)16:17 No. 13653 ID: e2fbd5

I think the style of it has a lot more to do with autism than atheism. The guy who made this created a scene of himself being interviewed in order to express his opinions on religion, neurological conditions, and interpersonal relationships--on top of using CGI characters and voices. I get the impression this is a peek at how he experiences reality.

And that music... that's going to give me nightmares... it's just the same two notes forever...

Anonymous 18/10/09(Tue)14:09 No. 13659 ID: c68e89

File 153908697826.gif - (474.21KB , 600x580 , d89.gif )

>that whole video


Anonymous 18/10/09(Tue)18:04 No. 13660 ID: 9667b8

File 153910105124.jpg - (115.69KB , 436x316 , rofl_by_chrisge709-1.jpg )

I'm losing my shit watching this.

Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)10:10 No. 13663 ID: 26c116

File 15395910141.jpg - (32.30KB , 600x683 , spedepasanen.jpg )

This has got to be the most autistic video ever created.

Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)14:50 No. 13665 ID: d4ae80

Something all of us can agree on: >>13663

Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)10:45 No. 13672 ID: 4568a3

That video pretty much sums up fedora tippers and their lives.

Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)21:48 No. 13673 ID: 85c584

Nah, it just exemplifies what happens when you combine equal parts autism with internet; the atheism background is kind of secondary.

Anonymous 18/10/18(Thu)08:45 No. 13675 ID: 32ca83

File 153984510615.png - (181.06KB , 500x320 , Tipped too much.png )


Anonymous 18/10/19(Fri)10:56 No. 13676 ID: ead14b


Anonymous 18/10/20(Sat)05:41 No. 13677 ID: a870df

File 154000688066.jpg - (35.23KB , 500x500 , The Ones Who Cant Though.jpg )

The samefaggotry in this thread is overwhelming.

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)18:39 No. 13681 ID: d60c6c

That video is so sad. Being a fedora tipper must be really depressing. He sounds dead inside.

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)15:59 No. 13682 ID: 4df1db

>That video is so sad

lol, no. It's hilarious.

Anonymous 18/10/24(Wed)00:24 No. 13683 ID: a870df

What's the point of learning if you knew it all along?

Anonymous 18/10/24(Wed)11:18 No. 13684 ID: ea3836

Not really.

Anonymous 18/10/25(Thu)16:27 No. 13685 ID: 810f9f

>He sounds dead inside.
He's using synthetic voices; they inherently sound soulless and dead because that is what they are.

Not that you are entirely wrong. The music is seriously something to kill yourself by; and the topic of the "interview" is more or less how his life fell apart due to undiagnosed aspergers. The rest of his channel's content is even worse--and I don't mean like fail so hard it's win worse, but just generally worse; so bad you will wish you'd never bothered to look.

Anonymous 18/10/27(Sat)08:27 No. 13688 ID: d60c6c

No, it's horribly sad. He's so hollow and starved for real human interaction that he makes up fictional characters and dialogues. The whole video is him talking to himself.

Anonymous 18/10/30(Tue)16:27 No. 13691 ID: 4df1db

That's why it is so funny, you sperg.

Anonymous 18/10/31(Wed)10:43 No. 13692 ID: ea3836

Do you have autism?

Anonymous 18/11/02(Fri)11:21 No. 13695 ID: ead14b

Redundant question. His whole post reeks of autism.

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)10:27 No. 13698 ID: ea3836


Fedoras in a nutshell.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)21:02 No. 13706 ID: 404e35

File 154196656888.gif - (416.06KB , 400x200 , Noo.gif )

You're why embed isn't allowed in /phi/

Anonymous 18/11/12(Mon)09:33 No. 13708 ID: 26c116

File 154201159974.jpg - (30.50KB , 528x437 , 303.jpg )

Now that's some real euphoria right there.

Anonymous 18/11/13(Tue)10:29 No. 13709 ID: 37c815

I wonder how many video games that man has played. His anime hard drive is probably large enough to enlighten him with pure intelligence.


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