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/fit/erature Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:30 No. 2059 Stickied

File 125018824060.jpg - (49.74KB , 250x337 , Burn.jpg )

Books, links, pdfs, etc. on fit-related material.


Ben Greenfield Anderson 17/01/22(Sun)03:57 No. 19395

hey guys, does anyone have Greenfield's Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar

Ultimate MMA Conditioning Anonymous 17/01/22(Sun)04:27 No. 19396

Hey, Looking for Ultimate MMA Conditioning.

Anonymous 17/01/22(Sun)05:09 No. 19398

Request: ULTIMATE Progressive Overload Training Manual for Body Building and Physique Transformation (Tom Venuto)


Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)00:33 No. 19402

Anyone has Special Strength by Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith? It's their new DVD, came out in December.

I have some stuff I can trade to

Trader2 17/01/24(Tue)01:15 No. 19404



Anonymous 17/01/30(Mon)16:43 No. 19417

Joe Defranco and Jim Smith stuff whould be great

Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)00:50 No. 19418

I have The Art of Hojo Undo that someone was looking for if someone can tell me how to get the watermark off the PDF

Kin Picture Me Rollin 17/02/02(Thu)13:32 No. 19425

Does anyone have this?

Kinobody Superhero program Picture+Me+Rollin 17/02/02(Thu)13:35 No. 19426

Can some kind soul give me this?

Anonymous 17/02/02(Thu)20:30 No. 19427



Anonymous 17/02/03(Fri)03:09 No. 19428

Anybody got Dinosaur Dumbbell Training or The Encyclopedia of Weightlifting by Arthur Dreschler?

Ultimate Mass by Brandon Carter Anonymous 17/02/03(Fri)05:07 No. 19429

Anyone have this?

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)02:00 No. 19442

Hello. Could you post another link for The Art and Science of Lifting by Greg Nuckols, please?

Art & Science of Lifting + other stuff Anonymous 17/02/12(Sun)00:06 No. 19444


Anonymous 17/02/12(Sun)20:52 No. 19448

Someone must have this

Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy by Brad Schoenfeld

greg nuckols self correcting macro plan - spreadsheet killer 17/02/12(Sun)21:51 No. 19449


Could you please upload the "greg nuckols self correcting macro plan" xls spreadsheet, since only the pdf is uploaded?

would be very appreciated

requesting examine supplement guide Anonymous 17/02/13(Mon)06:09 No. 19450

anyone have the examine supplement goals reference guide and willing to share please?

Elliot+Rolfe 17/02/14(Tue)01:12 No. 19462

can someone put up cube method for strongman please

Anonymous 17/02/15(Wed)17:34 No. 19465

Strong Bastard 911 or other Defranco stuff?

Request EFS MAW book Sisyphus 17/02/15(Wed)19:11 No. 19466

Anyone have "How I Trained For" from Elite FTS please?

Much appreciated.

Request EFS MAW book Sisyphus 17/02/15(Wed)19:11 No. 19467

Anyone have "How I Trained For" from Elite FTS please?

Much appreciated.

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)07:24 No. 19468

anything by bud jeffries?

Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)08:09 No. 19479

Does anyone have the Naturally enhanced book by alpha destiny please?

RP Program Templates Marky 17/02/22(Wed)14:44 No. 19488

Yo, does anyone have the Renaissance Periodization Hypertrophy/Strength/Peaking templates to share? Thanks

merpmerp 17/02/23(Thu)00:01 No. 19489

anyone have the new ldnm bikini guide v4?

Defranco things Defranco 17/02/23(Thu)03:58 No. 19490

i am looking for Defranco's RP515,Simple Strength and StrengthDVD the manual..Also if anyone has a membership...I have all the other programs Defranco and Jim Smith has released and i would be happy to trade them all for the above...
Also i have many other programs from different coaches like John Meadows or Ben Pakulski..
Anyone is interested post his mail and i will contant you

Charmdaterox 17/02/25(Sat)13:51 No. 19492

SHFL 2.0 Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)17:46 No. 19507

Does anyone have John Romaniellos SHFL 2.0?

king789 17/03/04(Sat)19:54 No. 19508

Bony to beastly program (http://bonytobeastly.com/the-program/) and Muscle & Health Collection (http://bonytobeastly.com/members/signup/index/c/muscle-health) request. thankyou

king789 17/03/04(Sat)19:56 No. 19509

Bony to beastly program (http://bonytobeastly.com/the-program/) and Muscle & Health Collection (http://bonytobeastly.com/members/signup/index/c/muscle-health) request. thankyou

kinobody programs Mike 17/03/07(Tue)07:47 No. 19519

Hi guys! Does anybody have the Kinobody programs? I was looking especially for the Greek God Program... Thank you

5039 anon 17/03/07(Tue)22:00 No. 19520

File 148892043818.jpg - (5.25KB , 342x147 , download.jpg )

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/u6bu336fbm3bv/defranco i have made everything i got from defranco into torrents. so the more seeding or DL the faster it will download

The guy who asked for Greg Nuckols books 17/03/08(Wed)16:52 No. 19521

Thanks a lot mate! Have. A great day.

19520 defranco stuff 17/03/09(Thu)11:57 No. 19523

Thanks a lot. But it is very slow in downloading.

5039 anon 17/03/10(Fri)00:26 No. 19524

File 148910201362.jpg - (11.20KB , 201x251 , download.jpg )

does anyone have the strength manua in pdf form?

F Strength manual 17/03/10(Fri)01:26 No. 19525


I have it man...whats your email?

gaglione programs Anonymous 17/03/10(Fri)08:15 No. 19526

does anyone have these programs by gaglione?

would really appreciate an upload. will make it worth your time by uploading blaine sumners gorilla warfare, geared gorilla, vanilla gorilla, and classic chimp programs in return...

i know that its shitty to ask like that , but i've uploaded quite a few things on here and never asked for anything in return. not just a leech. thanks.

Charmdaterox 17/03/10(Fri)09:09 No. 19528

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)07:48 No. 19531


yea that's cool with me. send me an email at ericfitness91@yahoo.com

Trader Programs and Books 17/03/11(Sat)16:39 No. 19532

Hi guys...i see a lot of requests in here that i have..if anyone is interested for Meadows Pakulski John Romaniello Delmonte Robertson Joe Defranco or any others...just to mention a few..shoot me a mail at jasondean2000@mail.com to make some good trades

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)05:58 No. 19534

hey if anyone can drop the gaglione strength, hypertrophy, and peaking plans I will drop sumner's gorilla warfare, classic chimp, vanilla gorilla, huge harambe and geared gorilla programs.
the dude who wanted to trade me via email didn't have anything... so i'm still looking.

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)13:15 No. 19535

Hi can you seed the defranco torrents

PT 17/03/15(Wed)06:32 No. 19536

Anyone have bodyspartan Genesis? thanks!

Paleo for Lifters Bobby McGee 17/03/16(Thu)15:20 No. 19537


Uploaded in the chat room:

Copied from above:
PS - Here's the chat address for those who've missed it:

h t t p s : / / v o l a f i l e . i o /
r / Q d H D 9 A

SCAMMER SCAMMER 17/03/20(Mon)23:36 No. 19538

Watch guys...This guy with this mail who wants the Gagliano programs Scammed me...HUGE SCAMMER...watch out and dont trade anything..i sent my Gagliano program and he never replied back
His email is ericfitness91@yahoo.com


Examine Stack Guides Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)11:24 No. 19539

Anyone have examine stack guides and willing to share / trade?

fit Lilliebridge 17/03/22(Wed)16:27 No. 19540

anyone has Lilliebridge training programs?
i am willing to trade Meadows Defranco Examine guides or what else you need for those programs!

adidas montant homme lwkedd@gmail.com 17/03/23(Thu)17:47 No. 19541

Santana Moss intimated that he'd like to see Robert Griffin III act a bit more like Tom Brady.

5/3/1 Forever Anonymous 17/03/25(Sat)01:47 No. 19542

I know the book just came out.... any chance anyone will have a PDF copy soon?

the power of posture anon 17/03/29(Wed)17:52 No. 19544


Does anyone have a link for this one? it's down. would appreciate.

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