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whos this guy Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)11:15 No. 122955

File 149820932357.png - (1.57MB , 941x1074 , daddy.png )

yo so tho bottom in this

and the 'masseur' in this

i managed to find some shots from these videos after i figured it was BigDaddy but nothing else & no name, pls halp

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)09:56 No. 122958

The bottom used the name Ashton during that period. He did a few videos each for HazeHim, College Boy Physicals and Broke Straight Boys. It looks like all of his work was online though, so no video releases. He slowly gained more tattoos as time went on as well. I think he might have a random bareback video on a defunct website (whose name escapes me) when he first started because he has long hair and no tattoos in that one.

Anonymous 17/07/11(Tue)08:17 No. 122975

Someone ID'd it over on r/gaypornhunters.
The site is "Best Deaths," a snuff site, although their actors have multiple scenes... The site, as a guest, is horrible and kept kicking me out to the main page rather than going to specific scene or model pages.
The actor is Kyle and the specific scene is "Kyle's Christmas Nightmare."

Anonymous 17/07/16(Sun)22:14 No. 122977

File 150023606812.jpg - (16.63KB , 488x366 , 9c7b703e0040a069c93e4de0c054332d_5.jpg )

anyone have the source for this video or knows more? The video goes by the name "Hot beard hipster jerkoff and eat his own cum" and here's the link: https://www.xvideos.com/video10958001/hot_beard_hipster_jerkoff_and_eat_his_own_cum
The original video is longer, I hope someone can identify it. Thanks.

... d 17/07/24(Mon)22:36 No. 122998

File 150092861290.gif - (887.13KB , 500x240 , IMG_0156.gif )


where's this from, anyone know ?

Anonymous 17/08/27(Sun)21:26 No. 123024

Does anyone have the full vid for this? https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/RawFuck-31697702

Anonymous 17/09/03(Sun)14:20 No. 123030

Anybody know what these gifs are from? Hot af pls help


Anonymous 17/09/08(Fri)07:49 No. 123033

Does anyone have the Privoy videos of David R 3, David R 4 and David R 5? Been looking for a few months for it but I'm not willing to spend $50 to get access for it.

Any new pics of this guy? Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)09:17 No. 123044


Any new pics of this guy? What's his name and story? Also if he doesn't want this posted just say so and I can delete. Thank you

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