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keep being a parent lost channel on infinite chan . Teenage Girl 16/10/09(Sun)18:16 No. 21221 ID: dbb1f7 [Reply]

File 147602977030.png - (159.35KB , 1023x572 , Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 10_23_47 AM.png )

be good and order good can be to you .

Teenage Girl 16/12/27(Tue)03:14 No. 21339 ID: c9b9e3

File 148280488552.jpg - (20.63KB , 250x250 , 1396078059230s.jpg )

god have mercy on his soul

Teenage Girl 17/01/12(Thu)05:23 No. 21353 ID: d6b1de

File 148419499262.jpg - (586.62KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_20170107_152758.jpg )

He'll regret it.

Teenage Girl 16/12/25(Sun)01:03 No. 21336 ID: ca3cd1 [Reply]

File 148262418776.jpg - (123.31KB , 850x565 , tmp_24412-images_duckduckgo_com-1094999739.jpg )

I think the only thing I am concerned about with death is agony. How do I relax when I know I'll experience physical pain no matter how brief it is?

Honestly, I've come to grips with my situation and while it may seem short sighted to dismiss continuing training with the Army, a relationship (albeit a long distance one), the supportive ideas of many friends and associates, and the future with my immediate family, I am disinterested in continuing to play other people's games. It's not so much that I want to stop pain like some little emo brat, I've experienced my fair share of instability and continue to pursue an unstable life because I recognized it's reward, but now I don't care to stress over it anymore. I don't mean to sound pompous or as if a life even in poverty is beneath me - I lived that life.

I suppose it's the redundancy of how I live and how I see others live that's unappealing. To me liberation by way of elimination of everything sounds reasonable. It would be nice, at least I think, to not have to worry about artificial things bothering me.

Teenage Girl 16/12/25(Sun)03:02 No. 21337 ID: 55213d

sounds like a spoiled brat.

Teenage Girl 16/12/25(Sun)03:04 No. 21338 ID: 55213d

and unimaginative

People are dumber than they think Teenage Girl 14/07/24(Thu)21:16 No. 19817 ID: 5c2228 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 14062294012.gif - (418.49KB , 125x92 , 14023781138s.gif )

My wife has a temporary job grading standardized state education tests. In the course of her work she has made some rather disturbing findings. Aside from the fact that a very large majority of American children have no critical thinking, problem solving, or basic math skills form 5th grade to high school, the grading and testing programs are biased. During her work she is encouraged and rewarded for giving tests what are called "glimmer points."

For instance if a question asks the students to compare the movie Planet of the Apes to real life. A large number of the test takers have no idea what a comparison is and write their essay about how important it is that a film like Planet of the Apes was made to document the ancient history of Earth.

Missing the point entirely they should get a zero score but because the mentioned apes or used the History, they get a score of 1 or 2, their "glimmer point."

This all tells me that Americans are becoming increasingly stupid, and that the reality of the situation is being carefully and knowingly covered up by the educational system. So, when you see a report on whatever news channel talking about falling test scores in the United States, remember the score should be much, much, much, lower.

De-evolution is real

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Teenage Girl 16/12/16(Fri)01:07 No. 21331 ID: fccd8d


Are they too racist to mate outside their gene-pool?

Hey look at that! the thread is back on Devolution again. Well done chaps!

Teenage Girl 16/12/17(Sat)16:51 No. 21334 ID: c3286f

>Are they too racist to mate outside their gene-pool?
Yes and no. It's still rare, but "half" children are a valued commodity, regarded as inherently more cute than full-blooded Japanese and some Japanese women are willing to have children with foriegners to get them, but tend to discard the barbarian male shortly after childbirth.

Note the way I am talking about children as things is absolutely intended--it is not different from going to the store to get a puppy only for it to grow too big to take care of.

After adolescence, you find most of these kids being bullied in school, getting involved in drugs and gangs, or otherwise maligned and exluded from society. That could be expected, given most are raised without a father (the divorce rate for international couples in Japan is very high and a woman who already has children cannot remarry) in a country that regards half their genetic heritage as barbarian filth. Those who are unable to leave the country will be raised to disregard or even disdain their non-japanese heritage. Many do not attend high school (it isn't mandatory) and few go to college; almost none enter adult life with any upward mobility. Even if they miraculously graduate for a good university, "good" companies will not hire people who do not have black hair and eyes and there is no "racial equailty" law to protect them (the Japanese do not consider that there are any other races to be protected in their country--lots of these people dye their hair and wear contacts just so they don't get harrased all day). You do see one or two on TV ever year though, either as a musician or a comedian (ie, the only ways black people could get famous in the US just a few decades ago).

>the thread is back on Devolution again. Well done chaps!
7chan :D

Teenage Girl 16/12/22(Thu)14:40 No. 21335 ID: e4210a

Reminds me of the fallacies of the marshmallow test:

1) Maybe the kid just wants one marshmallow.
2) Maybe the kid doesn't trust the adult.

Teenage Girl 16/11/01(Tue)04:33 No. 21267 ID: 293b0d [Reply]

File 147797123221.png - (225.22KB , 2400x2400 , couldn't decide on any other picture.png )


God fucking damn. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I only have just a mild case of autism as well as ADHD and I get depressed from time to time. This dude is so fucking dysfunctional to the point that there's just no way he can function in society at all. There's just no fucking way he can even hold a job or live independently at all. He can't even do the most basic tasks that you and I take for granted. I'm not all surprised that there are people in the comments section saying oh he needs to be locked away somewhere, or euthanized, or that he should have never have even been born in the first place. I suppose I can kind of understand where those people are coming from. Well what else can be done? Can't exactly save everyone or everything. He's a burden and danger to himself and people around him. People like to pick and choose who gets to live and die or pick and choose who and what has more value. I'll admit I'm guilty of that myself. Who isn't to some degree? Sorry not everyone or everything is equal. I'll admit I've laughed or facepalmed while reading about some lolcow on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I've gotten a good laugh or cringe out of the antics of Chris Chan. Despite the fact that I'm a socially awkward weirdo myself. I have a really fucked up sense of humor. Like I saw the comment "JonTron went downhill after Game Grumps" in this video and I fucking lost it. I pity the poor son of a bitch but at the same time I'm glad that I'm not him even though I ain't exactly a model citizen myself. Life is funny like that.

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Teenage Girl 16/12/14(Wed)10:54 No. 21329 ID: 5a1446

>die of exposure on the first night?
Almost certianly not. Humans are fragile, pathetic things, but not quite that fragile--even the genetically maligned ones. He might catch a cold that leads to his death however, assuming he'd be incapable of acquiring shelter that night, took a chill, sought no medical care in the following days, developed pneumonia over the following weeks and drowned in mucous within a couple of months.

Depends on geography and season however; even a mild snow can give a hapless, homeless retard hypothermia. Nonetheless, he'd probably end up being assaulted and injured and dying of that or kept as a pet by some sicko.

Money would only be so helpful as what he could think of using it for. If he buys bob-bons and cocacola, rather than finding shelter and seeing a doctor, he still dies of pneumonia.

Teenage Girl 16/12/17(Sat)01:03 No. 21332 ID: a870df

>Almost certianly not. Humans are fragile, pathetic things, but not quite that fragile--even the genetically maligned ones. He might catch a cold that leads to his death however, assuming he'd be incapable of acquiring shelter that night, took a chill, sought no medical care in the following days, developed pneumonia over the following weeks and drowned in mucous within a couple of months.
I think you live someplace warm. When it gets below 0 degrees Celsius you tend to catch more than a cold.

Teenage Girl 16/12/17(Sat)16:21 No. 21333 ID: c3286f

Let me read the next sentence for you:

>Depends on geography and season however; even a mild snow can give a hapless, homeless retard hypothermia.

Teenage Girl 14/10/21(Tue)09:55 No. 20162 ID: a8ac35 [Reply]

File 141387814288.jpg - (186.64KB , 960x720 , angrymarine.jpg )

As a young Vietnamese-American guy, I have to say that my life couldn't be any better. I live in a brand new beautiful home and grew up in one of the safest cities in America with my loving family and I'm fortunate enough that my college is only a 10 minute drive away from my home. Just a little bit about myself, I've been described as sweet, loyal, and I was popular with girls in high school. Everyone believes that I'm a person with a big heart. This is in no way a "my life sucks" thread. This is trivial compared to the other threads on here, and I sympathize with the other posters on here that are actually facing real problems.

But the thing that just annoys the hell out of me is the fact that the city I live in is full of superficial, materialistic cunts. Every other person that I've met my age was a stupid, fucking idealistic shit head. I also fucking hate these Pretty boy/Fake bitch Koreans that populate my area. Why the fuck are these sub-humans allowed to exist? Nothing annoys me more than seeing a group of these fuckers being the pompous shit-stains they are. All of them drive these brand new, expensive cars that their parents bought for them. They all look the fucking same with their stupid-ass haircuts and bright colors that they put in their hair. Like seriously, why can't we just exterminate these fuckers? They have no humanity within them, let alone any personality.

Pic Semi related

9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 14/12/12(Fri)21:42 No. 20269 ID: 10d6c2

>don't know the answer
You apparently have the reading comprehension of a 5th grader.

Though that would explain why you're a holocaust denier.

Teenage Girl 16/12/05(Mon)04:29 No. 21328 ID: 00ad2f

I can't help but wonder whether or not OP is just tsun tsun for these so called fake Korean boys

Teenage Girl 17/01/16(Mon)21:16 No. 21362 ID: 6b1338

this >>20269
Convincing a holocaust denier that the holocaust happened is like convincing a Trump supporter that he's a self-absorbed, self-interested, elitist, chauvanist, racist buffoon or convincing a Hillary supporter that she's either massively incompetent or disgustingly corrupt and perhaps both. When you disregard the truth, no evidence can be proof enough and no argument strong enough to change your mind.

Teenage Girl 16/11/27(Sun)09:58 No. 21315 ID: 293b0d [Reply]

File 148023709850.jpg - (475.96KB , 1666x1666 , snail.jpg )

> post on rage and baww
> come to the board a week later
> only a couple of posts in the thread that I made
> by that time I am in a far better mood

Does anyone else think that this site is far too slow.

Teenage Girl 16/11/27(Sun)19:30 No. 21316 ID: df6334

There are only two posting speeds: too fast and too slow.

You will never get the correct amount of posts, and the posts you do get will fall well short of your standards for what make up "good" posts.

Teenage Girl 16/11/29(Tue)07:19 No. 21318 ID: 52536e

Threads live for years on this board

Teenage Girl 16/11/30(Wed)12:02 No. 21320 ID: 2d1065

File 148050373631.png - (34.40KB , 640x480 , ThatThing.png )

For a while threads moved faster here.

The problem is that most of the threads were filled with comments from a guy named Koop which basically boiled down to "stop complaining" and the rest of the replies were pointing out the name of the board to him.

This circlejerk went on and on for months until the mods changed everyone's name to be Koop, at which point he gave up and ran off to namefag someplace else.

The moral of the story is be careful for what you wish for, since sometimes you'll get it, though it won't be in the form you intended.

Teenage Girl 15/09/29(Tue)23:52 No. 20773 ID: f4af1f [Reply]

File 14435635308.gif - (497.09KB , 350x212 , 8a4b0254696aa48bead56a180e10f524.gif )

So my sister announces to me that the guy she lost her virginity to might have gotten her pregnant.

I reassure the girl that there isn't a chance that she's pregnant as she says he didn't finish. (This of course was a lie since looking at a girl the wrong way gets her pregnant)

I really don't need these sorts of shenanigans right now, I mean work is getting better so my sister has to get knocked up, eternally disappointing my mother who is begin to suspect my weed habit.

Just needed to tell someone, I'm losing the plot slowly day by day, pic related in some way

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 16/10/15(Sat)16:46 No. 21237 ID: 63fd5e

Ironic twist: he's the sister.

Teenage Girl 16/11/23(Wed)09:52 No. 21313 ID: 3ecc16

File 147989117617.jpg - (683.45KB , 1024x768 , twisted-sister-01-1024.jpg )


Teenage Girl 16/11/24(Thu)03:54 No. 21314 ID: 623d24

Fuck yeah!

Trapped. Teenage Girl 16/11/06(Sun)06:04 No. 21276 ID: 0c7293 [Reply]

File 147840866252.jpg - (185.76KB , 1920x1200 , 145694429458.jpg )

Always seem to end up with suicidal chicks. Always take the bullshit too seriously. Always sacrifice my happiness for a girl's because I spent so long being lonely.

Been with this girl for three years. She was never special, but she made up for it with passion. Then I cheated, she cheated, we broke up and fucked around before getting back together again because I couldn't find any easier lays at the same time her latest dick disappointed and suddenly she loved me again.

Now she's on antidepressants so the sex is gone. No sex, no personality, doesn't apply thought to most things, I have to sit her down here and there and tell her to stop spending weeks at a time doing nothing but bitching and ignoring me.

Wanna break up with her but MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY, we moved in together because it was cheaper and now I'm stuck with this soulless crotchless bimbo bitching and yelling and regurgitating her boring ass facebook page at me.

No shit, the kitten fell over and some dumbshit added a laugh track so you have to laugh extra stupid fake loud and then yell THATS SO FUNNY and shove your stupid phone in my face? That's cute maybe once a week, not for three solid hours every god damned night.

Binge watching netflix, binge mindless-facebook-scrolling, binge eating, binge sleeping, binge bitching about her god damned fat because she's getting fat because she's lazy and indulgent and fuck I turned down chicks who were at least interesting and hot, but NOOOOOOooooOOOOoooo I had to commit because love isn't a feeling, it's a god damned commitment! Nevermind every poem, song, art, and craft of love expresses it as an intense fucking feeling, let's just shit all over the one good fucking thing about humanity and bog it down with all these fucking rules, this lead blanket of burdening responsibility and grim determination in the face of making sacrifice after sacrifice knowing that this person will fuck you over eventually any GOD DAMNED WAY.

Fuck coherance. I'm allowed to sound like a sperged out dipshit on shrooms, I've had no outlet for so fucking long god damn it all. It fucking hurts. It's like a bruise on my god damned soul, one of those dark purple ones that makes people tell you to go see a doctor.

Every day I try to get her to show or grow a personality of some kind, and every day she's fucking empty, stupid, depressing, nagging, bitchy, basically chemically castrated, and hell bent on laying down, blasting sad songs about love gone bad while cramming junk food down her useless mouth.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 16/11/17(Thu)19:10 No. 21300 ID: df6334

What's wrong with suicidal chicks, other than they might die in the middle of sex and you can't trust yourself to stop when they do?

Teenage Girl 16/11/19(Sat)18:00 No. 21307 ID: 6dee54

>might as well end with a ritual-murder-suicide and call it a life.
mate the secret to life is that everyone should do this by the time they turn 20

Teenage Girl 16/11/21(Mon)20:40 No. 21311 ID: c6e0ca

File 147975724265.jpg - (11.10KB , 309x163 , dontgointhere.jpg )


you are watching far to much Logan's Run...

Teenage Girl 16/11/06(Sun)18:22 No. 21278 ID: 73dd70 [Reply]

File 147845294558.jpg - (189.39KB , 378x293 , TciiZLb.jpg )

My nephew's girlfriend just had a baby. There's a question of paternity but it looks like everyone has already decided the kid is his. I keep seeing congratulations and bullshit comments about how beautiful the kid us but I feel nothing but disappointment. He's 18 and incredibly bright but now he has no future. He was going to go to college nearby but now he's just gonna be stuck paying child support forever to some screeching blob of useless. Fuck.

16 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 16/11/20(Sun)16:58 No. 21308 ID: df6334

It's not impossible that a set of genes quietly lurked inside both their genes and made that happen, but the choice that violates Occam's razor less involves another individual who expresses those traits more clearly.

Teenage Girl 16/11/20(Sun)19:14 No. 21309 ID: 3836d0

that explains all those blond haired blue eyed people in china.

Killary Clinton Teenage Girl 16/07/11(Mon)22:37 No. 21063 ID: ffeafd [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146826946676.jpg - (19.81KB , 236x297 , e8900dbbcc357bcef324c89bd3764c16.jpg )

I wish this whore would choke on a dick sandwich and die. Let's discuss why she is an airwolfing shit cunt. Tell me why you also think she's a cancerous prune and let's vent. I'll start:

I think she's a cancerous rectal wart because she is a clone of Obama's failed policy on everything foreign and domestic.
She's a thief, because she stole close to $200k worth of things from the Whitehouse after Billy was done being prez. And she's a drunk alcoholic shithead.
Your turn faggots:

116 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 16/11/08(Tue)10:51 No. 21288 ID: be0fa0

>No it sounds like you're already trying to justify you're immoral if not illegal actions.
I know you are but what am I? What are you, 12?

Wait a second. Are you that idiot who thinks he's talking with one person all the time? Because that appears to be your argument here, stitching together comments from multiple people to try and justify your moronic NO U retort.

Teenage Girl 16/11/08(Tue)12:48 No. 21289 ID: 0b0a9f

>I know you are but what am I?
That was the point of my post.
If you can just reverse an "argument" and it's no less wrong or right without changing it then it's no argument at all.

Those two posts were the same and >>21275 contained nothing about why it's the direction he's using it in that is the right one.

Teenage Girl 16/11/10(Thu)11:42 No. 21293 ID: 991a34

>it's no less wrong or right
Except a woman was actually arrested for voting twice because she believed the election was rigged.

Current events. Pay attention to them.

On the other hand I'm aware of no credible reports of people running around beating up Trump protesters before or during the election.

The closest I heard was a self-appointed "monitor" who showed up 20 minutes after a polling place opened, was shocked that a few people had already voted, claimed the votes were evidence of rigging when they were just the polling workers casting their votes in those 20 minutes, waited for a line of people to build, then insisted on interrupting the voters, insisted on filming inside the polling place, and after a very long discussion that led to him being verbally assaulted ended up being shown the door because random strangers aren't:
1) Allowed to hang around inside the polling location
2) Allowed to film inside the polling location
3) Allowed to impede other people attempting to cast their votes

Of course he didn't exit the door willingly so he's claiming assault and generally being a drama queen

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