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Teenage Girl 17/03/26(Sun)06:52 No. 21407 ID: fe9887

File 149050396680.jpg - (1.12KB , 300x168 , black.jpg )

Women might be as stupid as we think..

At work, we are to bid among a fixed number of positions available for any given week for our holiday times. A staffer made the mistake of putting on the bulletin board last year's bidding sheet outlining the holidays won for the month of April of 2016 on which I happened to be. It was up a few months ago, but it's gone now. I had made plans for what I thought was my 3-week holiday starting on Monday.

Here is a dialogue I had between the staffer I work with and myself:

Me: So I guess I will have to use many of my sick days next week, then. I made appointments I can't miss.

Staffer: You know what? I don't want to hear it. *Throwing arms in air*

Me: And what is the concern about this?

Staffer: You should be calling a week ahead of time. [There is no rule specifying this. It just helps her to staff easier.]

Me: So if someone suddenly gets sick, they are to call a week in advance?

Staffer: You're a big boy. You're an adult.... And further irrational and completely irrelevant garbage.

I was so stunned at the garbage flowing out of her mouth I was a bit dizzy as though she had assblasted a critical hit on me using her deadly weapon of Stupidity.

Joke will be on her when I don't show up on Monday with no temp or relief to cover my work because she didn't want to hear it. And, surely, I'm a big boy, so I should be independent enough to be making my own decisions.

Teenage Girl 17/03/26(Sun)21:30 No. 21409 ID: c41250

I'm dealing with a similar line of crazy atm:

Bitch: I want to take a holiday in two weeks.

Me: You can't you've used all your holiday days up for the year.

Bitch: But that's not fair.

Me: You've got the same amount of holidays as everyone else and you used them all up [points to holiday planner on wall].

Bitch: That one wasn't a proper holiday, I ended up having to look after my son.

Me: That's not the point. You were still booked the time off and were paid for it. Even so you're meant to give 4 weeks notice.

Bitch: Where does it say that!

Me: [show her on the holiday request form].

Bitch: Well that's not fair.

Me: It's the same for everyone.

Bitch: But I want my holiday...

Me: Well you can't.

Bitch: Well I just won't come in then, you can't force me work.

Me: And if you do that you won't have a job to come back to.

Bitch: You can't do that. I need the money.

Me: It's your choice, I can't force you to work but I'm under no obligation to give you any hours. If you refuse shifts why would I give you any more in the future?

Bitch: [Storms out]

I'm taking bets on wether she'll come in or not.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)15:27 No. 21410 ID: 5f9d53

I wouldn't be so short sighted as to make it seem as if women are the only stupid people on the planet. The corporate world encourages stupidity because dumb people are easier to manipulate. Once you step outside the cubicle farm, it's amazing how much smarter women become. Plus, everyone knows having babies makes you suddenly incapable of treating fellow adults with respect since they're so used to their piddly amount of authority being challenged. Ten to one both these bitches are of the Mommy set.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)15:28 No. 21411 ID: 5f9d53

I meant to say they're not used to their authority being challenged.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)20:47 No. 21417 ID: fe9887

So apparently even the union says I'm wrong. It would be interesting to get the thoughts of the slightly more rational people here than in my workplace.

I'm supposedly wrong because I made the assumption that because the sheets are aligned in sequential order (Jan, Feb, Mar...), checking the year that that month was for was useless since Apr of 2016 is long done and over with. But for whatever reason, Apr of 2016 was the only month of 2016 still up. I was told by my union that "the onus is on you to be sure that that month is for the current year". Here is why I disagree:
If you buy a coffee machine and press "brew" for the first time, you are putting good faith that the manufacturer has created a system in working order. You aren't going to be inspecting every single detail of the system, like its microprocessor and every transistor's correct functionality. It would drive you crazy. You /assume/ everything is the way it is intended to be. If something goes wrong, you blame the manufacturer, or in this case, the staffer who created a faulty system.

A supervisor counter-argued this saying that they are completely different, since the details of the coffee machine are hidden, and that the year on the sheet was "right there".

I strongly disagree, and would love to read your thoughts.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)22:19 No. 21418 ID: 22f8c3


I'd say you caught your boss, HR, and union in a little bit of a fuck up on their end, and they DO NOT WANT ANYONE CHALLENGING THEM AND WINNING. If you were to make the case, which I think you have, they would have to admit putting up the wrong calander and fucking over a employee which might lead to other employees sticking up for themselves and calling them on other dumb shit.

By the way, it ain't just women my old male boss used to pull this shit all the time.

Teenage Girl 17/03/28(Tue)10:43 No. 21419 ID: fe9887

I have been pacing for 10 hours straight and I finally get it now. I can say with the utmost confidence that you saved my employment. Thank you.

Teenage Girl 17/03/28(Tue)11:17 No. 21420 ID: 1d7577

It's the nature of business to not admit liability.

Teenage Girl 17/03/28(Tue)11:58 No. 21421 ID: fe9887


So I've come to realize. I cannot believe this is the world we are living in.

Teenage Girl 17/03/30(Thu)08:11 No. 21422 ID: 406386

Sorry, but I agree with your Union, though not for the same reasons.

You know your staffer is a woman; you should have taken proper precautions. Never trust a woman to do her job properly.

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