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Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)17:24 No. 21412 ID: 0b0a9f

File 149062826178.jpg - (6.10KB , 259x194 , me.jpg )

So this is where I whine about shit when there's no other place to post it because literally no one in the world gives a shit?

2 weeks ago I was a 25 year old kissless virgin that no girl had ever had interest in. On a vacation in Thailand I managed to get dates from tinder and I spent all of last week with her in my hotel, making out, cuddling, having sex, hugging, sleeping together and just having a lot of fun.
She left for work and school but missed classes most days because she was busy with me, she also stopped seeing her friends temporarily.

We both enjoyed the time a lot, she was really nice and cute and overall great, she seemed to like me too and seemingly couldn't get enough of the cuddling, kissing or fucking.

In the last night she started crying and then I started crying too, same the next morning at around 4:30 when I was packing the last stuff and right after that when we said goodbye before I entered the taxi.

This was the best week of my life and saying goodbye to her, knowing that we might never meet again, was the most painful thing I've done.

Teenage Girl 17/03/30(Thu)08:15 No. 21423 ID: 406386

>So this is where I whine about shit when there's no other place to post it because literally no one in the world gives a shit?
Indeed it is.

>the most painful thing
That's why you should have done this when you were younger. This is only your first heartbreak.

Teenage Girl 17/03/30(Thu)11:38 No. 21424 ID: e7035a

I think OP's admitting he spent a couple weeks having sex with a child.

Teenage Girl 17/04/01(Sat)09:10 No. 21425 ID: f5d142

>Work and school
Learn to read, dude.

Teenage Girl 17/04/02(Sun)13:43 No. 21426 ID: 705039

You say that like child labor laws apply to the third world.

Teenage Girl 17/04/02(Sun)19:23 No. 21427 ID: a162a1

Nobody is gonna steal from you the memory of that week and you left on good terms. Prepare for next adventure.

Teenage Girl 17/04/04(Tue)22:13 No. 21428 ID: 22f8c3

This is someone you met on Tinder?? Dude, Tinder it up wherever the hell you are now. You'll see, there are emotionally stunted people just like you everywhere. I speak from experience.

Teenage Girl 17/04/16(Sun)06:17 No. 21429 ID: 15e8b5

Holy shit so how do you speed up the process to be more average asap? fuck

Teenage Girl 17/04/18(Tue)17:02 No. 21430 ID: d5b774

This >>21428

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