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Teenage Girl 18/05/13(Sun)06:49 No. 21893 ID: ea7dbd

File 152618695733.jpg - (389.80KB , 897x1273 , 1516596499001.jpg )

I miss chanology. I miss being under8 b&. I miss airwolf. I miss party hard. I just want my 2008 back dammit!

Pic unrelated

Teenage Girl 18/05/13(Sun)14:24 No. 21894 ID: cbbbea

Well no shit we all do. What can we do?

Teenage Girl 18/05/13(Sun)19:15 No. 21895 ID: e2f9cb

I fap to this

Teenage Girl 18/05/14(Mon)04:53 No. 21898 ID: ce21e8

what's to miss about chanology?

Teenage Girl 18/05/14(Mon)12:37 No. 21899 ID: ea7dbd

I don't know, that's why I'm whining here.
Community, a sense of belonging, my rose-tinted glasses I see the past in.

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