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alcoholic thread Anonymous 18/05/09(Wed)02:27 No. 13483 [Reply]

File 15258256247.jpg - (7.70KB , 167x303 , G.jpg )

my alcohol intake has significantly been reduced im chilling on one can of coors and recently i went to a kick back which i havent gone out in a long time to hang out with people drank a few shots of jack and had an 805 ipa. like my friend threw up in the backyard and ive never seen him slur his speech before. it feels good not being the drunkestperson at the kick back . when you throw up your not getting the girl that night straight up. post what yer drinking / how are you doing on your alcoholism.?

Anonymous 18/05/15(Tue)12:21 No. 13485

How did you end up as an alcoholic? I always found alcohol to make me sleepy more than anything, unless I go all out. And its pretty easy to just drink a beer real slow for like 6 hours.
How did it start for you?

Shamanism psyhead 17/12/25(Mon)19:36 No. 13435 [Reply]

File 151422697552.jpg - (292.68KB , 1280x1280 , Psilocybe_semilanceata_6514.jpg )

We need to get this information out to humankind:

From the dawn of mankind man has understood nature structured mankind for the use of shamanism. It was the psychedelics themselves that gave man this information. Only recently governments have shunned this knowledge and decided to forbid it to satisfy their own selfish deeds.

There is only one thing you ever need to know about shamanism and it is sick that they did not tell you this in school:

Shamanism is taking a psychedelic substance in the combination of smoking cannabis while under the influence of the psychedelic, and doing this while you are alone, not in the company of others. Taking separately these two substances do not work.

This will cure the individual from mental illness caused by the ego, curing the person from anger, sadness, misunderstanding and evil deeds. If the person took a large enough dose these evil mindforms explained above will not return to the user again to torture them, and the person will be cured from them, and will not need to take these substances again to stay cured and live a problemless life. Also if you cry often and don't know why, psychedelics will heal that illness.

Cannabis and psychedelics like psilocybin containing mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, ayahuasca and DMT are not drugs you will notice upon their shamanic use. Cannabis is not a drug but is a shamanic herb. Psychedelics are medicine to repair the subconscious.

This is a good method to do it, preroll many spliffs or joints or whatever you call a cannabis or marihuana cigarette, maybe 10 at least. Then dose the psychedelic, and when you feel the psychedelic start rising, maybe 20-60 minutes after dosing, start smoking a joint of cannabis. Then smoke throughout the trip, so you are constantly stoned on weed throughout the psychedelic trip. It is adviceable to roll them beforehand as they are easier to roll clear-headed. Also do not take any coffee or other caffeinated brews or drinks during the trip as it may make you too nervous and restless. Also watch out that if you do not take cannabis during the trip you might not be able to focus and may flip out instead, it seems cannabis is mandatory to take during a psychedelic trip.

One effect of the psychedelics should be explained beforehand, to prevent misunderstanding and trauma. Often you may read in different literatures that LSD or other psychedelics may cause seizures. This is not so, if something that reminds of a seizure happens, it's the energies in your chakra system that starts to spin and unblock or kill off blockades that you had in that system, if this happens just breathe calmly and let the blockades die off, until the effect stops. If this happens it's healing taking place, and is not a bad thing.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 18/06/13(Wed)06:02 No. 13497

You mentioned ayahuasca, and ayahuasca is a dangerous concoction if you aren’t careful about what other drugs you take or if you have certain conditions. Also, I have epilepsy and psychedelics most certainly can cause seizures. Granted that seizures on psychedelics are kinda cool, despite horrifying.

Man, chakras. Fuckin... chakras. Go buy some quartz crystals or something, man. You need some quartz? That’ll be $50 for 3 grams of quartz. It’ll get your chakras REALLY aligned.

By the way, look up orgone energy and cloud busters.

Anonymous 18/06/13(Wed)06:08 No. 13498

I agree with that, we have receptors to receive such compounds. They contributed to our evolution and the plants’ evolution. At first it was a defense/offense relationship. Some of them became commensal, like many dmt plants, some became mutual, like tobacco. Some are the same, like henbane or poison ivy. The development of receptors in our brains was a protective act that allowed us to come into contact with the plants without too much harm. The same receptors, such as serotonin receptors, when agonized in high quantity can cause man vascular and cardiac problems. Delegating some of that to the brain that controls the mind helped in learning the nature of things, such as what is good and bad, and also takes pressure off of the rest of the body.

But don’t come talking about chakras and don’t come taking seizures lightly.

Anonymous 18/06/24(Sun)21:49 No. 13502

Those are real anon. Plenty of people have experience with them and so do I. I only came here to post about it because you didn't want to hear it, but life isn't like that and one day your kind will come to know the truth. Hell, you can smoke pot and greater enhance a focused meditation into one's unseen eye and literally have paranormal experiences occur to and around them.

LA Friends Thomas Tang 18/06/16(Sat)07:04 No. 13499 [Reply]

File 152912544181.jpg - (70.72KB , 600x600 , 1513911495919.jpg )

Friends in LA area, looking to meet others of similar mind in the marina or elsewhere, just moved out here and looking to make friends

Anonymous 18/06/12(Tue)18:58 No. 13494 [Reply]

File 152882269935.png - (14.05KB , 400x236 , 400px-DMT_svg.png )

Swim was wondering is the naphtha used in the freezer extraction method with pickling lime is safe once you're done with the extraction. When you vaporize the dmt are you getting any of the harmful chemicals from the naphtha or does it completely evaporate out?

Anonymous 18/06/13(Wed)05:25 No. 13495

If you freeze precipitate it and transfer it to a wooden container after you’ve already dried them as much as you can (them being the crystals) then they should be good after sitting in that for about a week. The cellulose will absorb any vapors.

Also, think of it this way, it’s way less bad for you than all of the chemical produced by pyrolysis when you smoke a cigarette, or smoke weed, or sit around a campfire. Unless they’re just soaking with naphtha, you’re only going to get a tiny amount.

man seeks junkie wisdom Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)06:57 No. 13240 [Reply]

File 147555707769.jpg - (9.31KB , 200x200 , 1368562932784_zps25e6b784_jpg~c200.jpg )

Junkies, please help me. I need your knowledge.

My father is an alcoholic. He recently went to rehab, and I visited him there last month. While there, I spied a wonderful specimen- tall, thin, kind eyes, laughing & beautiful. After I left, much to my surprise, my pops told me that she had asked him for my number. Being the weak, fleshly sensualist that I am, I told him to relay the digits, for which he rightly questioned my judgement (she's a heroin addict, been to jail, this was her sixth rehab). Pops was nonetheless a total bro and gave her my number. We get in touch- she was out in a few days. All goes well and we start seeing each other. I'm 26, she's only 19..

Now I'm no square. Done alot of different shit, recovering reefer addict(laugh it up), never done smack, but I've done plenty of amphetamines and smoked crystal thrice. Felt how bad that shit was, how hard on the heart (I am older now and pride myself on healthy living.) As far as drug use, this girl puts me to shame. She began using crystal at the tender age of 13 to lose weight, discovered heroin not long after. Now she's actually a fucking fashion model, and still hates her body, go figure. Anyway after getting out this time she's on vivitrol- a weekly (or biweekly?) injection that blocks the effects of opioids. However, as I quickly discovered, she still smokes small quantities of meth.

I didn't know how to approach it. To me being supportive was remaining non-judgmental, encouraging of honesty, always suggesting less harmful alternatives, trying to walk gently towards giving it up. Went to some NA meetings with her, proposed fun ways to get her out and exercising (ie:hikes, tennis, etc.) tried to school her on the rewiring of mesolimbic pathways and the myriad negative health effects while simultaneously being hopeful and upbeat- there's still time to change the road you're on, yada yada, the wonders of neuroplasticity via exercise and clean livin'..

Aah I can see how naive I sound, reading this. Sorry to ramble- As of last night, she went incommunicado. No response, nothing. I texted her dad, who says she's holed up in her room, not a peep, communicating with no one. Apparently she stayed with her mom last night, who is a bipolar schizophrenic type and seemingly a destructive influence..

Does anyone know what the right move is here? Yea I could just forget about it, move back to LA, it was just a fling.. but that's too easy. I'm not taking this personally, her reflexive lying, the self-absorption.. she is an addict. But really, objectively, what is the best thing I can do for this poor soul? What does she need? Should I tell her dad about her meth use? Tell him that she hides it in her socks? I risk being less able to help her if I narc like that. What then? Corner her dealer, put a gun to his head? Surveil him, gather enough dirt, give som Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 17/12/31(Sun)00:55 No. 13439

You can't make people change. They have to want to change.

do 'er dude smoocher 18/04/22(Sun)16:09 No. 13479

make sure your clothes are totally soaking wet

Anonymous 18/06/07(Thu)09:54 No. 13493

OP - take her to a nice cabin in north california for a week long getaway. bring just some weed. smoke and fuck the life out of her. be sure to make her cum as much as you possibly can. eat her out. tell her how pretty and beautiful she is. give her a little gift (NOTHING MAJOR- don't overdo it, just something small, inexpensive but sweet). she will become addicted to you, your dick, and how good you make her feel. go for walks on the beach, talk about life and stuff, just make her feel like someone actually cares.

you have the potential to completely turn this girls life around just by being nice. I'm being fully serious. you could potentially save her life. plus get a girl who looks good and will be loyal.

those young chicks who have had a rough life tend to fall crazy in love with the first dude who PROPERLY loves em and treats them right.

do the right thing.

Anonymous 18/05/02(Wed)12:02 No. 13480 [Reply]

File 152525532556.png - (47.04KB , 997x598 , healthy toking drug pyramid.png )


Anonymous 18/05/02(Wed)21:34 No. 13481

File 15252896641.png - (51.11KB , 997x598 , 152525532556 (1).png )

This is such a low effort shit thread but I'll bite.
Post your one OP you fuck.

First-Time Weed Advice Anonymous 18/02/08(Thu)21:25 No. 13457 [Reply]

File 151812153851.jpg - (0.97MB , 2560x1600 , dark_gothic_lion-wallpaper-2560x1600.jpg )

Ey, so a stoner girl that's a friend of mine asked me if I'd like to smoke some weed if she gets any soon. She kinda gave me a look like maybe she was into me. Is she? I totally want to bang her.

What is some advice for smoking weed for the first time?
Pic unrelated.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/02/19(Mon)07:59 No. 13459

First: DON'T GET DRUNK! You will puke. If you have to relax before... maybe one drink or a benzodiazepine.
Two: Have fun! Embrace giggles, stupid thoughts and the absolute deliciousness of any food.
Three: Know you will probably be feeling awkward if you had to write this kinda thing in the first place. Realize that if she is coaxing you into smoking with her she is probably either going to ignore this or find it endearing as she takes your THC virginity.
4: Be glad you I doing the only drug I've ever done I can honestly say makes must people more pleasant to be around, kind and introspective.

Anonymous 18/03/20(Tue)09:04 No. 13471

Keep in mind that weed does not effect you immediately! I have A LOT of bad experiences from overestimating my tolerance. Hopefully, though, you have a good experience, and learn that weed is superior to alcohol.

do 'er dude smoocher 18/04/22(Sun)15:54 No. 13478

wear only wet clothes

ITT: Things you have written while out of your fucking mind (no spellcheck Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)11:27 No. 13464 [Reply]

File 152041847474.jpg - (241.72KB , 1280x800 , image_3450e-Andes.jpg )

"The dr got me to sign a stat dec during the medical, but I didn't realise till afterwards! I didn't even read it!

was after defence interview Recommended for gso and unit supply.coordinator reserves but NOT info systems technician

Told them i had anxieyy depression in 2012 saw the gp for a psych but then got meds and didmt take so i went back and they were chill cause after 1 or 2 coumsellingl i felt fine...noo history of trauma or child violence or bullying etc told psych

mentioned the hemoroids but no treatment
Mayhe ican ask yhem uom hraltu just to send the parts i request of them so not mental health haha...but was colonscopy dixit?

Did not mention family violence but did give University of [redacted] heath clinic as my clinic.....Will be fine if negative vet (they assume everything you give them is true) but positive vetting (they assume everything is false) will be found out. They [redacted] but not GSO in general. For medical and psych omission or lying and then administrative discharge or change of job...also admitted bit of knee pain from melba marathon training that disappeared after a few weeks of physio...but no other psych or physio history...back pain? I don’t remember saying anything bout tag...only admitted to psych doing bit of cut when stressed at uni 2012 but just like under 12 sessions and that it no medication never seen counsellor or anything....Censurer name from resume for defence purposes....Alina a risk of spilling the beans..Admitted no drugs drinking alcohol or sec working or workers or LGBT....mentioned 2 colonoscopies one for blood poo haemorrhoids trey found and one for checkups and nothing found...any mention of orthotics but what about childhood asthma?

password is always the password Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)11:33 No. 13465

Fuck the military legal probelms I said I lied only from 2010-2014 but in email confirms I lied 2017 :’( and he specifically asked if I had lied more recently cause then troubele
Eap requests or private lawyer needs::
Adf medical
Vic pol disclosure
Family violenxe inheritence vs suing
Slater gordan coass action
20k centrelink loan"
For all above Shane says All is fine lol... He will take quix questions
Basically said don’t lose a minute of sleep over any of it except the welfare fraud thing maybe but since it’s been many years it’s fine...even though above stuff maybe technically illegal very hard to prosecute and he’d eat his socks if they did lol

Anonymous 16/02/16(Tue)23:44 No. 13118 [Reply]

File 145566267574.jpg - (30.39KB , 427x423 , IKzAx.jpg )

How would I go about finding a new dealer in completely alien place? My last dude knows no one, has heard of no one, you know the type. Had problems with supply. We are friends.

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/12/21(Thu)02:42 No. 13434

Yeah dude

Feds CANT track Bitcoin n if they see you buy them it is ok

Plus you can always get DRUGS to your HOUSE and then just say no! Not me! Probably cause?

Anonymous 18/02/02(Fri)05:54 No. 13455

I can show you and have your solution hit me up and we can chat and further discuss 8152125061 my window is limited

Anonymous 18/03/04(Sun)02:01 No. 13463

The FEDs can track Bitcoin. It's all seen on the Blockchain. Tumble it through a bitcoin tumbler and send it that way instead OP.

Anonymous 18/02/25(Sun)02:32 No. 13462 [Reply]

File 151952235658.jpg - (1.26MB , 2560x1440 , 20180213_145147.jpg )

Anyone had any experience with low dose (35-50ug, higher than a microdose, lower than a full trip), long term LSD use?

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