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Drug Anonymous 16/09/22(Thu)16:30 No. 13224

File 147455461888.jpg - (25.87KB , 400x273 , image.jpg )

What is your favourite drug and why? Mine is either methamphetamine or opiates for sure.

Anonymous 16/09/22(Thu)22:36 No. 13225

File 147457656879.jpg - (15.81KB , 435x312 , 05be1ac3ed9ab883978412692e9271ef.jpg )

Probably LSD.

Actually, deff LSD.

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)06:20 No. 13227

speed + lsd

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)09:56 No. 13228


jerkcircle 16/09/23(Fri)14:34 No. 13229

Weed, & Shrooms

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)06:53 No. 13230

Weed because I like being mellow and sleepy but heroin is too intense.

Anonymous 16/10/14(Fri)22:33 No. 13244

My favorite is probably amphetamines and opiates. I also like weed and salvia

Anonymous 16/10/24(Mon)20:37 No. 13246

I've only ever smoked weed, salvia (twice), 1/32nd of an ounce of mushrooms (doesn't count, I know) and some random pain meds my SIL pinched from my MIL. I'm on board with trying LSD and an actual significant dosage of mushrooms but I don't live near any of my friends and meth seems to be the only drug available up here. Not interested in meth.

Anonymous 16/10/31(Mon)22:37 No. 13250

I had a bad phase of addiction to stimulants so I am going to have to say psychedelics.

Mainly LSD and DMT. I would say they are my favorites because they are cheap and provide a really powerful experience. They also help me get my shit together, well DMT for the most part does.

Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)23:05 No. 13253

2C-B, second to MDMA (A combination of the two is bomb also, take the 2cb just as your peak subsides)

They've given me some of the best nights I've had at festivals and such and brought me out of my shell overall.

Anonymous 16/12/05(Mon)23:24 No. 13308

Used to grow shrooms heavy so had access to tripping whenever I wanted I did and so I d have to say Shrooms and weed.

Anonymous 16/12/16(Fri)23:08 No. 13310

1. DXM (sadly I ruined my tolerance for good)
2. Opiates
3. Benzos
4. LSD

Anonymous 17/01/08(Sun)10:51 No. 13320

SWIM loves Cocaine SWIM prefers to smoke it but powder is fine.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)16:06 No. 13324

Nitrous without a doubt
Acid is cool too.

I think I like dissociatives more than psychedelics, but dxm is really rough on my stomach

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)10:13 No. 13325

Amphetamine. It makes the learning process easier.
What's price of the metamphetamine in Europe and USA? On East we have 1 gramm for ~100 dollars

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)06:05 No. 13343

>1. DXM (sadly I ruined my tolerance for good)
Wake me up inside
Same here

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)21:11 No. 13356

west (CO) its 20-30 a g

Anonymous 17/04/12(Wed)21:32 No. 13360


Anonymous 17/04/16(Sun)11:33 No. 13362

LSD / 25i
The first times I did "lsd" it turned out to be 25i, and the last time I did 25i I did 4 tabs and had the most mind blowing experience. I later read on the dangers and I now make sure my lucy is lucy, but I have never had an experience like the one I had on 25i.

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)13:05 No. 13450

Not sure if this was me as it was back in 2016. But I think this is me.

Anonymous 18/03/12(Mon)23:28 No. 13466

Yeah, dude, that's us.

Anonymous 18/04/19(Thu)14:33 No. 13475

Dilaudid or Opana (why not both?) straight in the veins. Why should be obvious.

Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)07:54 No. 13490

the dutch shit

Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)11:05 No. 13491

weed. it treats my chronic pain and doesn't fuck me up.

Anonymous 18/06/27(Wed)18:44 No. 13508

weed, tobacco

I grew up around both of those drugs and It stuck to me
,also I like the taste of both of them.

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