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man seeks junkie wisdom Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)06:57 No. 13240

File 147555707769.jpg - (9.31KB , 200x200 , 1368562932784_zps25e6b784_jpg~c200.jpg )

Junkies, please help me. I need your knowledge.

My father is an alcoholic. He recently went to rehab, and I visited him there last month. While there, I spied a wonderful specimen- tall, thin, kind eyes, laughing & beautiful. After I left, much to my surprise, my pops told me that she had asked him for my number. Being the weak, fleshly sensualist that I am, I told him to relay the digits, for which he rightly questioned my judgement (she's a heroin addict, been to jail, this was her sixth rehab). Pops was nonetheless a total bro and gave her my number. We get in touch- she was out in a few days. All goes well and we start seeing each other. I'm 26, she's only 19..

Now I'm no square. Done alot of different shit, recovering reefer addict(laugh it up), never done smack, but I've done plenty of amphetamines and smoked crystal thrice. Felt how bad that shit was, how hard on the heart (I am older now and pride myself on healthy living.) As far as drug use, this girl puts me to shame. She began using crystal at the tender age of 13 to lose weight, discovered heroin not long after. Now she's actually a fucking fashion model, and still hates her body, go figure. Anyway after getting out this time she's on vivitrol- a weekly (or biweekly?) injection that blocks the effects of opioids. However, as I quickly discovered, she still smokes small quantities of meth.

I didn't know how to approach it. To me being supportive was remaining non-judgmental, encouraging of honesty, always suggesting less harmful alternatives, trying to walk gently towards giving it up. Went to some NA meetings with her, proposed fun ways to get her out and exercising (ie:hikes, tennis, etc.) tried to school her on the rewiring of mesolimbic pathways and the myriad negative health effects while simultaneously being hopeful and upbeat- there's still time to change the road you're on, yada yada, the wonders of neuroplasticity via exercise and clean livin'..

Aah I can see how naive I sound, reading this. Sorry to ramble- As of last night, she went incommunicado. No response, nothing. I texted her dad, who says she's holed up in her room, not a peep, communicating with no one. Apparently she stayed with her mom last night, who is a bipolar schizophrenic type and seemingly a destructive influence..

Does anyone know what the right move is here? Yea I could just forget about it, move back to LA, it was just a fling.. but that's too easy. I'm not taking this personally, her reflexive lying, the self-absorption.. she is an addict. But really, objectively, what is the best thing I can do for this poor soul? What does she need? Should I tell her dad about her meth use? Tell him that she hides it in her socks? I risk being less able to help her if I narc like that. What then? Corner her dealer, put a gun to his head? Surveil him, gather enough dirt, give some detective a freebie? She'll just find that shit somewhere else of course (fun to think about though).

So you tell me guys. Is the only thing I can really do just stand back, offer love and support if she wants it?

Thank you so much for reading and weighing in, I appreciate it.

Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)13:37 No. 13241


Anonymous 16/10/15(Sat)19:19 No. 13245

You stick it right in her pussy, OP.

Anonymous 16/12/06(Tue)01:30 No. 13309

Very little you can do OP. I went through this myself with a girl. I was unfortunately so obsessed with her that I was blinded though. But all you can do is what you already listed, just be very gentle when you confront her and provide alternatives. Try to keep her active. And the best way of ending addiction is by replacing that habit with another habit that provides instant-gratification.

I'll tell you what I experienced. The girl would always switch back and forth from hating herself to thinking she was a supreme being, and one moment she would be all schizo and trying to feed crackers to aliens, and the next she'd be smart and wonderful.

These were things I could potentially put up with if it wasn't for her narcissism. Even in times when she hated herself it was still there. She put her personal, instant-gratification fulfillment over my fulfillment, and even over her own long-term fulfillment.

That was too much to handle and we fought a lot over it and eventually I just lost touch with her when she stayed in rehab for a few months. She would get very angry when I would even attempt at discussing her bad habits.

Don't approach her dealer or her parents though. Absolutely useless.

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)14:51 No. 13314

hit it but don't get attached, the drugs will always come first for her. personal experience with a speedball junkie.

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)14:52 No. 13315

wait this post is old and the board is dead lmfao

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)17:06 No. 13316

It's not that dead. Every one is just to high to post anymore.

Anonymous 17/12/31(Sun)00:55 No. 13439

You can't make people change. They have to want to change.

do 'er dude smoocher 18/04/22(Sun)16:09 No. 13479

make sure your clothes are totally soaking wet

Anonymous 18/06/07(Thu)09:54 No. 13493

OP - take her to a nice cabin in north california for a week long getaway. bring just some weed. smoke and fuck the life out of her. be sure to make her cum as much as you possibly can. eat her out. tell her how pretty and beautiful she is. give her a little gift (NOTHING MAJOR- don't overdo it, just something small, inexpensive but sweet). she will become addicted to you, your dick, and how good you make her feel. go for walks on the beach, talk about life and stuff, just make her feel like someone actually cares.

you have the potential to completely turn this girls life around just by being nice. I'm being fully serious. you could potentially save her life. plus get a girl who looks good and will be loyal.

those young chicks who have had a rough life tend to fall crazy in love with the first dude who PROPERLY loves em and treats them right.

do the right thing.

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