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Anonymous 15/10/21(Wed)18:11 No. 16221 ID: 2b963d [Reply]

File 144544389193.jpg - (65.22KB , 384x640 , 2aeb1f894e2728fa0f75fd6615651a33_screen_384x640.jpg )

You can create a human-level intelligence robot by copying the human nervous system. You can do this either by using a radioactive dye that specifically adheres to neurons, or by injecting the human body with nanites (micromachines) which attach themselves to the neurons without harming the subject and report the location and orientation of the neurons. My idea for actually creating the robot is using a gel for material that melts when heated, then heating it and spraying it with synthetic neuron nanites which swim to their needed positions. You can synthesize simpler versions of neurotransmitters that work with the neuronal nanites to imitate the chemical aspect of the human brain.

If you create nanites that can harmlessly adhere to neurons, this opens the possibility of direct-brain interfaces and stimulation. You can also copy the brain alone to create a computer, just be sure to train the brain of the subject in advance by putting them in a sensory isolation tank/chamber where they have nothing to do except interface with a computer and perform the tasks given to them as a computer would.

I will post again in this thread detailing my up-to-date idea for a superrobot/mecha and my idea for immortality.

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Anonymous 15/11/03(Tue)07:34 No. 16235 ID: 5957ad

>They're the only ones who could enforce regulation.
Why? What makes this particular service different from, say, cash registers?

>But I bet they'd be the first ones to jump on my train so it still wouldn't be a problem.
Do you really think anyone would put their brains in the hands of an unregulated service?

Anonymous 15/11/04(Wed)00:37 No. 16236 ID: ca3ceb

>What makes this particular service different from, say, cash registers?


>Do you really think anyone would put their brains in the hands of an unregulated service?

Fuck yeah they would that's all politicians and the wealthy want. Like I said. Instant labor force.

Anonymous 15/10/13(Tue)10:01 No. 16217 ID: e10895 [Reply]

File 144472330285.jpg - (96.06KB , 960x720 , 12002293_700774323400399_6074451014265061681_n.jpg )

Is it possible for there to be higher dimensions?
Do you think that we have higher dimensions?

Anonymous 15/10/13(Tue)17:39 No. 16218 ID: 989472

If by "higher," you mean 4th, 5th, etc., then yes, of course.

We don't "have" them, but they are possible.

Anonymous 15/10/14(Wed)02:21 No. 16219 ID: ca3ceb

Yeah pretty much that.
Thread over.

Anonymous 15/10/14(Wed)05:44 No. 16220 ID: d0a46d


Electrolysis and Renewable Energy Mfats 15/10/07(Wed)09:54 No. 16215 ID: e329a9 [Reply]

Youtube  Im currently devoting my time to developing a new form of renewable energy based off of the already-existing Hydrogen fuel cell concept. I plan to experiment using different combinations of electrolytes, anode/cathode materials, voltages/amps etc. Ive started a kickstarter campaign in order to fund the research. To keep things short and sweet, I'm looking for backers to help with my project; anything at all helps! Also, use this thread to share opinions/ideas on fuel cells and how they could be made more efficient. So far my research has lead to the creation of a basic fuel cell, some new concepts and 12,000 volts accidentally delivered directly to my genitals (dont lean on loose wires). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/718106819/advancement-in-electrolytic-energy-production

Sci-fi 20/Traveller 20 rule book PDF Anonymous 15/10/04(Sun)23:42 No. 16212 ID: 592535 [Reply]

Youtube  Me and a couple friends are looking for the PDF collections of Sci-Fi 20 and Traveller 20 roleplaying games.

Could anybody lend us a hand?

BCBA Exam is a Scam Anish 15/10/03(Sat)20:49 No. 16209 ID: 3b12fc [Reply]

File 144389819316.jpg - (18.95KB , 262x344 , appb.jpg )

Hello, my name is Anish Patel and you should read this if you have ever taken or plan to take the BCBA exam.

I am someone who, let’s just say know how things work.

Have you failed the BCBA exam.

This may be the reason why.

The board raises the percent rate to pass as each person meets that rate or passes the test. Here is an example, let’s say the starting rate to pass the test is 76 percent and there are ten people taking the test. The first person taking the test passes, the rate is still 76 percent. The second person that takes the exam passes, now the board raises the pass rate to 77 percent. The third person takes the test and passes; now the board raises it to 78 percent. So even if the next couple of people got the original rate of 76 or 77 percent, they now will fail, And everyone who got the original passing rate of 76 percent, will also now fail, because the board kept raising the rate. As more and more people pass the higher. Then eventually after a certain percentage of people pass the test, the board will have a cutoff point. Did you ever just miss the exam by a couple of points? Chances are you really passed but were part of the cut off.

The way you pass the test is almost by luck, not by aptitude. It depends on how many people take the test, and how many people pass, and what the cut off rate is. Not only is the grading of the test scores is manipulated, but after a certain number of people pass the board will fail everyone after that point whether they passed or not. How you ever wondered why it takes 45 days after you take your test to get the results. You are taking your test on a computer, the results should be instant. The waiting period is for the board to see how many people took the test and for the board to decide how to manipulate the test scores and decide a cut off rate. There is a 150 questions you get a certain amount of questions right you either pass or fail. They claim they are measuring you and weighing you against other candidates. The board states their own words on the report they send you “The graph shows your performance in comparison to the group of candidates who have “just passed” the examination. These are candidates who obtained scaled scores between 400 and 414 (which is 1 standard error of measurement [SEM]* above 400.)” Chances are you just were on the wrong side of their manipulated passing line.

The board also looks down on you if you fail the test. Each time you have to take the test, you will have to start at a higher percentage point, in order to pass. That is why people are taking the BCBA exam multiple times.

The board claims it is all about “ethics” but they are being the most unethical.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

polymeric falcighol derivation John 15/09/28(Mon)22:21 No. 16201 ID: e8c624 [Reply]

Youtube  c = λ/2 (1-λ/2)

Anonymous 14/10/27(Mon)22:39 No. 15950 ID: d126e2 [Reply]

File 14144459653.jpg - (220.71KB , 791x1024 , pornography-791x1024.jpg )

What are the factual negative and positive side effects from watching pornography? I recently did some reading into this and found a lot of articles talking about how the neurons create stronger pathways to the brain from the pleasure reward that comes from watching pornography (much similar to the effects from taking drugs). This can lead to addiction and dependency on this type of stimulus to become aroused. So I come to you /sci, does pornography have a negative effect on the brain?

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Anonymous 15/08/17(Mon)06:15 No. 16185 ID: 56cebc

Ah, camaraderie. Good sex analogy there.

Anonymous 15/09/16(Wed)04:44 No. 16194 ID: 93ff3e

so, he only does it in public at bars?


Anonymous 15/09/28(Mon)07:21 No. 16200 ID: 751c6d

I'm the opposite. Porn doesn't work anymore, but real (casual) sex is even worse than porn. The only thing that works is being in love. But that also gets worse over time. Still works, unlike porn and casual sex, but I expect that this too will eventually stop working, even though I'm very much in love.

I don't mind a sexless relationship. It's really about the pleasure of being with the person, whatever form that pleasure may take.

Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)01:45 No. 15631 ID: 0f9d09 [Reply]

File 139777830659.jpg - (617.08KB , 575x1673 , exoearth-habitable-rocky-earth-kepler-186f-140416a.jpg )

So they found a new exoplanet that may be habitable, 490 light-years away. That is so great I guess Palestinians and Jews will stop killing each other now.

25 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
D 15/09/18(Fri)18:16 No. 16195 ID: 7d9d65

I get up every morning and think, you know, since I'm jewish, I'm going to go kill some palestinians now.

Anonymous 15/09/26(Sat)06:10 No. 16198 ID: b97d8a

That may sound like sarcasm, unless you're an israeli soldier then its like a daily prayer.

Anonymous 15/09/26(Sat)06:18 No. 16199 ID: b97d8a

20 billion? You're crazy. We barely have enough now. I guess you haven't kept up with how crops are strained to the limits of genetic modification and pest controls. Basic staples like rice that once took up a quarter of the third world's income to buy, now takes half or more because of supply (lack of it). Water.... large freshwater lakes are starting to lose water instead of maintaining and replenishing because of growing populations and especially industries using crazy amounts of it. TThe whole bottled water craze is accounting for big chunk of it, when the fact is that the bottled water you buy is probably siphoned from some far-off source that is specifically chosen because it's cheaper and less-regulated than a local source, and so the water in your bottle has probably been less thoroughly tested and treated than your municipal supply. Look, Europe has had to absorb about 100,000 syrian refugees and already they're feeling strained. And you think we can support an extra 12 billion? You should research what the Council on Foreign Relations thinks needs to happen to population.

Scientific proof beyond a reasonable doubt Anonymous 15/09/11(Fri)07:14 No. 16192 ID: a612ab [Reply]

File 144194845548.jpg - (53.12KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )

The Jewish calendar accurately predicts the timeline of real world events such as these
In this example there are six major events that lined up with what you'd expect from what the bible says at spacings of precisely 7 years
Assuming that these events lining up are say a 1 in 100 chance that gives us 1 in 100^6 or 1 in 1,000,000,000,000 that this is coincidence
And I think 1 in 100 is a low estimate considering these are such major events

Furthermore pic related lists three dates
The first two are the exact dates on which there was an economic crash in America (naturally you can fact check this) and the third is predictive of another economic crash
These crashes line up exactly with the day on which depts are supposed to be cancelled in Jewish law and are both relevant to cancelled debt
There's 365 days in a year and 7 years per crash so assuming the crashes were 10 times as likely to happen around 7 years apart that's still a 1 in (365*7/10)^2 or less than 1 in 62,500

Because of these anomalies being predicted rather well I'd say that there is scientific evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the bible can predict major events
>but that's not scientific because it can't be tested
Did you forget about pic related
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/09/15(Tue)05:42 No. 16193 ID: ca3ceb

Variation of the 23 enigma.
The belief that events correlate perfectly with a specific number.
Pick any one number and you'll find correlation with something related to it.

So yeah it's coincidence. Because the number of events happening in the universe are too numerous to not correlate with a number. Especially one as small as the number 7. If you look elsewhere, you'll find other correlations with this number as well as the numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, and so on. With the increasing magnitude of a number comes the increasing improbability that something will correlate with it.

Also there was no economic crash yesterday. Myth motherfucking busted bro.

Global Address System: Earth's Surface Divided Into 3x3 Meter Blocks Anonymous 15/09/03(Thu)17:42 No. 16187 ID: 0948b1 [Reply]

File 144129494182.jpg - (3.22KB , 256x144 , global-address.jpg )


Anonymous 15/09/09(Wed)00:58 No. 16191 ID: ca3ceb

My building currently contains roughly 20 addresses.
Which one am I supposed to put on my fucking tax return.

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