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Filesharing thread Nattajerk 12/08/15(Wed)04:29 No. 21475 ID: e46f19 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 134499774937.jpg - (157.60KB , 500x578 , tarutarusmn.jpg )

Post all your filesharing links here.

Due to the death of many filesharing services. Either due to cowardice or shady business.
A new filesharing thread is in order.


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Anonymous 15/03/02(Mon)21:38 No. 36320 ID: 52deff

File 142532873671.jpg - (149.30KB , 1365x1024 , 001_000.jpg )

Nijinoren - Josou kko ni itazura shi cha o



Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/01/21(Fri)05:06 No. 12312 ID: ab48f0 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 129558278465.jpg - (96.58KB , 850x1024 , shota_moe-001.jpg )

Welcome to /sm/, 7chan's board for drawn homosexual shotacon material.

* The definition of "drawn" is obvious. Drawn does not mean 3D "art", and posting such material will result in deletion and/or a temporary ban. In addition, toons and photorealistic pics will be deleted on sight.

* Drama is not welcome or tolerated here under any circumstances. Repeated trollposts, sagefaggotry and anti-shota rants all qualify as drama.

* This board is for porn, not for in-depth discussion of the subject matter of said porn. Repeat offenders will be banned and their threads deleted.

*Posting a request thread without at least three related pictures is a bannable offense.

* Remember that the global rules and FAQ still apply here, just like on every 7chan board.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 12/12/24(Mon)06:55 No. 24990 ID: d2d72b


Circumcised shotas Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)05:47 No. 32887 ID: 182680 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139701522835.jpg - (79.74KB , 573x778 , 13919974861.jpg )

Most shotas are uncircumcised, so lets have a circumcised (or at least with the glans showing) thread

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Anonymous 15/02/22(Sun)15:08 No. 36269 ID: 92d6ce

File 14246141378.jpg - (225.56KB , 1024x1280 , 5.jpg )

Identification Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)00:01 No. 36282 ID: be87ac

Any idea from what mangas come images in No. 32935 and 33091?


Shota Mpreg Thread Anonymous 14/10/02(Thu)08:21 No. 34878 ID: 5c3304 [Reply]

File 141223088851.jpg - (75.48KB , 504x800 , sCbNxGu.jpg )

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Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)06:15 No. 36283 ID: 5c3304

Why not simply save the pics then post them?

Anonymous 15/03/05(Thu)20:52 No. 36336 ID: 9542aa

Because you have an internet connection?

Dick Wilson (Mother Up!) Anonymous 14/05/08(Thu)09:47 No. 33379 ID: 517ad7 [Reply]

File 139953524387.gif - (1.99MB , 384x216 , 1391833244127.gif )

Everyone loves Dick!

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Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)00:28 No. 36327 ID: 737cd1

Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)18:23 No. 36333 ID: 0b3cc8


Anonymous 15/03/05(Thu)00:30 No. 36334 ID: f7bc0b

Spanking Anonymous 13/09/07(Sat)08:39 No. 31049 ID: 6d9bcb [Reply]

File 137853599529.png - (43.62KB , 400x400 , Ruka_40_.png )

Need some naughty boys being punished

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dol 15/02/24(Tue)21:26 No. 36277 ID: 8b5446

File 142480960336.jpg - (41.09KB , 320x240 , image.jpg )


Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)03:23 No. 36330 ID: 7b4a9a

spank 15/03/04(Wed)13:09 No. 36332 ID: 7c47ec

Anonymous 13/05/01(Wed)15:25 No. 28534 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136741474489.jpg - (270.24KB , 579x837 , 50b206cece4fca7b4d46cd3189be47e7-1.jpg )

Non-con, aka rape and molestation. Not just rough sex.

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Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)12:22 No. 36288 ID: c4c34e

Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)20:34 No. 36303 ID: e5ee3a

omg... love pet play

Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)03:18 No. 36329 ID: 7b4a9a

File 142543551218.jpg - (78.73KB , 850x481 , randshotacon_122.jpg )

More of this pet play

GIF THREAD! Anonymous 14/07/26(Sat)02:44 No. 34310 ID: 2f6ae8 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140633548093.gif - (200.53KB , 532x627 , 0e5265b5ced6cf7c22f4cee5b03091f6.gif )

Searched through the board and didn't find a gif thread, so I figured I'd start one. I've got a few.

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Anonymous 15/03/01(Sun)10:24 No. 36313 ID: df93b2


The artist of those .GIFs is called "Cub". He has a 3D video of three boys fucking on the beach. It's hot. He occassionally posts on shotachan.net. He posts links to MegaUploads (whatever the new name is) of his work on those forums, so you can freely download it.

Unfortunately, his work is regularly stolen by a site called PremiumHentai which charges a fee to download material which can be freely obtained (from Cub himself) and elsewhere!

Hope this helps.

Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)00:24 No. 36326 ID: e5ee3a

Yeah, man, thanks, I'll look up 'cub' and see what I can find.

Anonymous 15/03/04(Wed)01:03 No. 36328 ID: e5ee3a

So i googled around and ran into that pay site you mentioned, and I've signed up for shotachan, but... its baffling... Its clear that there are several login methods and yet there seems to be no content there, yet the forums claim there is... what am I missing?

Deepnight Anonymous 13/05/23(Thu)10:25 No. 29198 ID: 669345 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136929753576.gif - (680.49KB , 631x648 , 551e5dd8c554175355af6df5a0f3fc93.gif )

Is Deepnight stuff ok?

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Anonymous 15/01/26(Mon)10:27 No. 36042 ID: 2e80ec


Anonymous 15/02/04(Wed)12:19 No. 36095 ID: 2e80ec


Anonymous 15/03/03(Tue)12:04 No. 36324 ID: 6d5f89


Shota uncensoring 2015 Anonymous 15/01/06(Tue)23:16 No. 35799 ID: ac7bfd [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 14205826028.jpg - (343.17KB , 628x1055 , 5e24e2f56ee5493279bd5570d8baf2e6.jpg )

The last thread reached the post limit.

Dump of last thread:

Post any pics with censoring. I will uncensore them.
Please don't overload.

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Anonymous 15/02/21(Sat)22:01 No. 36264 ID: c940b0


Anonymous 15/02/21(Sat)22:03 No. 36265 ID: c940b0

File 142455261356.jpg - (793.38KB , 2150x3035 , 15.jpg )

Next page.

Anonymous 15/03/02(Mon)22:44 No. 36322 ID: 364efd

File 142533269197.jpg - (799.84KB , 1823x2500 , mitij94w.jpg )

First one.

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