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Anyone have a real-life shotacon thing? Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)04:25 No. 43608 ID: 0302f6 [Reply]

File 149239590364.jpg - (16.90KB , 342x299 , 3527197_1400493883910_86res_342_300.jpg )

old fag here ... I'm sure this happened often back then
> be me, be 14, be 1968
> 40 yo guy moves in a few doors down
> got to know him, mowed his lawn and shit
> in his house one day, he shows me porn
> straight porn, gay porn
> takes out his cock, i stroke it, he sucks me
> after I cum I feel weird and leave, went back over an hour later

It went on for several months, was not a bad experience for me.

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Anonymous 17/08/27(Sun)03:36 No. 44631 ID: 9d1549

I might have dieded alot inside like, 20 times x3

Don't forget! I wonder 17/09/01(Fri)05:41 No. 44686 ID: 76b7bb

Where's the other story?! :)

I'll be here patiently waiting...

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)15:08 No. 44691 ID: 6c8977

last irl thread got deleted just a heads up

Tribal Shota Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)06:46 No. 42842 ID: cccde9 [Reply]

File 148402717839.jpg - (1.07MB , 2055x1453 , kyuukub99 - Arsenian Boys (Nude Ver).jpg )

Can we get a Tribal Shota thread? Loincloths, spears, wandering the jungles?

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Anonymous 17/08/16(Wed)19:49 No. 44491 ID: bb2a44

Well I never! Think you can do a full body draw of him, one in his loincloth, and two naked with a normal cock and one with an erect cock? Because I'm dying to see more.

Anonymous 17/08/19(Sat)16:46 No. 44545 ID: bb2a44

I found some chubby tribal boys wearing penis gourds.

Anonymous 17/08/25(Fri)08:37 No. 44610 ID: 3dff92


a classic

Sun from Pokemon Sun & Moon Anonymous 16/12/23(Fri)12:43 No. 42662 ID: 0104ba [Reply]

File 148249342368.png - (667.66KB , 847x1200 , ed7f0a78ae24f28a6e78555514c0e813.png )

I am DESPERATE for more of this boy, he's seriously one of the cutest protagonists I've seen in these games. I'll post what I have; if anyone has more, please don't hesitate to share!

6 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/04/01(Sat)03:12 No. 43477 ID: a61da4


Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)02:01 No. 43523 ID: d1960a

huh youre in luck i guess, i drew him once, blonde version though

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)16:50 No. 43527 ID: 6284f0

Nice work, thanks!

shota duck 17/03/02(Thu)07:53 No. 43286 ID: c0a2d4 [Reply]

File 148843761198.jpg - (871.85KB , 4000x3000 , 15.jpg )


wish i remembered where I saw this Anonymous 17/02/13(Mon)09:55 No. 43131 ID: 5e7b42 [Reply]

File 148697614690.jpg - (103.23KB , 740x368 , ehair11.jpg )

I read this back in 2006, but I have no idea where the site for the comics are now.

Niklas and Friends Anonymous 17/02/13(Mon)10:56 No. 43132 ID: 1cceca


Was most active back mid 00s when you found it, hasn't updated much in recent years but here ya go.

HxH shotas PalconP 17/07/24(Mon)02:04 No. 44236 ID: 21cf99 [Reply]

File 150085469294.png - (0.98MB , 1754x1240 , 1500845490995.png )

Is it rare huh?

Anonymous 17/08/03(Thu)18:33 No. 44325 ID: c0b4e7

Anonymous 17/08/03(Thu)18:34 No. 44326 ID: c0b4e7

Young dom Slogan 15/05/18(Mon)22:16 No. 37091 ID: 853b3b [Reply]

File 143198017229.jpg - (96.25KB , 1080x857 , 1951383.jpg )

Any images where a top or dom shota is younger than his partner?

44 posts and 69 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
IPHONE! duck 17/03/02(Thu)08:01 No. 43287 ID: c0a2d4

File 148843811411.jpg - (1.24MB , 4000x3000 , 16.jpg )

artist kimlol 17/03/03(Fri)18:45 No. 43293 ID: 2b2bf2


Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)15:59 No. 44239 ID: 79e7dc

File 150090476269.png - (185.47KB , 772x837 , e81934c58ccfff4ddfd548da3952ea0b.png )

Chichpui Thread Kidders 17/07/22(Sat)05:01 No. 44222 ID: 679eab [Reply]

File 150069251674.png - (311.45KB , 500x343 , tumblr_n6t23l4aZa1toq0zio1_500.png )

Can anyone contribute please?

Kidders 17/07/22(Sat)05:03 No. 44223 ID: 679eab

File 150069263746.png - (256.21KB , 500x649 , tumblr_mz26c5ok441toq0zio1_500.png )

I meant Chichipui*

Kidders 17/07/22(Sat)05:04 No. 44224 ID: 679eab

File 150069267751.png - (201.77KB , 500x573 , tumblr_n4ldbceHr71toq0zio1_500.png )

Anything would be rad

cutest pics u got anon 17/07/07(Fri)20:10 No. 44136 ID: 71fd09 [Reply]

File 149945103963.jpg - (532.14KB , 2038x1382 , xxx2.jpg )


Anonymous 17/07/07(Fri)20:43 No. 44137 ID: 050f85

File 149945300238.jpg - (281.98KB , 800x800 , 785fcaeece9f3fa3a0da1fcbfe905 (1).jpg )

Anonymous 17/07/11(Tue)00:05 No. 44154 ID: e136a8


I like. Source?

Requesting more of this artist? shotaperv 17/04/07(Fri)16:10 No. 43535 ID: 790983 [Reply]

File 149157420234.jpg - (27.72KB , 800x625 , 863083.jpg )

Anonymous 17/06/06(Tue)02:36 No. 43927 ID: 51c466

Artist is mask don't have more but might help.

Anonymus 17/07/07(Fri)22:40 No. 44138 ID: b3f556

if someone needs it i have more from mask.

Anonymous 17/07/11(Tue)00:01 No. 44153 ID: e136a8


Yeah, post it!

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