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Invader Zim Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)23:34 No. 43624 ID: b0af36

File 149263766290.jpg - (87.71KB , 703x623 , tmp_8027-1694679 - Dib Invader_Zim Zim122835881.jpg )

Fuck yeah mother FUCKER(s) invader zim is coming back. So how about a nice little IZ thread. Any takers? I'm the only 90s-early 2000s guy in here? Can't be.

Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)23:37 No. 43625 ID: b0af36

Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)23:39 No. 43626 ID: b0af36

Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)17:15 No. 43632 ID: 16c043

File 149278771297.png - (361.25KB , 1280x1018 , tumblr_oodtvs5FxS1s97ezdo1_1280(2).png )

Anonymous 17/04/24(Mon)14:45 No. 43644 ID: 7d5aef

File 149303795773.png - (1.48MB , 2030x1980 , 403c4b55d8e6b214b8b15c782aec6b91.png )

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