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Anonymous 16/12/28(Wed)03:41 No. 29135 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 148289291267.jpg - (126.11KB , 640x890 , image.jpg )

Shota and police women?

Anonymous 16/12/28(Wed)13:22 No. 29137 ID: e79709

Yes please, but sorry i have none.

Anonymous 16/12/28(Wed)07:23 No. 29136 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 148290621378.jpg - (179.52KB , 668x1150 , image.jpg )

Shota being pressed against a wall please?

Anonymous 13/05/03(Fri)11:39 No. 19800 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 136757397747.jpg - (322.79KB , 1024x977 , 195a908c56c6a94c697d761e9c46325c.jpg )

Can we have women with normal sized breasts for once? Everyone is either an A cup or a F cup.

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Anonymous 16/10/02(Sun)19:39 No. 28694 ID: 6cca92

File 147542996532.png - (176.03KB , 1198x1081 , 1.png )

Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)05:28 No. 28699 ID: 8742ba

Is this from something, or jsut a random gif?

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)16:53 No. 29129 ID: 337073


It's from aki sora i think

Non-Porn Straight Shota FutaBoner 16/11/11(Fri)04:19 No. 28839 ID: 54811d [Reply]

File 147883436071.jpg - (21.22KB , 350x500 , 792.jpg )

So, I just saw the movie Dear Brigitte (1965)where an 8 year old boy gets to meet his crush, movie star Brigitte Bardot. Though this movie was pretty funny and I actually really enjoyed it, I was hoping for more of the boy / adult woman relationship.

Does anyone know of any regular movies which feature similar subject matter?

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Anonymous 16/12/06(Tue)07:24 No. 29094 ID: 811677

Some one post full movie

Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)02:08 No. 29108 ID: 70f151


Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)23:27 No. 29112 ID: 576a96


/ss/ Pesinagi 16/12/04(Sun)20:45 No. 29083 ID: 55fddc [Reply]

File 148088074220.jpg - (262.10KB , 644x910 , GetImage.jpg )

Anonymous 16/12/11(Sun)13:49 No. 29103 ID: 0fdb2f

She has a dick.

Anonymous 16/12/11(Sun)21:24 No. 29104 ID: 7f0aec



Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)23:13 No. 29110 ID: 928f3b

More boy feet, cuter face, and less tranny dick would make this waaaaay better.

Requesting for another uploading Ramesh Halder 16/12/01(Thu)10:31 No. 29072 ID: 8fcd38 [Reply]

File 148058471117.jpg - (17.00KB , 320x240 , 1473089094875.jpg )

Please upload more this is awesome I can't wait please upload more I am crazy about this story and please upload the Bengali version of this story

Anonymous 16/12/03(Sat)22:22 No. 29082 ID: 990328


Anonymous 16/12/12(Mon)20:32 No. 29105 ID: f4c87c

The person in the pic is 18? They look very shota like. Very cute looking.

Anonymous 16/12/05(Mon)21:48 No. 29089 ID: f1dbb4 [Reply]

File 148097093114.jpg - (74.51KB , 560x420 , Oppai Anime H.jpg )

おっぱいアニメH / Oppai Anime H
By: Jyubei

Enjoy n.n

Anonymous 16/12/06(Tue)02:17 No. 29092 ID: 6f7f41

it looks like it was made in flash

Anonymous 16/12/06(Tue)05:09 No. 29093 ID: f1dbb4

It was, but I couldn't find a download link for the original flash :/

Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)05:16 No. 29060 ID: 66dcb7 [Reply]

File 148047939112.jpg - (158.01KB , 500x699 , nnnnn d2faada3-s.jpg )

huhuhuhuhu... hows this fellas>?

Anonymous 16/12/01(Thu)02:48 No. 29067 ID: a4d265

Too censored.

Anonymous 16/12/01(Thu)06:00 No. 29068 ID: d2de3e

Give the rest of this, with a possible decensor or translate.

Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri - Igyou Kaikitan 16/10/23(Sun)13:50 No. 28751 ID: a49c0b [Reply]

File 147722342585.png - (928.30KB , 1440x360 , Thank you, God, for having created the Japanese_.png )


Waiting of Nov. 25, here is the comic.


1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/10/25(Tue)15:01 No. 28761 ID: b0acac

Translation, please?

Anonymous 16/10/28(Fri)09:04 No. 28772 ID: e0a99f


Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)20:35 No. 29023 ID: 585dc1

It's out. Enjoy:


Name of this manga? nyankun 16/10/11(Tue)01:33 No. 28714 ID: b7e5f6 [Reply]

File 147614243724.jpg - (707.21KB , 1041x1500 , ydfbfyffagasff.jpg )

Can someone tell me the name of this manga?

Anonymous 16/10/11(Tue)09:04 No. 28715 ID: ca468c

[Agata] Musuko Jiman Mom's Pride (COMIC Shingeki 2013-09) [English]

you can find it on exhentai....


Anonymous 16/11/25(Fri)09:39 No. 29018 ID: 17276a

Diff anon. Any time i've seen a exhentai url, it always shows a dead link/"sad panda" pic...so, here's a link that hopefully works for you, op. Works for me:

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