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Any good shota games out there? Anonymous 16/08/08(Mon)04:18 No. 28433 ID: edf80f [Reply]

File 147062269230.png - (3.80MB , 2435x1879 , 0d406674dee94783c9955151ca27bde5.png )

Looking for any good shota games to play, don't care if translated or not.

Anonymous 16/08/08(Mon)15:16 No. 28434 ID: 9192b9

The only ones that come to mind right now are Urban x Life, flatcheez, ONE - SYOTA, Monster Girl Quest I guess, and then all those Doujinaries VNs. And also LRLB, but you asked for "good" shota games :)

Also, if you do an exhentai Game CG search for " male:shotacon -male:yaoi ", you'll get 619 results, all of which represent /ss/ games.

Fantasy Anon Newfag 16/07/24(Sun)01:09 No. 28335 ID: 308f75 [Reply]

File 14693153607.jpg - (164.37KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )

I wish I was in a SS situation with her (hope the gif works)

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/07/25(Mon)04:31 No. 28344 ID: 376a1c

Holy cow!

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)12:30 No. 28356 ID: 1f2c70

File 146952904197.jpg - (39.11KB , 571x310 , 001.jpg )


Fantasy Anon Newfag 16/07/28(Thu)00:15 No. 28373 ID: f691e9

Holy crap never knew there was a better version!

Anonymous 16/07/27(Wed)04:11 No. 28366 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 146958546145.jpg - (114.87KB , 572x800 , image.jpg )

Face sitting?

Anonymous 16/07/24(Sun)12:41 No. 28338 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 146935689722.png - (1.22MB , 1132x1246 , image.png )

English translation?

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)08:22 No. 28127 ID: 1aa4e6 [Reply]

File 146597175782.jpg - (188.48KB , 566x799 , image.jpg )

What's this called!?

Anonymous 16/07/14(Thu)03:25 No. 28282 ID: f17106


Ane wa shota wo Sukininaru

Arabian Nights style Shotacon Anonymous 16/07/13(Wed)11:51 No. 28275 ID: a1b829 [Reply]

File 146840348518.jpg - (421.50KB , 1538x900 , 45994965_p0.jpg )

Are there any arabian nights style straight shota works?

Anonymous 16/07/13(Wed)12:08 No. 28276 ID: a1b829

Original OP continuing, this is pretty much the only I know with that theme.


Anonymous 16/07/07(Thu)09:56 No. 28229 ID: d445f9 [Reply]

File 146787821177.png - (1.81MB , 1242x2208 , image.png )

Facesitting anybody

Anonymous 16/07/10(Sun)11:12 No. 28251 ID: cc5991

File 146814194730.jpg - (449.60KB , 975x1300 , 34_033.jpg )

god that was a fucking fantastic comic
i wish Morbi expanded that universe and made a bunch more
oh well

also I'm looking for facesetting too. can't find much. but here's this.

Anonymous 16/07/12(Tue)18:15 No. 28269 ID: 9878f1

Reverse google image search got nothing. Sauce?

Looking for ShotaXLoli doujinshi anon 16/07/07(Thu)17:01 No. 28231 ID: 71bf1f [Reply]

File 146790369983.jpg - (8.42KB , 300x168 , download.jpg )

It was this couple that were having sex in multiple locations and trying not to get caught, was quite long and had middle bits with "plot". I specifically remember a page on the beach, and they pretend to be grabbing clams or something when an adult checks on them. Please advise, much love.

Anonymous 16/07/08(Fri)05:23 No. 28235 ID: e957e9


you're welcome

Little Girl 9 Anonymous 16/07/08(Fri)05:24 No. 28236 ID: e957e9


you're welcome

Anonymous 16/07/07(Thu)05:47 No. 28226 ID: 0c35dc [Reply]

File 146786325235.jpg - (1.09MB , 2128x1500 , mubomama.jpg )

NTR thread? NTR thread. Post your favourites.


Anonymous 16/07/07(Thu)05:49 No. 28228 ID: 0c35dc

File 146786337855.jpg - (845.88KB , 1086x760 , 57780531_p3.jpg )

Part 2

Anonymous 16/07/07(Thu)22:50 No. 28234 ID: 0a5667

whats with the panda

Anonymous 16/07/04(Mon)09:20 No. 28210 ID: 81dde0 [Reply]

File 146761680332.jpg - (281.20KB , 838x1200 , image.jpg )

Links/title to this? (no exhentai)

Anonymous 16/07/06(Wed)08:21 No. 28220 ID: 50e01a


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