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MOTHERHOOD: A Tale of Love Amar+Srashta 16/04/06(Wed)01:08 No. 27609 ID: 8110d2

File 145989768786.jpg - (466.48KB , 2171x1472 , mat_01.jpg )

Preetha’s eyes went heavy as she was leafing through the pages of the newly arrived magazine. It is happening to her often these days -- a side effect of having too many valiums for sleep. She can’t sleep at night, and throughout the day, a spell of gloom and drowsiness hangs heavy over her like a shroud. Her cell phone was buzzing with vibration on the table beside the bed; it must have been Sayani from her office. She has been calling so many times; don’t they realize she won’t be going back to work? Preetha was thinking about sending the resignation letter to the H.R, but such ennui afflicted her that she didn’t even feel like sitting in front of the computer and typing it out. It has been weeks since she last checked her Facebook and Twitter accounts, something which she couldn’t live without before. No whatsapp, no messages, no gmail, no calls; she is living in the massive 3 BHK apartment in Golf Green (a posh residential locality in the metropolis of Kolkata in India) like a marooned sailor. Her only connection with the outside world was the maid who comes every other day to clean up and cook for her. She doesn’t even feel like making food for herself. If the maid doesn’t come, she orders lunch or dinner from the nearby restaurants who deliver at home.

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OMG 16/11/29(Tue)05:05 No. 29053 ID: c46887


requesting for uploading more about this stories Samar halder 16/11/29(Tue)10:09 No. 29055 ID: fa2024

File 148041054580.jpg - (5.83KB , 266x189 , index.jpg )


Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)20:48 No. 29064 ID: 564e91

This is great! Thank you.

Anonymous 16/12/01(Thu)02:23 No. 29066 ID: a4d265

OMG!! The art work is great and the story is so erotic and loving. Very luring. Inviting. The more I read and look, the more I want.

Would be nice to see Preetha taking it in her hairy ass from her "son" in the future.


Please upload more this story and please upload Bengali version Ramesh+Halder 16/12/01(Thu)10:42 No. 29073 ID: 8fcd38

File 148058536542.jpg - (599.74KB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20120104_032708.jpg )

Please upload more story I love to read more of this I love this and please upload like in comic style please upload quickly I can't wait

please upload more about this story Samar halder 16/12/01(Thu)11:30 No. 29075 ID: fa2024

File 148058823325.jpg - (579.23KB , 2560x1600 , Wallpaper_ (2).jpg )

please upload more about like this i love to read it and please translate in bengali please upload quickly i cant wait to see more about this

Anonymous 16/12/05(Mon)10:54 No. 29087 ID: 71713a

Kindly please keep on posting your comments, suggestions and reviews, it helps me the artist/writer go the extra mile. A few words of encouragement never harms anyone :)

requesting another Samar+halder 16/12/05(Mon)12:59 No. 29088 ID: fa2024

File 148093915442.jpg - (1.00MB , 1920x1200 , ad01581309023.jpg )

please uplaod more like this it is a unbeleaveable story and please upload in bengali version of this story want to need more horney

Fantastic Anon 16/12/08(Thu)09:26 No. 29100 ID: 84651e

Great story and amazing artwork, kind of hope he ends up impregnating her.

Please upload more this story and please upload Bengali version Ramesh+Halder 16/12/08(Thu)13:51 No. 29101 ID: 3d1724

Please upload more and in Bengali version

Anonymous 16/12/08(Thu)19:53 No. 29102 ID: f3ae4a


Dear Santa... anononan 16/12/20(Tue)20:20 No. 29116 ID: ff1066

Please let this awesome piece of art continue asap!!!

Dear Santa... anononan 16/12/20(Tue)20:20 No. 29117 ID: ff1066

Please let this awesome piece of art continue asap!!!

Requesting for another updation Ramesh+Halder 16/12/24(Sat)09:43 No. 29127 ID: 3dc9a1

Where have you been gone please come back we are waiting.....

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)10:18 No. 29128 ID: 0e09fa

I will be back but it might take some time. Maybe a couple of weeks.

Anonymous 16/12/25(Sun)07:36 No. 29130 ID: 56b300

Totally fine, as long as you dont abandon!

Anonymouse 16/12/25(Sun)10:36 No. 29131 ID: 4e610a

We will wait, hopefully you will return here and post not suddenly anywhere and we have to search elsewhere.

PS: I would wait for years to see her fingers in his anus...

Anonymous 16/12/30(Fri)11:32 No. 29149 ID: 7b9bd6

File 148309394247.jpg - (1.62MB , 2171x1472 , christmas.jpg )

Before next part of Motherhood is released, here's a little something for the fans. Preetha and Salim wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Let 2017 be a great year for Preetha and Salim's love story.

Thanking you Ramesh+Halder 16/12/30(Fri)17:08 No. 29151 ID: 0d6794

Waiting for the ending up of this story please hurry up and thanks for being notify for that upcoming one and Merry Christmas to Salim and preetha too

rupratul 16/12/31(Sat)16:39 No. 29154 ID: 56d981


Happy New Year to Preetha and Salim, too :)

What a great style to welcome the New Year :D

We all wish for a happy and passionate New Year for the loving duo :) Let their love and mutual attraction grow further into an infatuation ! That would make them inseparable and prompt them to explore the charms of their bodies in a more intense and diverse way !

And aah .... we all wish "Happy New Year" to the immortal creator of this stunning duo "Shri Amarsrashta" !!!

Exciting, intoxicating, mesmerising ! rupratul 16/12/31(Sat)16:49 No. 29155 ID: 56d981


“Unputdownable” ….. that should be the only befitting adjective for this awesome story for the admirers of straight shotacon and, in a wider spectrum, for those who relish the idea of hot and “active” erotic role from a horny and physically superior female partner !

The story line is enticingly erotic, the art is awesome and the dialogues are titillating and absorbing .... in summary, this is a hot, electrifying and thoroughly enjoyable package !! Yet, never it crosses the finesse and glorious aristocracy of Preetha’s breed !!

The duo is adorable and their love-making is absolutely thrilling !!!

The way Preetha is slowly, but surely establishing her absolute and inescapable grip on Salim is amazing. She is a truly a charming and hot woman …. voracious, indefatigable, active in foreplay and free to indulge in the pleasures of sex !! It would be absolutely thrilling and intoxicating if she establishes absolute control over Salim so that he hastens to comply to all her wishes and commands and behaves like a loving and docile “son-slave” !

In this regard, two small things (may I call them my humble submissions !) from my end.

Firstly, considering Preetha’s size, build, strength and incomparable physical superiority over cute, small and petite Salim and considering her voracious and commanding sexual appetite, I would look forward to some degree of domination on her side over the docile Salim – particularly when she becomes hot and horny as hell. By domination, I mean like sitting on Salim’s chest, riding him from above after pinning him to the bed with her powerful well-built torso or sitting on Salim’s face and forcing him to pleasure her through oral sex. Mere cuddling of the boy-toy’s body from such a hot and powerful lady doesn’t lead to total gratification – mentally or physically. Please look into this aspect; it is my humble submission !

Secondly, a humble appeal. It is such a hot, racy and tantalising story that if you leave a long break between posts, the erotic environment dies down ! One cannot blame a reader if he starts thinking that the author has abandoned the forum ! So, the interested reader stops visiting your page and you lose one of your admirers ! But, Preetha (or, for that matter Sutapa in “Aro Govirey Jao” or your future heroines) is such a hot and charming lady that she doesn’t deserve to lose even a single male admirer ;) So, in order to preserve the erotic flavor of this story, please try to post regularly ! This is just an appeal :)

Admittedly, I am one of your admirers and would look forward to many such awesome creations from your magical fingers – for this story and future ones as well :)

Amarsroshta 17/01/01(Sun)00:48 No. 29156 ID: b075af

Everything will be explored in due time. Thanks for your appreciation :)

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)00:50 No. 29157 ID: 0b9967


Hmmm .. speaking of physical domination, if Preetha gets horny and in her sexual excitement, clamps Salim's head between her thick, fleshy, powerful, tree-trunk legs and gradually applies pressure until he cries out in pain, then it would be damn exciting and erotic !

Yeh dil mange more !! rupratul 17/01/03(Tue)18:00 No. 29163 ID: e6535e

I was going through the recent update of this story once again ….. oh ! what a story …. the passion and sensual command of Preetha over little Salim …. the surrender and devotion of Salim to this goddess of beauty ! I am eagerly looking forward to the day when this spectacular damsel would shed her inhibitions, show up her inherent voracious sexual appetite and ravish Salim’s petite body abundantly and forcefully, befitting her size, build, power and all-round superiority ! If Preetha is the goddess of beauty, kindness, love, sensuality, passion and command, let Salim be her ward, lover, follower, attendant and slave ! Let Preetha take complete command over Salim ! I appeal to the wonderful creator of this story to publish further updates at his earliest convenience ! Please don’t give a long break; it would undermine the erotic build-up ! As an Indian proverb has it … “Yeh dil mange more” !!

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)19:04 No. 29184 ID: b58475

Can there be a footjob in the story?

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)07:38 No. 29217 ID: 86346a

What a a story. Nothing is left to imagination. You can really feel the tenderness.

Patiently awaiting the next update.

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)07:54 No. 29218 ID: 495efd

spit really is the best thing IMO

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)09:53 No. 29220 ID: e8abfc

Where could one find more stories like this one? Any key words or anything?

Requesting Samar das 17/01/25(Wed)22:57 No. 29224 ID: 05e592

Please tell me Mr amarsrashta where can I find the story matritwa in Bengali plzzzz

A gripping and exotic story indeed ! Anonymous 17/01/26(Thu)10:46 No. 29225 ID: 34416d


That would be really great for those readers who can read and understand Bengali. But, in that case, the readership would be very limited. Perhaps the author decided to choose the English format so that his wonderful creation can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of readers in "7chan". But, yours is a very good suggestion. He may publish the Bengali version elsewhere with a link in this forum. Let us wish that he has more such gripping and exotic stories in his stock :)

Amarsroshta 17/01/30(Mon)23:36 No. 29230 ID: 51094b

I had half the story in Bengali and then translated it to English as there are no good Bengali site or forums to post my stuff hence resorted to English and 7 Chan. Problem is everyone comes with requests but no one comes with a helping hand. I have asked in 7Chan multiple times if there is someone who can color my artwork, but I was met with radio silence. This is something of a hobby and the art and writing takes a lot of time due to the quality and details. If there is a Bengali reader with some degree of writing skills I welcome that person to translate it and post.

Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)00:34 No. 29231 ID: 52e565

How would one help? Since help is needed, I imagine it's more than just slapping text into some translator?

Amarsroshta 17/01/31(Tue)09:16 No. 29233 ID: 51094b

Yes, and that's why I need someone with writing skills in Bengali. He can mail me at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)09:50 No. 29234 ID: 9fc2a0

Damn. All I know is English. Maybe hats why no one is willing to help. You're asking on an obscure website, on an even more obscure board. The chances of someone here knowing Bengali are very slim.

Bengali translation Anonymous 17/02/01(Wed)23:47 No. 29285 ID: 29fd1c


Well .... I know Bengali and I plan to start the translation job in February as I am currently away on work. However, almost all readers in this forum understand ONLY English language. Will there be any takers for the Bengali version here ? I have serious doubts :)

Yes I am interested to bengali Ramesh halder 17/02/02(Thu)18:38 No. 29288 ID: 548f04

Please upload it in Bengali version like your previous story govire jao that was wonder full creation .... It is also a wonderful creation but if the Bengali translation will be uploaded it will be more enthusiastic... Thank you....

Rohan Deka 17/02/06(Mon)10:26 No. 29302 ID: 27a6c2

Full English translation of the comic govire jao plz

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)19:14 No. 29343 ID: 3602eb

Do you know of "Dimension H" ?
Would you work together with them as a guest artist or author?

Amarsroshta 17/02/15(Wed)01:36 No. 29346 ID: 25adad

Sorry, don't know about Dimension H. Please mail me the details at vipinsaxena69@yahoo.com

Amarsroshta 17/02/15(Wed)17:14 No. 29350 ID: 25adad

File 148717526849.jpg - (2.08MB , 2507x1591 , Vday_1.jpg )

Happy belated Valentine's Day. I am sorry I am not being able to post anything new for quite some time, but work is definitely going on. This is a small token. Celebrate the whole Valentine's week with Preetha and Salim. Enjoy!

Amarsroshta 17/02/15(Wed)17:16 No. 29351 ID: 25adad

File 148717536522.jpg - (3.81MB , 3544x2750 , Vday_2.jpg )

Happy Valentine's to preetha and salim Ramesh+halder 17/02/15(Wed)17:36 No. 29353 ID: dbce69

Please take your time we are waiting to see another marvelous creation

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)20:17 No. 29363 ID: 98f8b9

Thank You. This is great!

REQUESTING ramesh halder 17/02/16(Thu)20:54 No. 29365 ID: bc8ab9


Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)16:16 No. 29370 ID: d41e65

Oh my God ! What a creation from the great Amarsroshta ! Wow ! One would get hot just by looking at his art !!

Happy Valentine week, Amarsroshta !!! The same to Pretha & Salim and to Sutapa & Suman (Aro Govirey Jao) !!!

Amongst the V.Day collages published by you, I loved the Rose Day, the Teddy Day and, of course, the Valentine Day the most !!!

My God, Preetha looks just wonderfully erotic with her awesome naked physique and bridal jewellery !!! Wow, how well-built she looks compared to cute little Salim :)

By the way, Ramesh .... in fact, "Matritwa" and "Motherhood" are one and the same story ! Actually, Amarsroshta started writing this great comic in Bengali under the name "Matritwa", but finding no suitable site, switched to the English version "Motherhood" on 7chan, quite understandably, as most of the readers of this forum are English speaking ! However, as soon as the full story gets translated into Bengali, the author may opt to publish that in this forum or elsewhere.

Great going, Amarsroshta ! We are always with you !

thanking you ramesh halder 17/02/18(Sat)10:31 No. 29371 ID: bc8ab9

please let me know if that story will get translated by the mr amarsrastha i am waiting

requesting Ramesh halder 17/02/20(Mon)10:15 No. 29377 ID: bc8ab9

mr amarshrastha can you please extend the story govire jao aro govire jao where you had stopped that story

Requesting Ramesh halder 17/03/20(Mon)22:29 No. 29461 ID: 899e92

Aren't you going to publish the rest of the story where you have been

Anonymous 17/03/24(Fri)21:26 No. 29468 ID: c81f8a

Please don't rush him

Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)11:03 No. 29478 ID: 5edc06

Please upload Soon.........


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