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Anonymous 17/10/21(Sat)04:39 No. 30265 ID: e4038f

File 15085535701.webm - (587.71KB , 1280x720 , 1505526111655.webm )

Why are you into /ss/? I would be really interested in hearing about different reasons why people are into it.

Personally, I remember when I was around shota age, didn't know what sex was yet, but I did have the urge to be molested by my mom or a teacher. I knew I wanted a mature woman to touch my penis. I had already discovered that touching it felt good, and I knew that boys and girls belonged together, so it made sense that a teacher or someone like that might rub my penis for me.

But I would really like to hear other people's reasons for their attraction to /ss/. Also, if there's a real explanation to the Oedipus complex, I'd like to hear that as well.

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Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)07:26 No. 30516 ID: 871046

I see you're creepy af.

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)07:28 No. 30517 ID: 871046

It would be fun to do a female ss fan AMA sometime but I'm typically really inactive do to creepy fucks like that and being worried abt my safety and anonymity

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)09:50 No. 30519 ID: b463f3

Honestly if you're going to post something like a pic you took screenshot it and then post it because you can easily download the photo and it gave me the location in where you took it. I'm not doing shit but still stay safe

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)20:34 No. 30520 ID: 54100f

Good job scaring her away (from doing anything). This is why we can't have nice things. Like women.

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)21:06 No. 30521 ID: 12d426

File 151354118692.png - (621.80KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20171217-141128.png )

IT STRAIGHT UP JUST TOLD ME I just wanted to warn her but my shit wifi didnt post the second one and I was in a heckin hurry

D. 17/12/17(Sun)22:38 No. 30522 ID: 54710e

Are you kiddin me? So are there really women who get off for shota stuff? Damn, let me go back to my 12yo.

Anonymous 17/12/18(Mon)05:10 No. 30523 ID: 54100f

WTH is that picture? Anyway, I know you got the info from the metadata. I personally didn't even save the pictures, much less look at that until you said something. But when I did, holy fuck is that some revealing shit. Might want to have a mod delete those. Maybe next time copy-paste the pictures in an image editor app rather than posting them raw, because Apple snitched on you.

Anonymous 17/12/21(Thu)13:45 No. 30528 ID: 1f4524

I hope you come back, would love to talk to a real girl about her shota fantasies. Feel free to e-mail me if you like: shotakun@protonmail.com

Anonymous 17/12/28(Thu)02:29 No. 30543 ID: 4399a2

If you do happen to come back or any other girl that's into SS message me on kik: Timowh (totally not a younger boy that likes older girls)

Anonymous 17/12/28(Thu)15:47 No. 30549 ID: 3f43cf

Sexual encounters during youth leading to mental health issues growing up leading to internet culture imprinting... or something like that.

Anonymous 17/12/29(Fri)10:56 No. 30555 ID: a9e98b

Probably some combination of A) watching to see straight pairings but not ones with MANLY MEN, and B) around 6th grade, I fucked up a potential relationship with a girl (she remembered me from way back, but I was emotionally a wreck from recent bullying and snapped at her instead of reciprocating), leading to a desire to return back to that time and reattempt what has felt like "the one time I could have had a romantic relationship."

Anonymous 17/12/31(Sun)03:08 No. 30557 ID: f4f4ab

photos have EXIF data or metadata that often has locations in it, because the perverts at apple or other phone manufacturers want to know where people are when they take pictures. you have to delete that stuff before posting, with photoshop or other free image software. you might even be able to do it by changing file properties in windows or macOS, but it's probably easier to use some free image software.

Anonymous 18/01/21(Sun)11:30 No. 30651 ID: 862697

Saw my mom naked randomly once, wanted more and developed a habit of spying on her

Anonymous 18/03/13(Tue)01:18 No. 30862 ID: cf7c64

>tfw 16 seeing this

Anonymous 18/03/28(Wed)04:15 No. 30910 ID: 455c37

personally I use to watch porn when I was a preteen boy and all the women where 20 or 30+ so it just made sense to imagine myself as a little boy with these older experienced women. the thrill just stayed with me as I got older. by 10 or 11 I would I've given the world for an older women to break me in and teach me

Anonymous 18/03/30(Fri)21:53 No. 30925 ID: 7226c2

Are you on discord?

Anonymous 18/04/18(Wed)06:31 No. 30986 ID: faf0e8

Like a lot of others, I got into porn around puberty, and fantasized about older women showing me love, teaching me, etc. I loved the idea of a special woman nurturing, protecting, and guiding my sexuality. I was a really shy and sensitive kid and would've loved a caring older woman. Stlll got some of that in me, so I love straight shota, especially mom/son stuff. Now though, it varies between mutual consent, femdom, and outright rape. Usually, its the sweeter side of things though.

Anonymous 18/04/21(Sat)09:43 No. 30999 ID: 4e7108

I remember when i was like 7 i lived with my dad and he had a hot girlfriend, blonde, thick in all the right places and had some dope tattoos, one day my dad was working and it was just the two of us at home and i was on my way to the bath when she aked if she could join me and at the time i was like “eewww you nasty” but at the same time i was curious so i said to her “okaay fine” so we went in and started undressing and she had a nice black thong that made her ass look sooo good but again i was like whatevers because i was little so as we’re bathing she asks me to stand up because she wants to teach me how to wash my dick and as she starts massaging it and stroking it all soapy she rinses it and then she starts to play around with it sort of stroking it and running her palms accross it and then she sucks on it a little, at that point i was sooo shaky and my heart was racing she tells me in a sort of sensual voice if it felt good and of course i said yes and then she kisses me in the mouth with her tounge sliding accross mine and all then we finish our bath as if nothing ever happened, after that the next few weeks were packed with alot of teasing and kissing whenever my dad wasn’t home ill always remember her damn i miss her anyway thats where my shota fetish started and still going strong

Anonymous 18/04/22(Sun)05:47 No. 31001 ID: ff243c

Today, on "Things Which Never Happened"....

instAnon 18/05/05(Sat)23:36 No. 31087 ID: 0b4476

Gee whiz, Batman! Your dads GF never taught you about run-on sentences either, apparently...

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)09:21 No. 31146 ID: b48007

I was probably about 8.
My dad was dating a woman with a daughter who was probably 12 or 13.
Daughter never touched me, or forced me into anything, but she'd get naked and let me touch her wherever.
I'd usually rub her chest.
I don't remember all of it, but she'd ask me to feel her lower, and since I didn't know what to do with a vagina,I'd end up rubbing her pelvis.
Straight shota has plenty of girls trying things out on younger boys.

Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)23:12 No. 31198 ID: bb6ad1

When I was a kid I had a crush on Britney Spears, I had the enhanced version of her CD with her video for Baby One More Time on it and I watched it a million times. I fantasized about having the chance to fuck her even though I was a kid and she was an adult. I guess I remember how excited and pumped up I would have been back then if I actually got the chance to do that, not even with her but with any older girl/woman. Sex doesn't really excite me that much today and I'm kind of disillusioned with relationships so /ss/ reminds me of when getting laid was the thing I was most passionate about and excited about on Earth. In other words I'm a nostalgiafag.

Anonymous 18/06/02(Sat)12:37 No. 31223 ID: 3dbd42

I also had a real case with my grandmother
I remember when I was about 5 years old and my grandmother kept touching me with a cock and saying with a laugh, "He does not have a dick down there" (she meant that I have so little that you can not see)
And that's how I really learned to masturbate from about 5 years !!
Because it was pleasant to all my grandmother's touches so I also touched myself
It seems that is why I have an attraction to this genre and to incest
The whole bit of the innocence of the little side and the experience of the older side is the most appealing to me
I would very much like to fuck one of my relatives but it is impossible because we are a very conservative family that has spent a bit of incest

Anonymous 18/06/07(Thu)02:06 No. 31248 ID: e9f8d0

I like how most of it is "affectionate". The experienced woman is sweet and guiding to the inexperienced man.

I'm about 99% sure I'm into this because it's how my 1st time was. I was 19, she was 22. She was so sweet, but assertive. She would tell me when I was doing well or what she wanted me to do.

She also had huge tits and liked to shove them in my face, so that was nice.

Anonymous 18/06/07(Thu)09:38 No. 31250 ID: 54100f

>I like how most of it is "affectionate". The experienced woman is sweet and guiding to the inexperienced man.

I've come to hate this about most /ss/. Women and older girls being soft, gentle or sweet on the kid and never really being aggressive or selfish. It pisses me off because it's so biased. Lolis get raped while shotas must be treated with tender love and care because they're self-inserts.

Anonymous 18/06/08(Fri)17:35 No. 31254 ID: 17e350

Are you me?
I honestly just want some decent rapey /ss/, but it's so god damn rare.
Meanwhile every other loli doujin is rape.

Anonymous 18/06/08(Fri)20:12 No. 31255 ID: 54100f

Yeah. All I ever want is some equal opportunity rape in porn. To see women doing the same thing to shotas and lolis that men do. Which is fucking them without being friendly about it.

Anonymous 18/06/10(Sun)01:00 No. 31260 ID: bb6ad1

Dunno what you mean, the only /ss/ that gets translated anymore is femdom.

Anonymous 18/06/10(Sun)07:01 No. 31261 ID: 54100f

And I don't know what world you live in, because that couldn't be further from the truth. Unless you're one of the millions of morons out there who think footjobs are femdom. Most /ss/ that gets translated is the lovey-dovey shit. Like mother-son romances and 'oneechans' becoming girlfriends.

Women used me... BadChildhood 18/06/27(Wed)22:54 No. 31316 ID: 07fadd

I know why I have a fetish. When I was small shota age a female cousin of mine made me sniff her butt while she bent over and shook it all over my face and played with herself. I've been masturbating to the fantasy of older women perversely abusing shota age boys ever since.

Anonymous 18/07/28(Sat)05:58 No. 31553 ID: b02a19

My ss fetish is kinda weird since I'm not into femdom, and I like it when the shota is dominant.

Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)05:01 No. 31558 ID: 07f4d3

As a young girl I remember really wanting sex with boys, I never grew out of it, now I am an adult.

Anonymous 18/07/29(Sun)10:49 No. 31564 ID: 7ff13b

t. male.

Anonymous 18/07/30(Mon)01:32 No. 31580 ID: 1690bb

My mom molested me when i was a kid and I liked it. So now I think of it all the time.

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)20:23 No. 31610 ID: 1690bb

When I was about 10 I remember my mom molesting me.

The first time was I wan on the couch and my mom sat down next to me and started to watch tv with me. She put her hand down my shorts and while not even looking at me she started to touch my penis, at this point I was confused, I knew touching myself felt good and it felt even better when someone else did it, I asked my mom what she was doing and said it was ok because she was my mom and it was ok for her to do that, I let her because it did feel good. Not much else happened she just stroked my penis for a few minutes and then got up to make dinner

About a week later I was in bed and my mom asked if she could sleep in my bed and I said sure! Being 10 I thought this was normal, instead of walking around to the other side of the bed my mom straddled me and sat there for moment, I was hard and confused, I remember her grinding her hips around for a moment before she crawled over me and god on the other side of the bed, she asked if it was ok to sleep naked I said it didn't bother me, so she took off her night gown and held me, I remember feeling awkward but also slightly aroused as aroused as a 10 year old can, not even really arousal I just knew it felt nice.

There were more incidents that got more explicit. but If anyone wants to hear more let me know.

This is how I got into SS, I was molested and I liked it...

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)21:57 No. 31611 ID: c5feb7

My mother molested me when I was 10. I walked past her and she placed her hand on my penis for a second or two then walked away. Later she would rub her hands on my legs and compliment me. She would also touch my bottom frequently.
My aunt would occasionally wear black pantyhose and once showed off her legs right in front of. I was 11 then. Since then I have associated pantyhose with mother/son incest fantasies. If anyone wants to know more just let me know.

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)21:59 No. 31612 ID: c5feb7

I came to like the molestation and as I've gotten older I've developed a fantasy of older curvy women in pantyhose seducing young shotas, usually with them confused, scared, and used.

Anonymous 18/07/31(Tue)22:02 No. 31614 ID: c5feb7

I have always wanted to have a faux therapy session where the therapist tells me that as a little shota I actually wanted my mother to molest me and that I pretty much deserved it....she was single and sex starved, I was young and wore tight shorts....the therapist telling me I was leading my mother on to touch my privates and molest me..

Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)22:03 No. 31621 ID: 290d17

i am not 100% sure if this is fantasy at this point or if it really happened but I recall playing with my mom while we both were naked. I was very young, maybe 5 or 7 cause my dad was still with us. Ive also always been more active as child on that department and got to fondle boobs at age of 10, not moms, and cause i am child of internet era i managed to find chat rooms with adults. 99.9999999% it was guys but there were few real ladies too, hence the boob touching at age 10. it kinda just stuck since... japanese stuff is amazing to leviate the fetish :D

Anonymous 18/08/23(Thu)18:58 No. 31759 ID: a68b4a

Goddamn speak up man, continue and tell us more please!

Anonymous 18/09/10(Mon)09:47 No. 31848 ID: faab4d

My mom had an affair with a boy I knew when I was really young. She ended up leaving my dad for him. It's been years ago and they're still together.

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)04:15 No. 31865 ID: 54100f

How old was he? Was he at least in his late teens? I know a lot of people would disagree but it seems silly to me to call it an affair or cheating if they're like.. 12.

Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)06:08 No. 31906 ID: 354a45

Someone should make a Discord server to keep on the updates lol

Why straight shota Arjun 18/09/25(Tue)06:43 No. 31910 ID: e45b1b

Straight shota is the most beautiful show of sex. A man look prettiest in his teen and a woman in her thirties. If they meet together, that makes the most alluring picture. I have seen such a scene when one of my closest friend dhiman had an affair with our teacher sohini. I caught thrm in the act at the jungle where dressed dhiman was sitted on naked sohini's lap and sohini was fondling his breast with one hand and penis in the pant with other, at the same time she was sucking his soft mouth. I was very much shocked at the scene. But next time, it aroused me a lot.

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)15:23 No. 31911 ID: 3dbd42

I agree with you. It is really the most beautiful thing to see a woman with experience and a guy without experience and the woman teaches him to have sex
I think that children deserve to enjoy sex as well as adults
What should be taught to children is sexual education at a much younger age

Pure Love Arjun 18/09/26(Wed)14:44 No. 31913 ID: e45b1b

Straight Shota is the purest form of love. No one gets hurt as the female is the dominant here. Motherly dominance always mixed up with love and caring. I shall never forget that scene dhiman sitting on his teacher's lap ....

Anonymous 18/10/20(Sat)06:12 No. 32069 ID: 27bb65

I'm a sucker for cute shotas, hot anime girls, and this is one of the few types of hentai that doesn't involve the woman being raped by an ugly bastard

Anonymous 18/10/21(Sun)01:49 No. 32081 ID: cbb109

mommy issues

Anonymous 18/11/06(Tue)21:54 No. 32167 ID: ceb234

Having your mom leave you and your dad for someone as young as you must be very traumatizing
Terrible mother.

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)05:08 No. 32172 ID: 54100f

>awesome pedo mother

FTFY. I want to know how old he was when they started.


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